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5 moments that changed my life v

5 MOMENTS THAT CHANGED MY LIFE! **Very Personal Stories**

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So it’s midnight right now as i’m recording this in i just want to share some very very personal stories about myself about five moments that have happened in my life that completely changed my life a couple moments that i was never expecting to feel a certain kind of way and i did and it literally changed my life like we’re talking about things that literally

Changed my whole entire mindset like things i think back and i’m like that that moment in time that changed the way i view things or motivation and all those kinds of things guys and i kind of didn’t include anything that’s like unmod of a tional related because like you know i had a son you know i got married like i’m those are special special moments but those are

Different kind of moments in their special category these are more like motivational type things that happen in my life money type things happen in my life that completely changed it that kind of relate to the channel guy so i’m just going to share these with you guys today i hope you enjoy this so the first moment is um senior high school i took up track toward

The end of the year and basically i had a best friend who was my very close friend since like sophomore year of high school and he was like the superstar you know track athlete in arizona in you know coming up on a senior year we would always talk about him winning the state championship and track and how exciting that would be and all these kinds of things and

Looking so forward to that and then i met a girl in track and she became my girlfriend and she was also insanely great a track and she was on pace to be a state champion on track so what i’m happening is then the day came the day came the state championship the finals came and i was up in the stands i didn’t make it to the finals or anything like that so i was up

In the stands watching and what i expected what i expected was for them to win and i was a little nervous because my best friend my girlfriend i was a little nervous for them but i was expecting to feel like just happy if they won and sure enough both of them won the fastest an error you know my girlfriend won the 400-meter my best friend he won the 200 meter dash

And a special special moment and what i felt at that time was not what i thought i would feel it was life-changing what i felt i was up in those stands and i felt so happy for them so proud my best friend my girlfriend they wouldn’t these state championships i’m so proud of them they’re going to go off to college and do big things but at the same time i felt this

Feeling that i’ve never felt at any moment of my life since or before and it was just like a feeling like like i felt so bad for myself in that moment and it came completely unexpected i could not explain the way my emotions were feeling i felt like what are you doing with your life jeremy and it was such a motivational thing i felt like what am i doing i’m up

Here in the stands and i’m watching the the ones that worked their ass off to get where they got down there on the field right now and they got there because they worked their ass off do i want to be up here in the stands my whole life or do i want to be down there on the field and it was life-changing it was absolutely life-changing moment for me and it gave me

An insane motivation that i still carry this day and it’s arguably the most impactful moment of my entire life as far as a career wise and motivation wise because it just set me like an insane fire under my ass like just you know seeing so you know some people that are arguably as close to anybody at that moment in time right you’re you’re in high school your best

Friend your girlfriend they way they you know do something so big-time like that and there you are doing nothing it’s definitely a weird kind of feeling and so one of the most impactful moments in my life by far lord it hasn’t fire under my ass number two this was spring semester of freshman year of college i had an accounting teacher i think i took three levels

Of accounting in college and this was my first level well about five minutes before each class started my accounting teacher would do something like totally off the books just like the first five minutes he would like show us something and whatnot and this was kind of around like the recession was going on like 2009 sometimes he would just show us how bad things

Are unemployment numbers and some stuff like that and how he was in the gold investing at that time but there was one day in particular that that five-minute span was such an impactful moment in my life what he did one day is he showed us in that class the power of a compounding calculator if you’ve never played around with the compounding calculator after this

Video tape in a google compounding calculator in what i what i saw in front of my eyes blew my mind the power of compounding and the power of compounding numbers on top of each other in going from let’s say you make a you have a thousand dollars you make an eight percent return you’re going to get this x amount of money that means you’ve got an extra eighty dollars

To spend but let’s say you got a hundred thousand dollars you get eight percent return now we’re talking about eight thousand dollars let’s say you have ten million dollars and the bigger the numbers got the the more they compound it and it just opened my eyes completely do a whole new way of thinking and i was already kind of looking into investing at this time

But i hadn’t really gone through with anything but it like made me open my mind that i need to start investing now in my life and i need to get on the ball now because if i’m investing all during my 20 it’s going to pay off huge in my 40s 50s and 60s and i will be thanking myself if i’m lucky enough to make it to those ages i will be thinking myself so much for

Doing you know the hard work and not spending all that extra money and investing in my 20s and 30s oh boy did that was that a mind changing thing for me completely compounding calculator i remember that moment in time like it was just yesterday number three i was starting to watch a little bit of cnbc because i was learning about investing and i wanted to just

Kind of like kind of learn about investing and i thought cnbc would be a good way of doing it and what i learned is like investing in find in the financial world they have their own language and when you’re first coming into it is like they’re speaking spanish man it’s like a whole different ballgame like a whole different language that you need to learn in like

You know it’s hard to pick up on things and you know i would try to pick up on some stuff but we still really difficult and you know all these terminologies they would use it was difficult and then one day i happen to be watching and they happen to be interviewing this guy named warren buffett warren buffett they happen to be doing an interview with him and that

Xxx it was like i didn’t get there right from the beginning of the interview i kind of came in when i was already like 10 minutes and so men talk like 30 minutes or 45 minutes is like was like an hour interview and i just remember being member memorylanes and i’m like and i found out he’s like one of the richest people in the world he’s like an investing god and

Always kind of thing and i was like i need to research everything about this guy and from that day on for the next two to three years i researched every single thing i could about warren buffett i watched every single youtube video on warren buffett every single documentary ever done about him every single speech he would give to a class anything that had to do with

Warren buffett i would watch it like religiously religiously and still this day any time i see warren buffett’s going to be on interview i’m watching it like even to this day all these years later it was a life-changing moment for me because it i quote completely shaped my entire event investing philosophy up until that time i hadn’t seen anything yet investing

Why’s that i was like that’s the way i’m gonna go i saw what i saw what he was talking about and i researched more into it and i was like this is the route i want to go and it was a life-changing moment for me absolutely and like i think now you know with this channel i’m like i hope i can be someone out there i can hope i can be their life-changing moment where

They happen to stumble across one of my videos on youtube and it changed our life and it like wow now i start to care about personal finance now i start to care about investing or business or whatever it is like i’m just like that would be special if i can be somebody’s moment like warren buffett was my moment because it was it was really a special thing number

Four this was really special this was about a year and a year and a half ago or so i got my first check i started my real estate marketing company i got my fur actual paying customer and i got a check and i’m probably showing you the picture of it now there was a such a special moment in time it was special enough that i wanted my wife to take a picture of me and

I usually never like to take pictures of myself let’s just fill out some nails these videos like i’m not a big picture guy i had her take a picture of me because it was such a special moment for me because is a different mindset when you get a check that you create it you created that check it is not a check that was cut from a boss it’s a whole different mindset

Guys and it just opened up my mind like i can make money in this world that i’m not relying on somebody else to cut me a check to do work for them to make them money i can make money myself i can go out there and create money and not just rely on somebody else cut me a check and it was it was a moment in time that i’ll never forget because it was just like a

