Canada Silver Cobalt Works (TSXV:CCW.VN)(OTC:CCWOF)( FRA:4T9B)

Canada Silver Cobalt Works Inc. (TSXV:CCW.VN)(OTC:CCWOF)( Frankfurt :4T9B) (the “Company” or “Canada Silver Cobalt”) is pleased to release preliminary bench-scale results on flotation tests on the Beaver Tailings being done at SGS Lakefield, Ontario, Canada .

Hi how you doing this is rich from rich tv live and today we’re going to take a look at canada silver cobalt and i’ve done all the research and due diligence take a look at this look at the share structure 121 million shares 90 million in the float so relatively good float and a fully reporting bulletin board company in the united states here in canada you

Can see the 52-week low of 25 cents a 52-week high of 77 cents and currently sitting at 42 cents here it is at 42 cents so really it’s kind of the lowest it’s been in a year um well the lowest was 25 cents but the lowest it’s been in six months was 41 cents so currently at 42 seems like it might be a reasonable opportunity here if you see take a look at

The six month chart you can see that it was just at 70 cents not too long ago february 1st and we’re on march 15th right now so taking a look at this big drop here what’s the major reason i don’t know if there’s any specific reason but let’s take a look and let’s see here so the electric vehicle market is massive and they potentially need silver and cobalt

Which have deficits canada silver cobalt works inc ccw in canada on the toronto stock venture exchange ccwof in america is a strong potential leader in the sector battery recycling tests begin using the re-20x process the electric vehicle story could be the hottest narrative of the year automakers seem to be gearing up to roll out several new ev models such

As the now available ford mustang mac e lucid air review gt the mercedes-benz eqs the gmc hummer and the nissan aria and the tesla cyber truck which i might i might buy the cyber truck i like the cyber truck a new report by karen energy research advisors a research firm focused on the battery and ev sectors believes that the ev story could continue seeing

Momentum in 2021 as countries worldwide continue pushing new programs to encourage consumers to buy battery-powered vehicles karen estimates the ev global sales in 2021 can advance approximately 36 percent and top roughly 3 million cars for the first time ever exciting sure but there could be significant supply issues many of you already know we’ve run

Short on both lithium and graphite supply and why i love lithium and graphite stocks but did you know that we could also be running short of cobalt and silver this is a big deal and i’ve been bringing you silver picks and how about a cobalt and silver pick cobalt is a hard gray metal used in chemical production and is one of the critical elements needed to

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Make the ev power source wired reports that we simply may not have enough supply research from mit suggests there’s not enough ability to mine and process the material to meet demand visual capitalist reports that silver is a critical material in the automotive sector and that the sector uses over approximately 55 million ounces of the metal annually source

5 unfortunately for the automated industry the silver market appears to be perennially in deficit with demand outstripping supply by roughly millions of ounces as 401k rollover claims well canada cobalt silver works strategically well positioned in canada’s heartland could lead the way in solving this critical problem let’s talk about some reasons why top

Reasons to consider canada silver cobalt works inc ccw in canada ccwof in america a shortage of lithium and graphite appears to be garnering the most attention as a threat to the ev sector but you do know that we’re also running short on cobalt and silver now if we go back to the website this is their website canadasilver you can scroll down

And see they are setting the pace in a new silver bull market you can see all their news and you can read all the headlines about canada silver cobalt works launching a new website focused on battery recycling battery recycling tests begin using the re20x process so you can see all the different news right here all the relevant news right on their website

Feel free to go to the website and learn more about the company and then if you click on company you can go and see the board of directors and officers of the company matthew holliday is the president and ceo frank basa is the ceo and director and robert gozan is the cfo so another major reason number two is research from mit claims that not enough ability

To sufficiently mine and process cobalt to meet demand number three the automated sector is believed to be roughly 55 million ounces of silver a year however report from 401k rollover claims that silver market is parentally in deficit with demand of stripping supplied by millions of ounces which is bullish for the price of silver canada’s silver cobalt works

Reportedly has plans to be a north ontario northern ontario supplier of materials for ev companies company recently announced that its first stage pilot plant of its cobalt extraction technology will be built by sgs canada silver cobalt claims to have had an unexpected new discovery of high grade gold wow that’s great 22.7 grams a ton along with high grade

Silver cobalt and nickel during phase two underground drilling in level one of the castle mine where previous selected drilling sampling showed grades as high as 5.2 percent cobalt 5.3 percent nickel and 13 208 grams a ton of silver canada’s silver cobalt work claims that its beaver mine produced approximately 7.1 million ounces of silver and about 139

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000 pounds of cobalt in february 2021 the company reported high-grade silver assays from sonic drilling at the historic beaver mine you can see when they were putting out this report the price was much higher it’s actually come down since then which i believe is potentially a buying opportunity so just to break it down canada silver cobalt works a unique

And rapidly growing silver cobalt focused company i like that silver and cobalt is an exploration development technology and environmental leader in the prolific northern ontario silver cobalt district also the company reported has plans to be a northern ontario supplier of materials for ev companies according to northern ontario business the company appears

To have recently announced that its first stage pilot plant of its cobalt extraction technology plant to be built by sgs canada canada silver cobalt works wants to be a minor processor and supplier of a highly sought after premium and ethically sourced silver cobalt and other battery grade material for the northern american electric vehicle market epic

Companies sees that their r e 20 x technology as giving them a strategic advantage in appealing to electric vehicle makers by providing a close loop supply chain where ore is sourced from canadians properties and would follow stringent federal environmental standards so you can see that they’ve got some incredible properties here and love to know what you

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Winner in the ev space silver space and cobalt space they’re even drilling and finding gold and all kinds of great things what do you guys think about canada silver cobalt works i’m going to do some more research do more due diligence they got seems like they got so much news stay tuned if you guys like them let me know comment down below this is your boy

Rich remiss to be live and i’m out peace it’s capital structure take a look at the capital structure here so fully diluted 168 million so not tight tight tight but seems the way it’s trading it’s pretty held pretty responsibly let’s take a look at the volume the trading volume today let’s take a look here 494 000 shares so pretty good volume 42 cents like

I said the lowest it’s been in six months is 41 cents might be a time to think about positioning yourself love to know what you guys think now obviously it’s coming down we typically like to see it turn up before we get in so i’ll be watching it very closely and i’ll keep you guys updated if there’s anything i see let me know if you guys like what you see

And if you’re a shareholder let me know it’s your boy rich remiss to be live if you’re not winning you’re not watching bringing the winners and we bring them to you first never heard anyone talk about this stock before this is my first time talking about it today maybe now’s the time to get in for the win let me know what you think your boy rich from stevie

Live and i’m out look at all these projects wow so many projects all right guys i’m gonna do some more research and uh if i see anything big i’ll let you know it’s the news that did just posted here last week canada silver cobalt works launches re20x website focused on battery recycling that’s the website that we’re on right here there we go all right

Guys i’m going to do some more research let me know what you guys think this is rich from mississippi live and i’m out peace

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