BriaCell Therapeutics Corp. (NASDAQ: BCTX) (TSXV: BCT) CEO Dr. Bill Williams✅RICH TV LIVE

BriaCell Therapeutics Corp. (NASDAQ: BCTX) (TSXV: BCT) CEO Dr Bill Williams✅RICH TV LIVE – November 23, 2021.

Hi how you doing today i’m your host rich from be have a rich tv live with our very special guest dr bill williams the ceo of bryo cell therapeutics corp how you doing today bill i’m doing great rich it’s a pleasure to be here pleasure to have you on the show very excited to learn more about your company and i have a few questions for you bill first and foremost

Dr bill williams tell us a little bit about yourself and how you got involved with brya cell therapeutics corp so um after graduating from mit and tufts medical internship and residency and uh doing a fellowship in rheumatology i did a second fellowship in research with a gentleman by the name of mark green at university of pennsylvania now mark’s discoveries

Actually led to the development of herceptin and other similar drugs down the line so when i was in mark’s lab i got introduced to the whole biotech world and i was just fascinated by it and then after uh being on university of pennsylvania faculty for a number of years i thought i i had an observation that a lot of people were doing really cool science

Having really good ideas and this was during the one of the early biotech booms and so they would go out and start these small companies and they would do really good science but they had no idea how to develop a drug and i said you know i want to do that someday but i want to know what i’m doing so i went into industry i went into smith klein beach him lived

Through the merger into glaxosmithkline rose to vp of experimental medicine put numerous drugs into the clinic and worked on several approvals including things like hycampton and naval bean and bexar zofran thai curb boniva other drugs and then i moved over to inside corporation in 2005 and i worked there for 11 years where i was again putting drugs in the

Clinic and working on some all the way through to post approval for example i introduced jackify into the clinic and i had the great privilege of working on that way on that drug all the way from the first in human study through to post approval and that was just a great experience course it was also a great experience to see inside stock go from two bucks to

Like 130 bucks when i finally left the company uh so you know that was also obviously personally uh rewarding for me and i at that point i felt like i knew how to do it i knew the discovery size from aside from my bench research uh i knew the drug development side now from a to z and i also had some money to invest so a friend of mine by the name of martin

Schmieg i was on the board of directors of briocell he came to me one day and he said bill this company looks like they really have something but they don’t really know how to develop it so i looked at their early data i realized as an immunologist that not only does this therapy have a good chance of working but it actually makes sense that it would work in

The patients it was working in and so i decided to jump in with two feet uh got into briocell in late 2016 joined as uh president and ceo and uh put some of my inside cash into the company um at the time we were tr traded on the toronto exchange uh the venture exchange and not a biotech friendly exchange i’m afraid to say but um we managed to uh forge through

With investments here and there tough year in 2020 with covet and everything but we uplifted to nasdaq in february of this year and got funded and now we have a great uh developing pipeline so i’m very excited to be where we are dr williams can you go through some of the milestones bria cell hit in 2021 and you can can you also tell us what investors have to

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Look forward to in 2022 and what some of your goals are that have been set by bria cell therapeutics corp sure so in 2021 we emerged from a very dark period in 2020 uh i think some of the great things that we achieved including uh getting up listed to the nasdaq uh doing a big fundraise accompanying that back in february and then another fundraise in june

Which really gave us about three years of runway to really develop our pipeline i mentioned about revitalizing our scientific staff so we now have a you know lab bench that’s fully operational and that we’re starting to generate a lot of really interesting uh data out of uh and then uh you know in 2022 going forward there are several things that are really

Key so our lead candidate is called bria imt it’s a cellular immunotherapy for breast cancer we’re treating patients with really late stage breast cancer the kind of people who have run out of other options and we’re seeing some fantastic results uh in patients you know with predictable biomarkers for us and so we’re expecting with priya imt uh which we are

Developing in a collaborative study with insight corporation uh insight is providing uh some combination therapies to look at with bria imt uh in 2022 where we have an ongoing study with insight and our goal is to get enough data from that study so that we can go to the fda and negotiate a phase two registration study design a pivotal registration study

Design and that’s going to be really huge because it once we have that design agreed on with the fda we’ll know how much it’ll cost and how long it’ll take to do the study and to if it comes out positive to get the drug approved and at the same time we’ll know based on the design of that study what our market share is going to look like so a lot of the big

Pharma companies you know can do the math very simply at that point they do a market analysis they see where we’re going with this and they you know that’s a time point where you see uh multi-billion dollar deals being done with biotech companies so we’re pushing very hard to get to that point where we have that agreement with fda and we think that that will

Be a major inflection point for our company at the same time we’ve taken our observations with bria imt and transform them into a platform technology so we’re going to be developing personalized but off-the-shelf immunotherapies for patients with breast cancer and then also prostate cancer lung cancer and melanoma as well as potentially others and so what we

Are targeting to do in 2022 is to get several of those immunotherapy cell lines into the clinic so that we can then push them forward really expand our pipeline and have the cutting edge technology that really is of great interest to uh big biotech and big pharma companies wow you guys are doing some incredible work uh really excited to be able to help you

