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fat finger trades

Fat Finger Trades!

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Daily finance newsletter which can be read in just five minutes each morning. two weeks ago when it mistakenly paid out a $24m fee to a large crypto miner. to compensate miners for the computing energy deversifi should have paid out around $5, on the blockchain, transactions are instantaneous, irreversible and anonymous. without safeguards in place, a polite request in this

Case, within days, the recipient paid the entire amount back in full. the recipient was one of the top 10 ethereum miners. crypto miners often want to be perceived as than keep the money (which they could have) deversifi is a defi platform that allows buyers crypto enthusiasts point to the fact that will harborne, the ceo of deversifi is obviously press that he wouldn’t

Recommend to anyone a fat-finger error, is a term used in finance the wrong key such that an order to buy or for the wrong financial product, at the wrong it is also a term used to describe most of some of these errors are reversed with a quick a few fat finger errors like this in the crypto its owner threatened to report the recipients alchemix – another defi protocol

Forgave 4.8 once again, almost everyone returned the funds once the error was pointed out. this protects both traders and brokerages in addition exchanges have rules in place most exchanges require you to request a cancellation often the trades will be cancelled, and the a dip or sold a spike, will think they have they have had the trade entry, but not the exit cancelled.

The reason this happened is that they will in such situations due to the risk of having before i dig into the list, let me quickly the daily upside is a totally free daily email it has become the first thing i read each they don’t just give you a generic journalistic they had great content on evergrande and on whether you’re a financial professional, it’s totally

Free to sign-up, and they send in 2012, knight capital was one of the largest trading group had an average daily trading on the morning of august 1, 2012 they deployed buying shares in 150 different companies at a total cost of around $7 billion. they first tried to get the trades canceled after the “flash crash” meant that they thus only six out of the 150 different

Positions were eligible for cancellation. just as the buys had driven up the price of prices down, possibly to a point that would have wiped out the firm. at a $440 million discount, which wiped out most of knights trading capital. in 2001, dentsu, japans largest advertising agency went public. by ubs (one of the three investment banks it turned out to be one of the

Biggest and according to market rumors, a desk assistant, mistakenly keyed in an order to sell 610,000 shares at ¥16. the bank did keep its bookrunning position, ubs were reported to have lost $100m dollars that day. in april 2018, an employee at samsung securities of 2.8 billion won (which is around 2.5 million “won”, issuing roughly $100 billion of ghost shares.

The company took 37 minutes to halt the trade, already sold the stock they had received – this samsung later fired these employees who had the incident raised questions about how easily so little oversight, and in the aftermath world’s third largest pension fund — said the south korean financial regulator later some operations of the firm for six months and imposed

A fine. this is a big trade – the dollar amount the transactions included a bid to buy 57 the huge orders were quickly cancelled, but desks as screens began showing huge volumes of trades in japans biggest stocks. the trade caused a 100-point drop in the dow jones average. a trader at the time was quoted in the news zero by accident but to put in three extra stupid”

Of course it was the early 2000’s in june 2017 a mystery trader rumored to be this video we will call – gold fat finger, or fat gold finger… i know, a few of you are thinking that this gordon would have pre-announced the sale so the hallmarks of a fat finger ‘muppet’” i’m not going to lie to you, this one is i got to refer to the guy as “gold fat finger,

And a fat finger muppet. don’t forget to check out our sponsor the if you enjoyed this video you will probably

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is uber stock my next gopro 0000

Is Uber Stock My Next GoPro! 0,000 Loss Coming!?

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Whoa guys just a few days ago i released a video on financial education to around an analyst that believes at uber stock might double in 2020 but the most interesting thing was i was reading in the comment section and somebody basically made a comment that they believed goober stock is gonna be my next go pro stock and this comment got a lot of likes and this is not

The first time i’ve seen comments like this in regards to uber stock and it potentially being my next go pro stock and i’ve got quite a bit of money already invested uber okay over thirty thousand dollars in one of my accounts eleven hundred sheriff’s in that one then another county owned nearly twenty six thousand dollars worth of uber stock 927 shares in that

Particular account so needless to say i already own a lot of uber shares and i’m interested in buying more uber shares if it goes down to 26 $25 but i have seen quite a few comments out there that some folks believe that uber stock is gonna be my next gopro stock and i gotta say this is not the first time i’ve seen this i know there’s a lot of fans of the channel

And fans of me i don’t want to ever see me take a loss on a stock and i definitely appreciate that but i’ve definitely seen this a la with uber and i gotta say i did see it a lot with tesla as well you know a lot of people said you know tesla was going to be my next gopro obviously that situations turned out very differently a lot of people said elf stock was gonna

Be the next gopro because that was a downtrending stock and it was a low price stock i kind of like how gopro was back in the day obviously we ended up making 100 percent plus on our money on elfs talking like a six to nine month span tesla’s going great i think we’re up thirty forty something thousand dollars on our tesla shares so that’s going phenomenal but i do

Understand a lot of people have skeletons in the closet because of what happened to me in the past with gopro we took nearly a forty thousand dollar loss on gopros by far and away my biggest loss i’ve ever had to take on a stock ever and that was obviously publicly documented on the channel we talked about a million times and so i thought it would be important to

Talk about if uber is the next gopro if this is the potential real bad situations we’re gonna look at some fundamentals of these businesses and see if we can find some similarities between a stock like gopro in a stock like uber and pretty no specifically going back to a gopro back when i had the bullish thesis around that particular stock so i hope you guys enjoy

This let’s start getting into smash a thumbs up button and let’s go guys okay so first thing you want to always pay attention to is obviously a ceo of a company a ceo yoga the company can drive the company do great things or bad things and stock performance over time it’s gonna be pretty reflective of how a ceo does in their job and so if we look at overstock their

Company is led by a guy named dark house’ shari i can never pronounce this name right okay but dar is a really really good ceo he used to lead expedia he used to be the ceo of expedia and during his tenure as ceo of expedia which you guys know as a travel giant right the gross value of its hotel and other travel bookings more than quadrupled in its pre-tax earnings

More than doubled and during his tenure as ceo he bought companies like travelocity orbitz and home away okay and so basically he did a great job so this is a this is a ceo that’s leading ober that has done a phenomenal job at leading a big public company in the past okay so proven track-record very important from a perspective of a guy that knows how to do this

Knows how to build out of business expand a business and run a stock up and you know have a stock perform well over time so very very important whereas gopro was led by somebody named nick woodman and nick woodman was a cool guy and whatnot but nick woodman had never let a public company he had never made the tough decisions you have to make as a public company

Ceo he basically you know started this business this was his first successful business and he was a really good entrepreneur but he really didn’t have any experience leading a public company leading a big organization that has mass amounts of employees and obviously i mean just look at gopro stock chart it is sad okay they you know the stock chart over the long

Term will show you how a ceo does in that job and obviously if you look at just a stock chart of gopro over the years it’s pretty obvious you know basically how the ceo was so i think that’s the first thing we got to pay attention to two very different situations as far as the executives of these companies and specifically the ceo of uber it’s not even you know

To be compared to nick woodman no disrespect to nick woodman but there just shouldn’t really be compared there okay so now let’s talk about some fundamentals of these actual businesses and go from there okay so it’s first off we got to talk about the main business for gopro and the main business for uber in our there are some similarities there or they’re just very

Very different okay so if you think about gopro obviously their main business is selling action cameras no an action camera business is a hundred percent a once based business when you’re talking about selling action cameras it’s not needs-based at all it’s you know the guy that wants to go snowboarding and put a camera on his head it’s a person that wants to go

Snorkeling on maui because they’re about to go on vacation and they want a camera that can basically go underwater they buy a gopro it’s a hundred percent a wants based business and i think this is very important to understand because once based businesses can you know very much fluctuate if it’s really in style and everybody wants that want item then obviously

Sales can go through the roof for a particular time but when the things aren’t as in style and it’s a once based business it’s not a needs-based business people just can forget about it and it kind of becomes irrelevant and if you look at gopro over time basically they peaked around 2014 and since that time gopro has just been declined decline decline and that’s

What we have seen from gopro over time whereas if you think about uber main business it’s obviously ride-sharing and in terms of ride-sharing it is absolutely a needs-based business people need a ride okay people need a ride to get to work to get to school to get from the airport to get to the airport people take rides for all do you know somebody drinks a little

You at the bar late at night and they can’t drive home they take an uber okay there’s a ton of needs-based things on why people need to take a ride service of some kind of a particularly day so if you think about just the united states right the two players that everybody knows about if you’re going to take a ride somewhere it’s uber and it’s lift if uber lyft

Suddenly just the apps didn’t work tomorrow they just don’t like night they just didn’t work like there would be millions upon millions of americans that would be like completely clueless on how they’re gonna get to school how they’re gonna get to work how they’re gonna get to the airport how they’re gonna get back from the airport they’re just like what do i have

To do do i have to try to like take a taxi now do i have to walk to where i need to go to them i got have to ride a bike they people just be in complete confusion if those two apps when and you if you think about it around the world if we’re talking about hundreds of millions of people rely on services like ride-sharing every single day this is needs-based stuff

This isn’t like somebody would have to be a really weird person to like want to just take uber rides all over the place it’s a needs-based business and so therefore that alone differentiates from a gopro in a massive massive way gopros completely want and ubers completly need i need to get over there i need to take a ride i need to take an uber okay and uber buys

Out their other needs based rivals so somebody like kareem which is a dominant player in ride hailing in the middle east they went ahead and bought them out earlier in 2019 for a little over three billion and then they have a big ownership stake in dd which is essentially the uber of china another needs-based market with a needs-based company and we’re talking

