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how i overcame social anxiety

How I overcame social anxiety

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And really didn’t talk and never really stuck up for myself. and i would always try to be like two or three steps and the other thing is the more fearful you are of something it’s a much worse experience than if you just jump right in and second of all, we are in a unique time right now and i am going to include a couple of strategies here so that being said let’s get into

The first strategy now and if you’re like most people with social anxiety, assuming you’re comfortable with getting on the phone like don’t call a restaurant during their peak hours who you really have no reason to be communicating with. in different apps for this, but i challenge you instead and ask somebody at a store for help with something. so i would just go up to

Somebody who works at a store you’re just basically putting yourself in a situation should be doing this anyway just to spread positivity and it’s going to kind of help with the social anxiety where you see somebody that you might wanna talk to, is whatever you were fearful of, doesn’t actually happen and talking to them like you do with a worker at a store. of approaching a

Stranger and another thing here guys too, and down the road you talk to someone of the opposite sex pay attention to social cues, because there’s always times i don’t care if you have anything planned to say to them, i felt like i had to have all of my steps planned out, and i just wanna say that this isn’t necessarily something where you’re just in your own head and you’re

Detached, and realize that you are a body and you’re not just a mind (upbeat music)

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How I overcame social anxiety By Ryan Scribner

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american cannabis company harves

American Cannabis Company Harvest Health & Recreation to Commence Trading on the (CSE: HARV)

American Cannabis Company Harvest Health & Recreation to Commence Trading on the (CSE: HARV) – RICH TV LIVE – November 14, 2018 – PHOENIX, AZ and TORONTO, ON – November 14th, 2018 – Harvest Health & Recreation Inc. (the “Company”), formerly RockBridge Resources Inc. (“RockBridge”), is pleased to announce that it has completed its previously announced business combination (the “Business Combination”) with Harvest Enterprises Inc. (“Harvest”). In connection with the Business Combination, on November 13, 2018, an affiliate of Harvest, HVST Finco (Canada) Inc. (“Harvest Finco Canada”) completed a brokered private placement offering of subscription receipts for aggregate gross proceeds in the amount of US$218,149,676 (the “Offering”). The Offering was co-led by Eight Capital, Canaccord Genuity Corp. and GMP Securities L.P. (the “Co-lead Agents”), on behalf of a syndicate of agents including Beacon Securities Limited, Cormark Securities Inc. and Haywood Securities Inc. (collectively, the “Agents”). Eight Capital acted as the sole bookrunner in connection with the Offering.

Hey guys this is rich err on behalf of rich tv live and tomorrow we have an american cannabis company harvest health and recreation to commence trading on the csc yet another american company that will be trading on the canadian securities exchange here’s the news breaking harvest health and recreation inc formerly rockbridge resources inc is pleased to announce

That has completed its previously announced business combination with harvest enterprises inc in connection with the business combination on november 13 2008 een an affiliate of harvest age vsd finco canada inc harvest finco canada completed a brokered private placement offering of subscription receipts listen to this for an aggregate gross proceeds in the amount

Of two hundred and eighteen million u.s. that’s right otherwise known as the offering the offering was co-led by eight capital canaccord genuity corp and gmp securities lp on behalf of a syndicate of agents including beacon securities limited corps mark securities inc and haywood securities inc collectively the agents eight capital acted as the sole bookrunner in

Connection with the offering this is some big news completion of the offering on november 13 2018 harvest finco canada completed the offering pursuant to wit harvest finco canada issued 33 million subscription receipts the subscription receipts at a price of us six dollars and 55 cents per subscription receipt so i believe that’s where this price will be trading

Interesting now remember guys rich tv live is strictly for education entertainment purposes do your due diligence do your research before you invest in anything that we talk about here on rich tv live now you can go and find all the breaking news just go to wwe tv live comm find our future videos if you would like to get featured on much tv live you can contact us

We’re absolutely free contact us as rich tv live at you can get all the breaking stock information cryptocurrency information travel sports you want to learn about rich tv you want to join our secret stock picks group everything is free and you get to have a voice now obviously today was a bloodbath in the markets we know this it’s not a surprise the stocks

Are going back to levels that are more reasonable based on price to earnings ratios because the cannabis stocks have been trading at ridiculous multiples as much as 250 times revenue when the street on wall street and bay street here in north america wants to see you trading at 6 to 15 times revenue so obviously there’s going to be some type of a retraction will

They go back up of course they’re going to go back up they always go back up but right now they are getting hammered so please be careful invest with caution this company looks very poised to be a leader we presently hold medical cannabis licenses in nine states and participate in a variety of ways for each facility from full ownership and operation to design-build

Expertise and operational consultation our aggressive expansion efforts include seeking licenses in other states and exploring opportunities abroad like that they want to go big they want to go big see wow they have a 1.5 billion valuation my goodness unbelievable so there’s a lot of news about this company keep your eye on it obviously i wanted to bring you it

First i bring you everything first what do you think about harvest look at this these are all the states that they’re currently holding medical cannabis licenses in and they break it all down right here arizona arkansas california obviously some of the biggest ones nevada pennsylvania and north dakota florida huge ohio maryland in massachusetts interesting very

Interesting what do you guys think about this i’d love to know what you guys think about this company please if you liked this smash the like button comment down below what do you believe is going to happen with this ipo ipos have been very risky lately some have been going up some of them going down somewhat raining sideways obviously right now the market is under

A lot of pressure and it says right here the company has received conditional approval from the canadian securities exchange of cse for the listing of the support net voting shares which are expected to commence trading on the cse under the ticker symbol h8 rv at the market open on thursday which happens to be in a few hours that’s right and you’re hearing it first

From your boy rich that’s right harvest health and recreation it probably around 655 where they raised money harvest health and recreation inc is one of the first consistently profitable vertically integrated cannabis companies with one of the largest footprints in the u.s. harvests complete vertical solution includes industry-leading cultivation manufacturing and

Retail facilities construction real estate technology and operational expertise leveraging in-house legal hr and marketing teams along with proven experts in writing and winning state based applications the company is more than 250 employees with proven experience expertise and knowledge of in-house best practices that are drawn upon whenever harvest enters new

Markets harvest executive team is comprised of leaders in finance compliance real estate and operations since its founding in 2011 harvest has grown its footprint every year and now has licenses in eight states with planned expansion into additional states by 2020 harvest shares timely updates and releases as parts of its regular course of business with the media

And in interested public for more information visit harvest and that’s where at so what do you guys think just wanted to break it to you guys first like they do remember if you’re not winning you’re not watching the market is highly oversold be careful but there will be a trend reversal and at some point the cannabis stocks will explode at that point in

Time if you’ve been buying in the red you will be rewarded remember we may be losing the battle but we will win the war it’s true this is your boy rich i am a warrior for the cause for the cannabis sector and like i said we may lose the battle but we will win the war it’s true we’re at war american cannabis company harvest health and recreation to commence trading

On the csc tomorrow they’re not afraid of the bloodshed they’re going public tomorrow it’s true all right you heard it here first your boy and i vote please

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American Cannabis Company Harvest Health & Recreation to Commence Trading on the (CSE: HARV) By RICH TV LIVE

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stocks go up most in months why


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I always focus guys i just got back from vacation less than ten minutes ago when i said i got a recorded video i gotta hop on youtube right now we got to talk about this big rally in the stock market here today bank stocks had their best day in months literally every single stock i own was green today that’s when you know it’s a good day when you own multiple stocks

And every single one of them’s green phenomenal day out there we got to talk about all this we also got to talk about what is gonna happen over the course of the next let’s say six months for the remainder of the year and kind of like what i see out there i also want to talk about some hidden things that are going on out there that not a lot of people pay attention

To some numbers here that i’m gonna share with you that are some roots of really bullish sign let’s just put it that way guys so time to talk about well the way for the remainder of the month of july i am having half off my stock market membership group so make sure you get in there if you have not already i don’t care if you’re a beginner investor if you’re an

