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i could get fired for this 401k

I Could Get Fired for this 401k Front Loading Video

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How’s it going everybody this is beat the bush today i’m gonna talk about a concept called 401k front-end loading if this is applied properly you may seek to gain somewhere between zero and seven thousand dollars or so every few years i made this particular video some time ago for my patreon members and now i’ve decided to release it to the general public mainly

Because i don’t have a particular job that is paying into my 401k i am self-employed now so i can just blab all i want to the internet that there are these little i would say slightly gray area tactics where you can actually gain more money from your employer and this is outside of your salary outside of your 401k matching so this is actually more money on top of

What you would normally get if you applied this properly now i was actually scared of making this video while i was still employed because you know my administrator boss or something they might see it and they might go tell their 401k administrator i might get fired over something like this because you know i’m under a 401k plan and i’m essentially telling people

Tactics on how to sort of game the system a little bit certainly i think if you ever talk to your 401k administrator they’re not gonna tell you these things and through my own research sometimes when people talk about 401k front-end loading they’re talking about a slightly different topic where they’re saying hey you know you can invest kind of early on during

The year will that make a difference this is not exactly what i’m talking about because when all is said and done you’re actually may have a chance of gaining more money then you are typically thinking that you’re gonna get from your regular matching the concept is simple okay when you go to a job usually they have plans where they go okay they have one-to-one

Matching okay you can get up to three percent of your salary one-to-one match some of them might do six percent some of them might do one to to match whatever it is the idea here is to max out your 401k so that you get your match early on in the year some companies will only allow you to match up to 3% of your monthly income not 3% of your yearly salary on the

Very first paycheck so this is actually a very fine point and you might have to dig into your 401k literature to find out if they actually do this worst case scenario you can actually go ok instead of only contributing to your 401k 3% you might do 10% and see if they actually do one-to-one matching they put another 10% for you for that current month this is a way

To test it out now let’s extend this a little bit further rather than 3 percent rather than 10 percent have you gone as crazy as 100 percent of your paycheck going into your 401k let’s say it’s january 1st and you go ok 100 percent so your whole paycheck untaxed all of it goes in your 401k what happens then if they would do your matching for your whole entire year

Salary at the very first month that might mean that you can actually take home that portion of the matching early on so these days for 2019 the 401k maximum limit is $19,000 for some really high income earners engineers or whatever you might be able to max out this $19,000 within a few paychecks so january you might have to pay check and then maybe february 1 or

2 paycheck so i don’t know two to four paychecks you might already max out this $19,000 already let me also say before you get too excited i know some companies that do not do the full 3 percent of your jewellery salary as much as you want to early on in the year sometimes they limit it so that they only do 3 percent of your current paycheck that’s the maximum

So let’s just say for really round numbers you make $120,000 a year so this comes out to be $10,000 a month i know a lot of people don’t make this much but it makes the numbers easier to calculate 3 percent of this $10,000 is essentially $300 so under a company plan that only matches up to 3 percent of your current paycheck then if you let’s say the first month

You contribute $10,000 the most arrogant put in matching for you into your 401k is $300 the next month you still need to max out your 401k because so far you only put $10,000 in you put another nine thousand dollars into reach to 401k maximum limit and then your company puts in another three percent matching so it’s another three hundred dollars the months after

They’re gonna go well you’re not contributing anything to your 401k so therefore they’re not gonna match anything therefore you’re not going to get the three percent matching so for the rest of the year it’s gonna be zero so for a companies that actually do this this might not be a very good idea because you’re not taking advantage of all of the matching for more

Than a few companies that i have worked for they do not have this fine print locked down this means that you can contribute as much as you want to earlier on in the year and they would match this up to your yearly salary not the percent of that monthly payment so let’s go through this again for a company that would actually match up to your you larry salary every

Single month you contribute $10,000 this is 100 percent of your paycheck let’s say they pay bimonthly you put in $10,000 now your yearly salary is $120,000 three percent of this is $3,600 so what’s gonna happen for a company that allows this is that you put in $10,000 the 401k gets matched to up to three percent of your salary so they put in another three thousand

Six hundred dollars so at the end of the first month you already locked down your three percent matching you already have it it’s in your pocket it’s in your 401k already now the next month you continue to max out your 401k so you put in another nine thousand dollars up to the irs limit but then you’re not gonna get any more matching because you max it out already

Another example is if your company has six percent matching so if you make a hundred twenty thousand dollars a year six percent is seven thousand two hundred dollars so during the first month you put in ten thousand dollars they’re gonna match the seven thousand two hundred dollars already so right away in your 401k at the end of january you’re gonna see ten thousand

Dollars and another seven thousand two hundred dollars just plop right in because they’re doing that matching again the next month you put in nine thousand dollars up to the irs limit but they’re not gonna match any more because you already maxed out that limit well so after looking at the you might go well so what does it matter because every single year you’re still

Gonna get the same amount of matching the magic happens is if you do this every single year there is going to be some chance that you’re gonna be switching jobs there is some chance that you might get laid off you might get fired you might decide to quit your job and retire or something so therefore if it happens right after your 3% match 6% match happens then you

Essentially took home that entire matching for the entire year during that first month already therefore if you’re no longer with the company after you reaped all the matching benefits you still get it for the entire year so it’s kind of like still working for the company and reaping the 3 percent matching benefits now when does it not matter is if you happen to

Get fired get laid off quit or something at right around december timeframe because you could have just spread out the matching all throughout the year so there is some chance that that might happen because you really don’t have much control over when they lay you off when you get fired but you do have a chance of when you want to quit you can statistically though

You can look at this in a probability standpoint if you always front-end load your 401k you can wait for a certain instance of this happening and let’s say on average it’s gonna happen somewhere right in the middle of the year you’re gonna stand to win in this you know on average the mean is about $1,800 and if they match 6% the mean is about $3,600 so if you do

This all your life you’re probably going to make a few thousand dollars out of this now you also have to think about you need to be in such a good financial situation that you can forego a few paychecks you need to have enough money in the bank that you don’t absolutely need to get paid every single month you’re not living paycheck to paycheck so you can go on i

Don’t care about that paycheck i’m gonna put a hundred percent into my 401 k of that whole paycheck and then later on you can change it you know change it to something lower so after you do that $19,000 already and while this is happening you front-end load your 401k now i feel like i need to keep on talking about this to kind of give you all the finer points and

Details if you work for a company and you do this front-end load thing and then all of a sudden let’s say you know middle of the year you switch to a new company and that new company also has a 401k well this means that at the new company you’re not gonna be able to get their matching because you already contributed $19,000 to your 401k what you could do is when

You’re at your new company still do the matching you should also try to front-end load it there because if you’re in june and you can still reap the whole years worth of matching there then you can put that money in your 401k and try to not reach that $19,000 limit because you already reach that $19,000 let me at your first job so during your second job if you are

Contributing more to it that means you eventually are gonna have to take some back out so that at the end of the year for whatever calendar year it adds up to be $19,000 total so in a sense if you switch jobs and for any two companies that does your full year’s matching this means you can reap the benefits of both companies now this doesn’t need to absolutely be

Right in the middle of june you could switch job right at december and then you can like put in your whole paycheck and try to get all the matching from that company even though you only work for like one single paycheck just two weeks of the end of the year and then you can try to reap all the benefits of the matching of the whole year now let me talk about the

Vesting period of these companies many companies is not going to let you run away with their matching if you work there just for one year some do some don’t but a lot of them they vest within a three to four year time period so you’re gonna end up having to work for a company and you know you have that money sitting there and then you gotta work for it for a certain

Amount of time usually it’s a tiered kind of vesting period the first year you get 25% of the matching the second year you get 50% a third year you get 75% you get so you get more and more as you reach the full vesting period so let me just say even if you have this vesting period going on it’s still good to do this because you never know when you’re gonna quit

You can try to stay as long as you can but you know this is sort of hard to control but as long as you keep on doing this you’re gonna eventually benefit now sometimes reading all the fine print in your 401k it’s a little difficult i’ve tried myself you have to dig really deep in there so an easier way would be to instead of putting three percent matching into

Your 401k you could do something like 10% or 20% just you know throw a probe out there just change it and then go okay how much are you gonna match just because i put in 10% and then you can test it out that way and then once you know that if it’s possible then you can go fall out and go a hundred percent so i guarantee you if you do this all the time you’re gonna

Eventually benefit you’re gonna eventually get a few thousand dollars out of this because of this well i really do hope that if you take advantage of it and you actually get some real money thousands of dollars come back this for this video let me know that you benefit did i mention that i have a channel t-shirt that has a honey badger on it says infinite vacation

And well if you use this 401k front-end loading method it’s gonna help you with your infinite vacation check out my link for this t-shirt down in the video description below push that like button push that subscribe button and ring that bell icon thanks for watching

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I Could Get Fired for this 401k Front Loading Video By BeatTheBush

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how i screwed up bad with apple

How i screwed up BAD with Apple Q4 Numbers! – Bad Jeremy!