Surreal moment that i can do this it was only $99 check but it was like i can freaking do this i can make my own money i can be successful on my own i don’t need to count on somebody else you know cut me a check i can make my own money and it’s just a different it’s a different type of mindset that you get when you actually you’re the one that created that money

Coming in rather than just doing some work for somebody else who they are actually the one that created that money and guys total different mindset a very special moment for me and this last one number five that’s the most recent one has happened about a year ago and it was the moment i hit a hundred subscribers on this youtube channel you’re watching right now

Hit a hundred subscribers it took months and months to get there and for reference now we get a hundred subscribers about every six to twelve hours on a bad day it takes about 12 hours to get 100 subscribers on a good day it takes about six hours sometimes even five hours so that’s the compound effect there in itself you know it’s we’ve come so far but i remember

Getting 100 subscribers and i remember like feeling like wow this is actually real i can actually grow on youtube this is something here that um i thought you know i go into almost every i think i’m going to be successful at it but it never really set in until you do it right you can think you’re going to be successful i think i was going to be a basketball player

Doesn’t mean i’m gonna be a professional basketball player right but when it actually starts happening and you get that first little bit of success which was a hundred subscribers for me when we hit that hundred subscriber mark it was like wow i can do this i can need to keep rolling with this because there’s something here in the first hundred subscribers on

Youtube unless it’s your friends and your family that sign up or something if they’re all organic which mine were that is special like that takes that’s hard to even get 100 subscribers on youtube if you get to that you’re well on your way and that was just a moment in time like i opening like i can succeed on youtube i it’s still possible to grow on youtube all

That bs about you can’t grow on youtube you need to start years and years ago there was a whole bunch of bs at that time because i was like i just grew to 100 subscribers it took me months and months to get there but you know what we did it and it’s possible and definitely uh changing the whole mindset thing gehrig i saw senior high school watching my best friend

Girlfriend win state championships it changed my life accounting teacher opening my mind to a compounding calculator and then power of compounding changed my life seeing that warren buffett interview on cnbc changed my life getting that first 99 dollar cheque changed my life and then hitting a hundred subscribers here on youtube it has changed my life guys so five

Moments in time that changed my life it’s probably way past midnight now as i’m recording this video i just want to share some personal stories i hope you guys enjoyed i hope it motivates you out there you know that’s kind of why i do these videos it probably won’t be a video it gets a ton of views i could just done some you know top 10 stocks video or something

Like that that would cut way more views but i enjoy sharing these videos for you guys that are really true fans of the channel and you watch all my videos and stuff like that you want to know more about myself so hope you guys enjoyed this if you just came across this video for whatever reason you may want to subscribe we talk personal finance from a channel we

Talked entrepreneurship i’m an actual business owner and giveaways so many business kiss we talk to the stock market more than anything thank you for watching guys and have a great day

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5 MOMENTS THAT CHANGED MY LIFE! **Very Personal Stories** By Financial Education

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9 tricks to stay motivated when 1

9 Tricks To Stay Motivated When You Can Barely Get Out Of Bed

Chelsea breaks down the strategies and tricks to feeling motivated and positive when things are at their most difficult. Whether dealing with seasonal depression or a full-on depressive episode, these tips are for when the smallest things feel impossible.

And today is a very special episode of our tuesday show. great for people who are already kind of on top of their game i do recognize that sometimes just literally getting out through beginning of april where every single day you’re like, so we wanted to take a moment to give some advice for those the weather in new york is full-on depression mode. to staying motivated

When you can barely get out of bed. well, a lot of us have a tendency in those moments– and break it down into several different little mini and then set little friendly reminders for yourself you are not leaving it to your like, completely wonked out remember that the more it is made into bit-sized moments i write down the reasons that i could possibly be distracted.

I do this for about an hour, and then i allow myself but i’ve always found that the more down i feel– and i having a pretty hard time keeping a hold on your brain so you feel like crap for not being able to do anything, well, hell yeah, i could probably accomplish another. doing anything, you’re not going to reap those benefits. whatever the things may be to you that

Are doable but still so for the time being, even if it’s just part of the money where you can post photos of the images, or even just like look goal that makes you feel like it’s worth saving for. into it’s like maximal amount of individual joy units. and part of the excitement for me is thinking about it. sometimes you just have to treat yourself like your own toddler.

Never feel like it’s too silly to set one of those incentives i love his video essays about the darkness of youtube. number six is get ready as if you’re going somewhere nice, and lived alone, i can tell you that one of the worst cycles is that i am infinitely more motivated to do things and go to go out because you’re like, damn, i look like a human being so remember that

Often it’s about tricking yourself and a huge part of that is how you are put together visually. as i mentioned, because i’ve moved, and i’m traveling, it might not get your heart rate up or build strength, and say, hey, like, maybe i’m not taking the best care of you and when done right, stretching actually feels really good, we need to maximize our contact with fresh

Air and nature but plants have tons of really, really tangible benefits lastly, is to create a sinking fund for the expenses obviously, we’re basically already there, so too late is that you often are not financially prepared for them. and they won’t feel like they’re a huge source of dread and chunks, you’re going to want to take any moments where and plan for that very

Far ahead with small amounts. creating sinking funds is all about alleviating future stress we know that sometimes getting good with your finances

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9 Tricks To Stay Motivated When You Can Barely Get Out Of Bed By The Financial Diet

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8 things ive stopped feeling gui

8 Things I’ve Stopped Feeling Guilty Spending Money On

Go to to create your own free website! Use promo code “TFD15” to get 15% off a yearly premium plan!

Making it work is brought to you by wicks create your own professional website for free at slash go slash tft when i graduated from college society measured our general loathing for people with disposable income in lattes there were so many articles with titles like how i paid off fifty thousand dollars in student debt by giving up my daily latte they made

Me feel like a failure and we’re terrible when figuring out how to deal with money stress but now i can only assume that the people writing these were imaginary because even if the loan had no interest it would still take decades to pay off this decay with latte money and we’re still pretending everyone who has debt or can’t afford to buy a house must be throwing

Their money away on selfish indulgences and if they could only break the habit they’d be millionaires avocado toast is just the new latte the inexpensive indulgences that somehow gives people permission to judge you and your life choices no one should feel ashamed for spending a few bucks on themselves from time to time maybe don’t spend all your disposable income on

Avocado toast or lattes but don’t be so strict with yourself that you don’t enjoy anything either deciding what’s important to you and making room for it in your budget will help you actually stick to your budget and learn how to deal with money stress here are eight things i used to feel guilty spending money on but now i don’t number one avocado toast and lattes

Obviously i don’t know anyone who goes to a coffee shop for a latte or avocado toast simply because they’re too lazy to make those things at home they have a meeting or they need the office space to work on a side hustle $4 is your table rent and bonus you get to eat something healthier than a donut in tastier than water or it’s a special treat a four dollar snack

Is way more affordable than a lot of other things i buy to treat myself like the beautiful cookbooks i never use number two going out this is the one i have the hardest time with because i love drinking beer with friends and i live in a town filled with breweries but going to movies eating out or going to a bar is so much more expensive than having friends over