Advanced investor no matter what if you want to take stock market investing up to the next level make sure you get in that group enter code half off in the coupon box at checkout and literally you’ll take half off your first month in every single month after that guys so i cannot wait to see you guys in there let’s get into this dowell rallies more than three hundred

Points as banks posts best day since late march all right we’re in july now so it’s been quite a while since banks had this good of a day stocks closed sharply higher on monday as big shares rose while concerns over a trade war between the us and key partners dissipate it for the moment the dow was up around 320 points jp morgan goldman sachs caterpillar with some

Of the best performing stocks the nasdaq rose almost a percent amazon netflix apple those type of stocks all had good days there the banks was the big one today okay the market can surprise you with what it’s focused on now now we’re focus back on fundamentals as seen so if you guys already know like basically we’ve been so focused on the us-china trade war in

This whole trade war crap and it has held back the stock market in a huge way because companies have been really releasing phenomenal earnings okay the amount of companies beating numbers handily it is off the charts okay companies are having phenomenal earnings right now and yet the stock market’s kind of been less like 24,000 range and it’s like why are we not

Much higher okay when you look at the four pisa 4ps are starting to get really low now and you’re like look at growth amping up and it’s like what is going on basically the us-china trade wars just held things back and now if that can start to take a bit of a back burner then we can resume in a big way upward okay as long as that takes a backseat because everybody

Gets so worried all these fund managers oh my gosh us-china trade war what’s gonna happen what’s gonna happen here if that can just take a backseat and in those worries can kind of subside for a while you know the market can start its trajectory upward once again okay now there always be something out there that they’re pointing to and you know to be worried about

Or whatever but i’m telling you this us-china trade wars held things back in such a big way for the markets and for almost all stocks out there if we can get rid of that then you know we can we can get up in a big way okay i want to show you guys something here all right homeowners are sitting on a record amount of cash in not tapping it okay a record amount of

Cast u.s. homeowners today are getting richer by the minute but they are less likely to cash in on their newfound wealth than during previous housing booms as home values rise home equity lines of credit often used to tap home equity or flat lining and the overall amount of money people are taking out of their homes is shrinking the collective amount of so-called

Capital equity which is appraised value of the home minus the 20% most lenders require borrow borrowers to keep as a safety net grew by 7 percent in the first quarter this year compared with the previous quarter according to black knight a mortgage software and analytics company that this is a largest single growth quarter since the company began tracking it in 2005

It is up sixteen point five percent compared to a year ago homeowners now have a collective five point eight trillion five point eight trillion dollars in capital equity the highest volume ever recorded in 16% above the last home price peak in 2006 the average homeowner with a mortgage of fourteen thousand seven hundred dollars in capital equity over the past year

And has a hundred and thirteen thousand nine hundred dollars available to draw this is a mount over the 20% of the value of the average home out there guys nearly 80% of tappable equity is held by homeowners whose current mortgage interest rate is below 4.5% and 60% is held by borrowers who rate is less than 4% all right the average rate on the thirty-year right

Now is around 4.8% all right so this is this is a kind of a secret hidden good news out there and then we’ll kind of get into what i foresee is kind of you know the coming months for the rest this year in the stock market and whatnot this is really good news because what this means it means homeowners are being much more cautious than they have been in the past which

In my opinion is a very good thing okay if everybody’s just trying to get as much credit as possible and trying to tap into their home equity and whatever i think that’s sometimes as a scary sign and a bad sign if everybody’s trying to do that at once the fact that right now you have a record i’m out five point eight trillion dollars out there as tappa bollec wa t

At home just means people are much more cautious and mit it just means people have many more demons inside them from the last recession they’re scared out there and i hear it all the time for people you know people just worried oh my gosh you know my house my house is up quite a bit right now but i’m wondering if i should sell it or not sell it because because you

Know maybe something could happen again i think this is actually a really good thing okay i think when everybody’s bullish and everybody just thinks you know housing price is gonna go up to infinity we can take out lines of credit we can you know just be crazy and whatever i think that’s a scary time that’s what i start to worry and i say oh man maybe something is

Going to come but when people are much more cautious out there when people are you know a little scared to take risks that’s actually when i love it because it just means you know everybody just kind of you know is on the sidelines right now and not being too crazy i think that’s a really good thing especially for the average consumer as we know the average person

Out there is not is not very intelligent when it comes to the financial markets okay whether it be you know real estate investing stock marrying vesting like pretty much the average person out there knows virtually nothing so the fact that they’re you know on the sidelines right now and they’re there they’re not going crazy with this type of stuff i think it’s a

Really good sign for the markets overall okay now let’s get into kind of where i see the markets going for the rest of year so you know i hate making short-term predictions i hate making short-term predictions as you guys know i’m a long-term investor during companies but as i look out over the next let’s say five six months the remainder this year i’m extremely

Bullish on the stock market as far as this trajectory the reason being is we’re gonna have strengthening earnings into the rest of this year okay i see much more strengthening earnings also another big thing i think i see is i think the us economy is gonna have some of its best growth we have had in decades okay literally in decades i think we’re gonna have some of

The best growth in the united states of america we have had in decades now we could talk about china and europe and how those markets are gonna grow who knows what some of those markets but now and i just look at the united states i i see some of the strongest growth we have literally had in decades coming in the back half of this year okay i think that’s a really

Really bullish sign for us equities and especially a lot of companies that do the majority of their business you know in the domestic markets now some companies that maybe or more internationally spread out maybe some of those companies won’t see as big a growth but a lot of these domestic plays i think are gonna have really strong growth going into the rest of year

I think bank stocks is a big opportunity i think bank stocks you should be a you know one of the best performing sectors out there for the remainder of the year we have so much going for the banks right now strong economic climate okay very strong economic climate we have interest rates going up that means the banks are gonna make a lot more money okay also on top of

That we have a situation where a lot of these banks have insanely low 40s on many of the banks right now have low forward peas like we’re talking like 10 or below okay extremely low forward peas we are in and we’re in a situation where the the government is now trying to ease back some restrictions on these banks okay so basically what happened is prior to the great

Recession we had banks that went too crazy okay and they got into a lot of trouble then you know we have had obama come in and whatnot in they had a they had a you know really tighten things up with the banks okay but maybe they tighten things a little bit too much all right because you know one way was to crazy the other way was to tight now we’re trying to find

That perfect balance in there when you have a little deregulation in the banking sector that can produce for much higher earnings okay actually one of the people that have you guys ever seen the movie the big short okay the big short the the main guy who’s behind the whole shorting of big stocks back then and whatnot that same guy is actually going long the

Financials now he has been for the last year he’s been going long financials okay meaning along the banks because he sees a interest rates going up there’s a really good sign and also deregulation for banks that’s a phenomenal sign as well so just something interesting to pay attention to there guys so i think it should be a real strong back half the year we’ll

Just have to see you know you know can the us china and trade tensions is that just going to keep you know kind of getting in our face eventually what ends up happening what i found with a lot of things is these trade tensions they get talked about and talked about and they get thrown in your face thrown in your face and every time you open up with the c mvc app or

Any app out there it gets thrown in your face it’s like oh my gosh trade tensions eventually what ends up happening is people start you know kind of pushing that to the side and the light we’ve seen this story over and over and over and over again ok whatever and tell you start seeing those you know the economic numbers really get hit and until you start seeing

Anything like that it’s like okay this is just a bunch of malarkey this is a waste of my time let me get out of this so that’s what ends up happening guys i’m really bullish as you guys know especially for the back half this year i think it’s gonna be a really really strong back half we’ll just have to see we’ll just have to see regardless i own a lot of great

Companies that you know should be doing phenomenal for years and years to come so i mean that comment section which you guys think is going on out there in the stock market what did your forecast for the remainder this year i would love to hear from you guys as always make sure you get my stock market membership group first link down there into the scripture make

Sure you enter code half off at checkout to receive half off the first month in every single month after that i can’t wait to see you guys in there and so you take the stock market up to the next level thank you for watching and have a great day

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once vs twice fried french fries

Once vs Twice Fried French Fries | BeatTheBush

How do you get those crispy french fries at restaurants or fast food chains? The secret is frying it twice. It may seem like a hassle but if you do it in large batches, it greatly reduces the effort. The difference is amazing!

