Breaking News – RICH TV LIVE – MARCH 26, 2019 – This is big news and we bring it to you first – Britwind and mCloud sign MOU to target upgrades of an Endurance E-series fleet of over 1,000 wind turbines.

Good morning this is your captain rich from rich tv live and we have some news that is breaking that i wanted to bring to you guys first because that’s what we do here rich to be live we stay in our lane we look at companies we date them and then if there’s any news we bring it to you first so take a look at this so universal mcleod joins forces with electricity’s

Britt wind to upgrade wind turbines and to improve performance with ai and analytics this news is breaking this is breaking news britt wind and mcleod sign mou to target upgrades of an endurance east series fleet of over 1,000 wind turbines that’s right 1,000 wind turbines mcleod enables brit wind to offer the upgrades as a subscription service with zero capital

Outlay by wind turbine owners on a topical on a typical five-year term upgrades will allow brit wind customers to take advantage of mcleod’s ai and analytics capabilities to improve wind turbine performance and reliability this is breaking news and i saw this news and i thought you know what i gotta bring this to the people because we need to stay in our lane and

Universal mcleod is one of those companies that we’ve been watching very very carefully universal mcleod corp mcl d in canada on the tsx venture exchange and mcl df in america on the otcqb a leading provider of asset management solutions combining iot cloud computing artificial intelligence ai and analytics is pleased to announce the signing today of a memorandum

Of understanding and mou with brit wind limited an affiliate of electricity brit wind the world’s first green energy company this is huge news breaking news sought this morning and had to bring it to you guys first brit wind is a full-service company in the small and medium sized wind segment with proven excellence in wind energy production operations and main in

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Collaboration with britt wind partner norwin energy bruin has designed an upgrade to a fleet of over 1 that was an endurance ii series turbines for which each so tricity acquired ip rights in 2017 and addresses structural risks present in the installed fleet through the upgrade called resolve em cloud and britt wind are working together to offer britt wind customers

A complete end-to-end upgrade solution on a subscription basis the solution will include the opportunity to use em clouds ai and analytics to enhance the operation of their wind turbines alongside a five-year warranty the resolved solution enables eseries owners most based in the uk to extend the life of the e-series machines and improve turbine performance for

The benefit of both owners and the environment this is big news this is breaking news and i just like to bring it to you guys first how’re you guys doing this morning thank you guys for joining what do you guys think of this news mcl d in canada mcl d f in america this news is circulating and it is big it’s really big m cod’s expertise in artificial intelligence and

Analytics for wind applications complements brit wind strengths in the manufacturing and maintenance of wind turbines set costantino lanza m clouds chief growth officer who is also leading m clouds activities in the smart wind segment our asset care trademark for wind solution will connect brit wind turbines to help their customers achieve peak performance brit wind

Is committed to providing the best care to our customers and the clouds innovative solution has the potential to extend the life of any endurance eseries turbine said radek fedak britt wins head of operations and maintenance by partnering with mcleod who can leverage third party capital through its subscription model we can offer a zero upfront capital solution

That is further enhanced with m clouds said care for continuous monitoring and performance assessment this is a game changer guys such a game-changer the endurance eseries resolve upgrade will be available later this year interested in each series owners are encouraged to contact britt wind and they have the information right there this is big about universal

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M cloud corp universal m cloud is creating a more efficient future with the use of artificial intelligence and i love technology i’m big in technology guys and analytics curbing energy waste maximizing energy production and getting the most out of critical energy infrastructure headquartered in vancouver canada that’s my backyard with technology and operation

Centers in san francisco california and bristol pennsylvania m cloud takes advantage of iot sensors which stands for internet of things to bring data from connected assets into the cloud applying ai artificial intelligence and analytics to maximize their health and performance today m cloud offers complete asset management solutions to four distinct segments smart

Buildings wind energy utilities and oil and gas with over 100 blue-chip customers and more than 28,000 assets connected in thousands of locations worldwide m cloud is changing the way energy assets are managed for more information visit m cloud corp dot-com let’s read a little bit about britt wind this is a huge deal and honestly guys i’m pretty sure i’m bringing

This to you first britt wind is an affiliate of each so tricity britain’s greenest energy company delivering 100% green energy headquartered in stroud great britain britt wind is a step up for the small wind industry delivering and servicing windmills to landowners and business across britain britt wind brings big wind performance to small wind the company unites

Experts with experience and ability from both the big and small wind industry in 2017 britt wind acquired endurance wind power ip and in shadid work in collaboration programs on creating retrofit designs to support the e-series fleet owners with the design issues found in the turbines for more information visit rit wind co uk this is the breaking news literally is

Trending everywhere and once again universal m cloud joins forces with electricity x’ britt wind to upgrade wind turbines and to improve performance with ai and analytics wanted to bring you the news want it to bring it to you first because that’s just what we do here rich tv live we bring in the news we bring it to you first we break it down love to know what you

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Guys think okay if you like this video smash the like button share the video everywhere if i win and you win we all went now remember rich tv live is strictly for education entertainment purposes always do your due diligence always do your research before you invest in anything that we talk about here enrich tv live we bring in the winners we bring you them to to

You first we try to bring you the best we want to stay in our lane but we do not own these companies we do not control these companies we simply bring you the news okay whether it goes up or down i got no control over that i need you to understand this don’t immediately buy everything you hear in rich tv live okay buy it because you love it buy it because you’ve

Done the research and buy it because you can live with it don’t buy it because you’re hurting her first erisa tv life clearly you’re gonna hear everything first we bring you everything first but that doesn’t mean you should immediately go and buy it okay i want to know why you like this company why you don’t like this company are you gonna buy this company you’re

Gonna stay away from this company hollered your boy let me know it’s a 16% buy it had a lot of momentum it lost some momentum and with this news it might start gaining steam again who knows so i just want to keep you guys updated i want to stay in our lane any time any companies that i talked about have any news i always want to bring it to you guys first and i

Always want to let you digest it so we can make good decisions okay mc ld in canada mc ldf in america culture boy bringing you the news if anything else that’s big is happening i’ll bring it to you first mc ldf is this a buying opportunity stay tuned omo peace some big news the universal mcleod i was in wind turbines wow

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