Bitcoin & Oil Price Just Crashed | This is Why

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Holy smokers folks do we have a video to get into here today we got bitcoin moving down huge we got oil just absolutely crashed i mean the the move oil just made would be like if the dow was down like 2 000 or 3 000 points say absolutely amazing to talk about what’s going on there going to talk about some things going on the stock market microsoft stock was down

Big today we got to talk about that there’s a fake cpi report going around out there on social media and i want to show you exactly how you can determine if that report was fake or not so a lot to get into in this video guys i hope you enjoy this as always i appreciate you guys joining me and uh let’s get into this so first off here okay founders of bankrupt crypto

Hedge fund three ac go missing so this is the one that took down a ton of things okay and uh yeah the founders are also just gone the lawyers representing three ac’s creditors say the physical whereabouts of uh the two you know founders are currently unknown oh boy okay you know this just adds to the whole fear of the crypto space you know it’s like times get tough

And just disappear things like that right and um i mean the whole the whole crypto space is just in a very negative state right now with all these clouds around it right you have this going on you’ve obviously had the failures of so many different brokerages or exchanges out there you have a lot more fear you have also another fear on top of that which is like

When let’s say some of these exchanges that are closed right now let’s say they go through bankruptcy or whatever the process is and then people are allowed to essentially actually make moves if they ever are right do they sell right away does that add a bunch more selling pressure also a lot of other people are scared because they’re looking at the whole crypto

Space and generally everything’s been crashing uh we don’t even know how safe these exchanges are and brokerages and things like that and so people are freaked out man on on every single front in the crypto space right now and uh yeah you know seeing something like this to the headlines it just does not help and bitcoins move down pretty quickly here from uh 22 000

Just a couple days ago to now it is under 20 000 once again and man you know everybody’s looking at it and like are we about to have another big leg lower because sometimes bitcoin will show the support recently you know for a few weeks and then it just dumps again massively and so we’ll we shall see what happens there ethereum is making even a bigger downward move

This is down over 14 in the past five days and uh you know the thing that’s the scariest i think in the crypto market when it comes to bitcoin ethereum the scariest thing when it comes to those honestly and where it differentiates versus like stocks is obviously stocks have revenue stocks have net income if they’re an income maker right or cash flow and so there’s

Certain ways of valuing stocks that go back you know 100 plus years in terms of bitcoin ethereum it’s really what the other person’s you know willing to pay at that given moment and maybe over time things adapt but as of today it’s just what the other person is willing to pay there’s no like uh it’s trading at us you know nine p so it’s much undervalued we need to

Buy the stock now it doesn’t work like that for crypto so we don’t we don’t like literally anybody that tries to predict the bottom for bitcoin ethereum it’s just a guess it’s literally just a guess there’s no there’s no uh science that goes into that i mean the bottom for ethereum could be 900 the bottom for ethereum could be 90 dollars like no one really knows

That it could be anywhere in between there right oil in gas so this is poof uh oil down eight percent plus today for wti brent was down over seven percent natural gas was uh the least bad of the bunch was only down four percent i mean like i said guys the the move oil made here today this would be like if you woke up and the dow was down like three thousand points

Like or or two thousand points something like that you know everybody in the world would be talking about that like oh my gosh can you see the dow just fell over 2 000 points here a day you know but the oil market it just acts insane like right now and drops over eight percent and i feel like it’s almost back page story and like this is huge news by the way let’s

Address this this is great news okay for you know folks let’s just call it that because this is something that will start bringing down gas prices we’ve seen oil just kind of collapsing for the last month or so so we should see more of this i hope we see more of this this is good news overall in terms of like you know it all the gas prices are just taking money

Out of people’s pocket the fact is most people do not drive evs today the fact is most people drive internal combustion engines which require gasoline and the cheaper gas prices are the better it is for the economy because like it’s either you spend that money at the gas pump or you can spend that money on investments so you can spend that money at the restaurant and

You can spend that money wherever right um you know it’s much better for the economy that that that money is not spent on uh filling up your gas tank okay the euro lost ground on tuesday trading their parity with the dollar which is that’s a whole other crazy situation like that’s the first time like 20 years that’s happened well stock markets fell on the prospect

