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the stock market is on the verge

The Stock Market Is On the Verge. Get Ready!

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Well folks there’s something uh pretty big happening here in the next couple months that i think it’s very important that everybody pays attention this and understands exactly how this works and why this is going to be an extremely good thing for investors in the stock market because the last two and a half years in the stock market has been a complete mess of a

Market to invest in and i mean a complete mess of it and we’re gonna talk about all this i’m gonna break all this down as simple as possible what’s going on here essentially so every investor out there kind of understands what we’ve been going through in how abnormal this is and what we’re about to go into so hopefully you can have a better understanding of kind of

What’s coming next and how these things usually work uh versus like the the freak situations that have been happening and those sorts of things so i hope you guys get good value out of today’s video i think it’s a very important video that i’m doing here today and uh yeah before we get into that just so you guys know there’s a few hours left on the becoming master

Of the stock market sale for 700 off there and uh then that one is ending so if you’re watching this video tomorrow i unfortunately the deal will already be over but uh for folks that are going to take advantage of that deal here today if you’re newer to the market start first with the fundamentals of stock market investing section first and then work your way up

From the top uh to the bottom if you’re a little more experienced in the market just start exactly how we’re going along here go through these 35 different lessons here that i’m teaching and then the bonus parts section is absolutely like jam-packed with value in there how i value grow stocks how to outperform the market uh valuation studies like we go we go in

Depth on these videos channel checks uh how i value based upon different growth rates moat um you know all those videos so i hope you guys enjoy that if you’re able to take advantage of that before it ends it’s ending in a few hours from now okay all right guys so first off the nasdaq’s down this year about 26 and a half percent okay awful i mean just awful that’s

A unbelievably you know this is where it pays to understand kind of the history of the stock market and understand how freakish some of these moves are okay now never mind that could get worse we could end up you know by the end of this year down 30 percent or down 40 percent right but nonetheless even if the stock market was to close for the rest of the year that

Would have been a historically awful year in the stock market right 26 and a half percent down and we can just pull up the history books and see how bad this really is okay if we look right this is over the past number of years this is basically my entire investing career here essentially okay we go back to 2018 it was a down year for the market but four percent

Down not uh 26 27 percent down okay uh 2011 was down 1.8 percent okay once again not like a 20 uh you know seven percent number okay so anytime in recent history this is an absolute disaster of a year in most years the nasdaq should be green in some years it’s going to be unbelievably grain right and it’s going to be um you know a very good return on investment

Now the somebody on that’s on the flip side could say you know we were due we were due for a massive downward year for the nasdaq and for the indexes in general right we had been having a good time we as far as the nasdaq goes we only had two red years in the last number of years here and when they were red they weren’t like awful red so we were due for a nasty

Year okay that’s what somebody says okay that’s fair but i also want to rewind i want to look a little further i want to look a little deeper what about years previous to this okay well in 2008 that was a year that was worse than this year that was a year in which the nasdaq finished down over 40 flipping flapjacking percent absolutely awful 2008 was in the stock

Market okay 2002 also a worse year for the nasdaq than this year has been so far down 31 and a half percent in 2002 2 000 also a worse year for the nasdaq than this particular year it was down 39 in 2000 okay so there you have three years essentially there in which the nasdaq did worse than essentially what’s going on right now in this market okay what about prior

To that well if we go from 83 all the way through 95 we’re gonna see we had four red years a down three percent year in 94 down uh almost 18 year in 1990 1987 was down about five percent 1984 was down 11.3 percent for the nasdaq okay so basically you know what’s the moral of story when it comes to this part here okay to recap we’ve only had three years in the past

40 years of the nasdaq that were worse than what this year is as of right now right and once again it could get even a little worse uh we’ll see or better um over the next few months right in those years with the 2008 financial crisis 2000 and 2002 tech bubble mess which was a whole situation where basically uh tech companies had little to no business let’s just call

It that we’re trading at some unbelievable valuations then simultaneously the bigger tech stocks were having trouble posting any sort of growth so it created a very uh ugly situation that’s how you got the tech bubble to have two years two years that were worse than this particular year okay so very very ugly situation that was and so it’s important to understand

That this is a freakish situation we’re going through this doesn’t happen all that often it does happen it is part of the market this will not be the last time you’re in your investing career especially if you’re planning on investing for the next 10 20 30 years this is not the last time you will see the nasdaq go down 27 a year you will see that happen again in

The future it is something that does happen it just happens very few and far between okay and that’s what that’s what’s the most important to understand about this it happens very few and far between okay and remember those are the end of the year numbers i just showed you there okay there was a lot of years where you had an immense amount of volatility but by the

Time that year it ended for instance the market had come back very nicely a good example of that was 2009 right in 2009 was a year in which you know if we pull that back up 2009 look at the market ended up having a great year for the nasdaq right but at the beginning of 2009 the nasdaq was a mess go back and look at the history books it was a mess in 2009 at the

Beginning of the first few months like the first two or three months were messy down big and then by the end of the year it ended up peaking out in incredibly nice game okay so that can happen as well okay now just like a human you know we can get very unhealthy we’re eating a bunch of snacks and cookies all the time and we’re not exercising or whatever and we’re

Just in unhealthy habits okay just like we can get very unhealthy at a given moment the stock market can get very unhealthy at a given moment okay and to be quite frank the stock market over the past few years has been loaded up on chips and cookies okay it’s a been in an extremely unhealthy state for the past basically two and a half to three years roughly okay

And here’s what essentially happened right and this is not normal this was a situation this is when rona came out very basically right and basically every single stock in the stock market crashed collapsed okay basically every single stock in the stock market got absolutely obliterated now not healthy not normal but it happened okay then we went through basically

April of 2020 all the way through you know basically the beginning part of 2021 we went through an incredible bull cycle this is a russell 2000 i pulled up here an incredible bull cycle that basically almost you could have owned almost any stock in the entire stock market and you made money and for a lot of stocks you made a ridiculous amount of money insane okay

Not healthy once again if you’re talking about a market that basically goes up in a straight line and the index basically doubles in a matter of um you know let’s call it less than a year not healthy not healthy but that’s what happened okay and now for the third showdown in the situation basically starting in november 2021 through today it’s basically been every

Stock in the stock market has basically gone down since november 2021 and many stocks have gone down massively we’re talking 30 40 50 60 70 80 some 90 drops in stocks also not healthy you’re in a very unhealthy market when you’re seeing things like this okay this is not a normal stock market this is not how the stock market usually acts okay it’s not you it’s not

Usual when you have a crash down a skyrocket up and a crash down okay that’s not a stock market acting as normal you’re going through a certain period of time where that is happening and this does happen in the stock market from time to time but it is very abnormal it’s very important for every investor to understand this okay and the reason this is so important is

Because as individual investors right as individual investors we what are the reasons we individually pick stocks why do we do this there’s a few reasons right money we want to make we want to try to outperform the market and make money right the one of the biggest keys that is overlooked from individual investors is we like to try to control our own fate okay

And we like to make our own moves and our own decisions out there and invest in what we want to invest in right and there’s a there’s a very empowering feeling when you are taking your own money and investing it where you want to invest it right and pick the five 10 15 stocks where you want to invest is it’s an incredible feeling that’s one of the feelings that

You know still to this day it drives me and after the success and after the money and the homes and the cars and all those things what still drives me is that feeling of power and not just like putting in a savings account or just like you know giving all my money to a financial advisor giving all my money to um you know it’s just an index fund or something like

That for some people that’s perfectly fine in respect to that but there’s a certain amount of us out there we don’t want to do that we have no interest in doing that we love the power of investing our money where we want to invest our money but it’s a very helpless feeling when you have the market crashing straight down going straight up and then crashing straight

Down we start to feel like oh we don’t really control our own fate at all we’re just uh you know basically the only way we can make money i guess is by the stock market skyrocketing and you know even if our companies are doing good shoot if the market’s all crashing and collapsing we have no chance in that market even if our company is executing their business

Model and so we start to feel very helpless and it hurts as an individual investor especially when it’s a long period of time that this has happened we’re talking about this has been going on for two and a half years now it’s not like it’s been just like two months if it’s like two months everybody can get over that when it’s a two and a half year span that you

Have to go through this i call it like um just tough and you know tough mentally to have to go through that as an individual investor because as individual individual investors we’re looking at companies and we’re thinking about where is this company revenues going over time where is its margins going to go over time where it’s net income you know what’s going on

With the business fundamentals over the coming years as an investor right traders can think about something else but as investors that’s what we think about but when we see our stocks just crashing regardless if the company’s executing the way we thought we’re going to do it’s a very helpless feeling and then if you know our stocks are skyrocketing just because the

Market’s going up it’s like okay you know cool but we would have liked that to happen regardless right and so that it’s a very very frustrating feeling but what i can tell you is do not get discouraged by this sort of market you’re in a freakish market and it will pass i 100 of 100 uh you know stand by that statement it will pass it is a freakish situation that

Sometimes you have to go through and it’s painful mentally but it will pass okay as with any situation you know it’s always darkest before the dawn and when you go through the vix the vix tells the whole story which the vix is a volatility index which is basically going to show you how crazy the stock market is at a given moment okay and if we look at this all the

Way back from 2000 and this isn’t this is the vex i pulled up for the sp 500 all the way back from 2000 all the way through you know right now currently okay there’s basically been three time periods of let’s call it intense volatility okay and if we go back to the two periods previous where there was intense volatility what do we see happens every single time

There’s then an elongated period of calmness in the market of chilling in the market of the stock market acting normal okay so we go back to the 2000 uh through 2002 situation you know extreme volatility in the market then that was followed up by many many years from basically 2003 all the way through about 08 right of very nice calm market that was actually really

Really good to invest in right then we got the great financial crisis out of nowhere right and mortgages and you know where we’re just being forgotten about and short sales and foreclosures and job losses and you know banks are going under left and right oh my gosh what a mess that was okay and we went through a period of a couple years of intense volatility from

Basically about you know 2008 2009 late late 08 is when it really started to get crazy so late 08 all the way through about 2011 intense volatility in the market and that was followed up by many many many years like eight years straight of just a pretty chill market you had a little craziness here and there summer 15 i remember that was a little a little wild i

Remember uh december 2018 that was a little wild but outside of those few time periods it was actually a relatively chill market right and so now we’ve gone through another what’s called extraordinary vix situation and so what do you think is going to happen in 2023 and beyond right well if i had to put my money somewhere i’m going to say we’re probably going to

Go through a pretty nice period of calmness in the market that would be my guess okay no maybe this time is different and maybe we just stay insane vicks for years and years to go in the future and maybe we go through 10 years straight of you know insane volatility in the market i wouldn’t bet on it you can that’s fine i just uh it’s not a bet that usually pays

Off you go through these time periods they usually last two to three years and then you get you know three to you know eight years potentially of a pretty calm market and uh a normal investing environment in an environment where it starts to come back to company fundamentals because when you’re going through these you know let’s call periods of insane volatility

It’s no longer about what your company’s doing it’s no longer about the revenues and those sorts of things when you’re in that sort of market everybody’s just paying attention to macro macroeconomics they’re paying attention to geopolitical events and all those sorts of things and that’s what drives the whole stock market when you’re in those time periods of you know

Insane volatility when you’re in these time periods the story goes back to okay what’s going on with this company’s revenues what’s going on with their bottom line what’s going on with their cash flows and all those things start to matter again okay and so we will get back there and it’s going to happen sooner rather than later now what’s the risk out there for us

