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Cannabis stocks, News, Digital Advertising, CBDS – RICH TV LIVE – Departures Capital – RICH TV LIVE – November 6, 2018 – Today Departures Capital and I talk about the huge green week in stocks and all the big news happening in the industry. Smash the like button and comment down below. Subscribe to Departures Capital here –

Cannabis stocks and ceo interviews brought to you by rich tv live what’s going on everybody here from the party stop it over here at the rich tv live what’s going on rich it’s just glorious day guys we were in the deep red it was panic mode the market was over everybody was panicking everybody was getting out everybody was saying it was done we were decimated it

Was over everyone was crying and panicking what did i say i said when they cry i buy and what happened we both said don’t panic everything okay this industry is powerful and it is not an industry that i would try to short and since that day my friend we have seen green every single day since in fact we’ve predicted multiple winners and a lot of members have been

Winning oh yeah i mean yeah i watching acb at seven i just couldn’t help myself seven eight it was just like we’re hitting $10 for acb today so it’s looking nice and i’ve been buying a lot of stocks and i’ve been making money and i just again bought a cb t guard and i’m sitting on the bid right now with a thousand shares of bvo xin abbess keep your eye on it it’s

Going to be a monster yeah tea gods run yesterday was epic number one of november 2008 and so far they haven’t disappointed no for sure it’s just so nice it’s just crazy how everything changes so fast you know everything everyone’s in the gutter and at that those times you need people like us just to tell you like it’s gonna be okay because for people who just got

In this first rally like say you got into the canvas market two months ago and you’re making money making money and then it crashed and you’re down you haven’t been in the game that long so you don’t know what to do it’s it’s it’s nice to have like somewhere to get some peace of mind get some advice just you know what i’m saying i’ve been watching this for two

Years straight yeah exactly doing videos almost every day aurora was that a dollar a faria was that a dollar canopy was that a dollar at one point these were all really really cheap and they’ve all exploded so this industry has been very forgiving mm-hmm they go down but they go up and they go up they go down so that’s why i’ve said and i’ve developed a strategy of

Buying the red sell the green be patient and invest in great companies from what i bought it i don’t even know i’m not even watching but i do know at some point they’re gonna go up so i’m not really worried right if they don’t know i can always find more lore in my class so i have a strategy if a stock goes down and my strategies if the stock goes up as long as

It’s up 10% or more i’m always thinking about selling yesterday aurora was up 6% and i sold it i took 230 bucks because i thought about is like you know what that can pay a phone bill i’ll take it you know i was up on tiga 2 grand i sold in one up even more after that you know what i don’t really yeah i feel kind of shitty about it i lost a thousand bucks because

I sold too soon but it’s still been to bread you know that pays my mortgage payment you know i’ll take that profit oh thank you for the winnings i thank the star gods for my daily bread and i know one you know i’d say these another day and i look for another entry and that’s just the way i trade i don’t really have too much emotion i don’t hold on to my treats you

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Know i make a trade i get in try to get out with a profit and then i move on to the next one and i forget about it you know i just kind of the way a trade i think that’s the we have to treat but that’s my strategy exactly i mean trying to you can catch it at the top sometimes but you’re never gonna like you’re never gonna every time bite at the bottom and you know

Every time gonna sell it at the top but if you’re making profit that’s the most important thing i think if you focus on investing in great companies you will be okay yeah it’s a shady company if they’ve got a shady past they’ve got a stop sign on the most risky plants those might just go in and out quick in and out cuz i feel a little bad inside you know gee cqx

Exchange those are the best exchanges if they’re on the tsx like a company like in met in met is one of the most undervalued companies there on the tsx they’re at 50 cents they just jumped yesterday huge seventeen percent they went up again today they’re at like seventy five cents they’re a great company on the tsx i think they can go up 10x but right now they’ve

Been getting beat up those are the ones you want to get in on when they’re beat up at the lowest price and then wait for the explosion because it’s going to cop it’s going up oh yeah for sure i mean i’ve been very impressed with the rebound we’ve seen recently this past week it’s been nice don’t get me wrong i was very i was impressed by the the sell-off but at

The same time i wasn’t like you said i wasn’t crying i was just i believe that we are going to have an explosion between now and christmas know we keep hearing we keep hearing shortages not oversupply so that like it’s simple economics that’s got to tell you something we keep seeing cannabis shortages throughout canada so i mean hey everyone’s like oh there’s gonna

Be too much production there’s gonna be too much supply the price is gonna go down well i mean i don’t think it’s going down right now well it’s a brand-new industry they have a lot of things to figure out oh yeah these that have been hype machines don’t really have any cannabis that will explode and those are the ones that we’re identifying here at rich tv lab

And at departures capital you know in the next topic like rich tv live is not just a company that talks about stocks okay this capital is not just a company that talks about the market we do that rich tv live is a digital advertising company okay if you are private or public company if you’re in the cryptocurrency space if you’re in the cannabis space if you’re

In any space the gold space oil and gas and you need exposure you can contact me you can contact a partners capital we can help you create a plan to build you exposure okay and it’s not expensive it is very cost affordable and we try to make it and tailor make it to our clients so that they’re getting a real social media experience and they can get their message

