Hi how’s everybody doing today this is richard we have a rich tv live with a very special guest it is dave waz lim the ceo of a hedge trade how’re you doing today dave doing great rich things are having me thank you for being here now why don’t you tell us a little bit about hedge straight first before we talk a little bit more about bitcoin yeah sure so our company

Ahead trade has built a platform for trading predictions and the platform is a tool for experts or solid traders to post their trading predictions and then when they post this prediction they need to make a stake so they can stake our hedge token or they can stake a claim and that shows to the audience that they have skin in the game and then when the users on the

Other side to see the prediction they don’t know the exact underlying entry price or exit price of the prediction until they unlock it and they have to pay a fee and to pay a portion of the stake to unlock it and then if the trader is correct then he receives his stake back and receives the proceeds from all the purchasers that unlocked it and if he’s incorrect

Then the trader loses his stake and all the purchasers get their money back so it’s an interesting model because if you’re someone that unlocks this prediction you’re only paying for it if the prediction became true and if the prediction came true then you can make the same trade as the trader and earn profits and earn money on executing the same trade ascent like

By copying him so it’s this interesting model that aligns the interest between the traders and the purchasers seeking the information and yeah it’s just a different way of sharing trading ideas because there’s there’s chat groups and there’s twitter and youtube and all that but it’s easy to delete your tweets or delete a message in a chat group but on our platform

We post all these predictions on the blockchain and give the traders a track record and performance and you can check out their their performance history before you unlock on their predictions so so we’re in we’re in beta right now we’re building a lot of features but it is totally functioning and anyone can sign up right now very good now right now there is a very

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Big catalyst that is going to be happening for bitcoin bitcoin is going to be having can you explain a little bit about what that means for you when you hear that term bitcoin is having what that means because there’s a lot of people that don’t really understand what bitcoin having is yeah sure so bitcoin having means that the mining rewards are being cut in half

And so then when people understand that it signals scarcity and then signals the fact that there’s a limited limited supply of bitcoin it’s predetermined when all these blocker war is going to happen based on all this mining and so when the miner words are shrunk it illustrates to the market that oh boy you know like it’s a scarce resource it’s finite and in the

Past we’ve seen the the price increase around this concept so you know some people think it might be the price might be baked in and it’s already worked into the price of bitcoins some people think it’s still to come but it definitely creates a lot of stir in the industry and it’s a hot topic for sure now if the miners are only going to receive 50% of the rewards

Would it not make sense that the price of bitcoin would double so that those miners can at least be making what they were making before so that it’s not going to be too expensive as far as electricity and in order for it to be viable for those miners the price is essentially going to have to double this is there any validity to that thought process well it’s it’s

Not necessarily a if-then situation it doesn’t it doesn’t mean it’s going to double by definition but it does mean that the rewards are going to have by definition and so that a lot of miners could be water and might not be making money they might not be profitable based on the cost of electricity and the cost of their mining equipment so some miners might have

To go offline and then the hash rate will increase and so there there are some some interesting supply and demand effects on bitcoin so but yeah in effect for any minor to make the same amount of money after the having the price has to double in order for them to make the same amount but it you know we’ll see if that happens or not but yeah it’s definitely a big

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Impact in the industry coming up now the cryptocurrency space is a very interesting one because right now there’s a corona virus that is now starting to be talked about all over the world right now in a world where money potentially people are saying well what happens if someone has coronavirus and they’re passing it through money does that make bitcoin even more

Interesting now because now we can literally send money to people through our phones without actually having to put our hands on money which could potentially be spreading a virus you think there’s any validity to that is that crazy i don’t know people have been talking actually not it’s actually not that crazy you know i lived in singapore and so i’m you know

It’s it’s not ground zero of the virus but it’s we’re close to china and singapore is affected quite a lot here there’s travel restrictions and there’s even temperature checks any time you enter an office building so that so the city is feeling the effects and i heard a funny thing that normally when you hear about some be washing their money you know it sounds

Like something criminal or it sounds like they’re you know trying to do things outside of the government but it was actually people physically washing their money with soap so that you don’t yes / any germs or viruses so that’s that’s that’s kind of funny but yeah i mean it’s it’s possible you know like the virus is spread through touch and and yeah if there’s less

Handled money and less people you know touching each other throughout you know with with these products and and objects then yeah sure thing that is good thing for digital currencies because i can do it electronically through their phones and i have to handle hard money now for anyone that’s watching all over the world that’s interested in what you’re doing what

Would you tell them that makes your business a game-changer what separates you from everybody else well we’re about educating people and helping them helping them trade and helping them get into cryptocurrency helping them become a good trader helping them learn about tech and what sets us apart is the fact that we’re all about transparency and accountability so

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We built our platform so that all these trading predictions are posted on the blockchain they’re transparent you can see someone’s track record and know that it’s blockchain verified and then the accountability is there because they have to stake money on their predictions they can’t just post you know some trading idea and not care if it if it’s right or wrong

If it’s wrong they lose their money and they put some skin in the game so if you want to unlock that prediction you know that they they have an incentive to be correct with their prediction otherwise they lose money so we’re all about transparency and accountability and just want to help people get educated about trading and crypto space and for anyone that’s

Watching that wants to get in contact with you or learn more about your platform how would they do that yeah we just go to our website hedge trade comm and right on the home page it’ll show you links about how to sign up for the platform and then we have a blog that has hundreds and hundreds of really well written articles by our internal team that teach people

About trading and crypto and blockchain and so those are some really good resources and tools but yeah we just go to our website and start surfing around and we’re here to help so even even reach out to us as a chat box or you can does an email at info at that’s great well you know what i’ve already signed up guys i’m going to be learning more about

This platform as well thank you so much for your time today dave i wish you all the best of luck with your new business hedge trade which looks very very interesting and appealing and i’m sure there’s going to be a lot of members all over the world that are going to be very interested in it so let’s definitely stay in touch and hopefully we can have you again on

The show soon thanks richie i really appreciate this and love to have you on the platform and keep in touch it’s going to be fun absolutely thank you so much we’ll talk to you soon thanks

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