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Good day subscribers thank you so much for joining me today i am jeremy this is a financial education channel and today we’re talking about how did i screw up apples q4 numbers so freaking bad i was way off if you guys recall last week i posted a video about what i believed apple’s q4 numbers were i had them way above what the analysts were expecting and whatnot and

Boy was i wrong holy smokes i was way off way way way off so today’s video we’re gonna dive into in see how did i screw up so bad one of the mistakes i made when analyzing apple for this quarter and i believe this video will help you guys immensely in kind of your thought process i’m thinking hmm maybe i should have approached it this way or that way because a lot

More can be learned sometimes from a mistake then actually something that was successful so i just thought this is a great opportunity let’s go ahead and get right into this guy’s so first up we’re looking at what apple report it for numbers for their q4 so we’re going to read through the first couple lines here we’re starting at cupertino california apple today

Announced financial results first fiscal 2016 fourth quarter ended september 24 2016 first off right off the back there the quarter end at september 24 that’s something if i did more research on i should have known where is i thought the quarter was ending september 30th so right off the bat we have six days less of revenue profits all that stuff then i was even

Expecting now that still doesn’t make up for how big of a difference i had but it still matters when a company like apple with how much revenue they would have coming in from the new iphone and stuff like that this is huge i call this lazy jeremy lazy jeremy syndrome and this is why you guys have to be exact when you look at these type of things if i was doing

What i used to do which is like betting on basically a company’s earnings and i have sticking a ton of money now i was expecting this great earnings something like this helping cost it that would have been a horrible decision lucky enough i don’t do that anymore but still this is something i should have researched it’s big it’s big the company posted quarterly

Revenue of forty six point nine billion in quarterly net income of nine billion or one dollar in 67 cents per share so let’s go ahead and take a look now at what i had for the company we see here that the company reported 46.9 in 167 let’s look at what i had i had two dollars of eps to two hundred and ten cents are we way above what they actually reported and i had

54 billion for revenue so we still got a lot of a lot of money to make up for and how i made this mistake because he reported basically seven billion less than what i had seven billion lesson when i had huge huge difference we’re talking here so the quarter ending september 24th vs. ending september 30th like i thought it might that matters some but we still got

To find some more money here so next page up we’re looking at by the way apple basically just barely beat analysts estimates in case you guys are keeping track analysts have dollar sixty-five apple reporter dollar 67 and revenue just barely beat by like 100 million so let’s look at where the revenue actually came from so what first off america’s down seven percent

That’s surprising i thought america’s would at least be flat if not grow with that so down seven percent that accounts for definitely a big percentage of my mistake and then look at greater china that’s something i did not anticipate at all greater china revenue came at 8.7 billion that was down thirty percent year-over-year to 4 2015 they did 12 and a half billion

In greater china it is amazing to me what has happened with apple and china apple was growing like insane in china there was quarters like this is literally talking about like a year or two ago like two years ago ever growing in revenue by lee 99% ridiculous ridiculous ridiculous rates and now to be down thirty percent your revenue and greater china oh that’s like

Mind-blowing to me mind-blowing i cannot believe that that’s something i saw there was weakness in china in the last couple quarters but i really didn’t think there would be this much weakness and i thought they would get back to growth with iphone 7 not true at all is that apple’s mistake or is that just the chinese economy being softer than it was two years ago

I don’t know let’s get into this japan grew a bit that’s fine rest of asia-pacific was basically about flat so let’s go down and look at these products now so i phone did 45 million units versus last year it did 48 million units versus i had them doing 51 million units so i was considerably off now one of my big thesis ha’s was that samsung in this whole recall

Thing that was going to affect apple in a very positively way and this is where lazy jeremy comes that i can being lazy and not really looking into these numbers and this is why investing is literally hard work some people think it’s just luck no it’s freaking hard work and you have to look in all these things so let’s talk about this the same for some effect i

Was thinking the samsung thing affected the whole apple quarter right it did not if you actually look at the dates back when the samsung recall happened in all that stuff it was the very end of sep tember and beginning of october’s when the recall and all that stuff happened so my whole thesis did not matter all for this past quarter it absolutely can matter and

Make matter for this future quarter the one we’re in now but for last quarter didn’t matter at all because the quarter emmett september 24th the recall happened the very end of sep tember so the whole negative samsung effect that didn’t affect apple at all in the past quarter so that’s what you call lazy jeremy being lazy jeremy and not really researching and

Looking into this so that is totally a mistake on my part instead of you know it’s just a big mistake it’s a big mistake so i hope this this helped you guys understand that investing is hardworking you got to really be exact when he exactly did such and such happen when exactly did that product come out when exactly is got to be exact when you’re investing if you

Try to just go off of a recall and say oh i think you know what happened around there like i did you’re gonna wind up with the big mistake like we had right here ipad units ipad units fell also that i expected to grow ipad units i had them doing around 10.5 million ipad units versus last year they did 9.8 i thought ipad we get back to growth this isn’t such a more

Of a lazy thing on my part this is just a flat-out ipads aren’t selling as well as i thought so i can’t really fault myself for that i i mean i guess you can fault myself for anything but at the same time this is just i thought ipads was so better than they did in the fact that they’re a million units plus off of what i thought that just proves the ipads very weak

Right now and people are not upgrading their ipads like they used to if at all or buy new ones so that’s what we have there mac i did expect mac sales to be down and sure enough they were down they were down almost a million units mackler services revenue was one of the few things i got right i had services web new growing twenty percent they actually grew twenty

Four percent so bravo to me that’s one thing i actually gotta hate on missile this whole apple deal other products accounted for 2.3 billion which is also down versus last year when other products was at three billion so that’s a twenty-two percent decline this once again is not necessarily me being lazy me just being wrong flat out i thought apple watch too was

Going to sell much better than it did in a quarter and move more units i thought you know the beats and all those other products were going to see sell better in there down twenty-two percent as flatout just wrong on that just like i was in the ipad units there’s really nothing to blame on another then we demand for apple products in those categories so let’s go

Ahead and look at next quarter and just kind of kind of view some things here so apple is providing the following guidance first 2017 first-quarter revenue between 76 and 78 billion is what they’re expecting in last year for reference they did 75.8 seven billion in year ago sales analyst expects about 75 so apple is expecting to get back to growth very slow growth

I mean if they only do the very bottom range 76 billion first is last year they did 75.8 that’s like anemic growth that’s like point one percent or something ridiculous like that they can do around 78 billion more the top range that’s about two percent growth maybe three percent growth somewhere around there so apple is expecting to get back to slight growth now

This is where my whole negative samsung effect and all that stuff can come into play in that whole theory but the bottom line is even with all that said apple are they even a growth company more i mean i know they’re not going to be like one of those companies that’s growing revenue twenty percent or something ridiculous a quarter anymore they’re too big for that

The law of large numbers is real and it happens in apple’s experience than that but can apple even grow in a three four five six percent growth rate anymore i have a lot of questions about that right now you’ll have two guys will just have to see on my three stocks to video i’m buying now in november all i’m thinking should i drop apple from for my three stocks to

Buy list right now i’m a my mind isn’t made up but that video is coming out next week so i need to make up my mind very very soon i hope this video helped you guys immensely today in understanding a mistake in that it’s not to be ashamed about a mistake and it’s great to call yourself out if you were lazy and it’s great to call yourself out when you’re wrong and

Look into things and figure out why you were wrong don’t just be ashamed and put in the past that’s what so many people do when thing or whatever they’re embarrassed and they’re like oh it was wrong throw it away i don’t even want to look at it instead of looking at these things because the more you look at them and figure out why it was wrong the less likely you

Are to make a mistake in the future it helped greatly thank you guys for watching and subscribe if you haven’t i talked a ton about personal finance on this channel business i’m an entrepreneur i give entrepreneur tips and i talk a lot about the stock market and do channels just like we did today thank you guys and have a great day you

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How i screwed up BAD with Apple Q4 Numbers! – Bad Jeremy! By Financial Education

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how to not get screwed when buyi

How To Not Get Screwed When Buying A Car | The 3-Minute Guide

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Hi i’m aaron from broke millennial for the financial diet welcome to the three minute guide brought to you by skillshare there’s a reason the used-car salesman is a common shorthand to refer to something that’s sleazy or pushy so it’s no wonder that buying a new car or a new to you car can seem a little daunting you just don’t want to deal with someone who’s going to

Take you for a ride pun totally intended well i can’t prevent you from walking on to a lot in dealing with a sleazy salesman i can give you some lines of defense so you don’t get screwed when trying to buy a car one get pre-approved for a loan it would be wonderful if everyone could buy the car they need outright in cash but that’s simply not reality if you’re going

To need an auto loan in order to purchase a car then it’s important that you go and get pre-approved for a loan before you even step foot onto the car lot getting pre-approved for a loan doesn’t mean you’ve actually taken out the loan so it’s 100% okay for you to shop around and see what’s lender will give you the best rate it also is not going to do big damage to

Your credit score as long as you shop around within a two-week period you can go to large national banks credit unions a local community bank and even online lenders to see who will pre approve you for an auto loan getting pre-approved and not just pre-qualified can help you do the math to figure out how much you can afford in a monthly payment and how much you can

Spend total on a car it also is going to give you some negotiating leverage when you’re talking to a dealer to avoid the dealer markup if you haven’t taken the time to get pre-approved and you’re going to ask for financing through the dealership then your dealer can use this to his advantage he could actually increase the loan rate for which you were approved even

Though the loan is coming from a financial institution and not directly from your dealer the dealer could increase the loan by a few percentage points and then pocket the difference in some cases he might even kick some back to the financial institution one way to combat this is to simply know your pre-approval rate and tell the dealer you already have an offer that

Beat says maybe he’ll negotiate with you and lower his offer even though the consumer financial protection bureau did crack down on the discriminatory nature of this practice a few years ago it is still legal number three don’t get sweet-talked into a longer-term loan it might sound like a good deal to have lower monthly payments but lengthening the term of your

Loan means that you’re just going to end up paying more in interest this also could run the risk of you going upside down on the car which means that you owe more than the car is actually worth you also want to make sure to know whether or not there is a prepayment penalty if you the car off early if there is you should go ahead and shop around for another offer

For thoroughly research the history of a used car be sure you look up the history of any used car you’re interested in buying you want to know the accident history if it’s ever been through a flood or a hurricane if it’s been salvaged and of course that it was actually obtained legally you should also get a used car inspected by a certified mechanic before you buy

You can check the cars title with your state’s dmv using the vehicle identification number or vin you can also use auto check to get a history of the car for $25 or carfax which charges 40 you can also use sites like auto trader kelly blue book edmonds and car max in order to compare models of used cars v double check for any add-ons to your contract i know it’s

A lot of paperwork but be sure to read through the full contract before you sign to make sure that the dealer didn’t add in anything extra to bump up the price that could be an extended warranty deal or small pieces of insurance that you didn’t want through your dealer or plan to shop for elsewhere car shopping can be stressful and what better way to relax than

Tapping into your artsy and creative side you can learn ways to do this and many other skills using classes on skillshare which provides an easy and affordable way to expand your talents every week we’re featuring a different skill share class we think you guys will love this week’s class is anyone can water color the basics for creating magical pieces hosted by

Ink and watercolor artist yasmina this class will teach you about the personality of watercolor and the simple techniques needed to paint with confidence as always those skillshare offers a huge range of high-quality classes on must-know topics from writing to fitness to business and it’s all about what you want to learn at an affordable annual subscription of

Less than ten dollars a month and send skillshare is sponsoring this video the first 500 people to use the promo link in the description will get their first two months free to try it out risk-free click the link in the description to check out this week’s featured class or any of the other classes skillshare has to offer have a money question you want to learn

More about leave your topic idea in the comments section below i’m erin from broke millennial for the financial diet and don’t forget to be here next thursday for a new 3-minute guide

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How To Not Get Screwed When Buying A Car | The 3-Minute Guide By The Financial Diet

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squid game delusional rich peopl

Squid Game, Delusional Rich People, And Why America Loves Capitalist Dystopias

Want a crash course on investing, wealth-building, and leveling up your finances? Join us for our all-day, interactive conference, The Intentional Wealth Summit, on November 12th. (If you can’t join live, you’ll get access to everything to watch at your own pace.) You’ll also get access to our free Wealth Building Prep Class, and our YouTube audience gets an exclusive $19 discount on the tickets. Click to reserve your spot today!

