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Breaking News – RICH TV LIVE – APRIL 9, 2019 – IMMUNOPRECISE ANTIBODIES LTD. (the “Company” or “IPA”) (TSX VENTURE: IPA) (OTC PINK: IPATF) is pleased to announce the extension of its collaboration with TetraGenetics, a biopharmaceutical company developing novel therapeutics for autoimmune diseases. The alliance is focused on the discovery of novel human monoclonal antibodies against three undisclosed therapeutically-relevant ion-channels.

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Is your captain speaking rich from rich tv live and i have some breaking news for you last week i brought you a new company ipa on the tsx venture exchange immuno precise antibodies limited an otc pink stock under the symbol ip atf and it’s got some big news here’s the news tetra genetics and immuno precise extend collaboration by signing multi target

Service agreement for the discovery of therapeutic antibodies this news is breaking literally 18 minutes ago immuno precise antibodies limited is pleased to announce the extension of its collaboration with tetra genetics a biopharmaceutical company developing novel therapeutics for autoimmune diseases the alliance is focused on the discovery of novel

Human monoclonal antibodies against three undisclosed therapeutically relevant ion channels we are pleased to work with amino precise utilizing their customized phage library technology says douglas kahn tetra genetics chairman and ceo we expect our unique ion channel screening tools to enable deep mining of immuno precise ‘as patient library repertoire

To identify rare and functional monoclonal antibodies that we can develop as therapeutics this multi target service agreement is the result of a successful research collaboration utilizing mahdi quests natural human phage library repertoire compliant with tetra genetics unique ion channel screening tools in which a multitude of potent preclinical lead

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Antibodies lead antibodies were discovered this is big news as breaking news this is literally right off the presses i brought you this pick first it’s been going up since i brought it to you so i thought i’d bring you the news because they’re probably gonna go up today guys i mean i’m just saying now remember rich steve you live is strictly for education

Entertainment purposes this news is everywhere it’s on the tsx it’s on bar chart you can find it anywhere people and who brought it to you first you’re a boy rich and bring it to you before the market because everyone’s like rich can you tell me about these picks before they move that’s what i’m doing now don’t go and buy it because you’re already here

First do your due diligence do your research before you invest in anything in fact i want to know if you like this stock if you dislike this stock what do you like about them what do you dislike about him i want to know it’s true tetra genetics unique capability to generate high concentrations of difficult to produce ion channel proteins caught our attention

Said jennifer bath ceo of amino precise tetra genetics will provide us with unique screening formulations which should be highly effective for antibody discovery with our proprietary libraries we’re look forward to a close collaboration with tetra genetics and we’re excited by the potential of climbing of combining the two unique technologies ted clark

Chief scientific officer and founder of tetra genetics added combining tetra genetics and immuno precise proprietary technologies is likely to leave the discovery to the discovery of novel therapeutic antibodies to previously intractable targets for a variety of unmet medical needs we’re eager to expand this collaboration this is huge news breaking news

And i just want you guys to remember where you heard first okay about tetra genetics tetra genetics is focused on the discovery and development of first in class biological medicines for auto immune diseases oncology and pain the company has the leading drug discovery platform tetra expressed trademark for identifying antibodies targeting ion channels

And other transmembrane proteins tetra genetics establishes collaborative partnerships with major biotech companies for antibody drug discovery and is also actively developing its own proprietary drug pipeline for more information please visit tetra genetics calm about immuno precise antibodies limited ipa in canada and ip atf in america immuno precise

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Is a full-service therapeutic antibody discovery company focused on the next generation of antibody discovery to deliver the most therapeutically relevant antibodies in a short period of time with the highest probability of succeeding two clinical trials immuno precise operates from state-of-the-art laboratory facilities located at the vancouver island

Technology park in victoria british columbia in collaboration with its wholly owned subsidiary operations at u protein express bv in the life science incubator utrecht and mati quest research oz oh s s both in the netherlands the company operates globally to offer antibody services from target analysis to preclinical studies the service offered to clients

Include antibody discovery against a broad spectrum of antigens including challenging targets among those services the company offers hybridoma production b-cell services and a variety of phage display display platforms the company also provides a broad range of supporting services including immuno logically based assays recombinant protein manufacturing

Humanization optimization stable cell line development and advanced solutions to challenges faced by clients and antibody related research and development the antibodies produced by amino precise target a wide variety of therapeutic gnostic and research applications this is big news breaking news and i wanted to bring it to you first before the market opens

Typically when companies like this have big news you might see a big day that’s what i wanted to bring it to your attention i thought it might just be worth your time it might be worth your attention and it might be a big winner now on bar chart first of all ipa was up five percent yesterday okay they’ve been up since i brought it to you guys it’s a 64%

Bar by on bar chart with the strongest short-term outlook on maintaining the current direction and long-term the trend strength is strong now if we scroll down we can see in the last five days it’s already up 11% so it is up 11% since i brought it to you guys first last week and they’ve got more news now so what do you think could possibly happen today

It’s a moderate buy by analysts and you can see here the price performance up 17.65 percent since march 28th up thirty seven point nine four percent since february 14th and i believe this news is just starting to circulate it’s now 36 minutes old and i had to tell it to you guys first cash is what we do here that’s just what we do we like to bring you

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The news and we like to bring it to you first okay guys thank you for everything i really appreciate it if you like this video smash the like button comment down below share the video everywhere and remember if i win and you win we all win it’s true this is the news that is trending and amino precise antibodies limited is a supplier of custom antibodies

To the research industry and industrial community the company has aggregated its operations into one reportable segments antibody production and related service the company operates in three principal geographic areas this is just some of the business summary here the united states of america canada and other the majority of its revenue is derived from

The united states of america left in what you guys think this is a biotechnology company it was a 5% today it’s got breaking news the news is trending everywhere tetra genetics and amino precise extend collaboration by signing multi target service agreement for the discovery of therapeutic antibodies and if we just go to tetra genetics calm and we pull

It up this is the website of tetra genetics calm so i’m gonna do some more research i’m gonna do more due diligence and i’ll be watching you very closely today with this big news thank you guys for watching have a great day hope it’s a terrific tuesday keep this stock on your radar put it on your watchlist ipa in canada on the tsx venture exchange ipa

Tf on the otc pink’s in america put it on full alert hope you have a great trading day is your boy rich if you’re not winning you’re probably not watching we bring in the winners and we bring them to you first it’s true and i put this bad boy on a full alert this be the next big let’s go

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