Cannabis Legalization Canada Predictions

Cannabis Legalization Canada Predictions: Cyberworld7 & RICH TV LIVE – RICH TV LIVE – October 16, 2018 – Today i ask Cyberworld7 about his stock market predictions here is his channel subscribe –

Kevin from santoro 7 i’m here with rich live tv you can see his face his like camera image on the corner of my hip dough currencies cannabis i guess and see the house not to eat it’s going wrong you do should tell me live well it was green yesterday i’m sure you were having a great day yesterday right yeah it was awesome i made a little salad just in case a massive

Drop happens but uh yeah uh good morning was funny cuz i woke up in the morning i saw a roach talking like sixteen dollars my mind was like shout sell sell but i didn’t do it fast enough and they dropped and the content so hey you know what what i want to do this is the first time that kevin and myself from cyber world 7 are collaborating so i wanted to give everyone

A little background on kevin so kevin can you kind of give everyone just like an understanding of you know how long you been in the industry and some of your success because i think your story is pretty spectacular before we do some predictions how about that okay so alright this is my story so my story was i never even knew about the wheat stocks in 2016 around

December 14 2016 my friend messaged me on my take text message me he saw on the news that it was his company called rural cannabis preparing to build an eight hundred thousand square feet facility by the emeter international airport and i was like what i was like i was all confused so i did some research on roy and i noticed that was treated on the stock market

I’m like you can you can buy wheat stocks i’m like um i was so shocked and then at the time i was doing so well with amd that i sold off a chunk of a and d and then i threw it into a roi and then i was just doing more and what hold on what price was arora at the time uh when i found it it was two dollars and thirty four cents nice very bad entry wow so it’s up

Like seven hundred percent from when you got it yeah basically not seven hundred percent since i got it wow it’s amazing it the same store my amd i bought amd around two dollars fifty thousand shares and it took off of me i didn’t i didn’t expect it to take off of me but it took off me made you know made me my made me put me in the path of riches thanks to a and

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B and then wow i was trying to get into business with that money like cuz i freaked out when amd went from $2 to like eleven twelve thirteen dollars a major stop it the rule is when a stock goes up massively there’s a chance that’s gonna go back down and make me lose everything i made of course so i was freaking out and i thought i could i should diversify my

Money into a business but then arora came along and i just knew deep down my heart that i can’t go wrong for all my money into this company well i first i didn’t at first i was very cautious i did all my research i just made sure that it’s a real company in not a fake company and know i even went to the edmonton international airport i was looking for the wrong

Guy and when it was new i didn’t know exactly where was i was just like looking around and then and then when i did more research and actually found the proper location i was and i came back and i started recording that was around october time frame so yeah that’s my story hanlin and so this was in october of 2017 correct nach totally 2017 about a year ago so

We’re now into october 2018 so let’s fast-forward to now so now you’re on youtube you know you’ve got thousands of members you’ve got community that you’re growing you’re doing a really great job and you know that tomorrow is cannabis legalization you’re in canada i’m in canada what is your projection for tomorrow and beyond tomorrow for the markets i want to know

You know you’ve been very successful you’ve done a lot of very successful predictions i’ve been very successful i’ve made a lot of successful predictions i’ve also loved or our since day one and i’ve called canopy growth the lebron james of the industry since day one so i think we’ve both made a lot of predictions what do you think happens after legalization day i

Want to know what you think what’s your opinion i’m kind of happy that we had a sell-off today because there might be a green day tomorrow but you know but my experience in the stock market you predicting the stock market can get you but yeah so i’m gonna say that it can either be that’s gonna be even more selling off tomorrow or it’s gonna be a green day i can’t

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Say for sure but long term long term i have no worries about these companies i have a special video coming out tonight why exactly around midnight so after me making this video rich about 12 hours later i’m gonna be releasing my video that i worked on for over 12 hours 12 hours gonna be animated video it’s 12 hours it’s my reasoning why i believe these stocks are

Still undervalued at these prices at least a big three anyways wow really so you believe the big three canopy growth curve aurora cannabis and áfreeá are but i know aurora a canopy pusher terrain might get it because toe raise back but like super building is so i mean like in a super billionaires cat can’t like make a successful business then that would just

Blow my mind because you know billionaires got there for a reason right oh i’m assuming they’re gonna make tory a successful business that’s my assumption and right now they’re making this stock look like the most valuable stock in the industry even though the business does not match the value of the stock correct but they have a very tight flow because 81% of

Their shares are locked up until agenda so they only have 13 million shares in the flow so that’s the real reason why it can’t really be shorted the only guys that why i got shorted was because the sec had to step in and andrew left had to step in and create a lot of negative press and create a lot of i believe a lot of they halted the stock five times in one day

That’s what they had to do to stop the stock because they have such a tight flow so when you have that much of a tight flow and you have all this buying coming in stocks gonna only go nobody was selling yeah i agree with you the thing is that these billionaires set it up these this way they knew that they’d seen it late the stock yes if they had a tight low carell

They stand out that way so they can surpass all the other players like canopy in a row what do you think about what do you think about what you think about last year though kevin this is one thing remember last year you know it cuz you were in it and happened to me to january night i remember the day like it was yesterday everything fell off a cliff january night

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Everything fell off the cliff do you see that happening this year well stock price going up to $14 it may it just wouldn’t there was no evaluation for that it had to correct itself so that’s why it crashed reacted because it’s basically correcting itself making you know because it made no sense for it to rise twice like for mike house to look like from lille from

My fifty percent to one thousand four hundred plus no no what was it no like eight hundred percent it made no sense for it to jump that fast in a matter of two months so the stock would eventually have a correction and that’s exactly why i did the bigger players like a row and canopy didn’t get affected too much because though the bigger players but the smaller

Players or they got slaughtered they got decimated so i was actually holding a lot i sold all my big ones and which i now obviously look back and think okay maybe i should have kept aurora and canopy but i sold all the big ones and i’ve been investing in the smaller ones that’s been my strategy since and i’ve been accumulating a lot of smaller positions lots of

Shares in smaller positions looking for the next aurora looking for the next canopy one oh do you have any party plans for tomorrow big party tomorrow i’m driving around i’m driving around all these dispensaries and recording how seeing how busy they are and i’m gonna be releasing it on youtube nice yes tomorrow so i’m pretty excited for that i’m definitely excited

To see all these dispensaries and see how they set them up so i like that that’s a really good idea guys go to cyber world 7 go subscribe to his channel take a look at all of his cool videos he’s got some animated videos he works really really hard he’s done a very good job and he’s done a great job in the markets as well cannabis talks and ceo interviews brought to you by rich tv line

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Cannabis Legalization Canada Predictions By RICH TV LIVE

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