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why do you save so much

Why Do You Save So Much

I often get asked the question of why I am saving so much? What is the purpose? Is there an end goal? The short answer is for financial independence and the reasons why may not be as straightforward. It is the case of reaching financial independence first to secure a financial engine so that it can be used to propel yourself to achieve other goals you have in life. For me, it is about being optimal because going for other goals takes away from building NetWorth first.

How’s it goin everybody this is beat the bush recently i’ve been getting a lot of comments asking why the heck i’m saving so much i have one or two videos that explain specifically why i save so much but i would think this is pretty obvious why i do this first of all this question frustrates me a lot so so when i get a lot of questions asking one very specific

Question i really have to make a video just to explain everything in short i am saving money to build wealth so that i can retire early and when i do retire early it means i can go and do more of the things i enjoy the follow-up question to this would be why do you want to retire you just want to be lazy the answer for me is maybe and you really don’t know what

You personally want once you reach this point when you retired or retire early you’ve set up your finances in such a way so that your investment income completely covers your expenses when this happens some people might just very well turn themselves off and just relax for a really long time or maybe indefinitely you see when you have built enough wealth when you

Have enough money you essentially have a lot more time with this time i plan to do a lot more of my personal hobbies so much so that i feel like i’m probably going to do 60 to 100 hour a week just on these hobbies so in effect it might be harder work than me just going to a regular job so in a sense to some people that might not be retiring at all because you’re

Doing all this work what people aren’t really meant to just laze around and do nothing at all at least when you’re retired you’re doing something that you enjoy or something that you love some some sort of hobby that may are not making money so when you do something that you really like all that much and you don’t really care about if it makes money or not well

Naturally you’re going to try to work on it as much as you can in one full week if you sleep eight hours a day you have one hundred twelve hours of waking hours to spend on whatever you want you can use this on your hobbies or you can divide some of it out of course is spend with friends and family the additional follow-up question i usually get after talking about

This is how close are you to retire and beat the bush i’ll give a general ballpark though because i’m pretty certain i will be retired way before the age of fifty out of all these things i talked about people often ask why are you emphasizing building network so much why not maximize having the most fun the toys the most prestige or the most traveled because when

You try to go for any of those other things you are reducing your networks because you’re spending your money in order to attain those things to me this is more like a life efficiency thing because once you reach financial independence it’s sort of like you’re sitting on a financial engine that would propel you to where you need to be so one of my favorite ways to

Maximize net worth is to buy products with the minimum cost per use you can buy a very nice expensive and durable item all you want but if you only use it once then it’s actually not very well worth it so you really should concentrate on nice durable items when you know you’re going to use it for a really really long time sometimes you might get into thinking that

If you buy a high quality product it’s going to be worth your money but sometimes it’s so expensive that when you average it out on the per juice basis it’s still more expensive so don’t be fooled that you should buy everything that’s top of the line in order to save money because sometimes this is not the case finally i like to address something that’s really

Really far ahead when you have enough net worth to retire early and you have a little bit more on top of that this is when you really should consider using more of that money to improve your quality of life for me i personally do not enjoy yard work or ironing so if i get to such a point i might just hire someone to do that for me so that i can have extra time to

Do more of what i actually want to do on this channel you might believe i’m a really frugal person just naturally and i’m always going to be this way i just want to point out this frugal nessus only temporary until i reach financial independence once you have a good buffer zone you’re going to start having an abundance of wealth if this ever happens to me i might

Just well go buy a brand new car which is something that i advise people to not do this is actually something that people should do if you have an abundance of wealth because it’s a luxury that you can just kind of burn your cash and obtain you can also use your wealth to help others or donate to a cause that adds the most value to other people’s lives as well all

In all this true goodness and this act of trying to build networks as fast as you can it’s kind of like a means to get to financial independence and most people actually need to do this because most people do not have financial abundance i hope you enjoyed this way of thinking don’t forget to give me a like on this video comment down below let me know what you

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The audiobook and still help benefit this channel if you’re interested in supporting my channel directly i also have a patreon over here where i give various perks at for your contribution levels and as always don’t forget to subscribe to my channel and click that fellow icon next to the subscribe button so you get a notification whenever i upload a brand new video thanks for watching

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business tips tips for starting

Business Tips – Tips for Starting a Business!

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Good day subscribers thank you so much for joining me today on the financial education channel so today’s video i am so excited to do is business tips and it’s from my own perspective on owning my own business i’ve owned my own business for over a little over six months now probably six seven months and i have a lot of things i’ve been dealing with and going through

With that business that i want to pass on you guys for knowledge in case you ever want to start up a business in some mistakes i’ve made that you can avoid now the reason i wanted to do this video is i think it’s very important to get it from the perspective of mine that i’m actually in it and i’m going through it and i’m in the first year starting that business

A lot of times if you look online for business advice it will be from huge ceos like steve jobs and bill gates or warren buffett or a lot of those guys which are extremely successful businesspeople they have a ton of good advice but the problem is they’ve been running billion-dollar companies for such a long time that their advice in their thoughts are really

On running a billion-dollar business their thoughts aren’t on you know from day one going from scratch going from this and building up and then making this mistake in going from there their mindsets are way out there and there you have great advice if you have a huge business and you get to that point someday but they don’t have a lot of good advice for the you

Know the very start up the grind stuff that i’m going to talk about today so first thing advice i would give you when i started my business which is basically what i started my business for is to do luxury real estate videos that’s all i started to do and how i approached it was i looked at the nevada market and i said okay there’s a lot of million dollar homes

There’s hundreds of homes price over a million dollars and that’s the market i know after so i thought in my head it’s a pretty big market even if i can get 10% of those homes that’s doing well well that’s not really the right way i should have looked at it the way i’ve surely looked at it is how many million dollar homes are being listed per year and how many

Realtors already have a videographer they use that’s doing them a good job i when i went into it i was very naive and i thought you know i don’t think does anybody doing anything like what i’m doing and i should be able to just come in and take a ton of market share not really the right way because there are a few people that are already doing what i’m doing they

Might not be doing it the exact same way that might not be doing it quite as good as i’m doing it and they might not be doing it for prints point and those are some of the things i can win customers over with but the at the end of the day some people they like to stick with this their guy or the gal they already like so that is your number one advice i would give

To starting a business really look at the market do some analytics on it and figure out how big the potential market is step number two one there’s no way i was gonna make it just as a videographer doing luxury real estate very quickly probably law shouldn’t say very quickly probably 3-4 months into the business i figured out okay this isn’t gonna work just doing

Luxury videos and customers started coming to me asking about if i did still pictures aerial photos and things like that so i really had to begin to broaden my base so that step number two is make sure you’re ready and prepared to broaden your base and another part step number three is make sure you can do whatever your customer or potential customer needs step

Number four try to never say i can’t try to never say i can’t do something tell the customer if they want something that you don’t currently do tell them okay um you know give me a minute i’ll call you back later today i’ll email you back whatever i think i can make that happen for you and then figure it out thinking your head only if it’s a hundred percent not

Possible a hundred percent you need to come back and say yes i can because that potential customer is a potential long-term customer in someone that’s going to help you really get you off the ground but if you say like in those days i didn’t offer aerial photography i didn’t offer still photography i kind of knew how to do on the bed but i didn’t offer it as a

Professional service but when those customers came to me and i said you know i’ll call you back a little layers day i’ll you know i’m gonna think about this and whatnot i called him back and i did it and i did a pretty dang good job i did a good enough job to satisfy the customer and then those customers became longer-term customers and did more projects and more

Things that i could solve them and whatnot and have them be successful so try to never say i can’t do something problem solved that is part of being in business it’s a huge step of being in business and own your own business being able to problem-solve being able to take care of that customer hundred percent that’s step number five be able to satisfy your customer

100% by any means necessary make sure these early day customers are as happy as can be because they are your everything at this point they’re your everything they’re the only way you’re gonna step up and getting the next customer or the next customer if those original ones are a hundred percent satisfied whatever it takes things are gonna happen a step number six

A lot of things are gonna happen that you did not expect to go that way and they’re gonna go bad something’s gonna go wrong i’ve had many things on a photo job or whatnot where the technology fails i had a important customer at the time this past winter and i get to the clients house the drone my drone won’t start up so i can take pictures of the property and

That’s all i was there do the drone won’t start up i had a problem solved i had to go to best buy ahead it buy a new drone because i could not figure it out any way to do it i had to send the other one in for repair and that stoned i mean i have the drone out of the drone sitting there on the floor that was another seven hundred dollars down the tube and there

