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Well howdy there folks and welcome into today’s video hope you guys are doing great out there as always so today we’re gonna go ahead and look at the public account and i’m gonna tell you what stocks i’m thinking about buying and selling in this particular account and why also going to tell you about some new stocks i could potentially add to this public account now

If you don’t know the history of the public account this is an account i started probably a little over four years ago and we’ve just built and built and built it from a few thousand bucks like a few years ago to now 1.7 million dollars and what i’ve done with this account obviously had to make deposits over time gotten gains on stocks and then taken the gains or

Dividends received and just plugged it right back into new stocks essentially and so the you know it’s been tremendous i mean just alone on these current positions this is an account for profits taken out of different stocks i sold over time or dividends received 965 thousand dollars worth of gains here and so the accounts doing really really well this is my most

Focused account in terms of like this one i take the most serious actually even though it’s not my biggest account i gotta say i take this one the most serious because this is an account that every single trade in the history of this account has been documented throughout its journey right and everybody in the private stock group gets to see every single move i ever

Make in this account so i have to take it like to a much more serious level than any account and yeah i’m proud of the account i’m really happy and i want to share with you guys what i’m thinking about buying and selling here and some new stocks that i could potentially add so yeah i hope you guys enjoy a video like this hope you enjoy kind of hearing my perspective

On different stocks how i think about these stocks things like that i’ll ask returns that you smash that like button that’s literally it guys i appreciate you being here also just so you know we have a free seven-day trial going on for the private stock group right now so if you’ve ever been interested in joining the private stock group checking it out and seeing

What it’s all about the private discord chat the course curriculums the coaching all those sorts of things this is your time to check it out check out pin comment down there apply for that and enjoy that guys i think you’ll learn a lot i think you’ll enjoy it and hey if you don’t want to be a member with us long term in there totally cool and if you like what you

See in there and you think you’re interested then awesome join us in there long term alrighty guys so uh first off ha let’s talk about tasla mayasla so tesla obviously is the crown jewel of this particular portfolio at least as far as current stocks i have right we put 34 000 in this stock is worth 000 the 669.000 jewel that is tesla this is talk i used to talk

About almost on a daily basis on my youtube channels and i used to get a lot of hate people be like you you nothing but tesla education channeling all you do is talk about tesla stock talk about other stocks and oh man those are the good old days but i was insanely bullish on the stock and obviously my being insanely bullish paid off in a massive massive way now

When it comes to tesla stock am i interested in buying the stock no i’m not interested in buying a stock i mean they’re doing everything i ever planned on them doing maybe even better right but let’s be honest the valuation of the company has flown up over the past couple years right we’re pushing up against a trillion dollar market cap now now is it possible that

Tesla could be a two trillion three trillion four trillion dollar company it is possible down the road but to get to those sorts of places tesla’s gonna have to have you know incredible profitability the company’s a little profitable now but for a trillion dollar plus market cap it’s not very profitable so company would have to continue to have revenues skyrocket

As i plan i think that’s going to happen this bottom line but they’re also going to have to see net income skyrocket over the coming years that’s what really gets you into that trillion dollar and multi-trillion dollar club that net income if you look at all the stocks that are part of that club they’re all profit machines if you think about facebook if you think

About google if you think about amazon if you think about microsoft you think about apple all profit machines and tesla with their gross margins can definitely become a profit machine but yeah in terms of me in terms of stock price it’s gotten pushed and the valuation has gotten pushed so for me it’s just a hold right now tesla miasla tattooed chef a tattoo chef

Here 222 thousand dollars in tattoo chef the stock it basically hasn’t done anything for us thus far and that’s perfectly fine and dandy i’m always willing to hold the stock for at least a year for it to not do anything right tesla my asl that stock i held that stock for about a year and it didn’t do anything it down trended didn’t do anything and then obviously

We see how that turned out i’m not predicting that tattoo chef’s gonna ever get me an you know hundred 1800 return but i think there’s gonna be crazy returns coming over the next five years for tattooed chef i talk about this stock all the time now it’s it you know it’s basically taking the place of that tesla stock used to be in where i would talk about it all the