For the same thing so yeah have some go two ways of entertaining that don’t require a ton of money but don’t avoid experiences you love altogether treat these dates with your esso friends and yourself like the fun indulgences that they are and really enjoy them number three full price clothing i love a good deal but sometimes sales trick me into buying things i

Don’t need or even really want when you can get something you love for a good price that’s the best but sometimes you need a pair of pants that actually fit or shoes that don’t hurt your feet or a dress that makes you feel awesome and has pockets and of all of the things you spend money on clothing is one of the best deals when you break it down by cost per use i

Have $100 pair of jeans that i live in they cost me more than i was hoping to spend but i’ve never thought about that during any of the hundreds of times i’ve worn them number four anything for your health or well-being take care of yourself it’s so much more expensive and miserable in the long run not to paying for a doctor visit sucks but missing work and friends

Because you’re really sick sucks even more and sometimes spending money for your health and safety means buying adorable snow boots so you don’t get frostbite and trust me snow boots are way more fun than frostbite number five vacations i’ve realized that i feel sheepish about travel and time off work i’m always quick to point out what a great deal i got because

I’m afraid people are judging me for being indulgent but honestly when someone i work with once time off especially for a trip i’m so excited for them time away from work makes you more productive and better to be around plus i love planning and saving for a vacation almost as much as i love being on vacation so it’s very much worth it number six art collecting

Do you want the lowest pressure buying experience ever buy art from artists you like this is one of those things that seems like it would just be for the very wealthy but artists need to make a living too so most working artists have affordable pieces for the rest of us you might not be able to afford every piece of art you fall in love with i doubt you’ll ever

Regret buying something that makes you happy to have in your home and if you support artists locally you might even make friends and get invited to cool events number seven my passions i love to make things and ride my bike so i make room for those things in my life i make videos and a podcast and i have a couple of bikes that i love like some people love their

Pets i’ve saved up and shopped around and i buy used when i can i also coordinate with friends to share and trade equipment or to buy their old bikes number eight charitable donations you don’t have to be well-off to give money to causes that are important to you i sometimes get overwhelmed by all the crowdfunding campaigns and fundraisers there in my community so

I set a pretty strict monthly budget forgiving i also like to combine this one with the other little indulgences that i love lots of nonprofits will host art auctions as fundraisers and sometimes breweries will donate to a cause for every beer bot on a certain night this is just my list yours may be different but if something is important to you that’s a good enough

Reason to make room for it in your life no judgment whatever you’re passionate about a beautiful website can help bring it to life with wix website editing tools you can put together a customized easy to navigate website in no time wix is a free platform that allows anyone to build personalized professional and beautiful websites no coding experience necessary it

Offers advanced drag-and-drop tools as well as free and reliable hosting with over 160 million registered users whit’s can help anyone build a business establish a personal brand or easily design a customized portfolio you can also now take advantage of wix code which allows you to extend the functionality of your website using advanced functionality and code and

If you upgrade to one of their premium subscriptions you can get even more whether you create a website for your business professional needs or simply as a hobby wips can help you create the best site for your needs quickly and efficiently visit wix calm / go / tfg to create your own free whit’s website or you can upgrade to a yearly premium plan for even more

Features and get 15% off with our promo code tfd 15

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8 Things I've Stopped Feeling Guilty Spending Money On By The Financial Diet

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why learning heads want business

Why Learning Heads Want Business Teams to Learn Finance?

Finance Guru Vishal Thakkar is involved in a highly interactive chat with Mr. Jagmohan S. Rishi on his 30+ years of experience in the learning and development department and knowing the challenges that he faces in large companies where all departments have become digital.

Ladies and gentlemen boys and girls welcome back to finance tube our journey with mr. rashik continues on this episode and today i am going to pick his brain on the lnd side of his career so sir you have been learning in development professional for a very long period i understand three decades plus of learning experience so so what are the trends that you are

Seeing which what are the topics which are coming to the forefront in 2019 and how you are tackling the challenges that you face income large companies like pfizer and brokered that that you be working for we shall i will say this way that the general trend particularly in the market is that most of the learning and development professionals they they do a deep

Mock job and but there are some specific people who really think integrative lee and they think that how i can give an roi for that further for the organization’s investment in training and development and i really salute those learning and development professionals i give you example here last year we were thinking of conducting one particular development program

We we wanted to create business leaders now they are the target audience were sales managers or general managers of general category but they cannot become business leaders unless and until they have knowledge of finance because ultimately it is the marketing budget the margins and what is the cost of goods till the time they do not have understanding of this

They cannot become a business leader so in my view knowledge of finance is very very very essential for any business leader to become an effective person so that is something which i strongly recommend to all the learning development professionals all the ceos or the business owners that they should definitely make it a part of their curriculum of the financial

Management and financial knowledge thank you thank you so much for that answer and thank you so much for gracing us with your presence across our episodes and we would love to continue interaction with you and my audience is already hooked on to you in fact a few of the comments that have come in there says that you know where is your youtube channel you know

So you should start a youtube channel so that you know you are able to give this more wonderful digital strategy knowledge to our audience who are corporate professionals business owners students they are all very excited because because they say that 2019 is is the year of digital so so thank you so much for being in the europe whiskey with us i just wanted

To add here is all that my youtube channel is there it is jump on russia and there’s a specific series called dino bytes which is one of my book are you didn’t dinosaur so you can subscribe to it if you like it but i’m sure you will subscribe to it i am already already i already subscribe to the channel while we were talking so so friends here we have i have

A fellow youtuber with me now and i’m so happy about it so please subscribe to his channel it’s called jacques mohan russia and don’t miss out to press the bell icon because then every week you will continue to get his dino bites thank you very much for tuning in to this episode and let us continue to learn more we continue to interact with mr. rishi in our

Upcoming episodes so stay tuned and watch this space and if you haven’t subscribed subscribe to our channel now financed you

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Why Learning Heads Want Business Teams to Learn Finance? By Finance Tube

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greenlane renewables ceo brad do 1

Greenlane Renewables CEO Brad Douville (TSXV: GRN)

Greenlane Renewables CEO Brad Douville (TSXV: GRN) – OCTOBER 15, 2020 – RICH TV LIVE – Greenlane Renewables Inc. (“ Greenlane ”) (TSXV: GRN / FSE: 52G) today announced that its wholly-owned subsidiary, Greenlane Biogas North America Ltd., has signed an $7.7 million (US$5.8 million) contract for a new renewable natural gas (“RNG”) project developed by San Francisco, California-based Brightmark LLC (“Brightmark”). The multiple-site dairy farm project in the State of Florida will utilize Greenlane’s pressure swing adsorption (“PSA”) biogas upgrading systems.