Was only like a $69 job so i spent $700 on any new drone for $69 job but you know what i satisfied the customer i didn’t look unprofessional like all my drones broken so you know i can’t do anything for you now i’m gonna be two weeks that would’ve been unrealistic over lost a customer the life probably so those are some of the biggest business tips in the early

Days i can share with you guys and some of the things i’ve gone through that i’ve learned from and i wish i would have known this stuff before and i was sort of taking different approaches it would have made my life easier and the earliest earliest days those first few months but starting business is not easy it’s not easy and you need step number seven the last

Step i’m gonna give you guys today be prepared for rejection it’s gonna come a lot of rejection your way a lot of people are not gonna want to buy whatever you’re selling whether it’s a service or product whatever it is most people are gonna say no that’s just a fact but that doesn’t mean you give up that doesn’t mean you put your head down no way you don’t put

Your head down you don’t give up you keep smiling you keep trying to sell you find new ways you find a better way to sell and all those kinds of things because rejection is gonna come it’s gonna come hard and heavy and i wish i’d have known that too everything’s not gonna be peachy if you think you’re just gonna come out of the gates and make all this money and

Life’s gonna be grand it’s very unrealistic that’s like winning the lottery it’s a lot of hard work and it’s step by step and you climb a step and then you fold down a step and then you climb two steps and you fold down a step that’s how business works and that’s how starting a business works it’s not easy but i hope you guys enjoyed this overtime i hope to do

More videos like this that will give you the step-by-step process in future months and whatnot and talk about some of the things at that level and then next year talk about you know once i’ve reached a year which i’ll reach a year being a business in november around november so i’ll just kind of give an overview of everything thank you so much for watching guys

Hit the thumbs-up button if you enjoyed this and you liked the tips comment if you have any questions i have a lot i can answer and subscribers thank you for watching now as always have a great day guys

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Business Tips – Tips for Starting a Business! By Financial Education

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breaking news delta resources ts


BREAKING NEWS: DELTA RESOURCES (TSXV:DLTA) (OTCBB:GOLHF) (Frankfurt:6G01) – RICH TV LIVE JULY 28, 2020 – EMAIL to get more details – Delta Resources Limited (“Delta” or the “Company”) (TSXV:DLTA) (OTCBB:GOLHF) (Frankfurt:6G01) is pleased to announce initial results from a rock sampling program at the Snowfall Gold Discovery (see Delta press release November 26, 2019).

Hi how’s everybody doing today this is rich and we have a rich tv live with our very special guest it is andre tessier how you doing today andre the ceo of delta resources i’m doing great rich how about yourself i’m doing fantastic very very excited to have you today and i know that you’ve got some news that you wanted to discuss we do yeah we put out a press

Release this morning uh about our new discovery on the delta ii property at the um it’s at the snowfall gold occurrence that we really just recently expanded very good very good so please let us know all about it well you know great results we um uh last year uh in november we um you know we discovered this new uh little gold showing uh a vein and the snow had

Just uh started to fall so we actually had to sweep the outcrop to be able to see the uh see and sample the vein uh the vein returned uh uh you know five uh assays grading anywhere between 5.6 and 11.5 grams per ton gold so we knew we wanted to go back this year um you know it was because we we couldn’t continue with the snow uh so we had back in june uh did a

Survey uh you know geological mapping and sampling of outcrops and and boulder tracing at the site um and we discovered uh you know three new uh uh samples basically sampled three new outcrops uh one of which uh returned 8.66 grams per ton gold 190 grams per ton silver and 3.94 copper so this was a real surprise to us the other uh the other outcrop returned 5.6

Grams per ton gold and um an additional 7.6 uh grams per ton silver uh and and we didn’t analyze for copper at the time wow that’s impressive so what does that mean for delta resources well what it means is that it really adds a lot of potential to that particular occurrence right now we have three outcrops sampled over a north-south direction of about 185 meters

And in the east-west direction it’s 130 meters or so so so we’re looking at potential size here um so uh so the the next step and we’ve already started on the next step uh was to do some mechanical trenching on the outcrop so we’ve cleared out uh the dirt from from you know over the rocks so we’ve cleared the rocks we’ve had a good look at them and we’re looking

At very pervasively altered structures that that carry these veins and from what we can gather from the initial sampling that we’ve done uh with these grab samples that we just reported is the host rock uh appear to uh host gold just as much as the beans so so we’ve sampled now we’ve done our channel sampling on these uh on these veins and these structures and

We’re awaiting results from them uh but having having these you know great sniffs of of gold uh initially is is a really good sign and is this going out as a press release it went out as a press release this morning uh so we we’ve reported uh those uh those assays uh we’ve also in the same press release released uh results from boulder tracing so you know very

Close to that same site um we’ve got some some veins some quartz veins uh they’re boulders so they’re not in place but we know they’ve been transported by glaciers and those are pretty fragile uh rocks and and they’re grading you know 1.3 grams per ton gold with uh with high silver uh 17 grams per ton silver and the source of these boulders we know would be to

The north northeast so so it doesn’t correspond with the current the current snowfall occurrence so we know there’s some expansion to come now the price of gold has been skyrocketing we obviously hit an all-time high and couldn’t be a better time to be in the mining space how high do you think this goes you think this goes to 2000 plus i guess it must have to

At this point we’re so close well you know most experts uh believe that that it will go to uh over two thousand dollars an ounce now there there’s two um the way that investors um uh you know put money aside or secure their investments uh there’s two ways uh two that there’s they’re deemed to be safe investments gold is one of them and the us dollar is another

One right now um you know with what’s going on in the u.s i think gold has become the logical place where people put their money so so i i think gold has got a lot of legs it’s gonna it’s gonna run to 2000. absolutely and right now when someone’s looking at delta resources and they’re looking at the company what would you say is one of the things that you’re most

Proudest of i know that you guys have like no debt is that correct we have uh well you know what we actually took a 40 000 um loan when um when coving started um and and this can be reimbursed interest-free and within three years uh so it was it was a no-brainer there but uh but that’s that’s all we have for debt wow 40 grand so guys you guys have 40 000 worth

Of non-interest debt which is can easily be handled in reality they have no debt okay yeah there’s no major debt um we’re talking about a friendly forty thousand dollars obviously um so that’s that that to me i know with our community is extremely important companies with little to no debt in hot sectors that have room to grow that are under appreciated underexposed

And undervalued if someone was to look at your company and they were to ask you andre i know you’re the ceo but would you consider yourself under appreciated underexposed undervalued what would you say to that person uh well you know what we we’ve got we’re poised for for you know some pretty major stuff here i believe um when we started exploring at delta ii

Um we had um we had new um new outlook on on what the property could bring us uh michelle chaplin our vp of exploration and myself were both geologists fairly seasoned um and uh and we had a new interpretation there and this interpretation uh now more and more turns out to be um you know what we expected um so if if we are correct um you know from now on uh we

Are we are poised for some pretty serious growth uh so so yes i would believe we’re we are still under value now for somebody that’s thinking okay i’m interested in this company but what’s coming up next anything big to look forward to for an investor that’s thinking okay i’m interested in getting in i mean a lot of our investors got in early when i started first

Talking about it around 39 40 cents so they’re already up right now so for an investor that’s sitting there thinking okay should i sell take my profit should i wait is there something for them to look forward to obviously you guys are just getting started with your drilling and stuff but is there something else to look forward to for those investors well there

There absolutely is rich we’re we’re looking right now um well we’ve got we’ve got a bunch of uh of channel samples from those uh from those trenches that are that are yet to be released are yet to be received essays are pending um and then we’re going to embark on on a drilling a large drilling program so we’re looking at to start probably at least 5 000 meters

Of building at the property so combined you know that’s going to generate a lot of news flow and and we’re hoping to continue this this drilling uh into uh the winter of 2021. so that’s going to generate a lot of news flow in the very near future and that’s not even counting our delta one property in ontario uh that’s also going to generate some some useful so uh

So yeah we’re i would say hang on hang on for a bit the best is yet to come now if i’m an investor and i’m learning about this company for the first time i want to get to know you a little bit more i want to get to know the company a little bit more what can you tell to those investors that maybe are just hearing about delta resources for the very first time all

Right well i’m i’m a graduate of a called polytechnic in montreal i did my post-graduate work at queen’s university this is a long time ago seems like another lifetime i’ve got about 35 years of experience in the business i used to run a company called mergor resources i did some consulting for major companies like uh like you know the barracks of this world um

And uh and in terms of exploration success uh you know really mergor uh and free west at the time were the initial discoverers of the um windfall gold deposits in the uh uh in the uh liberating area in quebec uh unfortunately you know we discovered the the main the initial veins and uh and then uh noron went and discovered the rest of the south of us uh michelle

