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namaste technologies chief techn

Namaste Technologies Chief Technology Officer Chad Agate

Namaste Technologies Chief Technology Officer Chad Agate – RICH TV LIVE – NOVEMBER 27, 2019 – ~CannMart leverages distribution expertise to expand B2B and access adult-use markets~

Hi how’s everybody doing today this is rich or in behalf of rich tv live with a very special guest it is chad a got a who is the cto of namm estate technologies how you doing today chad i’m doing great rich thanks for having me thank you for being here and why don’t we get right into it and you can tell us a little bit about namaste technologies inc sure

Namaste is a not familiar it’s a successful online cannabis marketplace we also offer telemedicine services through our nam estate and the application and a journaling application that allows us to collect direct feedback the power rai h okay fantastic and numbers they recently entered into an agreement with chocolate inc what does this mean for namaste and any

Potential investor chocolate allows us to really focus in on cannabis 2.0 over the upcoming extracts and edibles right everyone knows that this is the next phase of cannabis up until now with just what’s happening in canvas and just dried flower being available and it’s really been limited right customers don’t have a lot of choice in selection so our engagement

With chocolate really allows us to capitalize on that right very good and we’re excited about cannabis 2.0 and i know that we haven’t seen any of that yet until i believe it’s december 17th is when companies start putting those products on the shelves so i’ve been telling my community that we pretty much can’t really see those results until january because

That’s going to christmas so maybe push back that mostly till january where we’ll see a big launch and then you probably won’t see any of those revenue showing on company’s balance sheets into q2 2020 is that fair assessment i believe that would be fair yeah you know the products becoming available for sale in december we won’t really start seeing traction

January february q1 ki jaya okay perfect now how does the team at namaste make the company so successful are the largest focus for us over the you know my we’ve been through and spent a lot of time cleaning up or cleaning up the past right so we’ve cleaned up and cleared out a huge mega huge amount of baggage and now that we have that finally had that cleared

Up we’re really focused and i’m making a company successful starting with a few things getting our who right who is on their team and who’s guiding the organization we have a very very strong team to take us into the future and i’m super excited about that a lot of really strong and challenging individuals and you know it’s funny i know quite a few members that

Are shareholders of animist a and they really believe in the company despite the fact that stock has you know gone down like most of the entire sector i believe the entire sector is down 50 to 60 percent across the board so i kind of find it comical when people talk about one company specifically going down i’m like well take your pick the whole sectors down

So you can’t just talk to me about one company they’re all down when you see canopy growth down and they are essentially the biggest company in north america as a licensed lp with the most money backing them and they’re down from a high of 70 dollars to as low as 25 yesterday they’ve done well today they’re up 13% as we speak after they deal with drake which

I thought was a huge catalyst and once again proof of where the sector is going when you have huge global icons like drake creating a business a subsidiary with canopy growth i think that’s a huge catalyst for the whole sector it proves that hey you know what when guys like drake that are very successful are getting it started in cannabis i think it just goes

To show that we’re just getting started and the upside is tremendous now in speaking on that where do you see the cannabis industry moving in the future i believe that first steps are happening right now with cannabis 2.0 right we see as more and more product will be coming online in december next year let’s start to see this shift away from dried flower and

A continued commoditization of dried flower and we start will beginning to see cannabis turning into more of a cpg product where people are just there buying products with very very specific ingredients very very specific donors in right and that’s where we see where namaste really sets ourselves apart right we are in the middle of that marketplace we’re in

The middle of these transactions right we’re not dependent on greenhouses and grow houses and growing a physical product we’re sitting right in the middle of that transaction and helping people as these products come online understand first the multitude of products leveraging our machine learning and ai technology helping them find the right product for them

And then continuing to filter out up and filter down those products right so we see that as being a key differentiator for us now speaking of being a differentiator i have quite a few friends that are in toronto and they are huge fans of pineapple express and ken mart so congratulations with those two huge partnerships because those are essentially platforms

That people like and people are using so i think you guys are on the right track with both of those products i think that there are very strong as far as what customers are saying on the street all i’ve heard is good things let’s break it here and we are sipping the customers having a very very positive response hopefully the changes that we’re making on ken

Mart and to what we’re doing pineapple express people like their stuff now yeah and the funny thing is you know everyone looks at the stock price but i’m a little different as a cannabis enthusiast i actually like to ask people whose products do you like you know who’s got the best customer service who’s got you know the most lowest cost program you know these are

Some of the things that really matter to me because when you think of longevity it doesn’t matter what your share price is today because if you’re selling moldy weed in the future nobody’s gonna want your product at the end of the day who’s got the best product who’s got the best pricing who’s got products that people are coming back to and i’ve heard really good

Things from both can mart and pineapple express so i just wanted to put that out there first and foremost now in saying that where do you see namaste technology heading into the future i think we’ll continue to focus on the same day delivery can you expand that and continue to build out our marketplace application marketplace buffon’s we’ve invested heavily into

Our technology and our core technology base and we really see again as more of these products become online and become available for consumers that will begin to be able to really really deeply leverage that technology that we spent this time building right when it’s just a few dried flower susan even though it’s a few dried flowers because we still have the

Most skus available in the medical market today on the ken website right even though it’s dried flower skus think of the amount of confusion that’s out there for the average user they’re like what do i do with all this now let’s go fast forward into january of 2020 now there’s no longer just 2,000 different strains of cannabis now we have those 2,000 strains

In multiples of different extracts multiples of different products right now we’re talking about thousands and thousands of products just think about that sure level of confusion for the average user where namaste then comes in this is okay based on what we know about you these are the products that we think that work best for you based on what you’ve told us

About consuming these products and these are the products that we think it’s going to work best in this technology that we’ve been spending the last two and a half years building really really will begin to see the results in the coming years that’s very good so that’s very similar to like programmatic advertising very so what a lot of people remember correct

With a lot of people remember the acquisition of fine – fine last year yeah the machine learning and personalization company right and this is where things start to really people will notice this today currently on the can mark site the product grid is personalized for every single user right it’s the dependent on what we’ve learned about you and how your

What we learn about your consumption habits that will change it offer you up products that are more relevant for you that will continue to evolve and evolve over time right the more we learn about the products coming online the more we learn about you but i will continue to personalize that experience for people and that’s ultimately people want choice and

Then they want to be kind of they want to be guided and then able to make it a good decision for them that’s where we set who would you say are nemec’s main competitors and how do you guys stand out amongst the pack you know this is a funny question it’s a really difficult one to answer right because the lps aren’t really other than either competitors people

There are were a partner to them but we don’t grow cannabis that’s these these products we’re listening on the site aren’t products that we’re manufacturing we tell people innovate but we’re we’re helping these people bring their products to market right helping the lps get their products in the hands of the consumers so you would call yourself kind of like a

Middleman then okay we are we’re sitting in the middle of the transaction right you’re not yeah exactly eight a store an online store where people can go and they can buy all these different and ciliary products from other elements exactly that’s exactly what’s happening and then through our model our consignment model it’s just really helping us preserve cash

Right everybody knows what’s coming there’s a lot of cannabis companies were able to raise a ton of money over the last few years so right now it’s for us it’s all about conserving cash so leveraging that model we’re having lps that have a lot of product and there’s very led giving us this product now on consignment we’re holding it in powerful to be able to

Fulfill without burning any cash it’s further extends our runway it keeps our cash position very very strong which is negative going into next year very good now where can viewers find more info about the company you can always see more information on estate technologies calm or in-cabin our wtmr capcom well thank you so much for your time today chad i wish you

All the best in your future endeavors we will be watching very very closely our entire community really really wants to see namaste succeed we have a lot of investors that are in on the stock so hopefully the rest of 2019 can finish very strong for you guys as a company and hopefully 2020 can be a great great year for namaste awesome thanks for having me thanks chad have a great day

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Namaste Technologies Chief Technology Officer Chad Agate By RICH TV LIVE

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00000 salary broke heres why

00,000 Salary = BROKE (here’s why)

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Hello once again guys welcome back to the channel hope you’re having a great day so far so what we’re gonna be talking about in this video today is why $100,000 $100,000 salary is what i call being broke now i know a lot of people are going to be seriously questioning my sanity after i say that but i want to show you guys with actual numbers why earning $100,000

