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inside the black lives matter mo

Inside the Black Lives Matter movement | FT

The killing of George Floyd has focused attention on allegations of police brutality and racial profiling, and sparked calls for justice and reform. The FT’s Don Newkirk speaks to protest organisers, activists and lawmakers calling for change.

I wanted to be a part of changing the narrative around black protestors and organizers right now because a lot of the media is portraying us to be the ones raising violence and looting stores and burning down buildings the year is 2020 we are witnessing protests around the world after the police killing of george floyd an unarmed african-american a white minneapolis

Police officer was filmed kneeling on his neck as he pleaded i can’t breathe for nearly nine minutes his death comes less than three months after police shot dead health worker brianna taylor at her home in a no-knock search one and only three weeks after video surfaced online of a father and son shooting get a matar burry who was out jogging and even as protesters

In every state continue to rail against systematic racism and the use of deadly force another killing occurs only 18 days into the george floyd protests a white police officer shoots dead rashard brooks outside of a wendy’s restaurant in atlanta on the protestors they’re outraged and by the way i agree with them what happened to mr. floyd was a disgrace it was

Repugnant to america it was repugnant to any good policing perspective or strategy or approach the demonstrations themselves have led to further allegations of police abuse of power join comparisons to the civil rights protests of the 1960s many feel this sense of injustice in america expressed by martin luther king still hasn’t been addressed somewhere i

Read of the freedom of assembly somewhere i read of the freedom of speech somewhere of the freedom of press somewhere i read that the greatness of america is the right to protest fair right we live in a country where it’s our constitutional right to assemble and to make our voices heard and to challenge what’s happening at every stage of government black people

Marginalized communities the reason why you are our fourth the rights you have today is because of protests and riots and i hope that it’s clear now more than ever the importance of protesting and standing your ground against injustice across this world looting and rioting as sometimes taking place alongside the protests the president wants to talk about just looting

Because if he’s talking about looting he doesn’t have to talk about the killing of mr. floyd and he doesn’t want to talk about the killing of mr. floyd and he doesn’t want to talk about reforming the justice system he doesn’t want to talk about that so he wants to say they’re all looters they’re not own looters the role of police satan historically this is not my

Opinion it’s the historical role of policing is that they were the first slave patrols and the first border patrol’s one of america’s early forms of policing where the runaway sleigh patrols in the south groups of white men would often hunt down and often kill slaves trying to escape or revolt when the civil war ended and slavery was abolished sleeper trolls fed

Into the first modern police departments then for around a hundred years the jim crow segregation laws disenfranchise the black community it was the police’s job to enforce two laws sometimes brutally in the 1960s police played a key role in suppressing the civil rights movement we have to remind ourselves that when an entity’s origins really come out of racism

And anti black racism in particular that origin actually evolves as our origin has evolved as our country has evolved and so guess or we’re not technically enslaving people to a plantation we have created a new economy which is an economy of punishment and which police become the center after three weeks of protests president donald trump signed an executive order

To reform police practices the order encouraged officials to ban the use of choke holds except where an officer’s life is at risk but the president rejected calls for deeper change that included redirecting police funding there have also been demands to cut back the number of armed officers even the scrap police forces all together americans want law and order

They demand long order they may not say it they may not be talking about it but that’s what they want some of them don’t even know that’s what they want but that’s what they want and they understand that when you remove the police you hurt those who have the least the most opponents said the measures will not deliver a meaningful change the frustration of having

It be six years out from the last massive set of protests i think that what you have you have people who were young and thought ferguson was going to change and the it’s not the similarity the exact replication of what happened previously that’s exhausting to somebody sold it it’s just is when you compound that with the fact that we’ve had three months of being

Told to stay inside in a lot of these places and that law enforcement have enforced that in disparate ways across the country you had a powder keg and it didn’t even need a match it just needed a hot day i understand the concerns but whether you stay inside or you go outside it’s still the same risk and as black people we don’t have the luxury to just sit inside

And do nothing whether i sit inside or go outside i can be killed simply based off the color of my skin so yes during the middle of a global pandemic this country has forced black people to put their lives on the line not just dealing with koban 19 but also racism so we have to put our bodies on the line to fight against two viruses shame on this country shame on

America and shame on donald trump period data from a leaked nypd police report also showed that blacks and hispanics i’ve made up for 90% of a restaurant 819 lockdown it was evident that social distancing were not enforced in certain white areas where you went to the pier and so everybody just laying down and relaxing and the police officers were going around and

Giving them a mess but meanwhile in many of our communities the police officers were coming to arrest us why not give us a mass when i say hey can you like separate yourself for six to six feet so that just shows you that racial profiling discriminatory bias profiling still exists 375 million interactions overwhelmingly positive responses overwhelmingly positive

Responses but i read in the papers all week we all read in the papers that in the black community mothers are worried about their children getting home from school without being killed by a cop what world are we living in that doesn’t happen it does not happen studies show that in the u.s. police officers are almost four times more likely to use force on black

People than white people and despite being only 13% of the population black americans are three times more likely to be killed by police than white americans we need to actually move in a direction where we address why black people don’t matter not just the other people say vigilantes but also to government agencies to law enforcement why are we able to be treated

As second-class citizens and then i say you know when black lives do actually matter that will be the day when all lives matter in america black people are treated very much as a vietnamese people or any other colonized people because we’re used we’re brutalized the police in our community occupy our area our community as a foreign troops occupy territory and the

Police are there not to in our community not to promote our welfare or for our security our safety but they’re there to contain us to brutalize and murderers and black lives matter makes the point that you’ve had a string of killing of african americans primarily men but women also brianna taylor that goes on and on and on and on and why does the criminal justice

System unfairly kill african-americans individual states have passed on more far-reaching bills in new york that means statewide body cameras the right to record police a ban on choke holds and greater transparency on officer disciplinary records there are also moves against racial profiling we have been moved by the voice of the people with the protesting and

Activists they were able to help us move police reform bills there were city years it would not have everybody’s trying to shame us the legislators the press everybody’s trying to shame us into being embarrassed about our profession but you know what this isn’t stained by someone in minneapolis it still got a shine on it and so do theirs so do this my demands

Aren’t to police departments my demands and our demands is actually to our elected officials like mayor’s i like county where supervisors like governors they’re the ones that control the budgets of law enforcement so we need them to make different decisions on what they’re funding if you were to eliminate some of the police officers we certainly wouldn’t want it

To be the black and brown police officers if anything we want to hire black and brown police officers as they have a better relationship with us so i think the fund had a different meaning it was disband reallocate but i think overall no city is gonna completely dismantle their police department because the whole city would be at risk of crimes what the president

Rejected calls to defund the police we have to find common ground but i strongly oppose the radical and dangerous efforts to defend dismantle and dissolve our police departments especially now when we’ve achieved the lowest recorded crime rates in recent history americans know the truth without police there is chaos without law there is anarchy and without safety

There is catastrophe a report on forced budgets around the country has shown that the u.s. spends a hundred billion dollars a year on policing and in new york less than 8% of its almost six billion dollar budget is spent on community programs if you go into a mostly poor area mostly black poor area what you’ll see is the same thing across the country no access

To jobs no access to healthy food very little access to health care or mental health care all the things people need in order to thrive in their communities you know what you will see instead of those things is a deep deep investment into law enforcement so they’ll see multiple police precincts you’ll see dozens of police cars patrolling areas you’ll see the very

Often mostly black men but also black women pulled out of the cars and handcuffed and waiting on the side you’ll see significant amount of harassment but you won’t see black coming is getting the resources that they need so that they can raise their children healthy so they can be healthy themselves if these elected officials in office and people that are running

For office do not agree to implement policies that will change lives around these issues and agree to help reconstruct this system that was never built to benefit us we will vote you out of office and if you’re run for office you will never make it into that chair the face of albany in the new york state legislature have changed drastically you have women you have

Black women latino women black men latino men you have asian you have lgbtq you have a diverse set of people who come to the chamber to fight for the rights of the people that they’re representing and so if we didn’t have all of us these bills would not these police reform bills would not have passed this opportunity to call for defunding law enforcement and

Reallocating those dollars back into our communities is really a call to call for mental health mental health care a call for adequate public education a call for adequate housing a call for healthy food and a call for us having access to being able to thrive and not just survive i mean you have all the stuff that we’re constantly fighting to make sure it definitely

Bridge the gap whether it’s environmental issues whether it’s housing health economic education quality of life jobs whatever it may be we’re fighting on a broad spectrum and so police reform on its own cannot start with thousands of people now nan finally we what’s organized by young i think the end of violence is to get rid of our to annihilate the opponent

But in the nonviolent movement the end is to convert the opponent and to bring about a society where all men will live together as brothers and every man will respect the dignity and worth of human personality you

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Inside the Black Lives Matter movement | FT By Financial Times

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dont buy it electronics edition

Don’t Buy It: Electronics Edition Ep 8

Don’t Buy It: Electronics Edition Ep 8

How’s it going everybody this is beat the bush welcome to the eighth episode of don’t buy you don’t need it this is going to be the electronics edition now this is a series where i try to convince you to not buy certain items in an effort to help you increase your net worth all that much faster you might be opposed to my idea of not buying these items and you

Might have very good reasons of buying it an example could be you have vision problems so therefore you need to have a really big screen in order to see anything on a screen so therefore you have very very good reasons to buy that certain item even though i’m recommending you to not to now when i walk into an electronics store is a total gold mine for this type

Of episode where there’s so many different items where i can recommend you to not buy and i can just go in on and on about each item that i find these items i’m listening today are the more ridiculous examples hopefully they’re so ridiculous that i’m gonna be able to convince you to not buy them at all the first one being a color changing led light bulb that is

Wi-fi enabled so that it allows you to change the light bulb color through your smartphone now who really needs something like this other than to have someone over so that you can show people hey look at me i can change the color of my lights really whenever you have it on most the time it’s going to be a regular white color you’re not always gonna have everything

