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is capitalism really ending pove

Is capitalism really ending poverty? | Crunched

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So what shall we spar about today today we’re going to be asking how capitalism made the world a better place we’re going to be looking at this debate between two groups of economists about global poverty reduction so has it happened how fast does it happen if it has and can it be attributed to success of capitalism spreading around the world over the last hundred

Or so years what we’re going to be looking at here is the percentage of people in the entire world who live in extreme poverty going from a hundred percent to zero percent and from the year 1820 to 2015 now what do we mean by extreme poverty that’s people living on less than one dollar ninety per day now that figure in 1820 was around ninety percent so it started

Declining fairly slowly but then at around in the late 1800s 1900 starts dropping more sharply after the world wars accelerates even more so we’re now down around ten percent so this is the central claim made by gate pinker and so on absolute poverty has come down during a period when capitalism was spreading around the world a capitalist system has led to the

Almost eradication of extreme poverty i sense some skepticism from you well as you expect i’m gonna take issue with this claim that living on one dollar ninety a day is a useful measure of people living in poverty for example in the uk between no one lives on that level the average earnings are more like a hundred dollars per day that’s not to say that we have

No one living in poverty or even extreme poverty in this country that’s yeah possible yeah and that’s a point that has been made by some of the critics of this argument so a couple of left-wing economists including most prominently jason jaquel have critiqued this idea of using such a low poverty line so let’s have a look at other poverty lines this is one dollar

At ninety a day say that we’re here no 1980 okay so another one sets the poverty line at $3 20 a day so 55 percent more or less here and it went down to about 25 or 25 percent okay okay so that’s a quarter of the world population still living on three dollars yeah there’s another one which is ten dollars a day and that went from 65 percent down to about 55 i mean

Yes things have improved i mean but it’s not as rosy a picture maybe as rosy pink not a lot there’s a famous line from a play china in in this pace of time in france went from famine to slimfast over a billion people surely they are distorting somehow these numbers is this just china basically okay we’re now gonna have a look at a chart which takes the same metric

And looks at how does global poverty reduction appear when you look at the entire world and then when you look at the world – china so 1981 so we’re looking at that more recent period through to 2015 the axis starts at 0 percent and people in extreme poverty and we’ll go up to 100% again to be consistent when we look at the entire world china included we start off

At about 40 percent there and we’ve come down to about just under 10 percent if we look at the world not including china without without china it was initially lower and is now broadly the same point so world – china so it’s true that when you include china a billion being lifted out of absolute quantities had a big impact but this isn’t just china the world has

Got better in terms of in terms of people being an extreme poverty over the last 35 years so if we look at the gini coefficient the gini coefficient is a measure of inequality if the world were perfectly equal it would be at zero and one is complete inequality from 1852 say the years just before the recession or just as a rashad recession started hitting i’m gonna

Look at inequality from from 0.5 to 0.7 and what happened is that inequality actually rose this line alone shows you an inverse trend from what we were seeing but i think the process of capitalism which led to this increase in the quality is the same process that lifted more than a billion out of extreme poverty and when you have huge economic growth in capitalism

Most of those gains accrue to the people at the top but if that system also brings raises raises every one by a certain level they’re not still a good thing on net one way that we measure poverty is to look at the share of the population that lives below the average income now even though i would say that’s an improvement on the poverty line $1 90 and so on i think

It’s still faulty and i’ll show you why so in the uk we measure relative poverty by looking at the number of people who live at 60 percent below the median income so let’s say the medium income is 10,000 pounds just poking and figure out of thin air we’re looking at the number of people that are earning sixty percent of that so six thousand pounds so this is what’s

Happened in the uk we’re looking at before housing costs and after housing costs number of children who live in poverty we had a third of kids in this period of time now we have 28 percent of children small improvement before housing costs it’s a quarter of kids in 95 96 it went down to 17 percent in this period more here where there was a recession it wasn’t much

Change so the government actually acknowledged this and that will maybe this measure of poverty relative poverty is wrong it doesn’t include whether these kids live in good housing whether they live in crime-ridden areas whether they’re performing well in schools all these things that go beside income and that affect our lives now the problem with this idea is

That policymakers didn’t like the fact that they wanted to delink poverty from income that would have been an issue at the international level because this is how everyone measures poverty and so this was abandoned however one could argue that taking them into account is crucial to assessing whether people who live in extreme poverty are also having a bad quality

Of life so this is another argument that the sort of pro capitalist lobby we’ve made more pro capitalism lobby which is that if life expectancy has gone up then that surely is a sign that the fundamental reason that that you know humans exist is is actually you know we’re getting that right so i’m gonna do a chart here showing global average from 1960 to 2015 and

That has gone up from about 52 to now about 72 that seems to me again evidence that global quality of life global life expectancy global health all of these things that this this indicator captures have steadily increased over that period when capitalism is been spreading across the planet if we want to stick to the quantitative element of how many years we get

To live there’s clearly a sign of improvement but look at what happened in the us for example with life expectancy so they went from 70 in the 1960 so we’re looking at it went up to 8 sort of stalled and this is despite the fact that health costs in the us went up and it’s one of the only countries where actually life expectancy seems to be declining and one could

Argue not necessarily me but one could argue that it’s rampant capitalism that is doing this to its population a aggressive marketing of opioids exactly had an impact again over the long over the long run there from 60 to 2015 in the u.s. life expectancy has risen but this recent stagnation and decline is certainly not a good sign and you know and the u.s. is the

Poster child of capitalism so evidently i and capitalists advocates would have to accept that something there has gone wrong in the last 10 years and we’re certainly no longer seeing this clear relationship between capitalism and free markets and improvements in in quality and quantity of life my exhibit a in favor of the argument that capitalism has improved the

World was saying that over 200 years the percentage of people living in extreme absolute poverty has fallen from 90 percent to 10 percent we then looked at the impact of using more reasonable poverty lines yeah and then we see that more than half of the population is still living in poverty so it still so we still had an improving trend but it wasn’t as quick and it

Hasn’t got as far as was initially claimed then we looked at whether this was all china going from famine to slimfast and we found that it’s true that china’s rapid development has sort of inflated the extent to which it looks like poverty reduction has taken place but even if you take china out of the picture the percentage of people living in absolute poverty

Worldwide house still decreased and i said well if things are so rosy then how come inequality has gone up but the the argument for those who say capitalism has made the world a better place would be that yes things have become more unequal but the same system that produced that increase inequality there’s also elevated people out of poverty to increase their

Incomes but money is insufficient because if we look at the example of child poverty in the uk then we’ll see that this measure doesn’t explain at all what happened to during the recession which are the jessyca impact on uk society and we should look at other metrics like health educational attainment quality of housing and general quality of life as i said that’s

A very good point that’s let’s look at something where money is totally to one side and we just look at how long people live globally there’s been a steady and still increasing rise in life expectancy however you asked the poster child of rampant capitalism shows that there is not not such progress in the last couple of years yep so i guess with my capitalist hat

And monocle on i would say we have seen an improvement in life expectancy and poverty reduction during the area when arrow and capitalism has been expanding across the world however i will acknowledge that income based measures of human development are very limited and also that if you look at the most capitalist countries in the world so the likes of the us and

The uk increases in life expectancy have now actually stalled and there’s some evidence they may be falling so even if perhaps the journey to capitalism helped countries it seems we’ve hit diminishing returns or even now a fork in the road where capitalism is maybe not and i would say that in conclusion pinker gates or haven’t quite persuaded me yet

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Is capitalism really ending poverty? | Crunched By Financial Times

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how to die with zero 1

How to Die with Zero

Die with Zero by Bill Perkins is a book that talks about the aim of getting all you can from the money you earn. You shouldn’t earn more since that would mean wasting your valuable life on accumulating wealth you will never spend. Why bother? Instead, spend your money down to experience life to the fullest while being careful to never run out before your time comes. Want to leave some to kids or charities? Why not donate the intended amount before you croak? Many interesting points that makes you think about how to structure your life.