Per year is not really much money at all based on the average expenses people have in their lives now i just want to preface this by saying i am in no way you know putting down anybody who makes less than a hundred thousand and it really doesn’t matter how much money you’re making what matters at the end of the day is the kind of expenses you have in your life and

I’ve known people before that made you know forty thousand dollars per year and they had you know extra money every single month i’ve also known people who made six figures and they were paycheck to paycheck so it has absolutely nothing to do with how much money you’re making and everything to do with how you’re managing your money but what we’re gonna be doing

Here is going over the average budget for somebody earning a hundred thousand dollars per year based on the average expenses and seeing if this really is a lot of money now for me i always learned when i was a kid that you know earning $100,000 per year meant that you were rich and i always thought that it meant you were driving you know mercedes-benz you lived in

The nicest houses and i want to show you guys why that just is not the case so first of all with that hundred thousand dollar salary right off the bat you’re going to pay taxes so i did these numbers here based on living in new york which is where i live and so right off the bat you pay twenty eight point six percent in taxes meaning that your take-home pay is

Seventy one thousand four hundred dollars or five thousand nine hundred fifty dollars per month so that right here is going to be your budget of five thousand nine hundred fifty dollars per month so now let’s go ahead and talk about what are the major expenses that you’re going to incur right off the bat well first of all you have to have somewhere to live and

The average mortgage out there for somebody who owns their home right now is about one thousand thirty dollars per month and that includes both you know your taxes as well as your monthly insurance payments for homeowners insurance so that right there is the biggest expense for most people next we have car payment the average car payment right now five hundred

Thirty dollars after that health insurance a lot of people don’t think of this one but this can be a very costly monthly expense and the average health insurance premium for a single person on a health insurance plan is four hundred forty dollars per month which is what you are paying in towards your health insurance next let’s talk about retirement contribution

Hopefully you’re doing this if you’re making six figures or any amount of money but let’s say on average you’re putting away a hundred dollars per week and we’re gonna say that’s a $400 retirement contribution now yes you may be putting away you know pre-tax income but let’s say it’s ultimately costing you a hundred dollars of your post tax dollars every single

Week out of your paycheck going into your retirement and then finally let’s talk about student loan debt the average student loan payment for a month is three hundred ninety dollars and if you’re making a salary of $100,000 we’re going to assume that you have some kind of student loan debt in order to be making that amount of money so after you pay all of these

Monthly expenses that you ultimately have very little control over how much money do you have left so out of that five thousand nine hundred fifty dollars you now have three thousand one hundred sixty dollars left over for all of your other expenses so the next biggest expense for most people is your groceries now this number varies based on whether or not you’re

Buying name-brand groceries are you buying organic produce personally you know i buy pretty high quality food and so for me it’s usually around five hundred dollars per month in groceries but for some people that might be a slightly different number next up let’s talk about cable and wi-fi about $150 per month for most people two hundred dollars per month on gas

You also have to factor in your car insurance cost for that five hundred thirty dollar car payment that you have for that new vehicle the average car insurance payment right now is $120 per month for that insurance premium beyond that you have your utility bill for your gas and electricity figured for a house you know since you have a mortgage about two hundred

Fifty dollars per month and then you have a cell phone bill i’m putting that at 150 because most people these days have some kind of foam that they’re paying off on top of their cell phone bill so we’re gonna say that’s $150 per month and then let’s say you’re putting $100 per week into savings to go towards maybe your next car or any kind of unforeseen medical

Expenses or maybe your house is going to need a new roof someday or a new furnace so let’s say $100 a week going into savings and then a hundred dollars per week going towards your date night so maybe you go out to dinner and you go out to the movies or you just spend this money on general entertainment we’re calling that $100 per week or $400 per month so after

All of these expenses how much money are you left with well you’re going to have nine hundred ninety dollars per month leftover out of that initial three thousand $160 now notice what we don’t have on here we don’t have a gym membership we don’t have netflix we don’t have spotify we don’t have all these other monthly recurring expenses that people often take

On and they could also be subtracting from your monthly surplus and then the final item we’re going to include on here is taking just one vacation per year now what is the cost of a vacation it’s all relative to where you go i have find that on average for a one-week vacation if you’re going to go anywhere worthwhile it’s gonna cost you around $3,000 between your

Airfare as well as food and dining your hotel and then any kind of excursions so let’s say you want to take one vacation per year at $3,000 well if you budget that out per month that is $250 per month going towards your vacation fund so ultimately how much money does that leave you with well you’re going to be left with just seven hundred forty dollars per month or

One hundred eighty-five dollars per week and it was really amazing to me going through these numbers just how fast you blow through $100,000 per year salary and when i think of rich or somebody who is you know wealthy i don’t think of the average lifestyle here because literally what we’re looking at is the average house the average car you know everything here is

Average not the above average lifestyle and that is why i believe $100,000 is the new broke now am i saying this to put people down and make you feel bad for your salary obviously not i’m simply pointing this out because when i was younger my goal was always to make a hundred thousand dollars and then i ultimately ended up in a job that would have allowed me to

Make this amount of money but i was able to see that it really wasn’t a good goal in the beginning and it wasn’t a lot of money because of how easily you burned through a one hundred thousand dollar salary and again i just want to point out there are so many other random expenses that are being left out here entirely let’s talk about clothing or any kind of repairs

For your house or like i said netflix spotify gym membership crossfit memberships so many of these other random things that 740 dollars per month is going to disappear pretty quickly and it’s just amazing to me you know how quick you go through a 100 thousand dollar salary so my point of making this video is to set the bar a little bit higher in terms of your goals

For yourself in terms of your earnings because i always set that goal for myself of making a hundred thousand but when you actually look at the numbers that is not a lot of money but anyways guys let me hear what you guys think in the comments section below i think this is kind of a controversial topic saying that you know six figures a hundred thousand dollars

Is the new broke i would love to hear what you guys think thank you so much for watching this video if you enjoyed it make sure you subscribe and i will see you in the next one

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$100,000 Salary = BROKE (here's why) By Ryan Scribner

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my 5 biggest financial mistakes

My 5 Biggest Financial Mistakes EVER!!!

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Good day subscribers thank you so much for joining me today i am jeremy this is the financial education channel and today we are talking about my biggest financial mistakes of my life the five biggest financial mistakes i’ve ever made in my life guys i’m going to share those with you today i love sheer i i mean questions that i love but i enjoy actually sharing some

My biggest financial mistakes with you guys because if you show me somebody that has never made a financial mistake in their life i’m going to show you someone that’s probably never done anything financially in their life it doesn’t matter who you’re talking about if you’re talking about business god like a steve jobs he’s made financial mistakes if you’re talking

About an investing god like warren buffett he’s made plenty of mistakes over time anybody who’s ever done anything truly in this world before starting businesses as far as making investments things like that they’ve always made some mistakes along the way they do have made that stock that was the wrong investment and it went down or whatever these are start that

Business and it failed neither were supposed to go this way with their business and they win a different way which was the wrong way is keep everybody that’s ever done anything this world as far as that good that goes guys they’ve all made mistakes including myself i’m 27 years old and i’ve made a lot of financial w’s in my life i’ve also taken a lot of financial

L’s in my life so i’m going to share with you guys the five biggest i’m also going to share with you a couple honorable mentions that almost made the list they just didn’t quite do it guys every single one of these financial mistakes by the way they are all a five-figure or six-figure financial mistakes so we’re not talking about small amounts of money here every

Single one of these is a lot of money up for stakes you guys so i hope you guys enjoy this today leave a thumbs up if you do leave me any comments if you enjoy this guy’s so let’s get into the song number five my least bad financial mistake ever this is really bad my least bad of the five is i sold facebook for $23 a share in 2012 for those of you guys who do not

Know facebook now about five years later is around roughly a hundred and forty dollars a share so what happened with facebook is s where they ipo that over the next six months facebook stock dropped by 50% it’s up to the $19 range i saw it in this range and i started buying a nut right at its lows which i think it actually bought him out at 18

Something i started buying right around $20 and i understood parts of facebook’s business model and why things would work i also didn’t fully understand i didn’t fully it wasn’t fully in my circle of competence at that time like it is now for instance so i held facebook for a little while went down a bit then i went up a bit and it went up to like 23 dollars a