Blue all the time one of these things will run you about $50 when a regular led light bulb will normally run you about two dollars so this is a forty eight dollars for one single light bulb more then you would have anyway now there’s a problem with these light bulbs i cannot quite prove but i do know that these light bulbs they run unusually hot they’re very very

Hot in terms of electronics temperature so therefore if you put a wi-fi module in or any kind of electronics in it’s going to have an a seller rated lifetime therefore i’m going to conjecture that whenever you have something like this one of these color-changing ones that it’s wi-fi enabled i bet you that the wi-fi it’s not going to last all that long the second

One being action cameras now there are people that would legitimately need action cameras for example if you go surfing a lot and you want one of these action cameras but most of the population is not going to have all these fancy lifestyle where they do all kinds of dangerous stuff stunt double things and they just want to record themselves now let me tell you

Before i started doing a lot more youtube videos the only action my action camera got was maybe when i go on vacation or maybe when i go to a pool or something so it got very very little usage and from what i hear from other people that have these gopros they also get very very little usage and i feel like most people are buying into this because they see this

Awesome footage online or whatever they always say oh gopro you know it’s always a surfing thing or someone base jumping but most of us is not going to do something like that and when i looked at my vacation footage from my gopro it was just kind of you know boring even because i’m not like jumping over cliffs jumping over things so really reconsider getting an

Action camera especially if your anticipated usage is not going to be all that much the third one being a wireless mouse i used to think a wireless mouse is really great and all because it is indeed wireless and there’s no little cord that’s tethering it however after many many years of usage of a wireless mouse i realized that i really hate changing the battery

In these things and i really hate taking this thing and docking it if there’s a dock i know they would say it’s gonna last maybe three months six months or something but if you have to do this every three months or six months it gets really old really quick every single year you’re just like changing battery changing battery changing battery however if you switched

Over to a wired mouse that’s really lightweight and you just plug it in you never have to ever change the battery again saving you time the fourth one being 4k tvs that are 75 inch or smaller now 75 inch 4k tvs are going to be quite expensive and if you’re not going to buy something that big – will not buy it in 4k at all because if you buy a 4k tv and don’t sit

Close enough to it you can essentially not be able to distinguish the resolution between a 4k and a 1080p tv now the optimal numbers here where it actually matters is if you have a 4k tv that’s actually 75 inches in diagonal and you need to sit up out six feet seven feet away from your tv to be able to absorb all the resolution that your tv has to give if you sit

Any farther with a 75 inch tv you’re essentially going to reduce the amount of resolution that is has to offer which is 4k this means that wherever you’re gonna put your tv it’s gonna be more than 10 feet away you don’t really need to buy a 4k tv you can just as well buy a 1080p tv for a lot less for like $1000 this essentially means that if you’re gonna sit ten

Feet away from your tv you can either buy a 4k tv or a 1080p tv that is 75 inch in diagonal and it would not matter at all even if you play you know 4k content or whatever you cannot distinguish the two you’ll notice at a store they always put 4k tvs next to each other they never go around putting a 1080p tv that’s a lot cheaper that’s the same diagonal right next

To a 4k tv just so that you can you know kind of step backwards until you realize hey there’s no difference between the two so for 4k tvs for a typical living room you really need to go 75 inch or larger and for 75 inch tvs they’re quite expensive they’re on the range of about $3,000 or more for a 4k version of that thing now i’m not actually giving the go-ahead

To buy a 4k tv that’s 75 inch or larger this really depends on your own personal budget and what you need it for the fifth thing being these brand new wireless earbuds where they have earbuds that are too tiny things no wire in between and you just stick them in your ear kind of like those apple earpods if you have one of the newer apple iphones then well there’s

No headphone jack if you don’t want to use a dongle then you have to buy one of these wireless earbuds things these things will run you about $100 to $300 now there’s no reason these things should be that expensive there’s a little tiny battery in there there’s very very little electronics although the bluetooth ic might be a little bit expensive however you got to

Know that the material costs of these things are very very low i estimate that this niche of wireless air but it’s going to be commoditized really really fast to the point where maybe i think a year – it’s gonna drop down in price very very quickly and eases you can find over the head wireless bluetooth headset for like thirty dollars this is exactly what’s gonna

Happen with wireless earbuds that does not have a wire in between so i hope you enjoyed this episode of don’t buy it you don’t need it and got some good ideas on how to not buy these items that i listed if you’re interested in supporting my channel don’t forget to check out my audible link down in the video description below where you can get a free audiobook and

If you don’t like this audiobook you can cancel the subscription service before the subscription ends and you can still keep this audiobook for life even if you cancel the service and you can listen to this while on your commute and kind of double duty your time so that you’re not wasting it on a commute if you’re interested in supporting my channel directly check

Out my patreon link over here where i give various perks at various contribution levels such as help with your credit score or help with your finances and as always don’t forget to subscribe to my channel over here and click that bell icon next to the subscribe button so that you get a notification whenever i upload a brand new video thanks for watching

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Don't Buy It: Electronics Edition Ep 8 By BeatTheBush

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im done

im done

7 Day free Trial for my Private Stock Group! Limited time offer! Apply here and best of luck!

So no music for this video no fancy editing not that we ever do fancy editing nothing like that uh this is one of the very very rare videos i ever create where i’m just uh talking to my audience an open dialogue here um i released a video earlier today about you know five stocks i bought here today and whatnot and um i had a lot of negative feedback on that

Video i felt like like a lot a lot like just a lot of negative comments a lot of disbelief in me a lot of um just like i fell off like i don’t know how to pick stocks anymore like i’m not good anymore um that’s just like the better general gist of it without sugar coating it’s just like i fell off like um i’m not like good at this anymore and um you know it’s

Been 2021’s been um a tough year from a stock picking perspective for me there’s been no short-term hits at all for the most part like i can’t really think of any every stock i’ve gotten into this year and 2021 has either downtrended or not really done much right uh versus coming off 2019 2020 which were just super red hot years for me that was just unbelievable

Um and i just made crazy money got crazy gains and coming off those red-hot years into this year it just hasn’t been that year right and so i was even feeling a little bit down earlier today i was starting to even like believe them you know like believe people like maybe maybe i have fallen off like maybe i’m not good anymore um at this game and things like that

And i haven’t this isn’t like the first time i’ve gone through this cycle i’ve been on youtube i don’t know maybe five years now and i’ve gone through these cycles before where um there’s like a like a big disbelief in me then like an ultra belief in me and then a disbelief in me and an ultra belief in me and it’s a very very big shift from where things were 9

Or 12 months ago you know it was very common 9 or 12 months ago that i’d read through the comments and it was like i was a god-like figure right it was uh i could do no wrong um i was a genius i was the next warren buffett but a better version and and it was just so much positivity and so much praise it was it was extraordinary i mean you know crazy and then to

See the flip now and see the other side um it’s just it seems like with every cycle i get a lot bigger in those cycles so like an up cycle for me you know is a lot bigger nowadays than like a down cycle right that’s not the way i want to say it in this video i can’t even edit it basically at the end of the day like just i’m a bigger brand now and so every time

Like everything’s amplified the loves amplified the hates amplified everything’s amplified that’s what i basically mean so um yeah i was starting to almost believe um some of those folks some you know uh maybe i did fall off and things like that so i think when uh when i come to these sorts of time periods where i’m like you know starting to even maybe doubt

Myself i like to just kind of go see things in the real world and just try to like say like maybe maybe i am falling off or maybe something’s going wrong here like what has happened i’m using the same investment process but just nothing’s clicking right now right and so left my house tonight and um went on over to target if you don’t know targets the um you

Know one of the hottest retailers we’ve seen in modern times so target stocks gone from 50 bucks you know back in 2017 to 253 just the hottest retailer pretty much out there that you possibly want to be in and i want to do a little bit of walking around target stores and i said you know let me let me check out some some honest products honest is a new stock i

Started buying into recently and i plan to build that into a big position i said let me just see like tattooed chef let me see ttcf products and so walk in the aisles and there’s a plant-based uh cheese pizza from tattooed chef now in the the pizza shelves there’s a plant-based pepperoni pizza now from tattooed chef in the the pizza area i’m over here there’s sea

Bowls there there’s a cold brew boat bowls there right in this section very prominent spacing two spaces for each one i’m like okay i go over here we got the the street style corn there we got the rice cauliflower stir-fry we got zucchini spirals we got organic greens all right there when i go down here we have so many different skus look at this an entire door

Just for tattooed chef now and there’s even this sticker that target puts on it just to help them out even more meet your new favorite plant-based meal products or planet grown and manufactured by tattooed chef italian ingredients la style i go over here there’s this product this product more skews more skus more skews and i’m just in the real world i leave the

Internet community and i’m in the real world and i’m like things couldn’t be better at this time last year tattoo chef might have had two skus or four skus in target right now let me let me ask folks out there do we think we know do does target know what they’re doing well considering they’re arguably the hottest retail stock in all the stock market and considering

The companies had the best execution of any retailer out there the past four or five years it’s not my opinion it is overall every smart investor’s opinion that target is arguably the the best most well-run retailer in the world and uh certainly for the past four or five years that is and so target knows what they’re doing target just doesn’t keep adding skus of

A company and keep adding new products and keep giving a company branding space and all that shelf space unless target is very very proud to have that brand in their store in in that brand has to move volume right how did target become this b stock well target became that b stock because the numbers they put up are great right and so for target to keep adding

Skus they have to be in a situation they’re not there to do tattooed chef any favors they’re not there to do anybody favors they’re there to move product and for target to now i’ve gone from two or four skus at this point next last year to now right now they have how many skus was that guys 20 skus maybe more than 20 skus in that target store how did things

Get to that place underlying massive execution the tattoo chef brand in the products moving on store shelves okay that doesn’t happen just by chance target doesn’t do anybody any favors bottom line if if tattoo chef isn’t moving crazy volumes target’s not going to keep accepting more and more and more tattooed chef products right and so i’m looking out there

And i’m seeing this in the real world and i’m like i think i think i still do have it i just don’t think stock prices are reflecting it i was in i was in tesla stock for about a year before that stock started to go up in any meaningful way the first year i was in tesla stock the stock honestly didn’t do anything if anything a downtrend did for about a year and