Chavdalen our vp of exploration uh tons of experience he he is a co-discoverer of she’s a large deposit in northern quebec uh the the eleanor deposit gold deposit in northern quebec um great exploration success uh you know again he’s a graduate of uh uh and uh and did his masters there as well so so uh you know we’ve got a great technical team uh frank candido

Our chairman and uh corporate uh communications guy is very very seasoned and you know lots of experience lots of good connections um so so that’s that’s the the core of our team here very good well thank you so much for coming on today and breaking the news congratulations on all of your success thus far and we will be watching our community very very closely

And if there’s ever any other big news or breaking news or anything else please feel free to come on our show so we can break it to our community first i’ll be sure to be here rich thanks very much thank you very much this is andre tessier the ceo of delta resources take a look at it guys it’s been doing very well ever since we had it um featured on our show and

There’s some big news today so take a look at that i’m also going to make sure i take a copy of that news and i put in the description of this video so you guys can review it and if you guys have any other questions feel free to message me or andre directly have yourself a great day andre thank you very much for your time today and continue all your great work

Likewise thanks very much rich have a nice day thank you for watching everybody have a great day everyone

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florida cannabis operator trulie

Florida Cannabis Operator Trulieve (CSE: TRUL) To Begin Trading in Canada on September 25

Florida Cannabis Operator Trulieve To Begin Trading in Canada on September 25 – RICH TV LIVE – September 23, 2018 –

Hi guys this is rich from rich tv live and i have some breaking news on a new ipo and we are only 23 days five hours 45 minutes and 53 seconds away from history and you can go to wwe tv hover over stocks and find all the tools you need right there absolutely free that your boy rich uses every day all the news everything you need in the crypto world i seal

World travel sports you want to learn about rich tv life and if you want to be a part of our community wow you can join our group chat that is our slack group you can follow us on youtube you can follow us on instagram you can follow our growing podcast and you can follow our growing discord channel you can follow our facebook group so follow us on linkedin twitter

We are everywhere so feel free to join guys i mean we are growing so fast everywhere and it’s helping me find these winners faster i have to give the credit to the members of the community for bringing this deal and and showing this to me florida cannabis operator true leave to begin trading in canada on september 25th that’s only in two days that’s tuesday that’s

Right truly completes merger and listing on the csc this was from new cannabis ventures on september 21st friday to leave cannabis corp formerly cyan exploration inc the company or true leave is pleased to announce that the company has completed the merger of truly truly the inc us has a wholly owned subsidiary of the company sub co announced september 11 2008

Een whereby the company acquired all the outstanding securities of truly of us by way of a plan of merger pursuant to the laws of the state of florida otherwise known as the transaction pursuant to the transaction sub comarch went and into true leave us truly the us became a wholly owned subsidiary of the company and the company changed its name to the true leave

Cannabis corp in addition and in connection with transaction be outstanding ten million nine hundred twenty seven thousand five hundred subscription receipts of truly of us announced on august 28 29 mm 18 were exchanged for ten million nine hundred twenty seven thousand five hundred supporting voting shares of the company three million five hundred seventy three

Thousand four hundred fifty of which subordinate voting shares were immediately converted into thirty five thousand seven hundred thirty four dollars and fifty multiple voting shares and the five hundred forty eight thousand four hundred forty six broker warrants of truly be us were exchanged four four five hundred forty eight thousand four hundred and forty six

Broker warrants to purchase subordinate voting shares of the company at an exercise price of six dollars until september 21st 2020 interesting truly i’ve also announced today that the supporting subordinate voting shares of true leave will begin trading on the securities exchange under the csc under the symbol trul on september 25th 2018 a listing statement with

Information about true leave and prepared in accordance with the policies of the csc would be available on cedar at truly the u.s. is the first and largest fully licensed medical cannabis company in the state of florida that’s right the first and largest fully licensed medical cannabis company in the state of florida and serves over 80,000 patients wow it

Is completely vertically integrated with over 450 thousand square feet of cultivation facilities with a further 95,000 square feet to be obtained in 2018 truly the u.s. operates a good manufacturing practice certified processing facility and produces 90 different private label medical grade cannabis products that are sold through 17 company owned dispensaries it’s

Huge truly the us was built with a patient’s first mentality by focusing on improving access to medical cannabis while producing the highest quality products in the industry said kim rivers ceo of true leaf at rooming this important milestone of a public listing enhances our ability to expand and serve more patients while allowing investors to participate in our

Growth the following super voting shares and multiple voting shares of true leave were issued in connection with the transaction so you can actually see all the people who receive shares starting with kim rivers who’s the ceo who owns eighteen point seven five percent of the issue note standing shares very interesting prior to the closing of the transaction none

Of the above listed persons owned or controlled any shares of cillian exploration inc each of the above listed persons may increase or decrease its investment in truly depending on market conditions or any other relevant factors the head office address for true leave is six seven four nine benbow stick road quincy florida three two three five one usa each voting

Share of the company is convertible into multiple voting shares of the company at the option of the holder or upon certain triggering events each multiple voting share including those issued upon conversion of the super voted shares is convertible into one hundred subordinate voting shares of the company at the option of the holder or upon certain triggering events

Assuming conversion of all super voting shares and multiple voting shares into supporting it nated voting shares by holders they’re of such holders would own 102 million two hundred fifty six thousand eight hundred fifty subordinate voting shares which represents ninety three point one two percent of the outstanding subordinate voting shares assuming the conversion

Of all outstanding super voting shares and multiple voting shares a boat truly truly was a vertically integrated seat the sale company and is the first and largest fully licensed metal marijuana’s company in the state of florida truly cultivates and produces all of its products in-house and distributes those products to truly branded stores dispensaries throughout

The state of florida as well as directly to patients be a home delivery what do you guys think remember rich tv live is strictly for education entertainment purposes we are not licensed advisors always do your due diligence always do your research if you like this video smash the like button comment down below let me know what you think is this an ipo that you

Would be interested in investing into okay i would actually call this an rto a reverse takeover as opposed to an ipo but a lot of people understand the idea of an ipo a new listing a new company this is relatively a new company it’s got a new symbol the symbol on the csc is under the symbol trul and it will be live in trading on tuesday put it on full alert put

It on your watch list put it on your radar let me know what you think would you be interested in it if so yes if no why please let me know let’s talk about it also go to rich tv go to contact and you can join our groups we are growing quickly join us on discord join us on slack join us on youtube instagram follow us on our podcast our facebook link it in

Everywhere absolutely free this is your boy rich we are 23 days 5 hours 37 minutes and 53 seconds away from history in canada it’s true if you’re not winning you’re not watching this is your boy rich and i’m ho pace you

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Florida Cannabis Operator Trulieve (CSE: TRUL) To Begin Trading in Canada on September 25 By RICH TV LIVE

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the illusion of the stock market

The Illusion of The Stock Market That Fools You

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Well guys there’s a big illusion in the stock market that i want to talk about here today and i hope that you guys get a lot of value out of today’s video because i see this mistake being made time and time again by people that are coming through the stock market funnel and they just get confused on what they’re really looking for in this game okay i want to really

Explain this in depth so you guys can fully understand this and so you make sure you don’t make this mistake because i see time and time again people get into the game because they want to go after something and they get completely confused on where they’re headed okay so i hope you guys can enjoy this day okay so what i call here is the stock market funnel there’s

Basically a funnel that you know people get into when they get into the stock market okay this funnel brings you in somehow if you ever get involved with the stock market which not everybody gets involved with the stock market at any point in time but there is what i call the stock market funnel okay the first side is what most people bring in to you know get into

The stock market because they they have their work somewhere and they’re letting you know the work place says hey you need to sign up for the 401k so you can start having your money invested or whatever you can put a portion on money and we’ll do a match dollar-for-dollar until five hundred dollars a month or whatever it is okay so 401k people you know get funneled

Into the stock market you know people you know that start an ira an individual retirement account or something like that that are getting funneled in or just people that are looking at you know just put their money in an index fund something that tracks s&p 500 or the nasdaq 100 or whatever it may be and this is kind of a lot of people that kind of get funneled

Into the stock market and there’s nothing wrong with that okay that’s just you know regular folks is getting them coming into the stock market that’s the stock market finally get into okay then you have another part of the stock market funnel that happens okay this part is more toward stock pickers i like to call it okay which would be me i consider myself a stock

Picker now there’s many different ways you can go on stock picking it’s basically a stock picker in simplest terms you’re looking into companies or researching companies however you do it okay my way is a lot different than somebody that might be a day trader or something like that a or a swing trader something like that right i’m researching companies fully i’m