Okay there’s kind of two main risk in my opinion this is the biggest one china taiwan absolutely a real risk and a massive risk if something was to happen there guess what vix is going to go crazy and we’ll have another you know six to 12 months of insane volatility in the market if that was to happen and get a nasty obviously you know a lot of our tech companies

Have a lot of chips that are made in taiwan it’s very important and you know a lot of people are looking at that as what would happen in that sort of situation and for the stock market from the u.s side they actually look at this as a bigger risk than actually the russia ukraine situation russia ukraine a little bigger for europe i think than maybe potentially this

But for the u.s stock market a few u.s companies this is actually a bigger deal and so that’s a risk we’ll see what happens there but there’s no doubt if you know things were to get really ugly there there’s no doubt we would go through another period of insane volatility which would basically put us into three years plus of insane volatility and you very rarely

Get that but you never know that’s a absolute real risk out there in the market okay the other i would call it smaller risks of market is large cap stocks now the good news for large cap stocks is they’ve gotten much more in line with kind of where they should be to be quite frank but there’s no doubt that there could be a little more pain for large caps ahead

Okay and put us more into let’s call it a 14 to 15 range for forward ps is from yarndini research by the way put us into maybe 14 to 15 range something in there then you start to feel really really comfortable i feel much more comfortable in the market now than before and the reason being is now we’re at least in realistic ranges versus before we’re in uh what’s

Called insane ranges right when we’re up here uh i mean you knew the index has had to come down that’s just bottom line you knew we had a fall because we’re just trading too high like you’re not going to trade up there forever and ever that’s unrealistic like usually large caps are going to trade if you just pull up this chart historically they’re going to trade it

Anywhere between about 12 to about you know 16 17. and so the more you get above let’s call it a 16-17 the more likely you’re going to come down in the market right if you start trading at a 19 a 20 a 21 a 22 you know you know it’s just a it’s like it’s a you know ticking time bomb situation you know it’s just tick tick tick tick tick in the sooner or later we’re

Going to come down right you know what else is tick tick tick and this is why i’m investing so heavily in these talks the last few months and plan to continue to is smalls and mids this is a tick tick tick situation but on the upside they will not stay down here forever this is unsustainable as large caps trading at 22 plus ford p was unsustainable you know these

Stocks trading at 11 and a 12 uh forward ps this is unsustainable and they will go through a uh let’s just call it a major rise and the thing that’s interesting about these stocks is these could go on an epic run let’s say in 23 for instance and if those stocks went on an epic run it doesn’t mean the indexes necessarily have to go up a ton or large caps go up a

Ton because these don’t move the market okay let’s be quite clear these stocks don’t move the market the biggest the big dog companies have gotten so big now that they basically can make the whole market you know as far as the indexes go up or down or look good or not right because apple google microsoft amazon uh you know metal nvidia all those sorts of companies

Have gotten so large tesla that they drive the indexes but these babies could skyrocket it doesn’t mean necessarily the indexes would skyrocket and i think that’s important to remember and this is why i’ve been investing so heavily in these type of stocks you just it’s unrealistic you know they’re not going to stay down there forever forever and ever that’s just

Not the way it works and sooner or later they’ll come back into their normal ranges and they will rise quite rapidly they’ve just got to getting hit with uh you know the wall of worry let’s call it that okay so for all investors out there keep your head up okay as mr pox said keep your head up uh you know this shall pass as with all things in the market and um you

Know we’ll get into a normalized environment and wherever your company fundamentals are going that will matter again and we’ll be out of this whole macro mess of oh my gosh oil’s spiking so the whole market has to tank and oh my gosh this happens the whole market has to tank or oh now we can skyrocket to the moon um you know and i’m looking very forward to it as

An individual investor so yeah hope you guys enjoyed this video as always i appreciate you joining me once again there’s only a few hours left on the becoming master of stock market sale if you want to take advantage of that before it ends that will be pinned comment down there much love and have a great day

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The Stock Market Is On the Verge. Get Ready! By Financial Education

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is under armor stock a buy under

Is Under Armor Stock a BUY? | Under Armor Stock! | Under Armor!

Link to join StockHub free investing discord server: –~–

Good day subscribers thank you so much for joining me today i am jeremy and this is a financial education channel and today we’re talking about under armour it is under armour stock a buy right now now usually when i do these videos every week usually i put like 10 stocks in a basket and i pick a lucky winner this week i didn’t even do that because it is ridiculous

How many you guys requested i do a breakdown under armour stock like if i had a dollar for every time you guys requested this one i would be richer than warren buffett no not really i’d probably have like 20 or 30 dollars because like 20 or 30 checks to request it but that’s like a ridiculous amount for how many people even you know request the stock for me to

Break down and whatnot so here we go guys let’s jump right into this hit a thumbs up if you enjoy these videos where i break down stocks and let’s get into this so first things up we are looking at the annual report we’re looking at the the annual report and the investor relations page on the under armor page and then we’re gonna figure out what is under armor

Because we’re an act like we’re ignorant and we have no clue what under armour is our principal business activities are the development marketing and distribution of branded performance apparel footwear accessories for men women and youth the brands moisture-wicking fabrications are engineered in many design styles took for wear in nearly every climate to provide

A performance alternative to traditional products or profits they’re sold worldwide worn by athletes at all levels from youth to professional on playing fields around the globe as well as consumers with active lifestyles so basically under armour is similar to like a nike for instance you know nikes all about sports performance mainly and you know people with nike

That don’t even do sports honestly let’s be honest guys under armour is a very similar company they just have those slightly different strategies and it’s getting very competitive between those two beasts right now so let’s look into this company some more so here right now we’re looking at their products so our product offerings consist of apparel footwear and

Accessories for men women and youth we market our products at multiple price levels and provide consumers with products that we believe are superior alternative to traditional athletic product in 2015 sales of apparel footwear and accessories represent a 71% 17% and 9% of revenues so basically guys 71 percent of their sales came from apparel seventeen percent

Came from footwear and nine percent from accessories this is big to me because i believe within five six seven years from now the footwear category will be much bigger than actually the apparel category right now apparel dominates you know for for unarmored again 71% of the revenue from that category but footwear i believe this is a huge huge opportunity for our

Armor and i believe footwear will suppress surpass apparel for the company so and that doesn’t mean apparel do and drop off that’s gonna keep growing in my opinion but the shoe market is gonna be huge for them because look it guys just in 2006 they just came out with football cleats basically that was her first footwear related product it wasn’t until 2008 that

They actually released you know athletic shoes and whatnot and they really took the whole shoe game seriously we’re talking eight years guys they’ve only been in this market for eight years and they already have 17% of their revenue coming from this space so i see in the next five six seven years like i said i seen more revenue coming from the apparel or from the

Footwear market than the apparel market absolutely no question about it they’re gonna grow into a giant piece the same way you know footwear dominates 490 i believe the same thing will be said for under armour now let’s talk about the sales in distribution so we’re gonna read the second paragraph here guys we also sell our products directly to consumers through

Our own network of brand and factory house stores in our north american europe middle east and africa latin america and asian pacific operating segments through websites globally these factory house stores serve as an important role in our overall inventory management by allowing us to sell a significant portion of excess discontinued or out-of-season products

While maintaining the price integrity of our brand and in our distribution channels through our brand house stores consumers experience the our brand firsthand and have a broader access of performance products in 2015 sales from wholesale direct consumer licensing and connective fitness channels were 67 percent 30 percent 2 percent 1 percent so basically 67 percent

They’re getting from wholesale so that’s selling into dick’s sporting goods and all the other stores you could possibly think in that under armour sells into 30 percent of revenue coming from their actual stores or from their website online so that’s a pretty good amount you know 30 percent coming direct from their stores or whatnot that’s a little fair amount guys

Because think about it their store revenue they’re getting way more profits than they are if they’re selling wholesale because wholesale napus offer you know they have to suffer i would say 60 percent it’s a 65 percent of what they would in their actual store so an actual store they’re getting full profit on that and you can say well of course they have to you know

They had the cost of the stores you know they have to build them they have the employee costs and whatnot but still it you know it’s a wash and deal this still make way more from the stores sales coming in then they do selling to dick’s us the sporting goods or anyone you know sports authority oh they went out of business or any of the other places they sell into

They make more profit in their own store now revenues by segment this is monstrous here north america represents 87 percent of their revenues currently now it was written over 94 percent 2013 so i’m making strides their international is up to 11 percent where it was only low under six percent in 2013 this is huge here guys because there you have a huge market to go

After internationally you look at and their market share excuse me their percent of net revenues is going down despite them growing revenue monstrously in north america you know they’ve grown a billion a billion in three you know in two years in north america but yet they’re there are percent of net revenues has gone down in north america because internationally

Is gonna be huge for these guys i can see a day when international makes up more rep then actually the north american market i could see they went under armour’s doing sixty percent of revenues international 40 percent north america absolutely and i don’t think it’ll be that far down the road maybe six seven years down the road we will see things like that so

That’s just a huge opportunity for them here guys international is huge now let’s look at some of these athletes they have you know nfl they’re now the supplier of footwear and gloves you know we know nfl is by far the most popular sport in america and to be you know had the gloves and the footwear now all under armour and nfl that’s huge that’s a huge win steph

Curry he’s turned out to be a superstar as the second most popular player in nba he’s a under armour athlete they’re now the major league baseball the official performance supplier for major league baseball bryce harper is one of their players you know they have tom brady is one of their athletes canelo probably the biggest boxer out there right now they have a

Lot of huge name athletes now most of these athletes and the sports they’re they’re doing right now they’re mostly all north american related right you know the nfl obviously mostly north american nba’s a little and more international but still mostly north america obviously baseball canelo you know he’s huge in mexico but also big in north america so they’re not

Doing a huge amount you know andy murray you look at they have jordan spieth now guys they have jordan spieth as an under armor athlete look at the his under armor he wears an under armour belt under armour pants then under armour make sure that guy his dressed head-to-toe and under armour holy smokes he’s the best golfer in the world currently you know some will

Say maybe mcilroy or someone like that but you know who knows they’re one into one of the most important golfers in the world jordan spieth so he’s a bit of an international but still you know a bit north american you know because golf is so big here in north america so they’re a fleet czar mainly north america and then we’re gonna bring another subject up here

In just a minute guys so you keep in mind what i just said there so now we’re looking at our limited operating experience in limited brand recognition in new markets may limit our expansion strategy and cause our business or growth to suffer so basically what this is saying is if they can’t figure out how to market their products internationally very you know

Very well then they won’t be able to really realize the opportunity that presents itself for the underarmor brand you know nikki’s been international for twenty thirty years now so they’re nationally internationally known in china and japan and all you know you can speak to anybody pretty much anywhere in the world they know nike the brand mmm internationally

Uh narmer’s not very known we’ve seen only eleven percent of their revenues come from international now what i just talked about with the athletes most of our athletes are north american-based so in my opinion what i would like to see is i would like to see under armour sign some big-name soccer players international soccer players you know suckers big all across

Europe all across the really the world mostly so i see that being a huge opportunity if they can sign some huge name soccer stars that will that will i think speed up this whole process of under armour being able to brand itself internationally and expand at a much faster rate than they’re currently expanding internationally because you can’t just have all north

American athletes and hope they you know become such huge superstars like a michael jordan that somehow they become known around the entire world you really got a bet make some bets on some of these international soccer players in my opinion that have huge followings so that’s what i would like to see under armour do if they do that i think will be a great sign

And i think it will speed up the international growth a great deal because this does works i mean big-name athletes making them where you’re closed it does work guys cuz kids see it adults see it and they’re like oh man you know those wearing that i should probably wear that that’s pretty cool so okay now this is another this is also under the risk factors by the way

