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the stock market is so annoying


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The stock market is absolutely annoying me i’m at a very big frustration level with the stock market right now and i want to kind of go into detail why the stock market has me kind of in this annoyed mood at the moment guys and i’m sure a lot of you are feeling the same way as i am so i think it’s good to kind of discuss these emotions every once in a while and

Kind of go over some numbers with you guys all right now first i want to take a look at what the stock market is doing today what particular stocks are doing stock market is a rough day out there the dow’s down around 350 points then the sp500 standing around 40 points that nasdaq is was down around two and a half percent all right now in terms of shares i either

Own or i track let’s look at some of these that are down big today facebook we have down nearly three percent today we have alibaba down around four percent today rough day there we have tesla shares down five and a half percentage it’s almost at its lows that a hit when the holy on must situation came out and you is down over three percent here today we have

Google mcdougald down nearly four percent today rough day there for google we have a line technology down over five percent we have roku down nearly eight percent today rough day therefore roku wynn resorts is down over three percent nvidia down over three percent snapchat down over five percent but that’s just a normal day for snapchat shares by do the google of

China is down over three percent today we have a excellus tech down nearly six percent today shopify down over seven percent today it is a rough day for a lot of stocks out there amazon down over two and a half percent today nearly $50 per share amd down over three percent today we have twitter down over three percent today activision blizzard down over three

And a half percent today we have netflix down over four percent today okay so some rough it’s just a rough rough day out there for the stock market for anyone who owns equities out there it’s certainly not the fifth day in the world all right no here we go so this is kind of gets into the start of it here so just this past week we had the new gdp numbers come

Out and it was a 4.2 percent gain the fastest rise in nearly four years all right nearly four years is a very strong number there all right so right off the bat we can see that the economy is very strong right now gdp is very strong some of the strongest we’ve had in years and they’re talking about in the back half we could hit numbers that maybe we haven’t hit

In decades okay that that’s like crazy to think about okay so let’s keep that in mind the yield on the benchmark ten-year treasury note could reach as high as three and a half percent if friday september’s jobs data shows worker wages continue to rise according to wall street’s jim paulson we probably put wages over three percent then you’re probably looking at

Somewhere between three and a quarter percent and three and a half percent on the 10-year yield he says the bureau of labor statistics reported last month that the average hourly earnings rose by an annualized rate of two point nine percent in august the highest number in since 2009 so nearly a decade all right and then this news just came out here today factory

Orders up 2.3 percent in august versus 2.1 percent was expected therefore factory orders so some things who who could take new account here’s you know they’re talking about treasury yields you may be yielding somewhere around three and a half percent at some point toward the end of this year or going into next year first thing my thoughts around that okay is if

An individual out there and i’m gonna take money out of the stock market and put it in tea bills i really have to be getting at least like six percent of plus at that point in time okay still at a three percent of three and a half percent if you if you say the stock market on average goes up around eight percent per year right around eight percent per year you

Ought to get somewhere close to that tea bills are pretty much guaranteed but at the same time like i need to get some type of return that’s pretty close to what an average stock market return can be right so so that’s my opinion there but we know the economy’s booming okay so what do we know what are the facts what are the facts and then what is a situation that

Has been so annoyed with where we’re at with the stock market right now the factual things we know we know gdp is booming all right like we just talked about we’re hitting the strongest numbers we’ve had in years and we have the possibility of hitting some of the strongest numbers we have had in decades okay now that is like you know we’re in a very good economic

Situation okay unemployment is extremely low it’s arguably almost as low as you can possibly get it well while still having you know some people that are out of the workforce there are always be some individuals out of the workforce you know for a certain amount of time just because you know the company has layoffs or maybe they dropped out of the workforce now

They want to get back in so they’re searching for a job something like that okay so there’s there’s like you know they say you really can never drop below like a three percent number a three and a half percent number and that’s probably factual but we know unemployment is extremely low right now all right we know company profits are a booming company profits i’ve

Just skyrocketed this year part of it is definitely the the whole you know tax cuts on corporations that’s definitely a big piece of it but another piece of it is just most big businesses out there have expended their companies huge this year and we have seen profits rise substantially revenues rise substantially for almost every single company out there like if

Your profits aren’t booming your revenue is not booming this year then then and i don’t know what your you could do good in honestly so company profits are booming and we see wages increasing all right we see wages increasing that’s part of the reason why they think you know the t bills are gonna go up wages increasing is a very good thing for the economy and my

Personal opinion you say well that hurts company profits a little bit here and there yeah but at the same time you can say well if people have more money in their pocket they’re making more money they’re likely to go out and spend that money okay so which helps companies profits in the end so it’s kind of a whole system that works together alright so there’s a

Factual information we know that’s a factual information the economy is unbelievably strong right now i have no reason to believe that’s not true all right now the situation that has me really annoyed with where the stock market is at as the stock market right now is acting like sometimes numbers don’t matters this is kind of like numbers don’t matter sometimes

Whatever company’s doing it’s just kind of looking the other way and it’s like we don’t care about care about that situation okay the face of this the face of this in my opinion is one of the stocks i own and then we could go through a thousand examples of different stocks that that would fit the same criteria is i’m gonna go through with this particular stock

This stock is named toll brothers okay this is one of the nine or ten stocks i own and this one is the face of wall street looking at and saying numbers don’t matter for stock we don’t care what they do okay this company has great current numbers this is the companies you know most recent numbers we’re phenomenal the company’s guidance was a very very strong okay

So the company’s previous numbers are are great the company what they’re expected in the upcoming quarter is great okay they have a very very low valuation on that company in the economy is in a perfect situation for this company to thrive right cuz you got a thing about toll brothers a homebuilder well if everybody’s unemployed and everybody’s wages are going down

And no one feels confident about the economy and gdp is horrible those are usually pretty bad things for the housing market right because who wants to go out there and buy a house especially a high on a high-end house if they’re not feeling good about their economic situation if they’re unemployed if people around them are unemployed if their wages are going down

If their hours are going down all those type of things okay so right now if you look at this company named toll brothers it’s the face of kind of this this annoying thing that’s going on in the stock market right now where wall street will look at a company and if even if their company are great even if their valuation is low even if their guidance is great even if

The whole system around that is in a strong position it will look at that it’ll just like penalize it and put it into this box if we don’t want to buy that stock for whatever reason out there and that’s the kind of situation that toll brothers is that once again we could go through a million different stock setter in these exact situations i’m talking about has a

Fairly low valuation has a situation where the current numbers are great the guidance is great right which the numbers is what’s supposed to dictate where a stock goes over time right you know how strong are those numbers how weak of those numbers things like that and where’s that company valued at and the economy strong and so you look at this right now and the

Stock market is in a really annoying place where it’s just it wants to give it wants to give its opinion on where stocks might go right now but it’s not taking into account any of the economic numbers any of the numbers behind these companies i’m just seeing it from come after company out there there are a few companies that the numbers are great right now in the

Company the stocks being rewarded there are a few stocks like that apple is one of them that comes to mind that’s the stock that you know has amazing numbers right now in the stock has been rewarded but when i look out that just kind of stocks in general there are countless stocks right now that have great earnings great guidance great things going for the company

And yet their stocks being down like it’s a trash company and they’re never going to grow again it’s just like a garbage company at the end of the day and so i’m seeing that countless times across the stock market right now and so here in the short term we’re just kind of in this annoying period now i’ve been buying stocks unbelievably heavy the last three six

Months i prolly i’ve probably deployed around six figures just in the past three six months into stocks i’m talking new money – okay not old money new money into stocks in just the past three six months so it’s good from a buying perspective when i look at things but at the same time it’s frustrating when i see all these companies at my other i own or others own

And they’re they’re right on about the bullish cases on these some of these companies and yet their stocks are absolutely torn up okay and you’ve gotta you’ve got to always judge a certain amount off the numbers kids just be uh well there’s something could happen that company someday it’s like like you know you could look at jcpenney stock right jcpenney stock is a

Stock dead the numbers are horrible i think that company is pretty much done they’re going bankrupt but you could go on the contrary side and say whoa jc penney’s maybe though they’ll turn it around so let me buy jcpenney stock or something like that right you could say that you would go with that but then you’ve got look at the numbers and say why would you ever

Want to do something like that right so you know the stock market is in an annoying place it’s frustrating it’s frustrating for me not just with my positions but to see others you know and make really good investment decisions but here in the short term they’re just being absolutely destroyed by some of these stocks despite you know that company having great numbers

Beating on earnings beating on revenues beating on you know what the company’s guidance is and all those type of things and you know they have a low valuation already and it’s like what do you know what can we do to pick some money out there so it’s a hard time to actually make some money in the stock market right now it’s not the the best time in terms of uh you

Know well in terms of what companies are reporting versus where actual stock prices are going generally speaking of companies are you know our boom in the earnings are phenomenal you’re gonna see the dow and s&p just flying up and right now we’re just kind of stuck in this this twenty four thousand a twenty six five number in the dow right now and i feel like

We’ve been kind of stuck here since basically february and we just like like like it’s just an annoying little stock market right now does it doesn’t want to make up his mind it doesn’t want to explode higher i think a lot of people right now we’re scared that you know maybe this is a top maybe we can’t grow the economy anymore maybe company’s profits have topped

Here we’re only gonna go down from here you know a lot of people are scared like that we’ll see what happens over time you know there’s really no limit to how good things can get how bad things can get you know and by the way a lot of times people when the economy goes south is funny because people don’t ever put a bottom on things people say oh yeah it’s got to

Get a lot worse oh yeah we’re going to go to you know depression and whatnot i heard that a lot when we’re going through the great recession and you know when things are bad if people put no limits on how bad we can go but yeah when things are good people say oh it’s not gonna get any better than this this is as good as it’s gonna get it’s like why put a top on

Things but yeah you don’t put a bottom on things it doesn’t make sense so anyways i want to know your guy’s opinion down there in that comment section are you frustrated with the stock market here in the short term are you taking advantage of buying some great companies out there i would love to hear from you guys in that comment section thank you for watching and have a great day

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is starbucks stock a buy starbuc

Is Starbucks Stock a Buy? | Starbucks Stock! | Starbucks!

