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former canopy growth ceo bruce l

Former Canopy Growth CEO Bruce Linton reveals his next move and reason for firing | Yahoo Finance

Thanks to Yahoo Finance for this video

Hi guys this is rich from rich to be live and i have to thank mark pepper for this video and let’s listen to why bruce linton was terminated and what his next move is from yahoo finance thank you mark for sharing this link reacting to the shocking house ting at the world’s largest marijuana company canopy growth when co-founder bruce linton was removed from the

Board and a ceo role in large part due to the influence of beer maker constellation brands which invested four billion dollars into canopy last year and has a strong presence on the company’s board earlier this week piper jaffray reiterated its outperform rating on canopy but trimmed its price target from 57 dollars a share to 54 dollars a share citing slower sales

Growth in all canopy shares have fallen by about 5% since linton’s departure with investors wondering now where the company heads from here as the ceo search to fill in this rule continues so for more on what could be in store and what’s next for linking is the man himself bruce lee from bruce bruce i’m sure by now you’ve had some time to step back and digest the

Board’s decision but in that time was there any one thing that maybe stood out to you as maybe why it came to this decision what exactly come on your show because i kind of feel like i’m talking to a bunch of people who are gonna start businesses uh-huh and they’re gonna use capital markets to do it so stuff you know you learn by living many companies the trade on

Exchanges are measured on earnings per share every 90 days that is that is the rism they’re supposed to be in and what’s supposed to happen is the earnings per share it’s supposed to increase every 90 days that’s that’s good model but there were other companies which are in a growth and creation mode i don’t know like maybe you know amazon might under that netflix

Were what they’re doing is they’re looking at what is the infrastructural requirement the content requirement how do they build this thing out and emerge as a massive dominant player but the earnings per share thing just doesn’t really apply for a while so you start reporting what’s called a justin ebit done i know that sounds boring but fundamentally when you’re

Running a company that tweeted canopy is still really in my mind a startup which has created a really good base in canada but even the opportunity in canada is still just beginning to open up with the new products coming up at the end of the year well you’re right man you’re right in that we have a lot of people who watch the show are entrepreneurs and they always

People who come on the show say that trust is a big thing when you’re taking money from investors i mean has their certain piece of your mind that thought you’d be safe by taking the constellation the four billion dollars we just talked about is there a piece of you that said oh maybe maybe i shouldn’t trusted then you know so marc and i is the co-ceo who’s hanging

Around for the transition you know we’ve thought about this in july/august we’re doing the deal because with five billion dollars remember they didn’t just give us or that four billion us dollars it was for seventeen percent of a company which was about five years old so like anytime zach you fire up a company and you work away diligently for five years and so he

Wants to give you five four billion dollars us for 17% that is a deal you really are gonna say yes – yeah and that comes with a few strings and one of them is that the majority of the board if you get that kind of deal will become the source of the capital because i got to keep track of the capital which we’ll name the bias will be towards whatever that might be

And in our case i was of the view this is a rocket ride that will measure earnings per share some time but not in immediately required time and i have five four billion us dollars in the bank so the point of that is to spend it yeah no i mean you mentioned that you mentioned that – and you kind of had the same freedom and we can talk about the acreage deal that

You kind of had sealed up there because that’s a similar thing we heard from a procedure kevin murphy saying you couldn’t turn it down you guys came to him with a great offer so he went with that but we’ll get into that in a sec i want to ask you before we leave constellation behind though that clearly they’re running the show now so did you get a sense of what

Endeavors seemed most important to that thinking i mean you were heavy on the push in the cbd expanding marijuana cultivation internationally and pushing in the us with the acreage deal but what about what they want what’s top of mind for constellation yeah i’m not really sure obviously if i knew all those things was totally aligned i’m probably wearing a canopy

Shirt today you really think what they’re looking at is a well-run business which they wish to have more structured and listen i i have this idea that massive creative energy focused on a field that’s just coming out of prohibition should be measured on intellectual property achievement novel creations of products as those will be the brand to differentiate a good

Versus a rural joint and that all these things come with a big cost and how much is it worth call me i’ll tell you all right that that is not exactly a rigorously run business that is a kind of go for really hard and that’s more my operating mode i think it’ll be a much more disciplined business and frankly if i was interviewing for it i’d be probably one of the

Weakest candidates it have because that is not my skill set to manage to an eps model and tweak it by pennies yeah yeah i mean let’s talk about that skill set too though because as you mentioned i mean you’re you’re more of the entrepreneurial type so when you look at what you might want to do now and we have the non-compete when it comes to canadian cannabis businesses

But when you look to the us there’s the non-compete guys you might want to work and compete ring through the growth stage right now they got them tied up what’s theirs i have an email which is genius it’s bruce at bruce linton calm super hard and keep track of but it’s getting filled up with a whole bunch of things and people think i should be involved with so i’ll

Look at some cannabis things i know i’m also looking at things like 5g and how that can affect things i’m looking at ai but i’m also trying to back up a little bit and that’s what i’m doing for the next week to say like the reason i started a cannabis company is what was fairly evidence there was gonna be this big change and we’re gonna be winners and losers but

Was gonna be an overall net growth sure and so i’m trying to look at and say what other macro things are happening around the planet from public policy whether it’s trade policy trade wars or whether its global warming and there’s going to be different neutral pattern xand oceans and that will mean there are winners and losers by geography and activities and so

Trying to look at a lot of these things to say when you’re applying your time you should actually make sure there’s a macro trend to which you can attach a number of actions that will turn into a business sure and i think canada’s yeah i’m interested in all those other topics when you look at those right now i mean in the cannabis space i mean that yeah clearly a

Few if you have an email like that i mean is there anyone out there in the keynote space that you’re interested in working with i mean that has reached out to you you would be potentially weighing now zach if i told you the answer you would never have me back in these days the stupidest guest ever that’s not sure it’d all be easier to reach you that’s for one thing

If you take very hard so i i will be involved in the cannabis space but i need to be selective and i’m not gonna kid myself like canape was a 100 million dollar market cap four or five years ago and it became in u.s. dollars you know 15 16 billion market cap that’s one of the fastest growth by valuation of an enterprise the territory creating businesses i don’t

Think i’m gonna get that twice so i need to be a fairly selective when where i go i will want to make sure that i can have direct influence and it’s gonna be a success so i’m gonna be a i’m gonna be quite fond full on reviewing them all right well it sounds like i mean it might be on a smaller side there so we’ll leave that for now but i mean one of the companies

That you are involved with right now martello technologies group we’ve seen shares in that company up 375 percent since you said just last week that you were gonna be helping them out and that really took off they had to say that there’s no real material change here and then the fact that you said you’re gonna be helping them out i’m surprised you’re not wearing

Martos shirt today is that weird i i don’t want to get too hot right like so martel is a very nice company everybody who listens this show is that you know they’re streaming stuff they’re dealing with video calls they’re dealing with video conferences they may or may not have a foamer an ip phone on it we make all that stuff way less annoying and functional and

We do it for corporations did you hear what he said if you want it to get too hot did you hear that leniency that’s a clue guys let’s you can buy companies by talking to one at a time or you can sign three or four or five up and make it binding on them and then figure out which one you want to buy you have been raised capital in different ways so what i’m doing

Is just taking some of the things that i’ve learned them a little bit more of my standard put the screws in as fast as you can and i think that when i you know i’ve been involved with that business for six years and so what i really want to do is make it into a solid serious business which could either make a good home in a private equity firm net or be a bigger

Market capital company but right now it’s just push push push and i like that push push push last weekend carrots go through push push push oh yeah i’m gonna take that shirt on a plate like get some lacquer or something and paint it up and so that we’re gonna put up in the wall because i think that sure it’s worth about 50 million bucks wow p.m. shirt is what i

Think a million dollar shirt makes so much bruce linton appreciate your taking time sir our hero thank you bruce linton my hero my hero honestly he’s my hero now let’s just take a look at cgc candy peru and let’s they did mention during the amazon’s that day it’s just they did mention that canopy growth is down five percent since he was terminated and martello is

Up i believe over 200 percent he wore the shirt it was at 18 cents we’ll take a look at martella right now but can it be growth down 1.5 8% today irony irony isn’t it and then martello i was a very interesting interview that’s the first time i’ve actually seen that interview to be honest with you and what he did say was he didn’t want it to go up too fast and get

Too hot too quick and he also said that right now it’s push push push did you hear that oh that is a very very very good interview so from 18 cents to 64 cents let’s do the quick matt so 18 to 36 would be 100% and then another 18 plus 36 is 46 that’s 54 so that’s 200% and then another 10 so we’re up like over 200% here on martello well over 200% since he wore the

