Breaking News TAAT™ GLOBAL ALTERNATIVES INC. (TAAT)(TOBAF)(2TP) – August 8, 2021 – TAAT ™ GLOBAL ALTERNATIVES INC. (CSE: TAAT) (OTCQX: TOBAF) (FRANKFURT: 2TP) (the “Company” or “TAAT ™ ”) is pleased to announce that independent of sales from its regular channels, the Company has closed a total of 68 new initial purchase orders from contacts established at two Las Vegas trade shows where the Company exhibited in late July 2021, with additional buyer leads currently in the pipeline. At The HQ Event , a specialty lifestyle products trade show held at Caesars Palace, votes from buyer attendees recognized TAAT™ as the Best New Product at the show, as well as the second-place winner for the Best in Show award. TAAT™ also exhibited at CHAMPS Las Vegas the following week, a significantly larger trade show with a greater emphasis on tobacco products, which sold out of exhibitor spaces well in advance of the event’s opening day. These two events were the Company’s first B2B convention appearances following the launch of TAAT™ in Q4 2020, and the Company is planning to exhibit at several additional trade shows in 2021.

Do you want to learn how to trade stocks in cryptocurrency join our community of traders go to and find the next 10 bagger hey guys how you doing this is rich from rich tv live and we had some more news this week from tat global alternatives you can visit them at you can also go to a nicotine and tobacco-free smoking

Experience we were the first ones ever to bring utah and they had some big news this week on the 6th and on third we’ll start with the news on the 3rd of august within weeks of launching in georgia tat is now sold in more than 70 stores statewide tac global alternatives tat in canada t-o-b-a-f in america 2-tp in frankfurt germany is pleased to announce that its

Flagship product tat has recently been placed in 71 new retail points of sale throughout the state of georgia bringing its total store count in the united states to more than 400 as of the beginning of this month in a press release dated june 25th 2021 the company stated it had pre-sold its entire initial shipment of 15 master cases of tat to a distributor

Based in alpharetta georgia with a network of approximately 1200 stores in georgia north carolina south carolina and alabama following the arrival of this initial shipment on june 24 2021 the company’s distributor in georgia began filling pre-orders that had already been placed resulting in the very first retail placements of tat on the east coast of the

United states congratulations to tad so far in 2021 the company has built considerable traction for tat as a better alternative to tobacco cigarettes for smokers age 21 plus through the establishment of multiple distributor channels and strategic marketing initiatives after launching tat at retail in ohio in q4 2020 the company introduced its e-commerce

Portal in february 2021 which has received orders from smokers age 21 plus in 37 u.s states in addition to launching tat at retail in illinois while continuing to grow its footprint in ohio as events with live attendance resume in the united states for example spectator sports trade shows the company has leveraged a variety of opportunities for visibility

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And engagement with smokers age 21 plus through traditional methods exhibitor space at business to business conventions for example as well as creative approaches to creating exposure for tat and beyond nicotine using brand elements sponsoring the headwear of floyd mayweather’s team for june 6 2021 match against logan paul the company continues to work

With this distributor partner in georgia to assess the performance of tat in the 71 stores where it’s currently sold while seeking to solicit new placements in the distributors network in the southeastern united states with the new tat facilities in las vegas nevada set to begin operating this month big big big start for this month the company’s production

Capacity will be expanded that’s huge thus allowing for more rapid fulfillment of wholesale purchase orders chief executive officer ceti cosgrella commented now that we have been marketing tat to smokers age 21 plus in the united states for a matter of several months much of the groundwork has already been completed in new markets where we’re launching tat at

Retail around the end of q2 2021 tad had already proven popular in georgia with e-commerce orders and free pack requests to georgia shipping addresses amounting to approximately 14 percent and 20 of their respective numbers for ohio where we were actively promoting the product smokers age 21 plus despite no targeted promotions on the east coast accordingly

It wasn’t a surprise that our first wholesale shipment to georgia was completely pre-sold nor was it a surprise for tat to already be carried in over 70 stores in just a few weeks after the shipment arrived with our production capacity set to expand this month with the new tap facilities in las vegas our team has all hands on deck to sustain this momentum

And i believe this is just the beginning for tat global alternatives and that news was followed up by news on friday after july trade shows tat has already closed 68 new initial purchase orders brings the total u.s store count to approximately 500. not bad for tat and we were the first ones to bring you this incredible growth story and in my opinion this is

Just the beginning just the beginning you can see this company is hitting milestone after milestone and i believe they will continue to and it’s because they are changing the world giving people a healthier alternative to smoking with no nicotine and no tobacco that’s right tat is changing the world for smokers age 21 plus all over the world and this is just