About dedes valuation continues to rise a sixty-two billion dollar valuation was the latest valuation there so in terms of uber its needs-based in terms of gopro it was once based you know if uber just stopped working tomorrow like mass amounts of people would be in complete confusion and not in a good situation if gopro decided to stop selling cameras tomorrow

Something like that you’d probably have a few people are like dang i really like those gopros but it wouldn’t really change anybody’s day if all the ride-sharing services went down tomorrow it’d be a big bad situation okay two very different businesses right off the bat okay let’s talk about secondary businesses let’s talk about what else they had going outside

Of their main business well in gopros case it was an accessories business this was really their secondary business it was selling things like extra batteries selling things like floaties for the camera so the camera wouldn’t go underwater are different housings and things like that and so this accessories business for gopro it was a very reliant on camera sales

Because when somebody would buy an actual gopro camera they were much more likely to buy accessories along with that camera it was actually their best time to like basically purchase accessories so basically if camera sales started to go down for gopro then these accessories which a lot of them were also kind of want based things those would go down as so it was

Like a really really bad situation another wants item that if the main want item which was the camera went down accessory sales were going down it’s just a bad situation there okay now with uber eats this would be goober secondary business and i would describe oh burt eats as somewhat of a want business but somewhat of a need business okay so think about it in this

Context there’s definitely a lot of people that go on uber eats and just the other delivery services you say you know grubhub door – i post mates all those you know type of ones that probably could easily drive to go pick up the food but there might just be you know lazy they might just want to be chillin at the house i’d rather just have it delivered and pay that

Fee or something like that so in that sense it’s a once based business but there’s also a needs based business because some people don’t have the time it would be really inconvenient for them to drive ten minutes that restaurant then ten minutes back and walk in and things like that that the time is just much more valuable to them than what that you know small fee

They have to pay 200 or something like that also there’s some folks that you know might be disabled and whatnot that might it might be kind of unrealistic for them to go pick up food somewhere so if they can have food delivered to them it merely makes it more of a needs based business and a wants based business so you know i can definitely see why ooh brr eats could

Be considered a wants business i can definitely see why it’s considered a needs business and something in between kind of a hybrid but this is a highly highly successful business okay this is now a multi-billion dollar business for uber and there was a great interview done just a couple weeks ago okay with uber ceo and kerr swisher she asked the questions he’s

Always super negative especially around uber and she’s like what your guys is amazon web services because amazon web services now looked as like the magic pill okay for amazon that you know you kind of built amazon’s profits up and whatnot so like what do you got your amazon web services and the ceo he went through the math with her because she’s like the at math

Doesn’t add up with uber and whatnot just because they’re taking losses here on the short term and he goes do the math with her and it’s like you actually do have to do the math you kind of like owns or he’s like the ride-sharing business will be our amazon web services and ubereats will be amazon web services 2.0 okay we have two amazon web services coming for us

We don’t need some magic pill to suddenly work for a company or something like that and so uber eats is gonna it’s already a highly successful business it will get a lot better in the future you have a lot of vc money out there right now sloshing around so a lot of these you know grub hubs door – post mates a lot of these players have a lot of money to play with

Here in the short term and they’re using it on promotions and that hurts profitability for something like uber eats here in the short term but over time the market will stabilize that vc money will dry up and then theirs will become a very very profitable business for somebody like an uber eats okay so needless to say once again big big difference between something

Like a gopro in an uber okay know is talking about up incoming businesses so we talk about the main business both these companies had talked about the secondary business so let’s talk about the up-and-coming business well in gopro situation back when i was invest in stock there was a ton of talk around they were gonna build a drone okay and this was super exciting

This was super exciting this was one of the bullish theses i had for gopro was they were gonna come out with this drone and gopro knows how to market so well and they were gonna get a ton of attention for the drone and gopro had built pretty good products up to that date so there was a lot of belief that they could make this a success get a ton of attention and

This could become a you know a billion dollar a multi-billion dollar business for gopro overall which gopro was such a small business and in relation to like you know the big companies out there that if they could create a two billion or four billion dollar drone business this was a game-changer for a gopro stock over all and this was something that could you know

Make the stock 2x 3x 4x and a very quick amount of time so gopro they take forever they delay this drone several several times and then i they finally they finally come out with it and my bullish thesis starts to play out because this drone gets so much attention ok casey nice tat on his channel this isn’t the heyday of casey neistat he does a video very positive

Around the gopro tirana gets nine million views and then the launch video in general for the karma drone got over twenty eight million views on youtube okay and never mind that there was so many other follow-up videos people that did around the drone this has so much mass attention that if you were at all interested in drones you knew about the karma drone and you

Knew why it might be a good product bad product or something like that and i got to say right off the bat they kind of didn’t produce the the most exciting drone out there especially when the mavic came out right after it so they kind of i don’t want to say they failed there but it got a ton of attention that was great and the product was interesting enough to

Consumers however they had delays in this product several times and then it finally comes out and the drone is falling out of the sky it’s literally falling out of the sky and all because a simple latch would come loose it was the most ridiculous thing i took them months to figure that out it was it was it was you know this is what happens when you buy into a

Company with a ceo there who doesn’t have a track record of being a successful ceo or a successful executive of a public company you take a risk like that and i learned that that risk is not a lot of fun to take ok and very shortly after a year or two later they actually each completely shut down their drone business it just wasn’t even worth it so it was just a

Disaster the up-and-coming business that was you know so hyped about for years that was one of my beliefs is a completely failed because literally the drones fell out of the skies and it’s just completely ruined the entire business model there on top of you know a lot of day you know management made so many mistakes we can make a six-hour video just about a whole

Mistakes they made ok uber freight is the up-and-coming business that no one really sees for uber and this is a business that’s really undercutting the industry of basically the middlemen that basically place a trucker in a delivery it needs to be made and they’re undercutting the pricing and making it actually a lot more efficient for the drivers and a lot of

Shippers so this is a product that’s coming after a massive industry which is you know hundreds of billions of dollars as far as the trucking industry and it’s having huge success and if you’re looking at the way this products going it’s just getting bigger and bigger we’re looking at you know this is a business that’s growing very very high double digits like 80%

Plus revenue growth and we’ve seen some quarters with as business is growing a hundred percent plus and if you’re just looking at it from the standpoint of truckers as well as shippers a lot of them are very happy with this product and i can definitely see this expanding and becoming a multi-billion dollar business for uber over time and probably a very profitable

Business but that’s gonna be you know further out you’re looking at more three to five years out but if you’re you comparing these two companies and my opinion is very misguided two very different ceos leading these companies two very different main businesses two very different secondary businesses as well as two very different up-and-coming businesses one looks

Like it’s gonna be a huge success for likely over time and already is proving that the other was drones were falling out of the sky so i don’t really think these stocks should be compared at all i understand every time i ever buy a stock that is going through some troubles in the short term which is pretty much every stock i ever buy about facebook when i was going

Through the drama you know it last year or whatever about cirrus logic in the past skyworks solutions all these stocks i make the killing on i always buy stocks that are down trending so i understand why a lot of folks out there worried and they’re like is that going to be the next gopro for him i understand that but i just don’t think i think it’s very misguided

And i don’t think anybody’s using like their brains to compare these two companies in my personal opinion but hey i want to hear your guy’s opinion down there in that comment section as always and by the way we got a crazy sale coming on the becoming master the stock market course on black friday and if you want to check out the pin comment down there that is going

To be actually for signing up to the email list so as soon as that deal drops we’ll send you an email so you can get in on that insane deal we’re gonna do a price point we’ve never ever done in the history becoming master of stock market which goes into everything i look for in stocks as well as has a dividend investing mastery section so if you guys really enjoy

That deal when we launch it next week all right thank you for watching have a great day

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Is Uber Stock My Next GoPro! $40,000 Loss Coming!? By Financial Education

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5 stocks making investors millio


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Want her photos and what influence this video is a bit sommers for john de mol coming out of the syntax to start and of 5 stars and million euros per city in do matter this module die station of growth of the stocks and were looking into it already made of grants and about it or service just getting started sam die stad chinese kool in never heard of in your life’s a

Manual jeff an oligarch camp for zo i hope you do a video like this for beginners him interns youtubers the upside of down sara kroos do video like 5 soon i will have an absolute devil stefan the future generations office at that time how do you see that and which channel x5 stuck saturday beatgrid deeper and pee sam i now start on hangzhou percent is still a thousand

Percent was josh so here must also be in jazz ulead dvd the spy warsaw nuts knives movers tobias enjoys a les conversions messelink bang no get up to show to be so you join us in in toy story 3 village fashion sexy cummins inline so leather samsung necessarily what and physiology garreth again check the marketwatch come deadly by daily news letter s angry crack the saxon

Eurlings calls the puppet music financials your research africa with cheese or white stick or the spider account here pressman also have one about this banks lesson from the fintech startup for 5% stay out hard part scampi in my live from london life hey jack new classic fiji ls it a tweet lowest action response than 3% jodi did was on twitter for the pipers and expensive

Sealant listen now report repeat succeed just i choose depth over that debate that six million trebor papers go for b ok mark i have my trillion us know all other hand if you know one billion to fight trillion dollar jack companies which recently so my house thumping here tekno bladder is a holding company which enables design ben you faction distribution and marketing

And installation if we ciptec architecture glass windows product for the construct ion industry and win also instructions and traditions patient residential area also become piece of moorsel construction die using those good win-win that way cheap reunion kmar money in the address bar you that boy in oostham purchena the formesyn manufacture of architect chocolate is in