Shirt and when it hit its high of 96 cents on this run it was up i believe over 400% it’s true bruce linton is the most powerful man in the cannabis sector and my prediction is that whatever company he goes to just like martello will explode and he did say he will be getting involved with some companies outside of canada but he said he will be selective so stay

Tuned we need to watch this man like a hawk i predict the next company he joins will also explode martello i believe will continue to explode i did say we’ll go to $1 it has gone to 96 cents from 18 cents my first video is at 26 and a half cents we are now at 64 cents i predict this will go to $1 and beyond you heard it here first from your boy rich thank you for

Watching hit that like button subscribe hit the buffer notifications i just set up a new youtube sorry a new twitter account rich tv 17 love to have you guys join i literally just set it up we’re gonna blow that one up and we’re gonna blow up everything we’re doing because we are on the rise subscribe to rich tv live thank you for watching if you’re not winning

You’re probably not watching we’re bringing the winners and we bring them to you first it’s true we brought you martello technologies we are watching bruce linton like a hawk whatever he joins next is going to be the next big winner so stay tuned if you guys hear something you gotta let me know so i can let the people know and remember if they win and you win and

I win we all win it’s true this is your boy rich or rich to be live and i’m out peace

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stocks tanking fast


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Well holy smokes folks we have uh stocks tanking into the clothes right now okay we’re going to talk about this uh kind of keep you guys up to date we’re going to look at a lot of different stocks what’s going on with them my perspective on this we’re going to talk about a lot of different stocks in this video so i hope you guys enjoy this as always if you don’t

Mind smash the thumbs up that helps our little youtube channel out in a massive massive way if you want to be subscribed to the channel hit that subscribe button if you want to have notifications on so you’ll be notified every time i drop a video on this channel you can do so we’re on the the path to 100 000 subscribers on this channel we will get there okay so uh

Yeah so it doesn’t look like a huge down day okay nasdaq’s down point eight four percent so a little less than one percent but i’m telling you the the the losses in stocks are so much greater than this okay i always tell you guys like you know if the nasdaq goes down you know let’s say one percent hypothetically which the nasdaq could finish down maybe one percent

Today right a lot of stocks are down you know double that triple that quadruple that but actually today’s much more severe because look at the russell look at the russell the russell’s down by 30 percent the russell’s really looking at a lot more of the small caps these stocks are getting devastated today absolutely obliterated okay i mean if the russell’s down

Three three percent that means a lot of stocks in the russell are going to be down four five six seven eight nine ten percent today i mean whoo i mean the market’s getting hit today guys not just the market but i mean like individual stocks okay so if we start out here oh yeah this is a one stock that maybe isn’t getting hit okay gtac gtac might be the one stock

That’s not getting hit okay just about everything other than gtac is getting hit hard today okay look at voyager okay voyager is a company with massive um upside potential long term here okay i’m gonna make my face smaller and put me put me over there voyager massive upside potential long term here right uh definitely a risk reward stock it comes with this risk

Right it’s a crypto brokerage uh you know they’re they’re you know trying to expand their business and do those sorts of things and become a big giant over time and so there’s massive upside potential but absolutely it comes with its risks right and um you know that stock today look at that almost 14 down but it’s a smaller company right two billion three billion

Dollar company and it’s just getting absolutely devastated by the way look at that russell it’s moving down even more look at the nasdaq now it’s approaching almost a one percent downward move here okay what a hit very good food company down ttcf oh man i might have to buy some more this one before the close here today guys um i might have to make a whole video

About tattoo chef and what i think is about to happen this summer time in regards to ttcf stock but um yeah i might have to buy some of that with that before they close but yeah that one’s taking a hit let’s check out corsair gaming crs r um and see what’s happening there of course they’re down 2.2 percent that’s another one i’m adding very aggressively right now

We’ll continue to their lock-up just came yesterday uh yeah yeah yesterday as far as a trading day yesterday was technically uh march 21st but obviously you can’t trade on a sunday so the other lock up going on right now there’s a stock that has definitely a lot of weakness in the short term but i love it and i love how i can just look at the corsair and then the

Next stock down is ttcfk uh if we look at uh old fobo fubu whatever you want to call it tv yeah this stock’s getting taken a major hit today my gosh look at this one at its peak up to 62 dollars at the peak there and then february it was at 52. my goodness this is a it’s a pretty it’s a pretty exciting company i looked into it a bit the hardest thing for me in

Regards to stock is just trying to figure out with this one like you know how much of a chance they have of fighting off all the competition because i mean they’re in this they’re in the sports space and there’s a lot of competition i mean there’s just no dang doubt about that right uh oh we got the class actions going on on fobo that’s never good okay skills is

Down four percent right now draftkings is down three percent you know dimension down almost eight percent jumia down over six percent oh look at palantir oh man palumpteer down uh four percent again so you know palantir let’s take a look at this one here obviously you can’t look back here because this is before the whole you know um you know the whole deal was

Announced i mean this is where it’s pretty much been trading at most of time i mean it’s almost at its lows since it was a public company it’s almost at its lows right you can’t look back here you have to look pretty much in here and on and i mean it you know at 23 ish it’s pretty much at its lows you know this is one of those stocks if it goes under 20 i think

I’m gonna have to buy it i think i will you know um i’m still just trying to fully wrap my head around what the realistic opportunity is you know obviously there’s a lot of excitement around this talk everybody’s like this is the next 10x 20x stock and things like that but for me i gotta really wrap my head around like what the full bullish thesis is there um

How much realistic tam can they get to total addressable market you know obviously a company in their space you you can just say well the whole market’s there tam right but it’s like okay what’s the realistic tam what can they really get into and things like that no different than let’s say a corsair gaming for me right uh you know their gaming company obviously

They’re streaming and other products as well but i can’t just say like the whole gaming market is corsair’s tam because it’s not realistic right corsair is never going to get 100 of that damn right logitech’s going gonna get some razer’s gonna get some some other random companies will get some right so you know with something like a palantir i have to say okay

What’s realistic how many of the fortune 500 will use them and how much will the fortune 500 companies use them okay and is there an opportunity where this company can ever get into more mid-sized businesses and small businesses over time okay because that’s obviously you know big potential there oh look at cciv stock okay this one this is a lucid lucid air one

I’m being patient with this one this is a stock i could end up buying down the road i really could i could really end up buying this down the road that that market cap is not correct okay as not a correct market capitalization their mark capitalization right now is probably between 30 billion and 40 billion dollars okay a lot of people are getting fooled when they

See this market cap on yahoo finance and some other websites as well and they just don’t they haven’t accurately uh put it in essentially unfortunately so you know some people are getting fooled they look at you know lucid on yahoo finance for some others and like oh it’s only a six billion dollar company oh my gosh i like throw money in and believe me if if lucy

Was trading at six billion i’m buying the stock left and right because it’s just like the risk reward’s too dang attractive but that’s not the case this company’s trading likely between a 30 billion and 40 billion dollar valuation right now okay so it’s definitely a little rich for me at the moment but if this one keeps falling um i will i will probably pick up

Some shares this one i will take that leap of faith it just you know it’s all about that risk reward um you know with a stock like this so now growers down seven percent this is what i haven’t got to look into i call it bingo stock um even though it has nothing to do with bingo just the ticker symbol i haven’t got to look into that one yet it’s interesting look

At neo today neo’s not down a ton maybe it has to do with the fact that neo is a i mean four percent still four percent right uh maybe it has to do with the fact that neo is a you know 64 billion dollar company now as far as market capitalization and it’s really the russell that’s getting hit the worse but you know this is what i talk about when i talk about

Stocks like tesla or neo or some of these others whatever happens in the nasdaq it’s going to be 2x 3x 4x worse for those stocks that’s why i really think it’s really dangerous to to margin out for these type of stocks i mean a lot of stocks in general but specifically these ones just because like if the nasdaq sells off 10 let’s say hypothetically right let’s

Say over the next month uh the nasdaq sales have 10 percent tesla’s going to be down 20 30 percent neo is going to be down probably 40 to 50 percent and so you know in the short term if you get margin calls and things like that it can get really ugly really fast and the next thing you know you have to sell some stocks you love at some really really bad prices

Right and so that’s why i kind of like you know it that’s definitely scary now on the the upside of course if the nasdaq goes up another 10 percent tesla’s going to be up 20 to 30 percent likely and neo is going to likely be up 40 to 50 percent that’s just the way it works okay so yeah by the way let’s check out tesla see tesla’s like you know this is actually

