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Breaking News – Else Nutrition Holdings Inc (BABY.V) (BABYF) (0YL.F) – RICH TV LIVE – September 21, 2021 – Else Nutrition today announced the upcoming launch of two new flavors of its Complete Nutrition Shakes for Kids – Banana Chia and Mango Chia – giving parents even more sustainable, clean label, whole food based options to consider. Made primarily from whole, clean ingredients, including organic almonds, buckwheat and tapioca, which account for 95 percent of all Else Nutrition products, Else Complete Nutrition Shakes for Kids are packed with nutrients, free from dairy, soy and gluten and 50 percent lower in sugar than other options on the market.

Hey guys how you doing this is rich from rich tv live and we got some big news from else nutrition otherwise known as baby b-a-b-y in canada b-a-b-y-f in america and look at this going so soon would you like to save 25 off your first single can just put in your email address here claim your voucher and get your rewards this is the website for

As you can see here this has been an amazing pick for us we brought it right when they were doing their ipo at 30 cents a couple years ago you can see them trading way higher than that it’s been a 10x for our investors congratulations for members all over the world on this growing company and they have some big news that we need to bring to you first so

The new news right here following a successful launch of else kids complete nutrition shakes else launches new flavors plant-powered complete nutrition shakes for kids now available in banana chia and mango chia exclusively on followed by amazon and other key retailers don’t forget you can now get your health nutrition on amazon here it

Is the news else nutrition holdings b-a-b-y in canada b-a-b-y-f in america o-y-l in frame for germany the plant-based baby toddler and children nutrition company today announced the launch of two new flavors of its complete nutrition shakes for kids banana chia and mango chia giving parents even more sustainable clean label whole foods based options made

From whole food clean ingredients including organic almonds buckwheat and topioca which accounts for 95 of in the ingredients else complete nutrition shakes for kids are packed with nutrients free from dairy soy gluten free and contain 50 percent less sugar than other options available in the market when it comes to teaching kids healthy habits providing

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Unique options that are not only healthy but taste delicious is vital in getting them interested and open to trying new flavors and foods said hamitel yitzak ceo and co-founder of else nutrition we’ve been delighted by the great response and rapidly growing sales of our kids products online so far and adding these two nutritious products will further extend

This growth the two new flavors which join the successful launch of the vanilla and chocolate products account for 25 of total sales on the company’s e-store were carefully curated by house nutrition’s team and scientists and developers chia seeds pack a nutritional punch delivering a healthy dose of antioxidants i love antioxidants i truly believe they are

Anti-aging protein fiber prebiotics calcium and manganese while banana and mango offer a multitude of beneficial nutrients as well since launching its plant-based complete nutrition for toddlers which won the good housekeeping parent award for 2021 the brand has received overwhelming powerful testimonial and reviews from moms it has gained national retailer

Support through sprouts farmers market achieve 40 quart over quarter online revenue growth q2 versus q1 becoming the number one best seller on amazon this fall epic of 2020 in the new baby and toddler formula products category with an expansive vision that goes far beyond supporting families and nourishing kids else will be releasing additional plant-based

Products for babies aged six months and older later this fall and i can’t wait about else nutrition holdings inc else nutrition gh limited is an israeli-based food and nutrition company focused on developing innovative clean and plant-based food and nutrition products for infants toddlers children and adults its revolutionary plant-based non-soy formula is a

Clean ingredient alternative to dairy-based formula else nutrition formerly indi won the 2017 best health and diet solutions award at the global food innovation summit in milan else plant-based complete nutrition for toddlers was recently ranked as the number one top seller in the baby and toddler formula category on amazon the holding company else nutrition

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Holdings inc is a publicly traded company listed on the tsx venture exchange under the trading symbol baby and is quoted on the otc u.s markets qx listing board under the trading symbol ba byf the highest tier exchange in america before the senior exchange and on the frankfurt exchange under the symbol oh yl elsig’s executives include leaders hailing from

Leading infant nutrition companies many of else advisory board members had passed executive roles in companies such as mead johnson abbott nutrition plum organics and leading infant nutrition societies some of them currently serve in different roles in leading medical centers and academic institutes such as boston children’s hospital pediatrics at harvard

Medical school usa tel aviv university schneider children’s medical center of israel rambam medical center and technion israel and university hospital brussels in belgium and this is their website some really cool interesting things you can find here on the site you can literally shop now right on the site click on shop now and you can see products that

Are available for purchase right there plant-based complete nutrition for toddlers powered complete nutrition protein shake for kids vanilla plant-based complete nutrition protein shake for kids chocolate scroll down leading the healthy revolution for babies and children with clean sustainable plant-based products you can see all of that there over 90

Whole food ingredients which include buckwheat almonds tapioca just to name a few and else plant based complete nutrition for toddlers you can just click on shop now and plant-based nutritional shake for kids simply click on shop now and purchase your products you can see that they are being advertised in forbes rolling stone magazine parents e-news and

Entrepreneur and you can see real stories of people and children who else has changed their lives real stories pretty cool all here on the website you can see why experts choose else so you can find all of this on their website this is in under the shop now section you can also choose why else and learn more about their story click on learn and get recipes

You can learn about the stock click on investor relations learn more about real stories and where to buy all of this is available right on their website at love to know what you guys think about these videos if you like these videos please smash the like button comment down below share the video everywhere and subscribe if you’re not winning

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You’re not watching bringing the winners and we bring them to first what do you think about this big news from else nutrition once again we are breaking this news first it’s what we love to do and we also brought you this pic first before anyone else on the planet the big news following the successful launch of else kids complete nutrition shakes else launches

New flavors what do you guys think about these new flavors love to know comment down below love to know what you guys think do you think this is a good time to buy else nutrition do you already own the stock are you thinking about getting in love to know what you guys think comment on the video remember if you’re not winning you’re not watching we bring in

The winners and we bring them to you first we bring in the news and we bring it to you first and we brought else nutrition to our community first at 30 cents and we can clearly see they are trading much higher than that now and love to know if you think that this will be a catalyst for the stock always when you see a company that’s already been a huge success

Like else and it’s been a 10x for investors the next biggest catalyst is always either going to be acquisitions or revenue growth so this could be the news that could lead to something much bigger love to know what you guys think stay tuned you’re bored rich from rich to be live bring you the news from else nutrition love to know what you guys think it’s your

Boy rich and i’m out peace i love else nutrition and i love plant-based foods we brought you this winter first and we love bringing the news what do you guys think of this news i think it’s big news i’ll see you guys later

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Breaking News – Else Nutrition Holdings Inc (BABY.V) (BABYF) (0YL.F) By RICH TV LIVE

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