That last paragraph was under the risk factors this is also another risk factors risk factors kevin plank our chairman and ceo controls the majority of the voting power of our common stock or class a common stock shares so the ones that you and i can buy has one vote per share in our class common stock has 10 votes per share our chairman and chief executive officer

Kevin plank beneficially owns all outstanding class b common stock now how this is even allowed now addictive a guy days guys i’m like how does this even still allowed that ceos can like do this where they have full voting power even on a public company yeah you know it used to be reserved you know if you’re a private company only you sure you can do whatever you

Want but a public company you need a you know you can’t just control the company like this so basically if you’re placing a bet on a normal investigation and his ability to successfully implement plans and all these kinds of things because he has so much voting power he has ten votes for each one sheriff he he owns versus you having one one vote per share so it was

A huge difference he controls where the company goes he controls the board of directors he controls who he brings in proceed first other executives and things guys so if you’re betting on an armor you’re betting on kevin plank that’s the bottom line no different than when i talked about facebook a few like a month ago or so zuckerberg has very much control on that

Same deal here with kevin plank so let’s look at these financials here guys huge growth look at all the way on the right hand side they’re 2013 they did 2.3 billion dollars in revenue 2015 they did just under four billion dollars we’re talking about 8090 percent growth in revenue in just two year time span let’s go down look at the bottom they did 162 million dollars

In net income in 2013 232 million dollars in net income last year so we can see that they’re growing revenues at a great rate they’re growing the income nice but not as much as i would expect but they’re probably funneling money a lot of places right now because they’re in such growth growth mode as far as net revenues go so bottom line is under armour’s obviously

A growth company is very obvious by looking at this income statement the balance sheet the balance sheets always important they have one hundred and twenty nine million in cash and that compares to 593 million she does a fourteen that dropped a lot no short term investments no long term investments under the assets look at short slash current long-term debt they

Have 42 million they have 627 million dollars in long-term debt and so basically i would rate this as a poor balance sheet it’s not the worst i’ve ever seen by any stretch of the imagination it’s just a poor balance sheet you know when i don’t see cash short-term investments long-term investments outweighing long-term debt and short-term debt it’s a that’s how i

Rate it a poor balance sheet because they have way more debt than they have cash on the balance sheet currently guys so it’s a poor balance sheet bottom line next up let’s go ahead and look at their latest quarterly results under armor reports third quarter net revenue growth of 22 percent reiterates full-year net revenue outlook of just under five billion dollars

Third quarter net revenues increased 22% to one point four seven billion revenues increased 22 percent in the third quarter of 2016 to one point four seven billion compared to net revenues of 1.2 billion in the prior year period on a currency neutral basis net revenues increased 23 percent compared to the period last year operating income increased 16 percent in

The third quarter to 199 million compared to 171 million net income increased 28 percent in the third quarter of 2016 to 128 million compared to 100 million we see fabulous growth here guys and something i really liked in this last quarter was the net income actually grew faster than net revenues and that makes me feel better about because we looked at the long

Term you know the last three years we looked at the income statement and we saw that revenue in 2013 you know compared to 2015 it grew monstrously net income did not grow nearly as monstrous tree is still big growth but it wasn’t like holy smokes they grew net income by that much so the fact that now they’re growing income at least in the latest quarter more than

Revenues i am very confident that you know that can continue and i’m very it makes me happy to see that makes me more confident as a potential investor in the company so let’s look at the see if disc stock is a deal here so it’s rate its 52-week range it almost hit its 52-week low today actually it’s at $30 47 cents where it closed at 52 weeks age of 30 dollars

And six cents compared to and almost forty eight dollars then we have a p/e ratio of sixty-seven our market cap just under twelve billion dollars and lastly we have a forward p/e of forty-four so what do you guys think here am i gonna rate this stock a buy or not a buy in also would you guys buy this stock or you are you a buyer the stock i would love to see in the

Comment section i am not quite yeah a buyer of an armor if this stock can drop to $25 a share or below i will start to accumulate shares of under armour no doubt about it if you can drop to 25 or lower i will begin to sell my apple shares i’ll begin to you know that’s my third stock i just did the video yesterday i’m three stocks i’m buying now that’s my third

Stock currently i would actually start to sell some apple as long as apple was trading at a decent range and funnel that money into under armour under armour’s and stock has been down trending and down trending hitting new 52 we closed and if that continues it could be at $25 within you know a month or so if that continues that’s when i will start accumulating

Shares because at that point the risk reward for me is definitely in my favor in my opinion because then you’re looking at forward p/e in the 30s at that point and when you got a company that’s growing like this it makes me it makes me very happy so this will be a stock i will be buying if it drops that level if it stays above the 30s you know i’m not gonna i’m

Not gonna touch it unless it’s the $30 still in a couple of years from now then i’m gonna go ahead and buy but in the short term we’ll see i’m gonna keep track of it just if it comes around $25 range i will absolutely be buying it no doubt about it no doubt about it i thank you so much for watching this today guys leave a thumbs up if you enjoy these videos where

I break down the stock if you watch this you have not subscribed yet you may want to talk about personal finance in the channel talk about business i’m an entrepreneur i give entrepreneur tips and we talk the stock market the most on this channel and i do these breakdowns of stocks every single week thank you for watching guys and a great day

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Is Under Armor Stock a BUY? | Under Armor Stock! | Under Armor! By Financial Education

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how to know what youre actually

How To Know What You’re Actually Worth | The 3-Minute Guide

Be one of the first 500 people to visit and get your first two months of Skillshare for free!

Hi i’m aaron from broke millennial for the financial diet welcome to the three minute guide brought to you by skillshare know your worth is my least favorite piece of cliche advice sure its sound in theory but it’s hard to put into practice how exactly are you supposed to quantify your worth in a way that’s useful especially in negotiations let’s start with

A practical actionable thing you can do have a successful der create a successful der on your desktop and then each time you get praise from a boss or a project exceeds expectations be sure to save it into your success folder this allows you to track your growth and it provides evidence for the next time you have your annual review or when you’re just ready to

Update your resume it’s about more than just you your worth isn’t just about the skills you have or how well you do your job it’s also about your network never underestimate the value of your network stumped and understanding what exactly your network is think about these questions if your best friend lost her job today would you be able to refer her to anyone

That could help her find a new one if you got fired today how hard would it be for you to find another job could you email a few folks and get some meetings or would you be reduced to sending resumes into the void that is online applications how many people can you reach out to that currently outrank your position in your industry ideally you want your network to be

Diversified beyond just your co-workers and even beyond your industry you want to be able to connect with people who are smarter than you and have careers or life paths that you hope to emulate in the future and don’t knock social media as a way to begin making these connections to build your network when it comes to your worth other people’s perceptions do matter

Usually advice is to forget about the haters or surround yourself with positivity i hear that but if you keep getting the same kind of feedback from managers or co-workers then it’s probably not just them it’s probably something you need to work on accept constructive criticism part of the value you bring is being able to keep growing and improving you can’t do

This effectively without learning how to accept and build upon constructive criticism start by not refuting or making excuses accept what’s being said to you and try to improve in the future evaluate if you are being underpaid a lot of times the know your worth cliche is used to encourage you to ask for more money one way to determine if you’re being underpaid to

Do some basic research by going to sites like or salary comm anytime you’re doing this research be sure that it’s based upon people who work at a similar company doing a similar job in the same city where you live another way is to do some real sleuthing by seeing if you can find out what people doing your job at your company are actually making if

You’re not being paid the same as a co-worker who does the same job as you consider why did your colleagues start at a later time and came into the company at a higher position and therefore is able to negotiate a better salary before you jump jobs consider if the discrepancy in pay is it all worth it for the growth and learning opportunities where you’re working

Maybe a bigger company would be able to pay you more but the smaller company offers more opportunity for you to take chances and have mentorship from the higher ups increase your skill set the best way to be improving your worth is to continue to increase and improve upon your skill set sometimes this requires you putting yourself in uncomfortable positions for

The sake of growth to clarify i mean uncomfortable because it’s out of your element not because someone is mistreating you and it doesn’t always have to be increasing your skill set for your career it could be to just explore a personal interest or try something that scares you like taking improv classes or going on a solo trip networth doesn’t equal self-worth

Ultimately remember that your net worth and your salary does not dictate your actual worth it’s about more than just the numbers one way to take action on getting to know your actual worth is by increasing your skill set the simplest way to get started is with skillshare which provides an easy and affordable way to expand your talents every week we’re featuring

A different skill share class we think you guys will love this week’s class is how to price projects as a freelancer hosted by freelance designer lindsey marsh this class will teach you strategies for negotiating and pricing projects for clients as always though scale share offers a huge range of high-quality classes on must-know topics from writing to fitness to

Business and it’s all about what you want to learn at an affordable annual subscription of less than $10 a month and sense skill share is sponsoring this video the first 500 people to use the promo link in the description will get their first two months free to try it out risk-free click the link in the description to check out this week’s featured class or any of

The other classes skill share has to offer have a money question you want to learn more about your topic idea in the comments section below i’m erin from broke millennial for the financial diet and don’t forget to be here next thursday for a new three minute guide

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How To Know What You're Actually Worth | The 3-Minute Guide By The Financial Diet

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canopy growth buys german synthe

Canopy Growth Buys German Synthetic THC Maker for 43 Million

Canopy Growth Buys German Synthetic THC Maker for $343 Million – RICH TV LIVE – MAY 2, 2019 – Canopy Growth Acquires Germany’s C3 Cannabinoid Compound Company

Make no mistakes good morning good afternoon good evening this is rich from rich to be live and have some breaking news once again from canopy growth i’ve told you guys these guys are number one i keep telling you guys that these guys are the best i keep telling you guys that nobody can come close i keep telling you guys that these guys are on

A full alert and they are i mean they’re up 28% in the last month i’ve been telling you that they’re the best and they just keep going up they’re up 28% in the last three months and a hundred and thirty seven percent in the last year to the day that’s right we’re talking about the best company in the market play is also going up consistently and

It’s a 96% buy on bar chart with the average short-term outlook on maintaining the current direction long-term the trend strength is strong long term indicators fully support a continuation of the trend however the market is approaching overbought territory be watchful the trend reversal i believe this trend continues especially if this news

Keeps coming let’s break it down canopy growth acquires german c3 cannabinoid compound company founded by top global herbal medicine manufacturer buy on our or our our iike sec 3 is a leader of cannabinoid based medical therapies used by european physicians to treat patients the acquisition brings together canopy groats medical business with

Europe’s largest cannabinoid based pharmaceuticals company c3 is a leading manufacturer and distributor of drana abinell a registered pharmaceutical drug in germany austria switzerland and denmark dronabinol was the first cannabinoid product in germany that could be prescribed by the country’s physicians in 2018 c3 supplied approximately 19,500

Patients in germany with dharana pinole achieving a year-over-year increase of 85 percent in 2018 c3 achieved sales of approximately 27 point 1 million canadian with cannabinoid oil products worldwide wow that’s impressive they’re acquiring a revenue generating monster significant addition to the company’s european infrastructure including

A robust sales and marketing organization already serving pharmacies and health care practitioners provides existing production of pharmaceutical grade api active pharmaceutical ingredient both natural and synthetic thc and cbd to support pharmaceutical sales growth and ongoing growth clinical research programs c3 currently holds several

Patents related to cannabis including extraction technology and the synthetic production process and has several clinical trials underway this news is from smith’s falls ontario newmarket germany may 2nd 2019 from pr newswire canopy growth corporation weed in canada on the tsx and cgc on the new york stock exchange is pleased to announce that

