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Breaking News: Coronavirus – RICH TV LIVE – JANUARY 26, 2020 – A new coronavirus that has spread to more than 3,000 people is infectious and 56 reported dead in its incubation period – before symptoms show – making it harder to contain, Chinese officials say.

If you guys have been watching rich tv live you know that i’ve been talking about stocks for quite some time and i believe that this is going to affect stock market i’ve been doing a lot of research on zack’s zacks comm is a research analyst that does research on companies and this is getting really bad guys like this is not a joke this is very real now at the

Same time there are going to be companies that are going to benefit from this but our breaking news is now that the corona virus has spread to more than 2,000 people i believe this number is worse than what they’re actually letting us know and apparently now they are stating that 50 people have died i believe that these numbers are much higher than what they are

Telling us that’s why you’re seeing this number continues to grow another thing that is being told and talked about is that this corona virus can spread before symptoms show so essentially what they’re saying is when you contact this virus it stays in you for five days before anybody can see signs of it so just imagine that there’s some people that are saying

That this started in china in october where in january the end of january how many people between october and january travel to china and now have gone back to somewhere else in the world this is the part that’s really concerning for me they said that when they initially realized that this was an outbreak what they were doing is when people were coming in and

Out of the city that was gravely infected wu hen with 11 million people which is a bigger city than toronto the city the size of london england people are coming in and out the only way for them to test to see if they thought you had this outbreak was to check your temperature but now it’s coming out that if you contacted this illness this disease this infection

You would not show any signs or symptoms for five days so how many people could have potentially left that region without anybody knowing that they had symptoms the numbers could be in the thousands the tens of thousands more than 50 people are dead all in china as the wuhan corona virus continues to spread throughout asia and the rest of the world nearly 2,000


Cases have been confirmed in mainland china the global spread is more than 40 confirmed cases have been identified in 13 places outside mainland china and nearly 60 million people have been affected by beijing’s attempts to either partially or fully lock down affected cities i find it a little bit odd that people don’t think this is real when you have an entire

Country on lockdown we have multiple cities within the biggest populated country in the world on lockdown but yet people think that this isn’t real this is very real this is very scary and this is very concerning even the president xin ping has put out essentially a state of emergency saying that this is spreading very quickly this is very very concerning wow a

Nine month old baby is among beijing’s new confirmed cases this is spreading and it doesn’t have any prejudice it doesn’t care who you are how old you are where you are beijing now has 68 confirmed cases of who had corona virus including a nine month old according to the city’s municipal health authority the baby is the youngest known case to be confirmed so far

Wow so through this there are going to be some opportunities that would be generated and because we talk about stocks i want to talk to you about some companies that i think will benefit from this the spread of a contagious disease in china weighed heavily on several companies especially those with considerable revenue exposure to the asian country the outbreak

Of corona virus in china claimed six lives and almost 300 have been infected this was just a few days ago see how the numbers have grown this was january 22nd on zack’s research so that number of six dead is now 50 and the number of people infected has grown from 300 to 2000 which is what they are reporting and if you look at videos showing what’s going on in

China there’s tens of thousands of people maybe more maybe hundreds of thousands of people waiting to be tested so what is the real number the virus has certainly raised quite an alarm affecting respiratory organs quite similar to sars severe acute respiratory syndrome lest we forget sars which erupted in 2002 resulted in the death of 800 and triggered a severe

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Economic slump that fettered global stocks and i believe this will be similar this will affect the market it has already affected the market and i believe it will continue to affect the market this week so what we need to do is we need to try to identify which companies could potentially benefit from this and i’ve got a list of them to share with you guys with so

Many people affected ahead of the lunar new year holiday travel related stocks were hit hard remember we talked about this yesterday travel stocks after all market pundits fear possible contagion as hundreds of millions of passengers are expected to travel during the upcoming holiday season travel related stocks declined decline aggravated after the centers for

Disease control and prevention recently confirmed that one of the individuals flying back to the united states from china was diagnosed with corona virus stocks that were hit hard airline stocks were collectively affected as the dow jones transportation average slipped 1.9 percent on january 22nd individually shares of united airlines holdings delta airlines and

American airlines group dropped 5.4 percent 4.1 percent and 4.4 percent respectively because they shut down flights that’s going to put a huge damper in revenue in one of the most heavily populated if not the most heavily populated region in the world at the same time shares of booking holdings expedia group and tripadvisor declined 3.5 percent 1.9 percent and 1.6

Percent respectively in fact u.s. listed shanghai-based group saw it shares tanked nine point three percent the steepest decline among stocks listed on the invesco golden dragon china exchange-traded fund that tracks companies which derive most of the revenue from china by the way manufacturers of luxury items also felt the heat after all such companies rely

Heavily on outlays by chinese tourists notably shares of sd louder companies kotti and hennessy louis vuitton louie vuitton s and e shed one point one point one percent two percent and two point three percent respectively cruise operators also among the worst-hit shares of royal caribbean cruises carnival corp and norwegian cruise line holdings lost 4.7 percent two

Point six percent and 3.2 percent respectively after all royal caribbean carnival and norwegian had generated 9 percent 3 percent and 2 percent of their respective revenues from china over the last 12 months this is affecting the entire world now guys we got 57 people here in only 22 legs we got a that game we gotta up that game we gotta up that game now guys we

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Have some five so far the cannabis crash of 2019 we were able to survive that the question will we survive survive will we survive the coronavirus of 2019 2020 i might have to make a new shirt just for this virus wow talking about revenue exposure energy giant chevron also saad shares slide 1.7 percent this is because chevron’s revenue exposure to china is about 27%

Wow that’s big boeing also took a beating boeing shares fell 3.3 percent as the manufacturer or commercial jetliner had a slightly more than 13 percent revenue exposure to china according to facts sets overall the dow jones fell 0.5 percent since the combined exposure of the cop the components in the blue chip index is 7.8 percent added fact set outside the united

States most of the revenues generated by dow components are from china this is going to affect the market greatly now i got a list of companies that i think are gonna benefit from this so write these down guys these guys could be huge winners this week and you know that i really love to find the winners and this is on zacks research and these guys are one of the

Biggest analyzers of stocks in the world and definitely on wall street so i’ve got some pics that they believe are gonna benefit and i believe can benefit greatly however not everyone has been subjected to the decline let us take a look at the potential gainers from the spread of the virus here we go experimental vaccine stocks and biotech players gain obviously

Companies that have a cure a vaccine are going to benefit from this because they’re the ones that potential we could solve this problem and their shares could search vaccine manufacturers have gained sharply on concerns over the new virus nova vax inc nv ax a late-stage and va x here’s the first one alright nba x nova vachs nova vox a late-stage biotechnology

Company has saw its share source 72% on january 21st the company is primarily manufacturing to late stage vaccines for the flu and various other infectious diseases another nano biopharmaceutical company nano ver sides inc witnessed

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