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Of rising interest rates and worries over the economies worldwide a stronger u.s currency usually weighs on oil because it makes the dollar price commodity more expensive for holders of other currencies quote in the west the combination of high energy prices and rising interest rates is fueling concerns about a recession that would have serious impact on oil demand

And on top of that you know there’s a talk about china closing down a bunch more things again i’ve even heard about macau closing again i’m like oh my gosh have we ever seriously are we ever going to get past ronnie rona like at least in china it doesn’t seem like it it literally doesn’t seem like it and so at the end of the day that’s that’s a good thing for oil

Price because if they’re talking about closing down all these big cities in china again right hey less demand for oil out there and price will fall and so ultimately it’s uh it’s called a good and bad thing all at the same time right now also this is a factor in this okay if you didn’t know biden is heading to saudi arabia okay and from what i’m hearing biden is

Uh likely going to try to get opec to let’s just say increase supply more than they have right and they want to see oil price come down we’ll see if biden is successful in uh getting you know not just the saudis by opec in general to essentially be in a position where they want to uh increase the supply i don’t know i think it’s a i think it’s kind of a tough

Sell i think the saudis i think opec i think they like the high oil prices i’ll be honest and i think they would much rather get a hundred dollars a barrel for oil then get on ten dollars a barrel for oil or thirty dollars a barrel for oil or fifty dollars a barrel for oil right and so for them you know i don’t know i i think i think you’re gonna have to throw

Them a bone let’s just put it that way in order to get them to want to increase supply in any meaningful way because they’re making bank right now and if you didn’t know it is insanely cheap to essentially produce a barrel oil in the middle east in general and so the amount of money the middle east is making you know it produces a big smile on your face because

I’m telling you guys like the the profit margins for them oh my gosh when oil’s like a hundred dollars fit ninety dollars oh my gosh it’s insane okay now all the travel stocks moved up huge today but specifically anything that actually uses fuel right so you’ve got southwest southwest airlines at delta airlines hawaiian airlines ccl carnival cruise line united

Airlines and you’ve got american airlines they’re all making some massive moves up in american airlines just always seems to be the most volatile a bunch that’s an over 10 percent mover here today yeah i mean at the end of the day if oil is going down these babies are gonna just continue to kind of beast at least in the short term right and uh at the same time if

Oil was to go back to 120 130 these would be all back at new multi-year lows at 52 week lows again it’s pretty much as simple as that in the travel space now i woke up and i was feeling a little too happy so i went on twitter because you know uh yeah if you usually feel like too too positive too happy just go on twitter for a bit and you usually usually be negative

And i saw portfolio day and i was like oh my gosh people are sharing their portfolios that’s gonna be sad hasn’t everybody been destroyed the last eight months and then i realized oh no that’s uh they’re not talking about stock portfolios talking about another portfolio mr softy wow okay i pulled up my big tech watch list and i saw that one down four percent plus

Now microsoft is not usually making a four percent plus downward move unless the whole nasdaq is absolutely tanking and today the nasdaq did not tank the nasdaq was down a bit but it wasn’t like oh my gosh and that that’s horrible here today so i saw that on first thing i thought i was like let me look into this like what’s going on here okay so microsoft stock is

Coming under selling pressure i found this on barons on tuesday after caution a cautious commentary on the outlook of the software giant from morgan stanley analyst keith wise wise keeps his overweight rating on the stock shares but trims his price target to 354 dollars i’m gonna explain to you guys how silly this is in just a moment okay from 372 so he’s not as

Bullish on microsoft while still bullish on the long run he’s worried that the company’s growth rate could be impaired by macroeconomic forces in the coming quarters he says quote signs of the decelerating i.t budget growth expectations and a weakening consumer warrant increased focus on the durability of growth wise rights microsoft’s screens well relative to

Many software peers but is not immune to macro among other issues the company will have to navigate a sharp slowdown in personal computer demand which appears to be spreading from the consumer sphere to commercial pcs so uh yeah now the interesting part of this is okay and let’s just think about this logically for a moment okay so this analyst a little less bullish