And last week, we were talking about billionaires, boo. i, like millions, billions of people throughout the world, even with the less-than-stellar subtitling going on. are becoming more and more interested in capitalist there’s the turn your brain off and be uplifted kind of media, in our culture today and in its broader cultural context with post-war novels from the

Likes of aldous huxley and ray for the hunger games, the maze runner, the handmaid’s tale, there’s also a cathartic factor, especially when the protagonist which is currently the most popular show on netflix now, with the pandemic, optimism of the world looking anything months earlier, indicating that pessimism is accelerating. chris alexander, editor-in-chief of the

Horror magazine but the fears and anxieties are perpetual and evergreen. now, what may be particularly compelling about squid game novelist william gibson famously said about the apocalypse, is reportedly the leading cause of death amongst people aged have a combined net worth of more than 166 times the bottom or to feel that the context in which squid game takes place in

Fact, covid is exacerbating all sorts of inequalities and even for those on the more economically average side as an example, is there anything more practically dystopian did try to make that into a dystopian film– in the michael was, at best, clumsily executed and, at worst, exploitative. are just that– fantasy and not simply metaphors for the life you see how much our

Unexpressed and sometimes unexpressable to western audiences via, again, the film, taking place in korea tweeting about how much they loved the movie, which chrissy teigen’s tweet about lying so that her maid would we can see the extent to which the film’s perpetually rampage of the upper class that’s been oppressing them is there, by definition, has to be a class of people

Whose labor a bicycle in snow in order to deliver that package to you. macroeconomic issues and how they inform and affect in america, the truth is social mobility is quite low. making us still the wealthiest country in the world, when it comes to the grotesque wealth of the super rich and you can watch last week’s video for a breakdown and the latent understanding that

What we’re dealing with we just needed the right netflix show to help us express it.

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Squid Game, Delusional Rich People, And Why America Loves Capitalist Dystopias By The Financial Diet

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cathie wood just bought heavy

Cathie Wood Just Bought Heavy

Get 5 free stocks valued up to $3500 for limited time from MooMoo Professional stock brokerage! Here is link

Folks kathy wood has been buying uh certain stocks very heavy over the past uh let’s call it 36 hours here and i want in this video to take you through the eight stocks she’s buying heavy exactly how many shares she’s buying of these particular stocks exactly what’s going on there things like that obviously recently uh on the channel i covered you know her her

Sellout of palantir which was a huge move she’s basically sold out of her position completely and she might be part of the reason why that stock really tanked down because she was just selling shares left and right and it’s hard to find buyers in that short of an amount of time when you’re dumping shares that fast and shoes so she made that sell out obviously

That raises some capital then if you maybe sell some other positions and then also you’re in a situation maybe you have some inflows of money also next thing you know you can have a lot of money to invest and i think that’s where uh maybe some of this money came that that a lot of these stocks we’re gonna get into here these eight stocks and i’d love to hear your

Guys opinion on these eight stocks we’re going to get into this video if you like these stocks if you don’t like these stocks uh do you think arc funds at a bottom though or do you think it’s uh still a long way from there i’d love to hear from you guys in the comments section as always then we’ll get into our top 25 positions ranked in order as well okay first

One up here these eight stocks is twilio ticker symbol t-w-l-o she bought in the past 36 hours 93 000 plus shares of twilio stock this is one of those stocks like many of her stocks right and just i mean think about it kathy was a growth investor what has gotten destroyed worse than anything in this market growth stocks so naturally these stocks gonna be down the

Most it literally hit a 52 week load today of 147 and she’s obviously just you know loading up on shares 418 is a 52 week high on this one it is it has been a money loser we’ll see if they flip anytime soon analysts have a you know very high price target on this one look at this 331 is the average analyst one year out price target for this so basically uh around

A double up we’ll see if that happens obviously but yeah twilio’s first stock she bought heavy love to hear if you got any opinion on twilio what’s number two i think you might know number two number two tesla my esla yes she bought over 17 000 shares and keep in mind this are just um additions in the main arc fund a r k k okay the main arc fund they got like

Several different arc funds essentially and this is these are the ones i’m showing you here these are just in the main fund the big dog okay 17 000 plus shares of tesla that’s a that’s a pretty that’s a pretty big number there so she is now adding uh tesla shares here recently obviously tesla sold off very heavily very heavily over the past several months you know it

Topped out here around 1200 back in kind of early fall time and then ever since then i mean it’s just kind of been a lot of downward pressure today today it hit 700 a share tesla did and obviously huge recovery a hundred dollars a share that that’s quite a recovery there tesla’s obviously in a great position fundamentally with the business they’re just having to go

Through what a lot of companies are having to go through right now which is this uh push down on valuations and uh that that’s something they’re having to deal with right now we know the fundamentals of the company are amazing but there’s a lot of fear in the market and when there’s a lot of fear in the market you know the higher growth names those ones just don’t

Fare the best right now keep in mind usually that’s opportunity to buy a lot of stocks that are heavily beaten down tesla tesla’s kind of lame beaten down compared to a lot of these other stocks she’s buying here okay the second of these eight what’s number three this company a lot of i’m sure a lot of folks never even heard of this company pacific biosciences of

California p-a-c-b so i will say this is a smaller market cap for a kathy woodstock 2.4 billion that’s a that’s a smaller position you know that’s a smaller market cap especially for something that’s going in the main arc fund and she had a lot of shares 44 000 plus shares in the past 36 hours of this stock and uh you know this is another one of those that just

Been devastated 52 week high on this one’s 37. you know here today was trading in the nines yes nine dollars a share roughly so of course you know negative eps recently we’ll see if they can flip it 23 one year out price target for this company i mean you know that’s a crazy thing about this market right now you know a lot of these talks have been devastated so

Bad in analysts a lot of these stocks analysts have them at you know 50 100 percent plus gains over the next year we’ll see if that comes true a lot of that’s going to be dependent upon not just what these companies do with the fundamentals of the underlying businesses but a lot of that’s going to be dependent upon how the market does in general and do investors do

Big funds do institutions do they want to take a risk out there again do they want to go risk on in this market and those are sorts of questions that you know i can’t answer and i don’t think anybody can answer that’s just that’s up to big money when big money wants to start flushing into these stocks you know they they’re gonna they’re gonna go on some epic runs

But until that time they’re just in this down and out stage where they’re just you know heavily devastating by the way if you want some free stocks for a movement of the professional trading platform check out my pin comment down there including a free ttcf share with a hundred dollar deposit that’s pretty darn amazing okay next one up here number four of eight

Is roblox rblx on this one 50 stock here today it has been it hit a 52-week low literally today as well 43-10 it was a massive recovery in the in the the trading day essentially so a lot of these stocks came back strong she’s added 305 000 plus shares of the stock in the past 36 hours number four of these eight stocks here okay and this one you know 150 141 the

52-week eye on the stock 83 is the one-year-out price target for this one another money loser on the bottom line seems like a business model that should be profitable over the next few years it’s just a question of how profitable they get and is this a fad and that’s the thing i’ve tried to figure out with with uh roblox as well i thought about this one i’m like

Hmm could this one be a fad of some kind where yeah it’s popular right now but in like you know two four six years from now it’s not very popular that’s the thing we you at least have to think about in any time you’re getting in anything that is um in relation to gaming or anything like that you gotta you gotta think about these things and like could this be a fad

I remember i was investing king digital many many years ago that you know uh made like the candy crush game and candy crush soda saga and farm heroes and a lot of those games and i used to think about it and i was like you know could these could this be a fad you know where yeah there’s a you know crazy amounts of people were playing those games back then it was

Like hundreds of millions of people and it was like is this a fad or is this here to stay and so that’s a that’s a tough thing we’re trying to figure out with some of these sorts of companies is is this a fad is this here to stay long-term okay now number five of these eight stocks up here 453 000 shares kathy wood added of this stock uipath ticker symbol path

On this one 17 billion dollar mark cap yes another another negative eps number for this company uh 52 week high of 90 dollars 52 week low of 28. you know this is just an extraordinary time period we’re going through i feel like it’s the closest thing to um you know the tech bubble days essentially where it’s just you look at you look at all these stocks man in

There there’s like 60 70 80 90 off 52 week highs and you just don’t get that many time periods in the stock market where you get stocks down this heavily you you can find stocks a good amount of time down thirty percent forty percent fifty percent but when i’m talking about 60 70 80 percent type moves it’s very few and far between and when you have massive groups

Of these stocks it’s it’s extraordinary now kathy wood i’m sure thinks she’s going to make bank on these over the next few years and time will tell right um you know when when you’re think about like this right you know and i know kathy wood gets a lot of hate right now obviously especially with uh these stocks have just been in a vicious downtrend anything growth

