BULL VS BEAR ARGUMENTS EXPLAINED – It’s a Battle of Technicals vs Fundamentals – Friday, Aug 19, 22

Who’s right – bulls who think we’re going back to a new 52 week high, or bears who think we’re going back to a new 52 week low? It all comes down to a battle between the stock market technicals and the stock market fundamentals. This video explains the different schools of thought by explaining the stock market technical analysis and the stock market fundamental analysis. What do you think? Is this bull run the start of a new bull market, or is this just a relief rally that’s ending and we’re about to get back into a bear market? Let’s find out!

Hi guys it’s stock curry and over the past couple of days we’ve seen a little bit of a slowdown in the rally now the question is where do we go from here well there’s two schools of thoughts on this we’re going to talk about both of them in this video so let’s get into it the two viewpoints on where the market goes from here are pretty simple the reasoning behind

Those arguments though is far more complicated to put it simply the two schools of thoughts are one the market is going to take a little bit of a breather for about a week and then it’s going to continue on our bull run to new all-time highs the other school of thought is this rally is a bear market rally the rally is now over and we’re going to drop down and hit a

New 52-week low well that’s a pretty big difference between a new 52-week high and a new 52-week low those are literally the two most extremes you can have in the stock market so why are people so polarized right now on where the market’s gonna go from here well the people who think the market is gonna go up are mainly looking at the technicals and they’re looking

At the tacticals they see how the market was oversold going into the beginning of june they saw how the market bounced off of the bottom of a downward trend line going into june they also saw how the market was forming a broadening ascending wedge which as i explained in my vip discord is a bullish technical indicator they looked at all of these things and they

Said the market is about to go on a major rally and they were absolutely correct if you look at the technicals today however the technicals alone would have pointed to the stock market rally ending on tuesday of last week technically monday would have been the top and then tuesday did drop as expected and then wednesday we had the cpi inflation numbers come out

That were much better than expected and the stock market rally continued the problem is if you look at the technicals for the past six days the stock market has been overbought meaning the technicals would indicate that the stock market has gone up too much and needs to come down a little bit now technicals when a stock or in this case the entire market becomes

Overbought can be resolved in one of two ways one way that the technicals can be resolved is if the stock or in this case the market trades flat for a certain amount of time as a stock or this market trades flat the overbought technicals will start to slowly drop and they will get back down to a normal range so that’s one skull of thought we’re gonna trade flat for

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About two or three weeks we’re gonna let the technicals cool off and then once the technicals have cooled off we’re going to restart the bull run and we’re going to get up to new all-time highs now the other school of thought is that we’re actually going to start going down and that’s the other possibility is that we fix the overbought state by having a sell-off

That’s the technical side of the argument and most people who look at the technicals remain extremely bullish on the market certainly if you look beyond the daily and you look at the weekly technicals they remain extremely bullish as if we could continue this bull run after a few weeks of cool off because of the daily being overbought the bears the people who think

The stock market is going to drop back down to a new 52-week low are looking at the fundamentals the bears look at the fundamentals they say look inflation is still at 8.8 percent year-over-year the fed continues to raise interest rates earnings are dropping revenue is dropping more than 50 percent of the s p companies who reported earnings lowered their year

In guidance only 78 percent of companies beat earnings which is pretty dismal considering how low those earnings expectations were so all of the fundamentals really do point to the stock market turning around and going down to what could quite possibly be a new 52-week low especially as earnings continue to drop and keep in mind that as earnings drop price to

Earnings ratios those p e ratios those rise and the s p right now has an average p e ratio of over 18. keep in mind fair value is 15. the nasdaq has an average p e ratio right now of 23. so certainly all of the fundamentals point to the stock market dropping from here the question now becomes are people going to remain cool and level-headed are they going to

Be patient wait for this pause to play out and then start buying stocks again or are people going to panic and are they going to start selling in mass afraid of stocks continuing to go down and then that fear of stocks going down causes more selling the selling causes stocks to go down which causes more selling it just builds upon itself so that’s the question