Right but they still have a 12-month price target on the stock of 354 okay the stock today’s 254 so basically they’re expecting microsoft stock to go up 100 per share over the next 12 months yet this stock sold off four percent today i mean you can’t make this stuff up and you might say like like this is ridiculous how can an analyst just come out give an opinion

And the stock moves down four percent and loses you know tens of billions of dollars actually in microsoft’s case that probably lost over 100 billion dollars of market cap today like literally uh for sure for sure tens of billions of dollars market but it might be over 100 billion dollars of market cap to stock loss today just from an analyst coming out and basically

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Saying hey you know i’m lowering my price target from 372 to 354 and you know here’s the deal guys okay these analysts they do matter for short-term momentum of stocks bottom line and if an analyst from morgan stanley comes out and says this about microsoft a stock that a lot of people have been looking for a reason to sell because microsoft’s earnings have been

Strong you know it’s been hard to say they’re even they’ll even be hurt in a recession people or honestly and especially a lot of the short-term folks on wall street they’re looking for a reason to sell microsoft they just haven’t got it and so if you get something like this comes out an analyst brings down their price target is a little less bullish on the stock

Boom next thing you know loses four percent plus it drops tens of billions of dollars mark cap if not 100 billion dollars in market cap rate and boom it’s as simple as that and i mean it doesn’t have to make sense to you it’s just the way it is it’s the way the stock market works and um you know you could be mad at it you could you know whatever it’s just the way

It’s part of the process man and uh yeah i know it seems dang silly but it is what it is man it is what it is banking sector so this is back to back days here now where to be honest wall street has no clue what they want to do with the banks between the cpi coming out obviously in the next 24 hours here and obviously the bank’s reporting earnings starting at the end

Of this week and obviously going into next week almost all the big banks will report over the next few trading days this is a situation where wall street has no clue what they’re doing and that’s why you can’t you’re not seeing any type of dramatic moves in the banks right now because they’re just they’re clueless and they’re like i don’t really want to sell them i

Don’t really want to buy them it’s just the situation right as far as my top five best gainers today honest which is a huge position for me i had a five percent move win is a smaller position for me and man it’s hard to be bullish on win because of everything going on in macau three percent uh bynd and sdc are small positions for me those made two percent moves and

Wba used to be a huge position for me it’s a very very small position now i only hold in dividend account i made a one point four percent in terms of my top five worst stocks here today dropbox which is a i would call it like a mid-size position down about three and a half percent amazon’s a super small position i just literally started down two percent revolves a

Pretty big position for me um that went down almost two percent netflix is a new position for me i just started that one recently uh very small position one point six percent down in pfizer small position my dividends only account down 1.5 percent there in terms of oil and gas stocks i mean massive sell-off here today massive sell-off in the oil and gas space you

Know what should come as expected when you have oil prices go down like that your all these stocks are going to move down and here’s the thing with these stocks okay uh if oil keeps moving down this will just pull these babies down more and more and more and if you you know these stocks could easily fall between 25 and 50 more this year if oil keeps dropping and

Natural gas keeps dropping and let’s say by the end of the year wti’s at 70. let’s say by the end of the year natural gas is in the fours or something like that you know all these stocks will fall have fallen another 25 to 50 percent from here and they’ve already gotten slashed pretty bad just in the past you know i would say five trading weeks roughly so yeah it

Could be more pain ahead there right now some interesting happen so basically in the prev stock group i’ve been doing this thing on mondays where we listen to a conference call and you know i pause it at moments that i think are important to explain to people kind of what’s going on the conference call and things like that so it’s interesting we listened to this

Greenbriar company’s conference call yesterday and this is a a company that makes rail cars and they also lease rail cars uh you know to basically railroad companies and shippers and all those sorts of things right and so it’s just it was interesting because i was expecting them to have a lot of worries around guidance and the state of the economy and things like

That and i gotta say like their guidance was strong their commentary was strong and so it was just kind of another one of those that i’m like oh my gosh i thought we were going into recession here and like yet this company is not giving us any indication whatsoever of of recession and so i don’t know man it’s going to be a crazy earnings season because you could

Have some companies like your greenbrier here who basically indicate there’s no recession here right now there’s talk about it but it’s not like in their numbers and in terms of their backlog it’s building stronger you know we’ll see and then you could have other companies that that you know maybe business isn’t going so hot so it’s going to be a confusing one you