Time right and uh just insanely bullish on the long-term trajectory of that company some people don’t see it that’s perfectly fine i respect that about the other day this stock will be a massive gainer in future years for us and uh as of right now i got two you know i put 221 000 obviously it’s worth 222. 1816. am i interested in adding more shares in this particular

Account yes not a ton more because it is already a really big position remember this is about the biggest i’ve ever made a position in terms of amount of money put in so i’m interested in adding some more shares but not a ton same exact thing goes for corsair gaming so corsair gaming is a gaming and streaming player a tattoo chef by the way is a plant-based food

Play and by the way just real quick in regards to a tattooed chef you know plant-based food that’s um you know a big thing that i think is going to be huge in the united states for a long time to come i think where we i think we really started to kind of work through diets over the past 10 years and trying to figure out like like where we’re going in this thing if

You ever heard me speak about this before basically from kind of like the 50s and 60s all the way through about 2000 2010 or so you know our country really got out of whack with unhealthy foods i think we’re still trying to work through that fast food on every corner you know insane saturated fats the calories just galore and a lot of people just weren’t educated

On what was bad for them food wise and we just went off and became a culture of of fast food and unhealthy food right and i think tattoo chef’s just one player in the space there’s going to be a total transformation of food and hopefully get our our health crisis in this country to a a better level let’s just put it that way corsair gaming uh complete opposite

This probably leads to boar’s health not just getting but when it comes to corsair gaming gaming company streaming company obviously those industries that are huge and likely just going to continue to grow and when it comes to corsair gaming seven thousand shares here 177 653 dollars worth we’re down 22 we’re getting destroyed on this stock whenever i’m down over

20 on a stock i just call it that i call it what i see it that’s called getting destroyed on a stock and let’s be quite clear we’re getting destroyed on corsair stock now and corsair is a multi-year hold i think this is going to be a great gainer for me over time does corsair gaming have the type of uh returns long term that i think tattoo chef’s going to have not

In my personal opinion but is corsair going to be a nice money maker a double up if not more than a double up tight stock over the coming years absolutely do i feel like i’m not taking a huge risk in corsair gaming because its valuations already gotten pushed down so far absolutely i i definitely don’t feel like i’m taking some crazy big risk so when it comes to

Corsair gaming it’s kind of like tattoo chef and respect that i can definitely add some more shares but it’s not like i’m gonna build that position a ton larger revolve uh rvlv unbelievable gains for us in this one 524 percent when it comes to revolve stock e-commerce play in the apparel industry and if you think about the one segment amazon’s had some trouble

In when it comes to ecommerce is really the apparel segment and revolves just knocking out the ballpark this is a company that’s just building into a bigger and bigger company and i look at this one as also being a potential long-term buyout candidate for maybe a big dog company like a google and amazon somebody like that i hope it doesn’t happen also could be a

Facebook buyout candidate as well i hope that doesn’t happen but then the day i love the management team that company i love the vision the company i think the company has phenomenal growth ahead and i’m a happy holder not interested in buying rvlc stock though let me be very clear about that fb facebook so done pretty well with us in regards to facebook 69 up

122 this was a stock i started adding in this account i believe ray when that account was somewhat new i think it was 2018. and in that 2018-2019 time a facebook skyward solutions cruisy doozy tesla with some of the ads back then but when it comes to facebook i mean this is a stock that i think should be up massively more than it is to be quite frank i mean at

The end of the day i look at the valuation and it’s just a steal deal the one thing that frustrates me about facebook is they always get caught into some drama right some of it is their fault some of it is stuff that is uh fabricated and just you know folks looking to attack facebook for whatever reason there’s a lot of different agendas out there right there’s

Agendas from different uh companies that basically have to do with ad spend right facebook could be taking money from those companies so they want to publish negative things about facebook some of it can be truthful stuff that facebook deserves uh to basically have against them some can be things that from certain political sides that feel like facebook gives