Share and i sold out my i sold out 100% of my position the reason being is i just didn’t quite fully understand the business maybe i just didn’t work hard enough at really understanding the business maybe i just didn’t have the vision at that time but i sold out a facebook i made a very small profit and boy i wish i still had those shares guys i do not remember

I could always look back i do not remember how many shares i had facebook but it was a considerable amount and it’s a huge mistake obviously i mean 23 dollars a share versus 140 a few years later big spike actually to take their guys so that’s released the head of the five number four the fourth biggest financial mistake i ever made was i invested in a company

Named pandora around the same time like maybe 2011 2012 2013 pandora if you guys don’t know it the internet radio music station you know you can pull it up your ipad i got the app on my ipad i was to it almost every day or every other day whatever so pandora that was another trouble ipo socket i filled and then it went down 50 plus percent guys so i saw it around

An eight dollar range and i started buying in around $8 and then actually went up a little bit after i got my position i went up to like 9 950 the drop below 8 then it dropped to the 7 so then i was actually down in the position and i held this stock for 9 to 12 months i would say and there was so much negativity about it coming out and everybody saying you know

Apple is going to wipe mountainous and now there’s just a lot of negativity in the shares would kind of trade up to 8 and then they treat seven finally i just got fed up with the stock after being in it for about nine to twelve months and i sold off i sold off for my original price $8.00 per sure didn’t lose any money didn’t make any money but at the same time the

Stock market was actually doing good during that time in a lot of other stocks i helped we’re doing good at that time so i actually could have made a lot of money if i had the money allocated somewhere else but that’s not the worst part one year and a half later eighteen months later pandora stock was 43 dollars per share a year and a half later $43 per share and

I sold out for $8 guys i sold out for $8 imagine if i just helped imagine if i could have sold out at $24 and still tripled up on money i could have sold out $32 into the quadruple i could have sold at $42 oh my gosh i could have sold out any other time than what i sold out would have been a great time at indore now by the way pandora’s for you guys i don’t know

It’s like about a 13 dollar stock currently by the way so it’s not like it’s still way up there something it jumped up over the next year and a half up to that price and then once they hit $43 to start climbing back down next thing you know was in the 20s and outs of a-teams again so but regardless i could have made a ridiculous profit if i just stuck with it if i

Just stuck with it and i didn’t and it was a huge i need from $8 to $43 in a year and a half and i missed out on that game oh yeah yeah so that’s the fourth biggest mistake i ever made financially the third biggest mistake i ever made financially this one is debatable in this one controversial but it’s gopro gopro now this doesn’t mean i’m not bullish in gopro and

I’m selling any share because i’m not i want to make that very clear but i must acknowledge that i’m in down huge on gopro position i’m down over 40% on my gopro share since i started buying in to go pro stock i invested a year too early i started buying stock really in 2016 around march 1st 2016 when i really started getting involved with it at that time gopro

Was about twelve thirteen dollars a share and now it’s seven something to share so i’m down public the percent-plus guys great as it as i’m doing this video if you’re watching the months in the future who knows why for the price in the future but regardless i bought into this one way too soon all right now i bought in and this is why investing in in life in general

Sometimes you need not necessarily to have good luck you need to just like avoid bad luck with gopro i saw a company that they had their new flagship care we’re coming out in a few months you know they had a drone coming out a lot of great things and then they botched the the camera launch they didn’t get nearly enough out so they couldn’t get the marketing units

Out they didn’t get the drone out in time and then they had a then they had to have a recall on the drone which killed the stock even further so a lot of it’s just some bad fortune but at the same time regardless i gotta acknowledge it a huge financial mistake i’m down i don’t know tens of thousands of dollars on my gopro options on gopro shared across the board

When you’re down 40% of my position and that’s your biggest position not a good thing so that’s my third biggest financial mistake i’ve ever made and even if it comes back even if it comes back safe set 16 dollars next year or 26 dollars next year or whatever we still got acknowledged that i got in it too soon like should waited till 2017 to start by name if it

Does come back so that’s my that’s my third biggest financial mistake my second biggest financial mistake ever was taking a year and a half off from work now this is a great thing for me because i really needed to recharge my batteries that’s just been going hard for so long and i wanted to enjoy my son’s first year life i had saved enough money but regardless

Of all that debt beauty and whatnot in it we’ve got to acknowledge the fact that i missed out a year and a half of i mean if i just continue working my job a quick trip like i was working i was making sixty seven thousand a year so we got acknowledged i could have made all that money for that time i could have been investing that money and maybe i wouldn’t have

Got problems or some of the things i’m talking about and actually my biggest financial mistake we’re going to talk about in just a minute maybe i wouldn’t got caught up in some of those things so if i just kept working obviously is financially i would have been much much much better off now at the same time i didn’t have to maybe start you know i have the real

Estate marketing companies are do photography there they are videography advertising for you know realtors and all that kind of stuff say i didn’t start that they just started this channel back then today i started this channel back then 18 months extra of this channel out there 18 months of extra content in a matter of 14 months we’ve grown this channel from 0

Subscribers to 25,000 subscribers if i had an extra 18 months in this channel we’d probably be at 60,000 subscribers maybe 75,000 subscribers maybe a hundred thousand subscribers i can already make just a living off of just a channel and support my family and everything i don’t even have to have any other businesses i can just run this channel and make a living

Imagine how well-off i would be if i’ve done this 18 months previous and how many subscribers i would have now how many views we’d be getting in things like that guys instead of right now you know a video within the first 24 hours will get like maybe 2,000 views right right now where they would probably get 8000 10,000 views in the first 24 hours the good videos

I do like the 3 stock from buying the ones that are super popular those ones do like 20,000 views within the first month already now i mean if i started this 18 months sooner who knows those videos might be at 80,000 views they might be at a hundred thousand views the first month guys getting ridiculous amounts of views so taking a year and a half off it was

A great thing for me to really need to recharge my batteries but at the same time it was not good financially and it led to my number one biggest financial mistake ever in my life which was short-term trading on heavy margin i left my company i had no income zero income i only had my investing account and i thought i could making a living just off of investing

Well i begin to get paranoid that maybe i couldn’t do it i began to get paranoid and so what i started do is i started like scrambling around like i need more money to invest so i think and make sure i can get these gains and things like that and i don’t ever have to work again so i began to then leverage i began to open a margin account and start investing heavy

In margin and then i began to change my entire building investing philosophy instead of thinking longer-term out like thinking years out i would start investing in companies quarter by quarter and on the quarterly reports are coming out o their quarterly reports coming out tomorrow they’re going to beat numbers because i have a pretty good insight specially in

Certain industries if a company’s got beat numbers or missed numbers and i would invest mass amounts of money we’re talking one hundred two hundred thousand dollars in an earnings call and then guess what sometimes i most the time i was right about those calls and sometimes the stocks went down and i would lose $20,000 $30,000 in a day in a day guy iii by far the

Biggest investing mistake i’ve ever made in my life i lost way more money than i made when i was short-term training and i slowly realized i’m not a short-term trader it’s not my personality it’s not what i’m good at i need to focus on what has actually made me money over time which is longer term investing in modern long term investing thinking i lose the year

Out if not thinking more towards three years out plus guys that’s what i do that’s what i do best so that is by far my biggest financial mistake trading on margin doing short term trading oh my gosh i yeah and then i paid thousands and thousands of dollars in interest so not only was i losing more money than i was getting but then i was paying thousands of dollars

In interest to my company that you know was basically loading out the margin money so ugly guys it’s ugly so couple honorable mentions i didn’t didn’t quite make the list but a couple of the financial mistakes i made in my time not buying a house i haven’t bought a house yet i will be writing a house this upcoming year but i have not bought a house yet to this time

I paid over $50,000 in rent in the last five years guys over $50,000 that $50,000 could have gone to a house would have gone to a nice down payment could have gone toward a mortgage something i actually have equity in rather than just rent which is money i’ll never see that money just disappear that money’s just gone it’s over fifty thousand dollars i paid in rent