How’s it going everybody business beat the bush have you ever wondered what prize cost so much when potatoes are so little look at this i bought this 10 pound bag of potatoes on sale for only $4 i’ve read those lengthy recipes where you make your own mcdonald’s fries but they were quite long and there’s a lot of steps you have to dip it in water extract the starch

You have to fry wan’s fry it twice and do all these crazy stuff today i’m going to simplify this recipe a lot by not doing any of that and just keeping the frying twice part so i’m going to peel these potatoes fry it once and stick it in the freezer so that will extract a lot of the water because the next time you fry it it’s going to be a lot crispier and it makes

A huge difference rinse your potatoes first now cut the potato into slices you stack them up both sides like this and then you come to about quarter-inch price size now here are all the fries all cut up i’m using vegetable oils of fried egg fries i use about half the bottle now heat the oil up this is my test piece i’m not even using a thermometer because once you

See a bubble like that then it’s pretty much up to temperature then you can put some more in to precook them you don’t want to overload the oil because the temperature will drop too much this is the amount of potato you want to put in you don’t want to have it completely filled up you want a little bit of room so that the potato have room to kind of roll around in

There so we just want to cook it into its really lightly golden brown and then we’re going to stick it in the freezer you see this trying to look like in and out prized because it’s only fried one you see a bricks apart like this and it doesn’t really crunch just yet after frying 10 cons of potatoes you see that oil is pretty spent now frying 10 pounds of potatoes

Took way longer than i expected i probably should have had a bigger oil pot so i can go through it much faster over here it yields about 5 pounds of french fries these are precooked already so i’m going to toss them in the oil cook them again and see how crispy they taste now 10 pounds of potatoes doesn’t really only yield 5 pounds of french fries i was eating

Some of it as i was cooking it so i probably ate a pound of it i think so really you get about six pounds and when you’re frying it a lot of water comes out and so it reduces the weight of it a little bit and it took me about hour and a half to fry all of it maybe if i had a bigger pot it will only take me 45 minutes i can do it twice as fast or have a really big

Pot of oil and maybe i can do it much much quicker after the fries cooled i put it into the ziplock bag and then i put it in the freezer in an hour and i kind of moved it around so they don’t stick together just take your fries right out of the freezer and toss them in you want to watch your fries carefully so they don’t get too dark so when you see one getting a

Little too dark you can remove that one and this one looks a little dark and so it’s done when comparing it to firing at once versus frying it freezing it and then frying it again the texture is completely different and you really have to try this mmm it’s like so much cruncher than when you just fry it just once to give you an idea what this tastes like single

Fry method is kind of like in-and-out price whereas a double prime method it’s sort of like more commercial fries taste kind of like mcdonald’s or burger king i think the moisture removal process is when you fry it first time and when you let it cool actually a lot of steam comes out of it by the time it cools completely down and then when you freeze it maybe a

Little bit more moisture even comes out but i didn’t see much moisture inside the bag if you’re only going to do one serving of french fry oh of course it’s not worth it to just try it once wait 24 hours and then fryer it again so that’s why i did it in a huge batch i do it all at once and then i can just kind of take a little bit out each time because it’s frozen

Already and whenever i want to enjoy some really crunchy fries i can just pick some out prepared it and then enjoy so give this double frying thing i try it it’s a little bit more work but i think it’s well worth it if you do try it i’m sure you will agree to if you’re interested in supporting a channel i do have an audible link down in the video description below

I also have a patreon page here where you can support my channel directly don’t forget to give me a like overhear comment down below let me know if you tried frying your fries and then freezing and then frying them again and don’t forget to subscribe over here thanks for watching

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Once vs Twice Fried French Fries | BeatTheBush By BeatTheBush

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7 things i learned from ruining

7 Things I Learned From Ruining My Credit | The Financial Diet

The Financial Diet blog:

Hi i’m chelsea from the financial diet and today i’m going to be talking about something very fun and sexy and that’s my terrible credit history so to give you a little bit of background basically the long story short is that i used to have really terrible credit and now i have pretty good almost actually good credit and all of that took place over the span of i

Guess you could eight or nine years so it all started when i was about 18 unlike many pre-2008 crash high school students i was offered a credit card despite having absolutely no credit history or self-control and the general judgment of an eighteen year old and it had a 500 dollar limit and i maxed it out immediately don’t even ask me what i spent it on because

I have no idea and then i just sort of threw it away i was like well that’s done and had no intention of paying it off so kind of right then and there it ruined my credit and it only got worse as i continued not to pay it off but pretty much until the age of about 21 i’d say i have the same behavior with other small debts that i was taking on a couple thousand

Dollars here therefore school i had literally an entire glove compartment full of unpaid parking tickets and moving violations i just looked at debt as sort of like a suggestion not any kind of obligation now this all sounds insane and it is objectively because i was just a huge dumbass at that age but what’s more insane is that i really looked at myself as being

Two people i was present-day irresponsible yolo chelsea who just like ruined her credit with abandon and then there was some weird vague future me that was going to suddenly have all of this money and pay it all off and have excellent credit and i was never sure how i was going to get from one to the other but i sort of just imagined that that version of me would

Exist and what’s even worse is that i was never a debtor i was never a shopping addict i didn’t really have any reason to be doing this to myself i was just lazy and wanted to avoid paying but what really allowed me to snap out of it was around like 22 when i got my first sort of big kid job where at a salary and benefits and you know a regular check obviously and

I finally seemed possible to pay off this debt and actually start being responsible before that i had never really considered my financial future but as soon as it seemed possible i really wanted to do it so the first thing i did was make sure to pay off all of the debt that i had from that original credit card which at the time i think was a five hundred dollar

Limit by the time that had gone through like 20 different collection agencies and even i think almost went to court it was over twice that and i think i eventually settled with them for something in the middle and paid it off within a year and from that point between paying off that credit card and now i’ve done several other things to improve my credit and so i’ve

Gone from if you look at the credit chart on i use credit karma encourage you to do the same if you’re curious they have sort of bad fair and good i’m now into the good territory and i don’t know how much it how low it actually was when i was at my worst because i refuse to look at it but i’m assuming it was as far down on the bad chart as you can get and repairing

My credit has taught me a few really important things about how you get bad credit and how you get out of it and this is what i learned so the first one is that answering is always better than ignoring anyone who’s had an unpaid debt knows that the worst part of it is those horrible collection calls that basically train you to not answer any phone number that you

Don’t recognize and you ignore it and it gets bigger and scarier because you’re not answering and you also feel ashamed it feels like your parents are calling you to scold you but they’re nice and they’re trained to be as kind as they can be obviously because their goal is to get money out of you and the second you answer and start engaging with them that whole

Scary built up thing in your mind just goes away and you can start dealing with the problem the second is that having bad credit makes you a permanent child and by this i mean that you pretty much are looked at as the equivalent of a child for all financial intents and purposes and you have to do a lot of really humbling things to get yourself out for example the

First step that i took after paying off my initial debts to get my credit back to where it should be was to sign up for what they call a rehabilitation credit card at my bank which is basically this toy credit card with a three hundred dollar limit that ensures that you will have basically no way to get yourself in a serious debt but you have a way to pay back

And show that you’re capable of paying on time this was obviously kind of embarrassing to have to do at the bank but it did teach me right away how to be really really diligent about paying it off but this whole child thing it happens anywhere i even got refused for a credit card and line up banana republic which trust me is about the most humiliating experience

You can go through but it was the right thing to go through because it taught me what i needed to do the third thing is that it doesn’t matter how much money you earn if you have bad credit and obviously this applies really strongly to things like renting or even buying a house because you know a landlord’s going to look at your paperwork and let’s say you do earn