Looking into them i’m trying to make long-term decisions on company that i might that at least would feel comfortable with holding for years if i ever even do that okay and you’re picking stocks to hopefully gain on your money the best way possible okay people get into this you know through day trading maybe they see an ab for some day trader out there and they’re

Like oh look i got all these fancy cars and look at my new lamborghinis and i make so much money off day trading or i don’t make so much money off day trading or whatever okay and so they get funneled in through day trading or maybe it’s swing trading they get funneled in through swing trading they think that sounds really cool you know trying to profit off a stock

After a short term move this could happen either in the market or a stock in general or there a value investor which is more like the warren buffett approach just more looking for companies that are very safe companies overall that are you know are a good value out there maybe you can make dividend money reinvest that dividend money you don’t value investors then

There’s a growth investors which are once again more long-term focused people but they’re really looking for those stocks that have big growth ahead of them you know 20% 30% 40% plus growth and then you have those combo investors that are kind of like me that are still kind of looking at stocks from a long-term perspective but are thinking i’m looking for value

And i’m looking for growth it’s more of a combo okay but that’s not really the point of today’s video this is just kind of explain how people get you know into the funnel the big thing is you know especially with stock pickers is why why did they get involved with you know stock picking like how does this actually end up happening and it’s something i think we

Should all think about what it like how does this happen like like why do we all send you know to start thinking about stock picking and want to actually like buy stocks individually like a like what makes us want to do something like that okay so one percent of people that become stock pickers it’s mainly because they’re already rich and they want to diversify

More they want to build their wealth more and this is literally about 1 percent of the people that actually get into stock picking ok because they’re already rich and they just want more wealth that they want to diversify their wealth maybe they built a lot of money through a business and they want to diversify so they want to buy some stocks they want their money

To grow maybe they made a lot of money in real estate so they want to you know grow their money some more try to at least and so they’re gonna become a stock picker and in picking individual stock so they just want to diversify ok 99% of people and more unlikely if you’re watching this video you’re probably in the 99% cuz 99% is a lot of people ok 99% of people

Simply get involved with stock picking because they want a better life okay they’re not happy with where they’re at financially at a particular time or what’s going on with their financial situation or they just want more and so they get involved with stock pick and they look at it and they’re like hmm this seems interesting this seems like a way i can grow money it

Seems like a way i can you know get the good life or things like that okay and that’s what i want to dive into here today because this is the biggest issue i see what this is is how people get sidetracked so i think we should do a little psychology work and talk about why people want to go this route why is someone want to actually pick stocks okay and like we talked

About it’s mainly because people want a better life out there they want a better life and it could be for many different reasons and i’ll explain what some of these reasons are actually really bad reasons okay some people say i will love the be rich why is this well most people don’t have much money they grow up maybe with not much money and they see somebody living

A great lifestyle and maybe a glamorous lifestyle they’re like man i would love to live that and maybe through stock-picking i can live that type of glamorous rich lifestyle okay let’s just talk about this one first okay i’m just gonna tell you it’s gonna be really hard to get super rich just from stock market investing okay you also need two more unlikely start a

Business or work high up at a company so you have a lot of income to throw into your investments okay because here’s the thing if you’re a great investor over time maybe you can get 20% or so a year and that’s a really really great investor okay now not everybody is a great investor because not everybody has a work ethic to be a great investor not everybody has the

Talent to be a great investor not everybody has a discipline to be a great investor okay so let’s just say like like the chances you can make 20% plus consistently per year is very very slim okay let’s say you can even do that you still need a lot of money to always kind of throw into the stock market because you’ve got to always you know obviously average down on

Position sometimes because things aren’t going to go your way and you want to buy bigger stakes in companies and you kind of always need to have that money fill you know going in and going in and always be making more and more money on your money right in order to really become rich and really you don’t have that type of lifestyle where you can have any home or any

Cars you want or things like that or any materialistic possessions that you specifically want out there if you to be able to do that you’ve really got to do more than being just a stock market investor you’ve got to be great at stocks but then you’ve got to be really good at business or have a big income in general whether you’re maybe making at least a hundred ke+

Per year if not several hundred k per year that you’re being able to stuff in the stocks and going ahead and hopefully getting good gains on those you know 10% a year 15% a year on average or maybe even 20% if you’re really really great or something like that and then you go ahead and you just continue to build that money over and over but here’s the thing don’t

Expect to be great as stocks right off the bat okay usually if you’re gonna be great at anything including stock picking it takes a lot of time it takes a lot of work ethic to even get to those types of levels it’s not like you just you know watch one of my courses one day and you’re just all we’re already a great stock market investor that helps accelerate things

But it doesn’t mean you’re all sent a great investor overnight because you haven’t done anything yet okay you’ve just learned okay you watch a bunch of my youtube videos or somebody else that you respect you watch a bunch of our youtube videos oh you’re a great investor right because you learned everything absolutely not you still need to go ahead and practice all

Those things right if i was will watch a bunch of you know shooting tutorials on a basketball and steph curry’s teaching me how to shoot three-pointers great i learned all i need to keep my elbow like this i need to have my wrists like this i need to do this okay that’s great doesn’t mean i’m a great three-point shooter i got to actually go out there and execute

That okay so if you’re getting in the stock market just because you want to be rich you want to live that type of lifestyle i’m just gonna tell you it’s gonna take a long time to get there and i’m also gonna tell you you need to you more unlikely have a big income as well this is something new you know not many people in the stock market like to admit especially

People on the you know internet community or whatnot but it’s that it’s a god’s honest truth like you need to have other income sources you need to have you know different types of money coming in all the time so you can go ahead and put that money that’s why i do the passive income videos on the different youtube channels and whatnot because i you know if you guys

Want to get there which not everybody does but if you want to get there you need to have passive income streams of other kinds okay number two other people would get involved because they say i would love to do nothing all day and make money they just think about like like you know somebody that’s super rich like a warren buffett or something like oh man that’s so

Cool they just like it’s just like you know it could just sit around on a beach all day and make literally hundreds of millions or billions of dollars in dividends how cool is that and so they they get caught into this you know oh man i would love to just sit around on the couch all day watch movies and do nothing and just money just comes to me constantly okay and

I’m just telling you if you have that type of mentality you should never get there okay the reason people get to these type of levels where they have crazy money is because they have crazy work ethic behind it there’s no one that’s super rich in unless they inherited money it’s knowing that super rich and did nothing and just collect all this money okay everybody

That got there is absolutely an absolute work you know workaholic at the end of the day you know whether they’re talking about warren buffett or you’re talking about anybody that runs big businesses they’ve got their because they’re workaholics okay and then not only were there workaholics but they worked super smart as well and that’s how they get to that level

Where they make crazy amounts of money on an everyday basis you know hundreds of millions of dollars in dividends or billions of dollars in wealth or they’re you know jeff bezos in a given year is wealth can increase ten billion dollars people are like how is that even like humanly possible that someone’s wealth can increase ten billion dollars in a day in a year

That like this is ridiculous how did they get there guys because they’re they’re workaholics okay they grind like those nobody else is so if you’re just hoping to get there because you know yeah man you got that type of mentality i would love to just do nothing like everybody would okay and you’re not gonna ever get there because you just don’t have the right

Mentality i’ll be completely honest there’s no one that’s ever gotten there and has that type of mentality i can promise you that 100% okay and number three a lot of people say you know i would love to work from home okay this one really comes down to the fact that most people hate their jobs and so they see stock market you know either you know they come across

Somebody that day training and or there’s somebody that’s investing like myself and they’re like oh man that must be so awesome you get to work from home you get to just invest in stocks so you get to trade stocks around that sounds so cool and honestly most people like that because they hate their job and they would just love to just sit at home all day and kind

Of do those sorts of activities and whatnot okay and once again you got to get to the root of the problem the root of the problem is not the fact that you really necessarily want to be at home all day and doing those sorts of things you know the real thing is for most folks out there they just need to find another job but they need to start a business or something

They’re just more unlikely in a situation that they’re not happy they don’t like their particular work they’re doing on an everyday basis and so therefore they look at you know stock market investing or trading or anything like that as a way out of that situation in most of time that’s not gonna work guys in special i like it’s just not gonna work okay day traders

90% plus of them lose money over the long term and you know never mind that most of them underperform the market even if they do you know get a positive return okay so it may be you can be the part of 1% or 2% that makes money or keeps up with the markets in general very unlikely okay just complete god’s honest truth two very very very unlikely no matter how much

You work at it it’s very unlikely okay and then if you want to work from home investing your money you need to have a lot of money invested okay like hundreds of thousands of dollars even millions of dollars or have like little teeny expenses that you hardly spend any money on and let’s be honest most people if they want to invest in a stock market have that type