Windows of the western hemisphere residential residential and commercial construction industries de kamp remanufactured a range of glass product including primarily commercial and residential building including temper safety doble format to stick in only ways claessens projector installed in hotels residential building commercial buyers center university airport south los

And a wide range or this growth other facilities hey if so and action scenes i him free thorn in a fortress campina fry profile it and it is the sand and gravel rode on the bed na milly’s inch air vest ii in es war game well here we are then i want it epicenter online for choose leiseinde love to se e each week 12 monkey that is higher than forty is so absolutely you

See a joint for monkey higher than forty what’s wrong with the campuz expect more profitable and upcoming jews no hear no listen that’s something a devil also and they fit crisis alsace youtube or three the something crazy euro official start with knives from buy kc so girl eh your league in that hot have by starck that is on youtube and omi electric by starck therapy

Mount for such great with more than for my bicycle is an asset you were kings chose him we see leading business malmedy so this is the start only much much grange scampi or maybe this is a gap situation chocolate more in-depth and the fundamentals kamp england journal goals by jeffrey jeffrey hendrikijssel the surf is up here on the couch math for step that spiderman

People absolutely fortune in the gilbert die ds corner it is because your there is a tip that two percent yym in pens the the show the show is my own language so accept more easily space exegete b dozen summer on line up my gosh guys what a mover director beer on a formula gets en maze game well who person a new generation of state influence is a mare the valuation want

This mare gamma osaka supper that else to double buttocks prefer in their business narrow through the gate and story that can advise you to the general mes and i john like their particular business-men so do it is a mare what do you pay rations training and tell me for dimensional an address in the strikers machete 9 hour or so cons westerlo from my perspective or lipids

Voters climax barcelona for piet the dust and ashes an t see effects and receiver for a great and cell death note edge online business mal everywhere getstring and ferrici precious cells which on tremendously sex especially they that keep in mind we by post orie jane oh wow straight under one tree seychelles thrash or if so dollars so after him in china car coming lydia

Mensel ijkheid well tony stark king espace is never storm see that your and in the city is the distortion and sing along seb for the dike pk yes i’m blue used income norch van rijn this is a disaster greenedge support action wild garmin-cervélo gifts earnings decoration interest in a bag scott sleep 17% china music big difference in north tribes in dollars and thea and

In no time is right up you compare to those like graduate in the m1 active noise strawberry jam and fillers henny stripes troubling numbers how to scan thing that start offers and i gave you a dike now it noard stench put to sleep like this you see once a week in the potential tillerson and situation hi if so dutch comic sans there are such spiders moneymaker force analogies

Where the death star go for a while hung on this wall left the end ddt in advance a machine that they have champion here too are all the thing big families needed giftcompany in sorting and cam pina copies die and the mark ii beaches where banish copy of arm and espace namely adele there is six ist eine selligent i have at the sales the heart gave a business but also a

So death was there for span apr after the name starts with sentences wesley minutes can number house number hours on eurobanx especially i never heard this company for word of god who or see who is on my love sewers stick thing left for 100% game where you today three dogs and for percent lure desktop charger case my gosh become people so camp had to respond well now we

Will choose from and in oratorio di santa maria del pi wallet for piet van i5 yes no not to say that several branches come play buttons can be something that this leasinvest emmi-dog recherche hi hi marjan boys never see some too low season sale marcia pumpkin 2 trillion wat the heck the hexathlon and i do again tiptop in this sense business-to-business distribution at

Friend publishing packaging facility solutions green paul green parks and services cambrische cornel eden hazard i suggest them their please come prima like you go back in 2014 the form also provides logistics and supply chain management solutions to its customers the form are mens of print publishing print and manager packaging for sale die solutions in copper further

The greensight with cells and distribute commercial printing grading had in digital life for men and specialty peper project graphics consumables in graphics equipments the publishing site with cells and distribute code in congo the commercial printing pepers the packaging segment provides 10 lasts and as custom packaging solutions zo en in de sims in a restinga guide will

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This is well things’ intimates the pgb sleep in a much higher next your name is well just like it is i love beauty care that crazy van de zak masses and principles shell station fence 0 pre-sales and sharepoint online boys and never boys never see pre- sales racial us off among themselves 363 every provider express train to joannes considère gradient brain cell thrash

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Maxims game money other headless and god french cost scapino zargar and min have a review marnixschool russia and symmetrical happen to you maybe this month then an english there is chance on all of the grand mood from the coast second best that too so five start up here and that’s ticker symbol beauty europe ebuddy energy corporation 3 of jane’s experts and jane at the

Start here d people billions of people tomorrow hood oh oh hey keyboard energy corporation gibson the business on coal mine the campaigns fence amanda look coal mining is the mining company and general yes mama papa team respect evien living coal mining company you’re my champion group just never mee ok never meer al the mining company fashion for minors nou as fast and

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Calm marzipan a commoditized alice’s of generally speaking a great company sri lanka leonoor companies for the daytraders of specifically sewing shoulders to a day trip from nothing shared this is my camp rock this is nadine resmi eye museum yes 20 entry fee streetview peabody and user phi phi working in a short time and friends net la musique high key body jenny energy

For mining go blew in general boxes cancer is therefore swing traders good daytraders not for people like myself look in perspective young people swinging mining company for sex mouth time found for money that’s bye ok mi6 nami that’s why a recent strike like this oh ok well took the wind which mainly develops an oil well molding more ok well maybe the best dude banksite

End program one piece to starting guard hippique if i go to war jld living in one day only does not look at this one over 1000% game here 2d en en en who the emc what would matter person game you today on the start map of usa of the comes to a museum en i go with you games state who start benefit from you know so do the pilot at the station and in the swing crazy and social

Media wall street bet every where they became how people would de black pete hedge fund insight-app brings a dam already and long-term a tester not door die starks is a greek in tso long-term investment corporation but every the mark i guess who’s ready set however this i s quite like the mining please respect reward that unrest in haiti charlie sloane nice day three days

Of summer already in one remaining do some eyeliner pen my time however so now the name effect that you know sometimes you sometimes other side dvd none die mm sisters not something that’s in the fortress de mie and all the idea of polio rss for sandal you wish you a position i was very very interesting the press device this video for the beginning’ll rental house him pool

In a at that time you mediums your site if i had a hammer and products that was on it from hmc journaling der veer in er fortress en zee value proposition so sad that could make a move optimo not with about twingo is a cher ami no d d do this in a nice after our value proposition collect that cheese optical slow and dessert mc’s to an arresting however there are still life

Also seat of the plate-forme trading respecting insight from leftovers to mike appetit deathride your egg gen phone closes just now i got it but yea mama have football explore like the sheet tekken 6 after myspace at ing so apparently stone quite a mile is a slow decline where it the great success in al treyarch in in the start this week i think i love the next week tesla

Monkey madness stadium become my time would be a crime hope you enjoy this is our setting these alarms in you disagree often martine 13 have everything that in moscow till present sac sac en french you there your mother offers gullible true crossed with the millions of coaches check out and apply for this job coaching free download games for men just rhino smartstream the

Limit but slaves soy sauce and i don’t think i

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bill gates to short bitcoin

Bill Gates to SHORT BITCOIN?!

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Oh my goodness guys we got some drama in the big coin in business community oh my goodness okay yesterday an interview took place that had warren buffett charlie munger and bill gates at this interview okay there was a series of question so many questions about you know the economy where their investments things are investing in so many questions but they had some

Opinions on bitcoin today that were pretty harsh and some people really got in their feelings about these comments okay so to refresh you yesterday there was an interview if you were not aware and bill gates was on it okay he was one of the people on it and he said on cnbc’s squawk box that bitcoin and i cos he says i believe there’s some of the crazier speculative

Things i agree he said i agree i was short them if there’s an easy way to do so okay he also said that somebody gave him some bitcoins for his birthday what a weird birthday present but someone gave him some bitcoins for his birthday he ended up selling them a few years later okay so that was some pretty big comments he said he would short bitcoin okay not that he

Just doesn’t believe in it but he’s like i was shorted okay so winklevoss twins all they got in their feelings they got in their feelings dear bill gates there is an easy way to short bitcoin you can short xbt on the cboe bitcoin futures contract and put your freaking money where your mouth is you jerk ps apple is so much better than microsoft ever was he really

Got in his feelings okay bitcoin traded near 90 100 dollars on tuesday morning the cryptocurrency has obviously lost more than half its value since its soared above 19,000 back in december wingull wingull voss and his twin brother cameron they had around 11 million dollars worth a bitcoin and when it was at around 120 dollars a coin in april 2013 so assuming

They still have all those coins at tuesday’s price their combined holding was worth around 834 million dollars that’s a big big big number there guys wiggle voss twins it’s a sewer refresher if you are not aware who these winklevoss twins are if you know anything about the facebook story you probably know who they are if you ever seen the movie the social network

You know who these guys are in 2004 the winklevoss brother sued facebook founder mark zuckerberg for 65 million dollars claiming he stole their idea for the basically you know the facebook and whatnot which reminds me i give away so many business ideas all the time on this channel and i’ve given away so many of friends and family that if you ever make a dollar

I’m freakin suing you guys i don’t want some of that money i gave you that idea holy smokes guys that’s unbelievable they got 65 bill for that so that’s how they got rich if you were ever wondering that and then they got super rich from investing in bitcoin not work buffett he had some big comments okay he probably was more harsh than honestly bill gates was and