40 times the rent sure that’s great but what’s most important to him is not that you have the money but that you can really be trusted not to one day sort of up and fly to buenos aires to bail out on your debt you’re going to show him all your paperwork you know your your checking account your you know your salary all of that stuff and he’s going to say show me

Someone with an ounce of responsibility which is obviously really humbling now the fourth thing i’ve learned is that when it comes to paying back debt that’s being collected upon you have to negotiate now a lot of the reason that people will avoid debt collection not even answer those calls is because they’re afraid that they can’t make the minimum payment and i

Certainly was afraid of the same thing but one thing i’ve learned in my experience is that the people on the other end their first and only goal is to get something out of you to get that card number two get the payment rolling so that you can start making good on your account the biggest and best thing that you can do to advocate is to say hey i have this budget i

Can spend x amount we have to work within that but i want to start paying my debt today how can we make it work and nine times out of ten they will work with you so the thing that i definitely learned is that bad credit creates power imbalances in your relationships now whether that’s with parents or roommates or significant others it just means that you’re going

To need them a lot more than they need you whether that’s co-signing on a lease or helping you get you know an extended payment plan on a big purchase you just have to kind of be the child in that relationship the sixth thing i learned is that you cannot pay everything off without saving now when i first started paying back my debt i went through this period of

Like excitement or was like yes i’m an adult i’m finally doing what i’m supposed to i’m just going to pay it all off right now and i didn’t save anything at that time and obviously that came back to haunt me when i have big purchases to pay for and what i know now is that when you’re paying off debt it’s hugely important to prioritize paying down your debt against

Creating an emergency fund balancing the interest on each one seeing what your income is and really deciding where on the list of priorities your debt should actually fall usually they’ll fall pretty close to the top but if you haven’t saved as much as you need to to have an emergency fund it won’t be the very first thing and the last thing and maybe the most

That i learned is that nothing will get better until you own and acknowledge your problem now i used to be really kind of ashamed and evasive and squirrely about my financial history because you know it was embarrassing and who wants to admit that they have terrible credit or that they did it in the world’s dumbest way i certainly didn’t but when i finally started

Acknowledging the problem picking up the phone and asking people in positions of relative power how can i make this better it started getting better now this can be in very small steps like for example working with your banker to see if you can get maybe a rehabilitation card or find out what you can make your payment plan be or it can even be bigger more you know

Kind of emotional things like being honest with friends and family about hey i can’t make this big financial decision right now because i still have some other stuff to work out you have to let go of that shame that’s holding you back and if right now you’re really battling that embarrassment about having bad credit let me be the first to tell you that there is

Nothing more liberating than just owning it i used to be so ashamed of ever talking about my terrible credit history and now i basically stopped strangers on the street to tell them about it and i have to say that life is just so much better when you can be honest about it because no one’s perfect and we all have somewhere we could improve too and the only way

You’re going to do it is by being honest we’ve included some links in the description for more reading on how you can help your bad credit and as always don’t forget to subscribe and to go to the financial diet com for more bye

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7 Things I Learned From Ruining My Credit | The Financial Diet By The Financial Diet

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3 stocks cathie wood is buying n


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Well honey there folks and welcome into today’s video i hope you guys are doing great out there as always alrighty kathy wood talking about kathy woods so i saw this newsletter came out a few days ago on the hungry bull app which is on your ios store in your android store now way to track your stocks and your cryptos keep up with the markets read our daily newsletter

Listen to earnings calls do research so much more and so much more coming uh so saw this come out this week kathy wood just bought these two beaten down stocks and so i’m going to react to these two stocks give you my opinion then we’re going to talk about a third stock now this third stock is not brought up in this article however this is a stock that is actually

Pretty darn intriguing not a lot of people ever talk about this stock for the most part it of the stocks that are in that space this is definitely the one that doesn’t get talked about very much so we’ll talk about that as well in this video i hope you guys enjoy this as always all i ask in returns that you smash that like button i appreciate that huge and that

Helps out big in the youtube algorithm guys i appreciate that in a big big way and uh let’s get into this guys so first stock up here all right the permabull queen of investing is back with another multi-million dollar dip buy this week after reporting and disappointing outlook in this week’s earnings call zoom zm crashed as much as 16 percent leaving kathy wood

With what she felt was a no-brainer decision wood scooped up approximately 200 000 shares of zm on tuesday as the stock fell lower equating to 56 million dollars worth of the tech communications company around 157 000 shares were added to the arc innovation etf while 36 000 went into the arc next generation etf zoom zm is down about 14 percent year-to-date even

Though zoom beat analyst expectations on earnings and revenue for the previous quarter the warning of slowing growth in the economic reopening was enough to scare most investors away and keep in mind you know zoom benefited the most of probably any public company literally i can think of right there a lot of public companies actually benefit and their business

Models actually you know let’s put it this way if ronnie ronan never happened there’s certain businesses that would not be in the position they’re in right now in terms of you know good right and one of those is zoom like if ronnie ronan never happens zoom would not be the type of market cap it is today zoom would not be as hyped and as talked about as stock as it

Is today if it wasn’t for running rona but because of what happened there zoom has been one of those stocks that’s absolutely taken off like crazy over the last two years and and became a household name pretty much overnight simply because of ronin ronan right in an interview with cnbc’s closing bell kathy woods says quote what we believe is the rhony rhona crisis

Changed the world dramatically and permanently and when consumers and businesses find faster cheaper better more productive more creative they’re not going back to the old world okay is basically what she’s saying and i gotta kind of agree with her in in respect of you know like like zoom video conferencing of uh work forces that’s not that’s not going away right

It might go down a little bit in the short term right as offices open back up around the world more and more over the coming months and coming year right in terms of how much folks zoom maybe it goes down in the short term but as far as a long-term trend yeah i agree with her you know remote work uh global workforces these type of things aren’t ending freelance

Economy they’re just going to get bigger and bigger and bigger and so they might take a step back in the short term but ultimately they’re going to prosper over the long term right now if we look at zoom stock here okay there’s some interesting things one is the stock is significantly off its 52 week high today you know our last you know time this the shares traded

298 dollars under 300 stock you know on october 15th if you’re buying the stock it’s at 559 okay the stock has been absolutely hammered there’s no doubt about it you know if you look at this chart most of the time it’s been over four hundred dollars right and now it’s under 300. look at the market cap for this company right 86 billion dollars that is not a small

Number that is a massive massive number and keep in mind two years ago hardly anybody even heard of zoom literally if you go back to two years to today uh most people the high high majority people even in business had never heard of zoom right you had to be really really up on things and really really up on technology to even be aware of zoom now we fast forward

Two years later because of ronnie rona zoom is a household name around the world and especially around the united states but really around the world right like zoom like hey you know you need a business meeting you know send me the zoom link right that is very common and so it’s absolutely incredible that that you know literally in the past two years this company

Has gone from basically no one knowing of it to 86 billion dollar mark cap right now also keep in mind there’s more and more competitors coming into the video conferencing space all right including some big dogs that want to compete and if you’re talking about competing with some big dogs maybe even the likes of microsoft companies like that not the easiest battles

Right it doesn’t mean zoom can’t continue to be the dominant player it’s just you could have potentially some pricing pressure there right because imagine you’re you’re a big organization and let’s say you spend a certain amount with zoom but let’s say there’s a free product uh kind of free right but it’s a it’s a bundled product with a huge company you already

Use and it’s no additional cost also net become that becomes to you know be very attractive versus let’s say you have zoom just as a standalone product and you’re spending let’s say as an organization you’re spending twenty thousand dollars a year fifty thousand dollars a year hundred thousand dollars a year and you’re looking for cost savings and you’re like hmm

We could save ourselves you know dot dot amount these are definitely some food for thought around this uh with that being said i kind of like zoom i don’t love it though okay price of sales ratio on the stock is 23.76 now uh for for you know you almost kind of put zoom into like a software space because of you know how they compete so if you’re gonna put in that