A good day for tesla the fact that the nasdaq’s down one percent and tesla’s only down one point six percent is actually really good day for tesla because usually if if it’s a downward day like a nasdaq down one percent day tesla’s usually down two or three percent if not four percent um it depends but usually it would you know historically from what i’ve seen

Tracking this all the time because obviously um you know i have maybe a half million dollars or so in tesla stock obviously it’s a stock i track you know usually tesla’s going to be down 2x to 3x whatever the nasdaq’s down so the fact that it’s not at that level right now is actually that’s actually a bullish sign for tesla stock in the short term at least it’s

Actually pretty good looking amazon today amazon’s actually up today guys interesting okay very interesting netflix is up today it is interesting isn’t that that’s that’s intriguing right facebook’s not down very much only down point five percent apple’s only down point five percent the amazon’s up on the day netflix is up on the day and google’s up on the day

That’s interesting right very very intriguing there guys ah that’s like that’s that’s um yeah that’s just you know a weird trading day very strange trading day when you get some of these companies up like this let’s check out shopify today let’s see what’s going on with ticker symbol shop i would love to see what’s going on with shopify so shopify is down but

It’s down actually a lot less in the market but this is another huge company so maybe it’s a scenario you know what i when i start to kind of see something like this by the way i had to put my hat backwards because you know big down day we have to put our hat backwards look at that nasdaq continues to sell off more and more down down uh 1.1 percent um you know maybe

It’s a day where people are saying get out of small caps get into the big dogs um you know and that’s just maybe kind of like a fear you know coming from a fear perspective like we’ve got to run out of these stocks and run into these stocks essentially because you look at a lot of these bigger market caps and they’re actually performing well right look at even

Tesla tesla was down more than the market but like i said usually tests down 2x to 3x the market on a down day like this and shopify is not even down you know half as much as the nasdaq’s down amazon’s up google’s up you know this is where things get really interesting look at zoom stock zoom stock today’s up isn’t that interesting wow we got to pull this up zm

Here very intriguing zoom stocks at not just up it’s having a great day it’s up 3.4 here today wow let’s look at the ford p on zoom i’m actually pretty interested 87 4p wow you know that’s that’s pretty darn intriguing there guys that i will say i mean who would have expected that on a day when the nasdaq’s down like that for zoom to be up 3.3 percent interesting

Docusign has got a small gain today square is down about two percent crowd strikes down let’s check out um there’s another stock i want to check out here oh dropbox i want to see dropbox today see what’s going on dropbox is up look at that not up a lot but it’s up a half a percent you know this is a stock that i’ve always felt like this this year and next year

Are the years for dropbox talk i’ve always felt like you know that’s why i wanted to buy this one heavily in the back half of 2020 because i always felt like this was the year for dropbox and next year as well in terms of the stock really roaring i don’t like to make a lot of short-term predictions but i always felt like this was kind of and you know you look at

The six-month chart it’s clear like things are starting to play out for dropbox i mean you know this stock was 17 bucks 18 bucks back in november and ever since then it’s just been on a climb climb climb climb climb all the way till now today is trading at 27.47 so that’s a you know from where was that in october november 17 18 a share to now to be a 27 that’s a

That’s a nice climb for dropbox so i always felt like this is kind of that year for them but yeah i think i got to talk about what’s going to happen with tattooed chefs starting this summer because i think some interesting things are happening there but anyways hope you guys enjoyed the video like this where we run through a bunch of stocks on what’s kind of going

On here let me know if you guys enjoy a video like this maybe i could do um some stuff like this in the future with some crazy trading days like today where we’re getting a massive move down the russell well over three percent so yeah i hope you guys enjoyed this if you don’t mind smash that thumbs up that helps our little youtube channel out in a massive massive

Way i appreciate you guys if you want to subscribe you can do so you want to apply for my private stock group that’s linked in the description and it might even be the ping comment down there much love and peace

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micron and snapchat continue sto


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Ladies and gentlemen two of the more popular stocks in the entire stock market will not stop bleeding okay we’re gonna talk about micron stock here today we’re going to talk about snapchat stock both of these stocks are very popular okay micron is one of the most held retail investor names i’ve seen a long long time in snapchat shares are held by a lot of younger

Investors so i want to talk about both of these they’re bleeding will not stop these shares continue to go down we’re gonna look at what these stocks did today we’re going to look at why these stocks dropped another big leg downward today and then i’m gonna give you my opinion on both of these stocks if i’m willing to buy either one of these stocks and at what

Price i would be willing to buy these stocks s so i hope you guys enjoy this and let’s get into this guys so both of these stocks that you had very tough days once again okay mu fell another four plus percent today and then after hours i haven’t got to see why it’s down after hours but it’s down another 1% plus after hours and that looks legit because if you look

At the bid and ask they’re very close together so it doesn’t look like it’s a typo or anything and then snapchat shares went down nearly seven percent today okay absolutely disgusting day for snapchat shares micron stock is down over thirty percent in the past three months alright that is a really really rough and unfortunately a lot of micron shareholders have

Gotten in with in the past you know three to six months as the stock continued to rise it tracked a lot of names into it and they have just been you know absolutely slaughtered so far in the past five days this one is down nearly 16 percent alright so micron just in disaster mode their snapchat shares are down well over 30 percent in the past three months thirty

Over thirty two percent to be exact in the past five days this one is down nine percent and if we look here in snapchat literally today hit its all-time low of eight dollars in ninety cents alright so it’s just a disaster for both of those stocks over the past few months alright so now let’s get into why micron stock fell and then i’ll give you my opinion on and

Then we’ll look at snapchat and i’ll give you my opinion on snapchat micron is leading memory orientated stocks downward and wednesday session after another analyst expressed concern about the supply and the demand of the industry goldman sachs analyst mark delaney downgraded grunts chairs to neutral from by on wednesday warning of lower memory average selling

Prices oversupply in nand in a more challenging supply in demand balance on the dram side all right this is a quote from him memory downturns usually last several quarters and you can see acceleration and price declines as customers delay in wait for lower prices when possible causing a snowball effect that can leave downturns to be worse than initially anticipated

By investors delaney wrote he said the downturn that began in 2015 lasted six quarters with prices falling by fifty percent from the high point all right delaney’s comments come a day after rbc capital markets analyst downgraded wdc stock to perform from outperform in general there’s been a concern about memory stocks in recent weeks micron warned of nan pricing

Issues at the recent conference they just did a conference last week you can check that out on microns investor relations page if you’re interested in that ok micron this is a stock right now that is trading at a forward p/e of 3.6 3.6 that’s one of the lowest forward peas i’ve ever seen in a stock that has a market cap you know over ten billion dollars it’s around

Fifty billion dollar market cap company i don’t believe i’ve ever seen a forward pea that low that is ridiculous guys a three point six all right micron this is a stock that back in 2016 was a ten dollar stock all right nine dollars and fifty six cents back back in may of 2016 all right so here’s here’s here’s kind of my take on micron okay why are my crosshairs

Continuing to crash why are buyers not stepping up to this one it’s at a three point six p like like how how much cheaper can the stock possibly get like it does it go to a two does it go to a one for p like this is ridiculous right when i look in my crosstalk there’s a huge issue i see with the stock okay not necessarily with the company but with the stock the

Issue is fund managers the big fund managers that have a lot of money to deploy that could really get this stock to go up in a major way right they’re looking at this stock and they’re saying why do i want to be involved with this stock and why would i want to buy into these chairs because they look at this stock and they say we no memory prices is falling okay

It doesn’t matter if you’re a bowl on my crum or you’re a bear in the short term at least we’re gonna see memory pricing falling that is factual information that’s what we’ve heard from everybody out there okay and even the most bullish people on micron believe this all right so the way fund managers are looking at this is they’re saying these shares might go to

$10 or $20 because it you know the stock might just continue to fall the the pricing might get weaker and weaker there might be way too much supply and not enough demand out there so we don’t want to touch the stock because who wants to jump in a stock in the 40s that may be a few months from now or maybe a year from now is a $20 stock or may if things got really

Ugly it could become a ten dollar stock again so that’s the way fund managers are looking at this right now i’m saying why do i even want to get involved with that it’s not worth it all right now if you’re a long shareholder of micron stock okay if you’re a long shareholder and micro stock and you plan on owning the stock for years to come in the future let’s say

You plan on holding this for the next five ten years does it really matter to you if the shares are let’s say thirty dollars next month or if they’re fifty dollars next month it really doesn’t intend to you as a long shareholder okay so anybody that out there that holds micron shares i’m sure this could be frustrating for you guys to see your stock continually