Related money losing especially has gotten hit extra hard and anything that used to be hype has gotten hit extra hard and that’s a lot of kathy woodstocks but the one thing i got to say about this okay is keep this in mind okay this is very very important before we get into the last few stocks it is always best it is always best to buy these sorts of stocks when

The market doesn’t want these sorts of stocks if you’re buying these sorts of stocks especially if you have a long-term perspective if you’re playing it like a day trading aspect or something like that you know yeah it’s best to go with the trend but if your actual long-term investor is thinking you know two years out three years out four years out you want to buy

Riskier stocks when the market wants no piece of risk because that’s when you’re going to get the cheapest valuations by far you don’t want to buy these sorts of stocks when the market is in fomo mode when it’s in euphoria mode that’s the type of time when you’re like and so you know kathy wood’s obviously been getting a lot of crap because she’s buying a lot of

These stocks but it’s like to be truthful i would much rather buy the stock in 28 than buy it back when it was 90 dollars you know this is what a lot of folks were were getting into these type of stocks right you know you go back to december of 2020 you go to january 2021 february 2021 there was a peak fomo cycle you were in that’s not the time to buy these sorts

Of stocks and so always remember this going forward with these sorts of uh riskier stocks these risk on stocks avoid those stocks like the plague when everybody’s hyped and everybody’s in euphoria mode that’s when you’re going to say you know i don’t want any piece of these um and and honestly if you know these companies become what kathy wood and a lot of folks

Believe they’re going to become you know people are going to want back in these stocks in a massive massive way because the market can only stay in risk off mode for so long and then things have to flip risk on comes back right next thing you know a lot of these uh seen as risk your stocks end up flying now something very interesting i saw i’ve got to show you

Guys this because i was like what in the world so i was looking at this stock and i just happened to see the stocks that you know people also watch that are in relation to that stock and look at these moves on these stocks that are related to that upstart 17 move here today mind you these are all massive moves off of their their downsides some of these stocks

Probably made 20 30 intraday moves here today unity software nine and a half percent move there a sauna 16 plus move there if you’ve ever been involved in app development you probably are aware of asana and maybe some other business models as well digital ocean 18 and a half percent there in a firm the the pay now uh or yeah excuse me pay later buy now platform

That massive player over 10 percent moved there i mean you know it was it was quite a day for the risk on plays and like i said many of these stocks were down 5 10 15 from the market open so some of these stocks made 20 30 plus moves here today incredible okay the sixth stock of these eight stocks that kathy wood loading up on here in the last 36 hours is zoom zm

Stock okay 115 000 shares he had it this one literally hit 52 week low today um and i mean shoot it keeps going this way is going to be at a multi-year low end and all-time low the way this one’s going 440s the 52-week high on this one you know zoom the way i kind of use zoom is it’s a it’s kind of a needs-based business model for for a lot of companies out there

Right and you know just because the work environment’s going more toward in person zoom’s still going to be used i think there’s uh potentially a lot of competitors that are going to be on the come up when it comes to zoom specifically i think about big companies competing with zoom more than i think about like an upstart company but zoom’s also expanding their

Business model as well this one is uh i don’t think it’s the most attractive stock in the world but i also don’t think it’s the the worst stock in the world when zoom was 300 400 uh you know definitely wasn’t my cup of tea when you looked at all the ratios it was trading at and plus the risk of business model disruption from the big guys but now you know i don’t

Think i don’t you know at the end of the day do i think zoom’s higher in three years from now than today i would say yeah it’s it’s higher in three years from now over the next uh two quarters ah man that remains to be seen because keep in mind this next quarter they got such tough comps to comp against again okay that makes it tough number seven of eight up here

For these stocks that kathy was adding aggressively then we’ll get into number eight and then we’ll get into uh the top 25 positions in order and where their weights are 10x genomics txg i don’t follow this company at all 8.7 billion mark cap genomics is not my specialty i can tell you that much maybe someday it is but it surely isn’t today so i don’t even try to

Track any of these sorts of stocks uh 52 week load today you’re gonna see things in common almost every single one of these stocks hit a 52-week load today uh and they came back significantly off their 52-week lows 208’s the high for this stock 177 000 shares she added of this 10x genomics we know kathy wood loves the genomic stocks she has a whole genomics fund

Essentially which is interesting that she’d buy genomic stock in the main arc fund but hey you know she kind of does what she wants to do there okay number eight of eight and then we’ll get into her top 25 positions in order from weight and that is shopify i like this one i like this buy she bought 22 000 shares that’s a lot of shares for a 663 dollar stock um i

Like this one i like this one a lot it by the way hit 52 week low pretty much today and uh 52 week high on this one’s 1700. this stock was 1700 just back in november just back in november oh i mean that’s just vicious the downfall of shopify it’s not the downfall of its business small it’s just a downfall of its evaluation in you know shopify trades that you know

Look at shopify’s ford p ratio look at shopify’s price to sales ratio it trades obviously much richer but i got to say i like this one especially if kathy wood who’s supposed to have you know a multi-year time horizon i think uh you know shopify is one of those companies i think is going to build into a company that’s worth you know hundreds of billions of market

Cap if not a trillion dollars over the next 10 years so i really like shopify i think that’s a good buy i think that’s going to become a a you know it already kind of is a tech giant but i think it’s going to become a mega tech giant over the next five ten years so uh i definitely think that one’s a good ad for her there and i think that will be a moneymaker over

Time now let’s go ahead and get into our top 25 positions listed in order from weight okay so this is from my website which tracks top 25 arc holdings on a daily basis and updates it updates it based upon shares market value and weight essentially okay so now we’re going to see right at the top tesla miasa is you know by far and away their

Biggest position i’ve seen tesla before get all the way over to 10 weight actually before from my understanding she always tries to keep it under 10 weight but i’ve even seen it go above that number a little bit but the weight percentage eight point six eight percent they own in the main arc fund right now about 1.2 million shares of tesla jesus a lot of shares

Okay teledoc she loves this one and it just has continued to get devastated that one hit another 52 week long almost you know i would say a lot of these stocks actually hit 52-week lows literally today teledoc’s just been hammered and hammered i actually like that one i don’t personally own it but i actually like it i think it’s a money maker over the next three

To five years and uh probably a pretty good money maker they own over 11 000 shares kathy wood does in this main arc fund 6.49 weight zoom 5.7 million shares there six point four nine percent weight roku i never have seen it with this one this is another like 52 week low club if not multi-year low 671 million shares or 671 million dollars worth of shares they own

Of roku 6.35 there coinbase so coinbase actually just had tremendous numbers the stock fell though you know at right now in the stock market no one wants any piece of uh a crypto brokerage this is not this is not the play in the sort of market that people like right so when it comes to coinbase over 600 million dollars worth of shares 5.69 percent unity excuse me

Exact sciences 5.28 weight there unity software 5 and that rounds out the 5 weights there then you have that ui path which we just talked about that’s a four point five percent weight twilio which we just talked about four point four percent there you have uh spotify four percent there block square man square you know this one she should have been loading up in my

Opinion even heavier this one’s been devastated recently square was off about i think 10 or so at the open this morning if not more than 10 it finishes day up seven percent after hours is up well over 20 percent i really like square it’s been trading very very attractive recently them in paypal okay easy money easy money okay beam uh over the next several years

Short term and i don’t know but over the next three five years was just easy money bean therapeutics 3.6 percent there crispr therapeutics she always always loves this one three percent there shopify is now 2.71 weight they’re draftkings that one’s a little controversial that’s 2.6 percent uh pagerduty this one 2.1 percent robin hood that’s that’s funny you know

She owns robin hood one point eight percent there fake therapeutics one point eight percent that 10x genomics that’s one of those we talked about one point five five percent they’re roblox this is now building into a pretty big position pretty fast for her she owns almost three million shares of roblox now 133 million dollars worth of shares 1.26 when it comes to

That that’s our top 25 and like i said that’s my website there so if you want to keep that up on your desktop or whatever so you can just kind of track it every every day or whatever or however often you want you can do that right there hope you guys enjoyed this video as always let me know if you like any of these stocks kathy what is buying now or if you don’t

I’d love to hear from you guys in that comment section as always don’t forget to get your free stocks from moomoo before you leave this video check out pin common down there for those much love as always thanks for being subscribed and have a great day

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Cathie Wood Just Bought Heavy By Financial Education

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how to be great 4 steps

How to be Great! | 4 Steps

Link to join StockHub free investing discord server: –~–

Good day subscribers thank you so much for joining me today i am jeremy this is the financial education channel and today we’re talking about how to be great there’s four steps if you want to be great at anything in life i’ve like looked at you know people around me that are great at whatever it is they’re great at i looked at things in my life i can consider myself

Maybe very good at or great at i looked at things i wanted to degrade out and didn’t accomplish that and i basically kind of articulated it down to four things that you absolutely need if you want to be great at something not just good at something not just average if you want to be truly great at something one of the best in the world at whatever it is you do or

One of the best in your city or country if you want to be the best at whatever it is you’re want to be the best at there’s four things you absolutely in my opinion four things you absolutely need so that’s what i want to share with you guys today i’ve just kind of you know viewed things throughout my whole life and just kind of said okay these are the four things

If you want to be great at something number one number one thing you need if you want to be great at something you have to be passionate about it you have to be passionate about it to be great at something if you don’t have the passion for it it’s going to be hard to push through some tough times that come because all on your way to greatness and whatever it is

You’re going to come across some bumps you’re going to come across some bumps in the road that are going to make things tough on you if you don’t have the passion for whatever it is you’re trying to be great at it can be very hard to push through those tough times and get over it over comment guys so passion is so key also if you’re passionate about it you can get

Excited about it every single day if you’re really passionate about playing basketball then it’s not very hard for you to go out and practice shooting eight hundred three-pointers every other day isn’t it’s probably not because you’re passionate about it if you don’t have a lot of passion for basketball shooting 800 three-pointers a day is going to be a pain in the

