Cannabis Stocks Crash 10 months straight! Now What?


It’s the more listen we take a more break the centuries near how you’ve been treating us like a flourish in the centuries now you’ve been treating us like gourmet manga tis big push up obey it’s more light growth in this british i got you know that drapes your salad berries with some canapés your life growth in this bridge this is insanity allergies puffing

Awesome with the faculty people you know nothing is legal here in canada america it’s time to change your mama said you criminal offense retry take centuries now you’ve been this will take a whole bag for centuries there you be treating us like this big fish tacos obey it’s more like life in this i thought you know that here’s where you’re a story compose

This is a celebration or token raising the toast blazing the this hope we had a 52-week low i see you raisa now tv going up good morning good afternoon good evening this is richard moore student thank you guys for being here on a saturday with me some of you are probably on a sunday where you’re watching somewhere in the world thank you guys for the eight

Likes right off the bat i like that thank you guys if you haven’t smashed the light please smash the like it allows the video to go viral so we can get a lot of people here and we can talk about what is the most trending topic of the day and really what i want to talk about is the fact that the cannabis stocks on friday hit the lowest level since 2017 we’ve

Seen the cannabis stocks now go down for 10 months in a row i’ve been for months telling everyone within our community we need to diversify been telling you guys that are watching all over the world we need to diversify some of you have listened some of you have it unfortunately i’ve been correct and they just continue to go down and it doesn’t really look

Like there’s an end in sight now we know there will be we know there will be but the question is when because the reality is cryptocurrency did this too and it reminds me so much a bitcoin if you actually look at the chart of bitcoin you’ll see that bitcoin fell hard well i mean bitcoin exploded and then it started to fall in december of 2017 it continued to

Fall all the way until january of 2019 i think it was about 13 months it went down from twenty-one thousand a three thousand now bitcoin is rallied all the way back up it’s up two hundred percent in the last year and it’s at almost ten thousand i believe the cannabis sector will do the same thing however this entire sector has gone through what i never imagined

Which is a huge money crunch because if you look back to the cannabis sector two years ago when everybody was blowing up and everybody was giving money to these cannabis companies nobody cared about profitability now of a sudden in 2020 profitability is the only way you can go up mind you can it be grow it’s gone all the way up and they’ve stayed up and they’re

Not profitable gw pharma has gone all the way up to over 100 they’re not profitable so at the end of the day the big boys will decide where everything goes and we just have to learn how to play the game and we got to play it well because right now the trend is down so i’m gonna be honest with you guys if you want to make money right now you got to only invest

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In the best absolute best cannabis companies forget everybody else take advantage of some trends and some some momentum moves companies like gigi rwg crow generation corp have been on fire quietly secretly nobody ever talks about the winners they just talk about the losers but yeah gro generation corp grw g they’ve actually been going up i’m the only guy that

Actually talks about the winners there’s a lot of guys out there they talk about stocks because they want to get views i don’t do that i want to bring you guys the best i want to bring you guys the winners grw g they’ve been winning grow generation corp with no fanfare quietly over the last month just winning just winning from four bucks to now almost six a 50%

In last month just winning and nobody talks about them nobody talks about so there’s so many companies out there what we need to do is we need to really take a step back now in the cannabis sector and recognize that it’s not what we thought it was now that doesn’t mean that it won’t get there but you know jim cramer was right his cannabis sector is not what he

Thought it was i wish we would have known this 10 months ago when it was on fire but the elite the people that make big calls they decided they want this thing to go down guess what it’s down i think eyes doing this morning thank you guys for joining me i’d love to know what you guys think the question is where is the bottom where is the bottom and with the

Coronavirus care and with everything that’s going on how does that affect the markets the markets continue to melt up regardless of the coronavirus this week has been a crazy week where the stock market just kept going higher trump finally got acquitted which we anticipated and this the fact that the coronavirus gets worse almost on a date wall not almost on

A daily the stock market keeps going higher but despite the fact that the stock market is in a market melt of which i predicted as well and i believe it will continue to and i’m gonna tell you why donald trump wants to prove to the world that america doesn’t need anybody else america doesn’t need china america can be strong on its own how do you do that make

Sure that the stock market continues to pump regardless of the fact that there are people dying with regularity in china people infected with a deadly virus in china and businesses like walt disney putting out press releases saying they’re gonna lose 280 million dollars in china how will that affect the rest of the world how will that affect the fang stocks how

Will that affect the global economy it’s going to have an effect when the largest economy in the world just shuts down the question is when and how big of an impact and when are they going to find a solution to this epidemic and how is that going to affect the cannabis stocks because despite the fact that we’ve been in the midst of a market melt up for years

In america in the broader markets the cannabis sector has been just obliterated decimated companies like santa from $6 to 12 cents companies like suniva have gone from five dollars to where is it 20 cents companies like canopy growth have come down from as high as 70 to where they are now you know in canada around 30 companies like aurora have come down from

A high of 15 all-time to where they are now where they’re you know 2 bucks in canada lois since 2017 the top ceos of aurora canopy growth and africa the big three in canada all gone nobody would have anticipated this 10 months ago so the question is where is the bottom who do we buy and when do we get in when you look at the marijuana index and you look at the

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Canadian index and you look at the us index you can see that we’re the lowest we’ve been in years so as a sector i believe that there is a lot of room to go up and if it’s difficult for you to determine which ones to buy i would consider looking at buying the hmm j etf because the hmm j etf the horizons medical marijuana etf holds some of the biggest and the