Has acquired german-based by on orica se founded c3 cannabinoid compound company c3 in a transformative deal that will see established single cannabinoid medicines brought together with the world’s leading full-spectrum medical cannabis offering the all-cash acquisition this is all cash this is an all-cash deal a no stock wow canapé you are

Forever the best this is just they keep separating everyone else is using stock they’re using cash this this is so much bigger and better than every other company it’s not even close this point is kind of laughable the all-cash acquisition for two hundred and twenty five point nine million euros three hundred and forty two point nine million

Canadian furthers canopy growths expansion into europe markets with prescription medicines and gives the company immediate access to a wealth of knowledge and intellectual property that c3 has developed in its nearly twenty years of research and development into synthetic and natural cannabis medicine products this company is just looking at

Everyone that they want and they’re like oh we’ll just buy you and they buy them see threes primary medical medicinal offering is dronabinol a pure chemical compound with standardized concentrations of tetra hydro cannabinoid oil thc one of the active ingredients found in cannabis plants that is responsible for various pharmaceutical effects

Dronabinol is available in austria denmark and germany for nausea and vomiting refractory to conventional treatment in oncology and palliative care and for cancer pain in germany dronabinol can be prescribed for any type of chronic pain and for any condition in palliative care c3 has a total of five medicines in the market and its commercial

Operations generated twenty seven point 1 million euros or forty one point five million canadian in 2018 that’s another 41 million a year to add to their balance sheet good job canopy growth the acquisition will allow canopy growth to further empower european physicians with the knowledge and therapies drawn from the full range of synthetic to

Naturally derived cannabinoid based medicines adding dronabinol to canopy growths product offering in europe and potentially other key markets will allow the company’s medical division spectrum cannabis to present an expanded medically validated suite of cannabinoid therapies to the benefit of healthcare professional and patience furthermore

Series infrastructure including production distribution and sales and marketing significantly adds to the spectrum cannabis footprint in europe including an expanding product line and additional reach into pharmacy and medical specialists networks c threes clinical research program currently underway are expected to complement canopy groats

Own clinical activities and provide data that could potentially be applied to emerging product lines enhancing the company’s prospects for bringing new approved products to market sooner c 3 s founding company bayan orica sc one of the world’s leading manufacturers scientifically researched herbal medicines and canopy growth have also entered

Into a separate cooperation agreement and will be collaborating in areas spanning clinical research ip development and distribution opportunities with its substantial cash reserve canopy growth will continue to make strategic investments and acquisitions that will drive growth create competitive advantage enhance canopies ip portfolio and

Accelerate development and approval of cannabis based therapeutics to continue to better serve its patients globally wow wow oh my goodness executive commentary what this boils down to is greater choice this acquisition will allow us to offer more options to physicians across europe accelerate our commercial sales and increase our economic

Footprint on the continent and drive forward new innovations do you guys see what these guys are doing these guys went and raised billions of dollars now they’re like oh i’ll just buy some of the biggest and the best companies they’re generating revenue all over the world they’re in the process of doing that with acreage holdings one of

The biggest companies in america now they’ve just acquired one of the biggest cbd companies in germany unbelievable this is bruce linton chairman and ceo co co of canopy growth our goal is to build on c threes extraordinary reputation and decades of success as we move to an innovative continuum of medical cannabis therapies that will enable

Physicians globally to better treat their patients this guy bruce linton is bruce wayne is he batman this is just a game-changing acquisition we are committed to changing the conversation around cannabis based therapeutics in canada and around the world said marc where chief medical officer canopy growth to do that we need a diverse toolbox

Of therapies that can be used by physicians who see the potential of the complete spectrum of cannabinoid based medicines welcoming c3 into our portfolio will help us put these tools in the hands of physicians and their patients in germany and everywhere else across europe in the last two decades we’ve devoted ourselves to the research and

Cannabinoids of cannabinoids and have developed a wide range of valuable cannabinoid compounds and related patents commented professor michael apop owner and ceo byeon orica sc combining our knowledge intellectual property and reputation amongst clinic clinicians and doctors in germany austria switzerland and denmark with canopy’s expertise with

Natural full spectrum medical cannabis products and ongoing clinical trials promises to better serve patients globally fast facts c 3 operates two state-of-the-art manufacturing facility specializing respectively in natural extraction and synthetic cannabinoid production these facilities have grown over the past 12 months to meet the growing

Demand for dronabinol and are scheduled for further expansion this year to accommodate forecasted rapid growth in the business in march 2017 germany became the first country in the world to make dronabinol reimbursable the prescription medicine is the first reimbursable cannabinoid agent in the country c3 senior management team includes dr.

Joseph hare head of business development and medical marketing act by an orica ethics kristian mann head of marketing and sales and a urlacher chief financial officer and dr. sylvia weis grub nur head of austrian operations all four will continue to drive the business post closing accepting leadership roles in the company wow this is just

Unbelievable here’s to future natural and synthetic growth wow this is unbelievable hey how you doing scott hey doing frank thank you guys for joining me this news is just unbelievable put canopy growth on your watch let’s put it on your radar i’m not suggesting that you should go and buy it the second look for a dip but this is a great company

They just acquired another revenue generating asset in the cbd space for 343 million canadian in cash that’s all i got to say canopy growth is number one they are the best everybody else is chasing canopy growth it’s true now if you’re not winning you’re probably not watching we’re bringing the winners and we bring them to you first we bring

You the news we break it down and i believe canopy growth long-term is going to continue to go straight up now they’ve had a big run and might pull back but this news is just starting to circulate i would not be surprised and this happened before to see them finish in the green this is enormous news smash that like button comment down below

Share the video everywhere if i win and you win we always it’s true

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Canopy Growth Buys German Synthetic THC Maker for $343 Million By RICH TV LIVEliveBroadcastDetails{isLiveNowfalsestartTimestamp2019-05-02T132643+0000endTimestamp2019-05-02T134508+0000}

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m1 finance tutorial how to use m

M1 Finance Tutorial | How To Use M1 Finance For Beginners!

Follow me on Front to view my full investment portfolio:

That you want to open up an account with m1 finance, for putting this video together, that is an option for you. if you want to check out that free 30 minute training was 50% of my portfolio into the vanguard s&p 500 etf and then i also put 10% of my money into microsoft stock. like robin hood for example where you’re just buying it’s gonna be spread evenly across

Those allocations. now i already have my portfolio or my pie in here built, and each of the stocks and etfs that you can select an etf to this portfolio for some passive investing. actually it’s right here, voo, the vanguard 500 fund. so, let’s say that is the pie that you want to build. as 1/10,000th of a share of each one of these stocks. and you want to put the

Remaining 35% in procter & gamble. 15% goes to tesla, and 30% is going to go to vanguard. multiple different portfolios, and even track that progress. who doesn’t want to build a portfolio from scratch. using a roth ira, which is available through m1 finance. is just going to be 90% into the total world stock market, so we’re gonna cover what that automatically

Means here. apple it’s 12.3%, even though my target allocation is 10, and the reason behind that is as soon as you invest money so some stocks are gonna go up, some are gonna go down. and the vanguard 500 etf, because my target allocation so i have more money than i want in microsoft and apple, because a lot of people, they may say hey i want to have to this account,

They’re going to keep your portfolio as i’m sure you guys know, m1 finance is 100% free. if you’re looking to learn more about how to use m1 finance, that’s gonna be linked up down in the description below. i hope you enjoyed it, and i will see you in the next one.

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M1 Finance Tutorial | How To Use M1 Finance For Beginners! By Ryan Scribner

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full alert india globalization c


FULL ALERT: INDIA GLOBALIZATION CAPITAL (IGCC) RE-LISTING ON THE NYSE – RICH TV LIVE FEBRUARY 22, 2019 – Shares of India Globalization Capital Inc. IGCC, +348.68% also known as IGC, more than tripled–up 234%–in very active afternoon trade Friday, to trade above the $1 mark for the first time in three months, after the company said its stock will re-list on the NYSE’s American exchange next week after it won its appeal. Trading volume swelled to $8.6 million shares, compared with the full-day average of about 253,000 shares. The cannabis company’s stock has been trading over the counter since the exchange’s decision on Oct. 29 to delist the stock. Prior to its October de-listing, MarketWatch had written a story that outlined series of concerns with the company’s claims and businesses. IGC’s stock has now gained 85% over the past three months, while the ETFMG Alternative Harvest ETF MJ, +0.96% has rallied 23% and the S&P 500 SPX, +0.60% has tacked on 5.2%.

Told you guys about indiana globalization capital inc told you i wouldn’t be surprised if it keeps going higher well guess what it’s getting higher it’s on a full alert now up three hundred and thirteen percent now don’t chase it but we must ask ourselves why is it up so much what is the catalyst it was just that a dollar 20 it is now at a dollar 56 all the

Indicators are pointing up now remember rich tv live is strictly for education and entertainment purposes always do your due diligence always do your research before you invest in anything that we talk about here in rich tv live okay you can find all the news stocks information you need to know about everything right on rich tv a one-stop shop now i gcc

Is the hottest stock of the day up a hundred percent then two hundred percent now three hundred and fifteen percent it’s crazy and the news is circulating here it is i gc stock more than triples on heavy volume after winning appeal to relist on the new york stock exchange shares of india globalization capital inc igcc up three hundred and fifteen percent also

Known as ig c more than tripled up two hundred and thirty four percent at the time of this article now up three hundred eighteen percent in very half active afternoon trade friday to trade above the one dollar mark for the first time in three months after the company said its stock will realist on the new york stock exchange american xchange next week after

One is after it won its appeal trading volume swelled to eight point six million shares compared with the full day average of about two hundred and fifty three thousand shares the cannabis company stock has been trading over-the-counter since the exchange decision on october 29th to delist the stock prior to its october delisting market watch had written a

Story that outlined series of concerns with the company’s claims and businesses igc stock has now gained 85 percent over the past three months while the etf mg alternative harvest etf mj is up point nine one percent has rallied twenty three percent and the sp500 spx is up point five two percent has tacked on five point two percent what do you think these news

This company is exploding now up three hundred and twenty six percent it’s on a full alert and i think it’s gonna keep climbing it’s in as high as fourteen dollars people how high can it go might go to two bucks three bucks five bucks seven bucks you know i want to know what you think don’t chase bobo is real we want to watch it we want to talk about it it’s

The hottest stock in the universe people are making money on the stock today wow only 39 million shares people now i know why they fly only 39 million shares wow that’s why it’s rocket i already marked this earlier today now i’m marking it again it’s on a fuller only 39 million shares issued outstanding igcc huh lurcher boy smash the like button

Comment down below share the video everywhere if i win and you win we all win it’s true it’s on fuller up three hundred and eighteen percent the hottest stock of the day now remember don’t go and chase stocks fomo is real ok fomo is real don’t go and chase it ok do not chase stocks fomo is real fomo is real fomo stands for fear of missing out it is real don’t

Chase it wait for a dip wait for a pullback if you do momentum trade this banger put a 10% stop-loss would you bobo is real alright

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floyd mayweather promoted centra

Floyd Mayweather promoted Centra Token (CTR) ICO Co-Founders arrested for Fraud – RICH TV LIVE

Floyd Mayweather promoted Centra Token (CTR) ICO Co-Founders arrested for Fraud – RICH TV LIVE

We are live with breaking news and this is not good news once again not good news breaking news nine hours ago it was broken by edward kelso on bitcoin calm this is ugly stuff a floyd mayweather backed i co co-founders arrested for fraud this is ugly this is not good news for probably the best pound-for-pound fighter ever floyd money mayweather who probably didn’t know