Favoritism to this side or this side whatever right and so anytime you know facebook just always gets caught up into some drama so that’s a frustrating thing so as of as far as facebook goes i’m probably just a holder right now if you told me i had to buy or sell facebook i’m buying facebook though let me be very clear skill work solution is a huge player in the 5g

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Movement if you look at the latest teardowns of like let’s say the latest iphones from ifixit you’re going to see so many skywars solutions chips in there it’s not even funny all right and uh it’s been a good gainer for us also remember this stock pays his dividends and that does not even account for in that number very nice dividends from skyworks received and

On my cost basis versus what the company pays out in dividends it’s actually a really really nice yield so i put 49 000 into it it’s worth 107 000 as of today skyworks solutions not interested in selling that stock you know kind of like a facebook scenario where i’m just a proud holder of the stock however if you told me i had to buy or sell skyworks today i’m a

Buyer more than i’m a seller and i think that’s something that needs to be said i think that’s always an important question to ask somebody if they’re if they’re holding a stock right like you got to think to yourself okay if i forced you to either buy more shares that stock or sell shares of that stock right like what would you rather do okay so i think that’s

Really important by the way just so you know if you know the walgreens position or my larger positions those are all in my main private account so like tattooed chef in my main private accounts around a million dollar position same thing with walgreens so i know some people get confused because you know this is a public account and my private account has the big

Dog positions in it dropbox next one up here cloud player e-signing a documents player done very well on this one 28 000 gains and we took big gains already out of this stock as well put in 48 000 it’s worth 76 000 now and like i said we already took i think a nice five figures of profits out of this stock already dropbox another one i’m just planning on holding

Right now now if you told me i had to buy it or sell it i would be inclined probably to sell it more than buy it just for the mere fact that i feel like i could use that money into something like adding more tattooed chef shares or corsair for some stocks i like maybe a little bit better for the long term however i don’t really want to part with this one i like the

Diversity at the portfolio being a cloud player e-signing documents you know i’m not really that interested in selling dropbox so right now i’m just a holder up work 337 percent gain when i looked at this one i said you know this is a company that’s in the freelancing economy is that going to get a lot bigger a lot smaller over the coming years a lot bigger right

The tam’s going to continue to increase for companies like upwork and so put in 11 000 i should have put in way more i’ll just be quite frank put in 11 000 it’s worth over 48 000 now very proud holder of upwork very happy with the gains of that stock and uh it’s a stock i continue to think long term has more upside so yeah i’m just holding the stock but plan it uh

Yeah i’m up big on this one obviously but i should add more shares of it i have this ultra low cost based on this one at dollar 25 i should add more planet shares it’s been trading oh man i should i could have got some shares today at 420 that would have been the ultimate by 420 man that’s just so perfect but when it comes to planet is a stock this has been beaten

Down such an unbelievable long-term story here with the stock i mean there’s not a there’s not a story i i hold that’s more exciting than the planet other than maybe tattoo chef but honestly the plan is probably even more of an exciting story when you think about the tam for this market long term it’s ridiculous right just ridiculous tam that’s already built into

The market and when you think about all the stuff going to legal market over the next 10 20 years federal legalization coming it’s going to be a massive boom for the planet and the owned brands that planet has it’s it’s like the retail opportunities one opportunity the owned brands is a whole other big opportunity and so the long-term growth story of planets crazy

So yeah proud holder of that stock i should buy the stock honestly and just you know get rid of this dollar 25 cost space i do have a really big position i don’t call a really big position but it’s a multi hundred thousand dollar position in my main private account i should build this into 100k plus position this account honest company there’s a company diapers

Wipes makeup i mean the cleaning products they have a ton of different products expansion company that i think has huge opportunity over the next decade in front of themselves to build this business bigger and bigger a needs-based play a newer stock for us i want to build this into a really large position i would love to build this into a six-figure position over

Time ideally uh yeah proud holder that one elf beauty elf cosmetics whatever you want to call them they’re uh basically a cosmetics company gains have been insane for us 307 728 cost based on this one incredibly low took a ton of gains out of this one nice five figures of gains we taken out of stock over time i continue to hold these shares just because i think