How’s it going everybody this is peter bush i got multiple comments on youtube and even on instagram referring to this particular book die with xero on the surface it’s a very catchy title it makes you want to read it to figure out what the author is saying and how you exactly die with zero today i’m gonna go over the main points of this book and also suggest if

You should actually buy this book and read it for yourself this video is brought to you by moomoo you can get five free shares of stock each of them valued up to thirty five hundred dollars just for opening up account and depositing various amounts exclusive to this channel on top of all these shares that you’re gonna get you can get an additional share of amc stock

Guaranteed as long as you deposit a hundred dollars before february 7. check out my referral link down in the video description below the idea is simple you want to enjoy all of your money while you are alive not be in the grave with the most money and then when you die all of this money gets divided up maybe according to your will maybe not it may not end up in the

Right hands with your particular intention so it’s best to spend your money donate it or give it to the intended people while you’re still alive one of the main concerns with dying with xero is what about the children you might want to leave some for them and the premise of this book is you should actually give it to them while you’re still alive maybe not to the

Point of spoiling them so you might want to set up some kind of structure where they get invested more and more as they age more what about charities rather than dying and leaving a really really huge amount why don’t you give the money while you’re still alive rather than have like millions and millions of dollars that you just kind of sucked away and made bigger

And bigger how did i with zero this book says that you need to have a more accurate estimate of your life expectancy based on age race if you smoke if you are obese what kind of health problems you have what kind of health problems your parents have or your grandparents have you enter this into various calculators online and it will pop out a number for me it says i

Think it was like 81 for one calculator and 84 for a different calculator but for this life expectancy thing how can you believe this totally right you could get run over by a bus if no accidents happen to you you could still live much longer than this and i’ll talk about more about this a little bit later one interesting thing that this book talks about is that your

Burn rate actually steps down quite significantly as you get older and older and this is kind of morbid it throughout numbers like if you’re in the 50s you spend let’s say 60k a year 10 years later in your 60s you’re probably going to spend about thousand dollars less even with healthcare factored in and then in the 70s you’re going to spend yet another 10 000 less

Personally i actually have some hobbies that i no longer want to do because i feel like if i break a bone or something like skateboarding or snowboarding i just don’t want to get hurt and crack my skull or something whereas in my 20s i’m like oh yeah let me you know daredevil you know i’m like jumping on half pipes and things so when you factor this into trying to

Use all your money until it reaches zero you actually have to spend a little bit more up front when you’re younger to kind of compensate for your lower expenditure when you’re older you can also remove a little bit of risk by buying annuities where you pay a lump sum in and you’re gonna get some amount per month every single month until the day you die the premise

Of this book is to get the most out of life you have a certain window of opportunity to participate in certain activities for example snowboarding let’s say it’s 20s to 30s cruises you can participate them in your 20s and i personally have but you can do this just as well all the way up to 80s but maybe because you can do them all the way up to 80s maybe you don’t

Want to do your cruises now you just save them for later so you at least maybe you have some other stuff to do when you are like 70 or 80 years old you should spend more money today in activities even though sometimes it might be splurging to get the maximum enjoyment and maximum amount of memories you should spend them at the right time at the right age now when

You get a certain experience let’s say you went on some trip right you’re always going to recall it maybe it’s like a really really good trip like for me i went to the caribbean’s i always remember about laying on this black sand beach and how warm it felt with the waves kind of gently hitting me and then i’m just kind of like sliding around that was like in pure

Heaven and i remember it many many times that caribbean trip cost me probably like two thousand dollars back when i was in my twenties every single time that you think about how great it was you get a boost of experience points the idea is to collect as many of those as you can the experience part of it when you’re actually experiencing it is one amount of enjoyment

That you get but you also get little bits and pieces of enjoyment trailing off over the years so then you can add all those up and it becomes a really really big amount of enjoyment before you go i should spend all my money for experiences today in various points of the book it did mention that for people that aren’t earning more than what they need this actually is

Not possible to spend more today because you need to save money for your future still it’s for people that are saving too much i overall enjoyed this it’s a very very quick read there are a handful of good ideas in here but i feel like there could be a little bit more a little bit more content in here maybe like 50 more and then i would feel like the value of this

Book is there it panders to a really large audience it always goes do this but not to an extreme you should not spend everything neither should you save everything but do something in between but it doesn’t really name exactly where in between so it’s like okay don’t do the extremes do something right in the middle whenever you have an author say something like

This something very very bold and you pick up the book and you read it right you want them to practice what they preach and although there’s an example in here talking about the author having a very very lavish party that spent a significant portion of his net worth what i personally want to know is if he actually spent down his net worth nowhere in this whole

Book does it talk about that where the book essentially says that somewhere around midlife 40s or 50s you should be starting to spend down your network you reach a certain peak right let’s say he has like 5 million 10 million or whatever million right it should be going down instead and what i want to know is is his net worth actually you know on heading its way

Down it’s on the downward slope he doesn’t actually have to review that his actual net worth but i want like a like a little acknowledgement it’s like yes i personally am doing this not just an example of a lavish party because even if you have the lavish party you could be earning you know 10 times that amount per year and your net worth would still be going up

I’ve actually talked about making your net worth go down before i had a talk with a retired person who passed away since then and i had a conversation with him where he talked about you actually at some point need to spend down your entire life savings a little bit right it actually doesn’t make sense to just keep on earning all the way up until you’re dead all

The way up until you’re in the hospital bed and you’re still earning and your net worth still keeps on going up you can leave this to your spouse leave this to your children but essentially if you leave all this to whoever you don’t get to experience all the spending of it spending not in the sense of buying stuff nor is it even buying experiences for yourself

But spending in the sense that when you gift the money to these people you are spending it and if you gift it while you’re still alive you may reap some rewards of satisfaction where you’re like yes you know i i did this i i actually gave it to them in person making your net worth go down is very disconcerting especially when you have been making your net worth go

Up the past three or four decades right all of a sudden you’re like okay you got to force yourself to be a spender rather than a saver you save a lot like for myself i save like almost 100 of my income i like derive a lot of value out of credit card churning and things like that and i spend that as my daily spending so then essentially everything that i actually

Earn on youtube or whatever it just goes right in the bank and it just makes my network you know trickle up higher and higher so now let’s say you’re faced with trying to spend your net worth down this is very very difficult to do and it probably requires some practice and some kind of reassurance that you’re not going to run out of money before you die let’s say

You’re not trying to make it go to zero all the way maybe let’s say you want to spend down half of your net worth for some people though i think spending this money down might be more stressful than it’s worth because if you’re stressed then maybe you’re going to die sooner because you’re just worried that you’re going to run out of money here’s another critique

About estimating when you will actually die let’s say you do all the calculators it says your estimated lifespan will be 81 years old 84 years old but you have to realize this is a bell curve distribution the average person is going to live till 81 but there’s gonna be a few percent of people and it might just be you that is gonna live till 90 or 100 and if you

Do this if you try to spend it to zero right until 81 you will run out of money and then you’re going to have another 10 years to live what are you going to do in this case well maybe you can save more money you can estimate that you’re going to spend down to zero when you’re 90 years old if you do this you’re not going to be completely efficient because if you

Plan for dying at 90 but you die at 81 instead you’re gonna have nine years of living expenses that is still unspent due to the inaccuracy of estimating when you will actually die you are then forced to have some kind of margin of safety and having the safety means you will not die with exactly zero far from it because if you want some kind of comfort that you won’t

Run out you’re gonna have to have a pretty large margin of safety 10 years maybe 20 years because you might just live that much more longer medicine might get better all of a sudden and boom you know you live longer just like that still even with all this critique i think the idea is sound dying with xero just kind of pushes you to spend a little bit more while

You are alive rather than saving every single penny this book is called die with zero by bill perkins it’s around thirteen fourteen dollars on amazon i’ll leave a link to that down in the video description below thanks for watching this video don’t forget to give me a like and subscribe for more you

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How to Die with Zero By BeatTheBush

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are you really saving money with 1

Are You Really Saving Money with Moviepass

Moviepass is a movie going subscription service. The usage of it may not be straightforward so let me quickly explain it then jump into how to use it most effectively to save you money. Used wrong, it can actually make you spend more.