Meanwhile i would drive around in vegas and i would see more and more tesla’s it seemed like every time i drive around more and more model threes and i would say this brand is just getting more and more relevant all the numbers i read out of them the companies has amazing growth and i constantly looked at that company even though i had so many detractors and so

Many people saying there was a bad stalk and laughing at me as it went down and i made tesla videos over and over and over and over again calling me an idiot saying i don’t know what they’re you know i’m doing him and those sorts of things and all the stuff that was commonly said to me back then which was massive you know check out a video sometime um tesla stock

Uh is going to three thousand dollars a share i put out that video it’s probably in 2018. let me pause this let me pull that up for you guys here there it is folks i found it why tesla stocks going to three thousand dollars i posted that video on september 27 2018 and that was pre-split obviously the stock is quite a bit above uh three thousand dollars a share on

A post split basis and um you know i gave myself a thumbs up on that video but a lot of people didn’t a lot of people laughed at me and said that was a joke right and obviously we know who was right and who was wrong in that scenario right and that’s just that happens it happens and it will happen again in the future and i think a lot of these stocks i’m getting

Into including tattooed chef which is my biggest one i’ve been buying right and i have continued to buy including today that’s in my opinion gonna be a 60 80 100 plus stock in the coming years and i think it will be conventional wisdom uh that you know i think everybody will think like that stock was going to be a big thing or act like it was going to be a big

Thing but it’s not like that today and the reason it’s not like that today is they have to prove these things out but more than that the stock price doesn’t reflect even when tesla was putting up nice growth numbers the stock the stock price wasn’t really respected it wasn’t until the stock price started going up that it started getting that that overwhelming

Respect sometimes the stock has to move first before the numbers i was seeing everything that was going on with model three i was seeing the numbers and yet the stock still got disrespected right people still laughed it off it wasn’t until the stock price started having success that also and everybody respected it and like tesla became this big thing and tesla’s

Such a big beast nowadays it scares off the biggest of the bad bears right michael bury doesn’t even want a piece of of going negative on tesla nowadays right and so i look at a lot of these stocks including tattoo chef and i think they’re going to be huge winners for me over the coming years i just have to weather this storm however much longer it lasts which

I don’t know whether that’s another few weeks or another few months i don’t know um all i know is it i just have to weather the storm of the negativity and the laughing at me and saying i fell off and i don’t know how to do this anymore and we’ll get through that we’ll make it to the other side and everything will switch again and then someday there will be a

New group of stocks and then it will be the same thing again and it will be i fell off i don’t know what i’m doing and those will have success and every cycle i’ll just thanks for joining me guys have a great day just random talking 10 o’clock at night peace

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im done By Financial Education

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apple iphone 8 and iphone x reac

Apple Iphone 8 and Iphone X Reaction!

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Holy smokers guys i just got done watching the apple launch event they just launched new iphones they just launched the new apple watch a lot of different products guys so we got to talk about all this look at all the specs of these products we’re also going to talk at the end if i should be buying apple stock if we should be buying apple stock right now guys so

Now as you know i’m in a huge apple fanboy i got i phones ipads macs you know i’m apple through and through i don’t mind being called an apple fanboy at the other day i don’t know why anybody gets offended over that like if you drink a budweiser every day and someone said you’re a budweiser fanboy like okay you drink a red bull every day and somebody called you

A red bull fanboy okay why do people get offended of that i’ll never understand it so first off let’s look at what apple stock did today so right before the presentation started apple stock was at almost a hundred and sixty four dollars a share guys now look at what happened to it after the presentation happened it went down to a hundred and fifty nine dollars

Essentially meaning i don’t know if there were huge expectations for this and maybe they didn’t meet expectations or maybe the traders were just playing around with it a lot of people like to short-term trade big events like this and you know a bunch of people buy in and then they sell off who knows what happened there but all i can tell you is i’ve seen more times

Than not apple will sell off on a trade event day so their big event they show off their new products most of the time i’ve ever been you know watching the company that stock actually falls that day so if there’s one day i was ever gonna bet against apple stock it would be the day the launch event happens guys but apple stock of course is up almost 38% year-to-date

So it’s having a phenomenal year regardless so let’s look at these products they launched they’ve launched the iphone x this is their premiere product they launched here a fundamental change in the iphone design everything about it you’re not gonna be able to pre-order until late october so over a month and a half from now it won’t be available till early november

Guys so quite a wait time on that one and so if you just look at the device it’s a clear difference between this iphone the iphone x in every iphone before i mean the the display goes almost straight to the edges it has no home button irony that kind of stuff guys a fundamental change in the iphone design now the let’s go through some of these specs on here so the

First led screen that rises to the standard of the iphone with accurate stunning colors true blacks high brightness with a 1 million to 1 contrast ratio that is ridiculous guys ridiculous it features glass on the front in the back this new iphone it is water resistant they do not say it’s waterproof so it’s not like you can go swimming in the ocean with your iphone

And that will be ok but it is on water resistant so if i spill a little bit of water on this right now it should be ok at the end of the day it has face id a revolution and recognizer recognization so basically right now if you want unlock your iphone you got to obviously do you a little passcode or you got to do your thumbprint now with this new iphone it doesn’t

Have a thumbprint reader so how is it gonna read it so we can basically just read your face so when you put your phone up to your face it will unlock it based upon what your face says in this technology or at least what apple claims is it was a 1 in 50,000 chance that someone a random person could get your you know touch your your your phone anyone love unlock for

Them for the touch id this facial recognition is about a one in a million they claim so much better odds there as far as someone unlocking it but who’s got such important stuff on their phone that that at the end of the day you really got to worry about that so much give me a break dual oh is so both beer cameras have optical image stabilization in fast lenses

For outstanding photos and videos in the low-light so that’s a good thing i’ve lose as we know smartphones the biggest weakness with smartphones is low-light situations that’s always been the case for smart phones and if i wait i’m amazed at how far smartphones have come i mean it seems like just yesterday smartphones took horrible pictures like it was like potato

Quality of like oh my gosh i remember i didn’t the original iphone have like a two point three megapixel camera hood or something and saying guys so it’s amazing to me how far smartphones have come over time some more things there the wide-angle and telephoto cameras on the iphone x enable optical zoom as well as digital zoom of up to 10 times for photos six times

Four videos absolutely amazing dual 12 megapixel cameras it has on it it has a neural engine this is easy stuff guys introducing an a 11 bionic the most powerful and smartest chip ever in a smartphone with a neural engine that’s capable of 600 billion operations per second absolutely amazing stuff they’re faster cpu the for efficiency cores in the all-new cpu are

Up to 70% faster than a10 fusion chip which was in the latest iphone the iphone 7 and 2 performance cores are up to 25% faster it has adaptive recognition which we just talked about machine learning let’s face id adapt to physical changes in your appearance over time which is something it really needs to do because we know in this day and age people gain weight

And lose weight like crazy i mean i’ve been working out lately i probably lost 10 pounds my face has probably changed a little bit not like super drastic but my face has probably changed a little bit over the last couple months just because i’ve lost some weight so when you make those changes and something happens or you say you have makeup on versus not having

Makeup on if you’re a female or something like if your phone doesn’t have the ability to recognize those changes that’s a bad thing otherwise you’re not gonna be able to get in your phone right so that’s good that it does have those capabilities the thing i was most impressed about at this phone probably of anything there’s definitely some things to be impressed

Of was the power efficiency a second generation performance controller in custom battery design that lasts up to two hours longer than iphone 7 so you would think with all these you know improvements all these better chips the new neural engine like all this stuff you would think the the power would go down the battery time would go down they’ve actually increased

It by almost two hours part of that’s probably because it’s a 5.8 inch display versus you know if you’re comparing it to a regular iphone 7 that’s a 4.7 so you can’t put nearly as big a battery in that obviously so it but it’s still it’s impressive regardless an extra two hours everybody needs more smartphone time you know a battery time also augmented reality

That a 11 bionic powers extraordinary augmented reality experiences in games and apps that’s gonna be some pretty cool technology type stuff there guys and then wireless charging i mean apples lagged way behind on this one we know samsung’s had wireless charging for a long time this is something to pay attention to for any of you guys that own stocks as some of

These transaction type companies because now you can pay your friends in messages let’s seri be your translator a lot of different things but the one that caught my in my attention there was you can pay your friends inside messages guys so that’s something that you should pay attention to if you own any stocks that are related to something that you know they make a

Transaction fee based upon you go to an app or something because now i feel like a lot of people will just be paying friends inside that messages rather than doing it this way or that way guys so that’s iphone x they also launched an iphone 8 which we won’t go into it’s got a lot of the same features as iphone x it’s just more of a basic design they don’t have the

Ability to you know scan your face to unlock a lot of those kinds of things no oled display they’re the iphone x so the iphone x is gonna start at almost $1000 guys and it starts at nine hundred ninety nine dollars the big bucks for that one hold is smokeless the iphone eight will start at six hundred ninety nine so usually the the iphone started six forty nine

So this one will start at six ninety nine so a sps are going up the iphone eight plus will start at seven hundred and ninety nine dollars there the iphone 7 now they’re still gonna offer the iphone 7 which is last year’s model that’s coming down to five hundred and forty nine dollars so that will be appealing to some people and then we they’re still gonna have

The iphone 6s which is going to be four hundred and forty nine dollars and then the iphone se which is three hundred forty nine so iphone 6s and iphone se those are gonna be big for the developing markets where people don’t have a thousand dollars or eight hundred dollars to spend on a smart phone but maybe they have three or four hundred so those are gonna be

Good products for some of the developing markets i’m thinking about china i’m thinking about india when i think about those type of markets where maybe somebody you know doesn’t have the highest flagship the highest flagship you know the iphone 8 and iphone x those are the good ones that i’ll be selling great here in the united states in the uk you know a lot of

The more developed countries where people want to actually spend that kind of money on a smart phone apple watch they launched a series 3 apple watch now this one you’re gonna order on the 15 is going to be available on the 22nd so the big the big change with this one is now has the cellular option you can answer a call from a smart phone ask siri to send a mess

