Brexit: what is the point of the people’s vote march?

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Welcome to westminster and the heart of british politics we’re on the march to put brings it back to the british people in a second referendum hundreds of thousands of people have turned out but what are the folks on this march actually trying to achieve because with just a few weeks to go until the uk is set to leave that you there’s still not enough support

In that place over there the house of commons for mps to change their mind so let’s go and find out what these people are hoping to achieve i’m a journalist from the financial times i just wanted to ask why you’ve come on the boat today and what you’re hoping to achieve because i want peace friendship and cooperation we all want those things also i got to do

The people’s vote because we get it by belonging into the eu and how do you think what actually going to get that left venoms were due to leave in a couple of weeks anyway we’ll get it by people force and that’s why we’re out here today so you think you can change the minds of elephants so they’ve not listened so far beginning to consider other options for the

Future of my grandchildren 15 actually i drive the like them to revoke article 15 do you think that’s going to happen oh my i’m quite confident quietly confident and optimistic even though i may be not it’s too depressing to consummate to stop grexit yeah simple as that we don’t want rector’s happen it was up the whole of the vote was based on lies now we know

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What they’re bad we’ve got a better picture look i mean where do you start the government’s doing a dreadful job jeremy corbyn is the people needs to make her to have their voices heard it’s as simple as that no they didn’t it was too binary it was too binary we didn’t know yes but we know we’re voting for this time we fell tall trees amazed dreadful idea or

We vote to remain or we voted for another one that’s right the last referendum three years ago is not representative of the views today house how so because it’s been a long time voters have changed opinions have changed as the facts have come available and i think that we need another chance to say what we feel the martyr stopped in front of downing street

Right here and as you can see the protests are trying to send the message to the prime minister we’re angry at the mess mrs. mae’s making of this as well and this is about the last it’s always going to be difficult though you can’t necessarily blame her for it or do you think no no not entirely her her party and the government as well yeah but they’ve made a

Pretty terrible batch of it but how are you actually going to get that referendums were due to leave in a few weeks yeah well hopefully in parliament in the few few days ahead i mean we can’t go on as we are it’s ridiculous i think it’s the last avenue left to us to kind of show that everything is broken and that our parliament is broken and that we just really

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Need a better way how confident are you getting that second vote because we’re due to leave in a couple of weeks don’t know but we’re here so we can do how are you hoping to persuade the folks over there who don’t seem very willing for a second referendum it’s a difficult thing all we can do is apply public pressure and show that it is not a one-way street and

That people do care about this and people very strongly want to remain one of the ironies of braixen is the uk’s never really had a strong view of file moment and it is emerged just at the point we are about to leave the eu it’s clear from the folks that i’ve spoken to on the people’s vote mast that they don’t quite have a plan to make sure we do have a second

Referendum but they want to have their voices heard the big question for british politics now is all this the beginning of something or the end of it

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Brexit: what is the point of the people's vote march? By Financial Times

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