Breaking News – CAVU Mining Corp. (CSE: CAVU) (OTC: CAVVF) (FSE: 8NQ)

Breaking News – CAVU Mining Corp. (CSE: CAVU) (OTC: CAVVF) (FSE: 8NQ) – RICH TV LIVE – September 23, 2021 – – CAVU Mining Corp. (CSE: CAVU, OTC:

Hey guys how you doing this is rich from rich tv live and and we have some news to break for you right now let’s do that right here right now on rich tv live on youtube the greatest streaming platform in the universe and this is the news coming from cavu mining this is their website i’m not going to go through the entire

Site right now but the electric vehicle ev sector will need 250 more copper by 2030 for charging stations alone and cavu mining is mining for copper that’s right now i want to show you a few things you can go to their website and learn more but this is what i love about this company look at their share structure 39 million shares all classes 21

Million listed right now and only a 16 million market cap i think there’s a very good chance but that’s with all classes right now if you just include the 21 million shares that means there is only an 8.8 million market cap that’s a baby market cap i could easily see this 10x okay guys i would not be shocked to see this stock 10x we love the baby market caps

For growing revenues and copper play i think there’s a potential 10x here and let’s take a look at the share price right now sitting at 42 cents i showed you guys the low low right around 36 the high height 75 and it’s just sitting in the zone right now around 42 and if we zoom in here you can see that it’s starting to create some volume you know bouncing

Around the zone between 38 and a half and 43 and a half you could see right now it’s sitting at 42. still very little volume which means very few people even know about the stock and this is so early to the party and nobody really knows like look at this only 5 000 shares in volume in america c a v u and canada c a v v f in america and the question is does

Anyone even know right like only 5 000 shares traded in america i want to break you guys down this news cabin mining and that announces edition of allen ed zerza to advisory board cava mining corp cavu in canada and cabvf in america 8nq in frankfurt germany is proud to announce the formation of the company’s advisory board with the appointment of mr allen ed

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Zerza mr edzerza has brought experience negotiating with and for first nations both federal and provincial governments and industry across canada and is a proud member of the tel-tan first nation so this is what is needed to drill on those lands you need relationships with people like mr allen at zurza this is a very strategic move this is a company that’s

Playing 3d chess so i need you guys to understand this is key to being able to drill on those lands highlights mr edzerza has been a senior negotiator for the past 25 years serving as a lead negotiator for the tel-tan central council chief negotiator folder for that casca nations and held several senior positions in anak government of canada he is currently

Leading mining reform discussions with the government of bc on behalf of the first nation energy and mining council he was previously adviser and chief negotiator for the premier and cabinet of the governments of british columbia and yukon missed mr ed zerza through his company volta solutions brings important expertise to the company mr edzerza has negotiated

Agreements between industry first nations the provincial governments of bc and yukon and the government of canada his insight and networks with first nations across canada will be beneficial to cabo’s future exploration programs first nations engagements and future acquisitions i think this is a very strategic move and i applaud this move through our discussions

I have come to see kabu as a company that sets itself apart from other exploration companies through a proactive approach with first nations and by taking esg seriously stated mr edzerza a large part of first nations culture is about sustainable land use and resource sharing and cavu has demonstrated a willingness to become an industry leader in this respect

This is what is needed and we’ve seen other companies recently mining companies have troubles with their relationships with the people and the lands that they are drilling on we’ve literally seen companies have to pull out of some areas because of issues and the inability to build these types of relationships so the fact that this company is building these


Relationships i think will go a long way to kind of show us their playbook as far as how they plan to expand and grow and make this a huge success story i’m really really improved i’m impressed and cavu has demonstrated a willingness to become an industry leader that’s right an industry leader in this respect i look forward to my involvement in the company

We are excited to grow the company with mr azurza’s addition to the i the advisory board stated verbas ceo of cavu mr edderza brings an important first nations perspective to our company and we are honored to be working together in building a collaborative approach to sustainable responsible mineral exploration in canada about cavu mining corp cavity mining

Corp is a mining company engaging the acquisition exploration and development of mineral projects containing metals used in green technologies and the renewable energy sector companies currently focused on the exploration of its kitimat copper project in british columbia and continues to evaluate complementary mineral projects in mining friendly jurisdictions

So the big breaking news now i must remind you guys if you like the news please smash the like button comment down below share the video everywhere and subscribe if you’re live we bring you the winners and we bring them to you first i think the company has a chance to be a huge huge winner this is their website feel free to go to the site

Take a look at the news projects presentation everything you need to know right there okay and if you click on projects this is the kitimat copper gold project some of the highlights 13 kilometers by road from the port town of kitimat bc road accessible 38 diamond drill holes over 6 000 meters drilled historical drilling intercept 105 meter grading 0.60

Percent cu copper and 1.15 grams a ton gold a you gold so guys you’re looking for a golden copper play cavu mining put on your watch list put on your radar now just remember rich tv live is strictly for information and education purposes please do your due diligence do your research before you invest in anything that we talk about or discuss here in rich

Tv live in saying that i think this is a company that may be extremely undervalued under appreciated underexposed and has incredible upside and if you’re looking for a junior minor copper play that has incredible upside tight share structure and the potential to grow i believe you need to put taboo mining on your watch list put on your radar they seem to be

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Making all the right moves and this news kind of shows to me that they have the pedigree to go from small cap potentially to a successful miner and maybe even a large cap company one day if they are successful in their discovery so imagine what could happen if they do discover a huge deposit of copper and we now know that copper is one of the key ingredients

With electric vehicles and when you’re looking at different properties and elements that need to be in electric vehicles you need to start with copper so in my opinion as a junior miner caboo mining should be on your watch list if you’re looking for junior minor copper plays and a little bit of gold too put them on your watches put them on your radar let me

Know what you think rich tv live is all about community we’re all about community sharing ideas sharing opinions i want to know your opinion on cavu mining do you think this is a winner have you taken a position are you planning to invest let me know is your board rich remembers to be live we’re bringing you the news we bring in the winners and we bring them to

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Breaking News – CAVU Mining Corp. (CSE: CAVU) (OTC: CAVVF) (FSE: 8NQ) By RICH TV LIVE

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