Of money invest a lot of time you want to live a bigger life style right the whole thing just doesn’t make sense at the end of the day here’s what it should be if your stock picking out there here’s how you should really view things okay wherever level you’re at you should view it as like a staircase and you’re climbing up this staircase in you’re building wealth

Along the way okay the stock market is a great place for building wealth over the long term the stock market is not a good place for building wealth overnight in becoming a millionaire overnight the stock market is a very poor place for that okay try to find stories of somebody that just you know like like became a millionaire overnight it doesn’t exist okay guys

This just this just doesn’t it’s like happen okay it’s a staircase to build and if you have a long-term mindset over a decade or two you’re gonna built a lot of wealth in this game but if you have a bad mindset you have a lazy mindset you have a mindset that’s not really focused on the long-term you’re gonna end up climbing some stairs and going right back down and

Then you’re starting to climb stairs and going right back down okay you’ve got to view it as it’s one step at a time to continue to build and build and build and that’s a hard thing for a lot of people to get over just the fact that it takes time a lot of people just like see their financial situation at a particular time and they’re like man i got five hundred

Dollars in my account i want to have a lot of money oh i wanna you know i i work at this place i don’t like work in there we’ll love to just work at home and invest in stocks or day trade stocks or something like that i’m just telling you guys that’s very unrealistic you’ve got to have the mentality of a long term you know perspective on it that you will build

Step by step and step and you start down here and you got your thousand bucks to your name and you get up here and you got ten thousand then you build another stair and you get fifty thousand and a hundred thousand and then two hundred thousand and the great thing is the further up the stairs you get the easier it is to build wealth because you know a ten percent

Gain on a million dollars for instance is a hundred thousand dollars right a ten percent gain on ten thousand dollars is a thousand dollars right so as you get further and further up the stairs as time goes on it means a better and better just a lot of people are never gonna get up the stairs because they’re simply not going to have the right mindset to ever get

There in the first place because they want it to all happen overnight they want their account to go from a thousand dollars to a hundred thousand overnight they want their account to go from you know five hundred bucks to five hundred thousand bucks overnight or within a year or it’s in two years i’m just telling you it’s gonna take a decade two decades to get

There and it’s gonna take a lot of focus and a lot of work ethic if you’re gonna get there okay this doesn’t happen overnight and anybody that’s ever preaching that happens overnight i get promised you as a hundred percent wrong the closest thing you’ll get to overnight success is really like building a business of some kind okay that’s the honest truth like if

You want the closest thing you’ll get to possibly building an overnight success that’s honestly building a business outside of that stock market investing it’s all about building to the next tier in next tier and don’t ever expect that you’re just going to be a millionaire overnight because that just doesn’t happen guys and that’s the god’s honest truth and if

You can’t deal with that and that’s fine then the stock mark is not a place for you or the stock market it can be a place for you and what you’ll do is you’ll just transfer money you know to basically people that are doing a lot better than you they like to say the stock market is a place where the impatient transfer money to the patient people okay and that’s

Honestly who a lot of what the stock market is okay it’s all about climbing those stairs get the right mentality around you can have a lot of success in this game get the wrong mentality and i promise you you’ll know you’ll never climb any stairs you’ll just be stuck there and you’ll never really make money guys so i hope you enjoyed this i hope you got a lot of

Value out of its a hard-hitting video it’s a hard video for a lot of people to swallow out there because it’s the truth and you know a lot of people just want to hear that it you know you can become rich overnight or something or within a year man and i’m just telling you it’s not gonna work out unless you start a business that’s just like god’s honest truth guys

So i hope you enjoy this smash that thumbs up button if you respect the honesty of the video thank you for watching and have a great day

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The Illusion of The Stock Market That Fools You By Financial Education

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this stock just crashed what it


7 Day free Trial for my Private Stock Group! Limited time offer! Apply here and best of luck!

Hello there folks i hope you’re doing amazing as always so beyond neat we reported some earnings here and i want to talk about bynd stock uh obviously stock crashed big today down about 12 i want to talk about exactly what happened with beyond me and i want to share my opinion on what this means for tattoo chef if it means anything okay so in regards to beyond meat

And tattoo chef they’re both plant-based food companies at the end of the day right they compete very differently their products are very different their brands are very different the relationships they have with customers retailers in the way they operate their business models very different and different management teams obviously but they they compete in the

Same space and so a lot of folks are wondering is this something that’s going to crash tattooed chef when they report in about two weeks and so that’s exactly what we’re going to talk about in this video hope you guys enjoyed as always i’ll ask in returns that you smash that like button that’s it guys by the way just so you know also we have a free seven-day trial

Going on for the private stock group right now you want to check that out check out pin comment to get inside the private discord chat as well as the course curriculums things like that okay so in regards to beyond me uh trading down to about a right around a six billion dollar market cap here today uh beyond me it’s a stock i used to be in quite a while back i

Was excited about the company and then some missteps happen with the company that i want to kind of explain in this video here today beyond meat shares tanked around 13 this morning this is out of the hungry bowl by the way if you haven’t downloaded hungry bowl do so it’s on your ios and android store now this is out of the newsletter this was on the stories the

Guys covered after that it warned investors its results were going to come in well under expectation with its earning date right around the corner on november 8th it looks like the company is trying to you know basically save the day but it didn’t really save anything the company expects net sales to come in around 106 mil which is well below the previous forecast

Of 120 million to 140 million yeah that’s a disastrous miss there needless to say that is a 25 miss in the best case scenario in a 12 miss under the company’s worst case scenario the expectation is way off of what analysts are expected in this respect 133 mil and once again the company did 106 mil you know bad bad it’s not like a slight miss and this is i think

Why they pre-announced like usually if a company pre-announces that means the results are disastrous and that’s exactly what’s happening with beyond meat here okay the company noted several factors on why they missed so bad these include a lag in sales much of which was due to restaurants hit supposedly by ronin rona and a reduction in orders from large retailers

By the way here’s a sketchy thing about beyond me okay they’ve been using this excuse for several quarters now okay i don’t know about you guys but when i go to restaurants i don’t care if it’s in arizona in vegas they’re packed good luck trying to get in a restaurant those are even with restaurants like fully back to full capacity like they’re busy and so this

Whole thing last year i could understand beyond me using this excuse last year because restaurants were hit i i go to these restaurants and they are they’re slammed okay so this whole thing i’m like i don’t know about you beyond me okay a reduction in orders from large retailers including a distributor in canada who decreased its order volume for a longer than

Expected and one of its largest customers changing distributors labor shortages and supply chain disruptions also likely reduce the business the company was able to do the company has also been dealing with its own operational blunders one of beyond meets facilities in pennsylvania lost potable water for two weeks following severe weather which damaged the plate

And plant’s inventory the release also wasn’t all doom and gloom the company announced there’s an acceleration a major international customer but didn’t name specifics at the end of the day is a disaster that’s just a flat out like it you know the company is in a bad spot they’re using the same excuse they used for quarters and quarters on end they are talking

About you know decreasing some orders here they’re talking about some management issues around potable water and things like that i don’t know like why couldn’t they have figured that out faster than that so it doesn’t sound great let’s just put it that way all right now when it comes to beyond me and kind of my view on it the company stopped innovating fast

Enough after they went ipo essentially like prior to ipo this was a company that was rocking and rolling they were releasing new products after new products they were getting more skus in stores they were getting into more stores like it was a really exciting story and then i don’t know what happened but after this company went public it just seems like innovation

Kind of died at the company like i go into grocery stores and everything i go on you know and try to check out beyond meats products and i’m like these are the same products that have been in these stores for one two three years now and there’s just doesn’t feel like there’s enough innovation happening at the company and this used to be the most innovative food

Company in the world and they just got taken over in a massive massive way and when i go into a lot of stores now this is crazy because i mean this wasn’t even conceivable you know two years ago when i go into a lot of stores now i’m seeing far more tattooed chef items far more tattooed chef skews already than beyond meat those are just two companies that are that

Are innovating at totally different scales and so that’s very interesting that this company is supposed to be the best innovator in the space and they’re just getting passed up by some other companies and you see it in the results it’s not even like this is an opinion based thing you see it in the results go walk stores go look at how many skus they have versus

Some of the competitors that are coming in the space and where those competitors were at two years ago versus where these guys are at now right and you just go ahead and you look at the raw numbers and you look at the revenues it’s clear as day this company has some dang issues it doesn’t mean this is all doom and gloom for beyond me forever but i’m just saying

Like here’s the thing okay the company trades rich price to sales ratio has been trading anywhere between you know let’s call it a 14 and a 25. for a food company there’s no doubt between a 14 and 25 extremely expensive extremely expensive and so if you’re at a price to sales ratio in that range you better you better be innovating at a rapid pace your growth rates