Hi how you doing today this is rich remember rich tv live with our very special guest it is brad deville the ceo and president of green lane renewables how are you doing today brad very well thank you how are you i’m doing very well why don’t we start off with you telling us a little bit about green lane renewables sure well green lane renewables is in the

Renewable natural gas space so we are a global leader in equipment that upgrades biogas into renewable natural gas so biogas comes from decomposing organic matter from landfills wastewater treatment plants farms and and food waste so we take that biogas we upgrade it into renewable natural gas which is fully mixable with the natural gas that’s in the pipelines

Or the other main uses is vehicles natural gas vehicles using renewable natural gas very good now what is renewable natural gas and what are the current applications so renewable natural gas is renewable means low carbon so it’s no new net carbon added to the environment it has low carbon intensity and that’s really important because the two target markets are

Greening the gas grid so this is the underlying major energy system that sits next to the electricity system those are the two main ways to deliver energy to most all things residences buildings and industrial applications one ways through electrons through electricity grid and what we’re doing is greening the natural gas grid everybody knows about wind solar

Hydro for greening the electricity grid well this is the one way you can actually green the natural gas grid the other key market is transportation commercial vehicles in particular the the heavy duty trucks marine applications diesel fuel is utterly dominant in those applications the number one alternative to diesel is natural gas so we can displace fossil

Natural gas with renewable natural gas that provides compelling decarbonization opportunities for these two enormous and important to the economy sectors transportation mainly commercial vehicles and greening the gas grid okay very good now green lane renewables currently offers three main biogas upgrading technologies could you please explain what these are

And what they do yeah so there’s there’s a number of different ways to do biogas upgrading so the first thing is to explain biogas is a mixture of mainly carbon dioxide and methane so methane is what we’re after methane is the number one component in natural gas so we need to separate these molecules before we separate the carbon dioxide from the methane we

Have to clean out some impurities like hydrogen sulfide volatile organic compounds we have to cleanse those and then we separate the molecules to do that separation step there’s a number of different technologies out there they do different things there’s four main ones in the marketplace green lane offers three of the main upgrading technologies so we offer

Um the company was founded on something called water wash uh so it uses uh some uh modestly pressurized water it’s like when you open a bottle of uh perrier it bubbles off the the gas well that’s co2 coming out of solution so it’s that kind of principle the methane does not go into solution and it passes through so that’s the water scrubbing technology we also

Offer pressure swing absorption which is a kind of a batch method it uses kind of the molecules absorb into this media and then you discharge it and then finally we offer a membrane separation which is an engineered plastic the carbon dioxide goes one way and the methane goes another way and it’s another separation approach wow that’s impressive now who would

You say are green lane renewables main competitors uh well um water wash has been the most popular uh the most deployed technology globally we have a main competitor a swedish outfit called melnberg they only operate in in europe air lakeed should be a familiar name to most people there in the space they do membrane separation technology only they’re they’re

Headquartered in france a lot of their installations are in the u.s there’s a few other players that offer psa there’s some others uh warzilla for example just recently bought a company called pure gas they do chemical scrubbing which is the one of the main technologies we don’t do as green lane our customers prefer water because it’s got the clean environmental

Attributes uh and then one other canadian company is zbac based out of montreal so they do pressure swing absorption okay great and what would you say sets you apart from your competitors well the one main thing that sets us apart is we’ve been uh two main things one is we’ve been at this longer than anyone else we’ve deployed more systems globally than anyone

Else over 110 systems into 18 countries we’ve been around for 30 years so that’s piece one so there’s a lot of track record and credibility that comes with that and number two is we’ve we’ve determined that you need to have multiple tools in your tool kit that’s why we’re the only one in the marketplace to offer multiple technologies each of these technologies

Behaves differently depending on the project depending on the biogas composition and the pipeline requirements that you’re trying to inject into okay great now rich tv live we’ve got members all over the world watching us in about 60 countries if there was one thing you would want shareholders to know about green lane renewables what would it be well let’s go

Back to the competitors right so one thing that we did deliberately with green lane was we just went public last summer we felt it was the right time because of everything that’s happening in the renewable natural gas space and the overarching uh focus on uh climate change and and driving green solutions green lane is a pure play in rg so if investors are

Looking for um specific investment opportunity as it relates to greening the grass gas grid and greening transportation you know it’s a pure play you can’t invest in airlockheed’s little business that does biogas upgrading because it’s part of a much larger opportunity as as most of our competitors so we’re we’re very unique in that way okay very good now what

Is the best way for shareholders to get in touch with the company best way would be go to our website there’s the contact link for sales inquiries they’re on their investor relations inquiries for our shareholders insight capital markets handles our ir for us they’re they’re our partner in that area all the contact details are right

There on our website okay great well thank you so much for your time today brad okay this is brad duville the ceo and president of green lane renewables thank you guys for watching you

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Greenlane Renewables CEO Brad Douville (TSXV: GRN) By RICH TV LIVE

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tesla stock crash as elon musk f

Tesla Stock Crash as Elon Musk Fires 3,000

Link to join StockHub free investing discord server: Want to join our free STOCKHUB discord chat? Here is the link

Oh man let’s see how my stocks are doing ten yeah yeah oh looks like facebook’s huh cruises up again sky walks up again alibaba us to 2018 was such a crap year but i gotta say 2019 has been amazing like big sean said last night it took it out but today i bounce back like it’s amazing eagle i stock up apple stock up every one of my stocks is up whirlpool into it

Holy smokes guys tesla stock absolutely crashed through the floor today down 13% on the day down $45 per share that is a massive move down for tesla tesla has been a hutt stock the last few months when the market was in trouble october november december tesla stock was roaring it was just it was a strongest stock by far i had my portfolio boost was so amazing and

Now i said today we just had a massive massive trump and tesla stock so i want to talk about why this happened i want to talk about my opinion on this i want to share with you the obviously my cost basis is on tesla and i’m gonna buy more shares of tesla if i’m gonna buy more shares of tesla what price do i needed that to buy those shares so i hope you guys enjoyed

This as always by the way first office what i’ll let you guys know last month i held my conference here in las vegas it was amazing event like more than the best days of my life one of the coolest days of my life and a lot of people had suggested that i had you know basically a team of videographers film the entire event so i went ahead and did that because not

Everybody could make it out to vegas for the whole event so what i went ahead and did is i made 20 coupons to get access to the entire replay of the conference so the first 20 people that get that this should be the pin comment down there you guys can get the event for 70% off guys so i hope you enjoy that graham stephan’s real estate investing presentation alone

Was was like work the price of admission let me just tell you that was the best real estate investing presentation i’ve ever seen in my life like the way he broke it down it was amazing i also covered branding stock market investing like a lot of different things you guys can check it out if you want alright let’s get into this so tessa cuts 3,000 jobs as elon musk

Aims to make more cars for less money tesla is reducing its workforce by 7% more than 3,000 jobs according to a recent staffing estimate as a company continues its effort to bringing lower-cost electric vehicles the market ceo elon musk announced the layoffs on friday in an email to the staff saying the company is facing an extremely difficult challenge that is a

Quote from him they’re an extremely difficult challenge he also says we unfortunately have no choice but to lay off employees must said there isn’t any other way the company will also be eliminating all but the most important contractor in temps okay that is big news that is big news and kind of bad news i guess you have to say okay now there kind of a few worries