Go down in with you know the numbers have been phenomenal the company’s been doing the execution has been phenomenal the peas ridiculously cheap i know it can be frustrating but if you’re looking at and you’re in you really believe in mike ross shares let’s say you really believe in this company next five to ten years you believe you know demand for memories is

Gonna go up and up and up which it probably will because of you know all the the growth vectors out there you know a i coming we could talk about self-driving cars like all that type of stuff okay you know more data centers all that type of stuff right we can say you know memory memory demand out there will continue to probably go up for you know decades to come

So if you’re a long shareholder a micron and you’re looking at this stock you can probably be frustrating but at the same time can you really be mad at the psyche does it really matter if the shares are at $30 or $50 next month it doesn’t it really doesn’t other than making yourself feel good right so so you know that’s kind of my take if you’re long shareholder

Now if you’re a short-term trader of grond stock i would be worried right now this one’s an absolute falling knife okay we know things are getting weaker and weaker as far as the pricing and you never know where these shares can go in the short term this could be a $30 stock $20 stocks so if you’re trading it short-term you know there’s definitely a lot to be

Worried about here it’s a falling knife absolutely it’s the you know if there was a you know an example in the dictionary of what a falling knife is in the stock market laying micro on stock would be that it’s down over 30% in the past three months but on the flip side if you’re a long shareholder does it matter does it really matter where the shares go in the

Short term if you really believe in this company for the long term it is what it is it’s a super low p/e stock maybe memory pricing falls and they aren’t as profitable in 2019 or 2020 as some people thought well maybe 20 21 22 22 it you know they pick up it just depends out there mike ross shares i’ll tell you the the price point i would be willing to start buying

Micron shares for myself first let’s talk about snapchat so snapchat stock you know has been an absolute disaster as we talked about there are a couple reasons why this one continues to fall here today in analyst richard green fell he ended up taking his price target on snapchat shares down to $5 he believed this is going to be a $5 stock more than 40% below it’s

Already depressed share price he recommends investors sell snapchats parent company snap he wrote in a report that he has tired of snapchats eggs excuses for missing numbers greenfeld said he was no longer willing to give management time to figure it out how to make money with snapchat wall street is increasingly nervous about snapchats future because of intense

Competition from instagram as we’ve you know talked about many times all right now just a couple days ago another top executive at snapchat left okay so con who’s a snapchats chief strategy officer announced plans to lead the company according to a regulatory filing on monday khan was a former analyst at credit suisse in jp morgan he joined snapchat in 2015 the

Company said an sec filing that khan will stay on during the intern period and that he was not leaving snapchat because of any disagreements with executives but khan joins a growing list of executives that a bolted from snapchat in the past year or so chief financial officer left in may and was replaced by tim stoney if former amazon executive he’s president of

Product tom conrad said in january that he was leaving and snapchats engineering guru stuart mouse stepped aside in may to join tesla alright snapchat hasn’t had a chief operating officer since emily white left the company in 2015 they definitely do get one of those in my personal opinion they’re so you know in microns case in in snapchats case i would be willing

To buy these companies at a certain price okay snapchat shares i would be willing to take a risk on this one just because it’s kind of like a spec stock place so let’s say you know i still was planning on maybe putting some more money in tesla but tesla’s kind of shot up since i bought you know tests on friday so i would maybe be willing to put that extra test

Of money in snapchat but i need this one to fall to $7 or below okay so who needs to fall a dramatic amount more for me to say okay it’s willing to take a risk at this particular price all right and i’m not that interested in that one okay i’m not even that interested in mu but i would be willing to probably buy mu if this one fell to around $30 a share maybe a

Little under $30 this year i would personally be willing to step up and start buying mu shares somewhere around there okay that’s kind of my view on mu that’s kind of my view on snapchat there enough stocks i’m really that interested and a lot of people have tried to get me to buy mu share so many times in the comments section in my private stock market membership

Group i’ve had friends you know that our big mu shareholders tried to get me to buy this one i haven’t been interested to buy it just because i’m on the camp of who knows where memory pricings fall and that’s the scariest thing no one knows where the bottom is gonna be at everybody knows it’s going down just no one knows where the bottom is really gonna be and you

Know times only gonna tell where you know the bottom ends up there guys so let me know your opinion on either one of these stocks micron snapchat is there any price you would buy either one of those stocks do you already own those stocks you plan on buying more do you think there are a great price here i would love to hear from you guys down there in that comment

Section by the way if you want a video on my opinion of the apple launch today go ahead and check out my other tech channel it’s called regular guy tech and i post a video there are given my opinion on apple products and all that type of stuff that happen today and as well as what the top-selling iphone and maya we’ll end up being for apple this upcoming year

Thank you for watching have a great day

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marijuana legalization 420 vanco

Marijuana Legalization 420 Vancouver

Marijuana Legalization 420 Vancouver – 4/20/17- 4K

Hey guys we are live for 20 crazy beautiful girl where come keep walking down keep a way out there in the end zone there there’s throwing joy but only the people sitting down i strong everybody must get stoned if you’ve got too many joints and someone sitting next to us no choice make sure they get a joint too try to get to the edges now try to walk out

To the edges and get the people who are at the edges who are sitting down at the edges literally everybody must get stoned here trying hey carly marley over to the right there’s the people that leads to the right there try to walk through there walk down right to the end charlie do get to the end there’s some people there look very stressed out not relaxed at

All the nice thing about cannabis is makes you relaxed hungry happy inspired and focused and in the right mindset for gathering in large numbers and protesting it justice and creating a new world inside the dying husk of the old one some important fact to remember are nobody’s ever died of an overdose trying to get it over there and when he has ever died of an

Overdose there’s no real withdrawal symptoms to speak of except you miss it now hold on a sec we’re going to try to light these all at 419 at the same time so that we have a big cloud going on all at once probably got now it’s four-thirty we got seven minutes left make sure everybody has a joint in their hands and everybody has a lighter gear bah get ready and

Light them all at the same time at 419 where are your bloody boards friends even over here is celebrate canada we’re also here to protest prohibition because while we got everything here today free a lot of our friends are behind bars was still being arrested every single day to take us well we’re still free i face life in prison myself i might not be free for

Long i’ll be with my husband marco in toronto but i promise you all that we activists here will not stop fighting for your freedom we deserve justice and equality we are peaceful people and we’re here to celebrate this beautiful culture that the government intends to keep criminalizing call your representative and tell them to let the cannon caboki freeze no more

Marijuana arrest though prison for pots amnesty for everybody who’s been unjustly demonize and persecuted under these laws because look at you you’re beautiful you’re peaceful we love each other and we love this let’s get soooo signal and cal ottawa that no matter how much they try to keep us down they tried to bury us they didn’t know we were seized overgrow the

Government legalize cannabis for real we are gonna keep breaking the law out the open till all the wawas are gone all the flower criminals are free we’re not gonna stop until we have export and import right sue ruis lbc but all over the world we want marijuana tourism we want but and breakfast sorry we want the marijuana tax and we don’t want to be limiting 30

Grams we want we don’t want to be living at the 30 pound what time we got one more minute left let me just tell you this is beautiful you’re beautiful don’t let anybody tell you you’re crazy or you’re stupid you’re intelligent you made a smart choice to use cannabis alright we still got two minutes left does everybody got their lighter okay we’re gonna do this

All the one to go show them what organized crime really really means we’re organized crime and we’re proud we are so organized we manage to have this go on every year with no major injuries no major issues just a little bit a letter that the city sometimes forgets to pick up no problem other than red eyes and dry mouth and you know what we don’t need a car for

That we can handle that well on our own thank you

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Marijuana Legalization 420 Vancouver By RICH TV LIVE

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7 additional habits of highly ef

7 Additional Habits of Highly Effective People | BeatTheBush

Achieving your goals often means hard work and planning ahead. I have been able to (for the most part) completely one YouTube video a day while holding a full time job. I must say this is not impossible to do but it is very difficult. Through this trying exercise, let me share with you the various strategies I used to maximize the time I have to complete all the important tasks that I have.