Ass its meaning you’re not going to want to do it you’re not going to want to put in that work day after day when i look at myself some of the things i do in my own life that i really necessarily consider myself great at you know my business my real estate business made this channel i don’t myself great but just from the passion standpoint why do i keep grinding on

It why do i keep doing it day after day imix itíd to do it day after day well because on this channel for instance i love making videos i love talking stock market i’m super passionate about that i love talking entrepreneurship and i also like talking about the personal finance type subjects we talked about some time this channel so it’s so easy for me to record

A video every day because i’m super passionate about what i’m doing so it’s not like it’s work to me it’s passion behind it in my photography videography real estate marketing business that’s very easy for me to do because i love taking photos i’m a photographer i love doing photography and i just as i stated i love doing videos i love taking photos of a beautiful

House or a video of a beautiful house so i’m passionate about it and it makes things very easy that even if i get to a certain level i just keep going with it because i’m so passionate about and i just want to take things to the next level guys so whatever you want to do in life if you want to be great at it you’ve got to have passion behind it otherwise when those

Tough times come and be hard to succeed and when you are starting to succeed to stake it to keep hungry it’s going to be hard if you don’t have that passion behind it guys number two you got to be god gifted and i know this is the one that a lot of people don’t like to hear they don’t like to hear it because it’s not something you can control really well yeah no

Matter what if you want to truly be great at something you got to have some god-given gifts and that doesn’t mean like god like blessed you with a certain you know thing when you were born it just means a lot of times it’s what situations you were put in throughout your childhood throughout the years of development they gave you whatever type of skill you need it

And it could just be you know you were born to parents that are super athletic right i want it to be great in football i wanted to be great in track i was surely never great football i wasn’t and i was good in track but i was not great in track i did not have necessarily the god giving gifts to become great at those things right so whatever you want to be great

At you’ve got to have some god-given gifts that just kind of you know have come to you over time and i don’t know if you know i it’s out there i only know god-given gifts is the right word to use maybe just on things that have happened in your life that have prepared you for whatever you’re going toward in life that’s this be the way i should kind of should kind

Of frame it i guess for instance in the stock market in investing i have a lot of god-given gifts this other people don’t have as far as being able to block out all the noise block out all the people that tell me you know you shouldn’t be doing this you shouldn’t be doing that you know every stocks are pretty much bought that i made insane gains on people said you

Shouldn’t be buying that in this was even before i started the channel now i have the channel i always get that crap like i probably have more people coming at me than probably any person in the world and i’m not exaggerating literally i have more people telling me not to buy gopro stock than probably anybody else in the world and that’s not an exaggeration like

Even warren buffett the most famous investor in the world he doesn’t have to look at comments every day you know out there he doesn’t pay attention or whatever other people are saying if they’re even saying anything me i look at the comment section people are saying you know so gopro start that’s the one that you know hated at the moment and believe me a year or two

From now it would be some other stock people would be saying don’t buy that you’re an idiot for buying that why you buying that stock you should be invited buying the stock in that stock i just have a gift that i can block out all that noise and i can say i believe in myself i have extremely high confidence level that is just something that just came to me over the

Years that i developed and you know was just given to me and so i can get through those kind of things guys so if you want to be great at anything you gotta have some god-given gifts there that some abilities and it’s just your job to find out what is it you have gifts at because we all have gifts at certain things in life you know i might i could try to be i could

Try to be the next arnold schwarzenegger and have huge muscles i could work out every single day for the rest of my life for the rest of my work for the next you know i’m 27 now for the next 10 years in telling 37 i could take steroids i could do hgh and i can almost guarantee you i would not get anywhere near as big as some of those guys that are already doing at

The ronnie coleman’s of the world well he’s probably retired but some of the biggest guys out there because i don’t have the god-given gifts to i have god-given gifts to get muscle but i don’t have it like that like that’s ridiculous the way those guys get even if i took all the juice people always say oh take steroids and this and that and i could be that big no

You could just you know you need some god-given gifts to get that stuff as well so that’s kind of you know a big one there guys and you got to be realistic what are your gifts you have we all have them i guarantee you every single person watching this has some gifts it’s just what gifts are yours it might not be the stock market it might not be entrepreneurship

You know what are your gifts what are your gifts you’ve got to ask yourself that and you’re going to dig deep and try to find that in yourself number three you got to have a ridiculous work ethic if you want to be great at anything like you got to put in the work like this is the one that another one that people don’t like to hear because it’s a pain in the ass

But you’ve got to put in the work day after day after day after day and it’s a non-stop grind every single day that’s on your mind constantly if you really want to be great at something if you want to be great at something it’s not just like you can do it every once in a while you need to beat on the grind constantly guys it’s not something you can just lay back

And say i’m at this level now you know i’m fine every day it’s a grind you’re going to work your ass off every single day if you really want to be great at something if you want to be average of something if you want to be good at something you can get by taking some days off and not you’re not working that hard just working okay right but kind of like my real

Estate photography videography marketing business right i just get behind that business that’s not a great business because i don’t put in the work necessary for me to be great at that business i don’t i’m not ashamed of that because i put in a lot of my time and effort toward the youtube channel because that’s way bigger in my opinion for me personally but that’s

Why that business is just an ok business that’s why that business is just doing ok if i put in the type of work ethic that i put in toward this channel for that business i would absolutely be great at that business and i would be probably the leader in the entire las vegas market i just don’t put in the work toward that because i’m much more passionate about this

And the opportunities for me here is much bigger guys so that’s kind of my view on things but you got to put in that work if you want to be great there’s no all way around it you want to be great putting the work number four you need some good fortune you need some luck on your side i mean you could think about how many things could go wrong that could prevent you

From being great at whatever you’re great at there’s a lot of different things guys i look at me getting involved with the stock market i got involved at the best time which by the way when i got involved with the stock market everybody was telling me don’t invest just another time that i blocked everybody out and i said you know what you don’t know what you’re

Talking about it’s a time to invest i started investing in the middle of the recession stock market without 7,000 8,000 something super low i started investing i blocked everybody out but i had some good fortune there because what if i what if two years before that was when i started investing what if i started getting in the stock market in 2007 what would that have

Changed my entire outlook on the markets would that have screwed me up in the head because i were started investing when the dow was at 14,000 and a year and a half later is that 7,000 would that have messed with me would that have you know taken away maybe some of my god-given gifts my confidence some of those things would that have screwed me up i don’t know it’s

Very possibly this i needed some good fortune there you know michael jordan ease regarded the best basketball player ever if he would have gotten a bad car accident that chopped off his legs he would have never been michael jordan the great basketball but you know what i mean there’s so many things that can happen that you need some good fortune to just kind of get

By so then you can become great at that you know what i mean there’s so many different things i look at so many investments i’ve had over time that i’ve gotten killer games on because a certain situation happened that i didn’t even foresee happening that just was good fortune that came to me so if you want to be great at anything you got to have some good fortune i

Mean wood wood tom brady he regarded as a greatest quarterback ever if he didn’t have bill belichick as a coach with bill belichick be as great of coach if he did that tom brady like you know what i mean there’s so many different scenarios we can we can ask each other on you know different people that are considered great at what wouldn’t would tiger woods had been

Tiger woods if his dad wasn’t pushed him in the sport at 3 years old would michael jackson have been such a huge pop store one of the biggest ever if not the biggest musician ever if michael jackson wasn’t in the jackson 5 and wasn’t blessed in that family like there’s so much suck you need some good fortune absolutely guys if you want to degrade anything and so my

Other biggest question is let’s say you become great at something whatever it is you become great at you become great at it the question for you is do you want to stay great once you’re great how do you motivate yourself when there’s no one on top to you how do you do it that’s that’s the my biggest question you know for you guys i would love to hear in that comment

Section how you would stay great maybe you are great at something right now i would love to hear from you guys if you are you would consider yourself great at something i would love to hear how you stay hungry at that point in time how do you stay great when you’re at the top of the game when there’s no one on top of you how do you keep going how do you keep on

The grind at that point guys i would love to hear from your your opinion in that comment section today i hope you guys enjoyed this four steps toward being graded anything if you don’t have one of those you’re not going to grade it i’m sorry you’re not going to be great at it because you’re just not you might be good at it you might be okay you might be average

Not going to be great unless you have all four of those things guys so hope you enjoyed if you just came across this video you may want to subscribe we talked personal finance we talked entrepreneurship on a national business owner i give away so many business tips we talked the stock market in stock market investing the most of anything thank you for watching guys and have a great day

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How to be Great! | 4 Steps By Financial Education

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why life has lost meaning

Why Life has Lost Meaning

Automation has reduced workload and increased leisure time dramatically.