To stream your favorite songs on the run and do it while you’re leaving your phone behind introduce an apple watch series 3 with cellular now you have the freedom to go and just go with your watch so this product is gonna be launched somewhere around three hundred and ninety-nine dollars if you want with the cellular model now this could be beneficial to verizon

Shareholders this could be beneficial to t-mobile and at&t a lot of the cellular network type companies because it with this new apple watch a lot of people will you know obviously want the cellular feature because then you can let’s say you want to go for a run and you don’t want to carry your phone with you know you know especially if you got one of the

Iphone 7 plus azure eight pluses or something like them a lot of times you don’t want to carry that around with you but if you have cellular on your watch you can still listen to music you can still on you know take calls if you want you know answer text messages all that kind of stuff even check email if you have cellular hooked up on there so it’s a potentially

Very interesting thing and it could potentially add extra revenue to the companies like verizon at&t t-mobile some of those players but just remind you know remember that it’s not gonna be like tens of millions of people going out there it could be just a couple million get this new product next you get the cellular hooked up guys now as far as apple stock

Goes just a stock the trades you know with the trailing p/e around 18 4 p under just under 15 that’s you know a fair valuation for apple people always wonder you know jeremy you love apple why don’t you invest in apple the reason i don’t invest in apple is at the end of the day it’s a fairly priced company and i don’t see it having huge growth ahead of it well

I want to get in companies that have huge growth ahead of them and are hopefully fairly valued or undervalued so there’s only so many stocks i can put my money in right at the end of the day so i got to pick the best ones for my money to go i don’t feel like apple is one of those for me personally however if you’re someone looking for a c4 stock this is a great

Running company with billions literally hundreds of billions of dollars on that balance sheet in cash and investments you know profitability the most profitable company in the world and their profitability should increase this year with the new product product line up and all that good stuff guys so a phenomenally run company now what do you guys think about the

New iphones would you are you interested in getting a 2x obviously if you’re not a you know someone that buys iphones you’re probably not interested at all which why you’re watching this video are you interested in the renew apple watch i would love to hear you know comments in the comment section are you interested in buying apple stocks are you do are you’re

Already an owner of apple stock i’m an owner of cirrus logic which makes the audio chips that go into iphones so i kind of have an iphone play to a certain extent just not directly with apple stocks so let me know in that comment section guys apple affects us all in the day you probably own in your 401k and don’t even know it if you just came across this channel

You may want to subscribe we talk personal finance in the channel we talk entrepreneurship i’m an actual business owner i give away so many business tips we talk stock market investing more than anything and a little tech opinion when it’s something huge like this guys that’s affecting everyone thank you for watching and have a great day

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Apple Iphone 8 and Iphone X Reaction! By Financial Education

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wonderfi technologies to launch

Wonderfi Technologies to Launch Money Goals A Financial Literacy Initiative ✅ RICH TV LIVE

Wonderfi Technologies to Launch “Money Goals” A Financial Literacy Initiative ✅ RICH TV LIVE – December 7, 2021 – WonderFi Technologies Inc. (NEO: WNDR) (OTC PINK: WONDF) (WKN: A3C166) (FTX: WNDR) (the “Company” or “WonderFi”) today announced the launch of “Money Goals”, a financial literacy initiative in partnership with Animal Capital and Josh Richards, focused on Gen Z. #wonderfitechnologies #joshrichards #richtvlive #trading #stocks #wonderfi #news #business #finance #wndr #wondf #animalcapital #pennystocks #investing #money #bensamaroo #richtv #rich #trending

Hey guys how you doing this is your boy rich from rich tv live and you too can join the club at where you can learn how to win and trade hey guys how you doing this is your boy rich from rich tv live and and we have some more big breaking news from wonderfuy technologies wndr in canada wondf in america a3c166 in frankfurt

Germany and wndr on the ftx exchange today announced the launch of money goals a financial literacy initiative in partnership with animal capital and josh richards focused on gen z love this i absolutely love this we are living in a world right now where financial literacy needs to be a focus more than ever before because there’s more opportunities to make money

Now in these markets than ever in history with cryptocurrencies now and stocks and opportunities to invest all over the planet right from home right from your computer or your phone it is game changing and i love this news money goals was created after animal capital founders josh richards and marshall sandman identified a lack of relevant resources so true for

Gen z that support knowledge of both traditional finance and new forms of finance like cryptocurrency you guys know i love cryptocurrency we’ve been talking about crypto since 2017 when bitcoin was at 1 000 usd today bitcoin sits at over 50 000 usd a 50x in four years wouldn’t you want to be a part of that kids today are less inclined to go to a textbook to

Learn about money instead they want to learn from their peers and experts on youtube and social media said richards who has a massive massive following on social media this is a huge gap there is a huge gap right now and we are working together to solve it money goals will feature influencers and entrepreneurs with tens of millions of followers including josh

Richards and kevin o’leary and will be hosted by marshall sandman managing partner of animal capital wow huge huge huge news it’s important for us that finance is inclusive crypto is the future but if everyone is going to take part in that future we need to engage with people from all backgrounds and demographics said ben samuru ceo of wonderfi money goals is

An excellent way to do that and it will be a powerful tool to bring users into the wonderfuy ecosystem love the name money goals money goals will consist of a series of virtual events and educational content on various social media platforms money goals will launch on instagram live at 2 p.m eastern time on january 5th 2020 and will offer viewers live q and a

Sessions with world-renowned finance experts entrepreneurs and celebrities animal capital was founded by social media stars josh richards griffin johnson and noah beck together with partners marshall sandman and michael gruen huge huge news from wonderfy technologies what do you guys think of this news i want to show you guys the chart on wonderfu i want to

Show you how they’re starting to get listed absolutely everywhere so i’m going to show you guys this so this is the ftx exchange they are now listed on the fdx exchange super exciting in fact this is the first stock i could think of that’s been listed on the ftx exchange or listed on an exchange the only one i can think of is probably voyer digital who has their

Own exchange and their own coin so other than voyager digital i can’t think of another stock that’s been listed on an exchange a cryptocurrency exchange like fdx other than wonderful technologies who is now listed on the ftx exchange now this is the website for wonderfuy it’s wonder dot fi you can see here what is decentralized finance what is this defy thing

That rich keeps talking about well traditionally banks have been gatekeepers between people and the markets they set the rules and decided who got to play oh who sat on the sidelines d5 democratizes finance through technology it empowers people to interact directly with financial markets and allows anyone to engage with personal finance we absolutely love d5

And fdx exchange is under go to ftx exchange set up an account where you too can buy wonderful and let me show you guys what it looks like so wonder fight today on the news currently at 2 34. we did it bring it to everyone we brought uh wonder fight to everyone pre-ipo and we told everyone and prepped everyone about the potential for wonderful and it

Opened up right around 1.25 so let’s just say around 1.25 around 1.25 and a dollar 32 is where it opened up during the ipo and then it went as high as three dollars so the low low is let’s just say about a dollar thirty the high high is three dollars and it did this little dip right here to just under two dollars which was a buying opportunity our community

Was talking about it our community was gobbling it up and you can see it’s already come back up now sitting at 234 so in my opinion this is the new buy zone for wonderfuy uh based on what it’s been doing i give it a buy zone right now right around two bucks i would say between a dollar eighty and two dollars would be a great entry point if you have not got

In yet on wonderfuy in my opinion based on what the chart looks like if you can get it on another dip you know around two dollars or less that’s going to be a good entry point going forward you can see here in america wondf currently sitting at 1.86 and in frankfurt germany under the symbol 52d0 currently sitting at a dollar 63 and then right here on the

Fdx exchange here it is wndr on the fdx exchange currently sitting at a dollar 88 so literally up in every single exchange today up 10 in frankfurt germany 5 in america here we go 10 in frankfurt germany 5 in america seven percent on the ftx exchange at a dollar 88 under the symbol wndr and currently up three percent in canada currently at two dollars and 34

Cents love to know what you guys think about this news now i must remind you guys the rich tv live is strictly for information and education purposes please do your due diligence do your research before you invest in anything we talk about or discuss here on rich tv live if you haven’t joined our trading club yet what are you waiting for join

Absolutely free or upgrade become a vip member to get access to trade ideas and stocks and cryptocurrencies 24 hours a day seven days a week to get access to some information that’s behind the scenes that you normally wouldn’t see unless you’re part of the club and get access to rewards vip members get access to more rewards free rewards just by chatting and

Following and communicating with other members on we appreciate you guys we love you guys if you like these videos smash the like button comment down below share the video everywhere and subscribe if you’re live what do you think of this big news that wonder fight today announced the launch of money goals a financial literacy initiative in

Partnership with animal capital and josh richards focused on gen z love this news i’d love to know what you guys think of this news comment on the video share it everywhere and subscribe if you’re alive hit that bell for notifications so every time we have any big breaking news or anything worth watching you get a chance to get access to it first thank you guys

For watching if you’re not winning you’re probably not watching we bring in the winners and we bring them to you first thank you guys for watching you’re bored rich from rich tv live and i’m out

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Wonderfi Technologies to Launch "Money Goals" A Financial Literacy Initiative ✅ RICH TV LIVE By RICH TV LIVE

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players network pntv up 7200 in

Players Network (PNTV) up 7,200% in a year

Players Network (PNTV) up 7,200% in a year – July 3, 2017 – 4K

What’s up i’m back now today i want to identify a stock that is not more than seven thousand percent since last august and it’s a company that i’ve been talking about since i started my show it’s gone up like seven hundred percent in the last few months alone the players network the symbol is p and tv now ask rich why is it up so much rich why is it going up

Every single day rich what’s going on with p n tv rich well if you’re wondering you came to the right place so let me show you why it is on fire and let me explain to what i would do if i was you looking to buy this stock now as you can see the bid is at 16 to the offers at 16 5 there’s a huge spread there which is an alert right there not to buy ok and i’m gonna