How’s it going i’m brady this is be the wish you may have already read a book called the seven habits of highly effective people so today i’m going to share with you seven brand new habits of highly effective people the way i got these ideas is really just based on self reflection where i actually work a full-time job and actually produce one youtube video every

Single day now sometimes i might even go on a weekend trip that’s two to four days long and other times i might actually be gone for a whole week and yet i am still able to do one video a day this is just really due to effective planning and sometimes i might even do two videos in one night in preparation for the vacation days that i might be taking in the future so

Now let me share with you the seven new habits of highly effective people the first one is whenever you eat a meal try to eat 50 to 75 percent full only now this is really hard for me to do myself as well because most of time when i sit down for a meal i want to be full i don’t want to just eat a little bit because then i would feel like unsatisfied well sometimes my

Urge to get something done it’s bigger than my appetite so then i would actually force myself to not eat that much the reason for this might be completely obvious but the main goal here is to not get food coma if i eat 75% or less basically i can work at full speed really really quickly after eating a meal therefore i’m not wasting any time in contrast if i eat at

100% i might be like really lazy for the next hour hour and a half or even two hours so this is the time wasted where i just have to lounge around and go oh i’m too full and like watch tv or something and this is a lot of wasted time so forcing yourself to eat a little bit less does take a little bit of willpower but you don’t have to think of it as completely not

Eating it you’re just delaying eating the rest of this 25 percent until a little later you can very well just eat half right now do your business where you have a lot of busy things to do so you don’t get tired and then after you finish something eat the other half then you can just keep on going on without getting food coma the second thing you can do to be highly

Effective is to actually have a five-year plan most people do not have a five-year plan of what they see themselves becoming the important thing here is to just envision yourself it can be quite grand if you want the important thing is to not wait until you’re ready all maybe if you’re overweight oh i’m going to wait until i slim down until you start something you

Really need to have the plan now and start executing it today even if it’s a tiny tiny thing that you’re doing like maybe you want to get an email address for our business or something or maybe you want to research how to start a business if you do just a few minutes a day you’re going to get there this is actually the third item no matter what do not do nothing

Because the first day we do nothing and then you go oh i miss one day let me miss another day and do nothing and before you know it it’ll be a full year of doing nothing and before you know it will be ten years of doing nothing just promise yourself that no matter what do not do nothing every single day make sure you do one minute even one minute is enough towards

Your goal and you’re eventually going to get there the importance of this is that yes even one minute is not that much but once you get into the habit you’re going to go oh yeah i started this the hardest part is starting the process of doing whatever you want to do towards your goal once you start this you’re going to go oh yeah this is not so hard and the next

Day you might go oh i can do two to five minutes and then the day after that or maybe a week after diet you get so comfortable with it that you can maybe do half an hour or 60 minutes towards your goals the fourth thing is to always remain positive but within reason you don’t want to be so optimistic that you think you cannot fail and everything will be just fine

However you also don’t want to be on the other side of the spectrum where you’re just your own naysayer where you think you cannot do anything the important thing here is of course to have realistic goals and just try to do it the most important thing is to try the fifth habit of highly affected people is that you need to have a worthy reason towards your goal

Whatever goal you’re reaching for for example early retirement maybe you’re doing it for your family etc it’s important to know what that goal is no matter what it is you really need to have a goal to work towards because if you do not you do not have a driver to get you there the sixth item is that you need to be very wary of the time things in your life if you

Run a business you may have some clients that are extremely high maintenance and they require a lot of your time and yet they bring in very little revenue or maybe not at all so you really have to have an eye for this type of client because if one single client takes up half your time and it’s only bringing in one percent of your revenue then you must know that

This is not really good effective use of your time at some point you might actually have to review service to these type of clients because you have a lot of other science lined up that are more reasonable usage of your time if you don’t run the business there’s also a personal time equivalent of this where you need to kill off excessive usage of your time for

Example excessive watching of tv or excessive hanging out with friends these two things could be a huge time sink because if you just pop down on your couch and watch tv for the rest of the night well you’re not going to do anything else if you always hang out with friends every single night of the week well yeah you can also not do anything else other than just

Hang out with friends so when i say excessive if you want to do something better with your time if you want to of course then you really have to limit these excessive usage of time and possibly trim those down so that you can do something that you want to do the 7 thing that you can do to be highly effective of course is to optimize your time every person may have

A lot of different tasks that they need to complete the idea here is to optimize your time and pick the ones that are most worth your time you do this by estimating the time it takes for each task and also the reward associated with it of course the things with the most reward and the least amount of time you want to prioritize sometimes there will be things that

Are not very rewarding and yet it will take time as well the impacts are also important it’s sort of like an investing in your future so you really also need to put a little bit of time in those tasks as well also remember to not get carried away with your to-do list because you might just cross them off and you go yeah i’m on a roll and then you just keep on adding

Stuff to your to-do list you’ll find out that your to-do list never ever end it’s just going to keep on going and you’re going to have more and more stuff to do on it the idea here to cut down on the to-do list is sometimes you can just decide not to do that item there may be certain reasons why you don’t want to do it or maybe it’s not worth your time you could

Possibly do one task and make a lot of different tasks irrelevant lastly don’t forget if you want to save time on doing individual tasks always look for ways to automate that task i hope you enjoyed these 7 tips on how to be more effective don’t forget to give me a like on this video comment down below let me know if you use some of these tips and tricks already if

You’re interested in supporting my channel you can try out audible free for 30 days and if you don’t like the service or the book you can cancel and you will not always think in fact you can get this audible service and get that 7 habits of highly effective people book effectively getting this audiobook for free and you can help benefit this channel as well also

About thursday free talk we’re gamefly down below it’s kind of like a netflix for video games you can borrow a game if you’re interested in trying out some game and if you don’t like the game you can cancel it before the trial period expires and you will not always think i’ll have a pay turn over here and don’t forget to subscribe thanks for watching

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7 Additional Habits of Highly Effective People | BeatTheBush By BeatTheBush

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electric royalties ltd tsxv elec

Electric Royalties Ltd. (TSXV: ELEC) (OTCQB: ELECF) – RICH TV LIVE

Electric Royalties Ltd. (TSXV: ELEC) (OTCQB: ELECF) – RICH TV LIVE – #electricroyalties #lithium #richtvlive #richtv #stocks #pennystocks #investing #business #news #copper

Want to learn about stocks cryptocurrencies nfts and the metaverse join rich tv dot io hey guys how you doing this is your boy rich from rich tv live and interactive and i want to bring your attention to e-l-e-c-f in america e-l-e-c in canada electric royalties limited we love royalty companies we love anything to do with electrification of vehicles as

The world goes electric we need to identify companies that are undervalued unappreciated underexposed that are going to benefit from the electrification of vehicles and how about electric royalties limited put on your radar put on your watch list we think it has a chance to be a big winner and we’re going to talk about it right here exclusively on rich tv don’t

Touch that dial let’s take a look at electro royalties limited all right i want to bring your attention to electric royalties that’s the website you can see the symbol elec on the tsxv and on the otcqb in america e-l-e-c-f also important to take a look at all their socials this is their linkedin right here royalties on metals that will benefit from the drive

To electrification value through long-term sustainable investments and right here this is their twitter we are following them on twitter electric royalties is a royalty company set to take advantage of the demand for a wide range of commodities that will benefit from the drive to electrification this is their youtube we’ve subscribed to their youtube this

Is their facebook right here and we like their facebook now let’s take a look at them on weeble they’re currently at 29 cents and we’re gonna mark this chart up so first and foremost it’s been as high as 45. that’s the high high i always like to mark the high high and the low low and the low low is about 13 cents so the low low is 13 high highs 45 and we’re

Currently sitting right at kind of kind of in the middle right at 29. so what this tells me as an investor is if it dips i’d like to kind of get in on a dip on these dips you want to buy it and if it rips back up to that 45 cent mark or even like around that 39 cent mark that’s typically where it’s starting to get a little bit of resistance so if you’re looking

To take a trade i’d like to get it in on a little dip if it dips back to like this 22 cents or lower range buy it and then if it rips back up to that 30 cent 39 to 45 cent range that’s typically where it’s getting resistance you can also see here on the rsi that it’s made a nice big move up and it’s actually sitting very close to the cell zone and the rsi at 66

So maybe if you get a chance if it does dip try to buy it on the dip because it is getting to a zone where typically the cell zone here the 66 zone is typically where they’re going to be a lot of selling pressure not saying you can’t go higher anything’s possible big news could come and just rip it through but as a trader it’s always important to look at the rsi

And try to buy when it’s at like around 30 rsi or lower and try to sell when it’s at like a 65 or a higher rsi and you can clearly see that when it got to that boat that 35 rsi was right when it was about 22 cents so that looks like a great entry point and you can see it’s made this little move up here uh from 22 cents to 29 cents just in the last little while

Here like in the last few weeks you can see this trend up from that 22 cent zone all the way to the 29 cent zone so some news might continue to rip this up this momentum might continue uh you can see here on the macd that the orange line crossed the blue and it’s going up and it looks extremely bullish so this channel basically looks like it’s going to continue