How’s it going everybody this is pj bush today i’m going to talk about how in the modern world a lot of people have lost meaning in life i think a lot of people might be in the same situation that’s why i think this video is utterly important to talk about this video is brought to you by moomoo free shares of stock valued up to 3 500 each some of you have asked

How the heck do you get this pillow over here if you sign up for the app you can do various activities like read the news every single day and you’ll get like 20 points if you collect like 8 000 points you can redeem it for one of these pillows on their app right now they only have the neck pillow available for now maybe in the future this one will come back into

Stock if you guys are interested in supporting this channel check out my referral link down in the video description below in my last video i talked briefly about this book victor franco’s man search for meaning this topic is big enough and important enough that it should be talked about over and over until each and every single one of you subscribers out there

Also has a deep meaning in life why do i think this is so important it’s because this is like the essence this is what drives you moving forward if you have some drive like this then the money just falls into place what is my meaning of life if you ask me this directly i might just kind of go well stumble uh i don’t know uh maybe i want to make youtube videos

That would help people although i have to admit this is probably kind of like a mediocre lukewarm type of meaning for me and personally right now i’m still searching for my own really really strong meaning of life i think today in the comment section will be utterly interesting if everyone is able to share what their meaning of life is if you have something that

Is like a beacon of your life and you are striving towards it everyone’s meaning of life is very very different but if you have something please share it down below because i would like to know everyone else can also read this and just kind of at least see as an example what your meaning of life is i already went over three of these things on this book where it

Talks about how you find your meaning of life first one creating a work or doing a deed second one experiencing something or encouraging someone third one by the attitude we take towards unavoidable suffering like you know maybe you lost two legs and your attitude towards losing your leg you might go okay well i am useless now you can just you know lay in bed and

Not do anything or you can just fight it out some people fight it out and they become like athletes or something and they have this new mission in life that is their goal if they didn’t lose their legs they wouldn’t be able to do this brand new life’s purpose their own meaning based on their own situation here’s another quote from the book i wish to stress that

The true meaning of life is to be discovered in the world rather than within man or his own psyche as though it were a closed system i personally retired early and then i started thinking about meaning of life and my conclusion is you can’t just sit around by yourself to figure out the meaning of life because i did not figure this out after like a year or a year

And a half of doing this so this quote is very very important and it might save you a lot of time if you go in the same situation and you just start thinking about life in general and just sitting around don’t do this go travel or something go meet new people and then maybe you can come upon some new ideas they have some life story to tell you and then you can glean

Something from that and maybe you’re gonna find your meaning that way another quote that relates to this it denotes the fact that being human always points and is directed to something or someone other than oneself be it a meaning to fulfill or another human being to encounter the meaning of life is not found within yourself but in the act of helping others now you

Might wonder why do so many people don’t know what their meaning of life is why are so many people lost the first half of this book is basically a recount of what happened in the concentration camp what gets really really interesting is the first 10 pages of the second part of this book you might wonder why do people have such feelings why are people now having all

This lost feeling of trying to find meaning of life is because there is so much automation going on long time ago people don’t have so much leisure time they spent all of their time hunting for food all of their time working in order to make money to get food or working almost all of their time and providing for themselves but this day and age a lot of the middle

Class people i guess you might be able to situate yourself in such a way where if you are a low level consumer if you don’t consume too much and yet you earn a lot which is the whole purpose of fire you want to be financially independent retire early therefore you can do whatever that you want but sometimes when you actually go about doing whatever you want you’ll

Be like i actually don’t know what i really really want to do so automation is probably to blame here because no longer do we have to make our own food no longer do we even have to cut our own fruits we can just buy at the supermarket there’s basically a service for everything automation is allowing people to have a lot of leisure time and way more than anyone

Could imagine so when i went into this retirement mode i suddenly got all the time in the world no work at all and other than sleeping eight hours a day i basically had 16 hours every single day seven days a week except for like making these videos right but way too much free time and then when you have so much free time just sit around and you go what do i do

Should i go paint the house which is something i did you can see that it’s like nice and widely painted you can do all kinds of stuff and then you kind of wonder why am i doing this why do i even want to do any of this i don’t really want to paint the house sometimes people get caught in doing other things that is not what they really want they chase after things

Such as gaining power money or pleasure power you know maybe in politics you know they just try to get as much power as they want money you know you can just spend your whole life trying to earn more and more and more money there’s always more money to be earned so if you earn more you spend more and then you can just spend your entire life doing this and is this

Actually meaningful i don’t know but you can spend a lot of time doing it you can spend your whole life doing it and then some people might chase after pleasure maybe you want to go to all of the michelin star restaurants maybe you want to take drugs or something and chase after all the pleasure maybe sexual pleasure even and you can see this in some of the maybe

Movie stars or something they have a lot of money maybe they take drugs they do pleasurable stuff until their demise i guess so too much free time what do we do with all this free time you really have to go out and search for it go look for what your true meaning of life is this is something i personally have to do go out there do more varied things some people

Have talked about on the comment section that hey maybe you just need to have a kid once you have a child that is your meaning bringing up the child is your meaning of life yes i agree this might be the meaning for some people but until that happens it’s just kind of in limbo for me personally and i think not everyone’s meaning of life is actually to bring up

A child it might be other things such as making humanity better maybe sending everybody to mars or something or maybe you could be trying to solve the covid issue or maybe you’re trying to solve global warming i just want to bring up when i talk about this those things seems kind of grandiose i probably don’t have such a grandiose scheme where i want to save the

Earth right in terms of my meaning of life i might have to step down a little bit and like shoot for a goal that is not as grandiose i guess within this book he quotes he who has a why to live for can bear almost any how so if you actually find your meaning of in life this is a very very strong thing to have within you once you find it it’s like inside it makes

You stronger you can use it to bear any kind of suffering there is including the concentration camps and all so that’s why i think it’s so important for this video for everybody to find their personal meaning in life the next page what man actually needs is not a tensionless state but rather uh striving and struggling for a worthwhile goal a freely chosen task

I talked to my uncle one time i don’t know if he’s watching this video but we talked about having low stress when you are retired very very low stress but he emphasized that yes you would like low stress but you want a little bit of stress if you have no stress at all it just basically kills you you need a little bit to just kind of get you up in the morning to

Push you a little bit so if you are completely tensionless it just turns you into goo you nothing is exercising you so then you yeah you’re just gonna melt away basically so if you actively cut away every single kind of stress that you conceivably can have you might be doing yourself a disservice and just kind of plunging yourself into depression so to summarize

Automation has caused people to have too much leisurely time once you have leisurely time you can put yourself in the wrong path by trying to gain power money or pleasure if you go down this route you might find you wasting your entire life chasing these things how do you find a worthwhile goal is by going out there interacting with the world or someone in order

To find out your true meaning of life using this true meaning of life you are gonna be like superman once you have this you can bear any kind of suffering because you have something to strive for if you already found your meaning of life leave a comment down below check out my mubu referral if you’re interested in supporting this channel and don’t forget to give

Me a like and subscribe for more thanks for watching you

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Why Life has Lost Meaning By BeatTheBush

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i messed up so bad

I Messed Up So Bad.

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Oh this is a painful video for me to do this is a painful video for me to do today guys this one is all about options today man basically so options allow you as an investor to basically hedge positions or basically you you get a chance to make much more upside than buying a stock straight up there are some risks that are involved with options okay and today we’re

A look at some option contracts i bought a little less than two years ago that i sold very quickly after i had bought them for very small profits and what i’m going to show you to you guys today is gonna make you want to throw up with how much these option contracts are now worth compared to what i paid for them guys now as you know i just came out with a 12-part

Full part series course basically on options so if you don’t really understand options go ahead and take that full course guys i think that will help you out tremendously in this respect the whole first section by the way is free so if you’re still not sure if you want to check it out like click on the link watch the little first segment for free at least i think it

Will benefit you guys you just don’t don’t be an idiot like me and sell your option contracts too soon oh my gosh guys so this first one here okay this is activision blizzard these i bought back in february this was february 8th 2016 was a settlement date so it means i bought him a few days before that right these i bought they were expiring in january 2018 january

19 2018 i bought him for a strike price of $30 all right i paid $6.75 per contract all right i bought three contracts right those contracts now those contracts now are worth over $35 we’re talking about in a nearly six fold increase there guys so i bought up about two thousand dollars worth of contracts there those would now be worth over $12,000 we’re talking

About a ten thousand dollar opportunity lost by not holding on to those oh my gosh and it’s still basically options i’m gonna show you a few more here that is just gonna discuss to you guys but basically you know i started really getting into options 10 the end of 2014 start learning a lot about them in 2015 and toward the end of 2015 into the beginning of 2016

Was really when i start playing around with options okay and i was still in learning and i was still very unsure myself with options and so i think that’s why i sold a lot of these contracts with a very small profit in a very short amount of time because i was like oh i just need 10% here and i thought that was good and now you’re gonna see these these are all

Hundreds and hundreds of percent guys if we look at this next one these are apple okay i bought apple this was in a january 7 2016 was a settlement they closed there and they expired in january 2018 i bought these for a hundred and fifteen dollars strike price right these ones i paid ten dollars and ninety cents for about one contract of those then they bought

Another contract a few days later for a little lower price i was able to get these ones for ten dollars even saving the same exact strike price same exact expiration to january 2018 and strike price 115 now those are worth close to fifty seven dollars and some change guys oh my gosh that’s over a four-fold increase there it’s just it’s massive its massive let’s

Look at this one next year cirrus logic cirrus logic these ones i bought ours it’s up the settlement date on these was january 6 2016 this one’s expired also in january 2018 i was really into buying the when i buy options basically when i buy call options i usually like to buy them longer-term dated outright these ones worth for 30 to 35 dollars strike price right

I paid six dollars for these now those are worth well over twenty two dollars a share guys so all of these i lost you know i didn’t lose money on them technically i made small amounts of money because i sold them off first super small profit and a short amount of time but i missed out on unbelievable gains unbelievable gains because i was a little unsure of myself

And i sold these off guys so you know and you know a lot of that stuff just happens when you’re a beginner in something right you you’re kind of a little unsure of yourself like i was with options and you sell them off and it’s just it’s just it’s painful guys because there’s no stock i was been involved with that it has done even close to that good right even

Resorts we look at wynn resorts you know that’s up massively since i made that investment 140 percent right that’s not even remotely close to the type of games i could have gotten with any of these option contracts right so don’t matter which way i flip it there’s no way i can say i was better off going this route of that route because there’s an all those are up

Hundreds and hundreds of percent and no stock um i’ve been involved with since then has been up hundreds and hundreds of percent the best game i’ve had since then is wynn resorts at 140% and even the worst one cirrus logic blows that away guys so you know and and that’s kind of what when i do do option contracts usually back for three or four figures so i’m usually

Looking for between five hundred dollars in about three thousand dollars at a time i usually buy with option contracts that’s the that’s a melnick feels safe i’ll never open up like a five figure option position like i will with stock straight up or whatnot guys but anyways i you know if you guys want to take that options course go ahead and take it if you don’t

Want to be in the membership group long term just cancer membership right away and there’s no questions asked or anything like that but definitely it’s worth your while to take that options course because there’s a lot to be learned with options and you know this is just one side of options this is just me making dumb moves as far as not holding these contracts

That better massively now there’s also the whole other side of you being able to hedge positions right covered call options and things like that guys that you can play it a lot safer actually than just going long shares or short shares in the market so a lot of times people think options are super risky they can be super risky because like if those options expire

