Breaking News: Namaste Technologies Update

Breaking News: Namaste Technologies Update – RICH TV LIVE – October 5, 2018 – Today I speak with Aaron from Departures Capital about Namaste & I have some breaking news regarding High Times HITM –

And then now i’ll introduce you ready three two one what’s up guys this is aaron rodgers capital and i wanted to touch on a really really important topic i’ve gotten a lot of requests recently about andrew left talking about namaste all this negative stuff so i wanted to bring rich on because he’s he’s got so much knowledge so welcome rich how you doing aaron i

Doing today i’m doing great and i’m so excited to get into this with you about and all of the crazy allegations that he’s made recently with all these different companies let’s start with namaste well namaste i believe is a great company i think they have a great future i’m very excited about their success they are up i believe around a thousand percent in the

Last year so you can’t argue with their success so from that perspective they have been one of the biggest success stories in the last 12 months in the cannabis sector now as far as that jury left andrew left has a history of he’s done this now at cvs i he’s done this now with khronos group he’s attacked tilray he’s attacked igc and you’ve seen it just recently

The article came on without you see yeah and now he’s attacked namaste now five companies in the cannabis sector that have all been going super super high super super well and like octane fuel just exploding all of them explosion right and he’s talked about canopy growth but he said he will not short them because they have an amazing deal with constellation brands

But i don’t believe him i don’t believe anything he says first of all i don’t believe anything he says and i don’t think if he says he’s not gonna short canopy growth that that’s necessarily true i believe if he sees an opportunity to short something he will and then if he gets upside down on a short what he does is he then tries to investigate these companies and

Then determine whether or not he believes they are fraudulent in their claims and he’s done this now with cbs eye and khronos group which he’s now in litigation with he has multiple attorneys throughout america that are putting out news consistently about the fact that you can join the team of people that are suing cvs eye and khronos group so i find it interesting

That every time he gets short on a stock he sues them imagine if every time people like us that were retail investors that are buying stocks hoping for a long-term future growth i imagine if every time a stock went down at us we sued them that’s what angelov does yeah that’s crazy i mean what can you say about a guy like him and then one day namaste goes up 20%

And then the very next day he comes out with news trying to destroy namaste yeah he just put out that 7 kg report i don’t a few saw it or anything but like i think it’s i won’t read his garbage drop buganda no i didn’t read it at all i just saw the news article saint put out a report i didn’t read it because that’s how much i don’t believe it so unfortunately he’s

Very powerful man and he’s he’s he’s attacking the cannabis sector yet he’s trying to talk about whether or not he should open up a fund in the cannabis sector i wonder what the top holdings of that fund would be probably all the stocks that he’s shorted and a one thing about the stock price for now estate i mean i think they’re sitting great right now and i mean

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It’s been unfortunate that the stocks had to drop so much due to all this publicity but i think this is probably a great time to add to this great company i believe it’s just strictly a buying opportunity i’m not saying that you should run out there and buy it today because it seems as though every time i talk about something people want to run and buy it guys

Remember rich tv live is strictly for education entertainment purposes i am not a licensed advisor do your due diligence please do your own research invest in the stock because you love it not because you heard me talk about it please i talk about a lot of stocks and yes i have a very good track record but don’t go and buy it just because i talked about it talk

Buy it because you want to buy it cuz you’re gonna you’re gonna have to be the one that lives with the decision exactly that’s true so yeah like honestly i love this whole industry this industry’s changed my life i i think this is one of the fastest-growing most exciting industries in the world and to be a part of this industry i feel blessed now as far as the mas

Day i think they have an amazing license from health canada which i believe is the first of its kind i believe that alone is worth its price and gold now the fact that they are also building an online dispensary to sell to the entire world i believe is revolutionary and i believe they are ahead of their time so i love that their international approach to business

They’re in so many countries already and they were in so many countries like a couple years ago so i think they’ve got the right idea and i love the fact they want to be the amazon of the cannabis industry that’s amazing that’s a good goal you know if one day we seen the mass stay at a billion dollar market cap i’ll be very very happy right so you know we know

That amazon and companies like apple you know apple just touched a trillion dollar market cap so what is possible for companies like aurora cannabis companies like namaste companies like canopy growth corp i think the sky’s the limit because they’re just getting started october 17th is the first day of legalization the first and it will always be just exhibit ice

Break though that is correct it’s like i try to give this analogy stock is like a baby when it’s a brand-new stock and it does an ipo and it’s the first day it’s like your first day that the baby’s been born you need to give the baby time to mature to develop to grow similar to a stock still is similar to real estate i like their look at a stock like i get have to

Give that company time to mature to put out news to really grow in order to see returns if i’m not willing to see those returns if i’m not willing to see those revenues those quarters growing and mounting that i’m not going to see dramatic returns that’s why i am a long-term investor yes i’d a trade for fun but 90% of my holdings is long-term investing mm-hmm and

That’s really i mean like you could you could start with oh i thought we’d start slick four years ago and i try to trade them but then oh one day they went a 50 percent so that i decided to not buy and then i missed the whole thing and no you just yeah you got if you’re if you wanna get solid it and you gotta buy and just hold it i’d yes you didn’t like you said