To go higher so we’re going to watch it very very closely and see if that continues this is their corporate presentation and you can find it right on their website this is the corporate presentation and you can see here electric royalties why invest in electric royalties a growing portfolio of royalties on metals required for the drive

To sustainable electrification lithium manganese zinc copper nickel tin graphite cobalt and vanadium exponential growth forecast in demand for clean energy metals management team and advisors with proven track record in creating value for shareholders revenue generating royalty portfolio and we love royalty companies in this type of market environment you can

See here the different areas of focus so a lot of different metals you can see the different countries canada australia united states africa and europe and you can see the share structure cash and debt position one of the things i want to bring to your attention zero debt that’s huge zero debt is something we look for 1.5 million in cash and cash equivalents

And a 22.9 million market cap so a baby market cap and 93 million shares issued outstanding 7 million warrants sorry 7 million options 22 million warrants and fully diluted 123 million shares so a tight and responsible share structure it’s very important to us here at rich tv this is their royalty portfolio so very impressive royalty portfolio as you can

See and you can see the development stage the mineral the royalty the location the operator and the market cap so we love royalty companies because they don’t have to spend any money actually drilling they just invest in companies that are essentially pulling the metals out of the ground and they help them give them some bridge funding essentially and get a

Piece of the royalty it’s it’s a great business model we love this model and we’ve seen other success stories in this industry as well key upcoming project catalyst so it’s always important to know as an investor what’s coming up you can see here lots coming up here q2 2022 seymour lake lithium update mineral resource estimate q2 2022 gramata graphite update

Mineral resource estimate q2 2022 battery hill manganese preliminary economic assessment now we’re talking about the the quarter we’re in q3 2022 mont sorcier vanadium preliminary economic assessment 2022 off the a lithium feasibility study early 2023 can set lithium inaugural mineral resource estimate and q1 2023 mont sorcier vanadium feasibility study and

2023 zonia copper pre-visibility study so lots to look forward to a lot of catalysts for electric royalties the clean energy transition is mineral intensive you can see the breakdown and the importance there low technologies will demand a higher percentage of the world’s mineral production so you can see here the trend and the 2050 projected annual demand

From energy technologies as percent of 2018 or 2019 annual production now i also wanted you to look at their latest news so latest news right here on september 6th electric royalties closes zonia copper royalty acquisition on september 12th elec announces filing a preliminary economic assessment for mont sorcia you can find that all on their website at just click on latest news and you can get access to all of that you can also take a look at the us symbol e l ecf is the us symbol and i wanted to show you the three-month chart because this chart looks extremely bullish to me you can see it’s been as low as 10 cents been as high as 24 and it’s really holding strong at this level so this looks

Extremely bullish to me and it looks like it is going to most likely continue higher based on the trend based on the news based on everything that’s happening so we’ll keep you updated on that as well that’s the u.s symbol e-l-e-c-f for electric royalties in america and once again the corporate presentation that we’re looking at royalty company advantages the

Royalty streaming business model has been proven to outperform mining companies and they don’t have all the overhead that mining companies do so you can see all the advantages of royalty companies over mining companies royalty companies do not operate mines nor need large and highly specialized teams to carry out on their regular course of business diversifies

Investments and mitigates risk royalties are generally registered against mineral titles and lower risk royalties are typically based on revenues and paid irrespective of underlying profitability with no further capital outlay required this is why royalty companies should be on your radar and should be on your watch list right here right now this is the process

Of acquiring royalties electric royalties payment to acquire a mining royalty then they work with the mining company and payment is invested in the mining operation and then the mining company gives a royalty of cash flow for the life of the mine i love this model estimating annual royalty cash flow royalty rate times annual production times metal price equals

Gross revenue royalty otherwise known as grr and transport refining and or smelter costs etc you just minus that and that equals the net smell to royalty otherwise known as the nsr and you can see our lithium royalty assets are primarily in eastern canada a major hub for battery plants so you can see the areas of focus a north american battery initiatives and

You can see their lithium portfolio lithium prices up 290 percent year over year clearly that’s due to the electrification of vehicles and you can see these areas of focus all in canada and their lithium royalty spotlight the authea and you can see the areas of focus there in quebec canada and more lithium royalty spotlights this is the canset project and the

Seymour lake project and the canset is in quebec and the seymour lake project is in ontario canada this is their graphite portfolio in madagascar canada and australia and the gramata mine in madagascar this is the bisset creek in ontario canada this is their zinc portfolio this is the manganese portfolio both in canada this is the vanadium portfolio also in

Canada so you can see a very rich portfolio here this is the copper portfolio in australia and the united states and the cobalt portfolio in australia this is the nickel portfolio in norway i mean this is impressive we’re talking international here and the tin portfolio in the united states this is the directors officers and management team brendan urich who

We’ve interviewed is the ceo and director founder and ceo of evanor investments limited a financial advisory group to junior mining companies for alternative financing debt equity and m a with experience in over 2 billion in mining financing transactions throughout his career prior global experience as a research analyst as well as in business development and

Mining financial advisory roles with endeavor financial cambrian mining finance limited northern vertex mining corp and king and bay west management corp you can see their chairman marchand cinnamon you can see director robert shaffer another director craig lindsey cfo luckman khan and chief geoscientist david gaunt these are their advisors gregory bowes

Rodney cooper marcel schlumberger nicholas schlumberger richard williams and darcy marrod and a high value growth and income investment opportunity increasing electric vehicle and battery production is set to drastically increase demand growth across electric metals over the next decade this is why i think you need to put electric royalties on your radar and

On your watches right here and right now i must remind you that rich tv live is strictly for information education purposes please do your due diligence do your research before you invest in anything we talk about or discuss here on rich tv if you like the video smash the like button comment down below share the video everywhere and subscribe they are targeting

Long-term recurring and diversified royalty cash flows with no ongoing holding costs royalty companies have been shown to outperform investing directly in operating mining companies and underlying commodities associated with them which is why i love royalty companies and experience management team and board to drive the company forward including experienced

Royalty executives geologists engineers and mining financiers there’s the contact information for electric royalties feel free to contact brendan urich the ceo if you have general inquiries you can email them at info electric and their phone number is there with their address all right love to know what you guys think about electric royalties

Once again their website is website is a very nice website breaks down their royalties events media and latest news featured videos and corporate presentations thank you guys for watching if you have any questions please put it in the description of this video thank you guys for watching if you’re not winning you’re probably not watching

We bring in the winners we bring in the analysis we bring you ceo interviews and we love to bring it to you first i’ve never heard anyone talk about electric royalties until today love to know what you think do you think it’s a big winner so you’re host with the most your boy rich and wish to be live and i’m out you

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how i get 39 off any restaurant

How I Get 39% Off Any Restaurant

Get $200 with a $500 spending in 3 months on Chase:

How’s it going everybody this is vito bush today i’m gonna cover how i get 39% off of any restaurant at all now before i begin hit that like button it really helps me out a lot and if you’re interested in getting more of these money-saving tips push that subscribe button and ring that bell icon today i’m gonna show you how i personally get 39 percent off of all

Restaurants there are criterias in order to get into this mode you just can’t be anybody and just go hey i won 39 percent off you can’t walk in the restaurant and ask for this now most of these tricks i talk about it’s no trick at all it’s just a little bit of financial finesse with that said the first thing you can do is get four percent off of restaurants this

Requires you to sign up for an uber visa card now there’s something very special about this and i’m not just trying to sell you a credit card over here because you know i don’t have a referral link for this credit card i’m just talking about this card because it’s a way for me to get thirty nine percent off of all restaurants and i would regard it as one of the

Better cards if you go out to eat at restaurants at all four percent off of restaurants takeouts bars and uber eats three percent off of the airfares hotels vacation rentals and the most important is airbnb because some cards they say three percent cash back on travel but it may not include airbnb s two percent all online purchases which i don’t think is that great

Ideal because you have a citi double cash card which gives two percent back on basically everything including uber video and music streaming that it says it will do there’s also one percent off of everything else which is pretty standard and you also get a $600 mobile phone damage and theft protection this only applies if you pay your mobile phone bill with this

Car you guys know i signed up for the mint mobile plan so i only paid a lump sum for a full six month of coverage i’m not gonna get a monthly bill so therefore this $600 damage and theft protection does not really apply to me and i’m ok with that so there you go you get a four percent cashback on restaurants already this is no annual fee and you can keep on doing