On wall street today and why this stock is really crashing so much so one is now if the stock has moved down so big they might have to make that 920 million dollar debt payment essentially if the shares aren’t at $360 by march first they’re gonna have to pay that if it was over 360 like it was heading toward basically you’d be in a position where they wouldn’t have

To make that 920 million dollar payment so now house is in a position where they might have to actually pay that which gonna take a massive amount of cash off that balance sheet okay that’s the first big warrior on what people are talking about the second part is demand okay people are saying whoa that’s already cut jobs you know recently which was a few months ago

Okay and now they make this passive cut is tesla have a demand issue there’s there a demand issue we’re just not enough people are basically ordering model threes and the different tesla’s out there and ant s is in a situation where they got to cut back workforce okay so i want to talk about this on a few different levels okay so first thing i want to talk about

Here is the model three let’s talk about model three for a second so what do we know about model three first off it’s by far and away the best selling electric vehicle out there and it’s a best-selling luxury vehicle it technically kind of meets that class of luxury vehicles because of the price point so we know it’s it’s been selling amazing however the $35,000

Model 3 which is i think what the masses are kind of looking for out there it’s still not available at this point in time most people when they go to buy a car they buy it on a loan okay so the the fact that tesla with their some of the rebates and whatnot can maybe get it under 40 a lot of people honestly want to pay around thirty five thousand dollars for that

Model three take out the loan on it because that’s just how most people are okay so that’s not even available yet and that’s where i think a lot of the tesla model 3 demand is so we got to understand that also they haven’t started or they just kind of starting out to produce for china and for europe all right this basically in this first half of 2019 they’re supposed

To start you know manufacturing a lot of model threes for china and europe those are gonna be the higher-end models once again none of the cheaper models are gonna be available on either of those market so they’re kind of two pieces to that one is obviously there’s gonna be a ton of pent-up demand from model threes whenever the $35,000 model comes out which we

Don’t know when it’s gonna come out there’s gonna be a lot of pent-up demand the second part of that is obviously the shanghai factory is supposed to open in some capacity in 2019 it’s not going to be finished in 2019 but it’s gonna open to some capacity meaning tesla’s gonna hire a massive amount of chinese workers over there to fill the demand for china for tesla

Okay and eventually that will happen in europe as well because a giga factory will open in europe eventually so the amount of workers you need in fremont or at the giga factory out in reno nevada eventually that’s just to fulfill that the us orders the chinese orders and as well as most of asia will be fulfilled by the chinese giga factory in europe eventually once

They get that giga factory open will be filled by the obviously the european giga factory so that’s something to take into account their second part is as far as a model why okay so this is gonna be their suv that they’re supposed to show off at some point in 2019 we don’t know when it will actually go into production maybe 2020 and the model y is really exciting

Because this is gonna be their more affordable suv essentially if you want to test the suv right now you got to get the model x right that suv you’re pushing a hundred thousand plus dollars if you want that one there’s a very limited amount of population that can afford a hundred thousand plus dollar suv the other part is a lot of people that can afford it don’t

Want to spend a hundred plus thousand dollars on an suv okay that’s just ridiculous so i think there’s not gonna be a lot of demand if they can come in at a fifty thousand dollar price point or 60 thousand basically anything under sixty thousand dollars price point for the suv i think you’re gonna open up a lot of demand out there and folks like myself who haven’t

Really got out you know went out and bought a tesla yep maybe look at that and say okay you know we got a family we could we have an suv that’s all electric and we can get it for a price point of 50,000 maybe or maybe 60,000 that’s worth doing but a lot of us just don’t either don’t have the money or just honestly don’t want to buy a hundred plus thousand dollar

Electric suv like that’s just a lot of to part with four car guys so you’re basically paying like a supercar type price like that’s a lot of money so i think that’s gonna be a big demand driver in the future okay so the worries about demand i i can understand in the short term but if you’re looking at this from a long-term game the demand is still gonna be massive

For tesla and if you look at tesla’s numbers they put up in 2018 there’s really no one doing the type of numbers they are especially in the electric field but even in the overall car field like their numbers are just ridiculous they’re up there with some of the way cheaper cars which is incredible okay so that’s having take into account there and as for the debt

Payment you know you guys know what i did i said last week basically i begged elon musk to basically raise money i think he should raise money especially if he has to make that debt payment but i think you should also raise money so they can get the services built out more and so they can get kind of the pre-owned cars and whatnot built out more that’s my personal

Opinion kind of hearing other people’s opinion out there so as far as tough so we own it in a couple accounts here so we’re still up in the position but not obviously nearly as much as we were so this account we own like 50 shares 283 cost basis on that one and this other account we only own six shares so to 71 cost basis on that i’m very interested in acquiring

More tesla shares but i need it to get down to somewhere in the 280 to 270 level if it gets down to 280 to 70 level i’m absolutely very interested in buying more tesla shares and making that into a much bigger position but as of right now still around this 300 i’m not quite there yet as far as saying okay let me go put some more money in tesla just because there

Are a lot of stock still right now that i feel like you’re good values other than just tests out there and some that are a little less risky obviously because tesla does have this massive debt coming due and obviously it’s a newer business model and whatnot so they still got to prove that out so as far as me looking at tough so i’m still extremely bullish on the

Long term but as far as buying more shares i wanted to get back in that 280 to 270 level which it could do it could do it all this negativity just kind of keeps feeding up which we know tesla when they’re starts to get a lot of negativity in the press it just is like a snowball going down a hill and it’s just ramped up and ramped up and that can really push the

Shares down so if it gets back to that 282 70 level i’m absolutely gonna acquire some more shares but intel that i’m just kind of holding out and watching so anyways i want to know your guy’s opinion on tesla down there in that comment section are you buying any tesla shares have you bought any tesla shares i would love to hear from you guys by the way you want

Access to that full conference for 70% off 20 coupons i made that’s gonna be the pin comment down there thank you for watching and have a great day

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Tesla Stock Crash as Elon Musk Fires 3,000 By Financial Education

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rich tv live stock to watch ceo



Hi how’s everybody doing today this is rich her me out for rich to be live with our very special guest it is alexander sam gen the ceo and president of global care capital inc how you doing today alex i’m doing great rich i hope you’re doing well today as well and hello to your audience and i’m very happy to be on well we’re very happy to have you i’m doing fantastic

It’s a really good day today markets are green so far gold’s doing well oil is finally doing well after really really weird start of the week with oil and obviously coronavirus stocks have been doing extremely well and obviously that’s the sector that you guys are starting to really capitalize on so why don’t you tell us a little bit about global care capital

Inc for the people that are watching that are not as familiar with about your company sure yes i’m global care at capital inc is a global investment company which specializes in providing early stage financing to both private and public companies so we like to engage in a new early stage investment opportunities typically and kind of previously underdeveloped

Assess and we’ve recently announced our pivot in investment focus to the very salient healthcare sector very good very good and what are some of the current products that global care capital inc has yes so as a publicly traded investment issuer were obviously making investments in other companies so at present we have two portfolio companies that are 100% owned

