Cannabis Stock of the WEEK Hempco Food and Fiber (HEMP) (HMPPF) | RICH TV LIVE

Cannabis Stock of the WEEK Hempco Food and Fiber (HEMP) (HMPPF) | RICH TV LIVE – March 27, 2018

So there is a cannabis stock that i have to bring to your attention because it is the hottest cannabis stock of the week it’s true and you know we do here a rich to be alive we bring you the winners first have you heard of hemp collude and fiber inc otherwise known as h mvp f in america and hemp in canada well let’s talk there are only the hottest stock of the week

I mean let’s give this chart yeah that’s right see that that is what we call an explosion of epic proportions from 84 cents to a dollar 42 not bad right up 85 percent in the last month 86 percent in the last three months and five hundred and ninety three percent in the last year unbelievable but why why is this happening why is hemp the hottest marijuana stuck

In the universe right now you ask you’re probably wondering why right there’s got to be a reason right what’s the reason rich why is it up rich i know you’re wondering why well let’s break it down bar charts got it at a 56% by look at that spike let’s just do the last five days look at this spike in the last five days we’ve seen it up about 80% but why what’s the

Reason there’s got to be a catalyst right here’s the catalyst you’re ready about this guy’s gotta read the news don’t worry i’ll read it for you aurora cannabis ink that’s like mine that’s like my bestie or a cannabis otherwise known as ac b ac bff in frankfort otherwise known as a 1c 4 wm and hemp go food and fiber inc otherwise known as hem co under the symbol

H emp on the tsx venture exchange in canada announced today that aurora has exercised ten million five hundred fifty eight thousand six hundred seventy six warrants to purchase common shares of hemp co for total proceeds of four point three million to hemp co consequent the warrant exercise aurora now owns 21 million one hundred seventeen thousand three hundred

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Fifty two hebdo common shares reflecting an ownership interest of approximately thirty five percent this is breaking news this is huge news this news came out yesterday but what we do here in rich tv live is we bring it to you first and we break it down so that you can understand it in layman’s terms so essentially aurora cannabis is one of the biggest cannabis

Medical marijuana companies in the globe and they’ve just taken a 35% stake and hemp because of this hemp has exploded and they’ve gone up in the last two days over fifty percent 80 percent in the last couple days and they are absolutely on fire with this further investment by aurora we are now very well capitalized to accelerate our various strategic in to drive

Growth at hem co said dionne shang ceo of hem co since taking the helm at hem co we have made a number of tactical and strategic moves that positioned the company well to take advantage of a number of opportunities in the health lifestyle food supplement market as well as for the pet and equine markets additionally with the positive vote on the second reading of

Bill c-45 in the senate implementation of the new cannabis act is that much closer which would position us very well for a whole plant utilization and further acceleration of her business plan these funds and the presence of a large stable shareholder puts hemp co in a strong position to pursue a multitude of opportunities and create further shareholder value

This is huge news this is huge news for aurora cannabis my number to pick out of my top ten list and this move helped way up on my list and i don’t own any hemp but i need to get some soon i might buy some today but it’s up and i don’t like to buy things when they’re up 50 percent in two days but how much higher will it go let’s see what the ceo of aurora had

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To say terri booth ceo of aurora added this additional investment in hemp co was anticipated from day one of our strategic partnership we are pleased with the work done by dee ann and her team and look forward to supporting hemp coes growth initiatives and capitalizing on the multiple opportunities this partnership creates for us in addition to the warrants

Exercised we intend exercising our option to buy founder shares and take our position to north of 50% which means they will have an ownership stake they will have a majority ownership stake in him if they get 51% ownership of ahem this is huge for aurora this is huge for hemp and this is why i needed to bring to you guys first let’s talk about aurora one of

My favorite companies in the galaxy aurora’s wholly owned subsidiary aurora cannabis enterprises inc is a licensed producer of medical cannabis pursuant to health canada’s access to cannabis for medical purposes regulations otherwise known as a a a cmp are the company operates a fifty five thousand two hundred square foot state-of-the-art production facility in

Mountain view country alberta known as aurora mountain and a second 40,000 square foot high technology production facility known as aurora v in point claire quebec on montreal’s west island in january 2018 aurora’s 800 thousand square foot flagship cultivation facility aurora sky located at the edmonton international airport was licensed once a full capacity once

At full capacity aurora sky is expected to produce over 100,000 kilograms per year of cannabis aurora is completing a facility in the chute quebec utilizing its wholly owned subsidiary aurora larson projects inc aurora is close to completion of the acquisition of all the outstanding shares of kademan aeroponics inc what company is acquiring more license producers

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Than aurora first canna med now hemp this is huge news i love aurora i love him let’s get into this further now what do you guys think do you think hep is gonna go further now it is up a lot okay i do not like to buy things when they’re up there as much but when you’ve got a huge monster like aurora cannabis behind you and you see this enormous growth here i

Don’t know something in my gut tells me it’s gonna go higher i might be wrong but something on my gut is telling me it’s going to go higher i had a feeling i was gonna go higher today and it did another 20% the question is will it go higher tomorrow will this trend continue what do you think do you think hemp is a big winner i think it’s a big winner it’s the

Number one stock of the week as you can see up from $1 all the way up to a dollar eighty that’s an 80% increase in just a couple days making it the number one cannabis stock of the week what do you think do you like him do you own him is it a winner i love it it’s making me do the thumping jump all right party people remember who brought it to you first hep hep

Co hence co food and fiber hm ppf in america h emp in canada another big winner the number one cannabis talk of the week and you heard it here first your boy rich alright i gotta do my due diligence find you some more winners this is your boy rich numb up

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