The beginning so this is the news that came out on friday tac global alternatives inc on the canadian securities exchange under the symbol taat and on the otcqx highest tier exchange that’s not a senior exchange t-o-b-a-f and in frankfurt germany under the symbol 2tp is pleased to announce that independent of sales from its regular channels the company has

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Closed a total of 68 new purchase orders initial purchase orders from contacts established at two las vegas trade shows where the company exhibited in late july 2021 with additional buyer leads currently in the pipeline at the hq event specialty lifestyle product show held at caesar’s palace votes from buyer attendees recognized hat as the best new product at

The show as well as the second place winner for the best in show award that also exhibited at champs las vegas the following week a significantly larger show with a greater emphasis on tobacco products which sold out of exhibitor spaces well in advance of the events opening day these two events were the company’s first b2p convention appearances following

The launch of tat and q4 2020 and the company is planning to exhibit at several additional trade shows in 2021. i love the fact that says seti coskerella the ceo of tat was working the booth and the trade show shows me how they are all willing to work hard to build the brand and this is a team effort at tat and like i said this is just the beginning of a growth

Story that i believe has an opportunity to grow global in a press release dated july 16 2021 the company detailed its progress in setting up its new facilities in the las vegas nevada area which are set to launch this month and will considerably increase bandwidth for producing the the beyond tobacco trademark based material of tat trademark to optimize order

Processing the company has more than tripled the size of its fulfillment station in its new facilities compared to its original site on west post road the company anticipates it will begin to benefit from these facilities expansion as more orders of tat are placed resulting from trade show leads in addition to wholesale and direct consumer sales to smokers age

21 plus as part of the company’s existing commercialization initiatives following these purchase orders the total count of u.s retailers carrying tat has grown to approximately 500 points of sale reflecting significant short-term growth compared to approximately 300 points of sale on record as of mid-july 2021 so they are growing quickly the tax store locator

Map displayed below from the company’s tritat webpage shows a well-established retail footprint in eastern regions of the united states around urban centers to include cincinnati population 301 000 columbus population 878 000 chicago population 2.71 million and atlanta population 488 000. as of early august 2021 tata sold in approximately 500 stores in the

United states representing significant short-term growth compared to approximately 300 stores as of mid-july 2021 through its wholesale partners the company’s established tax presence around urban centers such as cincinnati columbus chicago and atlanta tat chief executive officer ceti cosgrella commented and we had seti on our show just last week from the

Event and that was pretty wild where we literally had members break down how many shares they owned and just on our live stream we had members of the rich tv live community holding over one million shares of this growth story that’s currently trading up over nine hundred percent since day one when we brought it to you first in june 2020. what did cetticos

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Girl have to say about the news on friday at this time last year i was on my first week with tat after resigning from philip morris international as a lead strategist and not only were we still focusing on perfecting tat and beyond tobacco then there were also no trade shows or in-person events where we could introduce the product to commercialization

Partners before launching despite that limitation we were able to place tat in hundreds of stores in multiple states launch our e-commerce platform making tat available in the majority of u.s smokers to the majority of u.s smokers age 21 plus and land our first international purchase order from a wholesaler who distributes the united kingdom and ireland at

The end of july we had our first two trade show exhibits since launching tat and we are more than pleased to have closed these 68 initial purchase orders as a direct result of the connections we made at these events great work tat great work set d great team effort and i was so impressed with the way the booth looked it looked great many of which we expect

To convert into repeat orders based on the performance of tat since its launch in q4 2020. so we must remind ourselves that this company literally just launched in q4 2020 it hasn’t even been launched for a year and this growth story is just getting started love to know what you guys think about this news if you like these videos please smash the like button

Comment down below share the video everywhere and subscribe if you’re live remember if you’re not winning you’re probably not watching we bring in the winners and we bring them to you first i was the first ever person on youtube and all social media to talk about this company pre-ipo they ipo to 41 cents went to 67. today they trade at six dollars and sorry

Three dollars and 65 cents up 900 since we brought it to day one really proud of the results of this growth story that i believe is just getting started and i’d love to know your opinion on it as well comment on the video share it everywhere and subscribe for future updates hit the bell for notifications so every time we have big breaking news ceo interviews

Anything that we want to talk about company overviews and reviews you’ll get access first it’s your boy rich from mississippi live the first one ever to bring you tat this unbelievable gross story currently up 900 since day one and i believe it’s just in the first inning what do you guys think do you agree it’s your boy rich remiss tv live and i’m out you

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