Subsidiaries of global care capital the first being reformation pharmaceuticals which is a stem cell project it’s a preclinical stage biotech working in collaboration with the university of oxford headed up by a very brilliant doctor named jd naja hall and he’s working on developing ip surrounding a molecule that prime’s the body’s own stem cells to repair damaged

Tissue wow and then our second 100% of the subsidiary portfolio company which we recently acquired as barracks clear which we are extremely excited about so vioxx clear falls on the distribution component of the value chain and they are a distributor of antibody test kits for the köppen 19 virus and they they have been placed a very solid partnership with their

Manufacturing partner based in china okay and here at rich tv live we love to invest in undervalued underappreciated underexposed opportunities and we love to identify the company’s share structure and how many shares are held by insiders can you break down the company’s share structure and how much shares are being held by insiders right now yeah absolutely so

In terms of shares outstanding we have about 54 million shares outstanding currently and about 18 million warrants and auctions in terms of the percentage of insider ownership i would put it at roughly 10 percent okay very good so you guys got some skin in the game you guys are obviously holding a nice position in the company and who would you say our global care

Capital inks main competitors well i mean it’d be the industry that’s spawned up as a result of this dilemma wherein is very fast-moving and ever-changing so it’s a bit of a complicated question because i think it changes on a day-by-day basis in terms of competitors i can think of up in canada you have someone nanotech and and in the state’s a ytu bioscience would

Be another another comparable ok very good i know them very well we’ve actually talked about both of them on our show and both of them of skyrocket and done extremely well what sets you guys apart from your main competitors what makes you guys different as opposed to social and ayt you yeah so in the investment issuer the investment issuer model is probably one of

Our unique selling points because we can focus on to enterprise value enhancers and you know we would like to focus on the transition from private to public assets being able to come on public market capital markets multiple for an asset we identify that we fold into the company and then also you know we’re in touch with very interesting deal flow at any given time

As evidenced by by our buyer x clear acquisition so you know we’re able to invest in assets and develop assets that that were otherwise overlooked or just you know for which there was not much much information available at the time now it’s important when a company is building to have a strong team can you tell us a little bit about your team and what specialties

Each member brings to the table sure so myself i come from a capital markets background and have a lot of experience working in an officer and director tenacity of public and private companies so i understand most of the facets involved with that our cfo has decades of experience as a chartered accountant in terms of the portfolio companies jackie nonchalantly

Mentioned who founded reformation pharmaceuticals is an md md phd from oxford and is developing some very exciting research which i mentioned previously surrounding stem cells and then form iraq’s clearly the founder of iraq’s clear as a gentleman by the name of james foster was a british expat who’s been living and working in china for over a decade and has built

Out some very successful distribution platforms there and really brings to the table some very long-standing productive working relationships with some very important chinese based manufacturers which which really helped fire axe clear with their their supply chain needs and if there was one thing you would want shareholders to know about the company about global

Care capital inc what would it be well i would want to emphasize our recent acquisition of iraq’s clear and you know obviously there is a business opportunity there but more importantly you know i really want a message that we are really trying to play a role in returning life to get back to normal or at least some semblance of normalcy and i think these antibody

Test kits which can prove immunity are one of the ways to do that you’ve heard so many pundits and government officials talk about how you know either a vaccine you know comes to the comes to the surface or or more of these test kits are made available so so global care through its acquisition of irx there is really trying to contribute to the ladder and make sure

That we can supply these test kits globally down to help get us out of our current dilemma is the canadian stock currently halted yes the canadian stock is is currently halted pending pending a news release from the company just clarifying that that all of our distribution agreements are in fact in place with our manufacturing partner as i mentioned before this

Industry this this new industry is ever-changing and there are lots of other players in the industry that that you know may or may not be disseminating misleading information regarding exclusive distribution agreements etc so we’re just simply going to clarify in a press release all of our distribution agreements are intact with our manufacturer and we’re still able

To to fulfill orders and get the test kits out to market okay cool we have a few questions coming in from the audience do you mind if i ask no problem awesome one of the questions from anthony alvarez how you doing anthony is rich i would like to know if any of the companies looking to go to human trials anytime soon so as far as human trials i assume that pertains

To reformation pharmaceuticals so reformation is still preclinical stage we’re still at the point where we’re trying to button down that intellectual property surrounding the molecule that jagdeep has identified and as ann is developing novel composition of matter on i would say human trials are still a few years out for reformation focused okay very good and you

Guys your stock has been like can you talk a little bit about what happened with the name change and just for anyone who wasn’t familiar with the background of the company because the stock went from like a penny to a dollar 25 was that a reverse split people are not sure if it was a reverse that the stock just exploded i’m assuming it was a reverse split is that

Correct it wasn’t it was a 25 4-1 reverse split that took place and then pursuant to that the outstanding float was quite minimal we did do a name change and a rebrand we’re still undergoing the rebrand currently i think when we announced our healthcare pivot and our pivot turn it into the pandemic industry obviously there’s a lot of excitement surrounding that so

You know i think that excitement coupled with her minimal float and then and then eventually you know once we once we disclosed all the information of the market around by rex claire which is a very exciting business you know i think that’s certainly like to sum up our momentum so you just mentioned your minimum flow can you just let the people know what your float

Is right now yeah so currently there are 54 million shares outstanding now a major portion of that is still restricted pursuant to the private placement so you would say the float is how many shipping you have an estimate how many shares is on the float right now yeah i would say that that the float is roughly 2/3 restricted at this point wow so there may be you

Have 15 million shares in the flow in that area 15 20 million shares yeah i would have to confirm exactly but but something in that area like it has to meet guys like 15 20 million shares in the flow stocks currently sitting at a dollar 37 in canada i believe the price i looked at in the us was the symbol in the states guys is our s czf which is actually trading

Today still and it’s right at 99 cents so for anyone that wants to get in contact with the company what would be the best way for them to get in touch with the company i would say the best way it would be to email investor relations at global care capital gonna come okay great and is there anything else you want to share with the community before we say goodbye no

I just want to say it’s it’s a pleasure being on your show rich and answering questions from the audience and i look forward to to staying in touch with the market absolutely well thank you so much alexander ssam jen the ceo of global care capital inc a company to watch put it on your radar put on your watchlist they’re making big moves in the coronavirus space a

Space that where everybody in the world has been touched guys so keep it on your watchlist keep it on your radar don’t let this one make a move without you paying attention to what’s going on and we’ll keep you updated on everything as it happens and alex we’d love to have you again on the show hopefully if you ever have any big news or anything that is pertaining

To the market that we need to let people know live love to have you back on the show again soon it would be my pleasure thanks very much rich thank you alex and keep up all the great work thank you thank you

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how to trade

How To Trade

How to Trade – RICH TV LIVE – DECEMBER 15, 2019 – Wanna learn how to trade? FOREX TRADING ACADEMY JOIN HERE –

Sure you guys an example we’ll plan today but you have to have a discipline trading plan you have to have rules you have to have just like the gym you can’t go to the gym and workout and they go home and eat all the stuff that you know mr. goyal was talking about so checks out so one of the first things when it comes down to the psychology that you guys but they have