How’s it going everybody this is beat the bush by now you probably heard about movie past but have you ever stopped to consider if it’s actually saving you money first i’m gonna go over really quickly what the heck movie pass is movie passes essentially a subscription service for going to the movies you only pay $10 a month and you get to watch up to four movies

Every single month what you do is sign up for the service and within two weeks you get a credit card like thing with a movie pass logo on it you have to physically go to a movie theater and then you use the app to buy one of the tickets there you can’t buy imax 3d xd the box or any of those special types of movies after you select the movie on the app they load money

Onto your credit card and then you use this credit card to buy that very ticket at a kiosk after you get your ticket you can of course go and watch your movies you can watch up to four movies every single month now the limit used to be one every single day so potentially you could watch up to 30 movies every single month you can only buy one ticket per membership

And you can only watch every single movie only one time so if you really like the movie you cannot watch it multiple times now it becomes interesting how they can actually make money because if you’re only giving them $10 every single month and you watch more than one movie every single month they’re essentially losing money here in fact the parent company helios

And madison bought the company movie pass a while ago before they bought the company they were losing about 7 million dollars every year after they bought the company they’re losing about 150 million every single year this means it’s about 144 additional million in losses they’re taking on every single year now currently in april 2008 teen they have about 2 million

Subscribers so let’s just assume they have 1 million subscriber to last year 144 million dollars lost about $10 a movie less estimated you get about 120 million dollars in subscription fee because $10 every month 1 million subscribers 12 months in a year means they taken 120 million every year but even with this subscription payment they’re still losing a hundred

Forty-four million every single year so you do a little math here about 260 million of movie pricing that they’ve paid the movie theaters you divide this across 12 months and also about 1 million subscribers this means that every single person on average is watching about 2.2 movies every single month people that are getting this movie pass are watching more than

One movie a month now why am i talking about this because i want to talk about this in the point of view of saving you the most money before getting this service you want to ask yourself how many movies did you watch last year for me i only watch about four movies because i’m not that big a movie goer using vouchers i bought from costco and then sometimes i get xt

Movies and stuff because i like watching it on big screens it essentially rounds out to be about $40 for me for those four movies now if i bought the membership for the full year instead it’s gonna cost me roughly about $120 instead now in comparison for this $40 it means i am spending an additional $80 for whatever reason if i normally don’t buy that many movies

And i suddenly get the service it’s certainly not gonna be worth it for me because after i get the service i’m gonna feel compelled to go oh my gosh i’m paying $10 a month i should just go and make it worth my while i need to go watch at least one movie every single month but you really have to consider that i probably would not watch these additional movies if i

Did not have the subscription service because of the subscription service i might be pushing myself to try to use it therefore i might be watching all these not as good movies because generally i only go out when there are really really good movies that i really really want to watch and this is once in a long time now let’s say you go to the movies more often than i

Do maybe 10 movies a year still you are still paying $120 for movies and that means you’re spending $20.00 in addition to what you normally would spend even if you somehow managed to watch 20 movies 30 movies you still spent $20 more now you have to think of this in terms of net worth and expenditure you are essentially causing yourself to spend more yes you might

Be making your per movie cost lower but in the end you’re still making yourself spend more now what are the options here in order to save yourself the most money my thinking is throughout the year there are not always really good movies sometimes there are more good movies than other times for example during the summer months there are often more good movies on

So technically it takes about two weeks to get your membership card so it might be good to get your membership at the beginning of the summer months and then you watch as many as you can which means a maximum of four of movies every single month so if you do this for three months in a row you’ll get 12 movies and you only had to pay $30 here and then afterwards

Maybe when the winter months comes out and then you’re not watching as many movies then you can go ahead and cancel that subscription service for a lot of people if you continuously watch movies throughout the year then even if you watch just more than one movie every single month it’s gonna be worth it for you so go ahead and get that i hope you enjoyed this way

Of thinking about when to get a movie past subscription service for you or not if you’re interested in supporting the channel check on my audible link down in the video description below where you can get a free audiobook if you don’t like this audiobook or this service you can cancel it before the subscription express and you don’t have to pay a thing and yet

You can still keep this audiobook for free and help benefit this channel i have a patreon over here where you can get exclusive access to some of my finance videos where i purposely do not release it to the public because sometimes is a little bit too sensitive and as always don’t forget to subscribe to my channel over here and click that bell icon next it does

Subscribe button so that you get a new notification whenever i upload a brand new video thanks for watching

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Are You Really Saving Money with Moviepass By BeatTheBush

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hangout with new yorkers statue 1

Hangout with New Yorkers Statue of Liberty No Meat Burger

Impossible burger, Sarah Nourse, Wall Street tour, Bull in NYC, Statue of Liberty using Staten Island Ferry, B&H photo conveyor system, Tomoe Sushi with Jennifer, Davey’s ice cream, Four Points Sheraton, SPG points.

How’s it going everybody this is beat the bush it’s another day and it seems like i keep on meeting other people it’s starting to take a toll but it’s also very entertaining as well but today i’m going to go meet a new youtuber i’ve never met her before but we’ll see i’m not sure if she wants to be on camera or not so we’ll see what happens we’re gonna go have

Some burger at bear burger i only have a handful of days left so the places that i go eat has to be very very particular i don’t really care if i’m going across town or anything as long as it’s super ly highly rated passing by washington square onion rings this is sarah nurse people know you as which type of channel minimalist channel self-improvement little bit of

Personal finance not as much so we just had lunch and we’re gonna she’s showing me a little bit around so thanks for that i go check out wall street yeah finance like channels and then we gonna go look at the bowl it’s my favorite part a little bit more quiet and midtown and i like the architecture so if you’re ever here actually haven’t seen this before but okay

I probably paid some fees just buying a berkshire hathaway a couple days ago this is the line where we’re all waiting to touch the bowl balls they say when you touch the bull balls your portfolio will go up really high 10 percent overnight wow are we in battery park that way one world trade center one trade center you guys you know i just love me some ball

Robin i just can’t get enough of this oh yeah oh yeah yes but that’s what i have right now i’ve been looking for one of these monitor thingies for my camera because my little lcd thing on this camera is so tiny and let me show you what it looks like if i plug it in oh my gosh okay just from that they sold me on it is because i can test it a huh guys can see this

One i might actually mean more time here because i’m finding so many cool things okay there’s a little gopro 360-degree thing but i don’t know what this music station this is 362 but they can go all over we can control it yeah go left and right there’s a boxes and he’s shoving it down there and then it goes up i like this blue juice this is a video card and this

Is the radiator but this there’s no it’s not going at a video card also cries this is the better place and fries tomo a sushi and this is the bean sprout appetizer yeah well it’s there’s so much of it and all of it was really really good quality jennifer here just treated me to dinner so thank you so much it was so good it’s like one of the best sushi well hmm

Have i had sushi and uh in new york no but it’s very very good very good value and i appreciate it it’s like something i would come back to awesome awesome any time hi internet internet the garbage it’s an old train it doesn’t run anymore but why is it here i don’t know why it’s here it’s like a museum on wheels davey’s ice cream davey’s ice cream serves pistachio

Ice cream and we’re gonna go try some house let’s get going okay let me try it out now hmm you know what everybody i think it’s a bit cheating here the way i am traveling because everywhere i go i’m not going alone anymore i’m going with you guys some of you even want to treat me for dinner i’m hanging out with people not just myself for me so i feel kind of like

A frog for saying that i’m traveling alone when i’m not really in the combination of all the experiences i’m having i feel so grateful for all my subscribers so i don’t think this is really easily reproducible unless you have a youtube channel where you go in here in new york and you have all these subscribers so what can i say i feel like new york really welcome

To me i feel so welcomed here i mean i literally get hugs from subscribers so i’m at full point sure i booked this for three days all of which is paved with sbg points this is nice to finally stay in a hotel at some point i think i need to earn enough or i don’t know not care about saving money enough so that you know i can just get hotels left and right and just

You know pay it with cash and not with hotel points and such but here’s the place let me show it to you i don’t really care how big it is if it’s like twice the size if it’s four times the size whatever i just need the bed in fact i don’t even roll around that much on a bed i only need like military-style bed because i don’t really roll around of course it’s a bit

More comfortable if it’s you know about twin size this is all i need i don’t roll around but okay if it’s this looks like king fine i’ll take it over here is the rest room restroom very nice wow it’s actually so clean i wouldn’t lick the floor or anything but wow i can actually have soap i can clean myself with alcohol moisturizes conditions okay whatever it is

Okay i got some of this i didn’t even have to bring my nail file some sort of what is this thing whatever that is what’s in here oh okay is water complimentary feel free make it simple free and clear so that’s great so this room i got with my sbg points i got three nights so i signed up for that spg card i got a certain amount of points i thought i was able to get

About nine really really cheap nights i got one somewhere else i forgot where it is already but the remaining point should have been worth about six or seven nights so instead i got it here in times square and i figure it’s worth it because i eventually need to use up all of it so you know this is a good use of it if you guys are interested in getting this credit

Card you can just get it meet the spend requirements in various very very easy ways and if you do get that check out my referral link down in the video description below if you get it i will get a referral bonus which will help me out if you’re interested so thanks for watching everybody i’m just gonna go lay down in over here edit some videos for you guys if you guys