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Good day subscribers thank you so much for joining me today i am jeremy and this is a financial education channel in today we’re talking about starbucks we’re talking is starbucks stock a buy right now guys now this video i’ve been requested from quite a few you guys and in the news lately the starbucks has been in the news because their ceo has stepped down from

That ceo position mr. howard schultz just a legendary businessman you know self-made billionaire he just stepped down from ceo a couple days ago in compound with a lot of you guys requesting for me to break down the stock and just thought this would be a great one to break down so first off we’re going to act like we don’t know what starbucks says what is starbucks

Starbucks is a premier roaster marketer in retailer of specialty coffees in the world operating in 68 countries now for either you guys who do not understand what starbucks is they get the majority of their business from their retail stores which are or basically they serve you fancy coffee or just regular coffee or frappuccinos iced lattes all those kinds of things

They also serve some food items they have like egg sandwiches they have coffee cakes all those types of sweet things honey buns all those yummy things that’s what starbucks is that’s where it gets in the majority of its revenue in profits from it does have some other smaller businesses which is like you know licensing their products so they can use the starbucks

Name on things where they sell in grocery stores they also own the team vana brand the tazo tea brand seattle’s best coffee so any of those products you might see in your local grocery store those are all licenses of starbucks so starbucks brings in revenue and brings in profits from all those brands as well but the majority of their revenue the majority of their

Profits by far they get from starbucks little stores that serve coffee basically and food items so that’s where they get their money from now let’s look at some things here guys so company operated store data i thought this was very interesting so these are company operated stores they have 7500 stores in the united states alone now all attention to on this list

Is the united states and china china they only have a thousand stores now let’s go ahead and let’s look at the licensed stores licensed stores they have just under five thousand in the us by the way we’re looking at all the way on the right-hand column at these numbers guys all the way on the right almost five thousand stores in the us licensed stores as well so

That puts them you know around thirteen thousand stores in the united states and then they have only seven hundred and eighty-five in china so they have basically less than two thousand basically less than two thousand restaurants or stores or whatever you want to call them in china currently versus you know the united states has upwards a thirteen fourteen thousand

The reason i highlight this guys is because the opportunity in china is huge for starbucks you know howard schultz you know in so many interviews he talks about china and how china has a potential to be a bigger market for starbucks than the united states i absolutely agree with this you know in ten years from now i would not be surprised if they if they have more

Revenue and profits actually coming from china in the united states it’s simple you know the law of large numbers china is much less competitive in this space which is the united states is getting more competitive we’ll talk about that in a little bit and then with the amount of chinese people that are moving into the middle class which are starbucks core customers

That makes the opportunity in china huge you know we’re looking at a middle class in china that will be double the size of the united states here within the next decade so you know all this adds up and it it bodes very well for china so china you know is just a huge growth market for starbucks guys something to definitely keep an eye on and china is gonna be very

Important in their whole growth story so they get seventy three percent of their revenue from beverages seventy three percent of their revenue from beverages the other 19 percent comes from food now they’ve always served things like coffee cakes and all those kinds of things you know bagels they serve things like that for quite a while but they have been getting

Into the the egg sandwiches all those kinds of things guys were you know they’re kind of competing against maybe the mcdonald’s of the world they’re a little more expensive but they’re kind of competing in that space i was at starbucks actually earlier this week i had lunch at starbucks i had one of their egg sandwiches it was all right they got work to do if

They’re gonna make that that revenue into like a 50/50 split if they want to get that anywhere close to a 50/50 split they got a lot of work to do in food but they’re they’re focusing on it and they’re focusing very hard on it and i wouldn’t be surprised if some day that the revenue is split 50/50 you know half coming from beverages half coming from food we’ll

See all that plays out that’s another huge growth opportunity for starbucks if they can start converting these people that just go in for a coffee to start getting food that’s a big big opportunity for them now now we’re in the risk factors section of the 10k the annual report we learn the risk factors and i’m highlighting two risk factors here on this page for you

Guys the first one is we face intense competition in each of our channels and markets which could lead to reduce profitability that’s number one and then number two we are highly dependent on financial performance of our america’s operating segment our financial performance is highly dependent on our america’s operating segment which is comprised of approximately

69 percent of total revenue so let’s start off with that last one we just talked about their 69% of their revenues coming from the americas that’s a huge need for them to diversify and that leads into the top one which is we may face intense competition and that could lead to lower profitability in the united states i see the competitive landscape in starbucks is

Business getting more and more competitive i see more and more mom-and-pop type coffee shops opening up in competing in this space i see the older competitors like the coffee bean and whatnot trying to come in and try to take a little bit of market share away from starbucks i see the coffee space just getting more and more competitive out here on the west coast we

Have a brand that’s expanding called dutch bros and absolutely touch bros is taken starbucks ass in every market that i’ve ever been into the dutch bros lines are much longer than the starbucks lines and there’s there’s so much hyper on this dutch bros brand that i think this is a huge huge competitor that starbucks needs to watch out for dutch bros keep an eye on

That if you guys have never heard of it you will one day believe me you will hear about this dutch rose i have so many friends that post pictures on facebook well dutch rose i drink it every time we go to let’s say arizona you know when i’m visiting family out there whatnot yeah dutch rose out there i always go to dutch bros over starbucks because you get way more

Product and it’s just freakin better as no other way about it and i’m i’m a pretty hardcore starbucks customer and so they win me over and so i just see the united states getting more and more competitive when 69% of your revenue is coming from the americas segment that’s not a good thing for starbucks so starbucks needs to keep competing harder they need to keep

Innovating they need to keep pushing food revenues because that is a space where they can definitely grow let’s go ahead and now we’re looking at this next risk factor here in the 10k section which is the loss of key personnel or difficulties recruiting or retaining qualified personnel could adversely impact our business and financial results well what just happened

A couple days ago howard schultz the ceo he has now stepped down here’s the article here howard schultz a self-made billionaire and starbucks longtime chairman and ceo announced on thursday that he is stepping away from the role of chief executive for the second time in 16 years the move is almost certain to fan speculation that he’s gonna do a potential you know

Political office run who knows about that that’s rumors but the next paragraph here starbucks said thursday afternoon that schultz will give up his ceo title and become executive chairman on april 3rd 2017 so about three four months from now schultz said thursday that will focus on developing and expanding starbucks reserve roastery is a new strategic initiative

For the coffee giant now guys i’m gonna put up some pictures here of these new i guess you’d call it starbucks reserved type restaurants they’re gonna have or the technical term for them a starbucks reserve roastery z– now on your screen now you’re gonna see some of these pictures and wow this place is freaking epic they are monstrous places they’re they’re like

I guess you could call them like a super upscale huge type bar you know what you know someone that drinks high-end wines might go do or something but this is on such a huge scale and it’s all focused around coffee and some of these coffees can run upwards of $12 for a cup of coffee at this place but i think this is a huge good move in my opinion of starbucks and

I think this is something they need to for sure try to expand on and i think it’s good that he is focusing on this brand specifically because there’s not a lot to focus on as far as the starbucks brand goes the stores are pretty much all built out at least in the united states the united states says not a lot more places you can put starbucks let’s be honest guys

They have 13 14 thousand stores here already not a lot more places in the united states you can put them internationally we talked about that china has huge potential net brand pretty much runs itself well you just need you know the managers to watch over everybody and then this manager to watch over that manager so on and so forth that pretty much runs itself

This new initiative i think is a huge opportunity here because starbucks has a chance to take things to the next level right now starbucks is the same old starbucks that we saw 20 years ago which was really creative and really innovative 20 years ago guys when this came out i remember being a kid and if you went to starbucks i was like the coolest thing ever and

It was really neat experience and you know you were lucky to even get a spot to sit down in the store but if you did it was like a cool experience she sat back and talked with your friends and whatnot and rinca you know at that time was probably $3 frappuccino or whatever now it’s like five or six bucks and that was the experience and that was really cool at the

Time now that’s everybody everybody offers added free wi-fi you know the coffee bean does and every other coffee shop mom-and-pop coffee shop all these little chains they all offer that type of experience for the same amount of money because it’s damn profitable when you can make a drink for 50 75 cents and sell it for five bucks as far as the cost of what actually

Goes into that drink so a huge opportunity for starbucks as far as this new brand goes because it’ll take things way to the next level they’re way more expensive stores but if they’re getting women we’re profits from these in taking things to the next level then the profits will end up coming to them when you’re selling coffee for $12 a cup or whatever they have

