Breaking News: Canopy Rivers Inc. (TSXV:RIV) NEW American symbol (CNPOF)

Breaking News: Canopy Rivers Inc. (TSXV:RIV) NEW American symbol (CNPOF)

Hi guys how you doing this is rich from rich tv live we are 25 days 16 hours 25 minutes and 25 seconds away from history in canada you can see that it is a friday as anticipated we usually anticipate red on fridays and we’re having a big red day today lots of the red remember red days are shopping days these are the days when you want to buy and the days of when

You’re in the green or the stocks that are in the green those are the ones that you gotta consider selling so igc up 63 percent pill up 70 percent a lef up 13 percent kely up 12 percent isol up 10 percent to your tc up 10 percent just the name some of the winners right now but the big news of the day that i want to look at the markets aren’t down slightly nothing

Too dangerous but the big news is canopy rivers they just did their ipo yesterday i won’t explain something to you guys this company has the chance that be as big if not bigger than canopy growth and i’m gonna explain to you what will canopy growth spin off canopy rivers be a powerful growth engine this is a article from gary virgil on seeking alpha the summary is

Canopy growth will reduce exposure to dilution and debt with investment model of the new company interesting because now they’ve got this company that can do all of their acquisitions so they don’t have to go out there and use stock to go and acquire other assets they’re going to use canopy rivers corporation stock to go out and acquire other assets this business

Model is already being duplicated by oxley oxley is doing this right now now canopy rivers is doing this with the backing of canopy growth understand what they’re trying to do here i understand what this business is okay the business model of canopy rivers has one major flaw apparently what he’s saying the way canopy rivers must be analyzed in order to understand

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Its growth potential that’s the only flaw canopy growth cgc is near to spinning off its new financial investment company called canopy rivers which you just did and guess what the symbol is in america bam see and pof can if you rivers inc see n pof is now on etrade now you get an opportunity to get into can it be growth a subsidiary of can t be growth can it be

Rivers without having to spend $50 it’s only $6.95 in america nobody even knows yet and with 25 days left in legalization what do you think is gonna happen with canopy rivers now that they have a us symbol they’ve got a canadian symbol under the symbol r iv and in america the symbol is c and p oh f if you want to find all the details just go to wwe tv

Hover over stocks all the tools are right there absolutely free you can hover over news find all the trending news all over the world crypto currencies wow ripples on fire today the crypto game might be coming back everything you need to know what ico is travel sports a boat rich to be live and root contract look at this you want to join our group chat it is on

Fire you can join our slack group you can join our whatsapp group we are blowing up quickly you can follow us on all social media it’s true and let’s look at this can if you rivers a little more canopy growth cgc is near to spinning off its new financial investment company called category rivers which it did yesterday into a publicly trading firm which will pursue

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Investment opportunities in the growing cannabis sector with a business model that has done extremely well for companies in other markets it is if it is able to successfully leverage the model canopy rivers has the potential to grow larger than canopy growth in the years ahead that’s right it has the potential to grow larger than canopy growth in the years ahead

Will look at the business model and strategy of canopy rivers and use a highly successful company they uses a similar model in the different industry as a baseline to measure its potential against canopy rivers is scheduled to begin trading as riv on thursday which was yesterday my expectations are it’ll start trading over-the-counter two to three weeks later

Wrong if he’s already trading on e train under the symbol c and pof today it’s true it’s true and you heard it here first from your boy rich thanks to the community i got to give the credit to cp dallas one of our members of our community on whatsapp for breaking this news cn pof is now live for anyone in america with e-trade call your eat trade if you want to get

Some canopy rivers this company has a chance to explode in july 2018 after raising 104 million dollars that’s right 104 million dollars and remember they are backed by canopy growth that has 5 billion in the bay with an option of another 4.5 billion dollars coming with constellation brands otherwise known as a company that owns corona that’s right the company is

A unique investment and operating platform structured to pursue investment opportunities in the emerging global cannabis sector the company works collaboratively with canopy growth i told you guys we’d in canada cgc in america to identify strategic counterparties seeking financial and or operating supports this is genius they are a bank people a bank the company

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Has developed an investment ecosystem of complimentary cannabis operating companies that represents various segments of the value chain across the emerging cannabis sector as the portfolios continues to develop constituents will be provided with opportunities to work with canopy growth and collaborate among themselves with the company believes will maximize

Value for its shareholders and foster an environment of of asian synergy and value creation for the entire ecosystem wow this is huge what do you guys think please if you like this video smash the like button subscribe hit the bell for notifications so every time we have breaking news like bringing you cn pof first before anybody else in the universe we bring

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Bringing all the news first smash the like button thank you for all your support i love you guys if you’re not winning you’re not watching remember rich tv live is strictly for education entertainment purposes we are not licensed advisors always do your due diligence always do your research before you invest in anything and we talk about here on rich tv live if

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Breaking News: Canopy Rivers Inc. (TSXV:RIV) NEW American symbol (CNPOF) By RICH TV LIVE

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