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Are you guys doing this is richard wish to be live and touched on it yesterday because i thought it was a rumor i didn’t know it was actually real but it looks as though alethea health is very serious in declaring can trust and apparently they were looking to a part of them for light four dollars a share and because of italy pious stock exploded how’re you

Guys doing so i would definitely keep alethea health on full alert next week and can’t trust on full alert next week because there’s rumors that áfreeá is interested in can trust and there’s rumors that olympia health is interested in can trust a couple people tweeted about it there were some articles written about it that would be incredible for relief via

Health to acquire can trust that would skyrocket their value overnight so definitely next week but olivia health on full alert because if this hostile takeover bid goes through shelby says you bought a leafy help last week we thought about it you did buy it anthony a new member to the channel welcome so yeah man it’s so crazy this industry so crazy and yeah is

Potentially doing a hostile takeover of tantras at four dollars a share can trust was trading under three dollars a share so that’s at a premium i leave my health at the time was only at $1 it ran all the way to a dollar twenty five hundred years we could see ally fiat run to two dollars just on the rumor news i’ve seen this before so we could see them we could

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See them run big it would dilute the leafiest talked a lot i was thinking that i believe they were doing a six hundred million dollar deal something along those lines yeah and africa is interested in can’t trust doesn’t mean that they’re gonna do the deal alethea is actually from what i’ve heard put in an offer putting in a bid to take over can trust it’s a

Hostile takeover and based on this news it could be could be interesting because apparently alethea has done business with can trust in the past so maybe can’t trust wants to be acquired by leafeon sounds like it could be like another med relief aurora cannabis acquisition or aurora cannabis acquired med relief in a very similar hostile takeover so what do you

Guys think i think that olivia should be on full alert obviously after he’s on full alert but i think we need to put a levy on full alert based on this news and i think there’s a chance that if you goes way way higher love to know what you guys think you guys like this video please smash the like button comment down below share the video everywhere apparently the

News is that olivia is interested in can’t trust a free is saying that there’s interest there but olivia’s actually apparently made up and you can’t trust time it would be upon by half every apparently was buying contra stock for i think it was like three shares three half shares of half of your shares so everyone who own shares in can trust will get three and a

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Half shares of africa shares something along those lines you think that the stock market will go through the roof they can see the scenery behind me so guys the big news is that can trust has a hostile takeover bid by alethea health and earlier this year i said that lutea health was one of the top stocks to watch and now because they’re interested in can trust

But this deal goes through a leafy all of a sudden becomes a giant they’re already a giant but now with the addition of can trust and their patience and their database of patients their database of acquisitions and their database of licenses this could be what can trust needs and this could be where leafeon needs to really cement their legacy in this sector the

Most dynamic sectors one of the most exciting sectors in the world yeah there’s a lot of lawsuits with can’t trust that’s definitely something illegal definitely something wonderful in situations like there’s a lot of risk but i think the upside for alethea health is just enormous and you can see that the way the stock you can see the way the stock reacted

On friday and it went up dramatically on the news that it’s gonna be very positive for leaky health stock and their shareholders all right guys yourself a great weekend this is your boy rivers to be live i just wanted to say but elite be helpful full alert but cancerous before but after you see the most hottest sector in the world i will not be surprised see more

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Crazy things happen stay to your boy rate refers to be live i have any other breaking news i’ll let you know i appreciate that man thank you very much for your support have a great weekend guys go to the beach go out have fun cool cities

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