The chance at with this new place i think it’s a huge opportunity guys i’m happy to see there they’re trying to expand on this and we’ll see what happens if they can make this a success this will change starbucks whole growth model from just being a you know we’re getting into food and we’re expanding in china and some of the emerging markets – okay we got this new

Brand that we can actually take across the united states and kill off all this other competition we have coming from other places because it would it would if they can make that successful next up the performance graph over the last five years of course you know when looking at investment the past doesn’t matter all that much but i thought this would be fun to show

You guys you know if you had $100 invest in 2010 in starbucks it would now be worth as of you know september of 2015 it would have been worth just under five hundred dollars first as if you invested that in sp it would be over a little over around two hundred dollars so you can see here guys this is another company that this is why it pays to be a stock picker and a

Good stock picker if you had seen the vision of starbucks and you’ve seen this growth coming ahead you could have played this you could invest in this and made five times your money in five years that’s why it pays to be a stock picker versus just investing in the stock market as a whole because looking the s&p yeah you would have doubled your money that’s not

That that’s nothing to sneeze at doubling your money in five years you know if you were to or excuse me that’s actually if you invested in the nasdaq the s&p 500 actually you wouldn’t even have doubled your money you would have about 187 dollars before you had a hundred dollars so you can see you guys it pays to be a stock picker if you can do it right you can

Make a lot of a lot of money in a very short span of time five years it’s not that long so now we’re looking at some of these sales growth they have here now this is just comparable store sales so this has nothing to do with like revenue being up from new stores and what now this is comparable store sales so stores that were open at least a year how much did their

Sales go up or down in the next year so we’re looking all the way the left hand side here september 27 2015 that year the 52 weeks america’s sales growth of 7% extremely strong they’re fighting off the competition very well in north america so far look at china sales up 9% comparable store sales i want to reiterate that this is comparable store sales up 9% over

All the you know sales are up 7% so we see here guys that they’re fighting off the competition real good so far in north america now i think it’s going to get more competitive as the years go on as far as regular starbucks brand goes but there right now they’re kicking butt and they’re fighting them off good they’re growing the business and china 9% store sales

Imagine once they get all these these starbucks built out in china holy smokes that’s gonna be a beast for them now let’s go ahead and look at that income statement here guys so all the way on the right hand side we have 2013 all the way on the left hand side we have 2015 they did eleven point seven billion dollars in in company operated stores revenue in 2013 they

Did over 15 billion last year total net revenues which is a few lines down there they did fourteen point eight billion in 2013 versus 19 point 1 billion in last year so great growth great growth very impressive when you’re a company that size now we’re gonna look toward the bottom here at the eps earnings per share basic they went from a dollar 37 in 2014 to last

Year they did a dollar 84 so we can see here guys they’re growing revenues very nice and they’re growing in net net profits you know eps earnings per share they’re growing at it even a better rate even a better rate than there are growing than they’re growing revenues so this income statement i’m very impressed with is starbucks is a big company when you can grow

Like that and you’re in the restaurant game that’s very impressive very impressive let’s look at the balance sheet now we’re just focusing on 2015 here which is all the way on the left here cash they have 1.5 billion short term investments 81 million long term investments they have 312 million wrongheaded looking at the liabilities now they have long term debt

Of 2.3 billion so i look at their balance sheet here guys on starbucks and i say that’s a decent balance sheet is about average it’s nothing is very impressive i would think they would actually have more cash in investments versus depth and they do they don’t you know so it’s just it’s an okay balance sheet nothing to worry about but at the same time nothing to

Say wow such a great balance sheet not really so or is this company a deal right now their shares are trading at $57 their 52-week range is 50 dollars to 62 dollars so they’re kinda in the middle of that big market cap of 83 billion high p/e ratio 30 p/e ratio for company their size is pretty high dividend yield a little under two percent there so they do pay a

Dividend now they do have a forward p/e of twenty three so obviously they’re expecting and getting much more profitable for me starbucks is not yet quite a buy is it a buy for you guys would you buy starbucks are you currently in own your starbucks you know for me it’s not quite there yet under $50 i’m like oh i’m liking this one and then under $40 absolutely and i

Would really like even be more interested in starbucks and it could become a core position of mine if it drops under $40 it’s a and we can start to see some results come from this new this new initiative that howard schultz is pushing with the whole new you know the amazing coffee experience they’re doing in some of those stores if we can starts to see some results

From that and then expanding to some other cities and then those results are coming in that would make me feel even more comfortable because then it wouldn’t just be a growth story about china and some of the emerging markets and more of a growth story about they have a whole new you know type of restaurant roastery they have going on which could very much expand

Profits and revenues and those kinds of things so i look at starbucks i’m like it’s a it’s a decent stock if you own it are you gonna sell it probably not but i’m just not a buyer not at this level under $50 i’m really gonna be interested under $40 absolutely for sure unless the business was to fall apart which i do not see happening so let me know in the comments

Section what stock you guys would love to see broken down next week i would love to see that hit a thumbs up if you enjoy these videos guys and if you have not subscribed yet you may want and i talked about personal finance on the channel talk about entrepreneur tips i’m an entrepreneur and we talk about the stock market so many times each week including doing

This series every single week so don’t forget to leave me what stock you guys would love to see broken down next week thank you guys and have a great day

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Is Starbucks Stock a Buy? | Starbucks Stock! | Starbucks! By Financial Education

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the stock market finally fell wh

The Stock Market Finally Fell! Why!?

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We’ll just woke up a little over an hour going and i turn on my ipad and i go on the stock tracker rap tonight i say oh my am i still dreaming or is this is this actually happening is the stock market really falling back-to-back days and i’m going through all these stocks i’m like yes there’s red everywhere everything’s red oh my goodness we’re actually getting the

Market to fall it is finally happening oh my goodness dow jones industrial average down five hundred and fifty-seven points here today this would be five hundred down to point one five percent nasdaq down to point three three percent now as i’ve been recording this video though the stock market is still open we’ll see where everything trades out for the rest of the

Day but oh my gosh guys it’s actually happening the markets actually falling yesterday the market fell as well remember yesterday the the market was kind of around breakeven most of day and then rate at the end all sudden started falling big in the dow end up dropping about four hundred and fifty points so that the back-to-back days with a stock market is actually

Down which is a miracle cuz remember just on friday when i was recording that video right basically which was a video where i was point out how ridiculous the market was trading right the nasdaq at that time was up over twenty percent on a one-year chart think it was ridiculous like give me a gimme like a good argument why the nasdaq deserves to be up over twenty

Percent in the past one year you can’t do it what because amazon sales might be a little bit stronger than they would have been without roni roni meanwhile every other company has that’s basically hurting in this whole scenario like like apples not gonna sell as many iphones as they would have without roni roni like why in the world should the nasdaq have been up

20% plus like google ad rates for down like everything’s bad like for almost every single company it’s just because one company benefits a little while you know 100 others fail worse than they could have expected a year ago it doesn’t mean the market should be up 20 plus percent like that was ridiculous dude it’s still ridiculous being up 12.7% in the past one

Year let’s be very clear about that the nasdaq should be down in the past one year there’s no argument that could be made that why the nasdaq just because amazon sales it might be a little bit better and they’re not gonna be dramatically better i can tell you that it’s not like amazon’s revenue is also gonna be up 50 percent because they’re not okay s&p 500

Is only down one point three percent but hey that’s better was right the s&p 500 was up over 4% when i recorded that video on friday which was ridiculous you can’t make an argument that i mean almost every single company in the s&p 500 is getting hit very hard right now their balance sheets are much worse there’s no reason why the sp500 should have been

Up as of just a few days ago and there’s no reason why it should only be down 1% let me be very frank on that there’s no reason for that okay so finally the stock market is falling and everybody’s asking why and that’s what i’m here to address here today why is it finally going down okay hope you guys enjoy so a smash thumbs up button the main reason is the feds

Printer no longer go bird ain’t kind of dried up no i’m just kidding you know maybe it is something happen there no okay there’s a few different things that are actually happening here david tepper and one of the few hedge fund managers that actually actually respect this guy okay david tepper says stock market is a most overvalued he’s ever seen except 1999 this

Is a this is an important figure in the stock market please he unlike a warren buffett level in terms of like importance to what he says no but i can tell you he’s one of probably 10 or 20 most important people in the stock market there when they speak people listen and so when david tepper comes out and says something like that this is the most overvalued market

He’s seen other than 1999 investors listen and they say whoa david tepper just said that okay david tepper says s&p 500’s forward price earnings ratio based on estimates for the next 12 months has ballooned to above 20 a level not seen since 2002 he says the market is pretty high and the fed has put a lot of money in here tepper said there’s been different miss

Allocation of capital in the markets the markets is by anybody’s standard pretty full i would completely agree with that okay he says a lot of big tech stocks are already fully valued and yeah i mean i would say most stocks in that i would say 99.9% of stocks in the stock market or either at full value right now or overvalued like there’s maybe like point zero one

Percent of stocks that you could say are actually under valued it’s it’s probably it’s a toughest market i’ve ever seen for actually finding deals out there and so you gotta ask yourself who’s buying in this market who’s buying oh do you know me i’m not putting big money in the market i haven’t been for at least a month now i’m looking at this market i’m like oh

This kid has come back way too much if i’m not buying okay who’s buying warren buffett is he buying nope warren buffett scab you know they have 140 billion dollars in cash and short-term investments and he’s not out there buying socks right now he’s not even buying his own stock berkshire hathaway lee says of the latest quarter right he’s at warren buffett not