Space you know usually the price sales ratios are richer you have to pay but yeah almost a 24 not cheap ford p is 66 it’s not crazy when you consider zoom’s growth over the next five ten years however once again that’s not like oh this is such a cheap number especially when you’re competing against a lot of big companies right and so these are some things to kind

Of keep in mind here when it comes to zoom as far as me i feel like i need to do some more research into zoom and really figure out where their long-term opportunity like where is zoom going is this realistic for this to become a 200 billion 300 billion 400 billion dollar company i would assume kathy wood and those folks over at uh arkhamvest believe so right

If they didn’t like why are they buying this stock the only reason you pay a 24 price of sales ratio for a stock is if you truly believe that’s one of those stocks that’s going to double triple quadruple 5x your money over the next five seven years right and so i’m gonna have to listen to these earnings calls i’m going to have to do a little research on this one

Deeper like more than just face level you can’t just look at a price to sales ratio in a 4p and be like oh it’s not a dealer it’s a great deal you know you got to do a little more digging so i’m going to do a little more digging on zoom i’m going to see if there’s something here because it is it it’s you know it’s no doubt the stock’s significantly off its 52-week

High hathawood’s been buying uh the company is definitely in a spot that you know those businesses should grow for a long time to go in the future and um you know if they continue to see weakness over the next let’s say 6-12 months maybe the stock gets hammered even more maybe next thing you know it’s trading at 200 bucks 150 and if the company still has an amazing

Super long-term future in front of it like you know those are the things that are attractive to me you guys know i love to buy beaten down dog stocks and um zoom’s been beating down but maybe it has some more to follow as more and more offices open back up and maybe there’s a lot more short-term worries around this one so more research to be done it’s definitely

Definitely a stock that has me intrigued let me be very you know clear about that there’s a lot there’s a lot of stocks arc and kathy would buy over there they just don’t have me intrigued that i look into them like nah it’s not you know it’s not it’s one of those business models that i can’t even begin to wrap my head around so it’s not worth my time zoom is not one

Of those companies i can fully wrap my head around that one okay next up here is robin hood the hood okay wood has doubled down on robin hood ticker symbol hood this week adding 260 000 shares which is about 11.5 million dollars of value to the arc fintech etf when the stock tumbled on reports payment for order flow could be coming to a dramatic and uh on the arc

Fintech etf now holds over 920 000 shares of the commission free brokerage with a value of 40 million so essentially ark’s in a position now where they’re going to approach a million plus shares and i wouldn’t be surprised if over the next week or two they go over a million shares of robin hood okay now okay so robin hood now uh keep in mind this one’s only been

Public for you know about two months roughly if not it might not even be that long right hasn’t been published very long the stock you know went up like crazy after that ipo now it’s down quite a bit right still above ipo now there’s a lot to think about in regards to robin hood the first is we have to keep in mind that when it comes to robinhood they turned off a

Ton of their clients over the past several years right they turned off a ton of their clients they made a lot of people really really frustrated and that’s some food for thought right and they got a lot of bad press now a lot of this bad press has made some clients that have bigger accounts want to go to other brokerages and i have honestly in in the private stock

Group i’ve seen it where you know we’ll have somebody join maybe they join and they they have forty thousand dollars in their account and they grow it to a hundred thousand and they grow to two hundred 000 and next thing you know they leave robin hood they transfer that money over to fidelity or td ameritrade or more you know uh let’s just call it a brokerage

That’s been around for a lot more that people have more trust with right and so when you have all those negative headlines it also makes folks that you know are with other brokers just say why would i want to switch to robin hood like for me personally why would i want to switch to robin hood from fidelity it would it would to me it would seem like nothing but a

Huge downgrade for me like a massive downgrade they go from fidelity to robinhood like you know especially with the stories i’ve heard over the past few years something like that would just not make sense so that’s one thing to factor second thing to factor in is keep in mind there’s a ton of new investors that came to the market over the past year and when you’re

Talking about a ton of new investors robin hood’s going to be the one that benefits the most from that okay and i can tell you that huge gauntlet of people is is is done now okay i see i have actually a perfect gauge on this i see my stock market for beginners type videos how those are performing i can tell you it’s just not performing great right now there’s not a

Ton of new investors coming in the market right now at all okay and i have a perfect gauge of this all the time right now the people that are in the market are experienced investors people that have been i don’t mean like like they’ve been in for a hundred years i mean like people that have been for a minimum of uh you know 12 months that’s the most of the people

In the market right now this is not a time period that we’re going through over the past few months where it’s like a bunch of new investors so if there’s a one there there aren’t a bunch of new investors essentially you’re in a situation with a company like robin hood where it’s tough to run up your user numbers and this isn’t just an issue for robin and this is

Anything in the fintech space people had a lot of time on their hands the past 18 months a lot of time to just kind of think about like oh you know what am i going to do oh i got a stimulus check where should i put the money oh let me look into crypto let me look into stocks let me sign up for robin hood let me watch some some videos right that’s all going it’s

All gone no i shouldn’t say it’s all going away it’s all gone it’s it’s done okay and until we get a next big influx which who knows when that will be companies like robin hood definitely are going to have some trouble getting big numbers of users and a company like robinhood is running on user numbers right now this is not a money making company so it’s not like

You’d be like well they make so much money on the bottom line no this is a this is a user growth story at the end of the day right and keep in mind you know the majority of money for this company came from either payment for order flow or from crypto okay in their last quarter by far and away crypto in a payment for order flow if those you know and there’s a lot of

Worries about compression of crypto over time as far as that bid and ask and what these companies can make off that it’s another thing to consider there and then you got the payment for order flow which you know all send this talk about maybe the government wants to outlaw that or limit that or change regulations around it or maybe they want to tax that you know

You know you know so there’s so many negative things here that there’s nothing that interests me with robinhood i mean absolutely nothing not to say it can’t be a good stock it’s just for me personally is nothing that i look at at a 38 billion dollar mark cap and i’m like i got a gold bar mark robin hood tomorrow it’s such a great deal there’s not one ounce of

Me that feels like this stock is anything special at least right now maybe in a few years maybe they change a lot maybe they get a lot better business model i don’t know but as of right now a money losing company that i think is going to run to a lot of user issues that has a government looking at them that has a lot of distrust with their own clients uh no you

Know i got a pass on a company like that so kathy wouldn’t me we don’t see eye to eye on this one if this stock is if this stock’s 21 bucks let’s say it’s down a little over 50 from here i’m intrigued if it i can get it under a 20 billion dollar mark cap i’m intrigued then i might i might be a buyer at nearly 40 billion nah i’m good it’s not worth and the risk

Reward is not there for me in this one okay so that’s that one now let’s get into the third the last stock of these three stocks that kathy wood is actively buying right now this one is not talked about very heavily at all and it is the chef i’m just kidding okay i’m just kidding short sellers the shorts okay i’m just kidding about that all right i know you guys

Get too serious sometimes just kidding it’s not the chef but could you imagine oh man imagine the video i would make that day i would just be screaming in it okay but anyways third stock up here this is not a stock that’s talked about very much okay it’s jd this is an eco a huge e-commerce company out of china and you know if you ever hear about stocks

Out of china for the most part you hear about alibaba and you hear about 10 you hear about alibaba 10 alibaba tencent they’re talking about those all the time right jd kind of just goes a little bit under the radar but they’re honestly have done an amazing job of executing that business model 125 billion dollar mark cap today p e ratio not crazy at all for this

Company keep in mind jd is supposed to grow revenues 20 plus percent 20 plus percent they’re expected to grow revenues in 2022 okay and so i look at this one and look at how well run the company is and i’m actually you know let’s put it this way okay now i did a video on alibaba six days ago i noticed a lot of you guys saw that a lot of you guys enjoyed that i’m