Explain to you why i will not buy the stock right now and while why i will not chase this stock ok so let’s get right to it shall we so the first thing i want to do is i want to go to bar chart and i’m bar chart right away p n tv says here it’s a 17 cents bar charts a little bit delayed it was at 17 cents up 6 percent it opened up at 19 today ok it’s currently at

16 but bar chart has pn tv the players network at a hundred percent by and ranks them to the top one percent signal strength they also say that the long-term strength is in the top one percent so bar chart say that this trend will continue however bar chart is also saying they aren’t highly overbought territory so be careful and watchful of a trend reversal so we

Don’t want to get stuck holding the bag now let’s see how much they are up ok in the last month alone they are up one hundred and forty-four percent in the last three months alone they’re up four hundred and thirty percent and this has got me whistling down the road right here let me tell you it’s definitely got me whistling right down the rope yummy whistling

All the way down the road cuz in the last year since last august the first it’s a seven thousand two hundred eighty six percent that’s right seven thousand two hundred and eighty six percent if you put in a thousand dollars you would have made seventy two thousand dollars in one year this is what we call a unicorn people it’s on fire now what has been the boom

In the last month it became a fully reporting bulletin board company and since then it started to skyrocket now before that what was the catalyst well it’s in the medical marijuana industry but let’s find out some more it’s gotta be whistling all the way down the road so let’s read what is pmt players network inc is a diversified holding company operating in

Marijuana and media pnm tv owns approximately 85% of greenlee farms holdings llc greenlee farms which has a nevada state issued medical and recreational cultivation and production licenses the cultivation license enables greenlee farms to grow marijuana and production licenses enables them to create extracts which are used for cartridges oils and edibles greenlee

Farms is operational and has started generating revenue is a wholly owned subsidiary developing a social network and lifestyle channel destination for the marijuana industry is launching the go-to source for information entertainment products and services for people who relate to the marijuana lifestyle and an active social community marijuana

Accelerator is the division of p.m. tv which has established an ecosystem for the marijuana industry designed to connect entrepreneurs with investors and develop partnerships marijuana accelerators mission is to identify and develop ventures in the marijuana industry so this is marijuana and television to lighting now the other thing that just happened last week

Is nevada legalized recreational marijuana because of this pn tv skyrocketed last week now i like to really get into it get deep into it now remember guys do not chase stocks if stocks are up thousands of percent or hundreds of percent one hundred and forty four percent or four hundred thirty percent in a couple months i will not chase the stock wait for the

Stock to plummet wait further shores to get their hands on it wait for it to get into the red go all the way back down to like six seven eight nine cents then you position yourself then you get into the stock that’s how you win if you chase the stock thinking you missed it you’re going to get hurt it’s a bulletin more company it’s a medical marijuana space it’s

In nevada and they just legalized recreational marijuana that’s why the stock is going up but i’m gonna tell you exactly why i am not buying it at this price right now you want to know why let me show you why let’s look at their financials can you see their financials i want to make sure you guys can see their financials properly now this is what’s alarming to

Me december 31st 2016 then four hundred ninety eight thousand dollars in assets as a march 31st 2017 they have four hundred fifty six thousand assets they only have eleven thousand dollars in cash that is pathetic okay if they have left cash in the bank in you why would you put your hard-earned money into this now i’m not saying it’s not a good company you’re

Not saying they’re going to make money or they’re not going to make money but they’re trying to say that there’s their revenue generating well where’s the revenue pn tv i see $11,000 my bank and seventy seven grand in assets that is pathetic their total assets combined with construction i guess they’re building a facility is 450 6004 that let’s look at the debt

What concerns me is the debt one point six million dollars the debt would and over a hundred percent in the last couple weeks and it’s got no money in the bank and lots of debts so i’m not chasing this stuff i’ll be watching the stock if you want to learn how to read financial statements if you want to learn how to win i’m gonna tell you okay you go to otc markets

Calm you click on filings and disclosures and you read the cues this is the last quarter now hopefully the new cue that comes up is going to show some revenue but as it stands right now this is a company that has very little money in the bank very little revenue whatsoever and still has a lot of debt so will i buy this stock maybe will i chase the stock no but

Currently the stock is it stands just went back up the 17 cents which is a good sign it’s up 8.1% on the day it’s traded 5.2 million shares but i will not chase the stock beware of the trend reversal and the next time the market crashes and you see it in the red that’s what you want to buy it buy low sell high visit rich tv live don’t forget to subscribe click

The like them below and comment on the show cuz all i do is bring your winners i’ve been talking to your systems to those at 2 cents now it’s at 17 congratulations to anybody that has won if you’re winning you’re watching all right thank you everybody have yourselves a great day i wish you all the best of the luck now remember don’t chase stocks buy low sell high

When they’re in the red that’s when you buy when they’re in the green yeah it’s your watch list and just watch it and the next time it has a bad day and it gets pummeled and it’s in the red and it goes all the way down that’s when you buy it alright guys i’m out thanks

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Players Network (PNTV) up 7,200% in a year By RICH TV LIVE

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stock market at all time highs a

Stock Market at All time Highs! – Are we in a BIG BUBBLE?

Link to join StockHub free investing discord server: –~–

Good day subscribers thank you so much for joining me today i am jeremy this is a financial education channel and today we’re talking about stock market at all-time highs the stock market closed today at all-time highs the highest has ever been ever in history guys and the question is when you see a day like today you wondered are we in a big bubble is this bubble

About to pop and i pulled up a lot of statistics and things we’re going to dive into here today on this video and look and see do we have something to worry about out there or things just copacetic are things okay you know is a stock market a good value right now to get into is it an overpriced value if you’re buying in all those kinds of things guys and the reason

I don’t do a lot of macroeconomic related videos on this channel is mainly because i have like a philosophy that if you focus on small companies if you focus on investing in the small companies that will do well despite a recession or despite anything that happens out there then you’re doing your job you’re doing your job right you can’t just sit there worrying

About if the next recessions coming or if we’re in a bubble and all those kinds of things but i am aware and i do pay attention these kinds of things and i have a perfect analogy guys say there’s three guys they’re all going out surfing right well one guy decides he’s just gonna sit on the beach all day because he heard there were a couple sharks in that water

A few months ago and he’s like screw that i’m just gonna look out there i don’t want to i don’t want to get eaten i do not want to get eaten i’m just gonna look for sharks all day another guy he goes out there he doesn’t care about anything he’s like i’m just gonna have fun i don’t care about sharks the third guy he goes out there he surfs he has a great time

But he’s always paying attention to his surroundings he’s always aware you know looking out for things but he’s having a great time i like to be that third guy the third guy is a guy i like to be where i’m in the markets i’m doing things i’m investing i’m trying to make money i am making money all those kinds of things but i’m also aware i’m paying attention to

What’s going on in case that shark does come i don’t want to be eaten whereas the second guy he might just get eaten and the first guy he’s never gonna make any damn money no matter what because he’s never involved in the stock market he’s just a negative nancy you things although everything’s overvalued don’t matter what there always have a reason or what not so

That’s my analogy guys so let’s die into this so first off the stock market closed at pretty close to 20,000 were approaching now 19,000 750 it’s amazing because when i started in stocks the dow was at like 7000 that doesn’t seem that long ago guys it was like 8 years or something it’s amazing we’re at that now now one of the statistics i love to look at is the

S&p 500 p/e ratio as a whole so taking all the companies that are in the s&p 500 what their earnings were last year versus what their stock prices are currently right now we have a value of excuse me a p/e ratio of 26 that’s very very high unless we assume that companies are earning a lot more this year and will earn a lot more next year than they did last

Year so this is this is a trailing ratio here guys so it’s basically everything the companies are in last year versus our current stock price but you can see that’s much higher than any year’s in recent history the last time it was this high was 2009 which was in the great recession guys it’s never even been close to this high lately you know we had a 20 in 2010

We had 16 2011 2012 he had 14 it was unbelievable 2013 17 and then it’s just gotten higher and higher and higher until now we’re at a 26 so super high but you know we got a lot more things to dive into here 2010 to 2012 by the way of my favorite time ever investing it was a shooting fish in a barrel because company’s profits were going up much higher p/e ratios

Were relatively low you know that’s why i did that’s why one of the main reasons i had such great returns is most of the company you can invest in during those years most of them went up some of them went up a lot more than others but most of them went up as a general hold because everybody’s earnings were pretty much going up and p/e ratios were so low it was a

Fabulous fabulous fabulous time to be investing guys who doesn’t tend to 2012 so let’s go ahead and look at this here guys this is basically what i have pulled up here this is gdp growth and this is for the entire world so it’s taking them to the entire world gdp growth and look at we’re pretty we’re in a pretty low level here you see the basic mean it’s a round

Of three for the last few here guys last three four years were were under three we’re at about two and a half and that’s kind of where we’re stuck right now you can see when times are really great and things are growing very nicely we’re well over a four but the median ratios are about a three so we’re we’ve been under three for a little while now a few years here

Guys so that that to me shows that unless we can get back above three we’re probably we’re probably overvalued a bit because how companies suppose it’s being bring down those p/e ratios a lot if the gdp growth around the world is not gonna pick up to a substantial amount you can see years when we had gd a great gg well let me speak great gdp growth we had also

Great stock performances generally speaking you would look back most of those years were in the world gdp growth was over four percent of those are generally pretty good years to be in the stock market very good years guys i can tell you 2010 you know look at where the gdp growth was 2011 and i can tell you his stock market went up quite nicely those years it was

Quite nice here so i’m looking at this i’m like gdp growth really has to get back above three percent worldwide for us to bring down those p/e ratios a bit no this is from the wall street journal and i’ve been thinking this for the while now and this was basically an article posted from october so a couple months ago the federal reserve officials are concerned about

Rising corporate borrowing lever levels minutes from the feds most recent meetings show according to the minutes from the the late september policy meeting released wednesday some members of the federal open market committee worried about some corporations are using ultra low rates to do more than usual borrowing if you participants express concern that protracted