Most likely did it no i don’t think he would have taken this risk if he knew but he’s involved in a huge scandal here in what is turning into a real cautionary tale for the cryptocurrency community about the need to be wary of celebrities power along with skepticism about most initial coin offerings otherwise known as icos the us securities and exchange commission the

Sec announced an ico endorsed by champion boxer floyd mayweather has officially been deemed a fraud wow this is breaking news this is not good news for ai cos this is not good news for investors and this is not good news for floyd money mayweather the cautionary tale of floyd mayweather’s entrance into the ico scene sec halts fraudulent scheme involving unregistered

Ico is the unambiguous title of an sec press release issued april 2nd 2018 the securities and exchange commission today charged two co-founders of purported purported financial services start up with orchestrating a fraudulent and nish coin offering otherwise known as an ic o—- that raised more than thirty-two million from thousands of investors last year criminal

Authorities separately charged and arrested both defendants the notice begins the name of the i co was sentra tech inc the co-founders robert farkas and sora seb sharma are alleged to have mastermind a fraudulent ico in which sentra offered and sold unregistered investments through a ctr token sharma and farkas allegedly claimed that funds raised in the ico would

Help build a suite of financial products they claimed for example to offer a debit card backed by visa and mastercard that would allow users to instantly convert hard to spend cryptocurrencies into us dollars or other legal tender the sec complaint outlines there is a picture of floyd money mayweather holding the card there is his text look at what it says spending

Bitcoins a theorem and other types of cryptocurrency in beverly hills with my titanium centric card join centrist ico on september 19th wow this is rough indeed according to an expensive new york times profile of the pair and mr. mayweather last year by nathaniel popper how floyd mayweather helped two young guys from miami get rich on the 27th of october 2017 the

Debit card was described as a new product that would make it possible to spend virtual currencies anywhere visa cards were taken the company’s site showed sentra’s cards emblazoned with the visa logo this is not good stuff guys mr. popper exposed there was one problem with this plan the company had not been approved or had even applied this is ugly to run a cent

Card on the visa network this was a premeditated scam and they utilized the star power of floyd money mayweather to help them steal thirty two million dollars from investors a spokeswoman for a visa said after the new york times reached out to visa this month sentra took all the mentions of visa off its website unbelievable this is ugly this is dirty this is sad

It’s almost unreal it’s these types of people that are destroying this industry that are destroying it for everybody involved mr. popper noticed the primary business experience of mr. sharma and mr. farkas was as at miami exotics a luxury car rental business that the two built in september of last year mr. mayweather told his 13.5 million followers on facebook

Not once but twice they should buy a new virtual currency known as the sentra token get yours before they sell out he said before a picture of himself admiring sorry he wrote before a picture of himself admiring the many boxing title belts he had been awarded over the years i got mine and as usual i’m going to win big with this one mr. mayweather has also endorsed

At least two other coins who bits and stocks at times referring to himself as crypto mayweather a twist on his ring name money mayweather mr. popper continues a basic background check would have turned up the numerous run-ins with the law that mr. sharma the company president has had mr. sharma has been sued in florida and new york several times on allegations of

Unpaid bills and business deals gone sour twice people have accused him in court of trying to fraudulently sell or lend them cars that he did it owned and twice he has been evicted for claims that he failed to pay rent wow these are the two fraudsters this is ugly this is bad for the industry this is not good news for floyd money mayweather at all as the new york

Times piece was being put together mr. sharma was indicted for perjury shortly after sentra finished a fundraising round in 2016 mr. sharma was arrested for suspicion of drunk driving his white maserati mr. popper ominously foreshadows mr. sharma as saying i’m obviously not comfortable with that situation but it’s not that i did something so intensely crazy that

Investors need to worry really the scc’s stephanie avakian outlines the complaint we allege that sentra sold investors on the promise of new digital technologies by using a sophisticated marketing campaign to spin a web of lies about their supposed partnerships with legitimate businesses as the complaint alleges these and other claims were simply false mr. sharma

And mr. farkas were charged with breaking federal securities laws governing anti-fraud and registration the complaint seeks permanent injunctions return of allegedly ill-gotten gains plus interest and penalties as well as bars against sharma and farkas serving as public company officers or directors and from participating in any offering or digital of digital or

Other securities in a panel action the us attorney’s office for the southern district of new york today announced criminal charges against sharma and farkas wow this is brutal this is not good news these are the defendants that have mastermind this fraud this is terrible they stole 32 million dollars from the people and they used floyd money mayweather and his

Community and his star power and his social media wherewithal to help them do it so wow i mean this is big news this is breaking news and that’s what we do here at rick’s tv live we break the news first so i have to bring it to your attention this is huge and it is disturbing unbelievable now for some reason i see crypto rocker saying hi rich sentra is a fantastic

Platform power to the people i am behind center all the way if the platform and the product continued to do what they have been doing i will keep supporting them i don’t understand what you mean crypto rocker i don’t know if you’ve been smoking something buddy but they just stole 32 million dollars from the public and they used visa without visas permission and they

Fraudulently stole from the people so i totally disagree with you crypto rocker i don’t know what you’re thinking or what you’re smoking buddy but this is real this is a major issue they stolen thirty two million dollars from the public and they have now been indicted so this is very serious this is very real this is not good for floyd mayweather and his reputation

And my opinion is that we all need to be very careful with these icos and we should all wait until they get on to an exchange before we invest because these icos are very risky and there’s a lot of people out there that just think it’s a free-for-all to just take people’s money and not really do anything to deliver any quality returns so this is a sad day for floyd

Mayweather it’s a sad day for anyone who invested their hard in thirty two million dollars into this company and i don’t like it at all and unfortunately this is real and is breaking news and we brought it to you first all right people let me know what you think do you think this is bad for floyd money mayweather if you have an opinion on this please comment down

Below this is your boy rich bringing you the news and we bring it to you first if you like that video smash the like button if you haven’t subscribed please subscribe for more updates remember rich tv live is strictly for education and entertainment purposes always do your own due diligence before you invest in anything invest in something you love not because

You heard it here on rich tv live alright i gotta go back to do more research bringing you the news big news floyd money mayweather alright this is your boy rich and i’m out

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Floyd Mayweather promoted Centra Token (CTR) ICO Co-Founders arrested for Fraud – RICH TV LIVE By RICH TV LIVEliveBroadcastDetails{isLiveNowfalsestartTimestamp2018-04-03T193043+0000endTimestamp2018-04-03T194323+0000}

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is shake shack stock a buy shake

Is Shake Shack Stock a BUY? | Shake Shack Stock! | Shake Shack!

Link to join StockHub free investing discord server: –~–

Good day subscribers thank you so much for joining me today i am jeremy this is the financial education channel and today we’re doing is it a buy just like we do every single week and we’re doing it on shake shack stock today shake shack is the one we’re doing and we’re trying to find out if shake shack stock is as tasty as its burgers this stock was suggested by

The m pam and the m pam you have suggested the stock like 47 times and you finally got picked out of the hat so congratulations on being the one selected today now guys go ahead and leave me a comment on what stock you would love to see broken down in next week’s video so you have a chance to go ahead and see me break down that stock now shake shack we’re gonna do

Like we always do and act like shake shack we don’t know what it is what is shake shack shake shack is a modern-day roadside burger stand serving a classic american menu of premium burgers hot dogs crispy chicken frozen custard crinkle-cut fries shakes beer wine and more it was founded by danny meyer in new york city back in 2001 started as a hot dog cart he grew

Into a place in central park and then went from there basically so shake shack simply is a burger place that’s a that’s a fast casual type dining experience similar to maybe a chipotle or something like that so they are kind of in that that bracket of $6 to $10 for most items on the menu now shake shack has an experience of very very nice places they built for just

A burger chain they built very very nice places they decorate it nice and all those kinds of things so let’s dig into this stock a little more now that we know what it is so something i was looking at by the way everything we’re looking at currently is on there 10 kids on their 10k and it’s in the annual report in the investor relations page on shake shack so just

So you guys know so something i highlighted here is where they’re talking about leaders training future leaders we invest in our team through extensive leadership development programs to ensure that shake shack remains a great place to work in a real career choice for team members at every level we built a culture of active learning and foster an environment of

Leadership development through the entire lifecycle of employment now why did i highlight that and why is it important in my opinion to look at when judging a stock like shake shack well shake shack’s the first i guess you could say fast food or fast casual food-related stock we’ve broken down in this video and what i’ve learned because i’ve worked in food industry

I worked for convenience store industry i worked a lot of different things that have to do with retail and i can tell you that one of the most important things in retail or food is actually the employees the employees are so vital because they are the ones that the customers come in contact with and a lot of times if those employees are not very happy and outgoing

And things like that they will push customers away i’ve seen it time and time again and generally those places aren’t as busy and generally the employees just have more of a negative attitude you know what can i do for you and then if you have a problem they’re like oh look at you like it’s end of the world or something so the fact that shake shack is focusing on

Employees in keeping employees happy and going up a career ladder and seeing the opportunities that will present themselves to those employees this is big in my opinion this is so big nowadays it’s huge you do not want to employee force in a in a customer service where they feel that’s just negative so this i believe helps out and this is a very good thing for

Shake shack now this doesn’t have anything to do with the stock but i had a i had i like this listen to this burger the surfing shack offered exclusively at boston connecticut shacks during august and september the surf and shack is a hundred percent all natural angus hamburger topped with maine lobster lettuce tomatoes and shake shack sauce i’m like oh my gosh

That sounds freaking fabulous i was like reading that and i’m like if i’m ever in boston or connecticut i’m freakin getting that burger man especially if it’s in august in september i’m getting that perfect okay so let’s go back to the stock here so now we’re talking about growth strategies group shake shack has grown considerably the last couple years and they

Plan to do in the future so opening new domestic come operated shacks this is where our greatest immediate opportunity for growth lies we’ve waited nearly five years to open our second shack and we are still in the very nascent stage of our story with only 44 domestic company owned in five domestic license shacks in 12 states as of december december 30th 2015 we

Believe there’s a tremendous white space of opportunity to expand both in the in the existing and new us market and we have invested in infrastructure that will enable us to continue to grow rapidly with discipline so shake shack is in a major growth phase right now they have hardly any restaurants you know they can probably fit 500 to 1000 shake shack’s in america

Alone that’s not internationally just america and the fact they only have you know 50 or so now that leaves a ton of opportunity to grow revenue grow profits do all those types of things over time in the united states alone and then internationally obviously there’s a huge opportunity internationally as well so we’re definitely looking at a company that will be

Growing a lot over the next decade next up now we’re going in we’re looking at the risk factor section of that annual report i always look at the risk factors is very key – and the risk factor we highlighted here is incidents involving food and safety and food ill borne foodborne illness can adversely affect guests perception of the brand result in lower sales

And increase in operating costs so the reason i highlight this is this is so important to look at anytime you’re looking at a restaurant or food-related stock because i’ve seen stocks and companies get killed over an e coli situation or something like that where you know it gets a ton media attention and it just hurts the brand forever and that brain can never

Get back now a high-flyer stock that happened this happened to last year was actually chipotle chipotle stock price was like profit revenue they were just growing monster and then what happened they had the whole e.coli situation and other things that i can you know employees were coming to work sick and things like and chipotle just could not get out of their

Own way as far as a negative news media coming toward them and just making the brand look bad now i think chipotle did the best job they could possibly do under those circumstances in saving the company i’ve seen the results from chipotle of last quarter – and i am amazed that they’ve been able to steady the ship the way they have because a lot of companies with a

