Buy Illegal Fireworks Legally in Pahrump, Nevada

I went to purchase the largest and loudest fireworks I could buy in Pahrump. Typically, these types of fireworks would be considered illegal in major cities. But in Pahrump, the restrictions are a bit more relaxed allowing me the chance to do all of this legally.

How’s it going everybody this is beef the bush today i’m gonna be playing with i have reached pahrump each case 145 each unit $59 oh sailor t6 he said the biggest one is 5 inches no six inch mortars are the biggest one these are 5 inches over here it’s like this long there’s like little tubes and then you stick them in and then it shoots up i wonder if they have

One where they have like multiple because i don’t want all the same thing try them all try them all i’m afraid i might need a card so they had this panda box thing this one has 3 panda box sampler so i guess there’s three three of those in $36 so instead is 104 which is $34 i kind of don’t want you know the fountain and stuff cause that’s what you can normally get

Now what i need is it’s like bottle rockets and then roman candles the same brand that makes these are super big and loud these are supposed to be popular so let me let me pick okay this is what i think i’m gonna get one loud finale thing 24 these man it’s gonna take me a while to light all these roman candles yeah quite a bit more than what i need but um you

Know i am here just for this place i drove about 700 miles they kind of burn burn like hundred ten dollars under $20 so let me go pay for this i can’t really bring all of these out of the town of poem because these aerial ones are actually illegal this means i have to light them all today which shouldn’t be too difficult why is it so fun okay i am right here out


In the middle of nowhere so i don’t burn anything down because these are dangerous fireworks they’re gonna like things on fire if there’s like vegetation to be lit on fire but this is like in the middle of the desert so you know no harm there what i purchase here is the calavera bombas de la muerte i saw this online i saw some videos of it i’m like wow you know

This is great so i’m going to be lighting all of this today i also have a five-shot bright white strobe and loud bang it’s also by the same company calavera a 50 shot platinum flash crackers dandelion spider with strobing pistol yeah i like this green thing you guys can see here see how has this green i don’t know flower thing and lastly i have this thing called

A bloodshot i have no idea what it does i didn’t want to waste too much time researching on what it is i just want to get it just the biggest stuff that they have these are mortar shells biggest one they have bottle rockets which are you know this big so these are like that big instead let me open this thing to show you guys what’s inside shoots flaming balls each

One of these has like a little canister thing wow there’s like a piece of wine in here just so that it’s steady enough and you can see i says the logo and then this is like a pvc pipe over here so each one of these you can see has i don’t know 12 inch wick and then you just shove it in there gently put it at the bottom and it’s ready for lighting let me start with

The smaller stuff this is a 50 shot platinum flash cracker whatever this is it a good shot of this thing this is about $2 50 shot it’s in some kind of oil raft each one of these is 50 shots it seems so i can easily just light one of them so there’s eight of these things i think these are just firecracker so i can just verse that the beginning paratis and i’m just

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Gonna fill it open so we can see what’s inside a little bit yeah firecracker this might not be healthy for my ears i wonder who actually wear my earplugs i dude i did carry them with me okay now i’m gonna try one of the i don’t know one of the other sticks blood dragon who cares about the little stuff right like my main goal really is to try the big stuff here

No idea what this does but let me light it over here wow wow that’s pretty neat i need to go again four five six seven or eight these are okay how much did i pay for them i think these are 250 each quite expensive okay firecracker time you need at least like three four feet away from those things or things are like hitting me that’s great very good this is a really

Large roman candle yeah roman candle there’s only five shots in this so i think it’s gonna be pretty hefty lots of stuff inside each one i’m going to light one and kind of shoot it out of the camera so you guys can see okay nice nice i can feel the recoil oh nice hit the ground okay that’s five quite fun quite fun there’s more of them and now i’m gonna light this

Big honking thing i guess this is gonna be bigger so we’ll see what it’s this one is like i think i’ll put a drone up there and see what happens okay drone is up in the sky here’s another one it takes a little practice to figure out how high to put the drone how far to put it i got 18 more of these we’re gonna use them all up today wow wow that’s fun


This is something that you have to try once but it’s so hard to do it legally a lot of cities don’t allow you to to do this i think we had enough a sampling of everything i bought so now i’m gonna light up this big one this just by itself is $10.00 finale – all right you know what that finality that that really sucked yeah not worth it ha ha playing is hard

Work these things are actually really hot this one is like super hot to the touch and now a dual roman candle performance said it you never know how many more there are this is really dangerous i think i’m gonna get singe every little bit here and there second attempt at a roman candle show except not that’s it i got two more these are quite fun i kind of like

Roman candles these big ones you know i wouldn’t want to get any smaller these need to be it because when you when they go off it goes good to packing some power to this alright last show that’s all folks thanks for watching everybody it took me so long to get here 700 miles i think it’s 700 miles or something it took me like 10 hours to drive here just like

That 130 bucks but hey this is like kinda i would say it’s kind of like my dream bucket list type of thing i think it’s well worth it thanks for watching everybody don’t forget to give me a like comment down below push that subscribe button ring that bell icon thanks for watching

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Buy Illegal Fireworks Legally in Pahrump, Nevada By BeatTheBush

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