Super happy you guys enjoyed that video looking at alibaba stock there okay and giving my two cents there so alibaba you know if you told me i had to buy a chinese stock of some kind you know tomorrow or whatever right i’m buying alibaba right that’s my first stock i would buy if you force me to buy a china a china stock right the second one the second one if i

Really really truly think about it i think like if there was a second stock you’re like you gotta buy two chinese stocks tomorrow i think it would actually be you know by do i mean baidu’s had some trouble over the past few years of really growing their business right jd has not for the most part if i think about 10 cent you know 10 cents cool uh but

It’s it’s almost like a conglomerate so many different business lines so many different things they’re into outside of just gaming so i like 10 cent but at the end of the day honestly if i was forced to buy another chinese stock it would be now keep in mind that personally i’m not buying any chinese stocks because there’s you know i got into a lot of that

In alibaba as far as essentially the elephants in the room and if you haven’t got to check out that video check out in your in you’re at all interesting chinese stocks check out that video even if you’re not interested in alibaba and go to the toward the end of the video i get into the three elephants in the room and you gotta hear those three elephants in the

Room because they’re worth discussing before you ever think about putting any money in a chinese stock you have to think about the three elephants in the room okay and so jd has me interested but it doesn’t at the same time you know why because the chinese talk and you gotta find out for the three elephants in the room guys hope you enjoyed this video as always

If you’re looking to apply for a brand new course how to invest like a pro in 24 hours or less check out the pinned comment down there much love as always guys and have a great day

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3 STOCKS Cathie Wood IS BUYING NOW By Financial Education

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tesla stock will drop 30 fast go


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Holy smokies guys hey goldman sachs analyst has come out here and said that he believes tesla shares are gonna fall 30 percent over the coming months so what i want to do here today i want to look at exactly why he believes these shares are gonna fall significantly basically just completely crash then i want to give my points against his points and lastly we’ll

Kind of talk about this warren buffett situation where the video came out a few days ago about warren buffett saying that he doesn’t believe apple should invest any money in tests or buy out tesla and what not i’ll give my opinion on that there so first off let’s look here says tesla the electric car sales will suffer due to increased competition from other luxury

Automakers according to goldman sachs the firm resumed coverage of tesla with a sell rating predicting the competition will cut into the company’s share of the electric vehicle market we see the medium to longer term industry backdrop as challenging for tesla’s products this follows an increasing number of easy launches for both traditional oems and other start

Up competitors at a time when the company’s product cadence hits a gap analyst david trevino said in a note to clients on tuesday we believe the company will see continued pressure to lead the electric vehicles as competition catches up he says okay he believes the shares are gonna fall to 210 and dollars which is around 30% downside from here the analysts noted

The significant number of electric vehicle launches coming from large automakers including outtie bmw jaguar and porsche expected over the next several years he says with regional mandates on tightening co2 standards both traditional and new entrants are expected to launch several evs in the coming years with a large crescendo in them early to mid 2020s he said

Altogether we remain bearish on the company’s ability to execute achieve its targeted production ramp in margins and sub stain free cash flow he said here ok guys by the way the company just resumed coverage because basically it was acting as a financial advisor when the company was about to go private and all that type of stuff so they had they had to take off

Coverage now they’re back on coverage ok so we’ll get into all those points just wanted to discuss this real quick thing here about warren buffett everybody was freaking out warren buffett basically in this interview he was asked point-blank if he wants apple to buy shares of tesla or buy out tesla and acquire the company and he basically said no he didn’t go on

On any type of ram on why you know tesla is a bad company or he doesn’t believe in elon musk or any of that he said no he said for one simple reason the auto industry is a really tough industry okay he said a lot of people copy other people in things like that he says apple has a great business already it’s expanding it’s our you know business already they’re doing

Fabulous as far as that go there’s no reason to go buy out tesla or acquire shares of tesla shares because it’s a harder industry than what apple is doing and it’s not in apple’s perfect circle of confidence okay so he never came out and you know when people saw the headlines they thought oh man he must have something against tesla you must have something against

Elon must know you’re fabricating stuff out there if you believe anything watch the interview he basically had nothing to say about tesla other than if he was asked the same question about ford or gm or mercedes or bmw he probably would have said no as well because they’re all auto companies okay and he’s right it’s a hard industry apples has much better business

Model than any automaker out there okay so now let’s get back to this whole analyst deal okay so this analyst his the goldman analyst bearish case this is his bearish case she says there’s more competition coming he says tesla can’t execute ok that’s his that’s his main bearish points on this company he says there’s more competition coming and tesla can’t execute

All right so that’s that’s dive into this one first more competition coming with they’ve been saying this for years okay they’ve been saying this for years and all i say is where are the competitors there have been some competitors that come into space but no one is doing big numbers no one is doing big volumes at all okay so so so they’ve been saying this for how

Many years i’ve been watching interviews for years on youtube you know that were done by cnbc on some short sellers and tesla shares and whatnot you have been saying all the competitors are coming out he’s coming oh bmw is coming oh this company’s coming oh you know faraday or whatever that one was called this one’s coming they’ve been talking about this the chevy

Volt the chevy volt is coming you know it’s so many you know all these come are coming and i say okay now we’re in we’re going into late 2018 at this point where are these guys at where are these guys out what are they ever gonna come okay and the next thing i’ll say is guess what else is coming model why model why there’s a great chance that if that can be in

The 40 to $50,000 price point and that it’s out the door tesla can get that in that price point this is probably gonna be the number one selling vehicle tesla has ever done by far in a way all right because there’s a lot of people including myself that look at tesla and we say we don’t want to test the car we would love a tesla suv but the model x if you run the

Numbers on model lexus if anybody has ever done that you out the door you’re looking at a hundred plus thousand dollars for the for that suv okay there are very few people who either have the money to spend on that or wanna you know spend one hundred plus thousand dollars on an suv i do not feel they spending a hundred plus thousand dollars on an suv which is why

I drive an alfa romeo in instead of a test so okay but if tesla comes out with a forty to fifty thousand dollar affordable model wide that is going to be a game changer for the entire industry in for tesla as a company this is this is by far gonna be the biggest product they have coming okay and that could be out before 2020 as far as full production so to that i

Say okay competition is coming yeah model wise also coming all right and the last thing is tesla’s coming for the big dogs okay yeah you know they talk about how d and bmw and jaguar and porsche and some of these other companies that are kind of like more niche automakers tesla’s not even worried about these guys tesla’s coming for the big dogs they’re coming for

Honda toyota ford gm the big dogs okay those are the type of companies that tesla is coming after all right you know all these other little niche players they do whatever okay it’s no different than apple apple you know it competed on the high end with smartphones and they always like the most expensive smartphones still to this day but they say guess what we’re also

Going to take all the market share because people are gonna trade up to our our phones instead of getting a free phone front from their you know carrier or whatever or buying a $99 phone from their carrier they’re gonna pay $500 that’s what apple said okay a massive increase in price if people are like 500 $600 for a phone um never paying that okay now people pay

A thousand plus dollars for a phone all right so they’re coming from big dogs so you know all these big automakers that are that are doing the huge numbers right now of gasoline cars that’s who’s tesla’s coming for in the end and those are the ones that test is coming from so those are the companies that need to watch out when you look at the top five vehicles

That are traded in for tesla of any kind right they’re not high-end vehicles they’re actually the lower end vehicles people trading up to get tesla’s let’s keep that in mind okay tesla’s coming for tesla wants to be a company that produces millions of cars per year okay or at least a million cars per year f now several million cars per year they not they’re not

Worried about oh let’s just be where we’re at right now and try to produce you know tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of cars a year that’s not where this company’s going they’re going to a million plus a year all right the last part is this guy says you know tesla can’t execute this is my favorite one tesla kiev execute and this comes from a lot of times

Elon musk will put out big numbers and then he will fail to hit those numbers so it gives us impression that tesla can’t execute they can’t hit their numbers you know you i must puts out this this this grandiose number any a tums undertand that is absolutely factual and that happens a lot with a lot of numbers with tesla and with elon musk okay however at the end