The last five years that i’ll never see dime up i’ll never see diamond i have no equity in that that money is just it’s just gone guys it’s gone it’s never coming back so not buying a house financial mistake the other honorable mention i had was only having one income source up until 2016 up until four sixteen and all my years well obviously i took a year and half

Off but even prior to that only had one income source it was my job i think when you only have one income source i think it’s a mistake dies because you have nothing to fall back on what if the economy goes sour and you lose your job what if that happens what if you know suddenly you’re your pays decrease at your job what if you could be making a lot more money if

You start a little side business plus having your your normal job so only having one income source big mistake guys i now have i think three or four income sources i have my business right photo and video video business i have a consulting business that is slowly starting up that i’m probably going to actually really go hard on coming this summer i get money from

That i get money from google from the ads that are shown on this actual channel i get money from amazon for the amazon links that are in this channel and then we have the book coming out soon i’m going to have you know i don’t know what that books going to do great and i’m making you know ridiculous amounts of money on that and you know thousands of you guys

Are buying that or i don’t know maybe a hundred you guys are buying that who knows but that will certainly be some kind of income i don’t know how it could be tens of thousands dollars a year could be a thousand dollars a year i have no clue but regardless somebody will buy it and people will buy it and and and i’ll get some income from that so all these think

I’m going to have five income sources five income sources money coming from a lot of different direction so if one thing slows down let’s say my photo and video business slows down then i have this channel i have the money i make from the channel i have book sales things like that if let’s say this channel has a bad month and the views are down which has never

Happened ever in the channels history and probably never will happen well eventually the law or law of large numbers will catch up to the channel and will have a bad month but let’s say it did happen a bad month happens right well i have my photo video business over here that i could spend more time allocating and talking to customers and doing plans that i haven’t

Even done with them yet so i have a lot of different a lot of different income coming from a lot of different ways guys and i think in your life even if you have a good job think about hmm how could i get another income stream what could i do could i be a reseller on ebay or something like can i be a creator can i do something on social media maybe you’re a very

Inspirational person maybe you do something on social media what can you do that you can get a second income stream even if you have a good job and then if you don’t have a good job and you’re not making a lot of money then you sure shouldn’t need to start making money so another way you need to start getting more income at the bottom line guys so who’s the other

Financial mistake i hope i share that with you guys ensure that that gives you this video right here gives you an extremely in-depth look at my financial life am i all the mistakes i made i actually i gave you a lot of my current financial situation how you know i have an income coming from a lot of different places and things like that but i hope you guys enjoyed

This today i enjoy sharing it i literally do i really enjoy sharing the fact of financial mistakes if you’re just paying attention only to someone that’s maybe just talking about good things they’ve done be suspicious for that person there’s a liar or they haven’t done in this world yet bottom line guys have a good day you

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My 5 Biggest Financial Mistakes EVER!!! By Financial Education

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secret stock is up 166 in 6 week

Secret Stock is Up 166% in 6 weeks


Hey guys how you doing this is rich from mr tv live so i want to just do a quick analysis on chiron life sciences and i wanted to give a shout out to neurosis uh neurosis called this way way way down at the at the bottom here as you can see um chiron has made a huge move guys chiron life sciences as you can see here mating huge huge huge move and look at this move

64 in the last month 166 percent in the last five weeks i let’s say six weeks 166 percent in the last six weeks coming off the bottom and if we go see here the big news current life sciences reports 2019 fiscal year end results and provides corporate update chiron has been doing extremely well despite the fact that nobody really knows it’s been flying under the

Radar networking capital of 36.4 million canadian as of december 31 2019 on march 28 2020 chiron became the first and only canadian company in colombia and the only company in colombia to receive full authorization to manufacture high and low thc medical cannabis and to fill prescriptions for low thc medical cannabis chiron became the only company authorized

To export thc products this is a huge opportunity here with chiron guys and they’ve been moving and we do not like to miss on movement filled first medical cannabis prescriptions ever using cannabis from their fully completed state of the art 14 000 square foot gmp and iso 17025 compliant extraction and analysis lab in ib colombia opened european operations

And became the exclusive latin american provider to project 2021 europe’s largest medical cannabis study with 20 000 patients chiron’s cultivation facilities and health centers remain operational during covet 19 pandemic under an exemption from the government of colombia without any requirement for further authorization the big news chiron life sciences corp

Khrn take a look at the symbol here kh rnf as you guys could see has screamed up and if you look at khrn the canadian symbol you could see that they have screamed up from 48 cents on april 21st to where they are today at 80 cents two weeks later current life sciences corp has been on fire and it is our responsibility our duty here rich tv live to find you the

Winners first there’s a very good likelihood this may continue there’s also a likelihood it could go lower because it’s up 166 percent in the last five weeks but at the very least you must put them on your radar and put them on your watch list a vertically integrated cannabis leader with core operations in latin america chiron life sciences is pleased to report

Its financial results for the year ended december 31 2019. chiron has filed today its audited consul consolidated financial statements and related management’s discussion and analysis both of which are available on chiron’s profile at so based on their financials and i’m going to just try to break down some key elements here the company recorded a net loss

For the year ended december 31st 2019 of 36.4 million 0.36 per share compared to a net loss of 19.8 million for the same period of 2018. not sure how that’s good but stocks going up adjusted ebitda which excludes mostly non-cash items and some non-recurring items was 24.5 million for the year ended december 31st 2019. the company ended the year with 36.9 million

Balance in cash and short-term investments and minimal current debt obligations of 1.0 million most of which are related to lease payments for office and medical buildings so i’m not going to go through everything but this is their website let’s see what do they say here so chiron life sciences looks very interesting and one of the things i like to do is go

To otc markets let’s go to otc markets and we’re going to look at their share structure this is the american symbol otcqx that’s good that’s a major listing and if we go to security details this is something that i find interesting so they have a hundred million shares in the float it’s pretty tight float actually six million of which is held at dtc 56 million

Market cap 116 million total outstanding shares 115 million unrestricted and 943 000 restricted so relatively tight float you could see the price action been moving up very aggressively you can see the price has moved up very aggressively from 48 cents to 80 cents so shadow to nerosis once again for making me aware and shouting from the rooftops i’m now paying

Attention should have paid attention a month ago but i mean very difficult to see momentum and trends in the cannabis sector right now but this is one that’s definitely on a trend here on the way up they’re trending up you can see here the trend has been up right trend up right so the trend has been up here for chiron life sciences khrn in canada k h r n f in

America there’s the american symbol right there and once again you can see how much they are if we go back here we can see here that uh in the last five days they’re up 26 guys that’s a nice move there 25 the last five days and precisely like what are we 166 percent in the last six weeks since march 17th so six weeks ago we could have got in at a much better

Price and you can see they’ve actually been as high as 86 cents so 80 isn’t the high high in canada krm now what i like to do is always do the fibonacci retracements pull up the fibonaccis take a look at this to the bottom so that’s the fibonacci retracement you can see that they’re just ripping right through the you know resistance here ripping right through

The golden zone ripping through resistance so very bullish move here rsi is currently at 71. so very heavily overbought be careful with trend reversal you could see there was one big red candle here in the volume so you can see that the macd is curling so you can see it went a little higher and then it came down from those highs so just be careful i’m not telling

You to go buy it but definitely want to put on your watch let’s put on your radar this is rich from mercedes live chiron life sciences let me know what you guys think comment down below shout out to neurosis he’s been telling me rich chiron life science is rich rich guy red life science is rich i see you bro i see you man shout out to neurosis this is your boy

Richard from our tv live we bring in the winners we bring you the news and we bring them to you first current life sciences holler at your boy let me know you like dislike comment down below if you haven’t subscribed subscribe for more updates cairo life sciences i’m going to continue to do more diligence continue to do more research continue to figure out more

About what this company is all about but anytime a company makes a move of 100 you know i got to bring it to your attention cannabis company and you can see here they got a lot of things on the go especially not in america specifically in colombia this is rich mercy live and i’m out peace hello

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Secret Stock is Up 166% in 6 weeks By RICH TV LIVE

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why ld leaders advocate finance

Why L&D Leaders advocate Finance Learning? Finance for Non-Finance

Finance Guru Vishal Thakkar is having a discussion on Digital Strategy in Finance, with Mr. Jagmohan S. Rishi, the Associate Vice President of Global L&D and Digital Strategy, Wockhardt.