Buying some of the always putting money in just like myself somebody it’s always you know wants to put a lot of money in the market people like that aren’t putting money in the market huh david tepper is he buying no i highly doubt it when he says this doc mark is most out overvalued he’s seen since 1999 i highly doubt david tempers buying right you even haven’t

Ceos as some of these companies come out and say their stocks to buy right you a must as tesla stock is too high back on may 1st that’s when it was around it was around like 802 share then right he says the stock price is too high who its buying in this market right now okay that’s the biggest question this market you just got a chill if you buy you can’t buy happy

You if you buy you buy small in this type of market and you really just got a chill you got to lay back because you’re seeing person after person that are usually very very bullish people they usually have a ton of money to putting in the market deciding to not do that right now not out of necessity but out of choice and when you see something like that it should

Kind of you know bring some bells like hmm that’s kind of something you know you might want to pay attention to a little bit okay it’s a type of market you do three things your research stocks you find the next great one use your time instead of buying stocks in trying to buy buy buy you use your time to research companies with your current stock she either hold’em

Or you sell them okay if you believe in the company a lot long-term it’s hard to sell so you might as well just hold and if you feel like a company got way overvalued and you want to raise cash then you go ahead and you take some profits okay look at something like a shopify stock right shopify stock has gone from $400 to 700 plus an literally a matter of a month

Shopify’s business did not increase tens of billions of dollars in the past one month i can guarantee you that okay i can guarantee you that but yet their market capitalization has added tens of billions of dollars in that past one month there’s no way that makes sense and then in the discord chat a couple days ago i actually brought to everybody’s attention a stock

That i’ve been wanting to buy for a while and i feel like this particular stock i said to them i feel like this is like the poster child of this current stock market where and that’s just been up trending an uptrending where it just doesn’t make sense and you just you just can’t even make sense of this right it’s texas roadhouse stock and very under-the-radar stock

But this just kind of proves how ridiculous things are right now i feel like this is like the poster child adds up just a few days ago this stock is trading 48 49 dollars a share okay texas roadhouse is a restaurant where the majority of the high high majority of their business is dying in business their restaurants are usually extremely packed there’s people on

People is just so almost these locations you can have an hour wait two hour wait the waiting room it’s like it’s like being in a club it’s insane okay that’s texas roadhouse this is a stock that last year’s trading it you know 50 55 dollars a share most of the year that’s where it’s trading and it hardly had fallen i mean literally just as a few days ago it’s 48 49

Dollars this year how does that make any sense this miss business model is absolutely devastated right now i mean absolutely devastating and it will continue to be devastated for some time so why should this business trade it anywhere remotely close to where was trading at before it just flat-out doesn’t make sense okay and this is a type of stock market we have

Been in you know recently that it just doesn’t make sense and as somebody that’s usually a buyer of stocks like myself i’ve had to go on the sidelines say you know what i’m not putting a bunch of money into these stocks because that’s ridiculous i’m not buying texas roadhouse you know for just a few dollars cheaper than it was when when they’ve missed out on tons

Of business and they will continue to miss out tons of business what when they open when they can actually open their dining room it’s half-full okay so what their business is gonna be half of what it was and what about the fact that many people still don’t feel people going out and or gonna feel comfortable going out for some time because of many different reasons

Right you know that’s just ridiculous it’s flat-out ridiculous okay why else could the stock market finally be falling well what else do we now came employers so many of these employers all around the united states and worldwide or suspending 401k matching contributions and even some state and local governments that that have government employees and usually have

Pension plans and at 401ks and usually put money in toward that a lot of them are completely cutting that for at least the next twelve months okay so what does this mean for the stock market then essentially means there’s gonna be way less money going into the stock market like there usually is right because you think about all these big companies that match 401k

You think about all the employees that have 401ks and they’re always you know putting money in and maybe it’s just fifty bucks a hundred bucks a week maybe some of these people is two hundred three hundred bucks a week may not seem a lot until you add up the numbers and it’s millions and millions and millions of people and then also you take those numbers away

And also you have a significant lesson buyer in the mark that’s right and think about the unemployment rate the unemployment rate you know the unemployment rate is at least fourteen point seven percent but i can guarantee you the the real unemployment rate is actually much higher than fourteen point seven percent and if you were if you’re an employee you’re not

Put money in a 401k right now you just not do it you’re not doing that because you can’t do that so there’s no mass money going in the 401 k s either from the employers side or from the employee side which takes a massive massive buyer out of the stock market okay if you lose your job yeah you’re not so worried about buying stocks you’re thinking about how do i

Sell any stocks i have how do i cash out my 401k cuz i need that money to survive right that’s the type of scenario you’re in right i remember when i was first starting my real estate marketing company it was 2015 what where was i taking money out of because i needed to live and i needed to support my family and things like that i was taking money out of my stock

Market accounts it’s the only thing i had i didn’t have an income i was trying to get the business going it was going very slow so what did i have to do i had to sell stocks and sell stocks because you know we need somewhere to live the roof over our head and things like that and that’s the that’s the type of scenario that a lot of folks in right now where they

Like they lost their job or you know it’s it’s not going the way it was as though they go and they they cash out 401ks they sell stocks they do whatever they have to to survive okay so the flat-out honest truth there’s a stock market going up recently over the past one to two months it’s got to be the strangest thing i’ve ever seen a stock market let me be very

Very clear about that is just strangest weirdest thing i have ever seen in the stock market it makes no sense whatsoever so let’s give a rundown here of what’s going on we have no big investors buying lately none of these big investors want any want any part of this market right now in terms of putting new money in that is that is a big in itself okay so so what

Is pushing up the stock market if no big investors are buying and those are the ones that really can push prices up or down who’s buying this market right now okay 401k contributions are way down right on the employee side and the employer side right people lose jobs hey let’s less money going in the 401k same thing for the company they don’t have to match maybe

If they were matching before maybe they like hey man we need to save every bit of money we have right now we’re not matching horrible’s like me were mobile right i’ll people that are always bullish not even putting big money in this market we’re like nah no well let’s see how things play out i’m not gonna run into this market right now let’s see how fast it takes

For unemployment to come down why do i need to put money in the market when the nasdaq sup was up you know 20 plus percent as of friday why do we need to put my money and be like oh i gotta kind of buy a desk gotta put 100 k here 100 k there 100 k here why do i need to do that the fact is i’m not getting some massive discount on most of these stocks i’m paying

But overvalued valuation or full price for these stocks that that’s not the name of the game i want to buy undervalued assets at the end of the day so you have folks like myself that are saying you know well we’ll stay over here for now let’s let’s see how things play out and if the economy gets back on track well into the market but let’s see let’s just let’s

Just have some patience for a moment okay okay corporate buybacks are all pretty much cut right now corporate buybacks you know most these companies had been buying back their stock very heavily and you know a lot of people that always point out especially a lot of bears oh this is why the stock market keeps going up because you have these buybacks on and the

Companies are buying their own stocks back most these companies aren’t even buying back their own stock right now and that’s facts that’s not opinion that’s facts the majority of the come from the public companies out there or not buying shares back so you just took in some cases the biggest buyer out of the market because literally for some of these corporations

The biggest buyer of their stock you want to know what it was it’s own corporation you don’t have that right now and you haven’t had that for the last couple months and yet the stock market is been going up and it’s like this is a strangest most fishy stock market i’ve ever seen in my 12 years of being in this ok think about it usually there’s a ton of dividend

Money being paid out right and what have we seen from the majority of companies that usually pay dividends we’ve seen them either cut the dividend or buy quite a bit or cut it completely and that’s the majority of dividend stocks out there and so imagine you’re an investor and usually used to getting all this dividend money and all sudden half your companies that

You usually get dividends from cut that money what do you usually do as a dividend investor with that money usually most folks that are and get that dividend money they don’t go out and spend that money they reinvest that money back into more stocks and you can say well that pushes up stocks more and more they get that dividend money they buy more stocks with

It pushes up stock prices higher and higher that’s not even going on right now like we said most of these dividend companies have cut their dividends so mostly folks that usually you know are investing all this money are the big funds right all of a sudden dividends are cut right you know these are usually all pretty good dividend payers especially like wynn

Resorts las vegas sands you know mgm these guys have all cut their dividends so if you own any of those stocks you know my own win you’re not getting dividends right now and you probably are for some time and usually if i get that win dividend what am i doing with that money i don’t go you spend it out the club it win no i take that win dividend money go buy some

More wind shares with it or buy another stock that’s not happening right now so that takes another big buy-in segment out of the market right and yet the nasdaq was up 20 plus percent on one year as a friday the s&p 500 was up four plus percent on a one-year as a friday net that doesn’t make sense flatout this market needs to drop and it needs to continue

To drop because nothing makes sense right now in the stock market i can tell you that it is the fishiest thing no there are not big investors buying that’s facts ok no there are not 401k contributions going this guy sky right now that is facts they’re down big perma bowls sidelines the own corporations aren’t buying mass amounts of their stock back those are down

Massively and i mean like you know probably down 80% plus right now dividend money nothing makes sense right now the only thing could be thank you for watching and have a great day

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The Stock Market Finally Fell! Why!? By Financial Education

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organigram holdings inc announce

Organigram Holdings Inc. Announces Application to List on NASDAQ (OGI) (OGRMF)

Organigram Holdings Inc. Announces Application to List on NASDAQ (OGI) (OGRMF) – RICH TV LIVE – APRIL 28, 2019 – Organigram Holdings Inc. (TSX VENTURE: OGI) (OTCQX: OGRMF), the parent company of Organigram Inc. (the “Company” or “Organigram”), a leading licensed producer of cannabis, announced today that it has applied to list its common shares on the NASDAQ Global Select Market (“NASDAQ”).

