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Good day subscribers thank you so much for joining me today on the financial education channel so today’s video i am so excited to do is business tips and it’s from my own perspective on owning my own business i’ve owned my own business for over a little over six months now probably six seven months and i have a lot of things i’ve been dealing with and going through

With that business that i want to pass on you guys for knowledge in case you ever want to start up a business in some mistakes i’ve made that you can avoid now the reason i wanted to do this video is i think it’s very important to get it from the perspective of mine that i’m actually in it and i’m going through it and i’m in the first year starting that business

A lot of times if you look online for business advice it will be from huge ceos like steve jobs and bill gates or warren buffett or a lot of those guys which are extremely successful businesspeople they have a ton of good advice but the problem is they’ve been running billion-dollar companies for such a long time that their advice in their thoughts are really

On running a billion-dollar business their thoughts aren’t on you know from day one going from scratch going from this and building up and then making this mistake in going from there their mindsets are way out there and there you have great advice if you have a huge business and you get to that point someday but they don’t have a lot of good advice for the you

Know the very start up the grind stuff that i’m going to talk about today so first thing advice i would give you when i started my business which is basically what i started my business for is to do luxury real estate videos that’s all i started to do and how i approached it was i looked at the nevada market and i said okay there’s a lot of million dollar homes

There’s hundreds of homes price over a million dollars and that’s the market i know after so i thought in my head it’s a pretty big market even if i can get 10% of those homes that’s doing well well that’s not really the right way i should have looked at it the way i’ve surely looked at it is how many million dollar homes are being listed per year and how many

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Realtors already have a videographer they use that’s doing them a good job i when i went into it i was very naive and i thought you know i don’t think does anybody doing anything like what i’m doing and i should be able to just come in and take a ton of market share not really the right way because there are a few people that are already doing what i’m doing they

Might not be doing it the exact same way that might not be doing it quite as good as i’m doing it and they might not be doing it for prints point and those are some of the things i can win customers over with but the at the end of the day some people they like to stick with this their guy or the gal they already like so that is your number one advice i would give

To starting a business really look at the market do some analytics on it and figure out how big the potential market is step number two one there’s no way i was gonna make it just as a videographer doing luxury real estate very quickly probably law shouldn’t say very quickly probably 3-4 months into the business i figured out okay this isn’t gonna work just doing

Luxury videos and customers started coming to me asking about if i did still pictures aerial photos and things like that so i really had to begin to broaden my base so that step number two is make sure you’re ready and prepared to broaden your base and another part step number three is make sure you can do whatever your customer or potential customer needs step

Number four try to never say i can’t try to never say i can’t do something tell the customer if they want something that you don’t currently do tell them okay um you know give me a minute i’ll call you back later today i’ll email you back whatever i think i can make that happen for you and then figure it out thinking your head only if it’s a hundred percent not

Possible a hundred percent you need to come back and say yes i can because that potential customer is a potential long-term customer in someone that’s going to help you really get you off the ground but if you say like in those days i didn’t offer aerial photography i didn’t offer still photography i kind of knew how to do on the bed but i didn’t offer it as a

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Professional service but when those customers came to me and i said you know i’ll call you back a little layers day i’ll you know i’m gonna think about this and whatnot i called him back and i did it and i did a pretty dang good job i did a good enough job to satisfy the customer and then those customers became longer-term customers and did more projects and more

Things that i could solve them and whatnot and have them be successful so try to never say i can’t do something problem solved that is part of being in business it’s a huge step of being in business and own your own business being able to problem-solve being able to take care of that customer hundred percent that’s step number five be able to satisfy your customer

100% by any means necessary make sure these early day customers are as happy as can be because they are your everything at this point they’re your everything they’re the only way you’re gonna step up and getting the next customer or the next customer if those original ones are a hundred percent satisfied whatever it takes things are gonna happen a step number six

A lot of things are gonna happen that you did not expect to go that way and they’re gonna go bad something’s gonna go wrong i’ve had many things on a photo job or whatnot where the technology fails i had a important customer at the time this past winter and i get to the clients house the drone my drone won’t start up so i can take pictures of the property and

That’s all i was there do the drone won’t start up i had a problem solved i had to go to best buy ahead it buy a new drone because i could not figure it out any way to do it i had to send the other one in for repair and that stoned i mean i have the drone out of the drone sitting there on the floor that was another seven hundred dollars down the tube and there

Was only like a $69 job so i spent $700 on any new drone for $69 job but you know what i satisfied the customer i didn’t look unprofessional like all my drones broken so you know i can’t do anything for you now i’m gonna be two weeks that would’ve been unrealistic over lost a customer the life probably so those are some of the biggest business tips in the early


Days i can share with you guys and some of the things i’ve gone through that i’ve learned from and i wish i would have known this stuff before and i was sort of taking different approaches it would have made my life easier and the earliest earliest days those first few months but starting business is not easy it’s not easy and you need step number seven the last

Step i’m gonna give you guys today be prepared for rejection it’s gonna come a lot of rejection your way a lot of people are not gonna want to buy whatever you’re selling whether it’s a service or product whatever it is most people are gonna say no that’s just a fact but that doesn’t mean you give up that doesn’t mean you put your head down no way you don’t put

Your head down you don’t give up you keep smiling you keep trying to sell you find new ways you find a better way to sell and all those kinds of things because rejection is gonna come it’s gonna come hard and heavy and i wish i’d have known that too everything’s not gonna be peachy if you think you’re just gonna come out of the gates and make all this money and

Life’s gonna be grand it’s very unrealistic that’s like winning the lottery it’s a lot of hard work and it’s step by step and you climb a step and then you fold down a step and then you climb two steps and you fold down a step that’s how business works and that’s how starting a business works it’s not easy but i hope you guys enjoyed this overtime i hope to do

More videos like this that will give you the step-by-step process in future months and whatnot and talk about some of the things at that level and then next year talk about you know once i’ve reached a year which i’ll reach a year being a business in november around november so i’ll just kind of give an overview of everything thank you so much for watching guys

Hit the thumbs-up button if you enjoyed this and you liked the tips comment if you have any questions i have a lot i can answer and subscribers thank you for watching now as always have a great day guys

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Business Tips – Tips for Starting a Business! By Financial Education

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