Are interested in supporting this channel check out my spg referral link down in the video description below give me a like on this video i got a patreon over here if you’re interested in getting early access to my videos subscribe over here and click that bell icon next to that subscribe button so that you get new notification whenever i upload a brand new video thanks for watching

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Hangout with New Yorkers Statue of Liberty No Meat Burger By BeatTheBush

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rich mindset vs poor mindset how 1

Rich Mindset vs Poor Mindset | How to Get Rich

Link to join StockHub free investing discord server: –~–

The measure of intelligence is the ability to change and today i hope to change some mindsets about why most people are struggling today i’m gonna kind of change a lot of mindsets out there on why people think people are poor or broke or any of those things so we know it’s a fact that the majority of people out there and it doesn’t matter what country you look at

You can look at the united states of america the country i live in right most people at the end of every month they have almost no money left over or very little money left over and why is that why is that well today i’m gonna change some mindsets out there and i hope this will be kind of a life-changing video to some of you guys who need a video like this so the

Reason i got my eraser today i got a little marker here these are the three main reasons why people think people are poor or struggling this is why i’m this way this is why i’m this way the first one is a lot of people like to put on laziness somebody’s poor somebody’s broke somebody doesn’t have any money left over because they’re lazy they’re lazy that could

Not be further from the truth some of the hardest-working people i’ve ever met in my life are not lazy but are poor i mean think about how many of the landscapers i know out in arizona here in vegas that work out in 115 degree heat sweat their butts off all for minimum wage back when i was 18 years old i used to work for einstein bagels i would clean the dishes

In the backroom for hours upon hours don’t call me lazy i was working my butt off for seven dollars and fifty cents an hour so are there some people that are poor or broke or barely getting by that are lazy abso-freakin’-lutely absolutely there’s some there’s some that just want government handouts or whatever absolutely there’s some in there but some of the

Hardest-working people you’ll ever meet in your life or poor are broke or barely getting by so that’s not a real reason let’s erase that a lot of people also like to say well they didn’t go to college they didn’t graduate college that’s why they’re struggling because they can’t get a better job or whatnot hmm i seem to know a massive amount of people that went to

College and are barely scraping by or are considered in that or class make under basically what the median income is no a lot of people that graduate college and are in that so just going to college that’s not gonna make you rich that’s not gonna get you even to not even let’s today not even rich just above you know struggling you know having a few extra thousand

Dollars around to then ever end of every month just because you went to college absolutely not we all know a lot of people who went to college who are not in a great situation and another thing people like to pin it on is debt you know how focal i am about speaking about debt you know i hate debt i hate people that you know take out all these personal loans that

Don’t you know deserve in my opinion but the banks give them to them just because they feel like they collect payments but the problem with debt it’s most of the time the reason people take out debt either because they have to because in a bad financial situation already or because they feel like they feel like they’re not worthy of anything so i need to have this

Car i need to have this bigger house and i can really afford just to make myself feel better because i really feel like i can’t get that any other way than taking out debt so that’s not really a real way either in my opinion all of them are legitimate all of them have you know something to them but it’s not the biggest reason i’m gonna show you the biggest reason

Right now on why and this is what 90 to 95 percent of people out there think this is a way their mentality is guys i’m gonna draw it out for you here and this is most people let’s see so all right so time equals money most people i’m talking ninety ninety five percent maybe even more than ninety five percent of people they think the only way to make money is by

Giving up their time so they have to do something they have to do a task they have to do a job and for that job they make money and that’s the only way they can make money and so people think well if i want to make more money than i just need to give more time okay or they think well if i want to make more money than they need to give even more time and get another

Job so you need to have two jobs oh let me get three jobs guess what guys i used to have two jobs remember i told you i worked at einstein bagels i was also working for walgreens at the time making eight dollars and ten cents at walgreens seven dollars and fifty cents and einsteins when i was eighteen nineteen years old yes right added up to a whole lot of nothing

I was still broke at the end of the day just because you give up your time does not mean you’re gonna make more money but that’s the way most people think they think literally the only way you can make money out there is by giving up more of your time doing the tasks doing a job for somebody and that’s how you make more money absolutely not the game changer is

That’s not the only way you can go let’s talk about let’s say jeff bezos okay jeff bezos one of the richest men ever ceo amazon founder amazon biggest shareholder at amazon so jeff bezos how does he make money he makes money every second put es he makes money every second of every day he doesn’t have to trade his time for money when he’s sleeping he’s making money

Because guess what amazon when he’s sleeping it’s making tens of millions of dollars on revenue literally while he’s sleeping amazon web services bringing in millions upon millions of dollars when he’s sleeping his employees running all those tasks so he doesn’t have to trade his time for money his his time was already spent and that’s just yielding results now he

Makes money constantly so you think well jeremy jeff bezos that’s you know he’s a billionaire that’s so hard for me to even comprehend someone of that level so i’ll tell you about myself someone that makes six figures a year that’s easier for people to understand now my way is not necessarily the best way for everybody out there okay my way is just my way okay so

There’s a ton of different routes you can go there’s a ton of different routes you can go where you can make money constantly okay so we’re just gonna talk about me for a second and i’m someone that you know is making really good money but at the same time it’s understandable to everybody out there cuz i’m not some kind of billionaire or something okay so we got

Jeremy’s bank in the middle i picture that being my bank account what’s all coming in jeremy’s bank account how are all the different ways jeremy’s making money okay while you’re watching this video on youtube okay so that’s one way youtube i make youtube at revenue okay so i make when a video shows usually an ad place somebody watches more than i think fifteen

Or thirty seconds of that i get paid it’s only a few pennies a time or whatever or maybe a nickel of time but guess what those nickels add up especially when you’re getting thousands tens of thousands of years okay so that’s one way of jeremy making money i’m also a book author so i got a few different books in the market this is the one that sells honestly the

Other two books i got passive income book and like a motivational book those ones don’t sell for crap it’s all about this book so i make money from this book sale every time in that book sells i make like seven and ten dollars okay so i make money from that i also have a stock market course sc stock market course it’s a $19 course linked in the description it’s

I just came out with it a couple weeks ago it’s actually doing way better than i have expected i never expected so many people to buy it that have neither none of these i’m killing it on right none of these youtube ads like i said usually you make pennies or nickels per time and add place like my book what is it i make seven ten dollars i’m not killing it on each

Sale my stock market course i sell it for 19 dollars like nine none of these i’m killing it but guess what the numbers start adding up when you start you when you times it by hundreds or thousands of people right so these are some ways so far i have a real estate marketing company okay so i’ll be our i basically take pictures for homes that are going up for sale

Do videos do anything that’s related to realtors that need help i even consult some things like that now where this one’s been this one i have to be there i don’t have a way of any other way of making money but the great thing is in 2018 i’ll probably be hiring somebody to go do all those photos videos all that type of stuff so then i don’t have to so then that

Becomes something i can make money at even when i’m not there so that’s a great thing there but right now i have to be there for all anything real estate marketing related another way i make money every month it goes into my bank account well is technically stays in a different account than my bank account but this one is i d what does that stand for evidence a few

Of my stocks i own actually pay me dividends every three months so every three months i get to collect dividend payments the next one up here guys is what is it stocks stocks generally speaking my stocks all generally speaking appreciate over the longer term maybe they go up initially i make a bunch of money real quick maybe they go down and then it takes a while

To make money on that but mostly 99% of time i’m gonna make money on stocks i own ninety nine percent of the time so stocks they bring me money and those bring me money every single month because they own multiple stocks in the last way i get money is a a which is amazon affiliates i got a few affiliate links in the description of all my videos some to my books

Some to some of my other favorite books things like that and if somebody buys something within like a 24 hour period i get paid for that so amazon affiliate links so look at all the different ways i personally have of making making money now you could have a million different ways of making money it doesn’t have to be anything relate to this there’s so many massive

Amounts of ways you can make money out there guys it’s disgusting you just have to find what’s right for you you just have to change your mentality from being i need to give up my time to be somewhere to be doing something to make money or the only way i can make some more money as if i get promoted now or the only other way i can make more monies if i get a second

Job absolutely not guys you could just create more things and more things that bring you money look at how many different things i have and i’m not even 28 years old i’ll be 28 years old here in a couple months look at how many different ways i have of getting money you too look author i still stock market course what was this one again oh my real estate marketing