Ladies and gentlemen boys and girls welcome back to finance tube your friend and finance guru vishal thakur is back again with another interesting topic of discussion but hold on yes yes i know what you are thinking i gave you a commitment that i am going to invite an expert in my upcoming episodes to enhance and enrich your knowledge of finance and more so friends

This time we have with us mr. jagmohan rishi who is a leadership coach and an international speaker and of course he’s spoken around the world including countries like dubai singapore malaysia sri lanka indonesia and many more and a digital strategist now the value that he brings to table today will be more discussed by him so i am pretty excited to welcome him

So welcome mr. rishi it’s such a delight to have you here on our channel and my viewers are very very excited to hear from you so tell us something about yourself as howard said thank you very much for inviting me on this 4 channel a great channel you’re caught and it’s my privilege to be here something about which you talked about this particular aspect i have

Dekat this journey of leadership coach as well as the digitization i started as a learning and development person but movement didn’t start until recently and as a result i have found that if india has to grow it is the one wave it is to digitization and as we were discussing earlier also that the case india has to become a developed country it is only if they

Become self-sufficient through financial knowledge so you are doing a great job for educating indians for their financial knowledge and i wanted to understand from you before i introduce myself further that how are you taking this knowledge of finance so that many indians benefit of the vendor i wanted to ask you on that ok so thank you very much sir for the

Question so it goes like this the mission of my life is to educate people financially if there is one problem that i can solve for the people of this country is the knowledge of making finance as a very simple subject to do that sir we don’t understand too much of digital strategy that’s why we’ve got you here but what i have done so far is i have authored a

Few books i have done this youtube channel and i write at a few places this is what i have done so far and of course today i am going to pick your brains on understanding that how my audience can benefit by digital strategy what are the other sources how they can enhance their financial knowledge and how is it that they can enrich themselves as we say that you

Know learn more – on how to make it possible my father says that education is different than learning learning can be lifelong and education is something which you get in degrees or you know certificates so that same thing which in today’s world when geography has becoming history in the same era the likes of flora or coursera or many other platform which are

Available people can go to those this is also and learn but my take is still that this education is available on google plenty of it people need experts like you who can make and break this finance or any other subject into small piece meal pieces so that they can digest it and they can understand it and they can use it on a day-to-day basis what do you think so

I i second your thought but i have a question you have had an illustrious career with companies like pfizer for card you were focused particularly on the learning domain so can you tell us that you know when you engage people like us for finance training programs like ifrs or india’s or our flagship program finance for non finance so what has been your strategy

For your employees or for your team members in these large corporates and how do you go about doing it in fact in my recent to talk at i am they also asked me the same question that how we can take this knowledge of digitization and finance to every part of india because they also believe in overall development they don’t believe in the warfare development of me

So that’s exactly what they asked me and i’m surprised you asked the same question primarily you know digital media can be a great route to financial and financial selling aspects because there are various means in which you can use digital strategy to take the knowledge of finance into every nook and corner country for example if you will be using social media

Strategy or through facebook campaigns through linkedin campaigns through youtube or through twitter or instagram you have various ways you can do a blogging on that you can write some specialized articles but i have covered these are drawer to bases but you can was specific into it for example you’re doing a youtube channel here now in youtube you can create

Many other aspects like you can create the challenging videos of small one one to two minutes or you can create informational videos of 20 minutes also wherein you can explain the concepts of finance you can also create the small small modules the bytes of information so there these are ways in which you know people can get attracted to your you know channel and

They can spend more time on your channel and more important is that if one is there get blue to it and they will also educate their families or later that’s the time when you think you your real job will be done by effect okay so here was mr. jeff moore and rishi and his ideas about how you can learn finance better what are the other mediums what are the other

Digital mediums that you discussed about so i want i want to hear from you guys let me let me know in the comment section that what do you think do you think a five-minute video is sufficient do you think i should do more 30 minute videos what should be the duration what is the kind of content you want me to cover who do you think i should invite more on this

Channel so on and so forth i want to hear from you your views as to how we can take this entire finance transformation journey of yours to the next level right we continue to interact with mr. rishi in our upcoming episodes so stay tuned and watch this space and if you haven’t subscribed subscribe to our channel now finest you

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Why L&D Leaders advocate Finance Learning? Finance for Non-Finance By Finance Tube

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breaking news else nutrition hol

Breaking News – Else Nutrition Holdings Inc (BABY.V) (BABYF) (0YL.F)

Breaking News – Else Nutrition Holdings Inc (BABY.V) (BABYF) (0YL.F) – RICH TV LIVE – September 21, 2021 – Else Nutrition today announced the upcoming launch of two new flavors of its Complete Nutrition Shakes for Kids – Banana Chia and Mango Chia – giving parents even more sustainable, clean label, whole food based options to consider. Made primarily from whole, clean ingredients, including organic almonds, buckwheat and tapioca, which account for 95 percent of all Else Nutrition products, Else Complete Nutrition Shakes for Kids are packed with nutrients, free from dairy, soy and gluten and 50 percent lower in sugar than other options on the market.

Hey guys how you doing this is rich from rich tv live and we got some big news from else nutrition otherwise known as baby b-a-b-y in canada b-a-b-y-f in america and look at this going so soon would you like to save 25 off your first single can just put in your email address here claim your voucher and get your rewards this is the website for

As you can see here this has been an amazing pick for us we brought it right when they were doing their ipo at 30 cents a couple years ago you can see them trading way higher than that it’s been a 10x for our investors congratulations for members all over the world on this growing company and they have some big news that we need to bring to you first so

The new news right here following a successful launch of else kids complete nutrition shakes else launches new flavors plant-powered complete nutrition shakes for kids now available in banana chia and mango chia exclusively on followed by amazon and other key retailers don’t forget you can now get your health nutrition on amazon here it

Is the news else nutrition holdings b-a-b-y in canada b-a-b-y-f in america o-y-l in frame for germany the plant-based baby toddler and children nutrition company today announced the launch of two new flavors of its complete nutrition shakes for kids banana chia and mango chia giving parents even more sustainable clean label whole foods based options made

From whole food clean ingredients including organic almonds buckwheat and topioca which accounts for 95 of in the ingredients else complete nutrition shakes for kids are packed with nutrients free from dairy soy gluten free and contain 50 percent less sugar than other options available in the market when it comes to teaching kids healthy habits providing

Unique options that are not only healthy but taste delicious is vital in getting them interested and open to trying new flavors and foods said hamitel yitzak ceo and co-founder of else nutrition we’ve been delighted by the great response and rapidly growing sales of our kids products online so far and adding these two nutritious products will further extend

This growth the two new flavors which join the successful launch of the vanilla and chocolate products account for 25 of total sales on the company’s e-store were carefully curated by house nutrition’s team and scientists and developers chia seeds pack a nutritional punch delivering a healthy dose of antioxidants i love antioxidants i truly believe they are

Anti-aging protein fiber prebiotics calcium and manganese while banana and mango offer a multitude of beneficial nutrients as well since launching its plant-based complete nutrition for toddlers which won the good housekeeping parent award for 2021 the brand has received overwhelming powerful testimonial and reviews from moms it has gained national retailer

Support through sprouts farmers market achieve 40 quart over quarter online revenue growth q2 versus q1 becoming the number one best seller on amazon this fall epic of 2020 in the new baby and toddler formula products category with an expansive vision that goes far beyond supporting families and nourishing kids else will be releasing additional plant-based

Products for babies aged six months and older later this fall and i can’t wait about else nutrition holdings inc else nutrition gh limited is an israeli-based food and nutrition company focused on developing innovative clean and plant-based food and nutrition products for infants toddlers children and adults its revolutionary plant-based non-soy formula is a

Clean ingredient alternative to dairy-based formula else nutrition formerly indi won the 2017 best health and diet solutions award at the global food innovation summit in milan else plant-based complete nutrition for toddlers was recently ranked as the number one top seller in the baby and toddler formula category on amazon the holding company else nutrition

