Canadian Cannabis Workers Targeted By U.S. Border Guards for Lifetime Bans

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Hey hey hey it’s your boy rich and i’m back with some news for you a little bit of news little bit of politics but i just have to bring it to your attention because it’s all over the news here in canada check the in cannabis workers are being targeted by us border patrol and didn’t your boy rich just tell you that a few days ago that you can’t admit to have any

Involvement in cannabis forget about smoking it they won’t even let you get in if you’re in the industry this is ridiculous but let’s talk about it cuz it’s all over the news it’s on gontran or it’s on the star in vancouver it’s in the star metro vancouver as well it’s all over the news look at this canadian cannabis workers targeted by us border guards for lifetime

Beds are you kidding me like that bands because you work in the industry as tensions between canada and the united states have risen in recent months a quieter slower burning conflict has been developing along the border canadians associated with the cannabis industry even if they have never used the drug let me repeat myself even if they have never used the drug

Can be banned for life from america i say pardon this is borderline ridiculous despite washington state legalizing cannabis within state boundaries the border is under federal jurisdiction and since cannabis along with drugs such as heroin and cocaine is a schedule one substance past or current association with the drug is considered a federal crime in the united

States take a look at this guy okay so this guy here j evans ceo of curtin inc and equipment manufacturer was recently given a lifetime ban on entering the united states when border guards discovered some of his machines are used by cannabis producers experts say an increasing number of canadians involved in the cannabis economy are learning the same lesson the hard

Way your boy rich brought this to you first and now it’s breaking everywhere this is a major problem be very careful when you cross the border if you admit to any use or involvement in cannabis you could be receiving a one-year five year or a lifetime ban i brought it to you first now it’s all over the news in addition to those who have used marijuana canadians

Who are involved in the cannabis economy have been labeled inadmissible inadmissible because they are considered to be living off the profits of the drug trade wow so they make it legal so everybody thinks it’s okay and now that you’re in the industry you’re labeled as someone that’s in the drug trade even though it’s 100% legal in canada and it’s legalized in many

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States throughout america once banned for life they must seek legal waivers from an immigration lawyer good for between one and five years so once you get that lifetime ban you’re pretty much screwed for the rest of their lives when they wish to cross the border that is a nightmare a bureau of international narcotics and law enforcement affairs press officer for

The united states department told the starved via email that admission requirements in the united states will not change due to canada’s legalization of cannabis wow blaine washington based immigration lawyer len saunders said he hears from canadians seeking waivers for inadmissibility because of cannabis at least once or twice a week up from one or two cases per

Year 15 years ago this is unbelievable because how are you getting paid saunders asked you’re getting paid by your canadian company which is making money through marijuana wow this is unbelievable please i want to know what you guys think about this do you think this is fair do you think this is right you have to be very careful now when you decide to cross into

The united states because even if you don’t admit it if they see your phone gonna see your laptop and they see pictures of marijuana or conversations about marijuana you can immediately receive a lifetime ban and if you do admit it you’re potentially going to get a ban of some sort so you need to be aware of this this is a real problem and it’s not just dispensary

Workers cannabis growers and cannabis users who are being denied entry j evans ceo of agricultural equipment manufacturer curtin inc was crossing into the united states in early april along with two employees both engineers with nexus passes and spotless criminal records did you hear that they had nexus passes and spotless criminal records and they’ve received

Lifetime bans they’d intended to meet with an american company to begin design work on a new machine i mean this is crazy it’s just it’s it’s mind-boggling what is happening here you know we’re all excited about legalization but what are we really being excited about is this a trick is this some kind of a trick the u.s. border patrol has been given lifetime bans

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At the bar to those associated with canada but canada’s legal cannabis industry according to the star vancouver because the border is under federal jurisdiction even in states like washington that have legalized cannabis border patrol agents are required to obey us federal requirements and issue lifetime bans to anyone who profits from cannabis oh my goodness guys

I want to know what you think about this please comment down below do you think this is fair do you think this is justified do you think this is a good thing do you think this is a bad thing if you haven’t smashed that like when please smash the like button everybody needs to know about this do you know many canadians are crossing every day and getting bad for life

We need to be aware rich tv live revolution is all about creating awareness it’s about bringing you the truth and this is something that will set you free if you know what’s really going on agricultural equipment manufacturers in the cannabis industry have been targeted as well j evans ceo of canadian processing equipment manufacturer kirtan inc was briefly detained

And given a lifetime ban while crossing into the u.s. to begin the process of designing a new cannabis processing machine we have not yet designed the product we have not yet marked the product and we not yet sold the product j evans in an interview with the star vancouver yet he’s received a lifetime ban however evans doesn’t blame the border patrol instead evans

Blames the us department of justice and jeff sessions who has previously compared marijuana to oh heroin yeah right paranoid anti cannabis stents yes just that and jeff sessions has a paranoid anti cannabis stance i think that’s to say the least the feds have not gone light on enforcing drug trafficking laws and still prevent banks and other financial institutions

From dealing with the industry according to the report the best thing to do for those detained by the border patrol because of their work in the cannabis industry is to not admit anything so now you have to lie it’s gotten to the point where you have to lie well that’s not good either let’s be honest lying is also grounds for a lifetime ban there you go so if

You lie you get banned if you don’t lie you get banned if you smoke you get bad if you don’t smoke you get bad so your boy rich can’t go to america because clearly i’m talking about cannabis everyday all they gotta do is type in rich tv and they’re gonna see 600 cannabis videos so your boy rich can’t come to america lying is also grounds for a lifetime ban so is

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The best strategy so the best strategy is to neither confirm nor delay nor deny their questions and simply rescind the request to enter the united states there you go so the only thing you can do is just not go to the united states because the reality is if you try to get in the united states you’re probably gonna get banned for life if you have any involvement

In cannabis whatsoever so guys i have to bring this to your attention it’s breaking news it’s circulating all over canada what do you think about this comment down below if you have not subscribed please subscribe for more updates here at rich tv live we are not licensed advisors always do your due diligence always do your research before you invest in anything we

Talk about care and rich to be live but i’d like to know what you think about this breaking news this is politics this is news and your boy rich is bring it to you first all right everybody thanks for watching this is your boy rich looking at the news and breaking it to you first cuz that’s just what we do we break you the news first so i’m gonna leave you with

The urban lullaby this is called the urban lullaby have a great day if you’re not winning you’re not watching be careful when you cross that border it may be the very last time you ever get a chance to cross the border if you say the wrong thing and don’t lie cuz that’s gonna get you bad for life too so what are you gonna do you know what i’m gonna do i ain’t going

I love america but i just can’t go no more unless unless you guys in america say hey rich come on down you’re okay rich let me know until then i’m gonna have to stay in canada maybe go to my villa in the dr this is my my home in portugal there’s many places to go but america you’re not one of them right now and i love you america but rules are rules they just suck um oh please

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