Company amazon affiliate links stocks dividends paid to me all these things are yielding money for me all these things and think about my age now what am i gonna have what i’m 38 years old if i’m blessed enough stay on this earth i live to be 38 years old imagine how many i’ll have then guys so think about that so change your mentality from being the only way i can

Make more money as if i go get another job or if i you know trade my time for something absolutely not guys you can make money so many ways this is just my personal way of doing it you got to figure out what’s right for you just like jeff bezos personal way is is amazon amazon web services and of course on amazon he could just sell books on there right but he’s

Like i we can get another we can get another source of income let’s also sell diapers we get another source of income let’s also sell some food items on there we can also get some more let’s i’ll just add electronics so jeff bezos with amazon now has millions of different ways of getting income through amazon so that’s another thing you got to understand when you

Just have a business if not just about that businesses yielding your results it’s all those individual things or you’re yielding new results all are bringing you money and bringing your money and now amazon sells just about anything so think about that guys think about how kinda versafine my revenue how can i get more and more things because most people most people

At the end of the day guys they they don’t have this they don’t have this they don’t have this they don’t have this they don’t have this they don’t have this they just got one thing bringing them money and that’s it and this is most people out there some majority of people and it’s called the jo be their job their job that’s the only thing that’s going in their

Bank account that is it that is it guys that’s a hard thing to do that’s a hard thing to get ahead of the game if that’s your only way of making income guys unless you’re i don’t know lebron james or some you know ridiculous athlete or something and you got a job to do and you can make ten million dollars you hear it’s gonna be really hard for you to get ahead of

The game if your only way of making money is that job funneling into your bank account think about expanding your mind so you can do other things guys and it takes a while to figure out what what route do i want to go but once you have the mindset of that it’s all gonna get so much easier for you it’s all gonna get so much easier so i’m sure this video with your

Friends if you you think it will help out them any family members that might enjoy it it’s just a mind a mindset shift type video and i want to do here guys that you don’t need to get a second job no no figure out some things you can do on your own guys so anyways i hope you enjoyed this thank you for watching and have a great day you

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Rich Mindset vs Poor Mindset | How to Get Rich By Financial Education

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how paper towels relate to netwo 2

How Paper Towels Relate to NetWorth | BeatTheBush

Paper towels may see the most innocuous of objects but using them actually has a huge impact on your NetWorth. How? It is mainly through the acceptance of using disposable products. Disposable in general harms the environment at the expense of a little bit of perceived convenience if at all. Each single disposable item you are able to cut out of your life as a mentality change greatly reduces waste and reduces waste of your NetWorth.

Probably going everybody does it beat the bush today i want to talk about how using paper towels can actually lower your network i never thought i would be using something as mundane as a roll of paper towels at the main topic of my video you see it’s not the idea of using paper towel itself but really the idea of using disposable paper product all together i realized

That after some time i kept this roll of paper towels sort of like an ornament piece because i actually never actually used the paper towels on this thing normally if my hands are wet i would dry my hands with reusable towel like this or if i’m eating i would use a table napkin that’s actually washable in fact that bought this here type of paper towels from costco

Roughly three years ago and i still have not been able to finish all of it mainly because i’ve been using something that’s reusable now let me relate how something as innocuous as the paper towel can affect your networks each roll of these guys let’s say it’s about a dollar and let’s say you go through two rolls of these every single week that means it’s roughly

$100 in paper towels that you’re throwing away into the trashcan most people when they just both of these paper towels they just toss it into the kitchen trash and that kitchen trash actually goes straight to the landfill now you see how using these paper towels it’s actually really bad for their environment because you’re cutting down foot to trees you’re filling

Up the landfill and it also hurts your pocketbook as well now am i able to drive my hands just as well with the cows yes i am and i do rotate new ones in as soon as i feel like it’s too dirty and that would go and wash these now $100 for these paper towels you might think it’s not a big deal because it is only $100 you’re using these for the convenience because you

Don’t want to always go around hunting for these towels and then maybe it might be be dirty and then you have to go wash them well to me watching these is not that hard now let me just say whenever you use these paper towels over a 30 year time span over your lifetime if you keep on using these then you’re essentially going to be wasting upwards of 3,000 dollars of

Reduction in your network by the time you retire now $3,000 you might think all it’s not that much maybe it’s only a fraction of one percent of what you may retire with the final idea here it’s not just about the paper towel itself because if it is then yeah $3,000 and whatever let me just throw away $3,000 and just forget about all this trying to save money just

With these one dollar rolls of paper towel the i’m trying to get at here is if you change your mentality of not using disposable products as much every single item that you do not use that is disposable it’s going to save you a lot in the long run for example other kinds of disposable products that you can do away with which would help your bottom line could be

Doing away with coffee pots those winter things where the reload cartridges are really expensive inkjet cartridges disposable forks bowls and knives and the list goes on and on and every single item you can count on saving roughly $100 every single item that you knock off your list now you might think using these disposable things is going to cost you in terms of

Convenience but really if you change the mentality and if you’re used to using reusable things then there’s not that much effort involved in trying to use these wash them and reuse them at all by the time you squeeze out all these disposable things out of your life you’re going to find that you save a lot of money from not buying these things that we just tossed in

The trash can one exception that i do take for using disposable products is actually buying the blue paper towels where things are going to be extremely messy and if i actually use these towels in some sort of greasy fashion it’s going to be extremely hard to clean it’s going to take me really really long to clean something like that so in that case i would prefer

To actually use this both of our products so there are cases where you would use something like that but from day to day wise you don’t actually need paper towels like these i hope you enjoyed this way of thinking about buying disposable products and trying to not buy them at all because if you do this you can actually reduce your landfill usage and reduce your

Need for the landfill bin at all don’t forget to give me a like on this video comment down below let me know if you already do something similar to this or if this video actually convinced you to actually use less disposable products if you’re interested in supporting this channel i have an audible link down in the video description below where you can actually

Get a free audio book and if you don’t like the audiobook or the service you can cancel it before the trial period ends you can still keep the audio book and still help benefit this channel i also have a 30 day free chopper game fly down below where this is a free trial you can actually try a game for free for 30 days and you don’t you can cancel it and you will

Not owe a think i’ll solve a patreon over here and don’t forget to subscribe thanks for watching

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How Paper Towels Relate to NetWorth | BeatTheBush By BeatTheBush

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ok who gave me 5000 2

Ok, Who Gave me 5,000

Someone gave me $15,000. Oh EM GEE. What kind of world do we live in. Am I just that lucky? Who gave it to me? Why did they give it? What do they want? All these questions answered in this video.

How’s it going everybody this is beat the bush i just received a check in the mail for $15,000 from my mentor paul when i first opened this i was just i was like no what are you giving this to me i don’t actually need it so you must be like what that’s that’s great or you might be like oh my gosh i cannot believe you just kind of got so much money even though

You know you’re pretty successful alright you are financially independent you probably don’t even need this amount of money yes it’s true i don’t really need it to survive and i don’t even know what i’m gonna do with it so there’s gonna be a lot of questions from you guys who is he what when where why all these other questions why did he give it to me all these

Things will be answered in this video before i begin hit that like button on this video it really helps me out and if you’re interested to subscribe to this channel hit that notification bell it also helps me out a lot so one of the things that you’re asking is beat the bush you have a mentor who the heck is he is he like you know a youtuber because i am one right

No his name is paul he is a retired electrical engineer right now he lives in florida and last time i visited florida i went to disney world with my other friends i just decided to visit him because i was there the thing is i would have to say over these many many years it’s not like i just said oh you know will you be my mentor anything it just sort of happened

And then over these many many years because he used to be an electrical engineer he still is writes a lot of articles these days he has sort of mentored me whenever i have i don’t know career issues and stuff and he even found me at least three jobs i think i’m miss counting here i really have to sit down and go okay did he was he involved in it but he found me

At least three jobs so he is like sort of this mentor person that hangs around and just helps me out greatly like i guess i wouldn’t be here today if you know he didn’t help me out with all these different jobs i just keep on getting really really lucky and the fact that he is around in my life yeah i feel lucky myself or so another thing you might be asking is

How how did you get a mentor like that is not someone i just kind of you know search out somewhere and pick you know you have all these financial gurus and they’re like you know you should find a lot of mentors like five or six of them or a lot of them as many as you can so that you can learn from all of them that’s not the way i operated i just kind of existed i

Did the best i could and somehow god i don’t know who someone somehow i got lucky and i don’t know i got a mentor the way i can trace back on what happened i think i can just start talking about when i was in high school when i started to participate in this contest called first robotics or something i was in that robotics thing and back in high school i was very