Holdings inc is a publicly traded company listed on the tsx venture exchange under the trading symbol baby and is quoted on the otc u.s markets qx listing board under the trading symbol ba byf the highest tier exchange in america before the senior exchange and on the frankfurt exchange under the symbol oh yl elsig’s executives include leaders hailing from

Leading infant nutrition companies many of else advisory board members had passed executive roles in companies such as mead johnson abbott nutrition plum organics and leading infant nutrition societies some of them currently serve in different roles in leading medical centers and academic institutes such as boston children’s hospital pediatrics at harvard

Medical school usa tel aviv university schneider children’s medical center of israel rambam medical center and technion israel and university hospital brussels in belgium and this is their website some really cool interesting things you can find here on the site you can literally shop now right on the site click on shop now and you can see products that

Are available for purchase right there plant-based complete nutrition for toddlers powered complete nutrition protein shake for kids vanilla plant-based complete nutrition protein shake for kids chocolate scroll down leading the healthy revolution for babies and children with clean sustainable plant-based products you can see all of that there over 90

Whole food ingredients which include buckwheat almonds tapioca just to name a few and else plant based complete nutrition for toddlers you can just click on shop now and plant-based nutritional shake for kids simply click on shop now and purchase your products you can see that they are being advertised in forbes rolling stone magazine parents e-news and

Entrepreneur and you can see real stories of people and children who else has changed their lives real stories pretty cool all here on the website you can see why experts choose else so you can find all of this on their website this is in under the shop now section you can also choose why else and learn more about their story click on learn and get recipes

You can learn about the stock click on investor relations learn more about real stories and where to buy all of this is available right on their website at love to know what you guys think about these videos if you like these videos please smash the like button comment down below share the video everywhere and subscribe if you’re not winning

You’re not watching bringing the winners and we bring them to first what do you think about this big news from else nutrition once again we are breaking this news first it’s what we love to do and we also brought you this pic first before anyone else on the planet the big news following the successful launch of else kids complete nutrition shakes else launches

New flavors what do you guys think about these new flavors love to know comment down below love to know what you guys think do you think this is a good time to buy else nutrition do you already own the stock are you thinking about getting in love to know what you guys think comment on the video remember if you’re not winning you’re not watching we bring in

The winners and we bring them to you first we bring in the news and we bring it to you first and we brought else nutrition to our community first at 30 cents and we can clearly see they are trading much higher than that now and love to know if you think that this will be a catalyst for the stock always when you see a company that’s already been a huge success

Like else and it’s been a 10x for investors the next biggest catalyst is always either going to be acquisitions or revenue growth so this could be the news that could lead to something much bigger love to know what you guys think stay tuned you’re bored rich from rich to be live bring you the news from else nutrition love to know what you guys think it’s your

Boy rich and i’m out peace i love else nutrition and i love plant-based foods we brought you this winter first and we love bringing the news what do you guys think of this news i think it’s big news i’ll see you guys later

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Breaking News – Else Nutrition Holdings Inc (BABY.V) (BABYF) (0YL.F) By RICH TV LIVE

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brexit boris and the maybot cons

Brexit, Boris and the Maybot: Conservative conference talking points

Read more on –

Three stick aside conservative party conference here in birmingham three big themes i think the first is europe that was easy because it’s been the big theme of every conservative conference in the last 30 years the parties when neuroses over europe is reaching an absolute peak as people wonder what’s going to happen with teresa may’s efforts to get a brexit

Deal number two is the jockeying for position on the assumption that there will be a leader collection sometime in the next year and everybody attempting to show that they are leadership material and the third theme they looked at the economic agenda labor laid out last week workers on boards share dilutions of companies rising taxes nationalization and they know

Some of this has a popular appeal so they’ve got to come up with their own alternatives their own popular form of capitalism which they can take to the voters as a viable alternative to jeremy corbyn because when they look at labour now they don’t see it like the blair right labour party which they’d rather wasn’t in power but wasn’t going to destroy everything

They believed him they look at jeremy corbyn’s agenda and that terrifies them poor gurmann former conservative mp now head of conservative home what he made of this one so far i think this is a conference say they’re trying to state of animated suspension because the prime minister is pretending that checkers is still alive the conference or most of it naturally

Wants to support them so it’s also protecting the cheka system alive well whether it’s animated suspension or suspended animation the moment of suspense for the conservative party conference is at hand this is the queue for boris johnson’s fringe meeting and this queue has started forming around two hours before the great man is due to speak this is the defining

Moment i think of this conference this is his great big pitch for leadership he believes in britain and that’s what we need in a leader today with her current plan no but i’m hoping that she will take wise counsel and she will change course in many ways in my family because i like him and he’s got a personality but this is serious business and number one for me

Is we need to come out now that’s what we said we do this what the public said so if forest is up for that that’s fine but we’ve got to be really united as this is a party everybody’s around come on thank you very much this is the moment to chuck checkers we get it wrong we bottle brexit now believe me the people of this country will find it hard to forgive if we

Get it wrong now and we proceed with this undemocratic solution if you remain half in half out we will protract this toxic tedious business that is frankly so off-putting to sensible middle-of-the-road people who want us to stop talking about europe and get on with their domestic priorities as we should forrest johnson just finished speaking absolutely packed hall

And you can see down there all of the euroskeptic mp all lining up to tell journalists whatever lien speech it was it was quite an interesting because it wasn’t his traditional tub-thumping number he was clearly trying for a more understated statesman like approach he talked a great deal not about europe although he did talk about breaks it obviously he talks a

Lot about housing and the conservative vision and clearly the point he wanted to get across is i’m not a one-trick pony i can talk about everything conservatives need and thinking about and when you’re thinking about what a leader looks like i think it looks like this that was his message and i think what a lot of people will have heard is the headlines from boris

Johnson’s speech are all going to be about leadership challenges and his comments on brexit and his opposition to the checkers proposals but a very meaty chunk of his speech was also a fairly full-throated defense of thatcher right economic policies and conservative belief in the free market as the way to challenge jeremy corbyn and that’s been one of the other big

Issues at this conference the debate going on between how to frame domestic policy between the free-market ideals which you say said margaret thatcher and an attempt to develop policies which appeal to ordinary voters and answer some of the concerns that they have rob halfin who’s a former tory deputy chairman also government minister takes the view that too many

In his party obsessing on ideological purity of the free market and they need to get back to policies and practicalities which will help ordinary voters i came into politics as a factor i as a young student but and my belief is the world has changed significantly and i think that corbin spoke pretty well for the anxieties of the british people and when they talk

About childcare when they talk about the cost of living when they talk about housing those are big issues facing our constituents like mine and harlow and up and down towns in england the potatoes that we need is a social justice conservatism saying to people look we’re going to bring you to that ladder of opportunity we’re gonna help you climb up we’re gonna be

There with a social ambulance if you fall but at the top is job security and prosperity and on the way is more than joists lower taxes for low earners more skills and affordable housing the queues have begun for the other main event of this party conference the prime minister speech which wraps up the whole event last year’s was a bit of a disaster coughing fits

All kinds of accidents from which the prime minister still emerged essentially unscathed i think she’ll be hoping to set the bar a bit higher this year we stand at a pivotal moment in our history it falls to our party to lead our country through it when we come together there is no limit to what we can achieve ours is a great country our future is in our hands

Together let’s seize it together let’s build a better britain some reactions absolutely fantastic fantastic because she’s just given us all i direction i hope and we knew she would deliver and she will deliver and we just we’ve just got to be a hundred percent behind her all the way there’s an awful lot of people around here still talking about the next leader

And leadership elections next year what do you reckon um cereza mays a very good pro minister yeah again i don’t think she was anyone’s ideal choice but she’s done a very good job she’s dogged she’s determined and she’s a bloody difficult woman what do you think of speech i thought it was a full-blooded attack on the corbin faction of the labour party which hits

Home there was a well delivered speech it was a pretty good speech ticks a lot of boxes delivered very confidently some good jokes and some strong passages strong attack on jeremy corbyn’s vision for the country and a very strong pitch to her party to say ok you’ve had your fun arguing about brexit now we’ve got to get on with it and be grown-up about this for the

Country also a big announcement on housing and you can tell the party really wants to like theresa mail it it really does but i don’t know that any of the doubts that it has a fundamentally been ass waged there’s still a lot of people who enjoyed boris johnson’s speech more the alignment will dublin can conservative hand came up with about this conference being

In suspended animation is exactly right you have this sense of the conservatives rather frozen in the moment they’re a relatively new government they don’t have any strong new agenda that they want to pursue you have the sense of the marking time while they get brexit out the way and i think the waters are going to close over this conference very very quickly it’s

Gonna be forgotten very very quickly and i don’t think anything has fundamentally changed for the conservatives

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Brexit, Boris and the Maybot: Conservative conference talking points By Financial Times

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arbor metals corp director of co

Arbor Metals Corp Director of Corporate Development Alex Klenman

Arbor Metals Corp Director of Corporate Development Alex Klenman – RICH TV LIVE – NOVEMBER 10, 2020 – Mr. Klenman brings over 30 years of business development, finance, marketing, branding, media and corporate communications experience to his role as Director of Corporate Development.

