Breaking News: Silver Elephant Mining (TSX: ELEF) (OTCQX: SILEF)

Breaking News: Silver Elephant Mining (TSX: ELEF) (OTCQX: SILEF) – RICH TV LIVE – October 14, 2020 – Silver Elephant Mining Corp. (“Silver Elephant” or “the Company”) (TSX: ELEF, OTCQX:SILEF, Frankfurt:1P2N) announces it has completed a 545 meter exploration drilling program at the Paca deposit at the Pulacayo Project in Bolivia. #silverelephant #silver #richtvlive

Hi how’s everybody doing today this is your host rich here on behalf of rich tv live with our very special guest it’s daniel usterman the vp of exploration for silver elephant mining how you doing today daniel very well rich thank you for having me thank you for being here excited to speak to you again and silver elephant mining had a monster day today and i

Wanted to go into that with you because i thought the news and the headline was pretty spectacular silver elephant reports 106.7 million ounce indicated and 13.1 million ounces inferred silver mineral resource estimate for the polycayo project what exactly does this mean for the company well for us it means that uh we stated an objective within the 12 next

12 to 18 months that we would uh put within the company stable uh 300 plus million ounces into uh the company for our our investors to own this really marks the first step of that uh we we we looked at we have our pull of kyle project and what we did is uh when that project was we first acquired it silver prices were a little low and now with the current uh a

Bullish market on silver we realize we have to re we have to revisit the the the the mineral resource estimate for pulacaio and in doing so we were able to include a lot of material uh that was not included in the previous mineral resource estimate keeping in mind we had a 400 gram per ton cut off in that previous mineral resource estimate which is very high

Grade and it held up very well mind you i mean that it just goes to show you how much high grade material still resides in our polo coyote project but now we’re able able to bring in a lot of this other material into the into the mineral resource estimate now using instead of a 400 uh gram cutoff we’re able to use for the input resource a 30 gram cutoff and for

The out of pit 100 gram cutoff so it really means that we we are starting to deliver on our promise to really add in the ounces into the company stable and by virtue of doing so uh give that give an opportunity for our shareholders yeah and that’s one of the modus operandis of your company is that you want your shareholders to hold the most amount of silver yes

What do you exactly do mean by that like i love that i i what does that exactly mean like how can i own the most amount of silver by buying silver elephant mining well there’s obviously the in the market that you can buy silver in the market but a lot of silver is still locked in the ground it’s a precious metal and in order for a lot of people to have access to

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Any sort of silver valuation the next option after bullion is of course going into mine silver mining companies and we recognize that and as such uh we see that us bringing in as much silver ounces into the company gives much more opportunity for anybody who decides to invest in our company we have recently acquired the sunu wyo project which we discussed our

Last time we spoke uh before that we also had the acquired the l triumphal project and of course now with this pull of cayo uh mineral resource estimate we really put a lot of flavor onto that project as well which is which is uh part of our three o’s of our projects now the volume today was phenomenal the stock was up nine percent and the volume was 2.5 million

Shares at around 47 and a half cents since i’ve been watching this company i’ve never seen the volume that big is that the biggest volume day you guys have ever had as far as i know i think it is definitely among one of the highest trading days that we’ve had i think it really uh i think it reflects a very positive uh uh reception of our of our mineral resource

Estimate now for a shareholder that’s interested in getting into this company there’s so many mining companies out there there’s so many gold stocks out there everybody right now is saying we’re going into a gold and a silver bull market which i believe we are and many people are saying we’re kind of only halfway through that and there’s still a long ways to

Go some people are saying we’re in the beginning of it what do you think like where do you think we are in this this this this metals market right now gold’s already been over 2000 it’s come back down had a tougher day today silver’s been you know pretty high but come back down a little bit but a lot still many people still think it can go way higher um where

Do you think we are in this metals market right now are we in the middle of a bull run are we in the beginning are we in the end what do you think personally i think we are at the beginning of a little run we have had sort of a lot of downward pressure on on a lot of precious metals over the recent years and i think it’s just now coming to a point where people

Are starting to see obviously with gold being what it is and starting to you know hit that two thousand dollar mark uh people are seeing silver as a a rational uh opportunity ones that that isn’t as expensive as gold to get into and uh i think we’re just at the beginning rich i think uh i think we have a hopefully a good couple years on this bull run and then