Into electronics i even took an electronics class even though it was very easy people tend to go and take that class for an easy a but then i went in like with a fury and i completed all their little experiment thing within like a month or something and then i went on to like their second book i finished that and then they just didn’t have enough material for me i

Just like to take their assignments and i miniaturized them somehow you know it used to be like a big project box like this it might be like some sort of buzzer thing or it might be like a counter or something and i would just kind of miniaturize it this was a course in high school and then during the course of having this high school thing they have this robotics

Contest and i’m like oh gungho you know i really like this stuff so then i ended up being the project lead of this thing and then there was this volunteer who came from lam research his name was bob and then he i guess he saw me presenting in front of everyone and then after those robotics thing he offered me a job and this is how i got a job working to help him

Fix up his personal airplane this is a two passenger airplane is called an rv for basically you have two five kait aluminum parts based on the blueprints and then you know do a lot of riveting and stuff drill holes and things like that so eventually this guy bob he had a lot of contracting work right during this consulting work he had another friend which is paul

Which became my mentor but at the time you know when i did this collaboration all i did was just basically a spreadsheet monkey right like they had all these reliability analysis calculations they needed to do so then i’m the spreadsheet monkey so then i go into all the spreadsheets and then i modify and you know make them all look really pretty just so that they

Can take this and turn it into the company that they contracted for so this is how i got to meet paul and eventually he hired me to do something else sometimes when he worked at other firms you know he would rope me in and then go hey oh this is another one he got me an internship at a semiconductor company so you know this is four jobs already right there so he’s

Been i don’t know just helping me out all throughout my life everything and then now he sends me this thing i mean this is just endless i i’m just so blessed right some of you have said in the comments i am so blessed i am i am so blessed so gonna get emotional again next question you may have is how do i go and find a mentor that will eventually give me fifteen

Thousand dollars how do i find a mentor that will eventually find me all these jobs how do i find a mentor that will just help me out in numerous ways life ways career ways all kinds of different ways i the thing is i don’t know all i did was i guess try to pursue my passion i guess that was electronics this is how i got to know him and i i can only infer why he

Picked me out of you know all these other people that he met for me to be his mentee maybe hi work hard i don’t know i can only guess maybe i need to ask him of this i need to send him in an email and ask him about this oh i i actually don’t know how this happened yeah so i i don’t know if you’re trying to look for a mentor that will eventually do all this stuff

For you and eventually give you $15,000 i think this is probably the wrong way to do it you don’t do this i never expected this i don’t think you can actually go all let me find someone to give me $15,000 you can’t you can’t do this because i think if you if you have the mindset of trying to trying to like get someone to give you money then it’s just not gonna work

So why did my mentor give me 15 thousand dollars he gave it to me around i’m around my birthday some of you have guests that i am a virgo just based on how picky i am in fact last time i went to a dinner with a friend i was like oh my gosh the table is kind of sticky so then i put like a piece of napkin on then i put my elbow on there so it’s like you’re a virgo

Aren’t you yeah yeah i’m a virgo like super picky about certain things and then not picky about a few things i guess so then the thing he likes to emphasize when i talked about hey you know can i make a video about this money that you gave me he okayed it and then he basically reiterated that oh i’m giving you $15,000 because that is the maximum that you can give

Based on irs tax rules $15,000 is for 2019 the maximum that you can give without incurring taxes so $15,000 is a lot of money so you don’t you don’t go around saying okay i’m gonna max that out and then give it to someone because oh my gosh i mean this is this is like a car a small car i can’t buy a quite a tesla yet though right because it’s i think it’s like

Thirty thousand dollars or something i can buy half a tesla this is half a tesla right here but i’m not gonna go buy one because i already have a car and in fact if this car goes dead i probably won’t buy another one i’m thinking about just you know wherever i need to go i can pay up to like $100 every month and i’ll still come out ahead so maybe i don’t need a

Car i’m gonna used my electric scooter that’s just sitting over there so the other question you might have is what does he want me to do with it there’s no criteria basically and he just said this is a gift it truly is a gift you can do whatever you want with it but he did say in this letter a true gift spend it on drugs alcohol a fork a workstation a big vacation

Or live for a year on it you might pull it off with your frugal ways now i do think i could spend it in ways where it would very be very disappointing but it just isn’t in me to kind of kind of waste it like i can’t you know i cannot like unless i force myself and even if i force myself it’s gonna be hard so i had this whole idea of why don’t i spend $5,000 okay

Over and beyond what i normally spend i normally spend close to i think 13 does $1,500 every single month so if i suddenly inflate my lifestyle to five thousand dollars more than this okay i’m gonna try to spend five thousand dollars within a month this is i feel this is a great experiment because it’s gonna be incredibly hard for me i’m like i’ve thought about

This idea for many many months and i’m like what the heck am i gonna spend it on i already buy what i want i already go you know eat what i want if i go and splurge like crazy on restaurants and stuff i’m essentially gonna compromise my health because i think the food is not very good i can just blow it off on certain things but i feel like i feel really terrible

Because you know it’s just wasting money because i can take this and use it in very useful ways and this is where i want to go with it if i spend five thousand dollars in a month i want to make it constructive let me give you an example of what i spent this money on already the lens that you guys are seeing me through is the brand new lens it cost me about $700

And i’m gonna say you know i bought this lens with this fifteen thousand dollars this is the old lens i used to use and i carried it around everywhere so that’s why i have the old lens here and the new on the camera i plan to buy this espresso machine it’s about $700 it’s very expensive make your own expresso at home it’s one of these very durable ones that you

Know italian places would actually use i think it’s actually made in italy i don’t want to buy those cheap e ones $300 ones where they have all these plastic tubes in it and basically it’ll only last a few years so i want to buy a thing that will last a really long time now this is not just for my own coffee addiction or anything because i drink both coffee and

Tea i also want to possibly i don’t know if i can do this yet but make some sort of robotic arm so that i can do some sort of controlling you know just kind of messing around with it with electronics so don’t quote me on this i’m not sure if i can even get it done it’s just kind of like a little hobby of mine that i do outside of youtube the other thing i just kind

Of thought about is maybe i should go indoor skydive i’ve went regular skydiving before but i’m kind of curious about indoor skydiving just kind of do the trial run and see what it’s like maybe i’ll like it it’s just something new to try something that’s new you right we’ve never had this they need these very powerful wind tunnels to push it and then you’re inside

Some sort of container and you can ply with in place you don’t actually have to drop from the sky which is in a way a lot safer i thought about using my $1,300 new york trip and just kind of subtracting off of this but then you know just thinking about it i just didn’t feel right about taking that off it was just an easy way out because i planned the trip before

Getting this gift so i don’t think i’m gonna take $1,300 off of this 15,000 i feel like right off top i should just invest eight to ten thousand dollars of it maybe just stick it in a savings account maybe i don’t know i’ll buy some stocks or something this is an easy way out for me and i think realistically this is where it’s gonna go the rest of it okay this is

Around five thousand dollars or so i want to do something with it okay i’m not sure what it is yet but maybe i want to invest it in these videos invest it in this canto so that essentially you guys will eventually see it somehow in the form of this video maybe it would be like better something green screen i don’t i don’t know those are pretty cheap but you know

Something were i’m kind of using it to invest or maybe you know buy on something just spend it in a intelligent way and not just burning and you know me me being so frugal this is kind of like torture right it might be funny to watch me trying to spend so much money on purpose within a month i’m just like wracking my brain every single day thinking on how i can

Actually accomplish this so there it is based on my personality if you guys been watching my videos you guys know i am not biessing you guys this is this is really true i got this i’m not this is a real letter i didn’t just like put a little piece of paper together and then go oh look look at this this is like i got $15,000 i got like a million dollars because i

Know for a fact sometimes when you watch a lot of videos people like to make up stuff kind of like blow things out of proportion just to get more views and gosh it’s hard to verify this information right can you believe this or not can you believe me can you believe that i i you know someone gave me $15,000 or did i just make this up and then you know to get more

Views than then people are gonna watch my videos i’m gonna get more money right and i don’t think there’s a way for most people most subscribers to verify their youtubers because you know you just have to take whatever people said on camera you know just as truth but we do know that there’s a lot of line going on you know you look at instagram there’s people that

Photoshop store pictures this does not limit to what people say right people can say whatever they want they can like just draw up some numbers on some bank account and then go hey this is what i have but then internally are they really you know who they are you know how much their net worth is this is just the world that we live in you have to take everything with

A grain of salt include myself although i claim to be telling the truth you know i hope you guys believe me based on me having subscriber gatherings and a lot of people they just show up to my gatherings you know and they’re like hey you know what you appear exactly the way that you are on camera this is this is the way i am this is you know i’m telling that you

The truth how i obtain these things you know i am an engineer i’m an electrical engineer so yeah anyway don’t forget to give me a like on this video if you haven’t already comment down below let me know what you would do with a fifteen thousand dollar gift like this i know this is a lot of money some people you know they’re not in the same financial situation as

I am and that would mean that much more in my position it doesn’t really change my life a lot but i do appreciate the gift and i i don’t know i don’t know what i did to deserve this but i am lucky and blessed push that subscribe button and ring that bell icon thanks for watching

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Ok, Who Gave me $15,000 By BeatTheBush

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secrets of wall street stock man 1

Secrets of Wall Street | Stock Manipulation! | Stock Market Manipulation!