Guys tell your story to our community if bria cell therapeutics corp were to compare itself to its competitors in this sector what would you say set you guys apart so i think there’s a few things that sets us apart first of all we have a very experienced management team uh you know not the type of academic folks that often come into the biotech sector and

Don’t really know what to do with what they have you know we’ve got the experience to take things through all the way from a to z from the start starting line all the way through to the finish uh we also are um undervalued tremendously and i think this in part is due to our history of having been traded for several years on the toronto venture exchange uh

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We uh you know i saw the stock price go down and down as we raised money on the toronto exchange really because the volume was so low and there was just uh not the wealth of biotech savvy investors that you see on nasdaq so now we’re starting to reverse that trend and to go in an upward direction but if you look at us in comparison to other companies that are

Some of them even an earlier stage of development than we are we’re still a fraction of their evaluation so we think that there’s still a lot of value to be realized from green cell even with the data we have right now which is a positive proof of concept in late stage breast cancer so there’s a tremendous uh opportunity here i think for investors but even more

Importantly our science works and it uh it’s in it’s in a way that makes sense and because of that we know how to develop it and we also know which patients are most likely to benefit and so those are the kind of things that i think to me are the most important that at the end of the day i think we can have a really positive impact on people’s lives extend their

Lives and you know uh you know treat this dread disease of a late stage breast cancer and give people new hope nothing better than giving people hope and extending people’s lives that are ill you guys are doing incredible work and i love it when i hear ceos tell me that they feel that the company is undervalued because our community is looking for companies

That are undervalued underappreciated underexposed and here at rich tv live we are fundamental investors we love to understand your share structure and your fundamentals can you talk a little bit about your capital structure of breast cell therapeutics corp to our viewers and how you plan on attracting more institutional as well as retail investors so we have

About 15 and a half um let me just get to this idea we have about 15 and a half million shares outstanding right now wow we have about 10 million warrants that are out and uh we have it you know about 50 a little bit over 50 million dollars in the bank with three years of runway uh because of that um we think our share price is still undervalued we actually

Recently initiated a share buyback program uh because we we raised more money than we thought we were going to um and we have enough for three years to develop all the different things that i mentioned already as we were uh you know as i was going through our pipeline a little bit there and so you know what we are uh aiming to do now is to just increase our

Profile in the investment community by getting our name out there a lot of people still haven’t heard of us understanding where we are in comparison to other companies and then also to um work with our you know different ir resources that we’re working with to uh attract uh analysts attention to attract um institutional investors in which we all already have

Several involved with the company and then to uh you know just um continue to develop our news flow and our as our pipeline comes forward to fruition and we get additional data from our clinical studies so that’s our main strategy it’s really to push the science to get the data out there and then at the same time to increase our profile in the investment

Community so that people who haven’t heard of us before will become aware of our story and the potential that we have bill if there was one thing you would want investors to know about breast cell therapeutics corp today what would that be i think it’s that um not only do we have the technology but we have the expertise to bring it through to fruition and

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I can’t over emphasize the importance that having good expertise is in drug development i remember many years ago a company named senecor started out and they had a drug that was going to be good for sepsis that’s when people have a bad infection and it’s overwhelming their systems and they were going to reverse that with this drug and their uh company grew

Tremendously and their stock you know price shot way up and then it turned out that the fda blocked their data made them do another study and they uh and they failed and it crashed but at the same time they were able to repurpose some of their drugs towards and other inflammatory diseases and they developed something called remicade which turned out to be an

Absolute blockbuster in the field of inflammatory disease and really raised them to a new level they ended up getting taken out by genentech uh a number of years ago and that’s all because they had the expertise and the um wisdom to be agile and to you know be able to move where their data sent them and that’s what we’re really focused on at rio cell is to

Develop our pipeline absolutely but to keep learning and keep learning and to develop earlier stage assets that we have as well to bring them forward so that we will have something that is really going to be of long-term value especially to patients over time bill we’re going to have investors from all over the world that will see this interview that are

Part of our community what is the best way for them to get in touch with the company if they had any questions about bryocell therapeutics corp of course it’s to go to our website and there’s an email link there for anybody who asks questions info at we are happy to talk to investors and you know we have a habit of doing that a couple

Of times a week and so we’re always happy to uh you know talk directly to investors and to share whatever information with them that they would like fantastic thank you so much bill and i must remind everyone that rich tv live is strictly for information and education purposes please do your due diligence do your research before you invest in anything that we

Talk about or discuss here on rich tv live now in saying that i do believe this is a company that is undervalued under appreciated underexposed i know especially to our community this is a new pick so i’m very excited to learn more about this company to watch you guys evolve watch you guys develop and hopefully you guys hit all of your goals and all of your

Milestones and thank you for joining us today dr bill williams the ceo of breast cell therapeutics corp thank you so much rich it’s been a pleasure love to have you back on the show anytime you have any big breaking news or anything you want to discuss we’d love to invite you back other than that keep up the great work congratulations on all your success and

For those of you guys that are watching if you’re not winning you’re probably not watching we bring in the winners and we’ll bring them to you first thank you for watching everybody and have a nice day you

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