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anglink voice recorder review an

Anglink Voice Recorder Review and Vibratone Sound Tests | BeatTheBush

Get your Anglink 8GB Voice Recorder Here:

How’s it going everybody this is feed the bush today i’m going to review this and link 8-gigabyte voice recorder for you the best way to do this of course is to record myself on this device so you can listen to the quality yourself i’m going to start recording right now and press record and it says initialize and the red light turns on and then now it’s starting

To record so now you’re hearing me from this exact device instead of the camera mic now my voice is not all that interesting because they only have a certain range of audio tones so i’m going to use some musical instruments and then you can listen to them with the camera mic and with this mic so i’m going to set this recorder right here because i need my hands to

Operate the musical instruments clear right here and here i have a box of musical instruments just kind of random stuff that i like and i’m going to show you each one first i got these bam bam’s i’m not gonna blow these up but here we go i have i have a bell here that one i have this i don’t know what you call this but it’s a vibrato i think it makes this sound

You push this and it changes the tone so and you kind of shook this under has a sound and then when you push it mix a higher pitch noise whenever a genie uses their magic it goes like like that well anyway that’s that instrument there’s also this popper thing there’s also this thing called vibraslap – you slap it right here and it makes kind of like a rattlesnake

Noise your required cowbell cuz you know cowbells are cool and tiny cowbell slightly larger cowbell with its own ringer thing and this thing i don’t know where i got this it’s like raving rabbids or something you push this button and it makes the screaming noise of the raving raving rabbids and i think this guitar hero thing came from a cereal box so we turn it on

You push one button starts playing this sound you can turn it off right so there’s three different sounds you can turn each one on subsequently that and weighing out is the second one the third one is the the the okay that’s it one thing you can do with this cheapy 8-gigabyte voice recorder is you can switch modes into music playing mode so you can actually

Connect this to your computer it will look like a drive and put some music on it so i put four songs on here and you can put in your headphones and just use it as an mp3 player so i crafted this concoction with my sennheiser hd 650 headphones now what you can do is stick this voice recorder right on here and strap it to your head like this and then you just put

This thing on and i think i can just feel the play button right here yeah so just like that you can have wireless headphones but then it’s kind of ghetto but not really because these are really expensive headphones sexually so let me just show you what’s in the box it’s pretty simple you just open it up your voice recorder is right here underneath this is your

Cable that you use to connect to your computer you plug it in over here and then inside there’s also a thank-you card and a user manual pretty small print user manual here to turn it on you go on the side here and power it on with the switch takes a little bit to initialize and i want to show you the delay from when you press the record button to when it actually

Can record so i’m going to press it one one thousand two one thousand three one thousand seat takes about three seconds before it starts recording so you got to watch out for that when you want to start recording it doesn’t record instantaneously you have to note that this is an old-school lcd screen if i start turning this thing this way the viewing angle is not

So good so you can see it start to disappear the normal mode of operation is like this you hold it and you’re looking at it from slightly below the center axis another thing that i notice is that the backlight is right here you can see that it’s not quite even through the whole lcd just some nitpicking here now you’ll notice that there’s two mics here let’s open

It up and see if there’s really two mics inside open up this screw got it open we see the lithium-ion battery here is listed at 280 million power this looks about 280 million so it’s correct but over here we see the mic it’s only on the left side mic and not on the right side so this is kind of like a fake industrial design thing which i don’t really like it like

That when when you’re fooled into thinking that is stereo but it’s really mono okay let’s put it back this thing on the amazon website says it has 1536 kilobits per second usually this is a really confusing term for most people so i want to take this opportunity to explain what the heck that means it means 1536 thousand bits per second each bit is either a 1 or

0 k means kilo which means it’s multiplied by 1000 that’s how many bits per second it’s recording 1.5 million bits per second now i’m just going to do a direct conversion 1.5 million bits per second okay this is in bits now not in bytes so i divide it by 8 to get bytes so then it’s 0.192 mega bytes per second so now this is a more meaningful term that we’re no

More used to okay and then we got 8 gigabytes capacity in this thing so it’s eight thousand megabytes i’m not sure if it’s the 8000 kind or the to the second power one so i’m just going to guess eight thousand megabytes divided by 0.1 92 megabytes per second okay we’re going to get a whole bunch of seconds when we divide this and when you want to convert to number

