Canadian Cannabis Company Cronos Group (NASDAQ:CRON) in Talks with Altria Group (NYSE:MO)

Canadian Cannabis Company Cronos Group (NASDAQ:CRON) in Talks with Altria Group (NYSE:MO) – December 4, 2018 – Per sources, Altria Group, Inc MO is interested in investing in the Canadian cannabis company, Cronos Group Inc CRON. However, Altria has made no official comments on this matter. Per industry experts, the companies are engaged in initial discussions regarding a potential deal. Let’s wait and see if the market hearsay takes shape and how it impacts the tobacco giant’s performance.

Hey guys how you doing this is your boy rich here on behalf of a rich tv live and yesterday we had some huge news cronos sores on report that altria in talks to buy canadian pot company this was the news yesterday and because of it cronos group had a date ok khronos group cr o nt o sword helping curb a broader decline in pot stocks following a report that tobacco

Company altria is in early talks to buy the canadian cannabis producer chronos jumped as much as 30 percent this is yesterday in new york following the reuters report which decided unidentified people familiar with the matter altria also jumped chrono spokesperson spokeswoman ana slimak said the toronto based company doesn’t comment on market rumours altria steven

Callahan didn’t immediately return requests for comment the tobacco firm based in richmond virginia said in september it was exploring its options on cannabis would follow us federal law where the drug remains illegal tobacco stocks rose in the report altria rose to a session high adding as much as 2.4 percent while philip morris international inc pared its

Decline philip morris a spin-off of altria has said in its interested in it is interested in getting into cannabis chief financial officer martin king in november interview with bloomberg reaffirm that saying that the company had a lot going on in the tobacco space already it has a heat not burnt tobacco device iq os which altria would market in the us if it gets

Regulatory approval the report caused the cannabis sector to moderately to moderate early declines prompted by a short seller report that called áfreeá inc a black hole africa called the allegations false and defamatory the company shares were down 20 percent to 1213 p.m. in toronto so this was yesterday’s news and once again today what do we see we see bam more

News canadian cannabis company khronos group in talks with altria group and here it is again up 5% so you can see they were up yesterday they’re up today on this news again what do you think about this news now remember rich tv live is strictly for education entertainment purposes always do your due diligence always do your research before you invest in anything

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That we talk about here in rich tv live if you want to join us you can hover over contact and just join our secrets top picks group follow us on all social media all the tools of the gods that you need are absolutely free right here on wwe tv live look at this khronos group of 5.8% what do you think about this news let’s read a little bit further because this is just

All over the news chronos group cron on the nasdaq and also cron cro n on the tsx today confirm that is engaged in discussions concerning a potential investment into altria group inc in khronos group no agreement has been reached with respect to any such transaction that kit there can be no assurance such discussions will lead to an investment or other transaction

Involving the companies the rumor is that altria is looking to acquire khronos group a boat chronos khronos group is a globally diversified and vertically integrated cannabis company with a presence across five continents chronos group operates two wholly owned canadian licensed producers pieced naturals project inc which was the first non-incumbent medical cannabis

License granted by health canada and original bc limited which is based in the okanagan valley british columbia chronos group has multiple international production and distribution platforms across five continents chronos group intends to continue to rapidly expand its global footprint as it focuses on building an international iconic brand portfolio and developing

Disruptive intellectual property chronos group is committed to building industry leading companies that transform the perception of cannabis and responsibility elevate the customer experience and responsibility elevate the customer experience so what do you think about this news do you like this news do you think that kron will continue to rise on this news do you

Believe that altria will acquire chronos now chronos group is up on this news today once again wow now up six point seven eight percent so the momentum is growing for khronos group are you buying khronos group do you like it at these prices what do you think are you waiting to position yourself look at this altria is also up on this news slightly 0.27% so what do

You think about this news comment down below share this video everywhere remember if i win and you win we all win it’s true this is big news everything is red today okay pretty much in the market place except for khronos group so there is definitely where there’s smoke there’s fire and here we see chronos group is skyrocketing now while we’re doing this video now


Up 7% at 10 dollars and 89 cents at least as we speak what do you think about this have you jumped in on this are you making money on this have you day traded this are you longing the stock wow looks like we’re approaching 11 dollars here we’re at ten dollars and 92 cents up seven point two eight percent right now at 10 dollars and 91 cents so right now khronos

Group is moving up as we speak the talks are heating up with altria and if they get acquired we could see this baby sky riding skyrocket even further what do you think please let me know give us your opinion is your boy rich if you’re not winning you’re not watching yes áfreeá is getting crushed today we know the shorter’s are winning that war hey man if you

Shorted them congratulations 50% in two days but i promise you africa will be back i promise you africa will be back and all the haters and all the shorter’s that are piling on right now they will be squeezed but right now they’re winning they’re making money happy for you good christmas hope you guys are happy and you make some money i don’t own that for you so

You want to take it down hey go right ahead there’s nothing i can do but what i can tell you is this they will be back they will be back if you’re not winning you’re not watching it’s true is your boy rich bringing you the big news cronos group moving on talks with altria what do you think all over the news guys literally everywhere look at this everywhere look

Altria likely to venture into cannabis space with chrono steel so literally this news is training everywhere that is why the stock is moving today on a on a red day so please let me know what you guys think here it is per sources altria group is interested in investing in the canadian cannabis company chronos group however altria has made no official comments on

This matter prospectus from cannabis persistent regulatory pressure on tobacco consumption along with mass awareness about negative impacts of nicotine has lowered cigarette consumption rates significantly after news cigarettes are terrible this has been marring the performance of several tobacco players tobacco players such aspects have compelled companies like

Altria to explore other business advents for sustenance in this respect the company has been apparently considering to venture into the nascent but booming cannabis industry well this is not the first time that out trade has been interested in the marijuana sector in october there were rounds that tobacco giant is considering to buy a stake in a free ink another

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Major cannabis producer in canada which is obviously in trouble right now moreover with legalization of recreational use of marijuana in canada many companies are foray into the cannabis space in fact companies have been monitoring the health impacts of cannabis and have started viewing cannabis infused products as another recreational option although altria is

The first tobacco player to depict an interest in cannabis it appears to be behind behemoths from the beverage arena few months back constellation brands stz invested in cannabis company canada’s canopy growth corp also coca-cola ko is eyeing prospects in the market and plans to make an entry though through investment in aurora cannabis that said it is yet to be

Seen what type of cannabis offering altria will come up with and how it markets them if the company actually invest into kronos so you can see the price of altria wrapping up notably altria has been consistently taking robust strides to stay afloat in the tobacco space on the back of effective pricing and expansion in the e-cigarettes arena this zach ranks number

Three hold companies eve april products like mark 10 and green smoke are performing well in the smokeless category in fact sources are speculating that altria might be considering investment in the e-cigarette company drool labs inc also the company’s entry into the cannabis space is likely to provide its significant growth opportunities and boost brand portfolio

We expect that such well chopped efforts will revive the company stock that has lost six point nine percent in the past three months almost in line with the industry’s fall what do you think about this news it’s literally everywhere and we are watching khronos group rise literally while we speak based on this news that is trending all over the market it is now at

Ten dollars and ninety four cents up seven point five seven percent what do you think about kron one of the only cannabis stocks in the green today based on the fact that altria isn’t talks to potentially acquire a portion or maybe the entire company all right guys all we do is bring you the winners we bring in the news and we break it to you first have yourself

A great day is your boy rich and i’m out peace

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Canadian Cannabis Company Cronos Group (NASDAQ:CRON) in Talks with Altria Group (NYSE:MO) By RICH TV LIVE

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