Best cannabis companies in the world and they’re down to so eventually when the cannabis sector does come back up i believe the hmm j etf might be one of the best ways to do it if you don’t know who to buy should you buy scripture yui by canopy growth should you buy gw pharma should you buy i i pr should you buy smg should you buy tilray should you buy c-webb

Should you buy gtii should you buy true leave should you buy key relief i just mentioned to you guys the best should you buy africa should you buy valance should you buy labs those are the best i just mentioned the best right there forget the rest so it doesn’t mean that there aren’t others that could make moves that can’t that could potentially go up even more

Than the ones that i mentioned gtii green thumb another huge monster there’s so many good companies out there the question is where is the bottom gw ph is gw pharma such a monster g rwg grow generation corp another monster on the nasdaq with very little fanfare i love what they do because they don’t even touch the plant grow generation corp doesn’t even touch

The plant guys grow generation corp doesn’t even touch the plant they sell soil they sell lighting they sell nutrients so all the come america are going to be buying from grow generation corp stores i love the business model of grow generation corporate picks and shovels play what do i think about the two new ceos i don’t know i mean i can’t judge anybody

Until i actually get a chance to see what they do but i’ll be honest with you this entire sector has been completely decimated and i just don’t know what to think honestly don’t know what to think it reminds me of what happened to cryptocurrency when bitcoin got so damn cheap it got ridiculous but the question is how cheap wasn’t gonna go i remember when i

Got to 6,000 people thought that was the bottom then 5000 they thought that was the bottom then 4000 they thought that was the bottom that 3008 finally was the bottom the question is where is the bottom and as a community we need to find the bottom of who want to win in the cannabis sector but i also believe it’s important to diversify and i also think it’s

Important to learn how to short stock so that when the market goes down we can make money on the way down because we could have gotten rich over the last ten months just buying puts and shorting stocks in the cannabis sector so why shouldn’t we that’s how other people are making their money so why shouldn’t we yes nw es new wave esports and enthusiasts

Gaming is another really good esport stock enthusiasts gaming so new wave esports which i entered and enthusiast gaming are two canadian gaming companies that i think have the potential to be absolutely amazing companies in the future now remember rich tv live is strictly for education entertainment purposes please smash the like when you walk in the door

If you haven’t subscribed please subscribe so that whenever we’ve got any breaking news any trending topics anything we want to talk about you can join the conversation be part of the show you guys are welcome to call me you guys are welcome to be a part of the show as well i’d love to interview you guys love to get your opinions on different things nobody’s

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Too big or too small to come on the show everybody has value everybody has a voice that’s the whole idea that’s the whole concept between the rich tv live community as long as you’re respectful to your community members as long as you’re respectful to me you’ll always have an opportunity to be a part of this community and you’ll always have a voice so whether

You have no subscribers or you have a million subscribers you could be a part of this community now there are going to be bigger more known companies that will be coming on our show this year there’s going to be bigger names that will be coming on the show this year because our brand is getting bigger our name is getting bigger our results are getting bigger

Our community is getting bigger and will continue to and it’s everywhere a company that’s coming up that i really think you guys need to look at is mind men mind med – huge canadian icons tycoons bruce linton and kevin o’leary are a big part of this new mushroom company apparently i’m viewing one of these gentlemen now i don’t know 100% sure i don’t have the

Dates apparently they’re leaning towards an interview with kevin o’leary with rich tv live i know it sounds nuts i won’t believe it till i see it either but that would be pretty cool i’m not gonna lie because i feel like i could learn a lot from kevin o’leary and i really respect what he’s accomplished and it would be amazing to see why he is excited about this

Company mine med and if it’s going to be a good opportunity for us as investors to position ourselves because that’s the type of company that i’d be willing to invest in knowing that kevin o’leary dragons den huge canadian success story television personality massive well-known global investor business builder software business seller gonna have an opportunity

To be in front of our community and explain to us why mind med could be the next hot stock so i’m pretty excited about that man and i can’t guarantee it’s gonna happen because it’s not confirmed but it’s it’s it’s in the works that’s all i can say and if it happens i’ll just be like a fanboy a huge fanboy of kevin o’leary’s because i’d just be like kind of in

Awe of him i’m not gonna lie because i’ve been watching him for years and i just his confidence his persona it’s something different so i can’t even i don’t even know what to expect yeah i’m a huge fan of shark tank and kevin o’leary is not just on shark tank he’s everywhere he man is everywhere but you know he goes on cnbc he goes on fox news he goes on bnn

He goes on bloomberg he’s everywhere like that man is everywhere so the fact that he would be talking about mine med his new mushroom company on rich tv live it doesn’t seem real my goal is to be able to not be such a fanboy and forget all my questions but to really focus on mind med and how we can as a community make a killing off this stock that’s my goal

Guys so if there’s any questions you guys have because i don’t know much about mushrooms i’m not gonna lie if there’s any questions you guys have that you think i should ask whoever i interview from the company whether it’s bruce or kevin both or maybe someone else hopefully it’s it’s it’s either of those two guys i don’t mind interviewing anybody from the

Company but i would love to i’d be very humbled to get an opportunity to interview either bruce or kevin o’leary and hopefully get an opportunity to build a relation

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