BREAKING NEWS: DELTA RESOURCES (TSXV:DLTA) (OTCBB:GOLHF) (Frankfurt:6G01) – RICH TV LIVE JULY 28, 2020 – EMAIL to get more details – Delta Resources Limited (“Delta” or the “Company”) (TSXV:DLTA) (OTCBB:GOLHF) (Frankfurt:6G01) is pleased to announce initial results from a rock sampling program at the Snowfall Gold Discovery (see Delta press release November 26, 2019).

Hi how’s everybody doing today this is rich and we have a rich tv live with our very special guest it is andre tessier how you doing today andre the ceo of delta resources i’m doing great rich how about yourself i’m doing fantastic very very excited to have you today and i know that you’ve got some news that you wanted to discuss we do yeah we put out a press

Release this morning uh about our new discovery on the delta ii property at the um it’s at the snowfall gold occurrence that we really just recently expanded very good very good so please let us know all about it well you know great results we um uh last year uh in november we um you know we discovered this new uh little gold showing uh a vein and the snow had

Just uh started to fall so we actually had to sweep the outcrop to be able to see the uh see and sample the vein uh the vein returned uh uh you know five uh assays grading anywhere between 5.6 and 11.5 grams per ton gold so we knew we wanted to go back this year um you know it was because we we couldn’t continue with the snow uh so we had back in june uh did a

Survey uh you know geological mapping and sampling of outcrops and and boulder tracing at the site um and we discovered uh you know three new uh uh samples basically sampled three new outcrops uh one of which uh returned 8.66 grams per ton gold 190 grams per ton silver and 3.94 copper so this was a real surprise to us the other uh the other outcrop returned 5.6

Grams per ton gold and um an additional 7.6 uh grams per ton silver uh and and we didn’t analyze for copper at the time wow that’s impressive so what does that mean for delta resources well what it means is that it really adds a lot of potential to that particular occurrence right now we have three outcrops sampled over a north-south direction of about 185 meters

And in the east-west direction it’s 130 meters or so so so we’re looking at potential size here um so uh so the the next step and we’ve already started on the next step uh was to do some mechanical trenching on the outcrop so we’ve cleared out uh the dirt from from you know over the rocks so we’ve cleared the rocks we’ve had a good look at them and we’re looking

At very pervasively altered structures that that carry these veins and from what we can gather from the initial sampling that we’ve done uh with these grab samples that we just reported is the host rock uh appear to uh host gold just as much as the beans so so we’ve sampled now we’ve done our channel sampling on these uh on these veins and these structures and

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We’re awaiting results from them uh but having having these you know great sniffs of of gold uh initially is is a really good sign and is this going out as a press release it went out as a press release this morning uh so we we’ve reported uh those uh those assays uh we’ve also in the same press release released uh results from boulder tracing so you know very

Close to that same site um we’ve got some some veins some quartz veins uh they’re boulders so they’re not in place but we know they’ve been transported by glaciers and those are pretty fragile uh rocks and and they’re grading you know 1.3 grams per ton gold with uh with high silver uh 17 grams per ton silver and the source of these boulders we know would be to

The north northeast so so it doesn’t correspond with the current the current snowfall occurrence so we know there’s some expansion to come now the price of gold has been skyrocketing we obviously hit an all-time high and couldn’t be a better time to be in the mining space how high do you think this goes you think this goes to 2000 plus i guess it must have to

At this point we’re so close well you know most experts uh believe that that it will go to uh over two thousand dollars an ounce now there there’s two um the way that investors um uh you know put money aside or secure their investments uh there’s two ways uh two that there’s they’re deemed to be safe investments gold is one of them and the us dollar is another

One right now um you know with what’s going on in the u.s i think gold has become the logical place where people put their money so so i i think gold has got a lot of legs it’s gonna it’s gonna run to 2000. absolutely and right now when someone’s looking at delta resources and they’re looking at the company what would you say is one of the things that you’re most

