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Hey guys how you doing this is your boy rich from rich tv live and you too can join the club at where you can learn how to win and trade hi how’s everybody doing today i’m your host rich and we have a rich tv live with our very special guest the co-founder and chief strategy officer of bragg gaming group janib spielberg how are you doing

Today janiff i’m great rich thanks for having me my pleasure excited to have you on the show and very excited to learn more about bragg gaming group symbol brag on the nasdaq and on the toronto stock exchange and when we get started and you can tell me a little bit about bragg gaming group which is a b2b technology and igaming company can you tell us a little

Bit more about the company and what it has to offer so as you mentioned bragg is an eye gaming company in our core we’re casino technology company b2b so we only work on we only work with operators b2c operators uh we’re vertically integrated technology and content company we provide technology for the eye gaming space the online casino uh sport book ilottery

And of course we produce content uh casino content table games and so on and so forth fantastic can you also tell us more about the sas model brag uses and how it separates the company from other competitors in the gaming space so in our core we’re a technology company and technology companies we provide technology to our customers the way that our model works

Is provide technology on a rev share model so it’s a software service on a revenue share so it’s actually really good for us and for our clients because our interests are aligned uh our clients are doing better we’re doing better so therefore we want to upgrade our platform we want to have the best content out there we want to provide the best technology for

The operators so they can generate more revenues and then of course internally generate more revenues can you give us some more information about the company’s proprietary tech stack and how this has given bragg a leg up in the game development yeah so you’re right we have a proprietary tech stack that we’ve developed in-house there’s no legacy code there’s no

Legacy technology we’ve built everything from scratch which ultimately allowed us to build things the way we want it and the way that we see it we have a lot of years of experience with the trial and error with different different clients different countries and uh we build a platform that we pride ourselves on and i think that is doing exceptionally well our

Customers love the products that we offer and i think a testimonial to that is that we continue to grow our revenue and continue to grow our customers we offer a full turnkey solution for these operators that means is that anyone who essentially has a license and wants to be in i-gaming online casino sport betting high lottery operator in the online space would

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Come to us and we’ll offer the box uh the a to z essentially of what you would need from a casino an online casino which includes the technology the player account management the managed services and of course content now we all know that content is king you just mentioned the word and bragg has an impressive and growing catalog of games made in-house and by its

Partners why is it important to have exclusive and premium content i think content is king and it’s not just you saying it it’s not just me saying it it’s everyone in online gaming really the way that we think about content is is a marketing tool essentially and the reason i say that it’s a marketing tool of course there’s the traditional money spent customer

Acquisition you spend money you acquire customers through the various channels whether it’s advertising or social media becomes a platform content becomes important for customer acquisition it’s a second vertical for customer acquisition operators that have the best content through companies like us if we license our content to these operators mean that they

Have more people that want to come and play on their websites and it differentiates them from competitors um in in essentially in the markets that they operate in so the way that we view content is on the one hand it’s something that we continue to develop and continue to grow with the market but on the other hand we look at it from a marketing standpoint it’s

Exclusive and proprietary to our platform ultimately meaning that anyone in the world that would like to get our content will have to come to us first and that helps us put the foot in the door introduces us as a very successful well-groomed and of course changing the time b2b company to service the online gaming industry that is growing all around the world

Yeah i love it i have two kids and they’re 13 and 14 years old and they love gaming and i feel like we’re going into a world especially with the global pandemic where people are at home they’re going to be gaming more and more and i think this is a sector that is only going to get bigger and the statistics prove that now in addition to that you guys are now the

Company has developed its very own player engagement tool which is a rare gem in the gaming industry can you tell us about boozy and why it’s so exciting is it fousey or foose fuz fuze thank you can you explain why it’s so exciting so look i think i talked about i just talked about the customer acquisition model of of the big operators and like i said traditionally

You can spend money on advertising and that’s a way for customer acquisition there’s a customer acquisition cost attached to it uh proprietary content exclusive content becomes another tool of acquisition and then the last thing is differentiating you as an operator from other operators by way of engaging more customers and the fuse player engagement tools

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Is exactly that it’s a new new data-driven ai driven player engagement tools to allow the operators ultimately engage more customers or engage more players i should say and engage them for longer and engage them for duration longer in terms of the session time but also in terms of how many years and how many months they stay on the platform ultimately if

You think about it like think about it conceptually when you walk into a las vegas casino or you walk into any casino around the world there is more and more the the attempt to get new customers and the attempt to get new customers is essentially manifested by you would see a lot of uh physical machines that are being put together in in a u shape or a circle

Shape and then on top of that you’ll see all these great screens that shout you know promotions and jackpots and tournaments we’ve taken that concept and digitized it to allow online gaming operators online gambling operators to offer the same tools are available in land-based casinos the leaderboards the jackpots and the quests that ultimately lead to more

Customers playing on the platform and more customers playing for longer and of course results in a better long time and lifetime value of customers sounds fantastic now the gaming market is set for further growth in 2022 what are some of the key catalysts coming down the pipeline for bragg this year and so of course it’s it’s it’s licensing certification and

Uh integrations ultimately if you look globally you can see that the online space is has been booming but i think covert pushed it even further there is a a paradigm shift in the sense that there’s more and more countries and there’s more and more states in the us and provinces in canada that are considering legalization of online gambling the way that it

Works for us is that we follow the legislation we follow the regulation so as more and more states as more and more countries as more and more provinces in canada become legal we go through the licensing the certifications and the integrations so in terms of milestones for the business and things to look forward is is is new licenses new certifications of our

Platform and the content and new integrations to some of the biggest operators in north america and in europe bragg’s management team has years of experience in media and gaming as well as a significant stake in the company can you tell us more about your key members yeah so that that’s a great point i think bragg is managed and operated by the key members of the

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Businesses that we acquired along the way we also own a very big portion of the issue than outstanding shares so there’s a big insider ownership mats who’s the founder of the oryx business is the vice chairman of our board he’s also a very significant shareholder we also acquire two other businesses wild street and spin and uh the founders of these businesses

With many many years of experience that fallon from wild streak and kent young from spain are still with the business as director of americas and director of our content we also have a lot of people with a lot of gaming experience um from previous companies that they work with that have either been acquired or have acquired other companies so we have a very

Strong management team we’ve worked together very well we’ve taken a bunch of businesses and put it together to be a global leading b2b online gaming provider fantastic now we love to be able to take our community and put them in direct contact with the company so if investors want to learn more about bragg gaming group where should they go absolutely so of

Course our website is the first point of contact g-a-m-e-s and of course if they want to get in contact they can email us at info we’re always open to suggestions and we’re always open to talk to uh to investors super excited to watch you guys grow and evolve thank you for watching today everybody this is rich from rich tv live

Your host with the co-founder and chief strategy officer of bragg gaming group janet spielberg now i must remind everyone that rich tv live is strictly for information and education purposes please do your due diligence do your research before you invest in anything we talk about or discuss here on rich tv live in saying that i believe this is a company that

Is undervalued under appreciated underexposed in a growing sector the gaming sector that has enormous growth potential in 2022 and beyond thank you for joining us today ian of spielberg thank you for having us today janiff rich thanks for having me and hopefully i come back soon and we talk about exciting news yes we’d love to invite you back in the future if

You guys ever have any big breaking news or there’s anything you want to discuss we’d love to invite you back on the show to put you in front of our global community of investors thank you for watching everybody if you’re not winning you’re probably not watching we bring you the winners and we bring them to you first put brag gaming group on your radar b-r-a-g

On the nasdaq brag on the toronto stock exchange we believe it has incredible upside thank you for watching everybody have a great day we’ll talk to you soon you

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