Better be off the charts and what we see from beyond meat is revenue that is not impressive at all even uh potential strengths in revenue and we see price to sales ratios that are off the charts and we see innovation that just doesn’t seem to be there over since the company went public and so there’s a situation here where where investors are wondering they’re

Like why do i have to be in beyond meat versus being in another plant-based food player right and so that’s what’s going on with beyond meat here we got to be very very clear about that the numbers aren’t impressive the innovation is not impressive nothing they’re doing is impressive right now the company was extraordinary prior to ipo and right after they went ipo

In terms of the excitement around the business it’s just not there the numbers just aren’t there so this takes us to tattoo chef a lot of folks are wondering oh boy tattooed chef earnings are coming up am i worried about what tattooed chef could report for numbers i am zero percent worried that does not mean tattoo chef can’t go down the stock could go down for

Whatever reason right i am zero percent worried about the actual fundamentals underlying a tattoo chef all i see a tattoo chef is innovation that’s off the charts the amount of new skus they’re getting out there’s ridiculous the amount of new stores they’re getting into is ridiculous the amount of distribution they’re getting into those stores and getting more and

More excuses ridiculous like i go into a target in arizona which back in december tattooed chef had between two and four skus at that target and just now here we are nine ten months later tattoo chef has 24 skus in the store okay like it’s absolutely extraordinary so as far as me with my worries around tattoo chef not at all in the other big thing when it comes to

Tattooed chef his tattooed chef stock trades at a price to sales ratio of somewhere around seven to eight the growth rates are off the charts for tattooed chef like it’s hard to even find growth of beyond meat tattoo chef’s growth is through the roof and is expected to be so for as many years as you can possibly see five ten years out right never mind the scale

That that this company’s innovative i mean look at their frozen food opportunities in front of themselves and they’re already talking about getting into snacks healthy healthy uh different items right and um you know that that are not that are not even on the freezer aisle so you just think about that the scale this company is building out to the the fundamentals

Of the company i’m zero percent worried about earnings for this company i’m zero percent worried about guidance or anything like that like i said the stock could fall for any reason if a bunch of shareholders decide they want to sell yeah i can hurt the stock right but in terms of my worries around the fundamentals of the tattoo chef i’m zero percent worried about

This company and if there’s any weakness in the stock price i’ll gladly pick up shares beyond me you know if there’s any if there’s a bunch more weakness and that stock hits 70 or 60 maybe i’m interested in buying it this stock tattoo chef i bought some shares here today if if the stock fell in any meaningful way i’ll buy a ton more shares this company i’m zero

Percent worried about the underlying fundamentals beyond meat has true problems with their underlying fundamentals of companies clearing the numbers and it’s clear in the results and it’s clear and the lack of innovation there so anyways guys just want to cover that real quick for you and i’m sure there’s a lot of people that were curious about my opinion on this

Because there are two companies that both are in the plant-based food space anyways guys much love as always don’t forget to join us in the private stock group for your free 7-day trial that will be ping comment down there don’t forget to smash appreciate it guys appreciate you being here much love as always have a great day

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rich tv live interviewed by depa



Cryptocurrencies cannabis stocks and ceo interviews from day one how did you get started on youtube and what were you first talking about cuz i know a lots changed from your channel since the start so what inspired you to be on youtube and how did you get started well it’s nice to be here thank you for having me and i’m very excited to share my story with you

And everyone that’s watching a little for the world my background actually is in radio and television broadcasting that’s what i went to college for i went to humber college for radio and television broadcasting in ontario toronto yeah yeah and that’s where i’m from we the north let’s go wraps and yeah so always went to school because i wanted to be a radio and

Television broadcaster i always wanted to get into sports broadcasting that was my dream i actually dropped shadowed michael landsberg who is the host of off the record in grade eight and it was like my dream to be like on tsn talking sport to be honest with you i kind of still have that dream but it’s just been a different road and i started doing youtube videos

Talking sports and i was making videos off of my laptop with my phone wow that’s how i started and then i learned about something called copyright and my channel got shut down and your first few to chandler yes okay it was rich tv and i was talking sports and it was doing actually very well and videos were going viral but i was plagiarizing i was copywriting so

It’s illegal you can’t do that ya know then i started realizing okay i can’t do that that’s not gonna work so i created rich tv live so in 2016 i started doing sports under rich tv and then that channel got shut down and then i created rich tv live in 2000 end of 2016 december 2016 but i started doing videos january 2017 and i started doing stock videos and i got

The idea to just do marijuana stock videos i was watching marijuana stocks for a few years and i was in the cannabis and the public sector buying and selling stocks myself and i’ve been involved as a consultant working for public and private companies for about ten years and i started realizing that these cannabis stocks couldn’t be deposited anywhere and then all

Of a sudden canopy growth was able to be deposited and sold and bought and then or our cannabis was able to be deposited and sold and bought and then all the sudden khronos group and afra and organa gram and i remember this like it was yesterday mm-hmm wasn’t too long ago but the prices of skyrocket so i started buying and talking about cannabis stocks in january

Of 2017 and i called those five stocks the fab five you can actually go back in search rich tv live 2017 and see that i talked about aurora cannabis canopy growth organa graham kronos group and afra those were my fab five actually called them the fab five now that was the start of many big mistakes because i bought thousands of shares of literally all of them and

I was day trading them had i just held them mm-hmm i would be sitting on millions of dollars right now so that was the first mistake but it was you know it was good nonetheless and i had no clue at that point even though i was saying they were gonna explode i actually had no clue they would explode the way they have especially canobie growth and chronos group you

Don’t even exploded thousands of percent so those have been huge successes and i’ve literally watched them grow and then in summer of 2017 spring to summer 2017 cryptocurrency took off i got into cryptocurrency and started talking about cryptocurrency and started talking about bitcoin and ripple i really like triple and aetherium and like coin aetherium classic

Stellar lumens so many different star crypto currencies which are like stocks and i started setting up accounts and learning about cryptocurrency again i got an account at bit trax and quad rica cx wha coin base so i started doing that in the summer of 2017 and then we were doing both cannabis stocks and crypto at the same time yes but i started doing more videos

On cryptocurrency because i felt like it was more in engaging at the time mm-hmm and interesting at the time but i was holding cannabis stocks the whole time i just didn’t focus as much on doing videos about the cannabis stocks i got more into crypto i was really into the crypto i really loved like at one point there was much more hype over crypto than there was

For canvas stocks well for me was new because i had always bought stocks so it wasn’t new for me i was more into the crypto because it was new cuz i had never done it before i didn’t know anything about it i had to get a crypto currency wallet and i had to learn about setting up accounts and i had to learn about buying crypto currencies which is a whole new world

It’s very similar to stocks but it’s very different it’s 10 times more risky and you could lose all your crypto and quadri cos cx is a place where i invested in and they got shut down like the ceo apparently went to india and died but right before he died which is a very interesting whole phenomenon in itself he put together a will and left everything to his wife

And his dog was weird and crazy things happen in the crypto space yeah like ten days before he died he put out a will it’s just very fishy so you know and then apparently he disappeared with like 180 million dollars worth of crypto and he had he’s the only one that had the keys to the crypto so nobody knows his passwords so i had money and crypto currency in

Quadriga cx and i have friends that had a lot more than me and they know what happened to those holders in in that company or that no we all lost we lost everything wow yeah so it’s been like kind of a roller coaster and and i also invested in a bunch of kryptos that went bankrupt and took everybody’s money and we’re scams i learned the hard way there so it’s

Been a crazy ride man so it’s been ups and downs i lost probably close to a hundred thousand us and crypto but i made about a hundred thousand and two thousand seventeen and cannabis talks she’s really kind of balance though at the end of 2017 it was just insane because i was doing crypto and cannabis stocks and everything exploded yeah and i did really well but

Then i lost pretty much everything i invested in crypto because i got involved with a couple kryptos that just turned into just weird scams now there’s so many ics thousands of i seos and yeah and i had to learn the hard way and that sucked so yeah so then you know i kind of got away from the crypto and started focusing more on the stocks in 2018 mm-hmm and that’s

Pretty much what i’ve been doing ever since i just been focusing more on the stocks and now we’ve really kind of morphed into rich tv live is now partnering with the largest or one of the largest marketing firms in canada and we’re going to be really enhancing our professionalism our image we’re going to have more branding we’re gonna have a bigger marketing push

Behind us we’re going to be changing a lot of things like we’re gonna have you know green screens we’re gonna help editing and we’re gonna have you know intros and outros and it’s gonna be more of a different professional look and brand and we’re gonna merge and we’re gonna have group chats and we’re gonna have paid memberships and we’re gonna have paid access