To understand is you have to be okay with losing right you got to realize this that you could lose two trades out of ten but if you’re winning the eight you’re still going to be profitable that’s right when it comes down to your trading where i’m going to be teaching you guys over the next day to is how to get very precise entry so when you win a trade you’re let’s

Say i’m gonna give you guys examples of risk reward when you win a trade you’re trading out a 1 to 8 right one day it means whatever you’re risking here to make 8 times that much money right does that make sense yes yes yes yeah and i’ll show you guys an example of this elbow going but when we’re trading at these high risk reward ratios you could be wrong 66% of

The time and you’ll still always be in profit because of the ratio right i’ll give you an example the first month all steady we lost three trades those three trades were 20 pips each right we want 40 trays those 14 trades were a minimum of 130 pips each right well so what i want you guys understand is you could lose and be fine with it but if you’re following your

Rules you’re always going to be able to make one right on your charts you guys need crazy charts right yeah you have 30 indicators you get what we call paralysis analysis one things telling you to sell one things telling you to buy it doesn’t work out right if you might have a great rate but if you let all these things clutter your charts it’s not gonna have a good

Time right another thing overtraining you know most traders will never become successful or make profits in the long term because if they’re trading too much right when it comes down to over trading you should have set rules and guidelines how much money you want to make or how many pips you want to catch or whatever imma show you guys an example of mine when you

First come into trading you want to make money fast right you’re greedy you’re emotional you want to just make money now down now right you’re like a crackhead it’s funny girls laughing but it’s relatable right like they found it um you know you hop out of a train just make $2 right twenty dollars two hundred dollars whatever you make and then you’re right back into

The market for more right that’s the the wrong type of mindset right professional traders the best position you could be in when it comes down to trading is no position right because trade is all about protecting your capital when you’re gonna trade you’re not protecting your capital right it’s all about slow steady consistent growth a lot of us are in that getting

Rich quick type of mindset and the reason why is because we’re we’re looking for those quick trades right so a lot of us have scalped right losing scalping all right so what i’m going to tell you is that no professional trade no long-term successful trader is gonna be scalping because what happens is you’re gonna go on a little little run right you go on a little

Run yo i just made $500 scalping you know i took 50 trades blah blah blah and then that fifty first trade is i’m just gonna take you out right how’s that happen any of you guys right so and it hurts to talk about but you guys ought to be able to talk about it because this is how trading works you go at a certain point if you don’t master your discipline and have to

Set guidelines and rules like on we teach you guys training can be a very dark mental emotional place right because you’re losing money then you get greedy and you get the i gotta make my money back mindset right revenge trading and yeah the gambling right so what you guys gotta realize is that gambling is just luck right what we’re doing is we’re doing calculated

Risk when it comes down to trade you should know every trade you take how much you’re risking and how much you’re gonna gain every trader i take i know exactly i have something i’m gonna lose or how much i’m gonna win right allah to you when you comes down with scalping there’s no there’s no risk you know you’re entering a trade you’re hoping for a couple pips

There’s no stop-loss which is you know the worst possible thing and then you know your account just blows up right i don’t know if you guys are watching the chart but you know there have been elections in london right the gbp pairs small spikes of movement a lot of people were selling those pairs and what do you think happens when you’re selling something you have

No stop-loss and it goes to the move you’re gonna lose majority of your money right so when he comes out to what i want you guys to understand is that you don’t want to have too much clutter right i know mr. novoa talked about flutter earlier some of you guys said your house their flood or whatever it is right you don’t want your charts to be cluttered right like

Looking at this there’s nothing on it the way we trade is we trade with nothing on it too many indicators to mean distractions i’ll tell you this indicators don’t work right they took how many times that you guys looked at the rsi or something and it says it’s over bob or oversold then you sell it or buy it it just keeps on going the other way right it’s it’s all

Bs because whatever i watch you guys realize about the trading industry is is this you guys know the cashflow quadrant right there’s a capital project you got the employees you got the self-employed people yeah but then this order to send the investors right so you know that 95% of the people the population they live over here and they have my percent of the money

Right so on this side you know that 5% of the world’s population is over here they make 95% of all the money right the trading world works the same way you guys we are considered retail traders right retail traders and then you have any other guys who are like the banks and the institution and stuff like that right what you guys have to realize is that in this

World or this huge category we control barely any of the money in the market right six point six trillion dollars a day money being moved around you guys don’t necessarily control any of that neither do i right but the banks may have a 5% of the population they have all the money in rotation so what you got to realize is that the the basic forex education that’s out

There it’s a complete scam right and i’m gonna explain why the basic education is put out by the banks right and what you got to realize is that it’s a game then their goal is to make money to take your money right so what you gotta realize is that you have to learn how the five percenter training right because online all these courses they teach you how the 95%

Of the pekin training right 95% of people that trade forex never make any money and they don’t make any money because they’re not taught the proper way to trading right so when you stop trading the way everybody else is trading and you become coachable right you get to become this top 5% right and make top 5% money and i’m gonna show you guys i’m here a little bit

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How To Trade By RICH TV LIVE

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standard lithium announces 0 5 m

Standard Lithium Announces 0.5 Million Bought Deal

Standard Lithium Announces $10.5 Million Bought Deal – RICH TV LIVE – FEBRUARY 26, 2019 – Standard Lithium Ltd. (“Standard Lithium” or the “Company”) (TSXV: SLL) (OTCQX: STLHF) (FRA: S5L) announces that it has entered into an agreement with a syndicate of underwriters led by Canaccord Genuity Corp. (collectively, the “Underwriters”) pursuant to which the Underwriters have agreed to purchase, on a bought deal basis pursuant to a short form prospectus, 10,500,000 units (the “Units”) of the Company at a price of $1.00 per Unit (the “Offering Price”) for gross proceeds of $10,500,000 (the “Underwritten Offering”). Each Unit shall consist of one common share and one-half of one common share purchase warrant of the Company (each whole common share purchase warrant, a “Warrant”). Each Warrant shall be exercisable to acquire one common share of the Company for a period of 36 months from the Closing Date (as herein defined) at an exercise price of $1.30, subject to adjustment in certain events.