What about silver elephant mining where are we in the evolution of this company we’re currently at 47.5 cents we got investors that will be watching this video from all over the world that are going to be looking at this company wondering whether or not they should invest their hard-earned dollars in this company this silver small cap company which really when

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You look at the market cap it’s still just a baby market cap what is your guys goal as a company as far as growing your market cap do you have a goal is there a number you guys have in mind absolutely i mean if you look at some peer comps and in terms of our group of computer comparisons we see uh companies that silver companies that have decent valuation

They tend to have well this is one of the reasons we’re looking at the 300 million ounce market they have 200 million ounce plus they appear to be in that 300 million uh market cap or higher and so that’s one of the reasons of course our philosophy is to add more silver ounces into the ground but that is exactly how what we’re going to do we’re going to do by

Two ways we’re going to do it by exploring so we have those three three o’s three o’s pro of the projects that we we’re we will bring uh into uh we will be adding uh more silver by by exploring those plus we have that mineral resource estimate and we really want to bring every project that we have to a stage where we can look at a mineral resource estimate and

Every time we do that we will be realizing ounces alternatively aside from exploration we will also be doing uh we are still also looking at project acquisitions bolivia is is silver elephant country it’s part of one of the reasons of our name um and really we have a very strong team there we have a strong uh position in bolivia and we think that that gives us

An advantage of looking at projects in bolivia but also outside of bolivia as well we’re looking at any option where we can really maintain that goal of adding those ounces now you guys have before today a market cap of about 68 million so let’s just say that your market cap is now over 70 million so if you guys are setting a goal of having a 300 million market

Cap that means we could anticipate that this could grow 400 to 500 from these prices that’s my simple math exactly i mean i mean we we see we look at these other companies we we see what they have we we study them and we say listen what are the differences between us and them and and there’s a very simple difference in a lot of sense a lot of cases and the

Case simply is the more ounces you have that that in the ground for any of these projects there tends to be a that tends to reflect on the market in a positive way so that that’s a very simple uh formula for us to follow and that’s one we’re going to achieve having the team that we have in place now are there any catalysts that we can anticipate are going to be

Coming that we can look forward to as investors we love catalysts we love to see like things that like happen today with the news and then the stock explodes 10 so any catalyst that we can look forward to in the next weeks or months ahead sure well we are initiating exploration at both pulocaio and also at our uh at our sooner wild project which we discussed

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Last time we just finished drilling an el triunfo project so those assays are now in the lab so we should expect results from that drilling uh probably in by the end of the month or early next month great uh we also completed the drill program at our polocaio project at the paca deposit so that that was there to test some ideas well hopefully we’ll get some

Positive results out of that and and that will be an exciting catalyst for us going forward and the work that we’ll be doing at sunawaya is really to bring it to a drill ready stage so we hope to announce drilling as soon a while and hopefully get some positive results from that we just released a a a news release stating that we had taken samples from tsunawa

On a recon sampling project out of 48 samples 47 had a gram uh silver or higher which mean and and they’re all so that’s all surface mineralization that project has never been drilled before and so we’ve identified four areas in that in that project that looked really really interesting to us and finally um as mentioned in our last conversation rich uh we have

Uh an application in for the uh mining production contract for malcukota and malcolm kota has a historic resource of 350 million ounces of silver and if we are able to achieve that in the next six to eight months we think that’ll be a very very very strong uh let’s say boon for us and of course our investors yeah i think that would be a fantastic catalyst if

There’s anything else you want to leave shareholders with that are watching this video about silver elephant mining what would it be well uh i think this this most recent release really just is an indication of how we uh do deliver on on what we intend to do we move at a very fast pace we’re very ambitious and we have very focused goals i think uh really just

Uh i think that’s one of the key takeaways and as you said we given our valuation we really feel that we’re undervalued at this time and that really means an opportunity for anybody who wants to get in on at the ground level on a lot of our projects that’s fantastic well thank you so much for joining us again daniel usterman the vp of expiration for silver

Elephant mining we love having you on the show please anytime you have any big news like this like you had today please feel free to come on our show we’d love to have you be in front of our community a lot of our investors are holding this stock they’re very pleased today congratulations on a huge breakthrough day and hopefully you guys can continue to evolve

Thank you very much richard have yourselves a nice day thank you daniel and thank you guys for watching

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