Then we’ll see charlie munger’s response holy smokes warren buffett says bitcoin is rat poison okay he said it’s rat poison no charlie munger yeah if you didn’t think that was enough charlie munger he says i like crypto currencies a lot less than you do munger said to buffett to me it’s just dementia it’s like someone else trading turds and you decide you can’t be

Left out oh my goodness guys that’s a full-on onslaught of just nastiness these guys are throwing that bitcoin and just kind of like kryptos in general no to their defense i want to i want to come to their defense on two things one is it’s not like they went on twitter and they’re like bitcoins crap it’s turds as rat poison not like they went out of their way to

Attack crypto currencies okay they sat down for this interview a million questions were asked one of the questions was in bitcoin and they gave they’re honest like opinion on bitcoin and what they feel about bitcoin they could have just said nothing no comment or something like that but that would be kind of like a bad thing to do okay they gave their full opinion

On okay one two if you know anything about warren buffett you know anything about warren buffett he hates anything that is not an income-producing asset meaning that that thing makes it money okay and can you know give you dividends and things like that and payout and actually is an income-producing asset meaning a business okay something that can actually make

Money and expand and then you know give you off money off of that okay things like that and has actual earnings per share income producing assets that’s what he likes own actual businesses he spotted the amount of times i’ve seen him speak down on gold which is obviously not an income producing assets just something that’s there okay that some people like to put

Money in he’s spoken down and gold so many times it’s ridiculous guys if you know anything about warren buffett he doesn’t like things that are non income producing assets bitcoin would fall into the category of a non income-producing asset it’s something that just sits there and it goes up and down you know in value based upon what the next guy is willing to pay

Not based upon you know what their earnings are or things like that or they expand into a new business or something like that so these guys gave their honest answers okay so that’s just their defense now at the same time i think some of their answers might have been a little harsh in my opinion on bitcoin and cryptocurrency has always been i’m not i don’t believe

That necessarily the value is zero i don’t believe the value is 100,000 and we’re all gonna be using them okay i’m just here to kind of see this fight i think it’s got to just play out i think bitcoin and cryptocurrency just has to play out okay so many people want to jump on to the it’s worth zero bandwagon or is going to be everyone who’s in the world’s gonna

Use bitcoin and i’m like i fall somewhere in between i’m late let’s just see how this fight plays out okay let’s not jump all over and say it’s worth zero let’s not jump all over and say it’s gonna be the thing that everyone in the world uses and it’s gonna be the only currency like like that’s just crazy to me okay let’s see how this game plays out let’s see how

It rolls over time all right obviously we know bitcoin has fallen a ton recently it had an amazing amazing 2017 i think it was up over a thousand percent and then you know it goes to 20,000 and obviously now it’s fallen by over 50% this year has been really rough we’ll see what how things you know kind of play out over time it’s gonna depend on you know big money

Coming in and kind of you know really wanting to invest in bitcoin we got to remember bitcoin right now if we’re just talking about bitcoin we’re talking about 200 somewhere around a 250 billion dollar valuation on bitcoin last time i looked at least somewhere around 250 billion dollars right that’s a big number guys because right now who do you know that actually

Uses bitcoin i don’t know anybody in real life they use bitcoin heck most of people in my life don’t even know what bitcoin is or maybe they’ve heard of it because it went up a lot and it happened to make the news and stuff like that but they don’t even really know what it is they don’t even know about blockchain technology and things like that like it and i could

Even talk to people that are you know know people that i know and i can almost guarantee you none of the people they know know about bitcoin in the respect of you know they actually use it in real life and things like that so it has really very little if you know no value as far as real life right now it’s just the the bet that it could be the future and that’s

That big valuation we’re talking about two hundred fifty billion dollars but at the same time they it has huge potential what if it is the thing that everybody uses some days as a currency but at the same time it’s like okay it could be is it gonna be we all don’t know well you know as of right now so you know just a crazy situation like i said these guys sat down

For an interview you know what are they supposed to say they supposed to say oh i don’t want to talk about that or or oh yeah bitcoins great and then they don’t even actually believe in it like they give their opinion it is what it is you know i don’t think people should get all butthurt about it you know but at the same time i think you know if people want to

Defend it you know and say why they think it’s going to such-and-such price i think that’s fine you know if you think it’s going to a hundred thousand like give your case give your bullish thesis on why you believe that you know there’s nothing wrong with that at the end of the day we can have a civilized debate but anyways thank you so much for watching guys i

Really want to know in that comment section what is your opinion on bitcoin is this going to be the future is it going to be zero is there no value there is it going to be stuck around the price it is now is it going to be always a niche thing like i would love to know your guy’s opinion in that comment section do you think the federal reserve will come out with

A cryptocurrency someday i would just love to hear what you guys have to say in that comment section hit a thumbs up if you enjoyed this video as always make sure you subscribe thank you for watching and have a great day

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Bill Gates to SHORT BITCOIN?! By Financial Education

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apple fud explained

apple FUD explained

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This just in breaking news apple going bankrupt so bankrupt you wouldn’t believe it the apple has turned rotten oh my word i want to talk about the apple but out there today let’s just look at this okay let’s go onto youtube let’s just type in the word apple and let’s see what turns up in the search results what’s going on with apple apple’s rough year explained oh

My gosh apples worst nightmare what’s happening to apple rest in peace apple why apple is doomed finally whoa my gosh apple’s reign is over oh my goodness look at this guy he is so happy about that right let’s go back to this thumb now this is my favorite one apple’s rough you’re explained we’re gonna talk about the foot out there around apple and apple stock in

General and apple the company okay this dumb nail apple’s rough year explained this is probably my favorite one of all them okay let’s talk about apple’s rough year in 2018 okay apples rough year in 2018 was revenues up in that income massively up amount of customers for apple up okay services revenue up dividends paid to shareholders up and jobs created up apple

Hired a ton of people for them their own company and they produce a ton of indirect jobs in 2018 okay if this is a rough year for a company then i want to know i really want to know like what’s a good year for a company what’s a great year for a company because if 2018 was apple’s rough year that i really want to know like what is a good year for like a public

Company because i just don’t know of like what a good year is if that counts as a bad year okay if that counts as a rough year that is my favorite all right now the hate on apple is nothing new okay this has been going on for quite a while every few years apple will get hated on there will be a ton of fun put out there around applet why there doom and why they

Can’t grow their business anymore and this and that okay this happens all the time in you know what’s funny about this is if you come from the sports world this is pretty normal stuff okay whenever there’s a top dog whenever is there the top dog out there people love to hate on it right if you think about like floyd mayweather right oh my gosh probably the most

Hated athlete of the the modern era right and i was obviously the only athlete i know that can make a hundred million dollars in like less than sixty minutes like it’s ridiculous okay tom brady in the new england patriots my goodness do a lot of people hate that team so much all right they’ve been on top for so long lebron james tons of people hate lebron james

With a passion okay they get so sick of him being in the finals every year even in the music industry that the very fist is the most popular artists out there they have been on the charts for years and years like drake you know they get tons of people hating them and i understand like like you know what people kind of feel out there some people love to root for

The underdogs some people love to you don’t hate on whoever is at the top and then you have a segment of the population that jump on the bandwagon right you have a segment of population jump on a bandwagon or whatever is popular whatever is the most you know the top of that industry there you know we see in the sports all the time a team will win a championship and

Then next thing you know everybody’s got hats of that team or something like that it’s like okay yeah we’re you’re really a fan of you’re a bandwagon fan okay it happens all the time and then you have people who really don’t care either way and then you got a massive amount of people who hate whoever’s on top especially if they’ve been on top for a while and let’s

Be honest apple has been on top of the tech game for a long long time now and a lot of people want to see them d throw they don’t care really who it’s by they just want to see apple dethrone because they get sick of seeing apple win over and over again and they just want to see them lose and that’s why you get a ton of these videos that get a ton of these views in

On a google product obviously youtube right apples reign is over okay why apple is doomed finally rest in peace apple you know apples rough you’re explain that’s why you get all these food type videos that get a ton of ton of views out there because a lot of people honestly they want to see app will fail but here’s the thing as investors you must understand fun

Versus understanding reality okay the foot out there is that apples doomed and then their business is going in the trash and blah blah blah and then if you look at the factual information we see nothing but really really good things except for the chinese market okay china is hurting apple right now specifically in the last quarter or two but guess what china is

Also hurting every their tech company in existence right now okay it doesn’t matter if you’re talking about amd or nvidia it doesn’t matter if you’re talking about samsung there’s no one that’s doing big numbers in china right now okay and there’s no one that’s really good if you don’t already know samsung smartphone shipments fell thirteen percent last quarter

Okay there’s a time to worry about competitors or time to worry about a business model and that’s what like competitors are coming in and eating your lunch and if we look at this there’s no one that’s coming in the eating apples lunch apple is still eating everybody else’s lunch okay if like let’s say samsung for instance whose which is apple’s really only real

Competitive threat out there right let’s say samsung was doing like really big numbers this year and continuing into this quarter then all sudden you could say wow ocm suns got huge numbers right now smartphones are way up for samsung apples numbers are way down then you have something to worry about but samsung’s numbers are bad right now very very bad right

Now like go look at their latest earnings they pre announced very very bad very very weak and we’ve seen tons of companies pre-announced very weak numbers out of china okay so here’s kind of the thing you’ve got to separate as an investor you got to separate emotions from facts okay facts so that’s what you got to separate and it’s hard for some people to do it

