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Hi guys how you doing this is rich from rich tv live i have some breaking news for you you guys ready ready it’s big news it’s breaking right now and the stock that i want to talk about it’s actually starting to move it’s true take a look at this green growth brands see this up 3.5% and it’s just started to climb on some big news let’s take a look at the news us

President producers envision green acres with signing of historic hemp legalization farm bill there it is the big news the breaking news are you ready for this january 8 2019 this just broke everybody and of course you’re getting it from your boy first cannabis news wire editorial coverage moments prior to signing a historic and i mean historic they make this box

A little bit bigger this is huge moments prior to signing a historic 2018 farm bill and effectively legalizing industrial hemp president donald trump tweeted out a video i’m not gonna go on that video but you guys i’ll put a link to this in the description down below it’s actually in the description down below if you guys want this link of his performance at the

2005 emmy awards signing the song green acres having already passed through the house of representatives and the senate the bill was met with much fanfare across nearly the entire cannabis sector including benefactors such as e green growth brands on the csc under the symbol ggb and in america under the symbol gg b x f at the time that i saw this news this wasn’t

Green it’s just starting to climb based on this news and i’m not surprised and i believe it will go higher in addition to girl brands the companies that will benefit our canopy growth corporation otherwise known as lebron james harvest health one of my top 10 picks and recreation har v and madman enterprises on the csc another one of my top 10 picks and them en

Funny how that works to view an infographic infographic of this editorial click here that link will be in the description down below trump’s signature was the last hurdle for the 867 billion dollar bill now the market is gearing up for the massive potential of hemp derived cannabinoids hitting stores among the benefactors of the passage is once again green growth

Brands on the csc of the symbol gg be this news hasn’t even hit otc markets of course your boy brings it to you first it’s not even on what you see markets i mean look at the chart i brought you guys this pic first day no offense but i mean that’s just the truth and all this does is explode and then they came out said that they’re gonna acquire áfreeá this news

Hasn’t even hit otc markets yet i brought you the news before otc markets it’s true because i watch the news and our community is watching and scanning the entire market 24 hours a day seven days a week to help you the people and help you get freedom cuz why won’t you and why don’t you deserve freedom green grills brands goal is to become the leading retailer of

Cannabis and cbd products in north america that’s a big goal under its 7th sense’ brand the company’s about to market its own line of hemp derived cannabinoid ium cbd personal care products i mean all i can do is clap i just i just i love cbds so i got a cup hop along at home with you like i got a clap back in september 2018 the market research firm brightfield

Group published a 2018 market overview and analysis on hemp derived cbd among the observations made in the report was the possibility that cbd market could eclipse the cannabis market i will make a prediction that they will eclipse the cannabis market cbds will become like tylenol and aspirin you’re heard of here first from your boy rich who just happens to be

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Building a cbd company it’s true but unfortunately health canada has made it illegal in canada oh that kind of sucks if you’re canadian thanks health canada less than 3 months after the report released the farm bills passage significantly improved this possibility according to brightfield group analysis the cbd market is expected to annually grow by a hundred and

Forty seven percent from 591 million in 2018 to an estimated what 22 billion by 2022 from five hundred and ninety 1 million in 2018 to twenty two billion in 2022 i don’t even know how much growth that is but that’s like 40 times more than what the industry is making right now like that’s pretty good would you think that’s pretty good a monumental policy shift upon

The passing of the bill on december 20th 2018 the cannabis retail innovators at green grove brand brands saw the timing as nearly perfect for their company having passed just ahead of the launch of its hemp derived cbd personal care product line under the 7th sense’ brand green growth brands announced its goal to become north america’s leading retailer of cannabis

And cbd products this is huge and they go enough they go on after áfreeá don’t think they’re not going after a priya i already told you guys they’re going after half ria okay let’s check something out here green green growth brands like it pops right up bam green growth brands calm if you guys want to learn about this company go to green growth brands calm and

Remember guys rich tv live is strictly for education entertainment purposes always do your due diligence always do your research before you invest anything that we talk about here in rich tv live ok i love this company brought to you guys first yes i think it’s a huge winner clearly it’s been a huge winner and now they just keep coming up with huge news and of

Course your boy is breaking in the news first obviously like usual and the stock has been doing very well and it’s up again today based on this news so i want to know what you guys think if you like this smash the like button comment down below what do you think about green growth brands and this huge news literally being one of the biggest benefactors in america

Of the hemp farm bill being legalized this is huge absolutely huge and this is a company that has been performing at a very high level now let’s continue to read the news the new bill is a significant step in america’s acceptance of cbd and the benefits it can provide customers says peter horvath ceo of green growth brands see if we can find any information here

Let’s see if we can show you a picture of the dream team and i’ve said this many times peter horvath is a genius this man is genius he has a track record he’s been successful before and he’s making things happen he’s making things happen in this in the company’s corresponding press release which you can see here in the description down below this development

Dramatically accelerates our ability to grow our north american retail network this piece of legislation provides clarity on how we can build our operations and logistics reassures those investors with us in this new exciting industry and gets us closer to the ultimate goal of giving customers high quality cbd infused personal care products at affordable prices

Have you noticed that been talking about a lot of cbd companies it’s because i believe cbds are the future and i like to bring you guys the winners before they explode okay i brought you guys this when it was around $2 it’s now 3 dollars and 76 cents you can see all the videos just type in green growth brands rich to be alive ok according to an ama asked me


