Blackrock Gold Corp CEO Andrew Pollard (TSXV: BRC) (OTC: BKRRF)

Blackrock Gold Corp CEO Andrew Pollard (TSXV: BRC) (OTC: BKRRF) – SEPTEMBER 22, 2020 – Blackrock Gold Corp. (“Blackrock” or the “Company”) announces that its Board of Directors is currently evaluating a proposal for Blackrock to transfer the Company’s Silver Cloud property located in the northern part of Nevada to a new subsidiary to be formed (“SpinCo”), provide funding to SpinCo, and then spin out the shares of SpinCo (“SpinCo Shares”) to Blackrock’s shareholders. Blackrock’s shareholders would end up owning shares in both Blackrock and SpinCo in the same proportions. #blackrock #gold #andrewpollard

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Blackrock Gold Corp CEO Andrew Pollard (TSXV: BRC) (OTC: BKRRF) By RICH TV LIVE

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