This forever and ever now for this uber card it’s very important because you can also get the no foreign transaction fees what does this mean it means if you go international travel you can still reap in this reward of thirty nine percent off of all restaurants this is important because my knicks best card which is a capital one quicksilver it has one point five

Percent and no foreign transaction fee this one has no foreign transaction fee and 4% restaurant so you can go internationally and usually when you’re traveling you go to restaurants a lot more so this is very important in reaping 4% instead of some other lower tier of cashback now today i’m only going to concentrate on the restaurant part because you get the most

Cashback of 4% so far i only talk about 4% right so where does the remaining 35% off of restaurants come from 20% comes from your cashback if you sign up for this card and you get $100 cash back if you spend $500 now $100 off of a $500 spend means you get about 20% off right there you got to do all this within 90 days but i am okay with this i just went on the uber

App and i signed up for this thing within about five minutes or so so it’s relatively painless if you have a pretty high credit score you just go in there phone apply for this thing and then bam right there it’s in the mail you got it and some of you might argue oh you just signed up for some credit card signup bonus you can actually apply the bonus for anything

That you say yes it’s true you might also say this is not repeatable you cannot keep on doing this but for me personally i’ve been doing this for years and years i just keep on applying for credit cards applying the bonus to whatever i want if you think you’re gonna run out you’re not because the next card i can sign up for is a chase freedom unlimited once i’m

Done spending $500 on that signup bonus i can go for the wells fargo cash wise card which is another $150 off of a $500 spending and yet after that i can sign up for the chase freedom these cards just keeps on going on and on and on especially if you’re in the united states it’s very very easy to get $100 cash back on a $500 initial spend so i can spend $500 right

Here for the next 90 days and all of this so far i talked about it’s about 24 percent off where does the next 15 percent come from this largely resides on writing off your expenses this is why small business owners are in such a big advantage right now the way the tax system works is that you can expense any kind of business meals at 50% rate so whatever you earn

Let’s say you do a small resale business on ebay and you earn only $1,000 well if you spend that $1,000 on business meals because you have to go out and then you go talk to other people about potential ways you can make more money on ebay or you can just you know kind of make it into a business meal make sure that you do some kind of business while you’re on this

Meal and as a result you can write this off at 50 percent so normally let’s say you made a thousand dollars on ebay and you have to pay taxes on this right right off of there you have to pay uncle sam three hundred dollars instead of paying uncle sam three hundred dollars you go and use it in various ways that you would anyway just go on business meals maybe you

Really want to go to that restaurant anyway go to some fancy michelin star restaurant where it’s like two hundred dollars a person or something and this is money that you would spend anyway right so once you write it off this one thousand dollars of restaurant spending you can write off five hundred dollars worth of it this means is effectively another 15 percent

Off off of your restaurant bill so four percent cashback on the credit card you have another $100 off of the initial $500 span which is another 20 percent and then you have the business write-off which is another 15 percent so grand total thirty nine percent so this highlights a point that if you make some sort of legitimate side income you can actually pretend that

You don’t have to pay any taxes on it so this makes it even more worthwhile because any one thousand dollars of profit that you make this is pretty reasonable in terms of you know you do a couple hours a week and then you can make a little profit maybe only make fifty dollars a week and you think you have to pay thirty percent but no you can cut it down greatly

With business expenses so finally let me highlight the point that to maximize your cashback you should really try to not spend it on other categories like airfare you can do that on other credit cards the 4% on this one it’s very unique to this uber credit card so my recommendation is if you normally spend a couple hundred dollars every single month it might be

Pretty easy to fill up this five hundred dollar requirement take this card everywhere you go and mixture to always use it for restaurants and tie-in those meals with business expenses thanks for watching this video don’t forget to give me a like comment down below let me know what you think of this churning slash business expense thing and as always don’t forget

To push that subscribe button and ring that bell icon thanks for watching

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How I Get 39% Off Any Restaurant By BeatTheBush

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how lloyds of london is pairing

How Lloyd’s of London is pairing tradition with tech

Lloyd’s of London likes its traditions. The 330-year old insurance market recently decided it needs an injection of start-up spirit. The FT’s insurance correspondent Oliver Ralph visits Lloyd’s Lab to see how the business is being brought up to date

Lloyd’s of london likes its traditions the three hundred and thirty year old insurance market or people quite cover for everything from satellites to submersibles are stuck with tried and tested ways for doing business face-to-face negotiation is a good example brokers and insurers meet in the famous underwriting room to discuss how best to cover their clients

Risks and deals are often still concluded on paper there are also a whole host of more ceremonial traditions from the book where ships that sink are recorded with a quill pen to the luton bell which is rung on very ceremonial occasions and the strikingly uniformed waiters who are visitors around the building by and large it works well about thirty four billion

Pounds worth of insurance is bought at lourdes every year last year it paid out eighteen billion pounds in claims but even lloyd’s has to move with the times so they set up lloyd’s lab what ten startups have ten weeks to get to know how lloyd’s works and what it means we know with new technology we have to keep thinking about innovation and the lab is a way to

Bring technology from outside into london and think about how we can innovate in the future the companies in the lab have plenty of ideas whether it’s using ai to help small businesses buy insurance blockchain to pay claims more efficiently or drones and mobile phones to help respond to natural catastrophes but getting insurance companies and startups together

Isn’t easy a lot of people say they speak different languages while insurers talk about claims ratios and brokerage costs the startups are interested in funding around some product development we have all of our jargon in the insurance industry and the technology jargon as well but we’ve been really pleased with the attitude of the market to this and we’re really

Actually seeing a kind of kind of meeting of minds rather than it rather than a clashing of cultures both sides seem to think it’s worth a shot even a tiny slice of lloyds annual premiums is a big prize for an entrepreneur with a good idea tradition is important to lloyd’s if but there’s more opportunity that they can take advantage of that’s true among any

Industry that’s faced with those disruptors if you will but i think you’ll find that most of the cohorts here are not looking to disrupt it we’re here just to make it more efficient so that the companies that we are trying to provide insurance for risk management’s for can grow at a rate and make the overall pie bigger for everybody for the insurers technology

Offers the opportunity to get an advantage however small over rivals there’s plenty of competition for business in lloyds and prices for some types of insurance have been falling for years almost the material of the trading environment people are conscious that that innovation and technology is already having an impact and will have an impact on our industry and

Actually regardless of whether it was a good time in the market or a bad time we need to adapt we need to modernize and we need to change it’s a very traditional industry in a lot of ways is it culturally difficult to encourage people in insurance to look at new technology it’s it’s trying to explain to people simultaneously that there are some challenges out

There that we have to respond to but also showing them the opportunities culturally it varies across the industry there are some people who are very receptive to it other people who maybe need warming up to a little bit more the people organised in the lab have had to work hard to bring the two sides together convincing them to change the way they do things in

Some respect it’s been a challenge always in the market i had to accelerate the way that they work in order work the startups are sometimes slowed down in order to be able to work with the incumbents and that’s the process of these labs that actually does end up finding that meeting that both parties can play out if the lab is to succeed who will need to convince

The doubters that the startups can offer something worthwhile people have tried to modernize lloyd’s in the past with limited success but with the challenges to the market growing the people behind the lab think that this time they really need to make it work

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How Lloyd's of London is pairing tradition with tech By Financial Times

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anglink voice recorder review an

Anglink Voice Recorder Review and Vibratone Sound Tests | BeatTheBush

Get your Anglink 8GB Voice Recorder Here:

How’s it going everybody this is feed the bush today i’m going to review this and link 8-gigabyte voice recorder for you the best way to do this of course is to record myself on this device so you can listen to the quality yourself i’m going to start recording right now and press record and it says initialize and the red light turns on and then now it’s starting

To record so now you’re hearing me from this exact device instead of the camera mic now my voice is not all that interesting because they only have a certain range of audio tones so i’m going to use some musical instruments and then you can listen to them with the camera mic and with this mic so i’m going to set this recorder right here because i need my hands to

Operate the musical instruments clear right here and here i have a box of musical instruments just kind of random stuff that i like and i’m going to show you each one first i got these bam bam’s i’m not gonna blow these up but here we go i have i have a bell here that one i have this i don’t know what you call this but it’s a vibrato i think it makes this sound

You push this and it changes the tone so and you kind of shook this under has a sound and then when you push it mix a higher pitch noise whenever a genie uses their magic it goes like like that well anyway that’s that instrument there’s also this popper thing there’s also this thing called vibraslap – you slap it right here and it makes kind of like a rattlesnake