Period of very low interest rates might be encouraging excessive borrowing and increased leverage in non-financial corporate sector the minute say i’ve seen this guys time and time again some of these huge companies big companies even apple for instance are taking out billions of dollars tens of billions of dollars sometimes even hundreds of billions of dollars

Worth of debt basically to buy back their own stock it’s not like the lot of these companies like borrowing to build a huge manufacturing facilities and create all these kinds of jobs that a lot of them are borrowing money straight up to show they can buy back their debt and they’re paying it at such a low interest rate that they’re like okay that’s fine we’ll just

Pay two to three percent of interest rate let’s take out a big fat loan and buy back stock and is it’s financial engineering at its finest and i’ve seen this with so many huge companies guys so i’ve been thinking this for a while the feds now talking about it and it’s a big concern let’s look at some statistics here guys borrowing surged look at the us sales of an

Investment grade non-financial corporate debt year-to-date look at how high it is it’s right for the highest it’s ever been in the history of the united states here guys unbelievable is way higher than right before the the financial crisis which you see how high there was during the excuse me right before the financial crisis there in 2008 look at where we’re at

Here guys almost 700 billion and like i said this money is not being really used to make a bunch more jobs or or create a bunch more manufacturing facilities and all that kind of stuff this money is really being borrowed just to take out no debt so they can buy back stock financial engineering guys so let me even take out that to pay dividends and i think that is

So ridiculous i’m like how is that even allowed you can take out a debt to pay dividends it’s insane but that’s what’s going on guys so i look at this and it worries me it worries me do i go ahead and jump out of stock market now no now there’s one last factor and i can’t give you any statistics behind this i can’t show any facts or figures it’s called the jeremy

Reading basically what the jeremy reading is is i look through companies constantly guys you know that i do it on this channel i do it in my private time all those kinds of things when i have a lot of trouble finding good deals that means we’re probably a little overvalued in the market right now i have the hardest time i’ve ever had my investing life finding

The deals in the stock market allah why it went a hundred percent in gopro i posted the video yesterday i’m a hundred percent on one stock usually i only go 100 percent on one stock if i believe it is so much like we talked about i can’t find that many other good deals i look around it i don’t see much for good deals you know i like when and i like apple and i

Was invested in those and i think there’s still decent decent values but even those names they’re not like oh my gosh this is the greatest deal ever in history and i see i see so many overvalued companies i see a lot of companies and i’m like i wouldn’t want to bet a guy that i wouldn’t really want to buy that i search through his stocks it is so hard for me to

Find a by guys you know we do that isn’t a by section on the on the channel every week so many of those companies are almost never a buy i’m like well if you drop 10 and 20% then there’s a buy but it’s so hard to find value out there right now so that’s the jeremy reading and and i think this is just kind of like i don’t know we don’t know unless world gdp growth

Really takes off then we can begin to see either you know the p/e ratios on a lot of these companies come down quite substantially to more of a middle range because average p/e ratio on the sp500 is usually around 15 so one way way way about that guys we’ll see how this plays out it will be fun to see well hopefully unless we’ve enough in a recession or something

That won’t be fun unless you’re a short seller and then in that case good luck anyways thank you so much for watching your come across this video and you have not subscribed yet you may want to talk about personal finance in the channel talk about entrepreneurship i’m an entrepreneur and we also talk the stock market the most on this channel thank you for watching

Guys and have a great day you

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Stock Market at All time Highs! – Are we in a BIG BUBBLE? By Financial Education

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what i learned from spending fin

What I Learned From Spending ./ On Makeup For An Entire Year | Making it Work

Here’s what happened when one woman decided to reign in her makeup spending by cutting it out for an entire year, and how it changed her spending choices going forward. Learn how a family changed their lives in one year in this video:

Making it work is brought to you by wealth simple which gives everyone access to simple affordable investing on cruise control i love makeup i love experimenting using tricks i learned through the vast world of youtube beauty tutorials i love putting it on in the morning as a soothing moment of self-care before i face the world so it should be no surprise that after

Enrolling myself in the internet school of beauty i managed to gather a rather large collection of makeup products i finally decided that taking control of my makeup purchases would help me financially if not it would at least help me practice a bit of self control i challenged myself to a project pan meaning i would have to use up a product before i could buy its

Replacement this eventually morphed into a less impressive low buy period i just could not seem to stop buying makeup beauty products seemed to effortlessly show up in my shopping basket every once in a while even though i was trying not to buy them i thought i could never go more than a couple of weeks without purchasing makeup but i finally made it happen in

2017 that year i spent absolutely nothing on makeup my streak even lasted a few months into 2018 of course this achievement did not come without some struggling and learning some tough lessons here’s what i picked up along the way number one i learned more about my makeup habits before i had decided to take control of my makeup purchases i was more interested in

Lip products and i didn’t care much for face products i thought that it would stay that way for a long time but i never really understood my actual makeup consumption rate until i couldn’t restock my collection i found that by far i use up face products faster than anything else i own during the course of my project pan i often worried that i would run out of face

Products before i was through with them which did happen on several occasions but admittedly not understanding my actual makeup habits was the reason why my project pan turned into simply a low buy period as for my lip product collection i initially thought that i would be using my lip products left and right to this day i have yet to finish a single lip product not

Even a lip balm the lip products that i did finish were the ones that ended up becoming too gross to use number two fads fade makes a lot more sense when you can’t participate in any as a recovering makeup junkie i used to crave all the newest makeup trends the temptation was made worse when i decided to block myself from buying things it was difficult to handle

My desire to try out new makeup trends when it would require me to buy things that were not in my collection and break my promise limited-edition products were the worst because i knew i would probably never end up getting my hands on them but after a couple of cycles of desire fomo and disappointment i realized that what came afterward was indifference the world

Moved on to another fad and i still managed to get by using what i already had if i had given into any one of those desires i would have just another makeup product to the back of my beauty drawer the desire to purchase a specific product is only temporary but unless i keep track of every single receipt unlikely the act of spending my money is permanent number three

I learned to stop engaging with the beauty community i used to binge watch beauty videos all day long until i perfected whatever look i was going for now i barely watch any at some point i simply stopped feeling a desire to watch them it came so gradually i didn’t even notice i stopped watching them until i realized i had no idea what the latest beauty launches

Were perhaps my brain decided i should stop punishing myself by looking at any online content relating to beauty and in turn it helped me stop craving the latest makeup releases number four stopping myself from buying makeup redirected my money and energy to other things since i stopped binge watching makeup videos i’ve had more time to watch and do other things

The natural progression for me was skincare videos mostly because korean skincare became a trend promoted by the same beauty gurus that i used to watch this was a welcome departure because nothing changed up my beauty routine like a good skincare routine makeup products could hide discoloration but they couldn’t hide the tiny bumps on my face added bonus i use

Fewer makeup products now that my skin is better and when i am not learning more about skincare i am learning how to hem and alter my clothes to make them fit me better i know that i am merely switching one form of self-care to another but i’m alright with that at this point in my life learning take care of my skin and making sure my clothes fit feels much more

Productive and helpful for my self-esteem than buying another tube of lipstick and i am definitely not spending as much money on myself as i used to so the one year spending ban was more than worth it learning what works for you and what doesn’t is crucial for getting good with money for instance maybe you know you need to be investing but aren’t sure how where

The wealth simple getting started takes just a few minutes wealth simple is online investing that’s as simple and human as it gets in just five minutes they’ll build you a custom portfolio to fit your personal goals and timeline just answer a few easy questions and they’ll manage your money for you on autopilot set it forget it and let your money grow in the

Background you can turn on automatic deposits as well as set up a smart savings account with higher rates than big banks for your shorter term goals you’re writing your next great adventure or that handbag you need they also have a socially responsible portfolio that invests in green stocks and companies that support gender diversity the fees are much lower than

Big banks and tfd viewers will get their first $10,000 managed for free with no minimum deposit check them out at wealth simple comm slash tfd or use the link in our description there are no account minimums and it only takes a few minutes to start no excuses

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What I Learned From Spending $0 On Makeup For An Entire Year | Making it Work By The Financial Diet

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should you invest in the metaver

Should You Invest in the Metaverse

► Get a 5 FREE shares of stock worth $9-3500 each

How’s it going everybody this is peter bush today we’re going to talk about investing in a metaverse mark zuckerberg is investing billions into it so should you today we are joined by irisa dog she is an alaskan ki kai is my sister’s dog she likes to put her feet kind of like cross leg like this she kind of refuses to sit on this little weird one seeder because maybe

There’s two walls or something so she’ll take my place on this side and i’m gonna sit on this side today this video is brought to you by the moomoo app you can get five free shares worth up to thirty five hundred dollars each one for opening up an account so this costs you nothing deposit one dollar and then you can get another free share if you fund your account

With two thousand dollars or more you can get three free additional shares each worth up to 3 500 check out my referral link down in the video description below there’s an internal message board for employees only and it’s kind of like reddit where you can upvote certain questions one of the highest ranking questions is this how could we avoid a dystopian reality

Where the metaverse is used as an opium for the masses it’s sad that this is true if you look around there is a lot of social media where people spend a crazy amount of time on it if you have a cell phone where it tracks how much time you spend on each application man it’s ridiculous how much any single person spends on any single day on facebook instagram tick tock

All those social media thing it just draws you in and then boom before you know it a few hours has gone by and you did nothing nothing productive at all you just kept on getting all these things fed into your brain and then you don’t even remember any of it really kind of like the weeping angels where if you ever see them you’re automatically transported forward in

Time and you don’t know what you did so in a way social media is like the weeping angels this is like kind of dark so what do you do with any new thing i’m thinking about investing in it this is probably investing in the facebook stock the fb ticker symbol what do you actually do you have to do your research behind virtual reality augmented reality and all those

Other things they’re trying to meld together the question here is are they going to be successful they’re pouring billions and billions of dollars in it if you think about the stage at which this is at it’s kind of like tesla but in the very early stages before they have the model s come out or even before they have the roadster come out except the situation’s

A little different because facebook is an established company they have a bunch of money coming in so they have billions of funding just kind of behind this it’s almost like a brute force thing you pour enough money in it maybe it’s gonna work investing in metaverse or the associated companies that may join into this thing people hear this and might think this is

