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Holy smokes guys we freaking killed analyst estimates it’s unbelievable thank you so much for the support in the book it is incredible i was never expecting to do the kind of numbers we did yesterday basically i had numbers in my head set like i thought we could sell an x amount of books in the first 48 hours well in the first 24 hours we sold more books than

I thought we were going to sell and and we actually sold over ten percent more hooks in the first 24 hours and i thought the first 48 hours would do that’s absolutely incredible support by you guys and like the other thing that amazed me about that is the launch whizzing is supposed to happen i’ll april fifteenth i got advertised on the channel you know april

Fifteenth launch i end up coming out april 13 so some people don’t even know it’s out yet right and it was supposed to come out on a saturday like the best day ever used to launch a book you know saturday and then sunday the first few days of sale i launch it on a wednesday literally the worst a could possibly launch a book and you guys don’t come out and support

It like insane and we’re going to look at some numbers here that amazon has as far as like where where its ranking and some of these things it’s just it’s cool to see it’s freaking cool to see so i just want to thank everybody thought it so far if you haven’t bought it i have the link in the description if you do want to buy it thank you for all the nice emails

I’ve received from you guys thank you for the reviews on amazon so many positive reviews on amazon and if you have bought the book in you have two minutes of your time and you really enjoyed the book please leave a review on amazon it would mean the world to me it really would but anyway so it’s look at some of this stuff here and i got a few other things i want

To touch on that or kind of like some some like i don’t know what you would call it like i don’t want to say advice but more like there’s this business type video this will end up turning into a some points you guys will see so first off we’re looking here at this first page is the best sellers in the entire investing category yesterday the best sellers in the

Entire investing in category there’s legendary books on this list like the intelligent investor rich dad poor dad these books are literally legendary take books and there’s our book there are a number 17 modern long-term stock market investing secrets all about my investing style all about how i value companies all that stuff is in that book number 17 like that’s

Incredible to me we’re going to list with like legendary books that like i look up to as like god i got booked you know what i mean as far as like that’s like my favorite book or you know things like that like the intelligent investor i had that linked in every single video almost ever on this channel i had that linked in the description and to be on the same list

As that that’s just ridiculous then we look at the amazon has it as a hot new release it’s the second book they’re marked under hot new releases for the entire investing category this is the covers real estate investing stock market investing investing in yourself investing in businesses like this covers anything possible investing related and we got the number 2

Hot release that is pretty freaking cool and then as far as stock market investing it’s the number one hot release on amazon for for stock market investing in the last page here number one selling book for investing in stocks number one kindle book for investing in stocks for sales in a number this is the one that really blew my mind number 281 best-selling book

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For nonfiction a cell phone number you can come in 281 place that doesn’t sound like good but that’s a ridiculous number when you consider there’s well over 1 million nonfiction books on amazon well over 1 million there’s some estimates as much as 2 to 3 million nonfiction books alone on amazon to be right 281 not so bad i mean if you’re writing like 281 out of

1,000 books that wouldn’t be so good but 281 out of literally millions of books guys that’s freaking that’s that’s cool and that just shows you guys the support you’ve showed them me and whatnot so i want to touch on something here and like like what excites me most about this whole book in this whole process and what not the thing i mean it’s fun to make the money

Right it’s fun to have a newt now a passive income source that will be a passive income source for years to come right that’s all cool and by the way i consider just real quick i would consider the book a passive income source as of tomorrow so always sales we get for these first two days i do not consider that passive income i consider that active income because

I’ve been promoting it on the channel i’ve been you know doing videos and all those kinds of things about it so i don’t consider i don’t consider any of the money you’ve made in the first couple days as passive income but now that i won’t be making any more videos about it i won’t be actively promoting it other than it will be in the description and i’ll probably

Put in the comments section which takes like one second so i don’t even count that so basically after tomorrow as of tomorrow it will become a passive income source for years to come but i want to touch on something the thing that probably most exciting about everything is this proves like one of the things i preach on this channel whenever i’m doing entrepreneur

Tech videos one of the things that preach is value giving someone else more value than you’re getting back from them and in the end if you do that almost every single time you’ll end up benefiting greatly from that almost every single time it’s something i touch on all the time on this channel especially for entrepreneurial type videos if you want to give people

Great value if you want to give your boss great value so then you can get promoted that’s what you have to do you have to give an extraordinary amount of value to them that they have no other reason to say yes to whatever you want whatever you’re trying to sell whatever you’re trying to do those kinds of things guys the reason this book has done so amazing is

Because i put in 350 videos and never sold a thing on this channel 315 videos 16 months of work never sold a thing on this channel ever never asked for money nothing that is why this book is a pep selling book because i worked my ass off and i try to make great content provide a great value to literally thousands tens of thousands of people every single day this