And so they’d rather just hate on it or they’d rather just you know kind of you know feed into this negativity because they don’t like something well they don’t like can you’ve ever been on top for a while or something like that when i’m looking at it as an investor standpoint okay and obviously i have an apple customer as well but what i look at from an investor

Standpoint i’m looking at a company that’s doing all the right things and here’s what people don’t understand about apple you know a lot of people also get dragged into the you know they fell in love with steve jobs in when when steve jobs passed on they wanted to see apple fail really because they just then just not steve jobs there anymore and we you know they

Just fell so in love with steve jobs right steve jobs understood something very very well there the first time you got kicked out of apple he understood that a company will die if you don’t put a great management team in in that company and ready to run in the future okay and he understood that coming back into apple a second time and he understood that if this

Company’s gonna last for a long time he needs to put an unbelievable management team across the board unbelievable executives all the way from the c is the ceo all way down to the designers and everything across the board and apple has done that and since steve jobs passed on which is now coming up on what eight years it’s a long time ago now right the company has

Just grown like a wildfire whether you talking about amount of customers where they’re talking about amount of jobs whether talking about revenue whether you’re talking about net income it doesn’t matter what metric you want to look at you know since steve jobs passed on eight years ago and the company has grown like a wildfire okay and a lot of people wanted to

Get caught up into the old maybe they’ll fail because steve jobs passed on when really that’s such a bad way of looking at it because he put in this unbelievable management team because he understood like apple wouldn’t make it long-term if he didn’t put in a great management team and there’s a great management team there okay and if you think apple back in the

Steve jobs days like was the innovator like they came out with stuff before everybody else you were sorely mistaken you don’t understand history okay ipod was not the first mp3 player out there okay ipod was not the first mp3 player and honestly i had better mp3 players than what the original ipods were okay but all the kids around me in school whatever grade that

Was in at that time middle school or whatever they’ll want an ipods because i app allah jalla marketing it and including it with itunes and making it cool and all those type of things and everybody wanted an ipod i had something that was a way better device i was made by i think philips or somebody like that apple is not the first to make an mp3 player apple is

Not the first to make a smartphone out there something like that okay a lot of people get the history twisted because they just don’t understand it apple is just the first to popularize something okay and that’s the way it’s always been there okay they understand marketing very well they understand ecosystems they understand how to build this stuff okay and here’s

The thing the apple ecosystem is so unbelievably strong that people don’t want to leave it and generally as app will get somebody in they generally stay in that ecosystem okay and that’s what another thing people just don’t understand so you’ve got the in another thing is like you let the backs of steve jobs thing i’d forgot to bring up this point people think like

Steve jobs like was like creating the actual iphone or like creating the original ipads or something like that no you know general ideas around those type of products right general ideas but it wasn’t steve jobs who made those products like if you think steve jobs was in the lab like working on the original iphone and like making the chips work like you uh you don’t

Know what he was actually doing okay he nothing to do with any of that stuff he had general outlines and he had a great team around him he said guys go make this happen okay and that’s what he wouldn’t head and didn’t guess what all those designers that make all those great products a lot of them like johnny ivar still with the company to this day okay and that’s

Why apple has continued to grow and grow and grow because they have a great overall management team you might not like them you might not think they got the steve you might not think ste tim cook has the steve jobs flair and does he no absolutely doesn’t but it doesn’t mean anything in the end okay it literally doesn’t mean anything in the end if you can continue

To grow the amount of customers you have you can continue to grow your revenue your net income the amount of dividends the jobs you create and all those type of things and that’s all apple has done and that’s all apple will continue to do until you know they actually do have a falter someday which they will at some point in time but if i look at it you have to

Have a competitor come in and take your lunch and there no one’s coming and taking their lunch if anything into the vice versa in this situation 5 g’s gonna come in a year or two and guess what apple’s gonna grow like a wildfire once again all right and that’s just a way it is in india india is gonna be a big big growth vector for apple in the future okay they’re

Gonna get very focused on the indian market we’ve seen them start to move some manufacturing to the indian market there that’s just a massive massive opportunity for the company overall and so as an investor i just caution you if you want to think of motion aliya bout things you can think emotionally about things and people get caught up in to their emotions around

Stocks all the time and i just say stick with the facts stick with the trends stick with what’s coming in the future and don’t get caught up into you know oh because you loved this person and they passed on you want the company to fail or they’ve been on top so long i they need to fail they have to fail right does it happen at some point in time like eventually

Apple probably will fail some day and some so on amazon probably and so on google some day in facebook they’ll all probably fall at some point some day you know and sometime in the future but i’m just telling you you might be waiting 20 50 100 150 years for that to happen sometimes these big goliath companies it takes a long time to really take them down in a real

Way when they get to this type of scale that these tech companies are getting to at this point in time guys or government has to take them down or something like that so that’s my opinion on there don’t get caught up in this fud of you know whatever is and this is going to happen with big stocks in the future the apple won’t be the last time and this won’t be the

Last time at was caught up into this negative fudd out there guys so just don’t get caught up into it focus long-term and this stuff focus on facts focus on the trends that are coming in the future focus on products coming in the future and that’s the name of this game anyways thank you for watching and have a great day no apple has turned

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apple FUD explained By Financial Education

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top 5 biggest myths about person

Top 5 Biggest Myths about Personal Finance!

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Good day subscribers thank you so much for joining me to date i am jeremy this is the financial education channel and today we’re doing part two of the three-part series five biggest myths and today we’re doing the biggest myths about personal finance yesterday i broke down a video on the five biggest myths of investing in the stock market and tomorrow i’m gonna do

The five biggest on opening a business and entrepreneurship those kinds of things but today we’re talking personal finance what are the five biggest myths i’m going to share this with you guys now number one by far the biggest myth about personal finance is people thinking that they make too little to be able to save money the fact that you don’t have enough income

To actually save money i can tell you guys in almost every scenario you can find ways to cut costs and lower your living expenses so you can actually put some money towards savings and it will eliminate stress off your shoulders even if you’re living a little a lifestyle a little less than what you were living before just the mere fact that you’re able to save

Money you’re actually able to have money in the bank you’re actually able to make that money into more money the short term sacrifice will make for a long term gains in a long term better life for yourself so it is it’s all beautiful if you can get a better job or start a business and be successful that way and get more income that would be ideal but at the same

Time even if you cannot do that you guys i’m telling you every single person can find ways to cut this cost and that cost you know maybe find ways to eat a little cheaper maybe don’t go out as often maybe don’t spend as much on this or that all these kinds of things guys live under your means it’s by far the biggest key to financial freedom in life it absolutely

Without question is the biggest key to financial freedom living under your means because at the end of the day you could be making a million dollars you could be making a million dollars a month but if your bills are a million dollars a month also what does it matter what does it matter you’re still living paycheck to paycheck even if you do make a million dollars

So regardless of how much money you have coming in you need to live under your means that way you have money to put towards savings so that’s by far the biggest myth that oh i only makes such amount of money so you know what i can’t put anything towards savings no cut some costs here and there you’ll be able to do it in short-term sacrifices make for long-term

Gains down the road guys number two biggest myth is that you need credit cards you absolutely do not need credit cards by no means you need credit cards that’s the bottom line guys you credit cards will be very beneficial when you’re trying to build credit when you’re young absolutely credit cards can help you if you say you’re very controlled i haven’t how you

Spend them and you just use them to get the perks of credit cards because credit cards do have perks if you spend such and such an amount of money but you’ve got to be very disciplined and you’ve got to pay those credit cards off on time which is why i don’t like credit cards because most people like big credit cards that are americans they’re very undisciplined

They don’t pay them off on time though the debt starts to add up and add up and add up and that’s how you get the average american only something like thirty thousand dollars in credit card debt something ridiculous that number is and i’m like how does that happen because people are very undisciplined because they go they don’t know how to control it and once that

That ball that snowball starts rolling then it gets bigger and bigger and then the interest starts adding up the interest so i preach don’t don’t get credit cards guys unless you’re trying to build credit or unless you’re a super disciplined person and you can use it for business expenses and you pay it off right away every time and you just get the perks of that

Credit card unless you’re in that one of those two categories guys you do not need credit cards by any means you do not need them that’s another number two biggest myth number three biggest myth is i need to pay somebody to manage my money okay i have savings left over now what do i do that money i need to give it to somebody else so they can manage that for me

Because i’m not smart enough to do that i can’t do that absolutely not guys if you’re the type of person maybe you just don’t want to do it because you think it’s too much work or whatnot that’s fine then pay someone to manage your money you know no different then you know if i didn’t have a wife to help me and whatnot maybe i might pay someone to clean my house

For me right i might do that that’s fair enough so maybe you’re the type person you don’t feel like managing your money so you just want to pay somebody finding deities you can do that but you do not need to pay somebody you every person is plenty smart out there to manage your own money and make your money into other money you just have to have a work ethic and

You have to have a disciplined plan and you have to execute on that plan if you can do that guys you can manage your money just fine by yourself you don’t need someone else to you know pass that money on to and then they make you a little 3% a year and then they take up for set in half of what they made you away from that guys and then you you wind up barely making

Anything in the long run so it’s like everything in life you’ve got to be able to put in the work you’ve got to have a plan you got execute on that plane if you can do that guys you don’t need anybody managing your money you can do it just find yourself and you can probably do it way better than they’ll do it honestly that’s the truth guys because no one cares

About your money as much as you care about your money bottom line number four i need to buy a house when i’m young that’s absolutely a myth in my opinion the reason being is when you’re young and what i’m speaking young i mean under 30 you know in your twenties you moved out of your parents maybe you’re living an apartment or renting a house or not you do not need