The next biggest thing and they just pop money right into it but i am a little bit more skeptical of this the stock right now is that 341 dollars i remember back in around 2012 when it ipo it was like 20 some dollars 25 at the time i have to admit i didn’t have very high faith in it i thought oh my gosh 25 that’s expensive but of course it’s multiplied itself by

Eight or nine times since its ipo price it doesn’t go up very fast but it’s a very very steady increase over these many years let’s look at their annual revenues and profits 21 year-over-year increase in revenue 57 year-over-year increase in profits that’s a crazy amount of increase in profits 50 in 2021 they’re gonna be earning about 110 billion in revenue but

This is all what they’re currently doing with you know facebook instagram all that this is not in vr this is just their established company so far it’s a great thing of course to have a company that’s generating profits and then you take some of those profits and reinvest it in something brand new maybe in the future it’s going to bear fruit and then it’s going to

Generate them even more money if it does this of course the stock price is going to increase even more keep in mind facebook like a lot of other fan companies they’ve been acquiring companies left and right there’s a huge list of more than 100 companies they’ve acquired already this includes oculus vr whatsapp instagram mark zuckerberg has announced a name change

From facebook to meta it seems like now they’re going to concentrate on creating a virtual world they’re going to spend about 10 billion dollars this year and in total they estimate they’re going to spend about 50 billion dollars to achieve this goal to really understand if this is gonna pan out you have to understand the challenges of vr right now i’ve used these

Myself and this is the htc cosmos elite this is quite chunky and you put this on your head and if there is rapid head movement no matter how tight you put it on your head it’s going to move around a little bit this and other things gives rise to motion sickness when you are using these vr things so right now a huge challenge is actually for people to put these

Things on and feel comfortable for a long period of time i personally cannot use this for more than say 30 minutes or one hour at a time whenever you see the motion does not correspond to how your body feels because you could just be sitting down but then your your body is just kind of like being moved around all over the place in vr space another thing is the

Lag in the system itself so they need faster and faster processors they got to make sure whenever you move your head just slightly the screen gets updated almost immediately there’s also a thing called phobiated rendering it does some eye tracking so they’re gonna have like a camera right here looking at your eyeballs and it’s gonna track where you’re looking at

And then it uses this information to only render that part where you’re looking at with high detail and everywhere else is a little bit less detailed when done correctly you will not notice that there is a reduction in resolution however gpu power is going to be significantly reduced and a maximum of up to 10 fold decrease so i think doing the foveated rendering

Is absolutely critical unless you want to wait several generations out for the cpu or gpu to be able to render everything just fine if you add in this technology it’s kind of like trying to get ahead of the cpu technology this one in particular they just render the entire field of view let’s say i’m looking at iris right i’m not looking at that wall over there

Directly right i’m staring over here but within the vr goggles they still have to render that but you definitely don’t have to render that in like full resolution right it just needs to be like a blob of stuff that’s kind of white and just kind of approximate another issue is also the screen door effect these might be nitpicky but a lot of people do complain it’s

Basically a result of the low resolution of the screen that’s inside these things when you put it inside a headset and you magnify it so that it covers your entire field of view it’s not enough resolution for your eye but this is the best they can do right now if you increase the resolution let’s say four fold right it’s gonna dramatically increase the gpu power

That’s needed right now it’s already state of the r and they’re already having a hard time rendering you know whatever resolution is in these things what does screen door effect look like so every single pixel is generated by a couple of colors right red green blue within the chip they have to put them next to each other and when they put them next to each other

It’s gonna have like spaces where there are dead spaces and it doesn’t actually transmit any light so those dead spaces is going to look like a grid when you blow this up with the optics inside these headset it’s going to look like a screen door inside the vr when you put these things on what does it really look like for those people that have never used it before

It’s kind of like a spherical screen door with no frame or anything just think of a spherical screen that is attached to your head like let’s say it’s attached on the back of your head and this spherical bubble it’s just right right there like all across you so as you move your head the entire screen door bubble is gonna move with your head for earlier version of

These headsets i’d say it’s noticeable for this one it seems like as a resolution goes up higher the screen door it’s finer in detail so the screen door effect is a little bit less apparent it’s kind of like you going to the movie theater when you’re in the movie theater you notice you know the seats the speakers right that you’re in a theater but once you get

Immersed in it you kind of forget about the screen door effect right and then you’re just immersed in it so it takes a little bit of believing and you wanting to believe and then that’s gonna go away but whenever you just kind of step out of it and go okay i have a vr goggles on you know you know it’s there if you look for it it’s gonna be there it’s always gonna

Be ever present for gpu power to be powerful enough it needs probably two or three more generations so this is definitely going to take longer than the five year time frame that facebook has planned i’ve mentioned before the headset weight here you can see it’s quite hefty and it actually gets kind of uncomfortable if you were for a long period of time another

Thing is that this thing is not cheap if you want to experience this it’s going to be you know probably like two or three thousand dollars by the time you buy the computer the gpu card that’s necessary this thing and then all the sensors that goes with it so not a lot of people is gonna go around trying these things buying it for themselves at the home in order

For this to happen in the mass consumer market they have to make this really really cheap under 300 maybe and it needs to include all the processing power it needs to be you know one-third the weight within the next five years i am not certain if they can you know get the technology to be sleek enough to be fast enough it’s like a tiny little bit too early maybe

10 years would be a good time frame it needs a little bit longer so they’re really pushing the boundaries here if they work fast maybe but you really have to wait for the moore’s law to catch up probably in five years the technology would still be just at the starting point when you invest in something like this you have to think about the future it’s not certain

Right now it’s kind of like the early stages of tesla at the time people are not certain that they can even make a car at the time they did have a ceo who has proven himself multiple times in many different companies that he was able to bring his magic and make things happen but for mark zuckerberg it’s like a one-hit wonder so far right it’s like one really really

Successful company and now it’s still the same company but then they’re introducing a brand new product line here let me mention their competitors they have google which made google glass that failed and this is a really big company and then we poured a lot of money into it and even a really big company can fail they also made a very very cheap version of vr which

Is cardboard and they just put a phone into this thing and it kind of works of course it has really low resolution because you’re sticking your phone in there microsoft has holo lens which is more towards a enterprise grade thing apple actually has ar if you get the iphone 13 pro it has ar built in if you ever go on amazon sometimes they have an ar option you can

Actually look at a mouse in augmented reality so you can place the mouse on some surface and then you can look at it move the phone around and look at it in 3d you can zoom in zoom out i think it’s really cool the point here really is that there are other companies looking at something similar and like apple they have products out right now doing ar there’s also

The valve index which is a thousand dollars magic leap has a ar headset although this is not you know not really in the news or anything it hasn’t gone really popular so here’s my conclusion i think this is actually a bit very very early stage investing if you’re going to invest in the metaverse because it’s not a proven thing yet of course this is how you get the

Biggest gains is if you invest in an improving technology that somehow you have the foresight to know this is it this is going to happen and if it does happen you’re going to benefit greatly something like a 20 to 50x gain if you wait 10 years and then it actually happens but with facebook it’s a little different story here because they are a really big company

Already if let’s say they’re correct and they make a whole bunch of money and people are using this as a platform in the future let’s say they make a hundred billion dollars a year right they already make 50 billion dollars a year and if this comes true you’re only gonna two or three x your money there’s no action items here i am not actually going to invest right

Away my investing style is i don’t want to put money in somewhere where it’s essentially dead money i want to put it in somewhere where i can see results within you know six months to a year or so i’m going to wait just kind of monitor the scene monitor the entire thing to see where the industry is gonna go part of the reason why i get these things is to experience

Firsthand because after i actually use this myself i can tell well you know it’s there’s some ways to go for this technology so i hope you guys enjoyed this video don’t forget to give me a like and subscribe for more thanks for watching she’s just sleeping i think i talk i talk way too much hey oh now you’re sleeping again okay you

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Should You Invest in the Metaverse By BeatTheBush

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my secret stock pick up 150 in 1



How y’all doing today so last friday i gave you guys a secret stock pic i told you guys that my secret stop pic was special i told you it had a chance to be a winner i told you that it was going to do well and it did i didn’t expect it to do as well as it did i didn’t expect it to go up 150 percent in one week but be that it did okay so i just wanted to kind of

Remind everyone that link technologies that secrets topic went up 150 percent in one week last friday i told you my secret stock pick was light link technologies it was that 11 cents it’s now at 26 and a half cents it’s true from 11 cents to 26 and a half cents our secret stock pic has exploded and made members money all over the world and i feel blessed to be

Able to bring you guys the pic i’m very happy for those of you guys that have won but the best part about this pic i don’t think it’s done i think it’s got hired to go i know it sounds crazy but it’s true i think light link technologies goes higher i know it sounds nuts but i think it goes higher i don’t know are you guys holding light link technologies are you

Guys still holding it did you guys sell it i still think it goes higher call me crazy i think it goes higher but you never know remember rich tv live is strictly for education entertainment purposes always do your due diligence always do your research before you invest in anything that we talk about here in rich tv live i’m gonna give you a list of picks that i

Brought you guys since january collectively those picks are up over 1 thousand percent write these down cnn a p vo t ch m dl ry which i gave to you two days ago l lt light link technologies is ed why any labs la bs e gl x mc ld these are all pics that are brought to you guys first collectively they’re up over 1,000% and i brought these all since january of 2019 oh

Also you can add to that list gigi b green growth brands i brought them first and har v i brought them first as well that’s 11 picks that i brought to you since january that are up collectively over 1,000% 1,000% which means if you bought those 10 or 11 picks and you just held them you would have made over 10 times your money if you put in $10,000 and bought just

Those picks you would be up to a hundred thousand dollars in your account hey man i’m just telling you the fax numbers don’t lie but people do man and those numbers speak for themselves look at the charts on those stocks look at the results of those picks tell me if i’m right or if i’m wrong but i can assure you that when you look at those picks and you look at my