Of the day who’s producing by far in a way the most electric vehicles in the entire world tests okay who’s the one that’s actually producing these in mass tesla everybody else is way far down there okay yeah i think number four is like chevy bolt the top three selling v’s in united states of america or all tesla’s okay so i say if you say tesla can’t execute then

What are the other guys can the other guys execute because where are their cars at where are their cars in the math scales of electric vehicles where are their numbers where their numbers if you’re saying tesla can’t execute then what do we have to say about these other guys who don’t even have a vehicle on the market yet that haven’t even been able to get a car

Out there well how come no one else has even been able to produce in a massive volume yet no one how come no one else came working so you’re gonna say tests that can’t execute i say okay what about the other guys why can they not execute okay so if we look at this as a whole if we look at his bearish case here i think his bearish case makes absolutely no sense we

Know eevee’s or the future okay gasoline gasoline car sales have peaked and they are now going this way and they will continue to go this way very slowly for a decade two decades to come until they’re basically non-existent okay well electric vehicle sales are going like this and will continue to go like this for a decade or two into the future okay and so if

You’re looking out as a few you know into the future you say who’s the company can do it well once again it’s gonna be the company that’s proven they’re actually executing okay maybe they don’t always hit their numbers but guess who’s doing way bigger volumes at anybody else and guess who’s welcome you know in a better position to produce mass volumes than any other

Company in the entire world its tests okay and you have everything coming to tesla and model y can be the game-changer model three was a first game-changer product for tesla that’s gonna continue to ramp into bigger and bigger volumes but model why that is the one that is really gonna sell out like a like insane as long as they can come in with a forty thousand

Or fifty thousand dollar price point out the door do you they do that and it’s pretty much game over for all the big dogs they’re coming after the big companies they want honda’s market share they want toyota’s market share they want ford’s market shares they want gm’s market share and then we can get into you know that the truck probably will come in 20 20 or 20

21 and then that’s going to decimate gasoline truck sales they’re coming for these guys okay they will continue to come for these guys and it’s gonna be a fun one to watch because these analysts think that you know these other guys are gonna compete and these niche players and really tesla is gonna be coming for the big dogs that’s who they’re gunning after and

By the way you know nothing’s ever you mentioned from these verifications about the energy side of their business nothing’s ever even talked about they only talked about the auto side they don’t even talk about the energy side and tesla has been kind of holding back the energy business for the last few years because they need to funnel all as many resources into

Their their car business as possible that’s what we ought to understand right now so as they start to funnel more or more resources into their energy business watch that to start to ramp again and that’s gonna be another fun one to watch so anyways i want to know your guy’s opinion on what this analysts have to say i don’t know your opinion on what warren buffett

Had to say down there he like i said he just believes that the company should pretty much buy any automakers not let you know and i’m talking about apple specifically apple’s in a great business why does apple want to get in the automaker business maybe they could make money in it but at the same time there’s so many easier ways for apple to make money out there

Than getting in the automobile business there’s a very tough business so let me know what you guys think about all this down there i would love to hear from you and that comment section hit a thumbs up if you enjoyed this video today make sure you follow me on instagram thank you for watching have a great day

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is tesla charging free

Is Tesla Charging Free?

Follow me on Front to view my full investment portfolio:

And it’s a question i think a lot of people might have and i don’t really have any friends who own one either, is because i was watching a ryan trahan video the other day so it’s one of those scenarios here where the answer that doesn’t know whether or not tesla charging was free, and no, i’m not doing this so i can conveniently fit which is the high-end sedan, which starts

At $75,000. but those vehicles are not available for purchase right now all right, guys, so if you’ve been living under a rock now, originally, guys, the deal with these tesla vehicles for the electricity use at these supercharging stations. or marketing promotion to get more people to buy a tesla where we’ll talk about exactly how much that costs. well, as far as i can

Tell here, as of september 2019, as the model 3 is likely going to be their largest seller now, if you own a tesla model 3, to the best of my ability, and getting more people behind the wheel of a tesla vehicle. for every gallon of gas that you put into your tank. and that means that a full charge would cost $15.12 which has a mile-per-gallon range of 29 city and 41 highway.

You are paying 7.6 cents per mile for a comparable gas sedan so the answer here is, right now based on current kwh prices so, anyways, guys, that is gonna wrap up this video. and i hope to see you in the next video.

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Is Tesla Charging Free? By Ryan Scribner

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riverside resources inc tsxv rri

Riverside Resources Inc. (TSXV: RRI) (OTCQB: RVSDF) (FSE: 5YY) CEO John-Mark Staude ⚒️ RICH TV LIVE

Riverside Resources Inc. (TSXV: RRI) (OTCQB: RVSDF) (FSE: 5YY) CEO John-Mark Staude ⚒️ RICH TV LIVE – January 18, 2022 – #riversideresources #johnmarkstaude #richtvlive #business #news #finance #mexico #gold #silver #metals #mining #resources #win #pennystocks – Riverside Resources Inc is engaged in the acquisition, exploration, and evaluation of exploration and evaluation assets in the Americas including Canada, the United States, and Mexico. The company’s project profile includes Los Cuarentas Gold-Silver Project, Cecilia Gold-Silver Project, Sandy Gold Project, Tajitos Gold Project, and Ariel Copper-Gold Project among others.

Hey guys how you doing this is your boy rich from rich tv live and you too can join the club at where you can learn how to win and trade hi how’s everybody doing today i’m your host rich and we have rich tv live with our very special guest the ceo of riverside resources john mark stoudy how you doing today john mark rich great to be on your show

Excited to have you on the show really excited to learn more about the company why don’t we get right into this john mark tell me a little bit about yourself and how you got involved with riverside resources well i’m the ceo of riverside i started off in mineral exploration i got a phd at the university of arizona and a master’s at harvard university stuttering

Geology and particularly studying the economics then i worked in major companies rio tinto and at bhp doing lots of exploration in copper and gold so for me 15 years ago i left that founded riverside and have grown and created riverside and now we’re going forward with a great business as we do it as exploration fantastic and congratulations on all your success i

Know that you’ve been with riverside for 14 years and we love that we love companies that have been in the game and understand the business can you tell us what are some of the milestones riverside resources has set for 2022 which shareholders can look forward to you bet i think first is growing our programs in mexico we operate for the world’s largest mining

Company bhp we are their chosen company to deploy their capital not our shares but using their capital to make big discoveries so for us milestones for copper in mexico also for gold and silver we have very good projects that we own a hundred percent we are not paying other people we’re doing the programs and we have partners funding and working with us we

Have drilling going on in our cecilia project we have drilling going on at multiple different projects all of that funded by partners that we operate and lastly he is in canada we’re going forward in ontario ontario produces over 40 percent of all of the gold of canada and we’re there active with our geraldton gold’s belt program and our oaks drill project

There we’ll have partners and our own drilling in 2022 so lots of catalysts coming wow excited to see it all happen now you just touched on mexico can you go through the jurisdictions riverside is in and why you chose those jurisdictions mexico is a great mining country i started working there in 1987. been there a long time and we’ve been successful was able

To make discovery of lactose gold that’s now a large alamos gold operating mine and we’ve also had great success at other locations and the whole team has mexico is a country where you find things you can mine it mexico is a country that’s been a world leader for silver production for five centuries so we know it’s a mining country so we’re there also it’s in

North america so it makes it very easy for the us and the canadian investors to have good transparency to see how these projects can go forward and also for fund managers and particularly for corporations to acquire get the assets they need to grow and riverside owning them and always having a royalty the second jurisdiction is canada particularly ontario for

Us we have good local knowledge our team has worked there in the past has a good experience there and secondly the government in ontario and canada is favorable it likes to see mining it’s supportive and we have good access to data riverside uses artificial intelligence and other top technologies to find the best projects so we can leverage off of the historic