Noise your required cowbell cuz you know cowbells are cool and tiny cowbell slightly larger cowbell with its own ringer thing and this thing i don’t know where i got this it’s like raving rabbids or something you push this button and it makes the screaming noise of the raving raving rabbids and i think this guitar hero thing came from a cereal box so we turn it on

You push one button starts playing this sound you can turn it off right so there’s three different sounds you can turn each one on subsequently that and weighing out is the second one the third one is the the the okay that’s it one thing you can do with this cheapy 8-gigabyte voice recorder is you can switch modes into music playing mode so you can actually

Connect this to your computer it will look like a drive and put some music on it so i put four songs on here and you can put in your headphones and just use it as an mp3 player so i crafted this concoction with my sennheiser hd 650 headphones now what you can do is stick this voice recorder right on here and strap it to your head like this and then you just put

This thing on and i think i can just feel the play button right here yeah so just like that you can have wireless headphones but then it’s kind of ghetto but not really because these are really expensive headphones sexually so let me just show you what’s in the box it’s pretty simple you just open it up your voice recorder is right here underneath this is your

Cable that you use to connect to your computer you plug it in over here and then inside there’s also a thank-you card and a user manual pretty small print user manual here to turn it on you go on the side here and power it on with the switch takes a little bit to initialize and i want to show you the delay from when you press the record button to when it actually

Can record so i’m going to press it one one thousand two one thousand three one thousand seat takes about three seconds before it starts recording so you got to watch out for that when you want to start recording it doesn’t record instantaneously you have to note that this is an old-school lcd screen if i start turning this thing this way the viewing angle is not

So good so you can see it start to disappear the normal mode of operation is like this you hold it and you’re looking at it from slightly below the center axis another thing that i notice is that the backlight is right here you can see that it’s not quite even through the whole lcd just some nitpicking here now you’ll notice that there’s two mics here let’s open

It up and see if there’s really two mics inside open up this screw got it open we see the lithium-ion battery here is listed at 280 million power this looks about 280 million so it’s correct but over here we see the mic it’s only on the left side mic and not on the right side so this is kind of like a fake industrial design thing which i don’t really like it like

That when when you’re fooled into thinking that is stereo but it’s really mono okay let’s put it back this thing on the amazon website says it has 1536 kilobits per second usually this is a really confusing term for most people so i want to take this opportunity to explain what the heck that means it means 1536 thousand bits per second each bit is either a 1 or

0 k means kilo which means it’s multiplied by 1000 that’s how many bits per second it’s recording 1.5 million bits per second now i’m just going to do a direct conversion 1.5 million bits per second okay this is in bits now not in bytes so i divide it by 8 to get bytes so then it’s 0.192 mega bytes per second so now this is a more meaningful term that we’re no

More used to okay and then we got 8 gigabytes capacity in this thing so it’s eight thousand megabytes i’m not sure if it’s the 8000 kind or the to the second power one so i’m just going to guess eight thousand megabytes divided by 0.1 92 megabytes per second okay we’re going to get a whole bunch of seconds when we divide this and when you want to convert to number

Of hours that we can record so 60 seconds per minute and 60 minutes per hour is 3,600 seconds per hour so we divide that again we’re going to get up roughly eleven point five hours or about twelve hours which is the time of recording that this thing can record in high quality mode considering each mp3 is about three megabytes or so you can still store about 2,000

Songs on this tiny little device so some last words about the quality of this thing when i was opening it it really gives me the feeling that it’s one of these tradeshow giveaways actually although they don’t really give away a gigabyte voice recorders or anything it seems like a really really high quality tradeshow giveaway to me and this thing is light enough

That it feels slightly cheap okay you just got to know it’s a mono device before you buy and if you already know it that’s fine however when you play the songs and stuff it is stereo so that’s a little bit better so i do recommend to hold on to this device all day long and whenever you have an idea and you don’t have pen and paper you can jot it down by recording

Your voice instead for example in a car if you have a dedicated device with a real button is really easy to push it and then go you know i got to buy milk or something or you know shut down some ideas because i find that if you don’t write your ideas down you kind of forget about them however if you record them all down at the end of day you can actually transcribe

Your ideas into one nice spot where you can just collect them rather than having them fade away and forgotten i’m going to leave links in the video description on where to get all these products including this end link voice recorder and all those musical instruments i got and maybe even the headphones it’ll be in the video description below don’t forget to give

Me a like on this video comment down below let me know what you think of actually using a real hardware voice recorder device rather than your phone of course and don’t forget to subscribe over here thanks for watching

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Anglink Voice Recorder Review and Vibratone Sound Tests | BeatTheBush By BeatTheBush

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will cannabis stocks explode nex


Will Cannabis Stocks Explode Next Week -RICH TV LIVE – OCTOBER 6, 2019 – Subscribe –

How’re you guys doing this is richer much to be live so starting to think about next week it started think about monday and just trying to figure out whether or not we’re gonna have green honestly don’t know i don’t know if we’re gonna have green hoping for a green week i’m hoping that we’re going to have some momentum this week i’m hoping that we’re going to

Continue the momentum that we saw last week love to know what you guys think do you guys think we’re gonna have green next week do you think that the momentum continues next week do you think that the momentum stops next week i’d love to know what you guys think i do in ram dot i’m just thinking about next week man thinking about monday i’m already thinking about

Monday man i’m thinking about monday tony says hope so but probably read i hope it’s gonna be green man hoping for green but you never know what this market the crazy part is edibles is right around the corner anthony how you doing edibles is right around the corner edibles legalization is right around the corner so knowing that edibles legalizations right around

The corner kind of anticipating green what did do james how you doing man just chillin man just chillin and just getting ready for monday i know we do need some good news we need some green it’s hard to tell what’s gonna happen in the cannabis sector cuz it’s so volatile there’s so many highs and lows and ups and downs all i can say is when they’re at 52 we lowe’s

Invest in the best the 52 we close and then when there are 52 week highs sell 52-week highest sell at 52 week by 52 we close and sell a 52-week highs no that wasn’t me that was ill kid that’s ill kid i can’t take the credit for that line that’s it kid thank you guys for the 7 like so we got 33 people here can we get those likes up let’s get those legs up i know

We need green for like three months is xena may still a good buy nine cents i don’t know what do you guys think amen i just decided to go live here i am on a sunday rocking a suit i don’t think there’s anybody else that does that and i got a lot of green behind me so i’m trying to manifest the green trying to manifest all the green try to manifest all the green

Trying to manifest the green trying to manifest the green man nobody tries to manifest the green more than me i promise you that and nobody is the cannabis influencer like me i promise you that nobody i’m the best of these stocks i interview the ceos i have my own cbd company and we got a media company so i promise you there’s a lot of guys out there but none of

Them are like me man dillon what’s up man yeah i’m excited to see how what happens in the markets got my suit on and i’m ready man i’m ready i’m ready for war every day in the stock market it’s war and i’m ready for war i don’t know but you guys but i’m ready for war i’ve got my you know i got my initials on my shirt rd those are my initials right there and i’m

Ready for war man i’m ready for battle i’m ready for battle man on a sunday there’s nobody else rockin a suit like your boy on a sunday i promise you that nobody nobody so i’m ready man i got my game face on i’m ready man need a big week we need a big week we need a big month we need a big few months you think that monday is gonna be read well one thing going to

Teach you guys about the stock market is typically when the stock market goes red when the broader market goes red cannabis stocks go green so if the broader market is red tomorrow cannabis stocks could be green just so you know been doing this for a long time if the broader market goes big red tomorrow i would not be surprised to see the cannabis sector go big

Green just like behind me i am manifesting the green i am manifesting the green who else does them i am manifesting the green we live in the green yes i did see that the heck so ceo left futures in the red hey no problem doesn’t worry me we surprised to see cannabis stocks go green and i’m trying to manifest the green i’m surrounding myself in green manifesting

The green in a suit who else does this man nobody nobody thank you guys for the 20 likes i appreciate you guys 21 likes now i appreciate you guys thank you very much thank you guys for joining me on this sunday hope you guys had a great weekend i’m gonna go watch some sunday night football i just wanted to start manifesting the green wanted to see what you guys

Think the stocks are green a lot of times when the broader markets are red cannabis green so no good to worry holdings buddies i believe and you buy the best companies in the red and you sell in the green you position yourself first will be green will read comment down below much the like button if you like this video share it everywhere boil rich for rich to be live manifest agree nope

Transcribed from video
Will CANNABIS STOCKS EXPLODE NEXT WEEK By RICH TV LIVEliveBroadcastDetails{isLiveNowfalsestartTimestamp2019-10-07T001122+0000endTimestamp2019-10-07T001857+0000}

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