Hi how you doing this is rich from rich tv live and i have some big news so two days ago o ganna graham comes out with news announcing an application to list on the nasdaq that’s right they are listing on the nasdaq this is big news huge news breaking news for a gana graham love it absolutely love this news now i’d love to know what you guys think about this news

You can look at their chart i mean this is a thing of beauty look at this they were worth about twenty four cents in september of 2015 now there are eight dollars and seventy five cents in canada oh gee i is the symbol in canada oh g r m f is the symbol in america o ghana graham six dollars and 53 cents in america $8.75 in canada and you can see here that they

Are up only four percent in last month 41 percent in the last three months and a hundred and twenty six percent in the last year almost to the day april 27 in 2018 it was at three dollars and 86 cents what a year for ocana graham now organa graham let’s just read this or graphic organic graham holdings inc the parent company of organa graham inc a leading licensed

Producer of cannabis announced today that has applied to list its common shares on the nasdaq global select market moving up from the otcqx which is the highest tier of before you go to the senior exchange in advance of anticipating listing on the nasdaq organa graham will file a form for tf registration statement with the united states securities and exchange

Commission the listing of the company’s common shares on the nasdaq remain subject to the approval of the nasdaq and the satisfaction of all apple goal listing and regulatory requirements this is such big news in fact only thing i can do is put them on a full alert there are the fuller right now on a sunday morning sunday afternoon sunday evening depending on where

In the world your watch oh interesting the company will continue to maintain the listing of its common shares on the tsx venture exchange under the symbol og i this is i don’t understand organa graham why wouldn’t you move to the tsx why would you stay on the tsx venture i predict that the next step will be they will move to the tsx you heard it here first in

Connection with filing the form for tf the company has refiled its annual financial statements for the fiscal years and in 2017 and 2018 to include statements in the audit report of the companies in pendant registered public accounting firm to clarify the consolidated financial statements that have been filed in accordance with international financial reporting

Standards as issued by the international accounting standards board this change is being made to comply with the requirements of the united states securities and exchange commission no other substantive changes are being made to the consolidated financial statements so this is the news that is breaking right now organa graham could have a very interesting week with

News that they are going to list on the nasdaq as a management team we are seeing increased interest from investors in the united states and internationally and believe that having a listing on the nasdaq will facilitate trading in addition based on precedents in the cannabis space we expect trading volumes to increase which should result in increased liquidity for

All investors wonder what they’re talking about based on precedence in the cannabis space we expect trading volumes to increase that is interesting very interesting paolo de luca chief financial officer of ocaña graham about organa graham holdings inc organa graham holdings in is a tsx venture exchange listed company whose wholly owned subsidiary organa gramm inc

Is a licensed producer of cannabis and cannabis derived products in canada organa graham is focused on producing the highest quality indoor grown cannabis for patients and adult recreational consumers in canada as well as developing international business partnerships to extend the company’s global footprint organa graham has also developed a portfolio of leading

Adult use recreational cannabis brands including the edison cannabis company and kurt organics trailer park buds and trailblazer i love the trailer park boys who are also involved in organic graham organic graham’s primary facility is located in moncton new brunswick and the company is regulated by the cannabis act and the cannabis regulations canada what do you

Think about organic wrap now remember receive you live is strictly for education entertainment purposes always do your due diligence always do your research before you invest in anything that we talk about here in rich tv live you can see the analyst rating is a strong buy 3 with a strong buy and 2 with a moderate buy but the bar chart opinion is still an 8% sell

So this is very interesting i’ll be watching this very carefully if you’re not winning you’re probably not watching this is your boy rich from mississippi live we’re bringing the winners and we bring them to you first it’s true i brought you oriana graham first when it was that a dollar two years ago now at eight dollars and seventy five cents in canada oh gee

Rmf in america six dollars and 53 cents been a big winner it’s true is your boy rich from receive life oh gana graham announced his application to list on the nasdaq it’s a big winner it’s fuller

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Organigram Holdings Inc. Announces Application to List on NASDAQ (OGI) (OGRMF) By RICH TV LIVE

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3 stocks im buying right now ep

3 Stocks I’m Buying Right Now! (Ep. 6)

Follow me on Front to view my full investment portfolio:

About m1 finance, the platform i use for investing, so i may earn a small commission if you use my link. do an update on the two new stocks, look at my holdings so first of all, one thing i want to show you guys here you are still able to earn dividends from your company, and then i also earned two dividends today, $22.76 from 3m, and it’s a stock i want to have more

Of in my portfolio you can see that there was a lot of red in my portfolio. and i will apologize because i wasn’t really thinking but all of the other investments is going to be new money national grid down 10, and that’s one of the reasons and some people may be worried that they’re making mistakes and i totally understand that and i respect your opinion, i like to be

As transparent as possible with you guys. because based on all the news coming out about the virus, and a lot of people are just sitting on the sidelines and that is why i am putting my money where my mouth is, in national grid, which is now 20% of my portfolio. and i could do that for many, many months going forward unless i see particular opportunities i want to dive

Into but just with a larger amount going in each and every week. is now the number one state in the us for the virus i’m not very concerned about myself as a healthy adult. or maybe even by fall, it could be old news, for sure. and in a second here, we’ll look at the price chart, so over the last five days alone, boeing dropped 35.42%. but this is a stock that was just

Trading like crazy, this to me is a stock i want to dive into headfirst. so they’re sitting on inventory that can’t be delivered boeing operates on a backlog and it’s a pretty sure bet and that essentially is what largely sparked this freefall, now in the short-term, probably gonna have to cut dividends, its industrial unit supplies bearings, power transmission, now this

Is what you call a defensive investment here they’re going to be maintaining their older vehicles where it just trades laterally and does very little. and these recession proof investments can be a wise choice 10,000 per month, maybe more if i see opportunities which are companies that have grown their dividends and now genuine parts company a third dividend aristocrat

But anyways, guys, that’s gonna wrap up this update. and i will see you in the next video.

Transcribed from video
3 Stocks I'm Buying Right Now! (Ep. 6) By Ryan Scribner

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should you tell friends your sal

Should You Tell Friends Your Salary or NetWorth

One might have an urge to tells friends and family your salary. Or perhaps they might ask what you are paid. My advice to to consider very carefully before you do so as there are very few advantages and countless disadvantages. Relationships need not be built on know this information and can just as well thrive without it. In fact, not knowing is likely better to remove any sort of comparison between friends.

How’s it goin everybody does it beat the bush today i’m going to talk about if you should tell your friends family coworkers your net worth or your salary the quick answer to this is absolutely no no one really need to know this except yourself and perhaps your wife i would suggest you refrain from telling anybody i know sometimes you might make a really good

Salary and you just want to tell other people to just kind of impress others and sort of show off there’s a few pros and cons to this and to me there’s only a very few number of advantages and then almost and less number of disadvantages one of the pros is you want to build trust with someone you know therefore you don’t really care if they know or not so you

Tell them this number you might think you trust this person or even if you don’t they can’t really take the money away from you both the truth is a lot can happen based on what they know as an example if you have a sum of money saved up in the bank account and you just accidentally let it slip and you tell someone said person might actually ask you to lend them a

Certain amount of money or they might ask you to give them some the second thing is when someone knows there’s a certain amount of work they’re more prone to try to take it away from you a classic example is leaving a whole bunch of jewelry in front of a jewelry store after closing hours when thieves see something in the window they know there’s a target so then

They’re going to go for the target as another example if you leave a whole bunch of stuff in your car that’s visible your car is going to have a higher chance of being broken into the same concept applies to telling a whole bunch of people how much you have in your bank account because if they know how much is in there rather than not knowing exactly how much is

In there then they’re going to be prone to try to figure out a way to remove this amount from your pockets and put it in their pocket now i’m not saying your friends co-workers or family or thieves or anything but it’s just the more you tell people the more chances are that you’re going to let it slip to someone that will take it away from you because someone

Is going to tell someone else and then it’s going to be like a long chain of knowledge that other people will find out and then it’s going to go and come back and bite you secret is things like this is best kept secret because i know people that told people how much money they had in their pockets and shortly after they lose that cash because someone knew how

Much they had and then they went and we pick pocket them another instance is people telling people where they’re going on vacation on social media before they actually go and saying hey we’re going to go for like a month to so-and-so it’s going to be fabulous and their whole family is going to go well guess what happened to their house they got blogger eyes and

Everything in their house count removed the third danger is not as bad but you’re going to get a little bit of peer pressure to get you to buy things from them for example if they have cds that they want to sell or something some sort of merchandise that they’re selling maybe they run a small business and they want to sell you a whole bunch of different items and

If they know you have money they’re going to be prone to ask you hey why don’t you buy this or this people that are trying to get rid of certain items that they have including cars they’re going to try to sell this to you as well the disadvantages go on and on i’ve only shared what happens if you shared the amount of money in your bank account what if you share