Proudest of i know that you guys have like no debt is that correct we have uh well you know what we actually took a 40 000 um loan when um when coving started um and and this can be reimbursed interest-free and within three years uh so it was it was a no-brainer there but uh but that’s that’s all we have for debt wow 40 grand so guys you guys have 40 000 worth

Of non-interest debt which is can easily be handled in reality they have no debt okay yeah there’s no major debt um we’re talking about a friendly forty thousand dollars obviously um so that’s that that to me i know with our community is extremely important companies with little to no debt in hot sectors that have room to grow that are under appreciated underexposed

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And undervalued if someone was to look at your company and they were to ask you andre i know you’re the ceo but would you consider yourself under appreciated underexposed undervalued what would you say to that person uh well you know what we we’ve got we’re poised for for you know some pretty major stuff here i believe um when we started exploring at delta ii

Um we had um we had new um new outlook on on what the property could bring us uh michelle chaplin our vp of exploration and myself were both geologists fairly seasoned um and uh and we had a new interpretation there and this interpretation uh now more and more turns out to be um you know what we expected um so if if we are correct um you know from now on uh we

Are we are poised for some pretty serious growth uh so so yes i would believe we’re we are still under value now for somebody that’s thinking okay i’m interested in this company but what’s coming up next anything big to look forward to for an investor that’s thinking okay i’m interested in getting in i mean a lot of our investors got in early when i started first

Talking about it around 39 40 cents so they’re already up right now so for an investor that’s sitting there thinking okay should i sell take my profit should i wait is there something for them to look forward to obviously you guys are just getting started with your drilling and stuff but is there something else to look forward to for those investors well there

There absolutely is rich we’re we’re looking right now um well we’ve got we’ve got a bunch of uh of channel samples from those uh from those trenches that are that are yet to be released are yet to be received essays are pending um and then we’re going to embark on on a drilling a large drilling program so we’re looking at to start probably at least 5 000 meters

Of building at the property so combined you know that’s going to generate a lot of news flow and and we’re hoping to continue this this drilling uh into uh the winter of 2021. so that’s going to generate a lot of news flow in the very near future and that’s not even counting our delta one property in ontario uh that’s also going to generate some some useful so uh

So yeah we’re i would say hang on hang on for a bit the best is yet to come now if i’m an investor and i’m learning about this company for the first time i want to get to know you a little bit more i want to get to know the company a little bit more what can you tell to those investors that maybe are just hearing about delta resources for the very first time all

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Right well i’m i’m a graduate of a called polytechnic in montreal i did my post-graduate work at queen’s university this is a long time ago seems like another lifetime i’ve got about 35 years of experience in the business i used to run a company called mergor resources i did some consulting for major companies like uh like you know the barracks of this world um

And uh and in terms of exploration success uh you know really mergor uh and free west at the time were the initial discoverers of the um windfall gold deposits in the uh uh in the uh liberating area in quebec uh unfortunately you know we discovered the the main the initial veins and uh and then uh noron went and discovered the rest of the south of us uh michelle

Chavdalen our vp of exploration uh tons of experience he he is a co-discoverer of she’s a large deposit in northern quebec uh the the eleanor deposit gold deposit in northern quebec um great exploration success uh you know again he’s a graduate of uh uh and uh and did his masters there as well so so uh you know we’ve got a great technical team uh frank candido

Our chairman and uh corporate uh communications guy is very very seasoned and you know lots of experience lots of good connections um so so that’s that’s the the core of our team here very good well thank you so much for coming on today and breaking the news congratulations on all of your success thus far and we will be watching our community very very closely

And if there’s ever any other big news or breaking news or anything else please feel free to come on our show so we can break it to our community first i’ll be sure to be here rich thanks very much thank you very much this is andre tessier the ceo of delta resources take a look at it guys it’s been doing very well ever since we had it um featured on our show and

There’s some big news today so take a look at that i’m also going to make sure i take a copy of that news and i put in the description of this video so you guys can review it and if you guys have any other questions feel free to message me or andre directly have yourself a great day andre thank you very much for your time today and continue all your great work

Likewise thanks very much rich have a nice day thank you for watching everybody have a great day everyone

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