There’s uh you know what if elf builds into a cosmetics giant over time and the company’s always had phenomenal execution so i kind of feel like i just have to hold this last thousand shares needless to say it is tempting to cash out though i will say that avant brands really really small speculative company i hold that’s in the jack jackson space kind of like


Planet but this one is uh you know basically they just make the product okay and they have some owned brands they’re not a retailer now when it comes to avant brands a huge potential long-term upside there of the company and norton and all those guys if they all execute right it does absolutely come with its risk we’re getting devastated on the stock as of right

Now uh we’ll see what happens over the next three five years i’m willing to you know take a risk on the stock and not a crazy risk rate but i’ve taken a risk on it and we’ll see if it pays off and if it doesn’t it doesn’t um but i’m willing to put my chips on the table cruisy doozy company i really like and they get so much of their revenues and profits from apple

It makes it a little scary it’s in no man’s land over time i just got to take this last bit of profits i i don’t know why i’m just holding it now at this point you know i just got to cash that last bit of profits take that 16 000 plus dollars and go ahead and plug it into something else because this stock’s just in no man’s land right now also just have some cash

Laying around i don’t know if that’s from dividends received or what uh 817 dollars so yeah accounting totals up 965 714 dollars up 122 percent 7.53 million dollars in the account right now and um yeah who knows over time it should build in a three mil five mil and hopefully maybe even a 10 million dollar account long term now let me talk to you guys about three

Stocks i’m thinking about potentially adding to this account okay the first one is teledoc tdoc done uh quite a bit of research into this stock now i do have more work to do there which is why i haven’t bought this talk yet however what i have researched so far i am actually liking in regards to teledoc the growth is pretty enormous when you look at teledoc’s

Growth there and yeah needless to say when you think about the tam of this market and you think about telehealth over the next you know let’s say 5 10 15 if not 20 plus years like it’s such a long term exciting story and teledoc is a massive player in the market and should end up being the number one player in telehealth long term and when i think about it from

That perspective i think about a company that man could they have some some big revenues and profits long term so teledoc potentially an ad for the public account over time voyager digital another one this is a crypto brokerage that wants to become a lot more than a crypto brokerage over time i own this stock in my main private account but i don’t own it here in

The public account i think i should it would be a nice diversification play to this portfolio i don’t own anything crypto related and i don’t own anything brokerage related and i look at that and i think voyager digital would be a nice play it’s a high risk high reward play stocks been trading at nine ten eleven dollars recently and i look at that stock and i say

I don’t think there’s a ton of downside there but i think the upside potential is crazy so the risk reward now at this point for voyager digital it’s quite interesting the growth rates have been off the charts for voyager digital so uh yeah needless to say v y v g f definitely a potential ad in this account next one up here so it might be a surprising one i would

Call it a a stock that i almost see as a value play and that’s sprouts farmers market sfm so teledoc and voyager digital or growth plays but sprouts farmers market would be absolutely a value play companies trading at extremely low forward p extremely low trailing 12 month pe as far as its business model it’s a grocery store but it’s not really a grocery store it’s

Kind of a little more of a a cool place to go let’s just call it that it’s not like what you would view a traditional grocery store as you know trying to get things as cheap as possible and trying to get in and out as fast as possible right sprouts farmers market it kind is more of the vibes like a whole foods vibes of like a trader joe’s that people actually

Genuinely enjoy going to and like take their time with and things like that so sprouts farmers market a very interesting value play and i like that it’s not caught up into the commodity grocery place like some other so yeah sprouts farmers market it could actually potentially be a an ad for me in this particular portfolio so those are three stocks up there guys

Hope you enjoyed this as always going through the public account let me know if you own any stocks in the comments section if you like the portfolio if you don’t love to hear from you guys as always you wouldn’t hurt my feelings also don’t forget if you want to join us in the private stock group for a free seven days in there check that out definitely check that

Out it’s pin comment down there to apply and join in there and then if you love being in there with us and you want to be a member long term sweet i will greet you with open arms and if you decide hey it’s not for you and you’re not interested then perfectly fine as well thanks for joining me thanks for watching and have a great day

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