Delivered on all major social media platforms and we are really growing we’re growing quickly to purchase capital is what is growing quickly and what we’re trying to do is we’re trying to really quarterback media for companies so if they want to deliver a message in any industry we can work together with the purchase capital rich tv lab and all the other youtube

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Channels that we work with and collaborate with and we can deliver that message so just imagine if you’re a private or public company and you need exposure you can contact me at rich tv live at rich tv live at – through my email or you can reach me at rich tv through our website and we are taking business every day and i know you can also reach

To purchase capital is that correct yes partner partner to purchase capital come and tell me a little bit about the business that you’re building right now because i know that you’re starting to get a lot of new business and you’ve been in this game for only a few months and the growth of your channel has been nothing short of amazing so please tell everybody

Kind of a little bit about what you’ve done because i think it’s important for us or average people like you guys that are watching at home to this as well and be a part of this growth because rich tv live and departures capital wants to work with you yes a hundred percent so when i built this channel originally my goal was to provide news i wanted to report news

Every day and follow the stocks vestments that not only do i have and do but the ones that i’m just interested in so i wanted to build like you have all these big news these big news networks and channels like bloomberg and all that kind of stuff i do a fabulous job reporting all of the headlines but i’m more niche i you you come to my channel if you want to know

About a couple sector specific topics like cannabis like like maybe crypto or mining i do like mining commodities so originally my goal was commodities and then i jumped on cannabis because not only do we invest in it but we also just like i love the industry it’s a new booming industry not to mention i’m canadian so that was the thing we were like okay tune into

Departures capital every day get your updates you don’t have to you know it’s just like five or ten minutes and boom you’ll know exactly what’s going on and all the cool stuff but basically anyways my subscriber base grew so fast that i’m continuing that but now we’re actually we have enough exposure where now we’re working with lps like licensed producers in the

Cannabis space doing digital media advertising for those companies and yeah i just want to work with all these different companies to provide exposure to help their business and it’s great because rich has helped me so much rich was the biggest contact that i’ve made and he’s helped me he’s mentored me he’s you know i’ve learned so much and that’s also part of the

Reason why i’ve grown so fast and i’ve done it the right way that’s the most important thing is doing it the right way not being all shady not just you know trying to get some money for promoting his stock whatever it’s just like we’re doing it the right way we’re setting up real business this year and yeah we just we just want to work with all of the companies that

Need that social media exposure because we’ve got such a great subscriber base now and people listen to us like it it’s just awesome so far so i’m super excited for the future for my channel for rich’s channel and on top of all this stuff you know i was thinking about a way that i can offer my subscribers a little more value so i did launch a monthly subscription

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Service i didn’t want to make it too expensive i don’t want to do a private stock market group but it’s 995 a month or sorry $9.99 a month and it’s weekly info package called your vip trader program and it covers so many different sectors packed with information stocks to watch so go to jail purchase capital comm check it out and that’s basically what we’re up

To for now yes sorry i forgot about that so i you know it’s so funny like i had no plans to sell merchandise absolutely no plans to sell merchandise i made a couple t-shirts from an online t-shirt logo maker and i was like oh i’m gonna make my own t-shirt and i’m going to wear my t-shirt departures capital logo whatever so as i started making these videos and

My subscriber base kept growing people were like working at buy t-shirt where can i get a t-shirt the first couple of messages i was like oh maybe i’ll just order some and then sell them to my subscribers and then i got more and more messages and i’m just like holy crap i need to set something up here so now we’re working with a great company we’ve got hoodies

Sweat water bottles basically everything that you want if you want something with your departures cap the logo on it feel free to check out our website to purchase novel calm click on merchandise and yeah we’ve got our clothing we’ve got a cookie it’s just it’s been fun interesting and i’m so excited for the future there’s just so many things that’s happening so

Can you imagine guys you two could start a channel yeah grow with us and you too could be one day in the cbd space like you’re more rich we have our own cbd company guys and we work with license all these multiple licenses of these and we’re now doing digital media and advertising services for not just lps but private and public companies accountants and we also

Have our own data company so if you’re a private or public company and you need data services we can provide you with all the data services that your cannabis company and you want to know their water intake the amount of nutrients the amount of light the amount of anything you need to know we’ve got a data company that can get you all the data you need you need

A cool packaging company you need to package and label your products you want a white label your cv these we can do that for you too so the sky is the limit and we’re doing this internationally all over the world with some of the largest license lp’s you’ve ever heard of private and public so it’s such an exciting time and you’re talking to a guy that has been on

Youtube for less than two years aaron’s been on youtube for less than like less than a year he’s been doing videos for less than six months really right yeah it’s crazy and he’s going to be one of the largest youtubers in the cannabis space anywhere so like the sky’s the limit we’ll see you guys on the moon thank you guys for watching remember rich tv live is

Strictly for education entertainment purposes do your due diligence do your research before you invest in anything that we talk about here on rich tv live and i want you to listen to the words here yes fabulous collab are you guys have a good day hobby trading let’s get that green

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