Your salary instead if you tell people you have a certain salary and let’s say you happen to make them way more than this other person that you go hang out with suddenly you might find yourself paying a little bit more than usual you may not split the bill as you were doing before and i’ve seen this countless times myself if you shared that you got a raise or a

Bonus you’re kind of obligated to sort of pay for the whole check you just got a whole bunch of money and people just kind of expect you to just pay for everybody the third is an even larger danger if you choose to share your salary information because someone that you know some friend or something that might not really be your friend might try to undermine you

In your job position or any ways like that you might find that if you make a little bit more or a medium amount more than someone else they’re going to start to make these little side comments like when you’re looking at something and if you’re being frugal they’re going to go and you can afford it why don’t you just buy it or little annoying comments that it’s

Going to be pretty constant ever since after you tell them your salary that hey you know you can afford buying this thing it’s only going to cost you like one hour of work because they know how much you make per hour then they’re going to like put it in solid terms now let me summarize that you can actually tell someone safely if you know this person is not going

To use this information against you but to me you really need to know this person really well beforehand and kind of be able to predict what they’re going to do in this information now i’ve had people voluntarily tell me how much they make i did not really ask this they just kind of voluntarily shared it with me it’s something i do not actively avoid because if

They’re about to tell me i won’t go oh no no it’s tops up i don’t want to know but i see the relationship would be just as strong if they did not tell me so i do not mind if they never told me at all so i hope you guys really consider very hard before you tell anybody your salary how much you have you in your bank account what your net worth is don’t forget to

Give me a like on this video comment down below let me know if you think differently and if you think you feel like you should just share your salary freely with everybody including your network or how much is your bank account if you’re interested in supporting shell don’t forget to check out my audible link down in the video description below where you can get a

Free audiobook and if you don’t like this audiobook or the service you can cancel it before the subscription next bar and you do not have to pay a thing and you can still keep the audiobook and help in it with this channel you can also help support this channel directly through my patreon link over here where i get various perks at various contribution levels and

As always don’t forget to subscribe to my channel over here and click that bell icon next is the subscribe button so you get a notification whenever i upload a brand new video thanks for watching

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Should You Tell Friends Your Salary or NetWorth By BeatTheBush

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vsblty groupe technologies corp

VSBLTY Groupe Technologies Corp – (CSE: VSBY) (Frankfurt: 5VS) (OTC:VSBGF)

VSBLTY Groupe Technologies Corp – (CSE: VSBY) (Frankfurt: 5VS) (OTC:VSBGF) – RICH TV LIVE – MAY 23, 2019 –

Hey how you guys doing today this is rich from rich tv live it was a tough day today in the markets tough day today in the markets big red day markets crashed heavily but even though the markets crashed heavily i did have a pick that i brought you guys and that pick actually went up i don’t know if you guys are aware but in a sea of red i actually had a pick today

And that pick actually went up i don’t know if you guys were watching but the company name is visibility invest in visibility symbol in canada v sby in frankfurt 5 v s and in america v s b gf and they were up today it’s true they were up today in a sea of red visibility were up today let’s take a look in a sea of red visibility was up today what does that mean

What exactly does that mean thank you guys for the likes now remember rich tv live is strictly for education entertainment purposes always do your due diligence always do your research before you invest in anything that we talk about here a rich tv live okay the markets sold heavily off okay i brought you visibility v as b y in canada and vs bgf in america vs b.y

In canada vs g vs b g f vs b gf in america and 5vs5 vs in frankfurt germany so in the sea of red i bring visibility and they go up they were up 8% they finished up 4% volume was 252 thousand shares which at $0.50 is pretty good it’s like a hundred and twenty five grand that rolled into this start today now the thing i like about this is this is a company that is

Focused on artificial intelligence and i just feel like artificial intelligence is the future the other thing i like about this company is that they were very tight flow i believe their share structure was i think it was in the neighborhood of 77 million shares when i was doing my due diligence i’m gonna look at so many companies from what i remember i think it

Was around 77 million shares is the total issuing outstanding that’s a very small flow let’s just read a little bit about this company here so take a look at this visibility technologies corp is a company that uses machine learning and computer vision to provide facial recognition and weapon detection capabilities recently joining the tech company portfolio of

Security firm mueller group international visibility has extended its range untapped markets visibility co-founder and ceo j hutton said with more and more so-called soft targets being attacked around the world heightened security is needed virtually everywhere in most instances our face on cameras provide better facial recognition than overhead cctv cameras to

Enable faster professional security responses to threats with this partnership with mgi we are advancing the increasingly important ability to provide security where it has never been available before take a look at this patriot 1 technologies inc a developer of the award-winning pat’s can covert weapon detection system last year acquired a i powered safety and

Surveillance company ai inc regarding the acquisition patriot 1 ceo and president martin cronin explained how iii’s video threat recognition software was a perfect fit for the company this is so big this is artificial intelligence is the future it is just so big i can’t explain to you how big artificial intelligences ok vs be why has weapon detection like patriot 1

But with cameras that can find a weapon from 100 meters away and detect if a person is a male a female the age all of these informational data resource are available with this artificial intelligence with visibility advertising companies are using like walmart and amazon are using ai artificial intelligence in their stores i talked to you earlier this morning if you

Saw my video about the fact that walmart and amazon are using this technology to be able to determine if their fruits and vegetables are ripe or if they’re going bad if they need watering if they need anything artificial intelligence is the future visibility is right in the middle of all of this so it’s interesting because i want to be able to bring you guys new

Companies all the time but obviously when i bring you guys new companies that no one’s really ever heard of there’s not gonna be a lot of volume there’s not going to be you know tons of visibility on it yet because nobody’s heard of it before that’s the beauty of getting involved in a company early because when i look at the chart of this stock i’m just looking at

It right now the bottom is around 47 cents so if the bottom is 47 cents and we’re currently at 52 cents and the highest it’s ever been is 72 cents and nobody’s even heard of this company before chances are this could one day turn into something now the average volume is a hundred and fifty one thousand shares today traded two hundred and fifty two thousand shares

A hundred thousand shares more than their average volume it was also up four percent today on a day where everything was red so i don’t know i don’t know yeah it was very very bad day today the markets were heavily oversold but that’s what happens when you have all-time highs you’re gonna expect that the markets gonna come back down that’s why you need to invest

In great companies be patient look for your headshot stocks are down that might be the time to buy like looking at all the advances in the decliners out of the 5,000 companies on the nasdaq and the new york stock exchange today there were 3,800 down and 943 up so everybody took it on the chin today yeah mad men is just getting slaughtered grayscale coming out with

The third crypto trust called e th e thank you morel mirage so they now have gbtc et ce g and e th e yeah med man is so dirt cheap right now it’s ridiculous but the reality is we’re going into the summertime so be very careful we have no idea how low this thing can go we have no idea how low this thing can go be careful right now you guys want to see some gainers

Take a look at emes yes was up today take a look at nets and ets ooh my tea my tea monster day today up 30% delta tech holdings that’s h l th up 28% ma x are up 27% tw m c up 21% ctr v up 19% i tm r 18 % si and w these are all the winners from the day today up 17% and m rd up 16% uvv up 14% su and w son works up 13% so those some winners out there today even in

A sea of red a seat of opportunity grows and i believe the visibility could be might be a big winner only at $0.50 artificial intelligence artificial intelligence being such a hard topic right now you know maybe a dollar isn’t too far their website is vsb lty dotnet i’m on their website right now it’s saying the intersection of marketing and security transforming

Retail spaces and providing actionable insights using edge and/or cloud-enabled digital display solutions retailers can now enhance guest experiences with proximity aware interactive brand messaging triggered by demographic identify or even sentiment while simultaneously gaining groundbreaking levels of measurement and actionable insights in security using disruptive

Technologies for schools stadiums transit hubs and smart city applications i’m gonna do some more research on visibility markets are really crashing this is the best time to get in right now and do some research do your due diligence find out about these companies learn more about these companies when they’re down that’s the best time to buy ok thank you guys for

The likes i really appreciate it now if you’re not winning you’re probably not watching it’s true we bring the winners we bring them – first we dissect them will break down the news we’ll watch them will continue to hopefully interview them so we’ll continue to bring these winners to our community i believe visibility could go to $1 you heard it here first i brought

It to you today when they’re at 50 cents as richard honest i will predict that we will see them in the future at $1 i don’t know when but i predict they will be at $1 so just remember this day may 23rd 2009 teen the day that rich tv live brought you visibility i just want you to remember this day if you guys can do that please and i’m going to continue to because

I have a feeling i just have a feeling that this might just continue i just have this gut feeling that this could continue like this company sonia nobody even knows about it literally opened up in march i only see a chart for two months nobody knows this company exists except for you guys right now so yeah so many opportunities to buy in a sea of red thank you guys

For watching thank you guys for winning if there’s any pics i need to look at please drop it in the comments if you liked this video smash the like button share the video everywhere if i win and you win we all win i knows a tough day tough day for anybody in the markets dow jones was down cannabis stocks were down everything was down but visibility was up this is

Your boy rich from much tv live we’re bringing you the winners we bring them to you first stay tuned tomorrow i have another secret pick just like visibility that no one’s ever heard of before and i think it could also be a huge winner so stay tuned your boy rich from rich tv live and i’m out peace visibility visibility visibility disability

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VSBLTY Groupe Technologies Corp – (CSE: VSBY) (Frankfurt: 5VS) (OTC:VSBGF) By RICH TV LIVEliveBroadcastDetails{isLiveNowfalsestartTimestamp2019-05-23T204459+0000endTimestamp2019-05-23T205936+0000}

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pure extracts closes upsized 5 m


PURE EXTRACTS CLOSES UPSIZED $8.5 MILLION OFFERING WITH STRONG RETAIL DEMAND – RICH TV LIVE – January 21, 2021 – Pure Extracts Technologies Corp. (“ Pure ” or the “ Company ”) (CSE: PULL) (OTC: PRXTF) (XFRA: A2QJAJ) is pleased to announce that it has completed the second and final tranche of its non-brokered private placement offering of special warrants (each, a “ Special Warrant ”) at $0.505 per Special Warrant, previously announced on December 16, 2020 (the “ Private Placement ”). At this final closing, the Company issued and sold an aggregate of 10,839,230 Special Warrants for gross proceeds of $5,473,811.14. Together with the first closing, the Company issued an aggregate of 16,900,263 Special Warrants for gross proceeds of $8,534,632.81 pursuant to the Private Placement.