Channel gets 15,000 views a day i’m trying to provide a great value that no one has to even pay for i mean the only thing people pay for is if you watch 15 seconds of an ad like that’s how you pay you watch 15 seconds of an addict and you don’t even have to do that that’s just the way i make money and that’s the value like that’s why this book is a best seller

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Because i put in the work to build a base and to create a value that my subscriber base you guys know that this book was going to be you know a good book in it tells all about my investing in valuations how i value companies all that kind of stuff giving examples past examples future example like all that kind of stuff so that it just literally approves me right

It proves me right in that whole thing i preach that you give the other people more value you’re going to end up getting a lot of value out of them in return so that makes me really really excited about the whole deal the other thing i want to touch on is basically who i wrote the book for so it’s interesting i wrote the book for you guys you guys and you guys

Pretty much solely that’s why i decided i wanted to write the book i wanted to do the wording i did not want to have ghost writers and those kinds of things because i wanted to be as authentic as possible when you read that book i wanted to sound like i’m literally reading you that book like if you watch me on this channel a lot i want that book to sound like

I’m the one that wrote it and i’m the one that’s reading it to you so it will be interesting out there books ranking and whatnot people that have never come across a financial channel are going to start reading that book and i don’t know if they’ll hate it maybe they will because there wasn’t written by a professional writer and i use a lot of i use from slaying

In it i use different word choice that is not proper word choice things like that so it will be interesting to see what happens as far as all that goes guys i don’t know if we’ll see a lot of a lot of negativity around it or positivity or whatever but i appreciate how positivity from you guys though in the end because that’s what i want to like like and i don’t

Want to get too off subject but the reason like a lot of musicians a lot of the biggest musicians out there a lot of biggest authors out there the reason they use gross trader teams is not to make better content like straight up it not to make better content that’s a lie it’s to make more money reason being is as a musician if you’re a superstar musician you’re a

Drake you’re someone like that you know if you want to truly write an album and not have ghost writers it’s like six-month process you need to take six full months off and just like be in the studio constantly producing producing producing writing all the lyrics all this kind of stuff guys six months at least six months off tour that’s millions and millions upon

Millions of dollars lost literally millions of dollars lost so in the same thing with authors i think i’ve so much other stuff going on that it sometimes it just makes sense to have a lot of ghost writers write it put slap their name on it they just kind of proof free to say okay that’s good or change it slap their name on it and then send it out there to the world

Like that’s like the reality that’s the reality nowadays so and that’s like that for most authors and most musicians out there and there’s even allowed to top youtube channels they actually have writers now a lot of top youtube channels it’s not even the creators that are creating the content thinking about video plot ideas doing this they’re more like almost becoming

Actors at this point in time guys it’s a lot of things are like that and in in my opinion it doesn’t end up turning out better like i like the more authentic way like straight up i like the authentic way of that person being them and i don’t want to hear it ghost writer and it’s a reason i’m still listening to two thousand nine to two thousand eleven drake instead


Of 2017 drake because it was like his word choices lyrics were so much better back then so i just wanted to kind of explain that to you guys i don’t know if you guys ever think about this kind of stuff but you know whoever says i do it because i wanted to be better you do it because he want the money cuz you got other things that are more important to do and things

Like that and people can disagree and that’s fine that’s just my take on it and i’m not chipped in my opinion on that one so also i think i’d already touched on this a little bit if you bought the book and you really enjoyed it please leave me an amazon review and you you know i think we only have like nine reviews right now but we got a lot more in handbook sold

Out there we got books sold in i think seven different countries the majority of them are all sold in the united states which is natural because the majority of my viewers in the united states canada you guys came through big time again i think we sold i don’t know i think like 10 books in canada which is actually pretty good i know we sold some in denmark some in

Netherlands some of the uk like some all over the place so a couple in france so awesome i appreciate the support guys and thank you for all the lovely emails i’ve received several emails from you guys just you know thank you to the book or you enjoyed it or whatever i’ve also received a couple emails from you guys about that you had a couple questions about the

Book there weren’t a lot of those so that might be a good sign maybe i explain things well in the book so not a ton of questions but as you guys know there’s an email address in that book if you do have any questions feel free to email me do not hesitate if you want something positive to say do not hesitate to say say it and if you really enjoy it please spend the

Two minutes or one minute to just write a review on amazon because it means a lot to potential future buyers who do not have any clue who the financial education channel is those are see that book and they’re going to look at the reviews and if it has a bunch of good reviews they might get it and if it has a no reviews and they’re not going to get it at the end

Of the day guys so i hope you enjoyed this today i just want to cover it as one other kind of like do one last video about the book and kind of like get off my chest and kind of say everything i wanted to say and and back tomorrow back to videos and i’m excited that the book is done and you know now it’s just out there because now i can just focus on videos for

The next six to 12 months until i decide to write another book someday but probably won’t even be stock market related whenever i do will probably be entrepreneurial type related but that’s a long long time from now so now i get to do what i love which is make videos for you guys so anyways that’s about it today thank you for watching and have a great day you

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