Hi how’s everybody doing today i’m your host rich here on behalf of rich tv live with our very special guest it is alex klenman the director of corporate development for arbor metals corp how you doing today alex i’m good rich thanks for having me thank you for joining us really excited to learn more about arbor metals corp why don’t you tell us a little bit

About the company and how you got involved absolutely arbor is uh an exploration stage gold company um we’re primarily operating in burkina faso west africa it’s a fantastic place uh to make gold discoveries we’ve got a project called the racuma project it’s uh 250 square kilometers of land so it’s sizable it’s about 25 000 hectares it’s had some work done

On it in the past mineralization is widespread our goal is to continue to drill this property and bring a compliant resource estimate to the market uh we think it’s right for that and we think the project is perfect to do it very good well i love africa and i think it’s untapped when it comes to resources so i think that it’s a very smart strategy and what are

Your three main focuses of arbor metals corp right now yeah well the main thing is like i say we’re exploration stage so project development is critical we identified a project that we believe has has massive upside number one uh number two uh we have a methodical approach uh to uh an efficient approach to development side or the exploration side and uh we’re

Working with a very experienced geological crew who are based in burkina faso know the project well have have overseen previous work by other operators on the project so behind all of that we think uh you know we’re we have what it takes and we’re confident now arbor metals corp recently announced it’s engaged an experienced geological team to follow up with

Work and upcoming drill results very important can you please go through this news with us and what that means for the company yeah absolutely well listen burkina faso is is not uh canada or the us so what you need is you need a crew that that knows the lay of the land um not just geopolitically but but also from a geological standpoint so we have that we have

A crew that as i mentioned have about a decade experience in country uh they’ve made big discoveries uh they know what they’re doing uh and they’ve been the previous crew basically working this project for the for the vendor uh so you know having them now officially sort of on board with arbor to conduct the exploration we think is a bonus and it de-risks a

Lot of the work that we do going forward simply knowing that knowledge uh that comes with this crew is very very beneficial who would you say are your key competitors for arbor metals corp and what sets you apart from them i know you mentioned that the stock is up huge so what sets you apart from some of your competitors well uh you know that’s that’s a that’s

The million dollar question um we think the project combination the project and the crew is really where we’re where the correct that’s the crux of the biscuit as they say uh as i mentioned the crew was involved the the lead the lead geologist man named warren rob he was the chief geologist at a company called rock’s goal which has a very large market cap they

Made a discovery in 2011 yerimoco discovery he was the chief geologist on that discovery um our country manager uh that we’ve engaged uh jean-claude was also the country manager with rock school so that’s really the genesis of the crew um and the other geologists that come with this crew these guys live there they work there uh they know the ground and and

It’s really where we see our advantage comes from their knowledge of the project and then you look at the size of the project you’ve got a 10 kilometer path a trend uh trending uh north east southwest or southwest northeast um on along the property that it has already shown through different types of work that’s been done to to hold an anomalous gold over the

Course of that trench so now the idea is the drilling that’s been done has been done in the southwestern portion of the project it’s it’s been positive we know there’s gold memorization in the southwest corner now we just want to drill our way up that trend the larger footprint we can create and define and confirm gives us a better chance of a sizable deposit

Discovery which is really what we’re at that’s great now for our community we love to find companies that have a tight share structure that’s vital to our success can you explain a little bit about your share structure and how many shares are held by insiders and institutions right i i honestly don’t know if there’s institutional investors there hasn’t been

Any in terms of a private placement it doesn’t just doesn’t preclude you know the possibility that they would be buying the open market and you can see the price has substantially increased over the last uh 12 months and ironically i think what people need to understand is if you take our chart uh the stock performance chart of arbor and you put it next to the

Performance of gold in 2020 you’re gonna see a remarkable similarity uh so that’s always good when you can see that sector uh wind or sector sentiment is in your corner um but you know for for for where we’re at i think you know 44 million out uh it’s very tightly held yeah tightly held uh some really great shareholders uh across the planet where we’re we have

A lot of exposure in europe we have a lot of european investors and they tend to hold a lot longer than north american investors um when i first got involved in this business when you bought an explorer you you were typically committing that investment for two years wow i’m gonna see how they develop now you know we have the detention spans shortened quite a bit

And the markets are full of day traders and people who want to do a quick flip i’ve had people call me and say hey i picked up stock last week stock hasn’t moved what’s wrong you know and i have to say well listen you know sometimes especially exploration takes time um so we have we have aggressive plans for 2021 we’re going to get on the ground we’re going to

Drill some of these zones out every single drill campaign that we conduct is is is a catalyst that can propel the stock even further good drill results do wonders in a hot market and that’s where we’re at now absolutely and i believe that this market for metals is just getting started and gold’s had a nice little rally here so arbor metals corp has quite an

Impressive roster of experts in the mining sector who are your key members and what do they bring to the table well you know our geological team peter and warren the the guys who’s gonna be working in in burkina they they have the success under their belts guys like me you know we’re just we’re we’re organizers we’re marketers uh ceos that aren’t geologists so

It’s my job to assemble a team around i’m not the ceo but as director of corporate development mark and myself we look at certain things here we want to assemble a team that can actually make those decisions with the help of the experts like a peter and and and warren the guys who are going to lead the geological charge so it it guys like mark myself other people

Who are in senior management we all often get the credit that that the geologists actually deserve uh but it’s all going to revolve around the guys who are doing the the work on the ground and picking the locations for those drills and getting the results we can only you know drive the truck up and and then and then walk away from the vehicle i agree with you

100 now if there was one thing that you would want shareholders to know about arbor metals corp what would it be uh you know look at the performance to date uh understand that we were able to do this simply uh without having the big drill hole we know that there’s there’s drill holes that have that that have been already uh obtained on the on the property that

Are very positive so we haven’t even put our first drill hole down and we were able to to obtain a very successful uh increase here in 2020. i think the price of gold is going to be higher in 2021 i think it’s the perfect environment to deliver a drill hole and we have the project that we think can be a major fine so it’s just a question of riding through

Some of those catalysts in in 2021 and and i think uh we’ve just become just really out of the gate here it’s remarkable that we’re already at where we’re at but it shows you that the shareholders that we do have are long term because nobody’s you know hammered the stock down they’ve been very patient as we’ve moved to 2020 knowing in 2021 that we’re probably

Getting to our our more important drill programs i think our shareholders are going to love this deal because we got shareholders all over the world as well if a shareholder a another public company a private company a mining company wanted to get in contact with you how would they go about doing that really just get to the website there’s phone numbers we have

An 800 uh toll-free number on the website uh we also have email if you info if you hit info at it comes to me so i can always direct it to the ceo mark or i can send it to peter or warren for anything burkina related anything i can’t answer will get answered but we’re responsive we have help in that regard we’ve got uh urbane capital working

With us a couple of nice gals who know the business and between all of us we can certainly answer any questions well i’m super excited about watching your company evolve thank you for joining us today the director of corporate development alex klenman from arbor metals corp put on your watch list everyone put it on your radar thank you for watching alex thank

You for joining us and we wish you all the best of luck in your future endeavors awesome thank you rich have a great weekend appreciate it thank you as well and for those of you guys that are watching thank you for watching have yourselves a great day have a great weekend arbor metals corp director of corporate development alex klenman a stock that’s been on

Fire over the last 12 months and we think that there’s the chance that it can continue thank you guys have yourselves a great day you

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Arbor Metals Corp Director of Corporate Development Alex Klenman By RICH TV LIVE

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what is a call spread financial

What is a Call Spread? Financial Options – Financial Derivatives

What is an options call spread?