Hey guys this is rich from rich to be live and i wanted to bring to your attention standard lithium so i’ve been looking at this company for quite some time and they are you can see here on their chart that they were at a high in 2017 in november of two dollars and sixty eight cents it has not been at that level since and i’d like to always like mark the high

High and the low low and you can see that the low low wasn’t too long ago august was the low low of 82 cents and then it went up to a dollar what told her 60 range and then it came all the way back down to you know 82 again 84 and then it went all the way up again just recently to a dollar 37 and now it’s come back down to where we are at a dollar 10 now we

Might have an opportunity to get down a little bit lower here and maybe get down to the 80 range again if we can get there then it’s definitely gonna be a buy but i just believe what some of the news that’s coming out that this baby is gonna go up i mean explain to you why everyone kept saying today i was doing videos and everyone’s like standard lithium or full

Alert and i’m like what do you mean the stock didn’t go up it stayed the same it’s out of dollar ten but people are like saying it’s a full alert it’s fuller so i read the news standard lithium announces ten point five million baht deal interesting standard lithium sll in canada stl hf in america s 5l dot f in frankfurt germany announces that it has entered into

An agreement with a syndicate of underwriters led by canaccord genuity corp collectively the underwriters pursuant to which the underwriters have agreed to purchase on a bought deal basis pursuant to a short-form prospectus ten million five hundred thousand units otherwise known as the units of the company at a price of one dollar per unit otherwise known as

The offering price for gross proceeds of ten million five hundred thousand otherwise known as the underwriting offering each unit shall consist of one common share and one-half of one common share purchase warrant of the company each whole common share purchase warrant a warrant each warrant shall be exercisable to acquire one common share of the company for

A period of thirty six months from the closing date as herein defined at an exercise price of a dollar thirty subject to an adjustment in certain events interesting in addition the company has granted the underwriters an option the over allotment option and together the underwriter offering the unwritten offering otherwise known as offering to purchase up to 1

Million five hundred and seventy five thousand additional units at the offering price to raise additional gross proceeds of up to 15% of the underwritten offering for a period of 30 days after and including the closing date to cover over allotments if any and for market stabilization purposes wow this could be big guys this could be the start of something big

Why would they give them ten million five hundred thousand dollars at $1 if they thought it wasn’t gonna go way higher the net proceeds from the offering are expected to be used by the company for advancing its existing asset portfolio and general working capital purposes closing of the offering is expected to take place on or about 19th 2019 and is subject to

Certain conditions including but not limited to the receipt of all applicable regulatory approvals including approval of the tsx venture exchange the units to be issued under the offering will be offered by way of a short-form prospectus in each of the provinces of canada except quebec the units may also be offered in the united states on a private placements

Basis pursuant to exemptions from the registration requirements of the united states securities act of 1933 as amended the securities act the us securities act and in certain other jurisdictions in accordance with a kabul securities laws wow this is crazy these guys are playing with the big boys a boat standard lithium i think that lithium could be one of the next

Hot industries and a lot of people are saying that as well and i just try to follow the money okay standard lithium sll v is a specialty chemically chemical company focused on unlocking the value of existing large-scale us-based lithium bryan resources the company believes new lithium production can be brought on stream rapidly by mendes minimizing project risks

At selection stage resource political geographic regulatory and permitting and by leveraging advances in lithium extraction technologies and processes this is what makes them so special the company’s flagship project is located in southern arkansas where it is engaged in the testing and proving of the commercial viability of lithium extraction from over 150,000

Acres of permitted bryan operations utilizing the company’s proprietary selective extraction technology the company is also pursuing the resource development of over 30,000 acres of separate brine leases located in southwestern arkansas’s and approximately 45,000 acres of mineral leases located in the mojave desert and san bernardino county california standard

Lithium is listed on the tsx venture exchange under the symbol s ll quoted on the otc mastic international designation under the symbol s tl h f and in frankfort exchange under the symbol s 5l and the website is standard lithium com so i’d love to know what you guys think now remember rich tv live is strictly for education entertainment purposes always do your

Due diligence always do your research before you invest in anything that we talk about here enrich tv live standard lithium what do you think if you liked this video please smash the like button comment down below share the video everywhere if you win then i win and if i win then you win we all win that’s a win-win situation and that’s what we like to create here

At rich tv live so you know looking at the stock it looks like it could be channeling up from these lower levels might be maybe dip a little bit but i think if you could position yourself this could be a good company long term love to know what you guys think standard lithium i’ve been watching them carefully like a hawk i want to see it go back to $2 if we can

Pick it up around $1 i don’t know i think i i think if we pick it up under $1 then we’re winning big and we’re in a dollar 10 right now and with this news what do you guys think do you think it was higher d goes lower a bought deal financing for ten million five hundred thousand with an option for enough one point five seven five million what do you guys think i

Think this gives them way more incentive to have players involved and hopefully this means that we’ll see this stock do better left to know your guys opinions comment down below this is their website wwm comm and their south arkansas project thanks guys for watching if you’re not winning you’re not watching it’s true this is your boy rich bringing the news stand

With him all over the news announces a ten point five million baht deal financing from a syndicate of underwriters led by canaccord genuity corp i’m out peace

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Standard Lithium Announces $10.5 Million Bought Deal By RICH TV LIVE

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what is backwardation and contan

What is Backwardation and Contango in Futures Markets?

What is Backwardation and Contango in Futures Markets?

Hi my name is patrick boyle on the finance professor king’s college london and the queen mary university of london where i teach the financial derivatives class to masters and finance students welcome to my youtube channel where i trying to help beginners learn about finance and hopefully reach expert level so today’s video is on the topic of backwardation and

Contango in futures markets so let’s try to understand what these terms mean they can be a little confusing at first so a little background the economist john maynard keynes argued that in general the natural hedgers of a commodity are those who wish to sell the commodity in the future and so what he means by that is that producers of a commodity are the people

That are most likely to hedge in his opinion so he argued that if hedgers collectively hold a net short position in the forward futures market the other side of those contracts must then be held by speculators people who are trying to make a profit from from from their trading in in financial futures and so those people must thus hold a net long position hedgers

Are obviously interested in reducing risk and he argued that they will accept losing a little bit of money on their forward contracts in return for for reducing their risk and that equally that in order to attract speculators into the market that there should be a little bit of built-in profit there for them so kings argued that if speculators are holding a net

Long position it must thus be the case that the expected future spot price is greater than the forward price this market situation where the futures price is less than the expected spot price is thus referred to as normal backwardation since the forward or futures prices converge with the spot price at maturity normal backwardation implies that futures prices

For a certain maturity are increasing over time the idea is that hedges of these commodities are essentially willing to pay speculators to take the risk of owning the commodity away from them so then contango contango is our other condition is a condition where the price of distant delivery prices for futures contracts exceeds spot prices and this is often due

To things like storage costs the cost of storing and ensuring the underlying commodity so contango implies the futures prices for a certain maturity are falling over time here’s a chart on your screen right now showing you what contango and backwardation look like versus the expected future spot price of the commodity there are lots of theories as to why certain

Products trade in contango or backwardation and no perfect answer exists it’s still a puzzle that academics are trying to explain today in fact there’s lots of papers that come out you know discussing this very topic some commodities have a way that they normally trade so they either normally trade in contango or normally in backwardation and then from time to

Time they might flip into the other condition driven by the pressures of supply and demand this obviously can materially affect a traders p&l these videos hopefully you are finding useful they’re all based on my book which is called trading and pricing financial derivatives it’s available on amazon and i’ve put a link below if you want to if you want to read

It hopefully you found the video helpful if so i’d love if you could hit the like button below if you’d like to see more videos like this also hit the subscribe button please also feel free to comment below let me know what you think of these videos are they helpful how could i improve them and equally let me know if there are other financial topics that you’d

Like me to cover thanks very much for watching bye and see in the next video

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What is Backwardation and Contango in Futures Markets? By Patrick Boyle

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