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Hi how you doing this is rich or mish to be live and it was another crazy day in the markets again another bloodbath overall in the cannabis sector again canopy growth got hammered today aurora was down again i mean we’re just seeing blood everywhere on the streets in the cannabis sector but the silver lining in my opinion was that can’t trust out of all the stocks

That should have been read today can’t rose was green not only were they green at one point they were up like huge like 17% at one point i think they finished up 5% it’s still kind of surprising considering everything they’ve been through another company that had a nice day today was suniva type float stock they’ve had a tough go of it recently and they had a nice

Little run up to close to two bucks and then they came back down and today they had a nice jump up again back at dollar 52 today so it’s nice to see suniva have a nice day and halo labs nice to see halo labs having a nice day told you guys hail laps nine point six million revenue just gonna deal with khalifa i’ve been interviewing the ceo and talking to him tons

We’re talking about like a 30 cent stock in canada and these guys are in the extraction space they’re in the cbd space they’re working with colleyville who’s doing a deal with jay-z no-brainer nine point six million in revenue nine point six million in revenue and they’re at 30 cents in canada i think it’s a no-brainer i think halo labs is a great company i think

They have huge upside huge potential like i said this entire sectors beaten down i don’t think you could really understand why i mean everything goes red and the company who gets their license to spend it goes green how do you explain that i don’t think you can explain it this entire sector is highly manipulated and i think contra is going up proves it i mean

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This company this company gets their license suspended and the stock goes up can’t trust has no sales no revenue the alberta gaming company returned 1.3 million dollars of product and can’t trust stock goes up halo labs has more revenues than iip our high pr was training in 97 dollars last time i looked and halo labs is trading a 30 cents and meanwhile they have

More revenues than i i pr i don’t think very much in the sector can be explained this sector is crazy it’s absolutely crazy nothing can really be explained there’s really no real fundamentals to determine where these stocks can go and yeah man it’s a it’s been crazy man these last six months have been absolutely crazy and it’s really difficult to determine where

Anything’s gonna go right now because there is no real fundamentals backing any of these stocks high pr is at $97 with less revenues than halo labs which is at 30 cents how do you explain this what i can tell you is one of our members on telegram edog brought us a pic and i’m gonna break it down for you guys so you guys can learn more about this company because he

Brought us this pic at 18 cents today it hit 22 cents so it has been climbing and he brought a lot of good reasons to our community as to why he thought the stock was undervalued underappreciated underexposed the stock has been going up in the cannabis sector tight float strong management team and board that they’re building behind this stock and they’re still at

22 cents so i’m gonna do some more research and i’m gonna bring the stock to you guys later i’m literally just driving just did an interview with a cutie ads oh my goodness hundred million dollars in revenue dollar 30 stock and i just interviewed the ceo stay tuned your boy rich rich to be live if you’re not winning you’re not watching we bring your winners and we


Bring them to you first yes the cannabis sector is heavily under attack heavily heavily heavily under attack and we see a lot of red everywhere but this is a buying opportunity for those that want to win in the cannabis sector in order to win you want to buy low sell high right now we are seeing the entire sector under attack it is a great buying opportunity we’re

Seeing 52 week lows across the board the key right now is to do the research spend more time doing research looking for the best looking for the blessed looking for undervalued underappreciated underexposed opportunities by them at 52 we closed position yourself now and wait for the resurrection because when the resurrection comes it’s going to be epic and those of

You that are patients and that are getting in at these lower levels are going to win big it’s true if you want to win this is the time to get in man because we’re seeing 52 week lows across the board all over the place we are in a sector right now that is very news driven it’s retail heavy it’s short heavy its market maker manipulated and it’s news driven article

Comes out saying that aurora cannabis is overvalued stock goes down article comes out saying that canopy growth is going to be building tons of debt and is not going to be making any revenues stock goes down we are in a news driven market there are no fundamentals backing anything right now because you got stocks like iip are trading at $97 with less revenue than

Halo labs which is trading at 30 cents then you got aurora cannabis trading lower than a lot of their peers but yet they’ve got more revenues than everybody else in the sector the sector is crazy the sector is volatile be very very careful when you invest in anything in the cannabis sector do not invest in anything that we talk about on our show invest in the

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Company because you’ve done the research you’ve done the due diligence and you believe that that is a great investment our modus operandi here is to bring you educational and entertaining content so that you can take that information digest it research those companies and hopefully you can make your own decisions about which companies you want to invest in we are

Really growing we’re getting out of just the cannabis sector and we’re starting to get into every sector so you’re gonna see us interviewing ceos from every single sector in the world and our goal is to be able to educate the public about every single major public company before anybody else on the planet that is our goal and we will achieve that goal thank you guys

For watching if you’re not winning you’re not watching is your boy rich refers to be live bring your winners and we bring them to you first halo labs big day suniva big day and can trust green day to create two green days in a row for kandra’s who just got their license suspended apparently now if you want to go green all you got to do is your license suspended

It’s true obviously i’m saying that tongue-in-cheek i’m just kidding anyone that’s invested in can’t trust congratulations on them going green even though they just had their license suspended i hope this continues it’s definitely a bullish sign for the sector even though the sector is deep in red buying opportunity folks you heard it from your boy if you’re not

Winning probably not watching bring the winners and we bring them to you first have yourselves a nice day i’m a piece you

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