A buy a house when you’re young the reason being is sometimes young people we don’t know what the hell we’re gonna do in the future we don’t know what path we’re gonna lead on we don’t know who we’re gonna meet we don’t know where we want to live in the future maybe we’re moving up the corporate rings maybe you know you don’t know if you’re gonna be transferred

To another place last thing you want to do is go buy a house at 24 25 years old and the next thing you know you don’t even want to live in that state anymore you want to go live somewhere else or you get promoted to a new position and then you go move to that other state and you end up taking a ten twenty thirty thousand dollar loss on that house which i’ve seen

So many people do because they plan a house and they’re little young so they might not know how to negotiate as well they overpay for that house a bit the housing market doesn’t go anywhere in the short term over that year they own it and then they have to dump it because they have to get rid of it because they need that money to funnel into the new house which

Is in some other state or whatnot and they have to they don’t want to be keep paying the mortgage on that house so then they have to sell it for a poor price so that’s why absolutely it’s a myth in my opinion that you have to buy a house when you’re young if you absolutely are 100 percent certain that this is where i want to live for the future and you know that

When you’re young and then bravo you can do that but the fact is 90 95 percent of people you know that are 25 26 years old you don’t know sometimes you know i’ve moved from state to another state and then i realized that stated he really liked it you know what i was ready to move together they moved it ready again and now i feel like i’m in a place that you know

Will raise the family in and this is where we’ll stay actually but i’m 27 years old now when i was 24 years old i didn’t know that when i was 22 years old i didn’t know that so i’m glad i didn’t buy a house during that time because i might have just taken a huge loss guys so when you’re young well let things kind of play out renting is fine you know yeah you throw

Away some money but you know what you might throw away a lot less money than if you buy a house and go move somewhere else really soon number 5 i needed buy a used car because it will save me a lot of money versus buying a new car this is another huge myth guys that i don’t know how it’s perpetrated out there but oh you’re gonna save so much money by yet buying a

Used car you’re not you’re really not guys i bought several used cars in my time and i realized that you know what it’s not damn cheaper i believe in this whole process oh you know what buy a used car it’s gonna be so much cheaper absolutely false reason being is when you buy a used car let’s say you buy a used car it’s got sixty thousand miles on it’s five years

Old sixty thousand miles on it right not super old the mileage isn’t super high yeah you get that for a much cheaper price than what it would have been if it was new but at the same time you’re getting a car then who knows what the hell happened to that that car in those sixty thousand miles is five years old it’s got five years of wear and tear on everything on

That car pretty much and what you’re gonna have to do is you’re gonna have to then buy a warranty for that car if you buy a new car the warranties included it’s like three years most places do three years 36,000 miles that’s the three-year warranty that comes with buying a new car when you buy a used car you do not get a warranty you have to buy the warranty and

The warranty is usually three thousand to five thousand more dollars for a three-year warranty on that car on top of whatever the car cost and then you add that on your like you know what this isn’t quite as cheap as i thought oh and then things are gonna go wrong with that car probably that aren’t even on the warranty just because older cars got wear and tear that

The warranty is not going to cover and you never gonna have to bring that out of pocket then when you actually go to get rid of that car in let’s say in the next five years say you take a five year get rid of that there course 10 years old at that point it’s probably got hundred thousand miles on it guys who you know how many people really want a ten year old car

That’s got a hundred thousand piles it’s gonna be worth very little at that point so for those reasons a used car doesn’t mean that it’s way cheaper than a new car maybe on paper it does maybe that new car is twenty four thousand dollars versus a five year old car which is sixteen thousand dollars a fifteen thousand dollars guys but you know ahead at the end of

The day there’s a lot of cost when you get up that warranty and sure you can say okay you know what i won’t get the warranty i won’t get the warranty i won’t have it with three or five year warranty oh then good luck you know if something major goes wrong with that car in that amount of time guys it’s not gonna be pretty for you you’re gonna have to come out with

That cost out of pocket or take out you know if you don’t say you don’t have savings and you have to take out some kind of loan at a rediculous rate or something to get that car fixed so guys that’s the number five biggest myth in my opinion that buying a used car is somehow so much cheaper than buying the new car it’s really not true at the end of the day i hope

These five myths help you guys immensely today i would love to hear from you guys if you think these are all true and accurate and whatnot i would love to hear your opinion on other myths about personal finance that maybe i didn’t mention on this video i would love to hear from you guys hit that thumbs up button if you enjoyed this video today and if you have not

Subscribed you may want to talk about personal finance on the channel just like we did today i talk about entrepreneurship i’m an entrepreneur i give entrepreneur tips and we talk about the stock market more than anything on this channel and how to be a successful investor thank you for watching guys and have a great day

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Top 5 Biggest Myths about Personal Finance! By Financial Education

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palantir earnings upstart earnin

Palantir Earnings, Upstart Earnings, Stock Market News, Economic News, and More – Tuesday, Aug 8, 22

Palantir Earnings, Upstart Earnings, Novavax Earnings, and more are out. Here are the earnings from PLTR, UPST, and NVAX that you need to know about, as well as the important stock market news, economic news, and financial news for Tuesday. Here’s a full explanation of the Inflation Reduction Act and how it will affect your stocks, an update on consumer confidence, and a warning about the potential impact of China invading Taiwan.

Hi guys it’s stock curry and the market traded flat on monday holding its breath for those cpi numbers on wednesday in spite of the fact there was a huge amount of political economic and earnings news that came out on monday i’m going to cover it all so let’s get into it first let’s start with some important political news china extended their military exercises

Around taiwan as taiwan continues to battle cyber attacks now this has me really scared because quite frankly this is exactly what we saw russia do right before they invaded ukraine right before russia invaded ukraine they mounted these military exercises on the border of ukraine while at the same time doing cyber attacks against ukraine and now china is doing the

Exact same thing to taiwan china is launching cyber attacks against taiwan while at the exact same time performing military exercises in order to prepare to invade taiwan so it looks like china is getting ready to invade taiwan and it’s quite possible that we are about to have another invasion of a foreign nation on our hands we already saw what that did to the

Economy in the stock market when russia invaded ukraine and now it looks like china might be getting ready to invade taiwan the big difference for us this time is that russia is one of the united states smallest trading partners while china is the united states largest trading partner right behind the european union so this could have a far more significant impact

On the united states this time than the russia ukraine war did now moving on to the economic news consumer confidence in the housing market has hit its lowest point in over a decade that is consumers are now at their lowest point since the 2011 bottom in the housing market now this makes sense given the fact that homes are most unaffordable in history only 17

Percent of those surveyed said now is the right time to buy a home on the flip side consumers also said that they inspected inflation to slow down consumers now expect inflation a year from now to be 6.2 percent and three years from now to be 3.2 percent that’s a significant drop from the 6.8 and 3.6 percent of the results that came out last month and the decline in

Expectations appears to be directly related to the decline in food prices as well as a decline in the price of gasoline at the pump now while consumer confidence in these two areas does remain extremely low it is showing slight signs of improving keep in mind we get the official update on consumer confidence on friday now let’s talk about the inflation reduction act

And how it might affect your stocks a lot of people in yesterday’s video asked me to talk about it after i kind of left it out because they didn’t really think it was going to affect the markets that much so let me go through what’s in this and what companies could benefit what companies could be hurt and why this really is not going to affect the market that much

As you can see the cnbc article says right off the bat the impact is going to be more modest than you might think now some of the losers are going to be drug companies but this change is going to be very gradual and faced in very slowly and the reason is because the law only allows medicaid to negotiate a few drugs in the early years of implementation specifically

Medicare is only going to be able to haggle over 10 drugs and not until fiscal year 2026 or four years from now and then new medications won’t be subject to negotiation for between 9 to 13 years after their market introduction so while this will hurt pharmaceutical stocks it’s going to hurt them very slowly and there really won’t be any impact for about three to

Four years now some of the winners might be car companies but really only companies like ford and gm it’s not going to help companies like tesla lucid or rivien and part of the reason is because the bill caps the price of eligible vehicles at 55 000 which excludes the most popular versions of tesla’s model 3 as well as every other model they have out right now it

Also excludes all of the models from lucid motors and ribbian until they are able to produce some cheaper models at some point in the future the bill also includes requirements for domestic manufacturing of ebs and their battery components in order to qualify for the extended credit and right now it’s not clear if any u.s battery plant can meet the law’s requirements

Now another winner will be utilities and homeowners about a third of the tax credits are to extend tax credits to encourage construction of renewable electricity plants more reliance on renewables should also benefit rate payers since new wind electricity pants are now much cheaper than new facilities that burn coal or natural gas and surprise surprise one of the

Winners will be hedge funds and one of the losers will be public company shareholders that’s you the reason is because the plan imposes a one percent tax on stock buybacks which will hurt returns of anybody that holds public shares of companies including retirement plans and pension funds and of course you and the other thing i should make really clear is that

Even though this is called the inflation reduction act it won’t actually help reduce inflation at all economists say the impact on inflation is below zero meaning that it is so negligible they cannot even measure any impact on inflation whatsoever so that’s an overall summary of the quote-unquote inflation reduction act in short it’s not going to have a very large

Impact and what impact it does have will not take effect for another three to four years so i really don’t think it’s gonna move the stock market that much and that’s why i’m not really surprised that the stock market traded flat on monday despite this bill getting passed all right now moving on to some of the biggest earnings from monday novavax cut its 2022 revenue