Hello youtube welcome to my video on option spreads this is the first of a few videos on spreads and on combination strategies in general for options and so today we’re going to learn a little bit about about option spreads and in particular we’re going to look at a bull call spread now through our prior videos on put-call parity you’ll be able to see that

You can create these same payoffs using either puts or calls but i guess let me first introduce what a spread is so an option spread is a basic building block of many options trading strategies a spread position is entered by buying and selling equal numbers of options of the same class on the same underlying security but with different strike prices or

Expiration date if the spread is designed to profit from a rise in the price of the underlying security we call it a bull spread and we call it a bear spread if it’s designed to profit from a fall in the price of the underlying so that’s two types of spread so let’s look firstly at a bull call spread so up on your screen right now you’ll be able to see the

Payoff diagram of being a long bull call spread now it probably looks a little bit complicated to you if it’s your first look at this sort of thing so let’s talk a little bit about what we’ve got what we’ve got here is we bought one call option and we bought this call option because we want to profit from a rise in the price of the underlying so why have we

Sold our second call option the reason is that maybe that will there’s a few reasons you could want to sell one often it’s just that you want to save a little bit of money we’ll say for example if the first call was expensive and you think well how can i make it a little bit cheaper and the answer is to sell something else and so maybe you think that the

Underlying is lighting to rise but say if it’s trading at $100 right now when you think will it i think it’s gonna go up a lot but you know maybe it’ll go up to a hundred and fifty dollars but i think it’s unlikely that it’ll go up to $200 and if you buy a call option you’re obviously buying a payoff that you know it costs money to buy because it has all

Of that potential upside in it so if you said well it’s not gonna go above a hundred and fifty dollars i can buy the car would a strike price of a hundred and sell the call with a strike price of a hundred and fifty and i end up with a payoff that profits if it rises by anything between those two strike prices so let’s look at our diagram we’ve got a strike

We’ve got a call option that we’ve bought with a strike of k1 and as you can see from the heavy black line which is to pay us off to spread rather than the dashed lines which are the payoff of the individual options it starts to go up just like being along a call option with the strike of k1 and it continues on with that sort of payoff until we hit strike k 2

And that k 2 and our second strike the strike that we’ve sold what happens is that any incremental gain that we’re making in our call option with the strike of k1 has been given up we’re losing that in the second call option that we’ve sold with the striker price of k2 so really what we’ve got here is a payoff that’s a lot like a call option but wouldn’t sit

Hits the second strike we’re no longer gaining now we’re not losing we’re just not making money anymore so our call spread here our bull call spread that we’ve bought as you can see it costs a little bit less premium that we’ve paid is less than the premium that we would have had to pay if we had bought just the call option with the strike if k1 and thus we

Get to our break-even point quicker as well which is kind of nice once once it starts making money we’re doing well until it hits k2 and then we’re not making any more money so what’s the most money we could make well obviously if it goes up a lot we reach our our maximum profit but once it really goes up above k2 while we’re maybe more secure in our profit

We’re not actually making more so the most we can make is the difference between those two strike prices so when we had talked about potential numbers we had said if the underlying is at 100 and we bought a 100 call and we sold a 150 call so the most we can make is the difference between those strikes which is 150 less 100 is $50 less of course the amount of

Money we spend on premium so let’s pretend we spend $10 on premium for example the most we can make is $40 and what’s the most we can lose the most we can lose is $10 the amount that we spend on premium so that is the payoff of our bull spread of being long that bull spread now for everyone who buys these options or who bought when they’re sold when someone

Else maybe took the opposite position so maybe someone sold call spread to us and so they would have a position that we would call a bear call spread and what is their powerful their payoff is the exact opposite of our payoff so the most that they’re able to make is if they receive the premiums which in my last example as it was will say $10 and the most

That they can lose is the difference between the strike prices less the amount of premium they received so that was in our example $40 so they’ve the exact opposite payoff to what we have with our bull call spread so hopefully that makes sense to you if you’d like to learn more about this you can watch my other videos and equally if you want to follow along

In the book the book is called trading and pricing financial derivatives and there’s an amazon link to that in the description below hopefully you found this useful watch my next video that i’m about to shoot in just a minute it’ll be on bear spreads using poets told you later

Transcribed from video
What is a Call Spread? Financial Options – Financial Derivatives By Patrick Boyle

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how credit cards calculate inter

How Credit Cards Calculate Interest | BeatTheBush

Minimize interest charges by understanding how Credit Cards calculate interest on your bill.

Probably going everybody this is bida bush for those of you that carry a balance on your credit card you might be interested on how they actually calculate the interest on your credit card now in understanding how they actually calculate this you may be able to exploit this fact and be able to somehow pay less interest so let’s look at how they actually calculate

This credit card works on the thing called an average daily balance they check out what your average daily balance for that statement period is and then they calculate how much interest you owe for that statement period a point of confusion is that they don’t actually do compounded interest as you go throughout the month so they actually just tally it up at the

End of the month only let me go through an example because this makes things a lot more clear for example on the first statement date you charge $100 on the first day and you wait 15 days and on the sixteenth day you charge another $100 so your statement balance is actually $200 100 plus another 100 and you don’t do anything for the rest of the same period so for

This example let’s consider a month where there’s only 30 days in order to calculate the average daily balance you can actually just go in your credit card and look at what your total balance is for that credit card for that day and you do this for 30 days add it all up and you divide that by 30 that’s your average daily balance but we’re going to do the simple

Math your instead where we go okay 15 days of it will have 100 dollars in it and the rest of the 15 days of a 30-day month it’s going to have 200 dollars in it so we just go do the simple math 100 times 50 and then another 200 times 15 and then you divide this by authority to get the average daily balance of $150 you would know counting on the ballpark is the first

Half you owe $100 the second half you owe $200 the average of that would be somewhere in between in this case it’s exactly $150 when do you see an apr on your credit card is actually something like 15 18 22 percent that is an annual percentage rate it’s the effective rate i wish you’ll get charged in the whole year but when you consider it on per month basis this

Is not exactly what you’re going to get charged you’re not going to get charged 15 percent in a single month so roughly you can divide this by 12 in order to get it but we wanted divide it by 365 days because some days of the month have 28 days i’m half 29 somehow 30 or 31 so we divide by 365 we get 0.04 1% and now in this current month that we’re considering

Has 30 days so we multiply this by 30 and then we get 1 point 2 3 3% so if our average daily balance is $100 we can easily do this math in our head the the interest that you owe will be a dollar 23 another example if your average daily balance is $1,000 it would be 12 dollars and 33 cents but in this case is $150 so we have to use a little bit more math here to

Use a calculator i don’t know how to do this in my head but it ends up to be a dollar 85 in interest why do i even bother with calculating the interest by hand it is because in doing so you can see but it’s highly dependent on the average daily balance for your credit card on that month this means that if you do owe something on your credit card and you’re paying

Interest the earlier you pay your payments the less interest you have to pay so for example you may want to do two payments a month where the first payment is after your first paycheck and you pay some amount maybe maybe half of it already then you would essentially reduce your average daily balance and in essence reduce the total interest that you pay now if you

Happen to get paid weekly or daily yeah you can go in there and keep on just paying a little bit at a time as much as you can every single day if you want and you’re going to effectively reduce your average daily balance a little bit more this really just says every single day that you have a smaller balance on your credit card the less interest you have to pay i

Hope this helps you understand how a credit card calculates the interest it charges you every single month don’t forget to check out my audible link down in the video description below where you can actually get a free audiobook even if you cancel the subscription and you can help in the fit this channel don’t forget to give me a like over your comment down below

Let me know if this video actually helped you save on interest payments i do have a patreon link over here where you can directly support this channel and don’t forget to subscribe over here thanks for watching oh yeah i’m wearing a suit because i just went to a wedding and i thought i’d just keep it on because it looks nice

Transcribed from video
How Credit Cards Calculate Interest | BeatTheBush By BeatTheBush

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