We don’t know we’re gonna find out now one thing i did find very interesting is warren buffet says that when everybody’s fearful you should be greedy and when everybody’s greedy you should be fearful what’s very interesting is even last week meet kevin did a poll on his twitter asking people if they thought that we were in a relief rally a bear market relief

Rally that would end and eventually we’d get back down to a new 52 week low or if we were in a new bull run and we were on our way to new 52-week highs and at the time last week when meet kevin did his pull about 60 percent of the people who responded mainly retail investors said that we were in a bear market rally that the rally was going to end and we get back

Down to a 52 week left clearly it still shows quite a bit of fear on the market then i did a very similar poll yesterday and in yesterday’s poll 65 percent of respondents said we were in a new bull run that we were going to get back to a new 52-week high only 35 percent said that we were in a bear market rally what a change in just one week there are more people

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Who think we are in a bull run heading back to new 52-week highs than there are who think we are still in a bear market and that could be enough to cause enough green in the markets to end this bull run for large institutions to take warren buffett’s advice to be fearful to start selling and to trigger a sell-off in the markets i believe that with more and

More people becoming bullish in this market with more and more people believe when we are in a massive bull run we’re going to get back to new 52-week highs that that actually lends more credence to a bear market rally that’s about to end now i can’t predict the future if you guys have been watching this channel for any amount of time you know that i get it wrong

A lot so today i just want to give you the facts i just want to let you know what the two schools of thoughts are i want to let you know why some people think we’re going to need a new 52-week high and why some people think we’re getting to a new 52 eagle low clearly the market is at a threshold and what happens over the next week or two is going to determine

Where the market goes for the next couple of months so pay very careful attention to the next week or two and don’t be super bullish or super bearish i would just take a neutral standpoint and let’s just see where the market goes if the market trades flat there’s a real good chance we’re getting into a new 52-week high if the market starts to sell off there’s

A real good chance we’re getting to a new 52-week low there’s a massive fight right now between bulls and bears and the next two weeks are going to determine who wins now i do want to let you know that regardless of what happens in the short term in the long term there is a lot of money to be made by investing in value stocks and tomorrow is going to officially

Kick-start the millionaire club challenge to give me a quick recap we’re starting with two thousand dollars every two weeks we’re going to be adding 200 dollars to that portfolio could also add 100 per week whatever’s easier i chose that dollar amount because we end up at 5 200 invested every single year that is just below the threshold for a roth ira so if you

Wanted to do this investment challenge in a roth ira you could based upon the returns that warren buffett was able to generate in his first 10 to 15 years investing in value stocks we will become a millionaire in the next 10 to 15 years doing this millionaire club challenge now we are going to be adjusting it a little bit from how warren buffett invests warren

Buffett never sells stocks we are going to be taking a john templeton approach john templeton also became a billionaire in the stock market and john templeton’s approach was almost identical to warren buffett’s the only slight difference is he actually sold stocks once they got back up to fair value and then used that money to buy more stocks that were at that

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Time undervalued so that’s what we’re going to be doing and our average hold time is probably going to be around four years and then we are gonna be able to hopefully in the next 10 to 15 years become millionaires and once the portfolio gets to one million dollars we’ll end the challenge i will be with you for the next 10 to 15 years doing this challenge even if i

Decide to i don’t know retire whatever live my life in the bahamas i will still upload a video every two weeks for you guys uh so that we can keep up to date and i can get you all to become millionaires now that again that challenge is going to start tomorrow the first video for that challenge will be uploaded on saturday so the first actual video will be uploaded

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Automatic 5 to 10 gain in your portfolio right off the bat which is incredible in helping you get to that millionaire status a lot faster all right guys i hope you enjoyed the video i hope you got a lot out of it don’t forget to hit the like button and subscribe if you’re on youtube click the bell icon to click all so that you can get notified when i release my

Next video i hope you have a lot of success trading and i will see you on saturday you

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BULL VS BEAR ARGUMENTS EXPLAINED – It's a Battle of Technicals vs Fundamentals – Friday, Aug 19, 22 By Stock Curry – We Profit Day and Night

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