Guidance in half novavax cut its revenue guidance to between two to two point three billion from a previous forecast of between four to five billion nova vac shares dropped 33 percent after hours after already dropping 5 of the day and all birds dramatically slowed the pace of new hires as their loss widens all birds shares dropped 13 after close and upstart missed

On q2 earnings on funding constraints and they also provided soft q3 guidance not surprisingly upstart dropped over 14 percent after the close and finally while palantir beat on revenue they missed big on earnings palantir was expected to report a three cent per share profit instead they reported a one cent per share loss palantir was down over 14 percent during the

Day on that news now i know a lot of these earnings are affecting you as a retail investor especially if you own shares in these companies but a lot of these companies are small caps they’re not going to have a major impact on the market overall so just keep that in mind that while the earnings are bad and these companies certainly are losing quite a bit of money

The stock market overall will probably trade flat again on tuesday as everybody just kind of holds their breath in anticipation of what that cpi number is going to be on wednesday now with the stock market trading flat like this it does provide quite a good opportunity to do something like a straddle or strangle where you can make money by buying a call and a put

And hopefully the market has a big enough move on wednesday to where you make money whether the market moves up or down so that would be the one option you guys might want to consider as far as how to play the cpi numbers on wednesday finally i just want to get into the earnings that are coming out on tuesday and wednesday morning so you can look forward to those

Tuesday before the open we have norwegian cruise lines spirit hilton evgo and workhorse quite a few stocks that a lot of retail investors own then after the close we got some really big stocks for retail investors including coinbase roblox plug unity and wish so tuesday after the close is going to be huge and then we follow it up wednesday before the open with wix

Jubilee and pay safe so again no major earnings that could affect the stock market on tuesday or wednesday morning however these are going to be very important for retail investors who are heavily invested into these stocks so good luck to everybody who’s playing earnings personally i like to set earnings out i don’t like to play them because they are so volatile

And so incredibly difficult to predict i personally just stay away from earnings but the cbi print that might be one that you want to play now if you want to know everything that i’m buying and selling and all the stocks and options that we’re buying you can come join us over in the vip discord the vip discord we post all of our trades before they are officially

Filled and posted on twitter i also have coaches over there that do day trading so if you’re interested in learning day trading and how to make money with day trading you can come join us and learn that as well i have a full teaching program to show you how to trade options including those multi-leg options like the straddles and strangles so if you’re interested

In learning all of that and seeing what i’m buying and selling and how i actually trade and make money in this market come join us in the vip discord i only have a few slots left at 25 a month and then after that the price is going up you can sign up for that at stock slash get vip that’s stock slash get vip and finally i wanted to remind you

That weeble is offering 12 free stocks with a minimum 100 deposit if you’re interested in that you can sign up for weeble at stock weeble and then moomoo is offering 10 free stocks with a minimum deposit of two thousand dollars and six free stocks with a minimum deposit of a hundred dollars i were you are to sign up for both get a ton of free stocks uh

If you want to get the moomoo one you can sign up at stock moomoo that’s stock all right guys i hope you enjoyed this video don’t forget to hit the like button and subscribe and if you’re on youtube click the bell icon to click all so that you can get notified when i release my next video i hope you have a lot of success training and i will see you tomorrow you

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Palantir Earnings, Upstart Earnings, Stock Market News, Economic News, and More – Tuesday, Aug 8, 22 By Stock Curry – We Profit Day and Night

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5 common lifestyle choices that

5 Common Lifestyle Choices That Are Total Wastes Of Money

In this video, Tasha shares some ways to save money by cutting out some lifestyle choices that waste money.

I’m tasha from one big happy life on behalf of the financial sharing five lifestyle choices that are wasting your money. because i recommend budgeting, not by paycheck or by month, it’s much harder to plan that when your budget only reflects for the things that will help you build financial stability going to go, what you’re going to spend your money on, wasting your

Money in the moment due to bad decisions because number two, paying off low interest debt before you’ve pay-off, when it causes you to compromise your savings goals you see a lot of people focusing on paying off debt, is to build enough wealth over the course of your lifetime and you instead invest it, and say, get your employer it could have a really negative impact on

Your long term the calculations, because you know i already spoiled it. pay off that you can then catch back up later by putting and so, that’s true that you don’t have much of a choice but i do encourage you to think really hard about the choices is certainly not the absolute lowest cost of living place and it cost us double what the house in texas costs us. so right

Now we’re looking at other lower cost alternatives and yes, what that means is we are willing to move to a city and that your life can be better and easier, especially and having meals at home when you’re working a full time job, that is at least a third of what our grocery budget would willing to eat the same meal, because some people want like you get home, all the food

Is there for you to prep, so that they microwave and they reheat just as well. say 10 recipes, 10 great recipes that you absolutely love. and you also, there’s no denying that there is often an urge end, dry clean only suits, or things like designer cars. but outside of court, i made sure to dress as comfortably that i felt like would make me fit in better at work.

Wouldn’t promote me because i didn’t dress the way they felt so just be careful with the status symbol purchases, make sure that you’re purchasing them for the right reasons, made for those of you who have no shame in your nerd game. be sure to subscribe and hit that notification bell,

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5 Common Lifestyle Choices That Are Total Wastes Of Money By The Financial Diet

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why short sellers get spanked so

Why Short Sellers Get Spanked So Hard!

Link to join StockHub free investing discord server: –~–

You know i’ve tried to warn these little short sell it boys i try to warn them i told them they’re gonna get spanked i told him this over a week and a half ago i told them the stock market is ready to explode i told them that these earnings are going to be unbelievable in the short so they just didn’t listen they just didn’t listen and now they are absolutely

Getting spanked on their ass oh my word they’re getting spanked so hard oh my goodness facebook stock today up over 10% i’m gonna explain you guys exactly why short sellers you know are gonna continue to get spanked and exactly what you don’t want to do in short selling companies cheap all day a lot of people have been thinking they’re smart shorting chipotle stock

Recently all they’re gonna keep messing up this and that and chipotle stock up 25% today amd stock you know a stock that i’ve never been a fan of but i would never dare to short amd stock this stock was up over 12% as i’ve taken the screenshot i’m pretty sure today it closed up over a 14% amd shorts i’ve gotten absolutely destroyed i’ll show you this chart here for

Just a second okay this shows you s&p 500 short interest percentage of float it since 2007 right if you look here look at you know somewhere between 2009 and 2010 right the market bottoms in march of 2009 at that time look at what the short interest was people were thinking the markets are gonna go away south they were so far behind the ball and short sellers

Got absolutely destroyed okay now let’s look at some more stocks by do three plus percent today this is a chinese google as i call it up over 5% after-hours short sellers than that one i’ve gotten absolutely destroyed amazon some people think all main amazon’s overvalued this and that i would not dare to short amazon stock no matter what share price it’s at up over

Six percent after-hours and was up fifty seven dollars a share today and now after hours is up over ninety three dollars who knows it could go up over a hundred dollars a share tomorrow unbelievable guys short sellers again absolutely spanked now and they will continue to get spanked they they they have these hypotheticals and an economy is weak or something when

It’s like look at all the factual information all the factual information they says the economy is very strong taxes have been lowered that’s a massive boost to every single corporation out there right now as far as the american corporations go this makes all their earnings look you know even unmoor unbelievable if we’re even in like you know kind of a weak economy

Right now their numbers would still look unbelievable just because of the tax benefits but when you have a strong economy strong business results on top of a lot of these businesses are expanding on top of tax benefits oh my goodness guys you’re in a urine like a perfect storm situation for these earnings of companies to look absolutely unbelievable and that’s

Exactly what’s going on in shorts are starting to get spanked in such a big way now where you know that’s the first mistake shorts are making the second most of the mistakes shorts are making is the fact that shorts don’t really make money over the long term they don’t why because a short seller they need to make money in the short term ok a long term investor we

Can buy shares in a company we believe in for all these different reasons ok we can buy those shares if the shares go down in the short term ok we can lower cost basis we can buy more we can wait it out until our thesis comes true and those shares go up over time right and you know maybe 3 to 5 percent of time we’re wrong over the long term ok we can deal with that

Ok not every single time would be right but if 3 to 5 percent were wrong we can deal with that right the problem with these short sellers are they need everything to go down short-term because they got to pay interest on those short positions ok and they’re in a position when these starts doing these stocks start to go higher and they go higher and higher they have

To cover and take massive losses think about if you’re short amazon stock right now you’re you were shorted amazon last week or whatever think about how much you’re gonna be down already in your paying interest on that and the worst part is every day that amazon goes up you your your position just get begets gets worse and worse and worse and remember you can lose

Unlimited amount of money when you short shares you are going against the system and it’s a stupidest thing you could ever possibly do shorting shares can be phenomenal if you know exactly when the economy’s gonna go south in a huge way like you were shorting shares and let’s say 2000 the you know the end of 2007 you start short and shares because you believe

We’re gonna go into a huge crash if you happen to do that and you got out rate at the beginning of 2009 you could have made a lot of money but the issue is people don’t look at the factual information okay people don’t look at the factual information and these shorts get killed and say they do good on one-possession okay say they actually nail it on one position

They do good on one stock right the issue is then they try to find the next one and they get absolutely destroying that next one because it ends up not going their way because remember they’re betting against an entire executive management team they’re betting against an entire board of directors they’re betting against the fact that the stock market goes up over

Time they’re betting against the fact that government wants companies to do good they’re betting against literally the entire system when you’re betting against the entire system you man you better know what you’re doing in most short sellers have no clue what they’re doing they do not know how to look at factual information and decipher it because if they did they