Anything interview horvath expressed his excitement over the company’s current selling of test quantities of the 7th sense’ cbd brand in a couple of national retail stores already the selling is surprisingly good for products in the personal care category exceeding our self through expectations said horvath these are products never before seen in a brand that’s

Totally new and without any marketing unbelievable green growth brands expects to roll out bulk orders for the product in 2019 and we’ll announce the wholesale partners it is working with when appropriate already the expectation is for the launch of a webstore and cbd kiosks which horvath deems as a category killer in february 2009 teen this is just too good the

Company expects to derive up to 39% of its annual revenue from the cbd segment in 2019 that’s a big portion of its revenue with the potential for that figure to rise to 43% by 2021 current company estimates place the dollar figure of the annual revenue from this segment at roughly 59 million for the fiscal 2019 that’s some good growth for this company that’s just

Getting started due to green growths brands overwhelming mount of sea-level retail store experience horvat and his team have a healthy degree of authority on their expectations the company roll call includes expertise from several household names including victoria’s secret designer shoe warehouse american american eagle outfitters bath and body works and more

Wow i mean those brands speak for themselves branding is a quintessential aspect of green growth brand’s future success the team’s strategy is focused around being the best brand coming from what it calls an emotional brand perspective the company has an array of brands including kemp mary + jane $0.07 and green lily all of which will be utilized for both cbd and

Cannabis purposes let’s take a look at that our brands all of this is right on their website guys i mean this is i go to i do these videos so you guys can see how i do the due diligence how i do the research all this information is right there you can see all the brands right at green growth brands calm they’re seven cents there’s their cbd product so i love cbds i

Believe the cbds are the future there’s literally hundreds of different remedies and things that sea wheedies can do to help people all over the world okay and they can be affordable and they can be user friendly and they can be ingested as opposed to being something that you can smoke so it’s not gonna harm your lungs so there’s a lot of positives with cbds that

You have to consider and there’s a reason why cbds are a very fast and very explosive industry that is growing exponentially now the question is which companies are going to benefit from it the most i believe that green growth brands wants to be one of those companies that’s going to benefit the most this is why they’re putting out all these press releases this

Is why they’re attempting to acquire áfreeá which is one of the largest companies and one of the first movers in the world-so greenberg brands is making moves and they’re going to continue to to move it cbd products to market the company will have three separate strategies wholesale ecommerce and kiosks kill i love it you green girl brands if you’re watching

Your boy rich would love to work with you guys we would love to work with you guys okay and our community would love to work with you guys to help you build your exposure the latter strategy is an indication of horvath and his team’s extensive retail knowledge as they work to grow their brand kiosks help to reduce leasing costs for retail exposure while selling

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Brand specific emotional brands at a relatively inexpensive price one executive on the team has significant success with this strategy as a former executive of sunglasses hut by the end of 2019 horvitz company expects to have approximately 1400 sk use on the market should it reach this goal green growth brands would have a strong case for dominating the cbd products

Market wow dominating in america the timely passing of 2018 farmville may only serve to speed up the process additional benefactors of the hemp bill prior to the final signing of the farm bill canadian cannabis company khronos group inc grabbed headlines by entering into a subscription agreement with tobacco company altria group inc ultra agreed to make an equity

Investment in cronos of approximately 2.4 billion the strategic partnership provides kronas group with additional financial resources product development and commercialization capabilities khronos group is one of the few canadian producers listed on a major us exchange while not having any current operations in the country wow another company that’s been keeping its

Eye on the us regulatory changes is canada growth corporation the company wasted no time in commencing commending the passing of the farm bill by announcing in the description down below the canopy growth will participate in the american market now that the wow now that there is a clear federally permissible path to the market consistent with the spirit of the farm

Bill canopy growth will participate in ways that support american farmers canobie already has a deep health specific portfolio of intellectual property through a previous acquisition of colorado-based eboo description down below each in addition much speculation has surrounded the potential of the company’s ongoing partnership with consolation brands that develop

New cannabinoid infused products which will likely include a line of multiple lines or multiple lines of cbd drinks so they’re gonna go through some of the different companies here that are benefitting from this farm bill and you can see more information right there of green growth brands which there’s the link right there we can follow that link what do you think

About this news guys if you like this news smash the like button comment down below share this video everywhere if i win and you win everybody wins okay and i brought you guys green brew of brands first i’m gonna continue to bring you guys in the news first i’m gonna continue to bring you the winners first please guys do your due diligence do your research i want

To know do you like this stock do you think it’s at a good price right now i want to know what you guys think i want to know your opinion your opinion matters to me okay it matters to me it really does so please guys let me know what you think about this news that is trending i brought it to you guys first like usual i bring you guys all the news first and you’re

Not winning you’re probably not watching i bring you the winners bring them to first there’s a whole bunch of other winners that are popping right now and i’d love to talk about it but i gotta run i have a huge meeting okay with another licensed producer in a couple hours but tell me what you guys think about green bran’s comment down below please smash the like

Button share this video everywhere why should you guys that are watching right now be the only ones to know about green growth france why should i be the only one to know about green growth friends everybody should know about green growth brands and what they’re trying to do okay this news literally just broke and you heard it here first from your boy mo pieces thanks for watching guys

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