Know what’s more confusing seeing this i saw this break as breaking news last night billionaire investor bill ackman who raised four billion dollars in the biggest ever special purpose acquisition company spac told investors he’d be returning the sum after failing to find a suitable target for the company to take through a merger holy smokes man it’s not every day

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Uh you know somebody raises four billion dollars and then they’re like i i don’t know what to do with it i’m gonna give it back give it back to the people that uh you know put the money in like and that’s just like crazy to me and as far as what it was blamed on uh basically just obviously the market right high quality and profitable durable growth companies can

Generally postpone their timing to go public until the market conditions are more favorable which limited the universe of high quality possible deals uh given obviously every the you know how weak the market’s been for the last year right and so you know ipos will have their day again spax will probably have their day again um but it’s not this year let’s just be

Honest it’s not this year 2023 you might start to see a comeback it may be in the back half of 2023 and into 2024 but yeah given the current environment yeah ipos are dead right now and spacks are dead as well those are just non-existent and they’ll be non-existent until the market starts to turn and um you know we get past the the huge wall of worry which you know

We can start breaking that down this year but it won’t be over this year we’ll have to really wait to 2023 to really knock that baby all the way down okay now cpi report comes out at 8 30 a.m eastern time that would be 5 30 vegas time in pacific time tomorrow folks so obviously this is what everybody in the market is looking at right now this is very very important

Now there was a fake cpi report going around out there essentially okay and i just put these kind of side by side here and um you know and somebody on twitter had pointed this out right and basically what they showed is the chart is is obviously off right so basically what they did is they just put june and these numbers and then moved every month down a bit but

Look at they never you know if you’re gonna fake something fake it good at least okay they never switched all these numbers so basically the may number you know which was uh which they have is point three in the fake um you know that was really 1.0 so yeah man it’s like if you’re gonna fake the the cpi report at least you know think about everything through like

You gotta you gotta actually get everything right okay including the charts you can’t just like leave that out people are going to be looking at everything here and trying to see like like what’s different here what changed uh they yeah they photoshopped a few numbers and whatnot but yeah how do you forget the charts man you know you did all your you did all that

Work like how’d you forget the chart said come on man okay yeah fake news it’s a real thing it’s you know fake news a real thing even in the stock market space it goes on out there and um you know anyways that’s a whole thing now the white house is already trying to basically throw this inflation report out they’re saying it’s already out of date okay that’s what

The white house is saying and you know i i i yeah obviously it is kind of already out of date but guess what every single government number they ever give us is out of date so to say that this report doesn’t matter because it’s already out of date it’s old news it was a last month’s number is ridiculous because every single government number they ever give us is

Out of date by the time they give it to us every single government number is looking at the last month they’re looking at the last quarter so it’s just it’s it’s such oh this is why i hate government man it because they’re always in this space where if it is uh you know bad news oh it’s out of date if it’s good news and they’re like oh did you see the last report

That was dot dot dot did you see that last jobs report did you see the last da da if it’s good news right it’s like come on man like you can’t you can’t have it both ways it’s either all reports are outdated and they don’t matter or uh you know you got to care about all these different reports at the end of the day and it’s just so it’s it’s um it’s just interesting

Man that’s why i hate politics you know government and the whole the whole thing is just it’s just a joke man you know anyways okay now i did a video uh yesterday i don’t know how many of you guys got to see this one but this actually went into all the cpi numbers in terms of like you know if we hit this number what i think it’s going to do to the stock market

If it hits this number what i think it’s going to do the stock market and whatnot so it’s definitely a video you want to check out um so you can kind of see what my expectations are there and kind of what i’m thinking as far as cpi and if it’s this number how much the stock market’s going to go down and things like that also just so you guys know i actually made

A couple courses free right now one is a beginner course one’s a little more of an advanced course if you want access to that check out the ping comment down there and sign up for a call and basically you’ll you’ll you know i’ll ask you a few questions get you enrolled in whatever course is best for you you don’t have to join the private stock group to get access

To that and i think you’ll i think you’ll enjoy those guys so anyways much love as always and have a great day

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