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My Peas in a Pod:

How’s it going everybody this is vita bush have you heard about the calamari method of cleaning up where you’re actually supposed to hold the object in itself and you’re only supposed to keep it if you actually feel joy well this relates to materialism because it’s a material object that we’re holding and we’re supposed to be able to feel joy about it people talk

About experiences giving happiness for a lot longer duration period and i was thinking hey i can test this out by looking at all my items and seeing which one are really old and yet i can still feel some joy just by looking at it so i looked all around my place and i encourage you to do the same a lot of things is just like yeah yeah it was a little expensive i

Kind of liked it but it doesn’t like make me like yeah you know i really really like this so let me just show you a few material things i bought that actually feel joy even though it’s years after i actually bought it you guys have seen my peas i leave on the couch all the time the reason i have these around and i put it in my video is because every time i look at

These little happy pea faces i get happy myself and these have been around for quite a long time already the thing i like about this is that they actually come out pick these peas comes out and they actually zip up into like a pea pod like this i think it’s really cute i know it’s a stuffed animal and you know i’m a grown adult and i shouldn’t have stuffed animals

Around i don’t actually play around with these things in juggling or anything i put them on this plate to look at and every time i look at it i’m happy looking at it so it’s like a mood booster i think a friend of mine gave this away and i was like wow this is so cool that’s why i bought this this doesn’t really count because i got it for free it was a salvaged

Stuffed animal but i really liked it it cost me nothing this i bought at the maker faire and your jaw will drop it how much actually paid for this actually paid $20 for this stuffed plushie steak at the time i ate a lot of steak and i just thought it’s really comical just see like a little steak like this and it’s it’s a plush it’s you know cute i guess on the

Contrary i spent about $190 on this 3d printer and actually this is a very good example of me spending on stuff and the good feeling of buying it actually tapers off really quickly because yes the first few days of me getting it i printed some stuff out i was really high you with it but nowadays i’m just like yeah you know it’s there this thing is there i can print

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Stuff out i don’t really you know really enjoy it doesn’t make me really happy to print stuff out from it it’s like i usually kind of like a tool a while ago i bought this lego porsche at the time i really liked it and yes indeed the feeling of happiness of this one kind of faded away it’s kinda like a 5 out of 10 right now i still kind of liked it that’s why i’m

Still holding on to it but i did notice that my happiness with getting this thing it was initially really high when i’m building it but after i’m done now it just sits here and collect dust and it just kind of tapering off so i wouldn’t say this is one of the things that still makes me happy after years of having it you see this fake diamond plate button and i’m a

It doesn’t really count because it’s something that you made usually something that you make you kind of proud of so you would tend to really like the items that you make so it doesn’t count i’m talking about things that you buy commercially that can actually make you happy over a long period of time see up a year ago i bought this in a booth starfighter i still

Kind of liked it i’d say this is also about a 5 out of 10 the peas are actually you know nine or ten because i really like looking at them so i can see how things they have a range of how much joy it brings you the trick here of course is to find out what you can buy that would make you happy for a long period of time you won’t get sick of it the happiness level

Will just gradually fade away really quickly this is my electronics for convention there’s a lot of stuff over here a lot of equipment but there are only tools to me if i were to lose these tools i won’t be devastated only so much so that it’s the monetary value that i’m being lost here i can always go and buy a brand new unit of whatever a voltmeter microscope and

Things like that the only thing here that actually brings me a lot of joy every single time i use it is this metcal soldering iron here if you buy this brand new on the market it’s about $700 however what i did is i bought it for $60 on ebay and it was supposed to be not working for repairs but then when i got it they actually worked the reason i like the soldering

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Iron so much i used a dozen other different kinds and they all don’t work as well as these metcal does this is more like it worked so well and it works so much better than the other ones that’s why i like to use the item so much as it brings me joy every time i use it because it works so well and i don’t have to fiddle with you know solder everywhere that doesn’t

Really sagar well and stuff like that this is a cheapy microscope here it does what i needed to do whenever i need to look at something small but i also treat it just like a tool it doesn’t really bring me happiness so here’s my tabletop cnc machine a tabletop cnc machine is something that can cut metal you can put stuff in there and then essentially it can cut

Around in circles you can program it make it cut various things this is a lathe over here and this whole setup cost me around three four thousand dollars yes is very expensive i bought it many years ago or whenever i cut it i’m like oh my gosh this thing is so good it’s basically a tool that allows me to do things that i cannot otherwise so being able to cut certain

Things brings me happiness every time i do it i don’t do it very often but when i do it does bring me happiness i’d say honestly when i first use it is like ten out of ten happiness right but now i use it more like a tool but i still get a really big kick out of i’d say it’s six out of ten whenever i cut something so it has a really long tail of tapering off so the

Thing to figure out is what can you actually buy that you can really enjoy and you can enjoy over and over and rather than something that’s just really really great in the very beginning and it falls off really really fast being able to go back and buy things that you can afford when you’re little of course gives me a sense of satisfaction this is basically another

One of my display items this is voltron vehicle force it’s basically a lot of different little robots that are vehicles and they combine together this is a one vehicle one vehicle one vehicle another one one one an airplane another vehicle here one here one here so i don’t know how many there is one two fifteen different vehicles that combine together so this was

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Expensive to buy but i don’t have any other little toy things like this i really want to buy from my childhood this is this is it so to me it’s really worth it and i’m just putting this on the display and every time i look at it was like wow yes you know i really like this back then and looking at this just the colouring of it you know i just do really like it i

Know i sound like i’m contradicting myself because in my last video i say you should strive for achievement contentment because those provide exuding happiness for a long period of time much more than when you go travel and when you try for experiences then what’s the deal here because apparently achievement is better than experiences which is better than buying

Things what i’m trying to say here is there are certain things i can give you happiness but not where you think it is and not where to ads are leading you to buy because a lot of times whenever i buy things from ads yes they do taper off and happiness a lot because i buy it they get old and then i’m not longer happy with having them anymore so you really got to

Look deep down within yourself and see what you actually like yourself it’s different for each person so you got to really hone in and kind of figure out why you like a certain item not because what ads tell you not because what friends are having and you’re trying to catch up with them and once you figure out what you really like then you can buy those items and

You can actually be happy with having things last thing to mention is that yeah you can have all these things but you have to practice not being too attached to these things if you ever get too attached to them then whenever you lose them you’ll feel a fatal loss which would create you unhappiness apparently all those things are actually replaceable i can buy all

Those things back so thanks for watching me showing you some of my favorite things don’t forget to give me a like on this video comment down below let me know what some what your favorite things are if you’re interested in supporting this channel i have an audible link down in the video description below i have a patreon over here and if we get to subscribe thanks for watching

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