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There is a dark dark dirty world of wall street that very few people in the world even know exists i’m gonna go ahead and open your guys’s eyes today it enlighten you on some of the practices some hedge fund managers do and many on wall street do that actually can control the entire stock market and particular stocks to move up or move down i cannot wait to share this

With you guys today good day subscribers thank you so much for joining me today i am jeremy this is a financial education channel where we talk about personal finance where we talk about entrepreneurship and where we talk about stock market related stories like i’m going to talk about today so today we’re talking about the dark dirty secret world of wall street and

We’re talking about some of the things that go on that never get talked about but it is for you guys to be aware that these things go on in the markets these things do happen a lot of times they’re almost never proven they’re almost never caught a lot of these things so these things aren’t even illegal that i’m going to talk about today but they happen and they’re

Impossible to charge but and it’s not a thing to scare you away from the stock market this video is not about scary ins i know my gosh i’m never gonna invest this is too scary it’s just to open your eyes and be aware of these sorts of things because if you’re aware of these kinds of things you’re probably gonna prevent yourself from getting trapped into some things

That you may get trapped into all right so let’s go ahead and get straight into this number one thing i want to talk about today is stocks and how they can be manipulated now jim cramer did a great video one time and i don’t think this video was supposed to get out i think it was supposed to be kind of like a private video and somehow it got online and he was a

Hedge fund manager right and he was talking in this video about how they could control the stock market and he could control it with only about 15 20 million dollars so what he would do and when he says a lot of people would do he kind of went into depth about you could front run the market so before the market opens and the pre markets and whatnot if you want to

Run the market up a bit you can buy buy buy buy buy shares in companies and kind of run it up and then things lee’s come keep flowing and keep in others will start buying because they see the markets going up and also with the computer algorithms nowadays it’s gonna exacerbate whatever kind of move with the computer our algorithms nowadays if the stock market’s

Moving up it’ll the computers will also buy buy buy and they’ll move it up a little bit more and a little bit more and every bit of buying creates a little bit more buying the same thing if the markets going down a little more selling a little more selling out spying is such huge moves nowadays so he was talking about how you know a hedge fund or whatnot if they

Were long stock so they believe stocks were gonna go up or they needed stocks to go up there were long stocks they could buy buy buy in the morning and then that would create a cushion and then the market could kind of go up and a low-volume days where low volume meaning not a lot shares are traded that could really benefit the long side because you don’t need

As much money if not as many shares are being traded so holiday periods is a great time to do this also if you’re short at the market you can sell sell sell you can sell shares you can dump shares on the market and they don’t create kind of a bad stigma and it lists there’s a ton of buy side coming in the markets gonna open down that day and the stock market is

Gonna go down that day another way to do it is say you want to really kill momentum in the stock market here’s the way you could play it you and your buddies can kind of get together your other hedge fund buddies and of course these things are so hard to prove because you know you can talk on the phone say hey you know what let’s get this market to go down today

And they could you know it’s so hard to prove and who wants to turn in this person turn on that person because everybody’s dirty am i on right so you can all kind of go the same route in a way you can kill the market is you start the market where it’s off so you buy buy buy in the pre-market right but all along most of your shares are short because you want the

Market to go down so you buy buy buy it so it looks like the markets going up and the lungs are feeling yeah the stock market’s going up and then you tell them you dumped the shares all you at once you dump the shares all within a half-hour hour period and that selling creates so much selling pressure that there’s not enough buyers so the prices go substantially

Lower and immediately the market loses all confidence so the market just drops dramatically and i talked about those computer algorithms and they can exacerbate the moves so the sell and sell selling and that’s how you can really tell a market because it looked like oh this is great the markets going up the lungs are happy and then you to seal your gains get wiped

Out and the market ends up going down that day that is painful that is painful that is hard for a lot of people to take and you can do it the other way if all you and all your buddies and the pre markets and whatnot if say your long stocks you say ok let’s create an illusion that the markets going down then we’ll buy a ton of shares and the market will go up and

It will create a stigma that the markets definitely in an uptrend because even when it looks and like it’s gonna go down it still ends up higher so the market opens down looks all bad the short seller is like yeah yeah and then buyers come in this hedge fund this hedge fund everybody’s buying next thing you know the markets up to 300 points and the shorts are like

Are you kidding me you can really manipulate a market now of course with all these things you need i would say it’d be hard for just one hedge fund to control it it has to be multiple but they’re all talking to each other and how are you gonna prove this stuff if you the sec how are you gonna come down on them it’s very very hard is it illegal to do that maybe

Maybe not and like i said how you gonna prove it you know it’s a private meeting this person has it with this person you know phone calls it’s hard to track unless you already have dirt on that person and then you’re allowed to tap their phone lines and all those kinds of things it’s a way you can manipulate the market another way analyst okay a lot of analysts

Work for investment things or banking sectors of some kind or support it indirectly by investment banks right analysts are supposed to be independent most of the time but give me a break these analysts are getting the checks cut by the investment banks so do you think that investment things are really gonna go against what their short shareholders and what their

Investments are in i highly doubt it so if let’s say there’s a corporation a vc corporation let’s say an investment bank is short their shares so they’re betting that the shares are gonna go down do you think their analysts they’re independent an analyst is gonna go long that stock and come out so that a bunch of positive things all the stock is so great it’s going

Way up i highly doubt it that analyst is probably gonna have the same opinion that investment bank has magically and they’re probably gonna say you know that stocks crap it’s going way down it’s going down 20 percent next month the earnings are gonna be back whatever they’re gonna put out a lot of bad news most of the time same thing if us if there are companies

Are excuse me an investment bank is long a stock so they believe in it they own that stock you think it analyst is gonna come out and say that works for them say hey you know what that sucks bad that stocks going down i highly doubt it and of course they’re supposed to be independent but guys i mean what would you do what are you what do you think i mean okay i

Pay you to build a brick wall for me you work for me you work for me i’m the one cutting your check you paid you know i pay you to build a brick wall when the brick wall is finished are you going to go up to the customer and say hey you know this is such a crappy job on this brick wall you know we did you know he you know spackle to put on the bricks and whatnot

This is crappy job heck no you’re gonna say you know we did a great job this is the best brick wall you have and this is awesome because i’m cutting your check at the end of the day and if you’re liable to say something bad and that gets back to me i might even want to fire you so do you think as an analyst in an investment banking world some of those kinds of

Things go on i think you would be naive to say no no that doesn’t happen come on you know that’s just another way of manipulating stocks and a lot of times analysts will reiterate to see a stock starting to get momentum it’s going up going up analysts can come out and reiterate their rating so say the stock’s up to $10 a share an analyst has a $6 price target on

That stock and the shares are climbing the analyst can come back out and reiterate they won’t even change her price target doesn’t say the same exact thing they already said probably a month or two ago and because analysts have a lot of power generally especially in smaller stocks that that stock will move down dramatically based upon what the analyst said even

Though it’s the same thing they said months ago analysts have a ton of power a ton of power especially with stocks that are have under a 10 billion dollar market cap those ones they can really move them up or down based upon what they say so another way to say an investment bank or hedge fund or whatever say they are starting to go long a stock so they say they

Were short this stock this particular stock now they’re starting to go long well if they’re starting to go long they want to at the cheapest price as possible right so put their buying in shares and they’re buying a lot so that might be raising the price they could have the analysts come out somehow and say hey you know that’s a bad stock still and say you know

