Brexit, Boris and the Maybot: Conservative conference talking points

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Three stick aside conservative party conference here in birmingham three big themes i think the first is europe that was easy because it’s been the big theme of every conservative conference in the last 30 years the parties when neuroses over europe is reaching an absolute peak as people wonder what’s going to happen with teresa may’s efforts to get a brexit

Deal number two is the jockeying for position on the assumption that there will be a leader collection sometime in the next year and everybody attempting to show that they are leadership material and the third theme they looked at the economic agenda labor laid out last week workers on boards share dilutions of companies rising taxes nationalization and they know

Some of this has a popular appeal so they’ve got to come up with their own alternatives their own popular form of capitalism which they can take to the voters as a viable alternative to jeremy corbyn because when they look at labour now they don’t see it like the blair right labour party which they’d rather wasn’t in power but wasn’t going to destroy everything

They believed him they look at jeremy corbyn’s agenda and that terrifies them poor gurmann former conservative mp now head of conservative home what he made of this one so far i think this is a conference say they’re trying to state of animated suspension because the prime minister is pretending that checkers is still alive the conference or most of it naturally

Wants to support them so it’s also protecting the cheka system alive well whether it’s animated suspension or suspended animation the moment of suspense for the conservative party conference is at hand this is the queue for boris johnson’s fringe meeting and this queue has started forming around two hours before the great man is due to speak this is the defining

Moment i think of this conference this is his great big pitch for leadership he believes in britain and that’s what we need in a leader today with her current plan no but i’m hoping that she will take wise counsel and she will change course in many ways in my family because i like him and he’s got a personality but this is serious business and number one for me

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Is we need to come out now that’s what we said we do this what the public said so if forest is up for that that’s fine but we’ve got to be really united as this is a party everybody’s around come on thank you very much this is the moment to chuck checkers we get it wrong we bottle brexit now believe me the people of this country will find it hard to forgive if we

Get it wrong now and we proceed with this undemocratic solution if you remain half in half out we will protract this toxic tedious business that is frankly so off-putting to sensible middle-of-the-road people who want us to stop talking about europe and get on with their domestic priorities as we should forrest johnson just finished speaking absolutely packed hall

And you can see down there all of the euroskeptic mp all lining up to tell journalists whatever lien speech it was it was quite an interesting because it wasn’t his traditional tub-thumping number he was clearly trying for a more understated statesman like approach he talked a great deal not about europe although he did talk about breaks it obviously he talks a

Lot about housing and the conservative vision and clearly the point he wanted to get across is i’m not a one-trick pony i can talk about everything conservatives need and thinking about and when you’re thinking about what a leader looks like i think it looks like this that was his message and i think what a lot of people will have heard is the headlines from boris

Johnson’s speech are all going to be about leadership challenges and his comments on brexit and his opposition to the checkers proposals but a very meaty chunk of his speech was also a fairly full-throated defense of thatcher right economic policies and conservative belief in the free market as the way to challenge jeremy corbyn and that’s been one of the other big

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Issues at this conference the debate going on between how to frame domestic policy between the free-market ideals which you say said margaret thatcher and an attempt to develop policies which appeal to ordinary voters and answer some of the concerns that they have rob halfin who’s a former tory deputy chairman also government minister takes the view that too many

In his party obsessing on ideological purity of the free market and they need to get back to policies and practicalities which will help ordinary voters i came into politics as a factor i as a young student but and my belief is the world has changed significantly and i think that corbin spoke pretty well for the anxieties of the british people and when they talk

About childcare when they talk about the cost of living when they talk about housing those are big issues facing our constituents like mine and harlow and up and down towns in england the potatoes that we need is a social justice conservatism saying to people look we’re going to bring you to that ladder of opportunity we’re gonna help you climb up we’re gonna be

There with a social ambulance if you fall but at the top is job security and prosperity and on the way is more than joists lower taxes for low earners more skills and affordable housing the queues have begun for the other main event of this party conference the prime minister speech which wraps up the whole event last year’s was a bit of a disaster coughing fits

All kinds of accidents from which the prime minister still emerged essentially unscathed i think she’ll be hoping to set the bar a bit higher this year we stand at a pivotal moment in our history it falls to our party to lead our country through it when we come together there is no limit to what we can achieve ours is a great country our future is in our hands

Together let’s seize it together let’s build a better britain some reactions absolutely fantastic fantastic because she’s just given us all i direction i hope and we knew she would deliver and she will deliver and we just we’ve just got to be a hundred percent behind her all the way there’s an awful lot of people around here still talking about the next leader

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And leadership elections next year what do you reckon um cereza mays a very good pro minister yeah again i don’t think she was anyone’s ideal choice but she’s done a very good job she’s dogged she’s determined and she’s a bloody difficult woman what do you think of speech i thought it was a full-blooded attack on the corbin faction of the labour party which hits

Home there was a well delivered speech it was a pretty good speech ticks a lot of boxes delivered very confidently some good jokes and some strong passages strong attack on jeremy corbyn’s vision for the country and a very strong pitch to her party to say ok you’ve had your fun arguing about brexit now we’ve got to get on with it and be grown-up about this for the

Country also a big announcement on housing and you can tell the party really wants to like theresa mail it it really does but i don’t know that any of the doubts that it has a fundamentally been ass waged there’s still a lot of people who enjoyed boris johnson’s speech more the alignment will dublin can conservative hand came up with about this conference being

In suspended animation is exactly right you have this sense of the conservatives rather frozen in the moment they’re a relatively new government they don’t have any strong new agenda that they want to pursue you have the sense of the marking time while they get brexit out the way and i think the waters are going to close over this conference very very quickly it’s

Gonna be forgotten very very quickly and i don’t think anything has fundamentally changed for the conservatives

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Brexit, Boris and the Maybot: Conservative conference talking points By Financial Times

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