Work and then go forward unlocking the value for our shareholders wow that sounds fantastic i love those jurisdictions i didn’t know that ontario was forty percent of canada’s goal that’s it’s pretty impressive the company has about four million in the bank and no outstanding warrants plus you have been seeing some insiders buying the stock not just and not a

Lot of junior mining companies are in the position that riverside resources is in can you tell us what this means for riverside resources you know in some ways we see ourselves as a bit of a unicorn to have so much cash from the bank with a low market valuation yet so much upside what it means is there’s great upside for riverside and also we have almost eight

Million dollars of partner funding as well going on on the portfolio that we as riverside shareholders own so we have a great position where we can get leverage from our own work but also from partners work and without having any warrants it really gives us a good upside and having the cash position means there’s not a lot of downside risk thus we see riverside

For 2022 in a great position really having fun with it so this leads to my next question how has riverside resources built such a solid fully owned portfolio with so little dilution and operating for 14 years what’s your secret i think first off is we brought a business when we came to it i had been working for 15 years building up the knowledge in mexico and the

Team of people secondly it’s about team getting the right people on the bus riverside is so lucky we have experts that have been successful in the past and the major companies see that so they ongoingly fund us we’re now working on our sixth strategic alliance that we have major companies a hundred percent funding the work and riverside doing the work retaining

A royalty and getting those projects if the major doesn’t spend the money all the way through the option thus we forward the portfolio without diluting the share structure we’ve been able to work on 62 projects riverside can have 14 royalty projects and yet only have 72 million shares out that’s why we call ourselves a bit of a unicorn in that position now

We love understanding the fundamentals of a company can you go through the capital structure of riverside resources for our viewers and how you plan on attracting more institutional alongside more retail investors you know it’s really interesting if you look at riverside over 40 percent of our capital is actually european hold we have 72 million shares out

We also have a nice insider shareholder base and you know myself i’ve never sold a share as you mentioned earlier buying i continue to buy i love the company i’m the only a director of this and our spin out company capitan mining that we dividend 100 to our shareholders we really are a stand for shareholders i’m a major shareholder and we have retail and we

Really welcome as we go forward more institutions that really now can see the quality copper and the quality gold that riverside’s moving in 2022 that fits for the institutional shareholders as we move ahead if there was one thing that you would want shareholders to know about riverside resources today what would that be it’s commitment i really am dedicated to

This company you can see in all my posts i’m always wearing a riverside hat wearing a riverside shirt and our team is i think we work together that commitment that i bring helps everyone else also share that and so the shareholders know that there’s no funny business happening there’s nothing happening behind us that we’re not transparent about we’re totally

Doing the best we can we’re experts we’ve been educated we focused and now we’re deploying our best ideas using our capital particularly using partners capital so there’s great upside so really know that that’s what you get when you own riverside what is the best way for investors to get in touch with the company if they have any questions about riverside

Resources you know we really are open please come to our website that’s rid or call us at 778-327-6671 we’d love to speak to you reach us out on social media we really love to interact with people super excited to watch you guys grow and evolve thank you for your time today and thank you for joining us the ceo of riverside resources john mark stoddy now

Before i say goodbye i just want to remind everyone that rich tv live is strictly for information and education purposes please do your due diligence do your research before you invest in anything we talk about or discuss here on rich tv live in saying that i believe this company is undervalued under appreciated under exposed priced right with very very small

Share supply of 72 million shares money in the bank and strategically located in very strong jurisdictions for mining ontario and mexico thank you for joining us today and teaching us and we’re very excited about learning more and we’re going to continue to watch your story grow and evolve the ceo of riverside resources thank you for joining us today john mark

Stoddy rich i look forward to getting you more information and updated thank you very much for this event hey my pleasure for those of you guys that are not winning you’re probably not watching we bring in the winners and we bring them to you first if you like the video smash the like button comment down below share the video everywhere and subscribe thank you

For watching everybody this is rich from rich to be live saying have a nice day we’ll see you soon you

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Riverside Resources Inc. (TSXV: RRI) (OTCQB: RVSDF) (FSE: 5YY) CEO John-Mark Staude ⚒️ RICH TV LIVE By RICH TV LIVE

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stocks for beginners

Stocks for beginners

Stocks for beginners

All i do is bring you winners it’s all i do is bring you guys winners so i talked about pn tv on friday and surprise surprise there it is of eighteen percent today here’s the level two on it this is called level to market depth okay this is through investors hub you can go to investors hub calm and you can get your level two so you can see what price is people are

Buying the stock at which we call bidding for it and you can see people what prices they’re selling the stock at which is what we call the ask so if you’re buying a stock and you know that there’s people sitting there in at two cents you could go a little higher you can hit the offer a 2-1 you could even try to go a little bit higher and stay in between this price

In this price or you can even go a little lower and hope that it comes down a little bit and by the lower price so there’s a reason why i buy and use this program it’s to give me advantage over the average investor these are the kind of tools that are used by day to day stock brokers day traders market makers speculators swing traders and if you want to become

A day trader you want to get into the stock market you two should have a level two program similar to this that you can get comfortable with and you could use on a day-to-day basis so you can understand how to buy and sell stocks and how to get them at the lowest possible price let me show you a level two of another stock let’s go with hemp hemp is another stock

That i’ve been watching very carefully remember i tell you do not buy the stocks when they’re up because look what happens the next day they go down so hemp another medical marijuana stock it’s at around 46 it’s been climbing climbing climbing today’s the first day is down in a long time but you can see people are buying it at four six seven and selling it a 47

So you can see what prices people want to buy it at and you can see what prices people want to sell it at this is called level to market depth now a lot of people are asking me how do you open up a trading account so i really wanted to do a show where i could talk about stocks for beginners so if you’re a beginner and you want to set up an account it’s actually

So simple all you got to do is go to your local bank if you’re canadian you can go to cibc td or rbc those are the top three that i’ve used you can use a lot others but those are the top three that i use and you literally just set up your trading account walk into the bank they may want to ask you for some id you give them your id you set up your tote i would like

To set up a trading account to buy and sell stocks they set up the account for you in 24 to 48 hours your account is now live you cannot transfer money right into your account from your personal checking account from a credit card from atlantic credit from anything you want you just transfer it into your trading account and you start buying and selling stocks and

If you need to know where to find the stocks come to me rich tv live com on my website i’ll give you pics every day or go to our site on youtube rich tv live com and you can see me giving you pics every single day for absolutely free and my pics are winners because i spend a lot of time looking for good pics okay and i have to re-emphasize this do not buy stocks

Just because i give you an alert try to wait until they come down try to wait until they are at the lowest possible price till they’re kind of at the bottom and then that’s what you want to buy a stock okay so you really need to spend time learning you need to spend time reading about the company looking into their financials looking into the product looking into

Their management team and really kind of do your due diligence and do research or just come onto my show and take a look at some of the pics that i’m talking about and start to follow them and once you start feel comfortable with a stock or two and you say you know this is the kind of stock i want to get involved with you just simply buy the stock to your trading

Account and then you can simply just sell the stock right in your trading account and if you guys have any questions feel free to comment go to rich tv live com you can message me there or go to rich tv live on youtube and you can message me there with any questions any pics you really like that you want your my opinion on i can show you how i do my research it’s

Quite simple but at the same time it’s been years developing this style that i have and you will definitely develop your own style too because every trader has their own unique style right now i’m heavily involved in medical marijuana stocks pharmaceutical stocks and gold those are the three areas and technology stocks those are the four areas that i’m investing

In and if you’re interested in investing in any of those industries or any of those stocks you can tune in and i could show you guys different pics almost every single day that i’m looking at that i’m investing in and that i’m researching so hopefully this video is a little bit informative for you hopefully you can go out and set up your trading account and then

You can tune in and we can talk stocks thank you very much for your time everybody hope you enjoyed this video and we’ll see you soon

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Stocks for beginners By RICH TV LIVE

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