To ceos and interviews and early investors will get the opportunity to invest in companies so there’s a lot more that’s coming we also have a trading academy i work with j lewis trading and we have our own trading academy that we now have members that are joining our trading academy and are doing short trading and options trading and j lewis is here in vancouver

And we have members many members that are joining his boot camp so we’ve really expanded and grown from you know a small channel where is just me and now there’s actually a large membership behind me we have a pretty strong community our telegram is over 800 members and is very vibrant and we’ve also partnered with the cvd company and created a cvd company called

Rich hemp rx so now we have our own cvd company it’s located in phoenix arizona and anyone that wants cbd in america we can distribute cbd and we are also looking for distributors and individuals that want to be a part of our growing company and private and public companies in america that needs cbd so there are so many things that are happening and then if you

Look behind me you’ll see that everything is really white i’m renovating and flipping a property and i’m also involved in the real estate business so for me real estate has always been number one cannabis toxic for me too yeah and and that’s something i know we have a lot in common in that sense and cannabis stocks and stocks in general has always been – for me

And krypto is kind of a third but i’m really kind of still on the sideline like even though i have accounts at bit tricks and i can always get more i’m a little hesitant because of what’s happened with quad rica cx so i still haven’t really gotten heavily involved again yet with krypto but i know a lot of our members within our community here rich tv live are

Heavily involved in bitcoin mod it at three thousand and a thousand so they’ve all doubled like literally in the last couple months so it’s pretty exciting to see members making money and that’s really what this is all about for me is i just want to build something cool and special and have a place where people can come and talk about trending topics exactly you

Know what’s amazing is somebody you know you started your youtube channel what you say two years ago no richie realize about two years old yeah a little bit over two years now it’s amazing what it can turn into just from one person’s vision now you’re doing all this all these up you have all these opportunities and even even myself personally my channels not even

One year old and you know we connected on it was youtube and then you’re one of the first channels you yeah you’re one of the first channels that helped me but you helped me the most out of all the channels and i definitely owe you credit for that and it’s just awesome to see both of our channels grow so in terms of like cannabis investing i guess because a lot

Of people tuned in for cannabis investing just a funny question what was your first cannabis talk that you but wow panama growth gonna be growth at one price $5 that’s awesome and i have a funny story i bought 4,000 shares wow and had i held it i’d be sitting at 260 grand just off that all these folks yeah i had three thousand shares of cronos group at like 2

Bucks now was worth 6 grand and then when i went to 30 it would have been worth 90 so yeah man like i look back now and i just scratched my head i was like huh that wasn’t even too long ago is only two years ago i know right like what was i thinking so you know i’m sitting here saying oh they’re gonna go up they’re gonna go up yeah and i was right and if i just

Held them man and you know what i did make money on them so i can’t like kick myself i just kind of you know what i was doing i sold my cannabis stocks and then i was buying crypto you know and yeah man i’m just kind of kicking myself about some of them i mean they exploded so much i don’t think any of us really predicted that much growth well you know it’s funny i

Did i did say that i felt these cannabis stocks would go to 110 rate did mm-hm and canopy growth will mm-hmm i always believe that aurora will at one day at some point and i believe other companies like zen abyss will one day get there so and probably companies like village farms and suniva you know i believe there’s a lot of companies that will get there obviously

Gw farmers or you know it’s close to 200 so this is a crazy industry it’s exciting to be a part of it i never anticipated i would be in this industry like this me you know yeah and i’m excited to be a part of you know working with you too and i know you’re saying that you know i helped you a lot and i appreciate that thank you that you’re even saying that but you

Also helped me a lot too so i want you to realize that and i appreciate that so you know i look at you as a partner all right i think that you know i like working with you and i think we’ve done a lot of good collaborations and those guys have lots of views and i think we can continue to do a lot of work together in the future and hopefully we can do more videos

Like this yeah for sure i love that so to wrap this up like future plans over the next six to twelve months or even into the future do you have anything to say for the viewers or what’s your goals for the channel going like from here on in we just want to keep bringing good companies good content i want to be able to be a major player in the cbd space i want

Our investors and our members to be involved in the cbd game you can do that through rich tv live now we want our members and investors to be involved in the sector we think it’s a very fast exciting growing sector we also want to be on the pulse of everything that’s trending whether it’s trending topics whether it’s cannabis stocks cryptocurrency travel sports

Entertainment we want to just be a place that people can come and they can talk about what’s on their mind they can have an opinion and they won’t be ridiculed or they won’t be put down for their opinion we want to create an we want to create a platform where people can come give their opinion and they can have intelligent conversations yeah i think a friendly

Environment is great because there’s so much there’s so much toxic like there’s just so much toxic energy out there on youtube and the comments and some certain channel streams that you know it’s nice to have a channel where you can just come and there’s positivity and you don’t shouldn’t be afraid to say something if you want to ask a question i think that’s very

Important because then it will grow organically i mean it but of course it has to be moderated because there’s just there’s always gonna be some negativity out there but i mean that’s what i’m trying to build as well you know keep the community under control keep it positive and that’s difficult because the bigger we get the bigger you get and you’re starting to

See this and i’m seeing this and i’ve seen it for a while the more issues you have with just egos yeah right and then everyone has their own agenda so when guys are coming into your room or they’re going into your community a lot of times they’ve got you know stock that they which is fine which they want to go up because they’ve invested in it of course this is

Why i always say to people don’t make an investment just because you heard about it here always do diligence always do your research before you invest in anything because at the end of the day everybody has their own agenda even myself i have my own agenda course about zen abyss a lot i own it and i like it and i believe long-term it’s gonna go up but i can’t

Control it i can’t guarantee it’s gonna go up i hope it does i believe it will but i can’t guarantee that it will so this is why i say to people don’t go and buy something just because you heard it here because i don’t have that type of pull you know i’m not kramer i’m not buffett i’m just rich tv maybe one day we’ll be there but we’re not there yet you know in

Two years we haven’t built to that level i believe we have a strong community it’s growing i think it’s an intelligent community we have a lot of good smart intelligent people in our community i know you do as well i think it’s important that we keep our community focused and i think that that’s our job as leaders of our communities to keep our our communities

Focused and sometimes it’s difficult and we have to make tough decisions and i hope people don’t take it personal like if someone comes into my group chat and they’re pushing a stock you know i need you to understand you know we’re not that place we’re not you know if you want to talk about why if stock is good or why you really like a stock that’s great but you

Should never try to tell anyone what price to buy or sell a stock if you’re not licensed 1% i got a go all right well make sure to subscribe to receive you live subscribe to the fighters capital and we’ll see you guys soon cheers bye-bye

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6 things i definitely wont accom

6 Things I Definitely Won’t Accomplish By 30 | The Financial Diet

The list of milestones we want to accomplish by 30 is a long and varied one. In this week’s episode, Chelsea talks about the six milestones she’s definitely not hitting. Still trying to accomplish those money goals? Check out this video:

And this week’s video is brought to you by metro mile. that i am definitely not going to accomplish by the age of 30. just enough time to actively think about the person you want or don’t do certain things that we thought we were going to do, obviously, for a long time we’ve had diets that are, less around eating less generally and more about being there are diets which

Center the blame on nearly every illness and availability of junk foods, processed foods, and things and cut something out because i wanted fewer toxins. and while i’m not the type of person to ever say never and being honest with yourself about that is very important. that it is what you want and something you’re ready for. i had set for myself when i was younger don’t

Have to matter many times that i suffer from adult acne and rosacea i have never once filmed a video without at least a little bit and like most of us who had bad skin as a teenager, is cut out dairy, because i love cheese and ice cream too much. i might be the only 80-year-old in the retirement village is that it’s taught me that almost everyone is dealing that i have to

Use things like concealer or foundation do have to wear makeup that you’re somehow more superficial this russian roulette i have to play in the bathroom while i do admit there is a slight twinge of feeling like, not only because the house needs time to appreciate in value, but again, they don’t mean that buying a home is a bad thing. a lot of us received these big, sweeping

Statements about what i actually know several people even just personally over the last three-ish years to change my wardrobe just think like a lot of foofy colorful dresses and patterns to curate my wardrobe into more neutral things that where people are buying more clothing items than ever we can be exposed to thousands and thousands of people who while an important and

Useful way to communicate myself i am as a person and can only do a little bit of the legwork even as recently as this year, that somehow magically it really comes down to the fact that i feel like i to go back to school because my brain doesn’t really i just don’t think that i’m in the right place in my life the less you can enjoy and appreciate and curate it and one bill

You could cut way down tomorrow by doing it right that covers you the same amount each month, whether you need it jersey, and virginia, with most states planned for addition learn more or get started today with metro mile at the link

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6 Things I Definitely Won't Accomplish By 30 | The Financial Diet By The Financial Diet

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how to maximize 5 utilities cash

How to Maximize 5% Utilities Cash Back

Credit cards have this annoying rotating categories and sometimes you might get lucky with a 5% cash back on utilities. Some may want to load up and prepay their utilities to take advantage of this 5% but how much benefit do you really get? There are some credit cards that offer 5% changeable categories that includes utilities. I share some tips and tricks on how to maximize this benefit where you can just charge your card one time, get the 5% back, and not worry about it the rest of the year.