Situation like that they’re done they’re done in the way that report least you know kind of rated the ship it’s very impressive but the fact is chipotle’s brain did get damaged very heavily and they may never be the same as far as their brand goes so this is something to pay attention to with shake shack or any stock in the restaurant industry know that that risk

Can come out of nowhere and knock you silly because it can next up we are going ahead and looking at through stoner the risk factor section we face significant competition for a guest and if you’re able to compete effectively our business could be adversely affected why i highlighted this of course every business is in competitive feel if you’re a public company

There’s no like easy oh you know we have no competition type situation but with shake shack’s business model they have so much competition they they have tons of competition from the lower end they have you know competition like mcdonald’s and burger king and wendy’s and all those places on the way way low end which shake shack really doesn’t compete with those

Guys with shake shack competes with is companies like in-and-out burger if you’re familiar with them on the west coast in our burger they serve always fresh burgers and they’re just fabulous they’re always great amazing quality the company is probably one of the best we’re in food companies probably in the world and they compete still at a much lower price point

Than shake shack shake shack burgers are usually 8 9 bucks whereas in-n-out burgers are usually around three to four dollars so i think that’s a major competitor for them you have places like five guys another major competitor and you have a lot of other littler burger joints like smash burger and places like that that have been expanding over the last decade and

I’ve really grown their businesses through a franchise model so there’s a lot of competition in that birger market those specialty type burger places you say oh you know they also serve chicken and hotdogs and things like that oh yeah in the chicken category there’s a ton of competition and shake shack is known as a burger company they’re known as a burger company

And a milkshake company that’s what they’re known for us where they get most of their business from so unless that changes that’s what their brand will always be known as so you gotta understand that competing if they’re in a very competitive space one of the most competitive that i could see out there so i love their business but i don’t in the fact that they have

So much competition so much competition let’s go ahead and dig into these financials now basically where i’m at with their business as i like it i don’t love it so income statement they grew from 118 million dollars in revenue in 2014 to last year they did 190 million so great growth there and we’re gonna look it down at the net income and they made two million

Dollars in 2014 that’s all the way at the very bottom but last year they actually lost eight point seven million that could be because of the huge amount of growth that could be because of the ipo and that takes up a lot of funding and costs and all those kinds of things so i’m not going to ding them too bad for their net income here but it’s definitely a growing

Company it’s very impressive to see revenue up that amount of money now let’s look at that balance sheet so balance sheet as always we’re focusing on cash short term investments long term investments and then they’re focusing on the debt and what’s the difference between those two so they have 70 million in cash no short term investments no long term investments

They have no short term slash current long-term debt under the liabilities and they also have no long term debt so basically we have a seven million dollar seventy million dollars in cash laying around and no debt so i would rate this a strong balance sheet that’s a strong balance sheet very impressive now let’s look at these latest quarterly results these are the

Were results it just came out the other day i believe actually yesterday these results came out third quarter total revenue grew 40% 40% year-over-year that’s a huge huge revenue uptick shake shack sales increased forty point two percent same same store sales basically increased 2.9 percent so that’s it’s impressive but it’s not as good as they have been doing and

All the way at the bottom their net income attributable to shake shack shareholders was 3.8 million or 15 cents per share so they’re not making a ton of money at the end of the day yet but once again this is a growth company they’re they’re in a growth state so we’ll see what happens as time goes on over here now they also gave an update at 2016 outlook now what

I wanted to focus on was they’re raising their total revenue they’re expecting to 264 to 265 versus they had 253 to 256 so that’s good they’re raising the revenue well you know 10 million or so the outlook and same store sales four to five percent now they only grew 2.9 percent last quarter so is this a trend that’s down ticking will let’s go ahead and look at the

Preliminary 2017 outlook now in the preliminary 2017 outlook you see they’re expecting around 350 million in revenue that’s great though would be about a hundred million dollar increase over last year with the current year we’re in but look at same store sales are expecting between two and three percent which includes approximately 1.5 percent to two percent of

Menu increases in price so really shake shack next year is hardly gonna grow same store sales at all the main way they’re only gonna get it or at least they’re expecting to get it is actually from menu price increases so they’re not expecting many more customers to be coming into these shake shack’s so this is getting to such a small amount now that i’m like okay

Our same store sales about to go negative though negative that would be my worry with shake shack when you’re starting to get to that low of a rate i’ve seen it happen with so many retailers so many restaurants over time they get down to this part where it’s only like oh we’re just gonna grow a teeny bit and then next thing you know it starts going down especially

When they were growing up here which is where they’ve been growing in the last couple years so that for me is a little worrisome when looking at their business now let’s also go ahead and take a look at the basic statistics so we can see shake shack had a phenomenal day today after their earnings up 12% a murphy cap of about 1.4 billion which is a very big market

Cap for a company that has about 60 stores or so or 70 restaurants i think is around 70 restaurants right now a p/e of 91 so very high p/e 52-week range by the way of $30 to forty seven dollars so it’s kinda in the middle there a forward p/e of 67 so what do you guys think am i gonna write shake check a buy or not a buy in my opinion shake shack right now is not a

Buy it’s not a buy and it kind of hurts me to say it because shake shack is such a growth engine right now they’re growing and they’re growing but at the same time for my type of investor discipline a 70 p/e on the company that same store sales could start to fall and if those same store sales start to fall the stock will drop dramatically i can almost guarantee

You that almost every single retailer every single food-related stock if there’s lift there same store sales somehow go negative that’s like death for a stock so i look at that in it’s worrisome to me which is why when it’s at a 70 p/e i just cannot get involved and then also with these restaurant type stocks like i talked about when the risk factors it takes one

E.coli situation or one you know really bad health rapport in a restaurant that blows up in the media and next thing you know your brand’s hurt very much and that stock price goes so for those following reasons shake shack in my opinion is not quite a buy if this stock you know fell dramatically maybe fell to around a twenty-eight $29 price range i would absolutely

Start buying it at that at that time but for me this one’s just not quite a buy yet it doesn’t mean that you can’t make money and it you may be able to make money if that’s your type of you know investor philosophy chipotle always had a hugely high p/e and yet their stock went up and up and up so just because i’m not involved with it doesn’t mean you can’t make

Money in it guys thank you so much for watching today hit that thumbs up button if you guys like this and if you haven’t subscribed you may want to talk about stock market we do this series every week we also talked about i’m an entrepreneur i give tips and we also give personal finance type tips on this channel every single week don’t forget to hit that thumbs

Up button don’t forget to leave in the comment section what video you would love to see next week as far as which stock you want to see broken down thank you for watching guys and have a great day

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Is Shake Shack Stock a BUY? | Shake Shack Stock! | Shake Shack! By Financial Education

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this is massive stock market bre

This Is Massive | Stock Market Breaking Major Trend

Get up to $100 in complimentary crypto signing up & Trading with this link for FTX US and use referral code “HolySmokas”

Well folks we have something absolutely epically massive going on in the market here today and i want to explain exactly what’s going on here there’s major trends being broken in this market right now that i want to show you guys here today and if you’re thinking of even the possibility of bottoming out in the market i have something very important to show you

Today this chart is going to blow your mind when you see it and this is something that i haven’t really seen out there at all to be completely honest there’s one individual who who posted this and unfortunately they don’t get the most coverage but this is absolutely game-changing okay and what happened today is very important for the trajectory of the market in

General i want to show you exactly kind of what’s going on here so by the way if you didn’t know you know it’s a good day in the market the russell’s up about 30 percent here today roughly nasdaq’s having a very good day up a little less than three percent so definitely a good day in the market if you’re in green today i don’t know you know how you can possibly

Be creating your accounts because it should be a green day right and meanwhile the small caps continue this kind of upward trajectory they’ve been on for the past several trading days now you know look at something like honest it’s up 31 in a matter of just a few trading days for the stock it’s been you know quite a rapid rise the chef 23 in just a few trading

Days when it comes to small cap stocks i’ll explain in just a moment only 33 and just a few trading days corsair gaming about 21 in just a few trading days you know when i talk about small cap stocks and when i talk about you know the moves that will happen with these stocks when the market turns whenever that is and we could be in a turning moment now and i’m

Going to show you some stuff that’s very important in regards to if you’re thinking about that but you got to understand like when we get a true turn in the market these small caps will make moves like you’ve never seen stocks make before and you’re you’re getting just a small glimpse of it i mean look at we’re just off a few you know we’re a few percentage off of

You know all-time lows or not all-time lows but like you know 52-week lows where the russell was in the nasdaq was right and look at how much a lot of those stocks have just bounced in a matter of a few trading days you’re seeing twenty thirty percent tell you upward moves now imagine a scenario where the russell goes up ten percent fifteen percent not even that

Wouldn’t even be remotely close to all-time highs just 10 to 15 percent imagine how much those stocks move in that given scenario right now those stocks have weight oversold in a down market in a bad market but imagine just for a moment if we get any sort of momentum in the market the moves those stocks will make will be absolutely beyond insane which is exactly

What we’re seeing play out right in front of our eyes right now and so you know these stocks are cast away as kind of like you know thrown away in in a rough market right name folks just throw these type of stocks away but as soon as the market goes even a little bit bullish i mean these stocks fly to the moon as they say and the moves are are incredible and that’s

The way it plays out every single time you’re coming off of like a vicious bear market what is seen as small caps or more speculative plays those ones bounce the hardest it is not stocks like apple and microsoft right stocks like apple and microsoft will usually hold up the best during a crash during a bear market something like that right um but in terms of like

What’s going to give you the crazy roi that that insane roi over the coming years as you come out of the bear market it’s always those small caps that have the big growth that have the numbers to justify you know where their stock prices are going over the coming years okay and so but those ones are just they’re just completely forgotten in a tough market right

Like no one cares about those when you’re in a bear market essentially okay you know you look at big tech here today and this shows you a great example of kind of you know what’s going on in the market we get a little bit of a risk on day and look what amd and nvidia do you know eight percent five percent move on a risk on date and look at right behind it tesla

Massive four percent amazon’s about a four percent move so you know if you’re even thinking about big tech what’s going to move the most when you get some positive momentum in the market it’s going to be those sorts of stocks and those stocks have been hit hard right tesla it seems like just yesterday tesla was twelve hundred dollars a share it’s 758 like do the

Percentage decline on that one amazon seems like just yesterday was thirty seven hundred dollars and it’s twenty three hundred today and recently it hit lows at twenty one hundred for amazon you gotta be flipping my flapjacks nvidia has fallen dramatically amd’s fallen dramatically and you know those companies are extraordinary they got beautiful business models

Not just in the short term but for the long term right you know amd for instance lisa sue in the management team i think they’d be earning something like for five years straight or some ridiculous number like like i heard that recently and i was like how’s that even possible like you know there’s some great companies i know of that beat earnings pretty consistently

But like for five years in a row what that’s just ridiculous and so here you are in a moment where you just get a little momentum and look what look what these stocks do and i think that’s an important thing to remember is just when we can get a little momentum my gosh you know wall street’s buying wall street today yes i say okay this is my banking watch list it

Consists of goldman sachs wells fargo jp morgan bank of america deutsche bank in ally and uh wall street’s buying in wall street today and that’s just the bottom line there and look at those stocks ready to fly okay so i want to get into some very important things here i want to show you some charts that you’ve probably never ever seen in your life before including

On my channel and um exactly kind of what’s going on and why this is so big and why this matters for the market okay i do want to shout out ftx us which is the official crypto partner i personally use for any moves in the crypto market i’m looking to do you might have heard them before they’re partnering with folks like tom brady steph curry they have the fees that