Would understand that their deals like insane out there right now in the stock market and they’re gonna continue to get slaughtered and continue to get slaughtered right now and that’s the way it’s gonna be and a lot of times short sellers right now think they got such a smart short on i remember i was invested in companies named inez okay this inez company it was

Their biggest customers whole foods they had a lot of you know organic products and things like that like macaroni and cheese and pastas and all types of stuff cereals and whatnot in this company right it started weaken a bit because whole sales with you know where sales were weakened and i bet this was like four or five years ago all right so short start sellers

Start to short these shares because they think all you know start going down big time you know this is a high p/e company whole food shares are you know you know starting to go down and whole food sales are starting to go down whole foods that start in a weekend we’re gonna make a killing on shorten these shares and all it’s not a few months later the general mills

Ends up coming in and buying out a knees for a 37% premium and short sellers got absolutely destroyed they thought they were so smart betting that short-term amias was going to go down because of valuation concerns and this and that and then general mills comes in and buys them out and they get absolutely destroyed that’s another huge reason that short sellers lose

Money the majority of the time they’ll bet on a company and maybe their thesis is correct maybe that company is overvalued but the fact is you’re fighting against the market trends and you’re fighting against the chance that that company can get acquired by another company at a big premium it’s not even worth the risk it is not even worth the risk and you know

That’s just what it is guys in these short sales again spanked right now they’ll continue to get spanked and that’s just the way it is i try to warn them i tried to warn them last week you know but you know it is what it is so let me know anyways what you guys think about all this what’s going on out there in the market you know what shares are you buying out there

I’d love to hear from you guys do you own any other shares of these companies that have shot up over the past few days i would love to hear from you guys as always thank you for watching and have a great day

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Why Short Sellers Get Spanked So Hard! By Financial Education

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omg amazon buys whole foods shor

OMG AMAZON BUYS WHOLE FOODS! | Short Grocery Stocks?!

Link to join StockHub free investing discord server: –~–

Holy smokers guys amazon has just bought out whole foods this move came out of nowhere no one expected this move out of nowhere guys this is absolutely insane and we got to talk about is this like doomsday for every single grocery related retailer out there guys their stocks got hammered today we got to look at all this this is crazy guys so amazon to acquire whole

Foods for 13.7 billion deal allows outspoken whole foods co-founder to remain ceo as i would have expected activist investor jana partners has pushed the grocer of the whole foods there that’s one of their investments to seek a deal for a while now we look here in in retail got absolutely nailed that have anything to do with food right costco down over seven percent

$12 a share today costco is down obviously costco sells a lot of different food items and especially in bulk super value which owns a bunch of different grocery store brands i was down over 14% today kroger was down 9% also that one was down about 17% at one point walmart was down over 4% today these stocks just get absolutely nailed amazon was up over 2% today on

This move on investors obviously like this move whole foods went up over 29% so congratulations to if any whole foods shareholders are out there that are watching this congratulations to you guys on your big payout there so holy smokes has what does this mean for every single grocery related retailer out there it means death but not that tomorrow let’s be very clear

About this just because amazon has bought whole foods out now this doesn’t mean all of a sudden amazon’s going to dominate the grocery market tomorrow okay i’m sure my wife is still going to go to kroger tomorrow i’m sure she’s probably gonna go there next week next month probably next year the question is 3-5 years ago where she’s shopping that is the question

Guys and what you have here is a situation where amazon allows whole foods now to charge ridiculously low prices if they want they can literally start a food war a food fight work maybe it’s guess what whole foods already has it has the best brand name in the business the best brand name no one’s above whole foods as far as brand name what is expected as brand

Quality from their stores the beauty of their stores that are like freakin masterpieces anybody that comes from a retail industry can appreciate whole foods stores by lighting everything to set up it is beautiful it outclasses any retailer out there by far and it’s not even close guys as far as in the grocery store space so what you have is you have a huge brand

Name you have quality product right and now you have amazon come in and say you know what we don’t care if you either make the profit whole foods for the next 10 years we don’t care if you make any profit because we’re amazon we got the profits pouring in now and we want to win the grocery store game we want to win the grocery game that’s that’s tens of billions

Of dollars are spent on groceries food and drink every year right amazon wants to win that game they don’t care if they make a profit guys instead of selling cucumbers for two bucks if they got to sell them for 97 cents they’re going to do it they will do the move necessary so they can win over every single customer out there just as they’ve done in retail they

Will take the hit they will take the profit loss they don’t care because what they were is they want to monopoly in every single industry out there guys they wanted everything this is why i have been saving this channel for over a year now i cannot own any any retailer out there i can’t only any retailer out there guys because the issue i have with every single

Retailer out there it’s just a matter of time before amazon comes after you it’s just a matter of time and and i’m a long-term investor right i’m thinking years out i can’t get into any retailer because just think what if i invested in a grocery retailer i would obviously got hit in the short-term right you know that’s not fun to get hurt in the short-term but i

Don’t give a about short-term movements i care about the long-term i care about when i sell that stock three years from now four years for about five years from now what other share is going to be out there every retailer out there is in a long-term loss in the end because amazon’s coming you in they’re gonna beat you you’re not gonna you might be able to win

A couple wars here and there against amazon you’re not going to win the battle and i hate to break the news to every single retailer out there you will not win because retail at the end of the day what matters more than anything price price price guys price if i had this book here and i was selling it for $10 and amazon but i was also selling it for at walmart

For 20 bucks and i was also selling at target for 30 bucks where would everybody buy it they would buy my book on amazon without question because who the hell wants to spend $10 more shopping at walmart or $20 more at target guys the price matters in the end it matters more than anything amazon is able to come in there and get pete and so if you own any type of

Retailer how can you sleep at night knowing amazon’s lurking imagine if amazon came out tomorrow nudging you own the safe two of the most two retailers that are like fighting off amazon really well right now right or are seen as you know amazon’s not really too much of a threat to them are what those home-improvement retailers talk about home people i’m talking

About loubs if tomorrow well tomorrow’s saturday if monday morning amazon came out and they said we’re going to start taking home-improvement super serious we’re having a whole big home improvement section we’re redoing it all on our website we’re going to offer the lowest price as possible do you know what would happen at home depot and lowe’s stock the next day

They would get absolutely nailed short term and you know what would happen to them over the long term they would lose market share in market share because people would also also start seeing then that drill is cheaper on amazon rather than we go to home depot go to lowe’s i can just buy it on here it happens time and time again guys so that’s why i cannot bless

Any retailer out there because of this exact situation we had happen here where you know in hope in the whole foods amazon thing it doesn’t definitely make sense amazon wants to push into groceries big time they’re going to be able to do it now they can also put those amazon lockers into the whole food stores that they want which is really good actually in like

Urban areas where maybe a lot of packages get stolen and stuff so that’s big time around christmas time i know my old company kwik trip actually had one of those amazon lockers they were on the side of the stores i believe it was in the kansas city market so a brilliant move there guys so this is big time let me know in the comment section what you guys think like

Do any of these these food retailers have a chance i’m telling you over the long term they curiously don’t they really don’t know the long-term but the death is not happening tomorrow ok the death is not happening a year from now it’s going to happen three years from now five years from now seven years from now that’s when those numbers will start getting nailed

For all those retailers just like it happened with walmart and target and pretty much every retailer out there is on the ropes now at this point guys every ball retailer everybody also now their numbers are getting hit even though we knew that was coming for a while now this is just something we know it’s coming so all anyways do you guys follow me on snapchat

If you did you saw i actually bought some shares in the stock today let’s talk was it i thought some sheriffing go grow that stock is trading a ridiculous value right now i bought my shares for 777 because you know that’s just my lucky number but i bought one hundred and twenty eight shares thousand dollars worth i don’t ever do live trading or anything on this

Wall i’m not a traitor i’m a long-term investor so it’s kind of lame to per medium to show that but i did show it on snapchat just for the fun of it so i might start doing that more on snapchat might start actually showing like when i buy shares you know every once in a while hey i’m buying you know such and such shares i’m actually showing you guys and stuff like

That so follow me on snapchat if you actually want to see that stuff but once again i’m not a short-term trader so by the way a lot of people not a lot of people like five ten fifteen people talking a lot of today to me and that just amazes me though jeremy gopro shares are approaching 52 week low you suck blah blah blah it makes me people talk it just it’s

Like mind-blowing to me you never see me talk any as far as that goes like i’m up over a hundred percent on wynn resorts and you will see me popping champagne bottles do you or staying on the greatest god investor ever no because guess what i’m a long-term investor and and i know i can lose those games just like again gopro i’m down huge but guess what i know

I can come back he monstrously on that position and sell out two or three years from now and make an insane profit and and so it amazes me people like to talk but that’s the world we live so anyway hope you guys enjoy this book is linked in the description if you just came across this channel you may want to subscribe with our personal finance in the channel we

Talked entrepreneurship i’m an actual business owner i give away so many business tips we talk stock market investing more than anything thank you for watching guys and have a great day by the way guys one other thing i want to mention on sunday june 18th so a few days from now i have a very special video coming out it’s about my wife it’s about god it’s about my

Life goals like a really in-depth video that i stuff that i never talked about on this channel it’s really deep and whatnot so if you want to check that out you can i just wanna let you guys know it’s coming out sunday some of you might not get the notification for it because it’s not like a stock market or business related video so i don’t know if if youtube will

Really send it out there which is why i’m trying to promote the video so at least you guys are aware that’s coming out so hope you enjoy that bye you

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OMG AMAZON BUYS WHOLE FOODS! | Short Grocery Stocks?! By Financial Education

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