You’re gonna have some fun trading but i mean the way that you make real money in the stock market is your long-term investor i totally agree with that 100% warren buffett i mean he’s my idol i follow everything he does i listen to everything he says and he talks about it invest in good companies he does not people are like he says people always ask me you know

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What do i bike for tomorrow warren i don’t know he was either gonna stock for tomorrow i don’t look at a stock for next month i don’t even look at a stock for next year i’m looking for 20 years down the road so i started thinking hmm i gotta think like that because he’s the most successful investor ever so i need to think like him and i stopped thinking short-term

Like oh it’s up today i feel great i’m the king oh it’s down today i feel terrible i wouldn’t cry that’s what people do right so i started thinking a different way and i came up with the strategy of when they cry i buy when stocks are down that’s when i’m buying and everybody’s crying that’s when i’m buying i’m buying in the red i’m selling in the green and i

Learned to live in this world and if you can learn to accumulate in the best assets over time you will be successful warren buffett says i invest in the american economy yeah i believe in the american economy and over time historically the sp500 gross examine grows the tsx grows if you believe that all the indicators and all the markets and all the indexes are

Going to grow over time then invest in a sector i invest in a cannabis sector yeah i believe this is a sec that overtime will grow i have over 20 holdings all in the cannabis sector 16 of them are canadian and five of them are american i believe in this sector when it goes down i buy more i don’t panic i don’t get angry i don’t start calling these companies names

A lot of people do i find that quite amateur to be quite honest i know yes for sure as an investor you need to relax and you need to realize that there’s going to be downward days and there’s going to be updates and the only thing that gives you that experience is time yeah exactly one thing about my channel you know when i started it i didn’t start it with the

Intention house in a trading channel like so many millennials like me if they’re listening to me maybe they’re young people but everybody wants to quick money everybody wants to o buy the stock and in two days it’s up 50% but you know if everybody could time the market like that we’d all be billionaires so you know it’s great to talk about this stuff that’s the

Fun you know marijuana stocks and all that kind of stuff but like also i want to talk about the long term approach to investing even dividends i mean so many people they’re not excited about dividend paying stocks but those stocks over the long term also do well so it’s nice that we’ll be able to talk about all this cool stuff not just cannabis but i mean like

Of course it’s awesome and it’s exciting right now so that’s our talk about it yeah you know we’re in an industry and there’s a lot of exciting things happening in this industry and i consistently am telling people that we are building a cbd company this week we my partner’s met with naturally splendid nsp and we are going to be working on a video with them and

Potentially working with them to build distribution for cbds under their licensed lp so if you guys are interested anyone that’s watching anywhere in the world wants to get into the cbd business we are going to be working with licensed producers naturally splendid is excited about working with you the people giving you an opportunity to get into the cbd business to

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Change your life and be a part of this cannabis revolution in addition to that i do have some meetings with a few other companies one today and one in a few weeks which i’ll announce after the meetings depending on how they go which are large canadian cannabis companies that are also licensed producers and i’m very excited about those relationships and these are

More than just investing opportunities these are opportunities to do cbd distribution these are opportunities to do interviews with these companies these are opportunities to do videos of their facilities which i’m very excited about seeing myself to show you the people at home what these companies are really all about so instead of listening to guys like andrew

Left who are not actually going to their facilities i’m gonna go and fly around the world and travel with these ceos and i want to see their facilities and bring the videos the real evidence to the people at home yeah that’ll be great i would love to do some facility tours you should come over to ontario you can’t refer to all these places because there’s love to

So many i would let some from toronto so yeah we get a jules maybe we’ll be making some upcoming videos for you guys one more thing i know you’ve got some really exciting news risks so let’s hear it so yesterday i have made i’ve made investments at the high times h itm it’s not too late to get into high times go to high times investor calm and you can set up an

Account and you can invest up to october 31st into the ipo yesterday i got on the phone and i contacted them directly and i spoke to the vice president of sales and they are very interested in working in some type of capacity with rich tv live they are interested in bringing the cannabis cup to vancouver and yours truly may be working with high times to bring the

Cannabis cup to vancouver toronto all of canada and who knows maybe all over the world yeah that’s awesome yeah and by the time was all said and done we may potentially be working together there barrier they are very aware of rich tv live and in fact they said that a lot of their investment has been coming from the community within rich tv live so it was really

Nice to hear that and it’s exciting to see that we have that type of awareness and we have that type of exposure now in the marketplace where people trust us enough and our credibility is grown enough that people would trust my judgement and say hey you know what rich made an investment into high times this might be a good investment now remember i don’t own a

High times i have no control over the company i’m strictly an investor i may be doing some work with them in the future i do not have any business with them yet but if i do do something with them you guys will be the first to know awesome well i guess we’ll wrap this up thanks so much for all your insight and all your knowledge grace it’s always great having you

And we’ll definitely be bringing you guys awesome a lot more awesome and cool content so dude thank you so much aaron i really appreciate the time today have yourself a great day my friend how about happy thanksgiving yes every thanksgiving everybody please all right i’ll stop the recording so i think that was good we can

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Breaking News: Namaste Technologies Update By RICH TV LIVE

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