How’s it going everybody this is beat the bush today i’m gonna talk about how you can maximize your 5% cash back on utilities if you guys are on top of this cashback game you’ll know that discover at credit card as well as chase freedom sometimes have these rotating categories that has 5% cash back on utilities because they’re on this rotating category you may not

Have access to this 5% cash back on utilities all year round now personally i do have this credit card called the u.s. bank cash plus card to have a 5% category on utilities but you have to choose it every single quarter sometimes i might miss choosing it every quarter because you know life happens i get busy so then if i have the bill on auto payment into this card

Then if i ever miss out on choosing a particular quarter then i’m gonna miss out on this 5% now all these credit cards i’m talking about 5% is generally the highest as i ever see it for utilities if you’ve been watching my channel you probably already have a wealth front cash account that gets you two point five seven percent interest now why do i bring this up

Because sometimes you might think about oh why don’t i prepay into my utilities account so that you can get this five percent but there is a thing working against you because if you have this chunk of cash put into your utilities then you’re not getting your two point five seven percent interest in your cash savings account now throwing another wrench into this

Two point five seven percent you have to pay taxes on this interest on you earned so let’s say estimate about twenty five percent tax then the net effect of interest that you’re getting is really one point nine two percent in effect you can look at it as getting a three point oh eight percent gain by pre paying into your utilities so so far what do we have five

Percent cashback on some credit card that may not happen every single quarter two point five seven percent savings if you don’t put this into your utilities and instead you save it instead and collect interest one point nine two percent if you consider tax that you have to pay on this interest rate the net effect is three point oh eight percent gain like i said

Before now i’m gonna consider pg&e because this is my local utilities company you have to pay one dollar and thirty five cents for each credit card transaction but this is okay because it’s a fixed small amount and can consider it sort of amortized if you pay a lot of money into your pg&e bill based on my experience with prepaying into utilities sometimes

You cannot prepay if you have a negative balance already for example pg&e does not do this so here it is if you prepay about $300 into your pg&e account 3.08 times three minus one point three five it means you’re gonna get about seven dollars and 89 cents you just do this just once and then you just ignore it until you know your creditors are all used

Up you’re gonna get about $8 which is not bad for you know about five ten minutes where to work if you double this is $600 you’re gonna end up getting about seventeen dollars and thirteen cents just from doing this single transaction and you know this is just money saved that you do not have to pay into pg&e you’re gonna get it back in terms of a cash back in

Your credit card this money is money that you’re gonna spend anyway because it’s in your utilities this amount will essentially multiply depending on how big your utility bill is mine personally is about fifty dollars a month so i opted to pay about one year in advance so this is about six hundred dollars worth of credits that i’m going to put in there that i feel

Comfortable just kind of having it lay around in the account rather than in my savings account i do realize that a lot of people do not just have this amount of cash laying around this is why it’s so important to have an emergency fund waiting around six months to one year then you can just take a small amount of this and go well i’m gonna spend this anyway in over

The next year paying into my utility so why don’t i just prepay into my utilities and save myself another seventeen dollars and thirteen cents now i want to say this is kind of triple dipping because i already covered my electric bill in couple videos ago so doing this five percent cash back is gonna net me about a dollar fifty four cash back i have this grid tie

Solar rig that is partially compensating for the amount of electricity that i use is enemy it’s gonna give me about eight dollars back i also get about ten to forty dollars cash back in omak depending on the time of the year in the summer is a little bit better in the winter is not as good but this is only for california and texas only they pay you to optionally

Reduce your electricity usage during these single hours that scheduled in advance this is so that they do not have to use these picker power plants which happens to be a lot more dirtier than their regular power plants if you’re able to do reduce your electric usage then they pay you a certain amount in terms of points and then you can cash this out into actual

Cash into your paypal account i do have a referral link for this i’ve been using this for over a year if you sign up for this account you can get $10 right away now with all this i’m essentially triple dipping into my pg&e bill essentially i am kind of nulling it out and i do not have to pay anything for a month month thanks for watching this video this 5%

Utility cash back will also work for your water bill your trash bill and other utilities bills that you have i just got brand new t-shirts in the previous one i designed there was a honey badger and it says infinite ocation with an infinite loop as a symbol now i got a brand new one that’s professionally designed infinite vacation this one says don’t buy you don’t

Need it and kind of funny alright because it says don’t buy and then if you buy a t-shirt that says don’t buy it’s kind of like an oxymoron here’s a better view of it don’t but you don’t need it and the other one now this one’s kind of like my previous t-shirt but i’ll still leave a link down in the video description below you can see it’s kind of like the softer

Type of material actually i find myself saying don’t buy it you don’t need it a lot to my friends because when i’m at some random store and then they’re just selling a bunch of you know stuff like souvenirs and stuff usually i just don’t buy any of it and then you know i kind of just want to say this so if i were to wear this t-shirt then you know i kind of mix it

An even bigger statements like don’t don’t buy it i think this t-shirt really encapsulates what i think day to day there are a lot of things that you do not need to buy and you might actually think well you don’t need to buy this t-shirt at all well you might just think that if you actually have too many t-shirts already and maybe you don’t want to support this

Channel or anything well you know you don’t have to buy this t-shirt at all if you do buy i consider it as a support for this channel thanks for watching this video don’t forget to give me a like comment down below let me know what you think of these t-shirts and as always don’t forget to push that subscribe button and ring that bell icon thanks for watching

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How to Maximize 5% Utilities Cash Back By BeatTheBush

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7 money habits that are red flag

7 Money Habits That Are Red Flag Behaviors

Money affects all the relationships in your life. Whether you’re living at home with family to save money, navigating friendships with different income levels, or figuring out how to approach the topic of money with your significant other, these are some of the biggest financial red flags to watch out for.

It’s chelsea from the financial diet, and as some of you we have come up with a new set for the tuesday show, internet sleuths might crop in super hard on my bookshelf when it comes specifically to romantic relationships, about 80% of americans say they don’t communicate it in your relationships so you know how to recognize them, which is part of the reason why one of our

Key pieces of advice now, of course, when it comes to loaning money to people, is roommates, which is why it’s so important that all roommates of the rent and you can’t afford to pay it all yourself. but that’s still going to be a mark on your records and they don’t, sometimes it can feel really awkward now, this one is way more common than i think most of us stated that

They have overspent at one time or another of genuine misunderstanding, but if you’re constantly to impress someone, that’s a red flag, too, and a really common it can feel like, why the hell would you put a bunch of money that’s a red flag about your relationship with that person. and if you’re with someone who’s financial means are and not being honest about when you

Can’t is a big red flag. because let’s say you’re with a partner who likes to treat you probably done with money that was at least partially yours. that you guys can comfortably afford to spend without making without you, even if it comes in an exciting package. with without feeling that they have to get your approval that making these kind of big spending decisions

Without you who doesn’t have a healthy relationship with how they needed to know the implications of these purchases, on a similar note, number 4 is keeping important paperwork this can include things like your lease or mortgage, or this could be a spouse who doesn’t give you access from you is almost always a sign of a much bigger problem. a gambling problem, basically

Any problem that they it is great to have spending rules that you both agree is setting ground rules for you that don’t apply to them. with their money, or if they’re the sole breadwinner, that maybe you weren’t perfectly honest with each other without necessarily setting different rules for you. to get into when partners don’t earn equal amounts of money for example, if

Both parties are working a full-time job and the natural feeling of guilt that some people experience separate and is easily accessible to the individual with, if you don’t have the sufficient funds to move so in addition to setting out clear financial ground rules situation is, it’s so important to have access to that money with only around 37% of people able to correctly

Answer for example, with a spouse, having an intrinsic knowledge but remember that in a couple where your finances are shared and not treating you as a valued member of that partnership who were not taught a lot about managing their own finances so you need to make sure that your partner is someone a good partner is one who always wants to help you learn, and do some research

About what these red flags entail, comfortable being honest about your financial realities,

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7 Money Habits That Are Red Flag Behaviors By The Financial Diet

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