Breaking News: Christina Lake Cannabis Corp (CLC) (CLCFF) (CLB)

Christina Lake Cannabis Corp. (the “Company” or “CLC” or “Christina Lake Cannabis”) (CSE:CLC) (FRANKFURT: CLB) is pleased to announce that it has produced its first batch of cannabis-derived crude oil produced using its Vitalis R-200-H-GMP-SS extraction system (“Vitalis System”), which was commissioned earlier this quarter as announced in the Company’s October 15, 2020 press release. The Company selected the Vitalis System for extraction of its outdoor-grown cannabis due to its advantageous properties as a CO2-based extraction system, which include tunability and compliance with Good Manufacturing Practices (“GMP”). Within weeks of commissioning the Company’s Vitalis System, over 300 kg / 660 lb of crude oil has been produced by CLC. CLC’s objective is to provide a consistent supply of distillate and full-spectrum oils with terpenes derived from unique strains of cannabis grown outdoors by sunlight.

This is rich from rich tv live and today i’m speaking to you about christina lake cannabis christina lay cannabis in canada clc and in america clcff clc in canada and in america clcff this is a little bit of a timeline of where it’s gone since we started talking about it to our community we told everyone in our community around 46 cents currently at 70 cents

And was up 9 today on some big news clc enter sales and marketing phase producing first commercial cannabis derived crude oil and introduces two extraction specialists breaking news from christina lake cannabis corp clc in canada clcff in america and clb in frankfurt germany is pleased to announce it has produced its first batch of cannabis derived crude

Oil producing produced using its vitalis r 200 h gmp ss extraction system otherwise known as the vitalis system which was commissioned earlier this quarter as announced in the companies october 15 2020 press release company selected the vitalis system for extraction of its outdoor grown cannabis due to its advantageous properties as a co2 based extraction

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System which include tunability and compliance with good manufacturing practices gmp within weeks of commissioning the company’s vitalis system over 300 kgs 660 pounds of crude oil has been produced by clc clc’s objective is to provide a consistent supply of distillate and full spectrum oils with terpenes derived from unique strains of cannabis grown outdoors

By sunlight with an objective of strengthening its extraction operations the company has added two extraction specialists to its team profile below whose respective careers and resources and life sciences bring valuable experience and acumen to clc as an integrated grower and producer of cannabis timothy o’donnell head of extraction mr o’donnell had a career

Of nearly three decades in oil separation which consisted of founding and operating an oil field services business called pedro’s services which merged into crude group oil field services and ultimately acquired by flint resources as well as acquiring and operating oil separation firm taber water disposal and providing consultancy services to cannabis firms

On various oil extraction processes and techniques through his knowledge of co2 processing of cannabis mr o’donnell has demonstrated a distinct ability to produce consistent extractions that can be measured and used for medications based on known values of the extracts bavana rayo director of extraction and product development complementing her seven years of

Professional experience in distillation analytical testing and product development ms rail holds a master’s degree in food science from the university of british columbia and a bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering from bms college of engineering in bangalore prior to entering the cannabis space ms rayo was a manufacturing technologist at stem cell technologies

A gmp compliant biotechnology firm based in vancouver before joining clc misreo held r d and extraction roles at blissco cannabis corp developing cannabis products under health canada regulations including products in the cannabis 2.0 categories in her new capacity at clc ms rail will be responsible for developing new processes and creating innovative formulations

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For proprietary cannabis products with an objective of producing premium quality cannabis extracts in the form of full spectrum cannabis oil distillates isolates and terpenes clc is confident that it will have the ability to maintain a robust rate of oil extraction from its exceptional 2020 harvest of cannabis which could potentially be continued in subsequent

Growing seasons joel demarsk chief executive officer and a director of the company commented the global demand of cannabis extraction such as oils distillates isolates and terpenes is tremendous especially for medicinal applications we believe with clc’s fully integrated operation and operations in cultivating processing and extracting outdoor grown cannabis

Using the vitalis system which meets gmp standards we have the resources to capture much of this demand by adding mr o’donnell and miss ryo to the team i believe christina lay cannabis is all the more competitive as we work towards innovating novel product offerings using extracts from our proprietary strains of cannabis grown outdoors under sunlight here in

Christina lake british columbia about christina lake cannabis corp christina lay cannabis corp is a licensed producer of cannabis under the cannabis act it has secured a standard cultivation license and corresponding processing sales amendment from health canada march 2020 and august 2020 respectively as well as a research and development license early 2020 clc’s

Facility consists of a 32 acre property which includes over 950 acre square feet sorry 950 000 square feet of outdoor grow space offices propagation and drying rooms research facilities and a facility dedicated to processing and extraction 950 000 square feet of outdoor grow almost a million square feet folks clc also owns a 99 acre plot of land adjoining its

Principal 32 acre site which enables the company to grow at a much larger scale room to grow clc cultivates cannabis using strains specifically developed for outdoor cultivation and in its inaugural harvest year produced 32 500 kgs or 71 650 pounds on its existing facility before developing an adjacent 99-acre expansion property such an expansion will ultimately

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Bring clc’s annual cultivation footprint to over 4.35 million square feet which could enable at least 150 000 kgs 330 693 pounds of low-cost high-quality sun-grown cannabis to be produced annually by the company this is big news breaking news from christina lake cannabis corp and i believe that this is a company that is undervalued underappreciated underexposed

Nobody even knows who they are yet but they will because they’re running it lean and mean and this has already been a winner for our community and i believe that in 2021 we see christina lake at a dollar and beyond this is your boy rich and we’re still live we bring in the winners we bring in the news and we bring it to you first christina lake has already been

A winner for a community i believe it continues to win big in 2021 clc in canada clcff in america if you like this video please smash the like button comment down below and share the video everywhere remember rich tv live is strictly for education entertainment purposes always do your due diligence always do your research before you invest in anything that we

Talk about speak to a financial advisor consult them chances are they’re going to say oh where’d you get that pick and then you can say oh from my boy rich thank you for watching like i said if you’re not winning you’re probably not watching happy holidays merry christmas happy new years we’ll see you soon amo christina lake cannabis another big winner you can book it have a nice day

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Breaking News: Christina Lake Cannabis Corp (CLC) (CLCFF) (CLB) By RICH TV LIVE

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