Hey guys how you doing this is rich from rich tv live and we have some breaking news from pure extracts a company that is doing two of some two of the hottest sectors in the world psychedelics and cannabis extracts and oils so this is their website and they have some breaking news pure extracts closes up sized 8.5 million offering with

Strong retail demand so they just raised 8.5 million dollars and it’s been upsized this is very bullish for the company meaning there’s a lot of interest from investors to get into the stock pure extracts technologies corp p ull in canada a to q j a j in frankfurt germany is pleased to announce it has completed the second and final tranche of its non-brokered

Private placement offering of special warrants each a special warrant at 50 and a half cents per special warrant previously announced on december 16 2020. the private placement at this final closing the company issued and sold an aggregate of 10 million 839 thousand 230 special warrants for gross proceeds of five million four hundred seventy three thousand

Eight hundred and eleven dollars and fourteen cents together with the first closing the company issued an aggregate of sixteen million nine hundred two hundred sixteen million nine hundred thousand two hundred and sixty three special warrants for gross proceeds of eight million five hundred and thirty four thousand six hundred thirty two dollars and eighty one

Cents pursuant to the private placement the special warrants will automatically convert to units upon the earlier of the receipt for a final prospectus qualifying the distribution of the units or four months and a day from the closing date of the final tranche of the private placement which is may 21st 2021 each unit will be comprised of one common share of the

Company and one half of one common share purchase warrant each warrant will entitle the holder to acquire one common share at an exercise price of 65 cents per warrant share wow that is an amazing conversion price for a period of 24 months following the deemed exercise date of the special warrants finders fees of 139 501.41 cash and 395 817 finders warrants

Were paid and issued in conjunction with the final tranche of the private placement each finder’s warrants entitles the holder thereof to purchase one common share of the company at an exercise price of 65 cents per finder’s warrant share until january 20th 2023 all securities issued under the final tranche of the private placement will be subject to a statutory

Four-month hold period which expires on may 21 2021 in accordance with applicable canadian securities laws the company intends to use net proceeds from the private placement primarily for expansion of capacity for the company’s extraction business and for general working capital the company will use it commercially reasonable efforts to qualify the distribution

Of the common shares and warrants issuable upon exercise of the special warrants by way of a short-form prospectus every company once they start to grow and they start getting liquidity when they’re public typically they want to raise capital and they do that by selling shares this is how they do it this is very standard subject to the company fulfilling all of

The listing requirements of the exchange the special warrants will not be it listed on any stock exchange or over-the-counter market interesting the company has filed a preliminary base shelf prospectus which is available under the company’s profile at cdar the company also announced it has granted 5 million stock options to purchase common shares to certain

Directors officers employees and consultants of the company the options are exercisable for periods ranging from two to five years from the date of issuance at an exercise price of 73 cents about the company the company features an all-new state-of-the-art processing facility located just 20 minutes north of the world famous whistler british columbia one of the

Most beautiful places on earth the bespoke facility has been constructed to european union gmp standards aiming towards expert sales of products and formulations including those currently restricted in canada into european jurisdictions where they are legally available on september 25th 2020 extracts was granted its standard processing license by health canada

Under the cannabis act and the company stock began trading on the canadian securities exchange csc on november 5th 2020 which i broke to you guys first and it has been already a huge success and this is a story that’s just getting started this company just raised 8.5 million dollars so 8.5 million dollars is a huge amount of money for a company that is brand

New now they’re going to have 8.5 million dollars available to the company to help them grow and expand this to me is extremely bullish this is what companies need to do assuming that they don’t have any more dilution this will be very very good for the company long term because now they’ve got some money behind them to really move forward in executing their

Business plan this is your boy rich from stevie live we bring in the news and we bring it to you first it’s already been a big winner for our community and i believe it’s just getting started the big news pure extracts closes up sized 8.5 million offering with strong retail demand if you’re not winning or not watching we bring in the winners

We bring in the news and we bring it to you first if you like the video please smash the like button comment down below share the video everywhere and subscribe for future updates and remember rich tv live is strictly for education and entertainment purposes always do your due diligence speak to a financial advisor and let the financial advisor tell you what

They think about the deals chances are they’re going to say man that’s a really good deal where’d you hear about it and you could say for my boy rich thank you for watching we’ll talk to you soon big news for pull i’m out peace

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top 5 companies warren buffett m

Top 5 Companies Warren Buffett might Buy

Link to join StockHub free investing discord server: –~–

Holy smokes warren buffett has a money to blow for those who do not know he has a hundred and sixteen billion dollars sitting in cash on the berkshire hathaway balance sheet right now guys basically berkshire hathaway makes a billion dollars plus in profit every three weeks so every three weeks that goes by berkshire hathaway just made another billion dollars

Plus guys so he’s got a ton of money sitting on that balance sheet he wants to make a big acquisition so what i did in this video is i took five companies that i think are the most realistic companies that he could possibly buy that he might be interested in and one of them’s a little more unrealistic but the other four definitely realistic possibilities and i’m

Gonna kind of share with you like his thought process on why he would decide to purchase a certain company and whatnot because i’ve studied this guy for about a decade now so now all these picks are highly speculative because none of them are like he said anything about it in terms of oh i’m thinking about buying this company oh yeah this is such-and-such company

I might want to buy them or something if we can get the right price he hasn’t said anything i’m just kind of like looking at it from the perspectives i’ve been studying this guy for a long time i know kind of like what companies he likes and i think these are real possibilities guys so i hope you enjoy this let me know which one of these five you think is the

Most realistic i would love to hear from you guys and by the way make sure you get my stock market membership group within the next 48 hours basically the price is over doubling if you don’t get in there by march 1st which is like two days from now so make sure you get in there if that is a place you want to be all right guys so basically the first one is dearing

Company okay john deere this company has about a fifty four billion dollar market cap on it currently i could see him picking this one up for somewhere between 75 and 85 billion dollars so he could easily afford it right forward p/e on this one under 15 they’re obviously a very easy business to understand this is right up his alley they make tractors okay and also

Some construction equipment and whatnot that is right up warren buffett’s alley something a business that he can easily easily understand okay this is exactly what it is and it’s a very profitable business warren buffett loves companies that make tons of profit out of each and every year his company consistently makes profits and now they’re up to a point where

They’re making really like 2 billion plus dollars in profit per year he loves to take that money and sometimes he’ll deploy back into the business a bit sometimes he’ll just take that money out of the business and go and invest in in different things and whatnot so that’s obviously a business that’s a great possibility of him picking up because he understands that

It’s a simple business he loves simple businesses that are really profitable that’s right up his alley the next one is he’s got a few different possibilities for the second one okay basically it’s picking up another home builder there’s one company could pick up called century communities this is a smallest one of the bunch he could pick this one up for somewhere

Around 1.2 to probably 1.5 billion dollars right now it has a market cap about an eight hundred and sixty-six million dollars as a forward p/e on a seven super low pulte group is another one he could pick up this one right now is worth about eight and a half billion dollars you probably picked this one up for between probably twelve and fourteen billion dollars

It has a forward p/e of eight it’s right up his alley guys kb home has about a two and a half billion dollar market cap on it you probably have to pay somewhere between three and a half and four billion dollars for this one that has a four p/e of just around ten and then on top of that you have toll brothers which is another possibility this one has a 7.3 billion

Dollar market cap so you’d have to pay somewhere around i would say 11 to maybe 12 and a half a billion dollars for toll brothers that has a forward p/e of 10 on it they already own clayton homes ok so he already owns one home builder and clayton homes and obviously he owns a lot of construction related businesses as far as you know things that they actually put

Into homes on top of that he also owns a burlington northern santa fe which is one of the biggest railroad operators in all the united states of america so we got a business here that he well he obviously fully understands like home building is not a complicated business right that’s right up his alley all these stocks are trading a super low forward pease right

Now super low right so that’s very interesting to him also he can get cost synergies because of all his building products and type businesses right and he owns one of the biggest railroads in the united states of america and how do all these products usually get transported around as far as home building usually on rails so yeah there’s a lot of cost synergies he

Could benefit for this these businesses would be an easy acquisition for him and obviously he could afford he gonna buy all them if you really wanted to very easily the government might have a problem with that at some point in time they might say oh you can’t own all the main home builders out there we don’t think we want that or something but as far as at least

