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Good day subscribers thank you so much for joining me today i am jeremy this is the financial education channel and today we’re talking about social media monday we’re talking about ways you can make money on social media i’m going to share a lot of ways on how i’ve seen people make a lot of money from social media that you may not know about i’ve seen people

Friends and whatnot make money from social media and do it very successfully and i’m gonna share what they’ve done and then this can open up your mind to maybe you have a few ideas of your own that you can make some social media money social media is a whole new thing well i shouldn’t say whole new it’s been around for what five ten years this whole social media

Notion this is like brand new to the world this is like the wild wild west i call it it’s just a huge opportunity to open up and some people are going to figure out how to make it very successful and they’re going to make so much money from it other people are maybe not going to be as successful when they’ll live a middle class lifestyle that’s fine a lot of people

Will fail because they don’t try hard enough or whatever it’s like hollywood was in say like the 50s and 60s where everybody was trying to be an actor actress and so many people were moving out to california and had this dream of being a hollywood actor actress because the money was great and you could become a star and all those kinds of things well social media

Is like that a bit right now because it’s new and there’s so many opportunities out there so i want to run through some ideas with you guys on how money can be made in those kinds of things so number one is getting yourself out there and getting a base big enough that you can go and do things and either sell a product sell a service or something like that i’ll

Give you an example here i have a friend who’s a big muscular guy and he runs super fast and all those kinds of things he has an instagram account he posts pictures all the time of himself working out videos of himself working out doing all types of things flexing in the mirror he has well over 10 000 followers and that’s last time i checked he might have 20 000

Followers for all i know now so he’s got a great base already built up on instagram now how is he making money from that well nothing from instagram he’s not making any money but as soon as you click on his page it says dm me for coaching advice or coaching um you know for him to like take you through a workout those kinds of things so you could actually pay him


Money for him to run you through a workout take you through a workout talk to you say hey you need to do this thing you need to eat this way you need to do this and that so you can look like me or be like me those kinds of things and he can get paid however much he wants to charge basically and however much the people are willing to pay him and so he’s built

A whole a whole thing a whole business almost off of just posting pictures of himself working on videos and those kinds of things that’s powerful and that’s still only like a smaller base can when you compare it to some people who have hundreds of thousands if not millions if not tens of millions of followers imagine what those people can do but that’s just one

Example of how you can be successful on youtube this is a huge platform where people can do a lot of things tech reviewers they get paid well the big ones they get paid once they get a base big enough they get paid by companies to actually review a lot of products also every big company out there as soon as they have a device a brand new device electronic they will

Send it to them in hopes that they will review it and if they don’t review it they might offer them to pay hey i’ll pay you a thousand bucks i’ll pay ten thousand dollars whatever to review this product and put out a video because they know those people get a million views two million views three million views on these videos that’s a ton of advertisement so the

It’s really worth it to them now either those people the tech reviewers those big ones they can take the money and say okay i’m going to do that or they get all these products shipped to them all the times they might not even do tech reviews they can go sell it on ebay or whatever make 500 bucks on a new cell phone 600 bucks a new drone gets sent to them that’s a

Thousand bucks sell out on ebay this and that i’ve seen it done over and over again even people like casey neistat he’s a vlogger he’s not a tech reviewer he gets shipped like dgi they shipped him like i think five of the phantom fours when the phantom 4 came out the phantom 4 was like a 1500 product so imagine selling all five of those online look how much money

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He made just from a company shipping them something for free just so he could like put it on his channel it’s incredible but the trick is with social media it’s all about getting the base built up big enough so if you want to sell or can sell something to your base that they might be interested in then it’s worth it um another way is advertisements now um there’s

Adsense on youtube for instance twitter has a new thing coming out where twitter videos that are going to be on twitter they’re going to be monetized you can monetize them you actually get 70 of the revenue from the ads versus like say 50 from youtube but adsense uh you know people like the big youtubers they make between five and 15 million dollars just from

Adsense if they don’t do any brand deals anything like that the big ones they’ll make between five and 15 million a year smaller ones can make you know a million or so smaller than that they can make a few hundred thousand there’s thousands of people out there making hundreds of thousands of dollars from youtube alone and i’m talking just from adsense not not brand

Deals not these other kinds of things i’m talking about just from adsense um let’s look at my channel for example let’s let’s do some hypotheticals let’s say i had 100 000 subscribers on this channel i obviously don’t but let’s say i did i talk about what i talk about personal finance i talk about business i talk about stocks people think i’m intelligent enough

On those subjects and i know enough and i’m sharing enough my opinion that you know you guys think it’s valuable information on those subjects so let’s say i had a hundred thousand subscribers if i wrote a successful book i might be able to sell it to 10 of the population about stock market i might be able to sell not 10 of the population 10 of my subscriber base

Might be able to sell it about stocks might be able to do one on business might be able to do one of personal finance and let’s say ten thousand bought that book ten thousand bought this book ten thousand bought that book that’s thirty thousand subscribers bought some kind of book that’s a way i could do it if i ever even get to that point i probably won’t because

I’m probably not going to be that interested in doing it i have written small books before but i’ve written them so friends and family can read them those kinds of things and they can learn about stocks and how i’ve invested in those kinds of things i doubt i would ever you know want to do something like that but i’m just giving you examples of what could be done

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What could be done and there’s other people that have done that written books a lot of big youtubers they write you know by biographies and those kinds of things about them and those sell really well if they have millions of subscribers they have a lot of people who are huge fans of them then who would actually go out and buy a biography book and they might sell

Hundreds of thousands of a book and that’s great so that’s just another way there’s so many more possibilities i could go into on this video i don’t want to make an hour long video but those are the main ones getting brand deals and it’s all about getting that base built up big enough where you can do brand deals advertisements all those kinds of things product

Reviews um you know and then also one more thing i’ll cover is a lot of youtubers for example they’ll say oh you know this video today is sponsored by such and such so they get paid for that a company will pay him thousand bucks or whatever amount to just say hey today’s video is sponsored by you know i’m a financial education channel so if somebody sponsored

Me i don’t know who would be maybe fidelity or e-trade or something at the beginning of my video i say oh today’s video is sponsored by something stock market whatever and then they pay you for that so it’s pretty awesome it’s almost like tv shows get paid for advertisements youtubers are as well and the other platforms will be as well i hope this helped today

Guys social media money it is out there is to be made if you decide to go that route there’s so so so many possibilities on how to do things i might do a follow-up video to this someday on even more ideas i just didn’t want to cover 8 million ideas i wanted to kind of stick with a few ideas to give you guys and get you thinking thank you so much for watching guys

Leave a comment in the comment section if you have a good idea on something i didn’t talk about for social media and how somebody could make money or benefit off that i would love to hear it so if you haven’t subscribed you may want to i talk a ton about personal finance i talk about investing stock market i talk about business being a young entrepreneur i own my

Own business i talk sometimes about that so thank you so much for watching guys have a great day you

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Building a business on Social Media! – Making a living from Social Media! By Financial Education

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