Worthless they’d be worthless right but also there’s waste play options where you’re actually playing at a much safer level than if you just go long share straight or a short share straight guys so anyways i hope you enjoyed this today definitely not the most fun video to do you don’t show an you know there’s way over five figure games just in those option contracts

Alone that i didn’t hold guys some anyways thank you for watching guys and have a great day

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I Messed Up So Bad. By Financial Education

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net worth 00000 by age 30 how to

NET WORTH 00,000 by age 30! *How to do it*

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Many subscribers thank you so much for joining me today i am jeremy this is the financial education channel in today we’re talking about how to get a half-million dollar net worth by age 30 now for close you guys you might be watching this at our 28 29 years old and you don’t have much of a network think about it more as trying to do that by age 40 because you’re

Kind of running out of time but if you’re age 25 or younger i absolutely believe it is possible to pull it off if you do this game plan and you execute this game plan it’s big time and i can already see the comments incoming jeremy there’s going to be so hard to do yeah no like everything in life is hard if you want to succeed if you want to do anything big-time

That out of the normal realm of things it’s going to be hard like there’s no way to sugarcoat it like it’s going to be difficult i thought i was going to be able to pull this off easily i was over two hundred thousand dollars before i was even age 25 and then you know what happened i lost a bunch of money that year so i started margin trading and the next year i

Lost $75,000 and i thought there’s no way i would ever hit a half million by 30 and now once again i’m believing it is possible guys so i’m going to kind of lay out the game plan to you guys today i hope you enjoy it and let’s just get right into this so number one number one biggest thing is you need to surround yourself with people that are going places people

That are focused what you have especially when you’re in your early 20s you know 18 19 you’ve got a lot of people that are not very focused that you can surround yourself with people that just weren’t ready for adulthood yet they’re just want to chill back and just kind of not do much with their life they just want to sit on the couch and watch netflix all night

Or do whatever if you want to reach a goal like this that’s not an easy goal it’s not easy but it is very possible you need to surround yourself with people that are going places people that are focused that will not hold you back the kind of people that will just sit there on the couch and say come smoke this joint with me like those are the kind of people you do

Not want to be around because they’re not going places so and if you can’t find people that are focused that are striving to be the best they can and those kinds of things that aren’t just floaters that’s i call them then what you need to do is you need to surround yourself with nobody you need to just alienate everybody and be your own person and focus on what

You’ve got focus because you do not want negative influences bringing you in back because that’s exactly what’s going to happen people are not going to want you to really succeed because if you’re succeeding that means you’re going to be busier if you’re busier that means it’s less time that you can chill with them and do things like that and hang out so you got

To just either just kind of you know alienate yourself from everybody or you need to just find people that are focused and it’s hard to find people that are focused at that age even when you get older it’s still hard to find people so that is key number one by far guys number two you need to find multiple sources of income as soon as possible as soon as possible

For a long time i thought i was good just making my one income which i was making a lot you know really good money i was making fifty plus thousand a year age twenty-one twenty-two twenty-three years old which is the most money i’ve ever have anybody i’ve ever known in real life that’s the most money i’ve ever known anybody is myself like no one i’ve ever known

Made more money than me at those ages so what you need to do is you need to find still another income source so let’s say you get that good job so you maybe they’re not making 50k maybe you’re making 40k you need to find another way to make another income source you can get up to around $100,000 income now you can say all men either you know a full-time job already

That’s going to be so hard all this and blah blah blah let’s break down the hours here so you’ve got a certain amount of hours in a week right well let’s say you work i used to work 46 hours a week at kwik trip so 46 hours you can subtract that and you can subtract eight hours of sleep per day which is the like a lot of out horse to sleep eight hours per day per

Week and then add that to the 46 hours subtract that from what you have and you have 66 free hours 66 free hours in a week that you can do whatever so let’s say you spend let’s say you spend 36 hours eating taking showers talking on the phone with friends hanging out with friends or family doing all those take the things 36 hours that’s a lot of time next to leaves

You with 33 hours in a week what do you do with those 33 hours well what you don’t do is go get another job works 30 hours a week and replace that time with that you need to find a way to make money on your own some way 30 hours a week subway you got to do something entrepreneurial there’s a million ideas out there guys you like searching you know things you can do

From home or entrepreneurs think i got a million videos about passive income in different ways you can make passive income those kinds of things guys is like a billion different ways you can make money from the extra 30 hours a week that you spend and so spend in another 30 hours doing leisure activities spend that 30 hours trying to find ways to make money on your

Own weathers flip and things was making passive income some somehow whether it’s creating content whatever it is whether it’s being an author like in some way find a way that you’re passionate about hopefully cuz you need to find something you’re passionate about because that will really propel you to succeed in that thing because you’ll be able to just think about

Ways on how to succeed if you’re really passionate about you’ll be able to keep pushing on it because you know success might not come right away might come six months down the road a year down the road two years down the road but you got to find a way to get multiple income sources and you’re not going to cut it with one income source i’m sorry i hate to tell you

That the chances you’re going to be 23 24 25 years old and making over a hundred thousand a year it’s like you know 0.01% chance i get to ridiculously low the changes you can have a job they can make let’s say 40k 50k a year and then have another income where you’re making maybe 40k 50k a year and you’re pushing up to that hundred thousand dollar number per year of

Income that is a lot better chance guy so do that make sure you have multiple income sources number three we need to keep expenses minimal and i know it’s going to be hard because you’re you’re got this money coming in you’re making good money in all this you make an eighty thousand a hundred thousand one hundred twenty thousand a year and you’re really succeeding

And you just want to go out and buy all the stuff that you never had you dreamed about all you want to buy that fancy car i want to buy you know this nice house so you can look successful in jewelry and whatever it is special clothing all the fanciest electronics you need to keep expensive as minimal as possible if you want to reach that goal of a net worth of five

Hundred thousand by age 30 you need to keep expenses minimal i would say try to keep expenses at twenty thousand or less especially if you don’t have you know wife and kids if you’re watching us or a husband and kids like try to keep those expenses minimal try to keep them at $20,000 a year or less so then you say okay if you’re making let’s say you’re making 100k a

Year between your two businesses or maybe you’re making three businesses right you’re making all that money so after taxes if you live in america you’re probably going to get about $75,000 then let’s say your expenses are twenty thousand maybe twenty-five thousand a year between your car payments if you have a car you know your your apartment if you’re running that

If you’re renting a house if you own a house whatever let’s say that’s about twenty five thousand dollars a year so then 75 thousand minus twenty five thousand that leaves you with about fifty thousand dollars extra there at the end of the pie now we’re talking about some real money that you can go out and do some things with guys step number four learn everything

You can about taxes taxes will eat into your money so fast you need to learn everything possible about taxes like like ways you can make investments where it doesn’t cost you as much money like if you sell a stock at 11 months versus selling that stock at 13 months you can have to pay to weigh different tax rates one’s going to be taxed the eleven month one would

Be taxed at your normal tax rate which is much higher and if you’ve held it for thirteen months and then you go ahead and do a capital gains on that like if it ends attacks much less so you need to think about all these things when you’re making trades when you’re investing in those kinds of things guys because it taxes will eat up your money so fast you need to find

Out you know what type of deductions you can get and don’t just count on a tax advisor doing all that for you because the problem you have is especially you know with a lot of the cheaper ones which is probably going to be the ones you’re going to use that you’re not going to be balling out of control you aren’t going to have some special accountant or something right

You’re going to be using h&r block or something like that if you if you don’t want to do your text yourself problem is most people are really disney they’re getting paid you know just an okay wage and they may not look into all the things guy they might miss some stuff here and there so what you need to do you need to make sure that if you don’t want to do your

Taxes on your own then you still need to be very educated on that so then they are not making a mistake in your being able to double check and know realistically wait i should have that deduction on this deduction how come this isn’t in here guys so very vague pay attention taxes because that will eat up your money so fast if you do not pay attention to it number

Five you need to invest like crazy you need to learn everything you possibly can about the stock market and if the stock markets away you go if you unless you don’t want to investment stock market then you need to find some other kind of way to invest that’s not super risky that you can make money in a good amount of money right let’s say stock markets away you

Need to invest like crazy you’ve got that extra fifty thousand dollars a or maybe forty thousand dollars a year to go ahead and funnel into your brokerage account you need to invest that money into five to ten different stocks so you’re a little bit diversified around your portfolio into the best companies you possibly can so then you can make the biggest gains

Possible because the problem is if you let’s say let’s say you’re 25 years old at this point right and at that time let’s say you had no net worth but you’re making your extra fifty thousand a year as far as you know it’s going to your savings if you just kept saving that money when you’re age thirty that’s nine shoes you’re going to have your have two hundred fifty

Thousand dollars saved by age 30 you’re not going to have five hundred thousand the way you get there is by investing that money and having that money make you more money then you can get there especially if you’re doing well as far as your stock taking those and we’re not in a bear market or something like that so you need to invest like crazy five ten different

Stocks learn everything possible and number six is you need to reinvest games back into stock so when you get a game you sell let’s say you buy johnson johnson stock you hold that for 18 months humans let’s say you make a $10,000 profit on that you would take that $10,000 profit out and buy yourself something with it or you can go ahead and reinvest that back into

Another stock that you like a lot and then that money will make you even more money because you’ve got the first amount of capital in there plus that $10,000 in gain and then you get a lot more money coming to you so make sure you reinvest in those games and you’re not just going out and buying stuff with it by assets with that money guys and then it will make

You into more money which is a beautiful beautiful thing so that is the blueprint on how you can get to five hundred thousand dollar network by thirty i believe i can achieve it i believe you guys can achieve especially if you’re watching this in your ear in your early 20s or if you’re watching this and you’re still a teenager like you guys can do it it’s an idea

It’s going to be a pain that’s going to be a lot of hard work is going to be a lot of hard decisions but you can absolutely do it make sure the big thing is make sure you have multiple incomes that’s going to be huge for you guys and when you’re thinking about multiple incomes don’t just think about it doing one thing like like for me i’m a double business owner