Videos and you look at the charts you’re gonna see i’m right so light link technologies i gave it to you guys last friday i told you it was my secret stock pick it went up 1,000% lately technologies went up a hundred and fifty percent in one week and collectively my pics have gone up 1,000% since january 2019 hey men it’s just what we do here bring your winners

And we bring them to you first i don’t want your money i want your eyes and ears on the prize the best part is the best part is manjo if you didn’t see my secret pic you’re not watching the videos bro i did the video last friday i told you guys it was my secret stock pick light link technologies and that stock went from 11 cents all the way to 26 and a half cents

In one week did you guys buy some light link technologies if you guys bought light link technologies and you made money on it please let me know please let me know if you made money on it okay you watch enough of me you know i’m not watching enough of me if you’re not getting the pics you know sup man say what’s up to youtube oh you put in a thousand bucks well

Joel man you gotta watch the pics bro gotta watch the pigs man you know we got the best pics here brother you know we got the best pics if you guys made money on light link technologies let me know you know i’d like to know if you guys won right i’ve always wanted to know if you guys are winning always wanted to know if you guys win i’m at the soccer field we’d

Love to be at the soccer field we’d love to be at the soccer field making a video we at the soccer field this is the way we roll and yeah man just excited man i had a great day today i don’t know but you guys but i didn’t even make a trade but my account was up big a lot of it was due to zina today exploding i was very happy about that i had quite a few people

Talking about my zina prediction and saying that they didn’t believe it was correct and xena xena bus exploded today so i was quite excited about that having a very big day for zen abyss today this is the soccer field yo so did you take advantage of zen abyss and llt i hope you took advantage of zen abyss and l lt l lt man l lt light link technologies that was my

Secret stock pick last week i went up a hundred and fifty percent in one week and the only place you would ever heard of light link technologies is right here from your boy because ain’t nobody else talking about light link technologies nowhere ain’t nobody else know we’re talking about link technologies i promise you that promise you that you bought zen abyss on

The red genius good job buddy good job joe i didn’t think you were gonna buy his out of his job i’m glad you picked it up man glad you picked it up you guys want to see some of the future soccer stars the future future soccer stars so yeah just really excited man that my secret stock pick came through and the next time i have another pick for you i’ll let you guys

Know so take a look at some of the pics at bergen cnn a from 60 cents to a dollar 39 light link technologies from 11 cents to 26 and a half mc ld from 19 cents – it went as high as 45 pivot went from 19 cents today was at 47 i brought you guys labs at a dollar 50 it’s hit seven dollars this week i brought you said why any at five bucks to this week it hits 16 it

Was at 16 today so the list goes on and on and on i brought you a glx at around 80 90 cents and they’re at a dollar sixty something now i brought you ca chema thirty cents there at over 60 there were over 70 at one point the list goes on and on and on so we’ve brought more winners than anybody else on the planet that’s a fact i don’t know anybody else that have

Brought you 11 winners that have gone up over a hundred percent since january if you guys know anyone that has please let me know i’ll subscribe right now to their channel okay thank you guys for the likes i really appreciate it it really helps to allow these videos to go viral we try to bring the winners and we try to bring them to you first we try to identify

Companies that are undervalued underappreciated underexposed and we try to bring you companies and no one’s ever heard of before sometimes that’s pretty difficult you know i brought you guys dlr why a lot of people laughed oh it doesn’t trade rich it doesn’t have any volume rich up 20% in two days since i brought the pick guess the trades now i brought you light

Link technologies doesn’t trade rich it’s a piece of trash rich it sucks rich it’s at a 52-week low rich oh guess it trades now i don’t know 800,000 shares a twenty six cents pretty good volume if you ask me for a company in the never trades all of a sudden went from 11 cents to 26 and a half cents guess i know a little something about something so i don’t know man

I really don’t know what else to say man i just trying to bring you guys winners and i try to bring them to you first if i bring you winners before they explode people are like why would you bring me a winner it doesn’t trade uh well yeah you gotta bring it before it explodes so that you can get in before it explodes so chances are if you’re getting in early it

Ain’t gonna have a lot of volume it isn’t gonna have a lot of attention it isn’t gonna be doing great that’s called getting in early if i bring you a pig that’s already on fire well it might be too late you might get stuck holding the bag like zy any i brought you that pickup five bucks i’m not gonna tell you to buy it at 16 labs i brought you that pic at a buck 50

I’m not gonna talk to you about buying labs at 7 bucks right so we’re trying to bring you the winners we’re trying to bring them to you first it’s not easy it’s a very difficult thing to do uh it’s not that i don’t like zelda i just i don’t know it’s it’s for cents yeah i mean it looks okay jo but you know i don’t see that much with it yet so i might be wrong but

Um you know it’s not like the first thing on my radar i got some other companies that rather buy first right now i’m looking to enter the market with some new money and i’m thinking about buying something for next week i was looking at buying more xena vez when i hit a dollar-fifty range i wanted to buy more zenefits really really badly but i got a little hesitant

Cuz i thought maybe it’s gonna go down you know good job joe bought labs a 150 sold at 585 amazing amazing execution there so yeah you know i thought about maybe buying some more xena beasts when was that 150 and then it went all the way to 175 today and now i’m like oh because i bought some at 174 i’m already up on that position i don’t want to buy some at these

Levels if it goes back to 150 i’ll probably buy another 5,000 shares on 150 so i’ll be looking for another position for next week i don’t know yet exactly what that will be i think llt will go higher but i’m not gonna buy llt but i think it could go to 40 cents that’s my prediction i mean you got in at in labs at 150 and you sold at 585 any way you slice it bro

That’s amazing you made like what 300% return yeah any way you slice that that’s pretty amazing as far as i’m concerned so i’m looking for something to put my money in i don’t know what i’m looking very carefully i did not make one trade all week i was just watching the markets all week so i’m looking at radiant technologies i’m looking at an wave looking at

Radiant technologies looking at any wave looking at zen abyss looking at med man looking at ilithyia looking at aurora just trying to find the right pick man i’m trying to do my headshot don’t want to chase the zen yne don’t want to chase vgw don’t want to chase labs rather get something on the loan i’d rather pick up something on the loan so honestly don’t know

What to buy i’m very hesitant right now i think the market is very choppy what do i think about vap n the radiant technology sticker is rti in canada are ddtf in america astralis is 75 cents yeah australis is 75 cents in america it’s over $1 in canada any news on the l lt interview release date that’s actually a really good question i believe it’ll be next week

I’ve done three videos i did a interview with delray ceo morgan good i did an interview with the llt ceo and i did an interview this week with you buck who is the digital wallet that did an loi with enthusiasts gaming’s through light link technologies i did a video with them i’m waiting for all three of those videos to give me the green light to be able to publish

Them so i’ll keep you guys updated on that i still don’t know what i’m gonna buy next week but i will be buying something next week i would have loved to have zen abyss at 170 or so at 150 even 148 it got – that would have been an amazing amazing price you did nicely on light link technologies very good i’m happy for you so we want man i just want you guys to win

I want to know is there a pick that i should be buying next week is there anything that you guys are gonna be buying next week that i should be buying please let me know because i will be entering the market with ten thousand dollars of new money next i was planning on doing it this week but i wanted to see how it came out when zen abyss was down to the 150 range

I really fought myself not to buy it but i had to keep telling myself okay what if it goes lower rich what if it goes lower so you know i didn’t buy it i didn’t pull the trigger and now it bounced back up so kind of frustrated about that do you think that llt is a stock to hold or sell when it’s up i say if you see profits just take them i say if you see profits

Just take them hey lo can’t go lower than 50 cents usd you’re safe there i would never say never i would never say never but you never know it michael lower might go higher anything is possible in these markets these markets are crazy what about men men i love mad men i think mad man is one of the most undervalued stocks in the entire sector they fall under the

Category of too big to fail and i think it’s just a matter of time until they explode when will they explode i have no idea i mean it’s up to us to find the bottom and i believe we will find the bottom yeah i believe that nemus day has a chance absolutely there’s a very good chance of nameste explodes at some point here is there any other pics that i need to know

About for next week i would love to know what you guys are looking at i’d love to know what you guys are buying and if i buy anything i’ll definitely let you guys know what do you think on can’t trust love can’t trust i think it’s a great company i thought that they were really heavily oversold they’ve bounced back a little bit this week i think it’s a good company

If you can get in low that’s one that you want to have definitely want to own there’s so many stocks out there right now it just becomes more and more difficult every single day the more stocks are out there the more difficult it gets the more stocks are out there the more difficult it gets there’s just too many options right now two years ago there was like five

Companies now there’s like four hundred so it’s difficult to stay focused and stay in your lane another company that’s done quite well is organa graham o gana graham has been on fire keep them on your watchlist kimo i mean on your radar they’ve been just running village farms has been pretty hot they’ve been running so there’s been quite a lot of stocks that been

Doing well the markets still choppy there’s a lot of sneak attacks that’s why i’m looking for companies at the bottom ar e vf up listing on tuesday o gi lists on the nasdaq tuesday i believe wow that’s big check out s rdp i’ll check it out thank you thank you for your picks so i just wanted to touch base with you guys i’m very happy about light link technologies

Having an amazing week up 150% in one week i don’t think i’ve seen any other youtuber or anyone bring a pic over the last week that’s gone on up over 150% i think light link is a very undervalued underappreciated underexposed company i don’t think very many people know about it feels nice to know that members one happy about that congratulations for everybody who

Won this is your boy rich from rich tv live if you’re not winning you’re not watching bringing the winners we bring them to you first from the soccer field sometimes it’s true you sold your your vff when they said it was going to tank a man buy low sell high by red sell green rinse and repeat and you’ll always be okay okay guys have a great long weekend thank you

For joining me hope you had a great week if you’re not winning you’re not watching this is your boy rich to be live not mold let’s give these guys a nice kick

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MY SECRET STOCK PICK UP 150% IN 1 WEEK By RICH TV LIVEliveBroadcastDetails{isLiveNowfalsestartTimestamp2019-05-18T002354+0000endTimestamp2019-05-18T004329+0000}

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