Are among the cheapest in the entire industry like it’s beautiful it is a crypto exchange millions of people’s trust and uh right now they got a pretty darn epic proposal right now which is you can get up to a hundred dollars in free crypto by using my link down there that’s the pin common and using my referral referral code holy smoke is up to a hundred dollars on

Free crypto and basically every trade you do over ten dollars you get free crypto as well which is pretty darn awesome and uh i do know that uh there’s a lot of speculation that stocks are coming to ftx very soon as well they don’t have a they’re not ready to necessarily announce it right now but um yeah from what i’ve heard the rumors are it’s going to be pretty

Darn epic so definitely take advantage of that while they’re still giving out the the hundred dollars and up to a hundred dollars on free crypto and don’t forget to use my referral code holy smokers that will be pinned comment down there and also you can set up your accounts for recurring buys uh so whether you’re trying to buy bitcoin ethereum whatever you can set

It up so you’re doing recurring buys each week it’s pretty darn awesome okay alrighty so this is not a popular youtube channel but i got to give them some respect i like these guys it’s a channel that has like 4 000 subs called plant stock essentially okay and they were showing this chart which i absolutely blew my mind and you know i gotta say like youtube’s not

In the best place right now it’s just not you got uh you know a lot of channels that just make content about the biggest creators and it’s kind of like a tmz type thing right then you got a lot of channels that just aren’t even posting anymore because the views aren’t what the views used to be in 2020 for a lot of these channels right fortunately for us on this

Channel we’re at you know record highs in the history of the channel but for every other channel they’ve fallen off a cliff and so youtube’s not in a good space when it comes to stock market community and so if i see a channel that actually has promise i’m gonna share it with you guys and i gotta say this channel actually has promised the stuff they’re showing in

Some of these videos are big and they matter okay so what you’re looking at here what they were showing is number of companies trading at a discount to net cash and what we’re gonna see throughout history is every single time this hit a big number it was time to buy buy buy okay so for instance look at this you had over 200 companies trading at a discount to net

Cash here guess what this was right before the market started to go on another roar right you’re looking at like 2002 ish there and shortly after that 2003 through 2007 was a great time in the market like you can pull up a chart of that right you look at right here look at how many companies you hit over 150 companies right here guess what that was 0-809 yeah you

Know what a time to buy stocks and look at right now recently we’ve hit the highest we’ve ever hit you know 200 and over well shoot like 200 was at 60 270 companies trading at a discount to net cash right now and guess what i feel like it’s a great time to be a buyer and so when you’re in these sorts of insane time periods you know you are pretty darn close to a

Bottom you might not be there yet but you are you’re knocking on the door essentially and that’s exactly how i feel right now and this is just a chart that justifies exactly what you’re looking for okay and essentially when you see this number go exceptionally low that’s actually time you need to be a little worried because look at this when this number went insanely

Low right that was uh you know a few months before the whole market start taking so the market started tanking in the summer of 2007 that’s when it peaked and started tanking and guess what that number hit right around all-time lows right before the summer of 2007. look at this i mean think about the market we’ve been in right it hit lows right around march of

2021 and guess what ever since that time stocks have been just destroyed at first it was the speculative stocks it was the meme stocks then it was small cap stocks then it was mid-cap stocks then it was a large cap stocks and then by the end of this thing it’s pretty much been every stock i know just about the whole stock market right and so this this i think

Is something we should pay attention to forever going forward in the future and you know if you get a ridiculously low number you know like you’re probably peaking in the market at least in the short term and if you get some insanely high number you know you’re likely close to a bottom in the stock market that’s what it proves time and time again and so i really

Appreciate this channel for bringing this out i think this is absolutely amazing absolutely amazing they showed this one here a number of companies trading at discount this was as a percent okay because obviously the amount of companies can change over time but this is as a percent and audrey look at as a percent how many you know you’re over three percent recently

Of uh companies trading at a discount to net cash that’s an insane number that’s an absolutely insane number and like i said every single time this spikes high like that right especially over two and a half percent you know you got you got a pretty good chance to um buy stocks out there right and so it’s just one of those things to look at and and understand like

If you’re talking about especially if you go over two and a half especially if you go over three percent you’re likely getting very very close to a bottom in the market that’s just what we’ve seen throughout history so i think it’s important to kind of look at there so that’s definitely gives me some comfort okay next thing we’re going to talk about is mr powell

And why this matters so much so if you didn’t know powell came out today and opened his mouth again why does he have to do that okay but seriously like like like what for a moment here why does powell have to come out and keep talking like like seriously like like he’s not doing youtube videos like j pal go hibernate for a little bit okay chill go on vacation

Like no one no one cares like go go chill in maui or something for the next three or four weeks like we we don’t need you to talk about inflation every day of the week we know what the numbers are everybody knows that and we know the fed is planning to raise rates we know all this there’s no need to keep coming out and doing interviews every other day like we

Don’t need that we don’t need that we already know okay we already know what your plans are and we know you’re going to adjust your plans as you feel like you’re going to adjust your plans okay but the bottom line is jpow did come out and talk now every time recently jay powell comes out and talks the market essentially tanks right and the headline of this even

Sounds scary powell says the fed will not hesitate to keep raising rates until inflation comes down that’s a threatening headline right federal reserve chair jerome powell emphasized his resolve to get inflation down saying tuesday he will he will back interest rate increases until prices start falling back toward healthy levels quote if that involves moving past

Broadly understood levels of neutral we won’t hesitate to do that the central bank leader told wall street journal in a live stream an interview once again why does he need to keep doing these but whatever we will go until we feel we’re at a pace where we can say financial conditions are an appropriate place we will see inflation coming down we’ll go to that point

There won’t be any hesitation about that yet okay now whenever powell would come out and talk recently it would tank the market it would tank stocks and what was interesting is if you were watching the market why powell was speaking guess what was happening the market was indeed tanking right the market was tanking but what was very interesting about this whole

Situation was i’ll explain why i got that picture up there in just a moment okay the market came back and it basically said pow was ikiya and we don’t care about you anymore we don’t care what you’re going to say do all your threats um you know that you want to do we don’t care anymore and this was the first time this has happened in a long time and i mean a

Long time where the market fell while he was talking and then came all the way back to basically end the day right around highs of the day and so if you’re talking about a break-in trend a break in a sentiment and market momentum that’s a big thing that’s a big thing because everybody was looking at today and they’re like oh pal’s gonna come out and talk again

Great there we go another negative three percent day in the nasdaq and the fact that when he was speaking it was going down and then we were like he got done and we’re like i don’t care buy it up the fact that wall street made that move because let’s be very clear that was big money doing that um that at least gives you a little sign of comfort there right and so

There’s an image of jay powell right now that that some people have where he’s like a pit bull right and he’s like ah you know he’s this this vicious dog and that’s the way some people have an image of him right now right and we’ll find out is that really the truth right meanwhile other folks look at jay pal and they say man this is just a chihuahua out there you

Know this is no paul vogue volker this man is just a chihuahua he’s all bark he’s no bite he ain’t gonna do nothing he ain’t gonna do nothing he’s all all these threats and we’re gonna do this and we’re gonna do that but what’s he actually doing right and so i think it is important to kind of look at things and say what is he actually doing let’s not forget the

Fed funds rate is one percent one percent one percent the fed funds rate is almost nothing okay and so you have all these this threatening language from the fed you have all this all these headlines about we’re gonna do this and we’re gonna do that the fed funds rate’s one percent today one percent with all this talk you would think the fed funds rates would be

Five percent right now ten percent so there’s all this talk there’s all these threats there’s all this stuff ain’t nothing happening it’s just more of a chihuahua type moment you hear all the fed’s talking about 75 basis points oh now 75 base points off table oh they’re gonna raise heavy we’re one percent dude one percent inflation has been roaring for a year now

Over a year and so there they’ve lagged this whole situation they might lag to the other side right now this is very important what i’m about to show you i mean this is very important for everybody to understand what i’m about to show you right here okay because a lot of people look at interest rates right now and they say there’s no way the stock market’s moving

Up if they say this is the biggest false thing i’ve ever heard in my life they say don’t fight the fed be us somebody that says don’t fight the fed they don’t even know history that’s all say about that they don’t even know about the history of the fed raising rates and what happens the stock market in a time period where they’re raising rates that’s when i know

Somebody doesn’t really know the history of the stock market okay so i went from dead to alive in 1989 all right this is my entire life right now rates were substantially elevated right this is fed funds rate over time five six percent these are numbers we can’t even imagine right now we’re like freaking out over one percent right pull up a stock market chart of

The stock market from 95 to 99. and what you will find is the stock market did flipping flapjacking amazing during that time you pulled up from 94 93 whatever okay during that whole period when interest rates were up in elevated levels the stock market did very well very well okay guess what from about 2003 to about 2007 the fed raised rates the stock market

Did absolutely exceptional from 2003 to 2007. it did really really well right and so during this time while the fed was lowering interest rates the stock market actually was horrible look at the pull pull up a stock market chart from 2000 to 2002. and what you’ll find is no i wasn’t pretty look at the nasdaq during that time look at the s p 500 look at the dow

Nasdaq and s p got hit the hardest look at the russell as well if you want to look at that so if people think oh they’re lowering interest rates we’re going to have to go up on the market nah that’s not factual that’s not looking at data stock market was horrible then they start raising rates 2003 through 07 you know and up at upper levels and the stock market did

Great right basically summer of of 07 that’s when the market started tank the economy started to fall apart but for years and years stock market did very well right look at right here we have this you know at down and out interest rates for quite a while and then they started raising rates 2015 to 2019 man there was a lot of money to be made in the stock market

There was a lot of money we made i made a lot of money in the market i’m sure some of you guys have been in the market a while you guys made some really good money in those years right um there was a lot of money be made there was a lot of stocks that went beast mode during that time and had some incredible runs from 2015 to 2019. so if you would have taken 2015

To 2019 off because you’re like i don’t fight the fed they’re raising rates this is bad you would have been making a horrible mistake and i mean an absolutely awful mistake so now everybody assumes the fed’s raising rates and there’s no way the stock market’s going to go up and i say look at history just look at history and what you will find is time and time

Again market can do phenomenal for years as interest rates are elevated or interest rates are going up that is just factual and there’s time periods where they’re lower in interest rates lower in interest rates and stock markets not doing good i mean they lowered interest rates from you know part of 07 all the way to 2009 guess what the the market was not safe

During that time the indexes fell all 50 plus during that time so you know you look at this stuff and it’s like yeah you can have a very good market and have interest rates go up that is facts it’s not opinion that’s facts so this is very important to kind of keep in mind for everybody moving forward so because you can hear some of these things out there and

Sometimes you got to break down you say what’s factual and what’s uh just stuff that people say to say because it sounds good don’t fight the fed no go with the fed they were raising rates rates are elevated there’s a lot of money to be made in those times that’s just factual hope you guys enjoyed this video as always make sure you check out ftx us and sign up

For that get your up to a hundred dollars on free crypto while they’re still giving it out use referral code holy smokers this and uh yeah other than that guys much love let me know what your opinion is have a great day

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This Is Massive | Stock Market Breaking Major Trend By Financial Education

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How’s it going today guys so i got a very exciting topic to talk about today and i’m not gonna lie no it’s not the most exciting thing in the world but it’s something that you should definitely be conscious at especially if you’re a young person and you’re just getting started out with like getting your own bank account and get your checking account and like thinking