Of hours that we can record so 60 seconds per minute and 60 minutes per hour is 3,600 seconds per hour so we divide that again we’re going to get up roughly eleven point five hours or about twelve hours which is the time of recording that this thing can record in high quality mode considering each mp3 is about three megabytes or so you can still store about 2,000

Songs on this tiny little device so some last words about the quality of this thing when i was opening it it really gives me the feeling that it’s one of these tradeshow giveaways actually although they don’t really give away a gigabyte voice recorders or anything it seems like a really really high quality tradeshow giveaway to me and this thing is light enough

That it feels slightly cheap okay you just got to know it’s a mono device before you buy and if you already know it that’s fine however when you play the songs and stuff it is stereo so that’s a little bit better so i do recommend to hold on to this device all day long and whenever you have an idea and you don’t have pen and paper you can jot it down by recording

Your voice instead for example in a car if you have a dedicated device with a real button is really easy to push it and then go you know i got to buy milk or something or you know shut down some ideas because i find that if you don’t write your ideas down you kind of forget about them however if you record them all down at the end of day you can actually transcribe

Your ideas into one nice spot where you can just collect them rather than having them fade away and forgotten i’m going to leave links in the video description on where to get all these products including this end link voice recorder and all those musical instruments i got and maybe even the headphones it’ll be in the video description below don’t forget to give

Me a like on this video comment down below let me know what you think of actually using a real hardware voice recorder device rather than your phone of course and don’t forget to subscribe over here thanks for watching

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Anglink Voice Recorder Review and Vibratone Sound Tests | BeatTheBush By BeatTheBush

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will cannabis stocks explode nex


Will Cannabis Stocks Explode Next Week -RICH TV LIVE – OCTOBER 6, 2019 – Subscribe –

How’re you guys doing this is richer much to be live so starting to think about next week it started think about monday and just trying to figure out whether or not we’re gonna have green honestly don’t know i don’t know if we’re gonna have green hoping for a green week i’m hoping that we’re going to have some momentum this week i’m hoping that we’re going to

Continue the momentum that we saw last week love to know what you guys think do you guys think we’re gonna have green next week do you think that the momentum continues next week do you think that the momentum stops next week i’d love to know what you guys think i do in ram dot i’m just thinking about next week man thinking about monday i’m already thinking about

Monday man i’m thinking about monday tony says hope so but probably read i hope it’s gonna be green man hoping for green but you never know what this market the crazy part is edibles is right around the corner anthony how you doing edibles is right around the corner edibles legalization is right around the corner so knowing that edibles legalizations right around

The corner kind of anticipating green what did do james how you doing man just chillin man just chillin and just getting ready for monday i know we do need some good news we need some green it’s hard to tell what’s gonna happen in the cannabis sector cuz it’s so volatile there’s so many highs and lows and ups and downs all i can say is when they’re at 52 we lowe’s

Invest in the best the 52 we close and then when there are 52 week highs sell 52-week highest sell at 52 week by 52 we close and sell a 52-week highs no that wasn’t me that was ill kid that’s ill kid i can’t take the credit for that line that’s it kid thank you guys for the 7 like so we got 33 people here can we get those likes up let’s get those legs up i know

We need green for like three months is xena may still a good buy nine cents i don’t know what do you guys think amen i just decided to go live here i am on a sunday rocking a suit i don’t think there’s anybody else that does that and i got a lot of green behind me so i’m trying to manifest the green trying to manifest all the green try to manifest all the green

Trying to manifest the green trying to manifest the green man nobody tries to manifest the green more than me i promise you that and nobody is the cannabis influencer like me i promise you that nobody i’m the best of these stocks i interview the ceos i have my own cbd company and we got a media company so i promise you there’s a lot of guys out there but none of

Them are like me man dillon what’s up man yeah i’m excited to see how what happens in the markets got my suit on and i’m ready man i’m ready i’m ready for war every day in the stock market it’s war and i’m ready for war i don’t know but you guys but i’m ready for war i’ve got my you know i got my initials on my shirt rd those are my initials right there and i’m

Ready for war man i’m ready for battle i’m ready for battle man on a sunday there’s nobody else rockin a suit like your boy on a sunday i promise you that nobody nobody so i’m ready man i got my game face on i’m ready man need a big week we need a big week we need a big month we need a big few months you think that monday is gonna be read well one thing going to