Oh that stocks gonna be going down and for this reason for this reason for this reason sends our stock down meanwhile the investment banks going long once the investment bank has their position in then they say ok you know one analyst now you can go ahead upgrade it then the analyst can come out and say hey what things have really changed with that company they

Upgrade they say all the price targets now $14 when stocks hit ten dollars or eight dollars or whatever and so and analysts a lot of times are chasing numbers and this isn’t such so much even i’m gonna kind of get away from the stock manipulation thing and then kind of do all this dirty stuff but i just want to talk something about analysts for a second a lot

Of times they’re wrong right on price targets so it doesn’t reach their price target and it goes to the other way and what can happen is analyst moves can go exacerbate a move one way or another i’ll give you a perfect example of a stock that he tracked them gopro gopro came out with an ipo of $24 a share $24 a share it went up to 40 almost immediately and then

Analysts couldn’t keep their praise targets going up so they kept having a raise kept having to raise kept having to raise nixing you know gopros stock price was in the 90s and analysts we’re still trying to keep up at that and they kept raising their price target which even push the stock price higher and higher and higher nixing you know that stock crumbled crumble

Crumble and you had the exact same thing happened but on the downside where the analysts kept having a cut price target kept having a cut price target and that exacerbated the move on the downside and the stock just kept moving down further and further because everybody was trying to get those lowest number possible because they look stupid if they had a $60 price

Target and the stock was at 30 so they kept having moved down so that’s something that cracks me up with analysts is how they pretty much have to move after the moves already happened and it can really exacerbate a stock especially if a stock that’s going up a ton or down a time so that’s just something to keep in mind so i gave you a few examples of the dark dirty

World of stock manipulation and kind of some things that go on those are some things i know of how the market can be controlled on how individual stocks can be controlled and i think it’s for you guys to be aware of these sorts of things you know there’s just a lot of things that can be done when you have money and you have a lot of money invested because you can

Talk to people you can pay people to say something bad about stock whether it’s an analyst whether it’s a product reviewer whether it’s a tech magazine if it’s a tech company see something good say something bad and like i said this stuff’s really hard to prove it’s really hard to find out it’s just difficult so most of it gets swept on the table in whoever’s the

One with the big money they make out like bandits almost every single time because these things do affect where the stock prices go so anyways once again this video was not to scare you guys away from the stock market this video was not to frighten you this video was to enlighten you to open your eyes and really see kind of some of the things because these things

You’ll kind of begin to notice them over time if you haven’t already noticed them and then at least you’re prepared for it you’re like hey you know what i know about this game and i could play it too and i know what game they’re playing and i’ve know i know what game they’re playing then i know how to beat them at it because i know their strategy and if you know

Their strategy it’s no different than football game if you know the other teams plays you’re gonna beat them every time so it’s very important that you know that having teams plays anyways thank you so much for watching this today guys subscribe if you haven’t thumb this video up if you agree with some of the things or you know i enlightened you i opened your eyes

Leave me some comments if you want to comment about anything scary stuff but not too scared anyways thank you so much guys for joining me and have a great day

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Secrets of Wall Street | Stock Manipulation! | Stock Market Manipulation! By Financial Education

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how to invest in real estate wit 1

How To Invest In Real Estate With 00 (Or Less)

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How To Invest In Real Estate With $100 (Or Less!) By Ryan Scribner

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how to become an adult making it 1

How To Become An Adult | Making it Work

Worried because you haven’t hit certain “adulthood” milestones? You’re not behind — being an adult means learning to take care of yourself, in whatever way works for *you.* Learn how one woman’s spending habits changed when she turned 30 in this video:

Making it work is brought to you by wealth simple which gives everyone access to simple affordable investing uncurse control how to become an adult one day suddenly realize that you are now older than your parents when they got married older than your parents when they had a kid maybe older than your parents when they had you even notice the ages come and go

At which you had always told yourself that you would have various little boxes checked see them fading behind you like road signs and feel a mix of disappointment and empowerment no i’m not the person i promised myself yes i actually like this person better wonder if you said a certain deadline out loud to too many people if you had promised a family member or a

Friend that you would be absolutely definitely a homeowner or a spouse or a parent by the time you were 20 whatever wonder if they still have that number in the back of their mind – and watch it fade away behind you with a little twinge of judgement realize that you’ve had those little twinges of judgment before – if only about yourself start to see certain friends

Much less and a few select friends much much more realize that the bubbly intoxication of having a broad friend group no longer has the same appeal to you that maintaining even a few truly important relationships takes up nearly all the bandwidth you have and leaves you feeling much more satisfied anyway come to treasurer long nights sharing a bottle of wine and a

Board of cheese the people you feel free to change into pajamas with the feeling of being truly seen and understood start to use the word love more platonically with meaning and depth not the fun but fleeting i love you guys that used to tumble out of your mouth at bars and long phone calls to friends with i love you start having long phone calls with friends period

And treasure every bit of them like a warm comforting meal think very very seriously about getting a pet do extensive research including much late-night googling and heart-wrenching animal rescue video watching and bring up the subject frequently with friends over lunches be really serious about it but constantly teetering on the edge of am i responsible enough or

What about when i go away give yourself a million reasons why it shouldn’t work but eventually kay to the little voice that is constantly saying you should in fact get that pet because what you are really saying to yourself is i deserve to give and receive unconditional love keep wondering when being an adult will happen when you will reach that level of humble

Assuredness that your parents must have had when they had you that uniquely adult optimism that allows us to put roots in this world and know that we are good enough to grow from them feel like you’re missing some fundamental gene as the months and years to buy and you often feel like no less of a kid walk into office meetings and dates and important events and feel

Like you’re in a bar with a fake id a kid who’s gonna be discovered and unceremoniously kicked out wonder if anyone ever really feels grown up if they believe that they deserve the things they have and the life they live wonder what that sensation would even be like and imagine it’s something like when you get into an ocean and it’s just the temperature of your

Body surrounded by something much bigger than yourself but perfectly comfortable with your place in it except that you do not feel comfortable at least not right now know that you are not quite there yet but for whatever reasons your generation has come with a lot more asterisks on it than your parents had planned for for you becoming an adult has been expensive

And finding your place in the professional world has been harder than any smiling college brochure or would have led you to believe you cannot find the assuredness to put down roots in many ways because you cannot afford them and the idea of building something bigger than yourself is something you just can’t visualize come to terms with the fact that the game you

Are playing is not the one you thought that you would be that things will not look the way you wanted them to and that part of happiness will be redefining what that white picket fence and the family christmas photo mean to you maybe they look nothing like that but whatever those elusive symbols of stability and fulfillment are you’ll have to find them on your

Own then once you have done all of that have an utterly boring average day where you realize something very very big this is all you realize that it is new who pays the bills who gets the groceries who remembers to call the friend and the dentist and the boss when you are sick with the flu realize that it is you who remembered to get the vics in the nyquil for when

This might happen and you who pays for the monthly netflix subscription so that you can have something comforting to watch while you lay in bed all day realize that you have taken tiny bits of a life here and there and put them together into a little machine that runs on its own a story where you are the narrator and the protagonist or you get to choose what you

Build sit there in the home you have made for yourself as humble and imperfect as it may be and realize that you have done something wonderful and the simplicity of that life realize that there is no capital a adult that you must ever become or likely ever will be that growing up means taking care of yourself so that you can build so that you can put more in than

You take out so that you can leave this world a tiny bit better than when you entered it remember that creating your warm safe nest from which to work is the hardest part and that life is not lived in giant leaps every day is a tiny little battle to be better and most of the time you are winning part of being an adult is realizing the future isn’t some fantasy

Version of your life and it’ll be here before you know it what well simple you can start planning for the life you want and the things in life you may never expect making it work is brought to you by wealth simple which gives everyone access to simple affordable investing uncurse control wealth simple is online investing that’s as simple and human as it gets in

Just five minutes they’ll build you a custom portfolio to fit your personal goals and timeline just answer a few easy questions and they’ll manage your money for you on autopilot set it forget it and let your money grow in the background you can turn on automatic deposits as well as set up a smart savings account with higher rates than big banks for your shorter

Term goals you’re writing your next great adventure or that handbag you need they also have a socially responsible portfolio that invests in green stocks and companies that support gender diversity the fees are much lower than big banks and tfd viewers will get their first $10,000 managed for free with no minimum deposit check them out at wealth simple comm slash

Tfd or use the link in our description there are no account minimums and it only takes a few minutes to start no excuses

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How To Become An Adult | Making it Work By The Financial Diet

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