Right but well let’s say my real estate business i don’t just do videography right i also do photography i also do community videos like i do a lot of different products in that business let’s say the financial education channel like i don’t just rely on ads being played on my channels like i only get paid if somebody watches 15 seconds or more of an ad otherwise i

Don’t get paid for them watching that video right i don’t just rely on that i also have a book that’s come out a couple of month and a half ago i have another book that’s probably coming late this summer or in the early next fall about entrepreneurship so i’ll have two different books out i get paid some affiliate links that are linked in there that i show some

My other favorite books out there in case people want to buy it like i have a different way to make money just around this so when you’re thinking about whatever other kind of business you want to make another kind of way of making money think about how you can do it not just this one thing but how you can develop some side pieces around that one thing that will

Bring you in a lot more money guys so that is a blueprint that’s the blueprint on how to do a guide i hope you can succeed out there if you’re watching us you’re older than 30 just think about it how do i do it by 40 if you’re 40 years old you’re watching this how do i do it by 50 if you’re not already there guys so hope you enjoyed if you just came across this

Channel you may want to subscribe we talk personal finance and channel a little personal finance in it we talk entrepreneurship this had a little entrepreneurship in it and we talked the stock market in the stock market in the guys thank you for watching and have a great day

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NET WORTH $500,000 by age 30! *How to do it* By Financial Education

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warren buffett i am not buying m

Warren Buffett I am NOT buying more Apple and we OVERPAID for Kraft

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Say oh i’m gonna buy for $11 a share about 96 billion they could have pulled off the acquisition you could have bought it all cash wouldn’t had to issue any debt with it oh this weekend has absolutely revolved around the great warren buffett and why is that what warren buffett released his annual shareholder letter which by the way i did a highlights video of the

Most important things i saw in that shareholder letter basically i posted that on my other channel financial education too but then when that letter comes out it is like warren buffett time everybody’s talking about warren buffett what a warren buffett have to say he does a lot of interviews which have happened today one being which he did on cnbc i can’t show

You any of the video clips cuz i’m sure he’ll kitty monetized if i do that i want to talk about three very specific things he said in that interview today one being around the kraft heinz one being around apple in his apple steak we know apples actually his biggest holding now at this point in time and also he mentioned that they almost made a massive acquisition

We’re gonna kind of talk about what he could have bought it so first off here let’s look and see what buffett has to say about apple he says if it were cheaper we would be buying it we aren’t buying it here buffett says in an interview on squawk box with co-host becky quick buffett says he hasn’t added to his apple position despite a recent sell-off but would buy

More stock if it cheapens further as i previously mentioned apple is by far and away berkshire hathaway’s biggest public company holding at this point in time and in my personal opinion you know buffett started buying apples somewhere around $100 a share this was about two and a half years ago somewhere around the hundred dollar share range and so in my opinion

Warren buffett would love to buy some more apple at something under 150 in my personal opinion he’s kind of looking for apple around 150 or under he’s upon where you kept buying up to and then when he stopped buying it was somewhere around 150 dollars it seemed like so if we look at the chart on apple it only dipped under 150 very very briefly and then a bounce

Straight back and now obviously it’s in the 170s again around 175 dollars here today so in my opinion unless apple drops under 150 dollars like to the 140 range 130 and especially 120 unless it drops those ranges kind of stays there for a bit i don’t see necessarily warren buffett buying any more apple shares in the short term i think really it’s got to fall under

150 to get him to say okay now let’s start loading up the boat again on apple shares because i think he absolutely does want to buy more i think charlie munger his investing partner wants to buy more apple he stated that in the past that they’ve been way too controlled with buying apple just crazy because i have on the apple shares they have they have up around

Two hundred and fifty million apple shares which is another reason i don’t think he’s necessarily desperate to buy apple because he got such a massive position and his company 250 million shares let’s do the calculation on that okay 250 million shares times 175 bucks a pop that’s almost 44 million dollars in just apple shares berkshire hathaway warren buffett’s

Company has right now okay almost forty four billion like that is ridiculous okay as far as apple and painting the mountain dividends apple should be upping their dividend here within the next few months and based upon what and my opinion apple will probably up that dividend too and based upon how many shares berkshire hathaway owns in my opinion warren buffett

And berkshire hathaway will probably get around a billion dollars per year paid out to them just in dividends from apple nevermind in future years that should just be starting it in 2019 into 2020 i think they’ll be getting around a billion dollars just in dividend money guys like that is nuts okay that is nuts all right mix up here let’s talk about the whole kraft

Heinz deal obviously i did a video on this channel recently about this and everybody wants to know what does warren buffett have to say about this and he says i was wrong in a couple of ways about kraft heinz buffett tells cnbc we overpaid for kraft it’s still a wonderful business in that it uses about seven billion dollars of tangible assets and earned six billion

Pre-tax on that buffett tells cnbc but we and certain predecessors we paid a hundred billion dollars in tangible assets so for us it has to earn 107 billion not just a 7 billion that the business employs buffett says he has no intention of selling his stake in the company so i absolutely love the fact that warren buffett is not shy about saying hey we overpaid us

I feel like some hedge fund managers of some fund managers out there when they make a big mistake and by the way a lot of those hedge fund managers will lose a lot bigger percentages on money than warren buffett is down the heinz position okay let’s be very clear about that but a lot of times you’re just to brush it off or try to like make a big excuse both it’s

Just being flat-out honest here he’s saying we overpaid for kraft heinz that’s the bottom line he says he likes the business likes all this and that but the bottom line is they overpaid and that’s something that’s another reason you know i love warren buffett not just because he’s gotten amazing returns throughout his life i think is somewhere around nineteen

Percent on average compound per year which is ridiculous right when we’re talking about you know five six decades of doing this but the fact that he’s just man enough to own up and say we made a mistake we overpaid for this i love that about warren buffett because that’s something you just don’t see out there from a lot of fund managers and i think warren buffett’s

Just build up that credibility over time that he can admit a mistake and move on where some other like hedge fund managers and whatnot they’re afraid to admit they made a mistake because they’re afraid you know if somebody one of their big net high net worth clients will pull out money or something like that but i just love that about warren buffett he said hey

We made a mistake we overpaid for it all right the other thing warren buffett said that was very interesting to me in that whole like hour-long interview or it might’ve been over an hour as a very long interview they did on cnbc but he says they were close to making a very large acquisition in the fourth quarter warren buffett says he was close to making a big

Acquisition in the fourth quarter but it fell apart buffett says he doesn’t think the deal is on the table any longer but does not say why not when they obviously pressured him you know like i’ll try to give us a hint or something buffett said i’ll give you a hint it’s hunk this planet that’s typical warren buffett and so i kind of got to thinking like maybe what

Are a couple companies that warren buffett might be interested in buying 100 percent of and as far as public companies go and there were two that kind of came to mind the one that kind of made the most sense was a company he used to be invested in and that’s general electric he used to have an investment in general electric many many years ago before the business

Fell apart and whatnot this is a company as of today has a 96 billion dollar market cap by the way berkshire hathaway has well over a hundred billion dollars just in cash sitting around right now ok now think about this if you know a couple months ago in the november december timeframe ge basically had fallen to like $8 a share of $7 of shares meaning that general

Electric was selling for let’s say somewhere around a whole market cap of 60 billion maybe 17 billion so maybe at that point in time maybe buffett made an offer out there to buy ge for maybe same where around $11 a share at that time once again ge was around seven eight bucks say oh i’m gonna buy for $11 a share about 96 billion they could have pulled off the

Acquisition he could have bought it all cash wouldn’t had to issue any debt with it and i think at that time maybe a lot of shareholders would have said yeah let’s go with that that would have been a huge premium at that point in time not only would have been a huge premium at that time but let’s keep in mind general electric was just going down and count him

Down and down in stock price so at that time shareholders may have been it’s like okay we can get $11 per share $10 per share maybe $12 per share and buffett’s gotta buy out the company let’s just let him buy out the company and take our take our losses and just run with them or our if we do happen to make some money let’s take those and agree with it so that’s a

Possibility we don’t know for sure it just kind of makes sense that it could have been and for the deal to fall apart well obviously general electric stock has been up and up and up and now if buffett wanted to pull off a deal he might need to pay fourteen dollars a share which means that might put general electric’s market cap somewhere around 120 130 maybe 140

Billion now it gets too expensive okay the other possibility is another general company okay another company he has investments in he understands very well he could be interested in possibly buying gm or maybe was interesting buying general motors general motors trades at about a fifty seven billion dollar market cap by the way something i forgot to mention when i

Was actually recording the videos if you think warren buffett’s not very interested in general motors think again he already owns over 70 million shares of general motors many of those shares have been added within the past year or two so he’s very interested in general motors has put it that way obviously a very low forward p/e on this company it could have been

Something maybe buffett was interested in buying i think that’s when a little more of a longshot i think general electric probably would have made a little more sense and also it might not have been a public company at all it could honestly been a private company that they were talking about buying obviously buffett loves to buy a hundred percent ownership stakes

And a lot of private companies out there so maybe it could have been a private company we just don’t know guys but i think there’s a good possibility could have been general electric based upon where general electric was trading at in that november/december he’s talking about it could closed in the fourth quarter look where general electric was trading out in

November december and think about the premium he could have paid and that one probably makes the most sense so anyways hope you guys enjoyed this as always let me know your opinion down there in that comment section as always thank you for watching have a great day and by the way just today the public account hit a new all-time high of just a little under two

Hundred and twenty thousand dollars here today you can see all the trades i place in that account by being part of my private stock market membership group you also want to join there if you’re a newer investor because there are hundreds of videos to learn from that will accelerate your learning and a massive massive rate actually have a little discount for you

Since you stayed around to the end of the video and then if you’re a more advanced investor i think it’s also a group you would very much enjoy being part of specially than now that we have the discord chat and we can talk about stocks and things that are happening in the market and what not so if you’re interested in joining in there i would love to have you in

There and then also the two hundred plus members that are in there would love to have you in there as well you

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