Teach you guys about the stock market is typically when the stock market goes red when the broader market goes red cannabis stocks go green so if the broader market is red tomorrow cannabis stocks could be green just so you know been doing this for a long time if the broader market goes big red tomorrow i would not be surprised to see the cannabis sector go big

Green just like behind me i am manifesting the green i am manifesting the green who else does them i am manifesting the green we live in the green yes i did see that the heck so ceo left futures in the red hey no problem doesn’t worry me we surprised to see cannabis stocks go green and i’m trying to manifest the green i’m surrounding myself in green manifesting

The green in a suit who else does this man nobody nobody thank you guys for the 20 likes i appreciate you guys 21 likes now i appreciate you guys thank you very much thank you guys for joining me on this sunday hope you guys had a great weekend i’m gonna go watch some sunday night football i just wanted to start manifesting the green wanted to see what you guys

Think the stocks are green a lot of times when the broader markets are red cannabis green so no good to worry holdings buddies i believe and you buy the best companies in the red and you sell in the green you position yourself first will be green will read comment down below much the like button if you like this video share it everywhere boil rich for rich to be live manifest agree nope

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Will CANNABIS STOCKS EXPLODE NEXT WEEK By RICH TV LIVEliveBroadcastDetails{isLiveNowfalsestartTimestamp2019-10-07T001122+0000endTimestamp2019-10-07T001857+0000}

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chichen itza mexico the great ma

Chichen Itza Mexico – The Great Mayan City – Travel & Trade with RICH TV

Chichen Itza Mexico – The Great Mayan City – Travel & Trade with RICH TV – July 2, 2022 – #chichenitza #mexico #richtvlive #documentary #travel #trip #vacation #pyramid #history #education #mayans #richtv

Go hey guys how you doing this is rich from rich tv live with a very very special opportunity to see a landmark in the world chichen itza one of the largest pyramids in the world over 1.4 million tourists come and see chichen itza every year and we are here today for my very first time i couldn’t be more excited welcome to chichen itza this is a very special

Place here this is where they used to play sport where they would try to keep the ball in the air and then get it through those little hoops and this was like modern this is like ancient gladiator days where these athletes would play and the winning team would survive and the losing team would actually die so they played to the death amazing amazing history here

Beautiful architecture you can see the size of this field it’s just enormous bigger than a soccer field i would say but the punishment for the losing team was death so kind of like modern day gladiators but instead of fighting playing sport where the winning team survives and the losing team uh loses their life so pretty interesting place being on this field is

Very interesting because you can almost feel the energy of all the people that have played here and you can see it’s just an enormous field just absolutely enormous breathtaking oh the sculpture’s over there okay these are the sculptures of the winners and the losers the losers have the biggest sacrifice which is beheading and the winners there’s a sound here

That is made which sounds like a bird specifically in this location here in chichen itza would you like to play here more inscriptions telling the story of the winners and the losers of the game so much detail in the stone the stones tell the story and then wherever you go you see these serpent heads the detail and the serpent head of the stone must remind you

These have been done for hundreds and hundreds of years please make a line right here facing the side okay sculptures in stone inscriptions in the stone hello this is where the mayans used to come on this platform and you can see the structures and the scriptures there’s so much detail in these stones it’s unreal and it’s everywhere it’s a little wooden

Thing excuse me um music oh because it was not my time hey guys this is one of my favorite places with chichen itza you can see here all the temples they say there’s a thousand temples here and this was a landing spot for ufos now nobody knows because this was hundreds of years ago what exactly happened here but it looks like there’s a whole city here so

It looks like this was a place where lots of different things were happening i don’t know exactly what but it seems as though there was lots of rituals here a lot of different events obviously we showed you guys the sporting event area it was a massive feel and you can see the pyramids you can see all the sculptures and there’s so many sculptures that have and

Stones that have stories in them here it’s unreal we could be here almost for weeks trying to uncover everything there’s so much to look at but i’m gonna do my best to show you guys as much as possible take a look one recording so the mayans are well known for all of this and they’re also known for the mayan calendar which is detail the amount of days in the

