BREAKING NEWS – QUESTCAP – COVID-19 ANTIBODY TESTS – RICH TV LIVE – APRIL 7, 2020 – QuestCap Inc. (“QuestCap” or the “Company”) (CSE: QSC; FRA: 34C1) announced today that it has entered into a profit sharing agreement with More Than Just Rice, Inc. (“MTJR”), subject to the satisfaction of conditions with a Korean diagnostic testing company, for MTJR to exclusively distribute, market and sell COVID19 Antibody Tests in North and South America. The test will be marketed/distributed in the United States pursuant to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA)’s policy on COVID-19 serological tests during the public health emergency period. #CORONAVIRUS #TESTKITS #QUESTCAP

Good morning good morning good afternoon good evening i hope you’re all having a great day this is their bored rich wish to be live no need to panic have another green day in the market but gold is kind of coming down oils going down and we had a lot of momentum early and it’s starting to come down so could this be the end of the run now what i do have is i have

Some big news and breaking news i brought you guys a secret pic like seven trading days ago i brought you this pic and it exploded from 15 cents to a dollar yesterday it came back down today 30% despite the fact that it has massive news despite the fact that it has massive news here it is guys so could this be a buying opportunity i’m not telling you to buy it

Okay always do your due diligence always do your research before i ever talk about anything but i need you guys to know the news on quest cata remember quest cap was up 700 percent yesterday after i brought it to you from 15 cents to a dollar it came back down it’s at 70 cents right now in canada symbol qsc symbol in america and it’s also down in america is see

O p rf charlie oscar peter robert frank c o prf down 23% in america right now 30% in canada but i need you to know the news here’s the news right here quest cap qsc announced today that has entered into a profit sharing agreement with more than just rice inc mtj are these guys public mt jr i don’t know maybe you guys can take a look at that for me subject to the

Satisfaction of conditions with a korean diagnostics testing company 4mt jr. to exclusively dish market and sell kovat 19 antibody tests in south america the test will be marketed distributed in the united states pursuant to the us food & drug administration’s fda’s policy on covin 19 surgical tests during the public health emergency period cova 19 antibody

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Tests disclaimers this test has not been reviewed by the fda negative results do not rule out sars cov – – infection particularly and those who have been in contact with the virus follow-up testing with a molecular diagnostic which should be considered to rule out infections in these individuals results from antibody testing should not be used as the sole basis for

Diagnose or exclude sars cove – – infection or to inform infection status potus’s are the results may be due to past or present infection with non sars cove – corona virus strains such as corona virus hk u 1n l 63 oc 40 43 or 22 9e this is a press release literally just came out guys and i started looking at it started reading it and you guys need to understand

What’s going on here this is breaking news it has not been approved by the fda yet this is just coming out guys i’m just reading this news the transaction will be structured as a profit sharing agreement between quest cap and mtj our quest cap has agreed to help finance the purchase of antibody tests for distribution in americas and quest cap will receive 40%

Of any profits earned from the sale of the tests quest cap will also issue 10 million common shares to mtj are as consideration for entering the profit sharing agreement at an effective price of the dissent spur calm and share this is why the price is falling guys they did a deal with 10 million shares at 50 cents a share and the stock was at a dollar yesterday

Finished over 90 cents they did a deal at 50 cents this is why the deal is going down right now but once this deal is structured and put in place this is going to be revenue that will be flowing through quest cap through the public company’s balance sheet it’s going to increase the revenue dramatically hopefully that’s why they’re investing 10 million shares at 50

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Cents which is a five million dollar deal five million of which will be issued immediately on closing and the other remaining 10 million common shares to be issued based on the achievement of performance targets so at least half of those shares are be given now and half will be given based on performance so it is diluted five million shares but if this works this

Calculated investment if this works might generate some big revenues will see the common shares will be subject to a statutory four month and a day hold period mt jr. is an arm’s length california-based company involved in importing exporting and distribution various products and distributing various products highly sensitive and specific test for antibodies to

Kovat 19 virus will likely be component of an essential tool kit for understanding who might have immunity and to help inform health authorities on where we stand on controlling the worldwide outbreak antibodies to kovan 19 varus are a key component of immune response to in individuals testing for these antibodies may be a major determinant in healthcare planning

For governments and key part of helping physicians inform their patients on whether they have mounted an immune response to this virus said dr. lawrence steinman member of the board of the stanford program in immunology 2001 to 2011 so a member of the board of advisors for quest cap professor of neurology neurological sciences and pediatrics at stanford university

And former chair on the stanford program in immunology in 2001 and 2011 he continues attaining effective and lasting igg antibodies against the kovat 19 of virus i believe will be a part of proneness prognosticator when an individual is protected and might return safely to normal activities widespread evidence that individuals are making igg antibodies will be

An important indicator of when a society is actually winning the battle against the virus wow this is huge guys this is big this is breaking news this is huge news if you like the fact that you’re learning about this first please guys smash the like button smash it just smash it just kill it just crush it if you like to smash smash the like button we are live

We’re interactive we are breaking you this news first before anybody else on the planet i brought you guys this picked first at 15 cents i’m telling you guys what they’re doing and why i think they went down and it’s because they raised money at 50 cents the other reason why they went down is they already were up seven hundred percent guys seven hundred percent in

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A matter of six trading days you had to assume at some point they were going to come down has made a strategic partnership that helps our society return to a normal through initiative testing added mike mccarthy member of the board of advisors for quest camp and former senior policy adviser to the minister of health of ontario about kovat 19 antibody tests the

Kovach 19 antibody test provided rapid point-of-care testing and results for kovat 19 antibodies to identify individuals infected with sars cove – – the virus that causes the cova 19 disease subject to the disclaimers above the kovat 19 infection sorry the kovat 19 antibody tests provide qualitative the detection of umana imanol globulin g igg and immunoglobulin m

Igm antibodies of co vyd 19 infection antibody tests but has permitted distribution of the cova 19 antibody tests based on its public health emergency policy which requires notification to the fda that the tests has been validated so they are going through the process this is breaking news the entire world needs to know first i’m not telling you guys to buy this

Stock i need you guys to know about the news i told you about buying the stock when it was at 15 cents it went to $1.00 yesterday this news is just coming out that they are now in the coronavirus space with test kits i’m bringing you this news live kovat 19 antibody test highlights point of care results from reading test card tests providing with all necessary

Components include inbox rapid results in 10 to 15 minutes that’s pretty fast guys from a small 1 liter user blood sample so they actually take your blood guys i gg limit of detection 1 to 20,000 igm limit of detection 1 at 10000 kovat 19 antibody tests are currently being sold and distributed in the european union and some asian countries and in clinical trials

In south korea about quest cap quest cap is

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