Ahead and that is your credit score so i want to talk about how i personally built my credit up as a young person and right now i’ll just say i’m 21 years old i’ve had my own bank account since i was 16 got my first credit card when i was 18 and i currently have a credit score of 749 which is pretty decent for a young guy i have four open lines of credit and i also

Have an auto loan which is one of the open lines of credit and just to tell you why it’s good to have credit established um i have my own loan i don’t have a cosigner on there or a co-borrower i have a loan that i took out for $11,000 on my other car i got a 2007 subaru impreza wrx i bought it in the spring of this year and i took out an eleven thousand dollar loan

For five years for a 1.75 percent interest rate which is quite low for somebody my age i mean i know friends of mine who have car loans who are paying like ten percent interest so because i established credit when i was younger um i was offered a pretty awesome rate for somebody my age in fact the bank told me that’s the lowest rate they offer so i remember when i

Was going in there the lady who did all my paperwork was kind of saying oh you know we’re probably going to have to put you in the credit builder program and i kind of sat there with smug look on my face like no you’re not wait till you run my score she ran my score she was like wow she’s like you have great credit no we’re going to be able to give you this awesome

Rate so she gave me a rate of like 1.75 percent of 5 years which i think over the five years i’m going to pay like five or six hundred dollars and it interests something around there so it’s not much at all compared to ten percent interest rate which would be thousands of dollars so here’s the problem with your credit is uh you need credit history to get a credit

Card but at the same time you need a credit card to build credit history so getting your first line of credit is kind of difficult but not impossible and i’m gonna explain to you how to do this the first thing you want to do when you’re 16 years old and some banks will even let you start sooner so start as soon as you can so 16 or younger open up a credit i’m

Sorry open up a checking or or in a savings account so you can do both you could do just a savings account where you just have a atm card you withdraw cash when you need it you put your cash in the bank or you can also get a checking account where you know you get an actual debit card you can use it to make your purchases or you can do both keep some and savings

Some and checking which is a good way to do that too but i started that when i was 16 years old i had to get my mom to sign on the accounts because i was under 18 and depending on the bank you know there’s different policies like that but what you want to do is build a rapport with that bank and kind of say hey you know i’m a responsible banker i don’t overdraw

My account i regularly add money i regularly use money and you kind of want to establish a good history of with the bank as far as being a good banker and then what you want to do when you turn 18 inquire about a secured line of credit so what that is is um you’re going to put aside money in a cd which is a certificate of deposit which basically backs your line of

Credit so what i did is i signed up for a five hundred dollar line of secured credit so what i did is i took five hundred dollars out of my savings account put it in a certificate of deposit and that basically backed that credit card for the bank so they said that no matter what happens even though i ran up a five hundred dollar credit limit and never paid them

They could draw from that certificate of deposit to pay for what i owed them so no matter what they do it’s a win-win situation for them because one they’re going to get interest off you but they’re not because you’re not going to carry a balance and even if they don’t have you pay them they’re going to take it from the cd so it’s like money they can get for free

From you either way then most of them do have like a maintenance fee or a yearly fee mine i think was $50 a year and since then awesome once i turned i believe 21 or it was 20 some around there actually it was 21 on my earth day they reached out to me and said yeah we’re taking off that yearly fee and we’re gonna we’re going to give you back your certificate of

Deposit you don’t need to back this credit card anymore so that does go away over time but at first it is worth it i mean you could go to different banks and see if there are some that offer an account without a yearly maintenance fee but most of them are going to charge some kind of fee but it is worth it in the long run to establish your credit so once you have

Had a checking or savings account with a bank for a couple years and when you turn 18 talk to them about a secure line of credit that’s the first thing you want to do so then what i did is this every single week i put my gas on the card and then i paid the entire balance off every single month and you want to do this for two reasons number one you’re probably going

To have a high interest rate on this credit card because you’re a high risk credit holder so you’re probably looking at like a 10 or 15 percent or higher interest rate i think mine was like 15% interest which even on a couple hundred bucks that adds up over time you don’t want to pay any interest the other thing is when you have in credit cards when you carry a

Balance on your credit card it actually lowers your credit score they want to see you using the credit cards but paying them off showing that you don’t actually need to carry a balance and that’s what’s going to build your credit over time it’s keeping a very low or ideally keeping no balance on your cards but still utilizing that credit so then what i did um i did

That for about one to two years you know bought my gas paid it every month that gave me a buying history and a payment history which is what they want to see once i had about i think i had about eighteen months of payments i actually received in the mail from discover a student credit card and the only reason i applied for that line of credit is because they said

Guaranteed approval i think i started out with a one thousand dollar line of credit through discover so i sent to my application um and then they mailed my credit card within about i think it was about two weeks i had my credit card there so what i did with that card and that when i actually get cash back no yearly fee and then there’s also a lot of other benefits

With that card – and i get like discounts at certain stores or through i haven’t really utilized those but i have gotten a good amount of cash back like i’ve had that card for one year now and i think i have a little over one hundred fifty dollars in cash back just from using for random stuff buying it here and there so that’s like free money i’ll get to use and

I actually did another video which i’ll link up below that’s a way to get free money from credit card companies by using this cashback system so if you’re interested in seeing that video check the description so what i did is i continue to buy gas on my secured credit card and then with my discover card i buy my groceries and the same deal pay it off every single

Month that way you’re not carrying any interest and then you’re getting double payment history double buying history so then every month i’m getting two on-time payments which are good marks for your credit so that’s what i would do i would suggest either doing a student credit card if it’s offered to you and if there’s no offer for a student credit card i would

Go for a clothing or store card or a gas station card because those two are some of the easier ones to get because they’re usually a lower credit limit and they’re more geared towards younger people who may not have a large credit history or that great of a credit score now you can have a great credit score with poor buying history so there’s a couple that there’s

A lot that goes into your credit score but i would recommend looking for a student credit card at that point or a clothing store card or gas card now after two to three years of doing both of these things so maybe you’re about 20 or 21 years old now you have a secured credit card which is hopefully going to be no longer secured in the near future after you turned

21 and then you also maybe have a gas card or a store card or a student credit card that’s when i would recommend applying for a major credit card you know like a mastercard or visa card whatever it is you know because those cards generally have like a minimum balance or a minimum credit limit of $5,000 i actually just got my first one of those the bank that i hold

My auto loan with reached out to me they said hey you’ve you’ve had great buying history or payment history with your car we want to offer you a guaranteed approval on this line of credit i said i was running yearly fee they said nope i said okay why not so i opened that up and they gave me like a five thousand dollar line of credit i haven’t even used that card

Yet just because i have enough of a headache between buying and paying those other two cards but you know what it another line of credit to have out there that’s kind of helping my credit you don’t want to have too many at a certain point it gets to be too much but i mean a couple of lines of credit is a good thing to have and a major credit card is good to this

Issue the major credit card recognizes you as a good person to extend the line of credit – it does improve your credit score immensely so a couple of other pointers i have here for you do not apply for more than one line of credit every six months so don’t apply for a credit card then two months later apply for another credit card because every time you apply for

A credit card there’s a derogatory mark put on your credit score and that does go away i think after two years i’m not sure how long but it will go away over time but every time there’s that hard inquiry on your card it does have a derogatory marking so your credit score does lower for a period of time so do not apply for a credit card more than every six months

We’ll say that’s what i would say is the guideline and most importantly why are you doing this why is it important to establish credit well here’s a number of great reasons – number one lower interest rates you’re going to get a better rate so you saw with my example a lot of my friends are paying ten percent interest on their cars i’m paying one point seven five so

Over five years that’s thousands of dollars i’m not paying an interest number to a better chance of approval if you have a better credit score if you have buying history payment history you’re going to have a better chance of getting approved for a line of credit or for a loan or for whatever it may be it gives you in the negotiating power which is great because

Let’s say you’re going to a dealer and you’re trying to buy a car and you know they’re giving you the runaround they’re saying oh you know this is the best price i can do you can say look i know you can do better i have a 750 blah blah blah credit credit score you know i’m going to make these payments you got to lower that price for me i’m not a high risk buyer

You know you’re going to get your money back call your creditors up and get me a better rate right now that’s what it gives you it gives you the negotiating power as opposed to somebody who goes in there and says i have no idea what my credit score is so you know i’m not in control the situation if you know what your credit score is you’re in the driver’s seat um

Easier approval process sometimes they don’t need to do background checks co-signers a lot of the times if you have established credit they don’t need to do as much background information on you like finding out oh sometimes like to get a credit card you got to send in like proof of residency and stuff like that a lot of that stuff isn’t necessary once you have a

Credit history um another thing too and i actually haven’t looked into this i’m going to you can sometimes get better car insurance rates if you have a better credit score because uh i’m actually not sure what the reason is i would imagine it has to do with the fact that responsible people with their credit are probably more responsible with their car insurance but

I’m definitely going to call my insurance companies up and kind of say hey you know i’m aware what my credit score is can you improve my car insurance rate another thing that’s convenient too is you can avoid security deposits when you have good credit in some cases like i know with phone contracts utility payments sometimes if you’re renting a house or renting

An apartment they require a security deposit but if you have a good credit score they may waive that security deposit which is nice because then you have more of your own money to hold on to you don’t have to set aside money as a security deposit in case you were to go scoot off on the rent or in case you didn’t pay your phone bill or didn’t pay your utility bill

And then the last thing and this is kind of an advantage kind of a disadvantage i guess as long as you’re responsible it’s not a disadvantage but they will give you a larger line of credit if you have a better credit score so for all of these reasons guys i highly recommend starting young and i can’t tell you how many people i’ve talked to my age where i ask them

What their credit score is or like i bring it up and like they have no idea they don’t even have credit cards they don’t even know like how you’d find out what your credit score is and i’ll tell you right now obviously i’m not sponsored by any of these people i’m not sponsored by discover or anything or these websites i’m gonna mention but is the

Best way to check your credit score in my opinion they don’t sell you on some kind of enrollment and triple advantage which you hear on the commercials where you end up paying 10 bucks a month for your credit score you do not pay a thing all they do is advertise credit cards to you and send you the occasional junk email but they let you check your credit card

History they let you check your credit score and the the thing i really like about discover is every month they send you your fico credit score and then there’s there’s a number of different scores there’s like your fico there’s your transunion which i’m not going to get into you can look into those yourself because mostly i’m actually not sure what the difference

Is between those but i know the fico score is one a lot of people look at the transunion credit score i think the one that i polled think that 749 is my fico score but there’s a number of different scoring mechanisms out there with your credit but i highly recommend getting the ball rolling early because it’s done a lot for me you know it saved me thousands of

Dollars in interest on my car loan so it’s something to consider as a young person getting that credit established because then you know at some point you’re gonna want to buy a house at some point maybe you’re gonna want to buy a car or maybe you’re gonna want to uh you know get yourself an apartment and you’re not going to want to pay security deposit or maybe

You want to lower your car insurance get the ball rolling on your credit early and don’t be one of those people that has no idea what their credit score is you know and it kind of gives you bragging rights in a way to when people are talking about their credit score but having bad credit you can say i don’t have to worry about that man i got this killer rate on my

Car i got lower insurance i got a you know i didn’t have to pay security deposit in my apartment because i’m a responsible buyer so i highly recommend getting smart about your credit score so i hope this video was helpful to you guys and like i said i also did another video about how to get free money from credit card companies by utilizing that cashback enticement

System and that’s in the description so i recommend checking that out but uh if not that’s all i got for you guys so thank you for watching

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How To Build Credit | ESTABLISHING CREDIT AT 18 YEARS OLD By Ryan Scribner

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