Picking up one of them it makes perfect sense to me that he would try to do something like that guys bell brands is the next one up here ticker symbol lb he this one has a market cap on it right now about thirteen point six billion dollars he could probably pick this one up for between seventeen and nineteen billion dollars they have a forward p/e of under fourteen

So pretty low there very simple business guys they own victoria’s secret which sells alonzo array it also sell bras and panties and all that type of stuff they don’t bath them body works which sells soaps and lotions and they have the pink brand which sells very similar items to victoria’s secret is up a little more apparel and whatnot very very easy business for

Warren buffett to understand right also on top of that it’s a highly profitable business it’s a business that brings in at least a billion dollars in profit each and every year you know look at that a billion dollars at one point two billion dollars then 1.1 billion dollars it’s pretty much a business that consistently brings in a billion plus dollars very easy to

Understand business has a great balance sheet what not this could definitely be a business that warren buffett buys out right and just gets you know in his business portfolio the next one is the most unrealistic i would say of the bunch but it’s still a possibility guys and this one is under armour okay we know this one has been a beaten down stock so if you look

At the forward p/e it looks super high at a four at a forty right now it looks super high but there’s some cost synergies and whatnot should happen over the next few years that should make them much more profitable but up and tell basically last year this was a highly profitable business it wasn’t bringing in two hundred plus million dollars per year wasn’t until

Last year that you know they really had some issues there with management whatnot now for a deal to go through with an under armour it’s got to go through kevin plank because he is the majority of voting shares that actually matter okay so a deal would have to get approved by him i could see him possibly approving a deal like this one because warren buffett is not

Someone that’s a micromanager and i don’t think kevin plank would do good with micromanager managing over him hey what are you doing over here what are you doing over here type thing i think he just likes to run his business and go about that way warren buffett does not micromanage his his ceos and whatnot of the he owns tons and tons of different companies he does

Not micromanage any of those ceos he doesn’t have time to do that basically and nor did is he interested in doing that and trying to you know and know all these businesses inside now and try to manage them so kevin plank would probably you know sign off on it also kevin planks probably you know maybe a little burnt out honestly of being a public company i mean we’ve

Seen the stock get dragged you know into the mud this past year you know everybody’s coming for his head right now maybe he’s done with that whole you know public company he could just go more behind the scenes become a private company be owned by warren buffett and just kind of operate in the back shadows back there maybe that’s what do you be interested in doing

Like i said that one’s the most unrealistic in the bunch but it’s still possibility and the biggest one of the bunch this would be a huge acquisition that i can see being a possibility and that is starbucks okay starbucks right now house an eighty billion dollar valuation on it okay so i could see warren buffett having to spend between 110 and 120 billion dollars

If you wanted to acquire this company basically we’d have to unload all his cash to buy this one this is the him this would be a huge huge acquisition i see it being a possibility though we already know you don’t dairy queen and whatnot this business has a forward p/e of 20 on it right now we know they’re expanding around a lot of different places the business is

Very easy to understand they sell coffee they sell frappuccinos and all that yummy stuff on top of some food items and whatnot and this is a business that is highly highly highly profitable two point seven billion dollars in profit a few years ago 2.8 billion dollars then almost 2.9 billion dollars it should be a business that easily brings in three billion plus

Dollars per year in profit consistently moving forward and it’s just it’s a it’s a realistic possibility but it’s a huge one this would be the biggest acquisition i believe he would have ever done if he did something like a starbucks deal but with the way they’re expanding around the world and whatnot in the way this business is gonna be throwing off three plus

Billion dollars a year in profits i could definitely see warren buffett being interested in this one and buying them out right what not weird i have to see if the board of directors would improve on it at 110 billion dollar valuation 120 billion dollars that would be interesting to me it was a pretty big valuation for a company that you know is a coffee company

And food company at the end of the day so anyways let me know what you guys think about this list you think any of these fiber or realistic possibilities which one of the five do you think is the most realistic i would love to hear from you in that comment section as always thank you for watching guys and have a great day you

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Top 5 Companies Warren Buffett "might" Buy By Financial Education

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stocks to own tilray inc class 2

Stocks to own: Tilray Inc. Class 2 (NASDAQ: TLRY)

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Hey guys this is rich here on behalf of rich tv live and we are like getting so close we are 33 days 8 hours 32 minutes and 45 seconds away from history and today the whole market like that was mostly red like the red sea right it’s crazy right but even in the sea of red and the slaughterfest which is pretty much everything that we’re looking at there are still some

Big winners mtl o ni o ka ly all up massive m tl o up one hundred fifty two percent ni o up 69 percent brand-new ipo the next chinese tesla they call it calli up 33 percent and then there’s tilray now tillery is the one that i want to focus on today tilray now at a hundred and nineteen dollars and seventy six cents up fourteen percent on all the indicators here on

Investing calm look at this on the monthly it’s a buy on the weekly it’s a by the daily it’s a buy and a strong buy and all the indicators are showing lots of strength so what is would tillery why are they so powerful well they have thousands of patients already and they have some great products so this is a company that is on the rise you definitely want to keep your

Eye on it i talked about it when they were brand new ipo i told you guys about it all the way back here actually look at this we can go all the way back when it brought it to you guys when they first did their ipo all the way back here look at this $21 and today at a hundred and nineteen representing a profit of over five hundred percent it is incredible now tilray

Is a pharmaceutical company it develops cannabis based medicines drugs drops and oil products torah inc is based in nanaimo canada which is in vancouver british columbia you could see it’s a moderate buy now it’s super high i would be very careful up three hundred and ninety-nine percent in the last month alone it is on fire this is a company that is a force to be

Reckoned with it is the hottest ipo of 2018 for sure it is the highest price cannabis stock that has come out over the last few years it is incredible at a hundred nineteen no i want to show you this till rate does have revenue they generated nine point seven million for the last quarter pretty good you can see there’s some that are higher charlotte’s web is that

Seventeen million green thumb industries 13 million cush holdings at 12 million cv sciences at 12 million tara tech at 7 million met men at 7 million grow generation 7 million and tory at nine point seven those are the canadian companies now those were the us these are the canadian you can see can t be growth at 25 million for the quarter aurora at 16 but we know

This is gonna go way higher and mpx at 14.5 which is massive for mpx which is currently less than a dollar aph áfreeá at 12.1 million and iso deol which just lifted their hull today at 9.2 million now you can find everything you need a rich tv hover over stocks all the tools you need breaking news everything you need in the cryptocurrency world all the

Tools you need it’s all brought to you by youtube you can find our a youtube channel by just clicking on youtube bam our youtube channel will show up and we’ll be right there so follow all the links on rich tv live and there’s some news that i had to read to you which i thought it was kind of entertaining regarding tilray once again at $119 today just absolutely

On fire so of course you know we’ve got a hot tilray and let’s just talk about this news that came out yesterday so this is news from yesterday on yahoo it was actually written by stephen gill foley so he says tilray gained nine point five percent on the session think that’s something the stock traded at a low of twenty dollars on the day that trading opened on

The nasdaq market site in july did you get some that day no me neither neither did i i’m not gonna the shares are now less than two months later 368 percent higher peaking at 108 dollars they’re even higher today now at 119 there is no denying the obvious consumer demand there is no denying legal trends recreational pot usage goes legal in canada on october 17th

And despite the illegal status of marijuana usage in the united states at the federal level more and more states are legalizing the usage of this drug for both medical and recreational usage every year in fact i am willing to go out on a limb here and say that not only state that has not one state has legalized pot has ever thought about going the other way on

The decision of course not it’s a money machine it’s a cash cow remember the dog days of august andrew left a citroen research does on august 15th left was bullish on the name with a forty five dollar price target nearly a hundred percent premium at the time in place the shares would leave the target price in the dust within two weeks i first noticed left bearish

On the tilray in early september amid yesterday’s pop he reiterated that call citron research expects not only the existing pipeline of cannabis related ipos to draw investor dollars away from tilray but citroen expects that the firm itself will be forced to go back to the secondary market in order to fund its own plants for expansion really i doubt that tilray

Is absolutely on fire obviously rich tv live is strictly for education entertainment purposes guys always do your due diligence always do your research before you invest in anything that we talk about here are rich tv live it’s a strong buy strong buy strong buy strong buy congratulations for all the members that one on tilray on a day where almost everything is

Read till ray is a huge winner staying strong not letting anybody not even andrew short it down congratulations to all the winners they are a company that has real products real revenue and it’s really training at a hundred and nineteen dollars do i think this continue do i think this can continue probably not nothing can go up like this forever but it’s nice to

See okay there’s my opinion on that if you want on it congratulations if you got into twenty dollars and it’s a 120 you definitely should be thinking about selling at some point in the green they’re most likely will be a pullback at some time but who knows comment on the video share it everywhere please remember if i win and you win we all win cuz your boy rich if

You’re not winning you’re not watching um oh we are 33 days 8 hours 25 minutes and 28 seconds away from history it’s true tilray will this continue comment down below i want to know do you think this will continue it’s crazy you can’t continue right i mean nothing can just keep going up like this right it’s crazy look at that chair thing of beauty my goodness peace

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Stocks to own: Tilray Inc. Class 2 (NASDAQ: TLRY) By RICH TV LIVE

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