Year the amount of weeks in the year and a lot of these a lot of the the sculptures a lot of the stairs a lot of the design takes into account the days and the weeks of the year and there’s a lot of that in everything that we see here so it’s incredible that they created this hundreds of years ago but they were so advanced when it came to architecture it’s

A beautiful beautiful architecture these temples are just breathtaking you can see panthers in these sculptures in the stone you can literally see panthers these stones tell a story last time i was here um that’s enormous you can see the detail in these stones serpents and it looks like little like almost like monks on top of those serpents those are mines

Again take me back to a place where i felt at home take me back to a day when we weren’t alone take me back to an age when the world felt small way back before we blew it all take me back to a place where i felt at home take me back to a day when we weren’t alone take me back to an age when the world felt small way back before we blew it all too many things

Going on i can’t keep track of them all from people dropping a bomb to people putting up walls i feel like life is on hall perceptions stuck and evolved i know that time can kneel all but how much time till we fall it’s awfully chilly outside when there’s no shelter to hide when everything is alive you’ll find that out in some time but when the things on your mind

Are all considered a crime communication aside we’ll all just fight till we die is this an argument or just the start of that either way i don’t wanna be a part of it can i just get some space i don’t have the heart for this i can’t be picking up the pieces fixing scars from this is this an argument or just the start of it i wanna drive away so i can be so far from

It i wanna find a place where no one breaks their promises or maybe drive myself in something that is bottomless take me back to a place where i felt that home take me back to a day when we weren’t alone take me back to an age when the world felt small way back before we blew it all take me back to a place where i felt at home take me back to a day when we weren’t

Alone take me back to an age when the world felt small way back let’s go through it all i know that things seem bad but they could be much worse there’s always someone else who has a greater curse a greater thirst of hunger pain and mercy just find whatever you got and try to be thankful first i wanna feel again i need a couple friends i never really understood your

Status story yes but i can feel this dance don’t know the consequence the volatility of life my only confidence is this an argument or just the start of it either way i don’t wanna be a part of it can i just get some space i don’t have the heart for this i can’t be picking up the pieces fixing scars from this is this an argument or just the start of it i wanna drive

Away so i can be so far from it i wanna find a place where no one breaks their promises or maybe drive myself in something that is bottomless take me back to a place where i felt at home take me back to a day when we weren’t alone take me back to an age when the world felt small way back before we blew it all take me back to a place where i felt at home take me

Back to a day when we weren’t alone take me back to an age when the world felt small way back before we blew it all

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Chichen Itza Mexico – The Great Mayan City – Travel & Trade with RICH TV By RICH TV LIVE

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22000 income completely broke

22,000 Income & Completely Broke

Link to join StockHub free investing discord server: –~–

Today i’m gonna share with you guys one of the most ridiculous money related stories you will ever hear in your entire life and it’s in a relation to something that i don’t think i’ve ever really talked about in the history of this channel okay i think the lesson to be learned here is phenomenal the in relation of this guy’s story okay now first off this gentleman

That story i’m about to tell you he gave me full permission to tell you guys about it he’s actually a daily viewer of the channel i received an email from him last week okay i received an email to my private email address like the only the my private email address that you get my stock market investing mastery course so i knew he liked you know i’d bought my

Products and things like that before i received this email from him he says jeremy i i don’t have any money to invest can you help me out like i want to invest money and whatnot i want to start getting into stocks but i don’t have any money to invest so i’ve heard this type of thing many times before i hear it in the comments section all the time people are like

How do i get money to invest i don’t have any money to invest i want to invest things like that okay so the what i email him back right away is i make an assumption that this guy like doesn’t have any money his income is very low so i started like emailing them like passive income like videos and whatnot creating the past like how to make money online i’m telling

Them well you you should be focusing on getting your income up you shouldn’t even be focusing on investing right now you obviously have an income related issue you need to get your income up so i’m sending on all these links he sends me back an email all it says in this email is my income is two hundred and twenty-two thousand dollars guys two hundred and twenty

Two thousand dollars okay a ridiculous sum of money you know for an income for most people like ninety nine percent of people out there would say that is a ridiculously high income so i’ve never ever been trolled in an email before especially in my private email like if people email me to my private email they always respect my time and what none no one’s ever

Told me i really thought this guy was trolling me when i got that email back sort of thing and i’m not even gonna send in an email back and then i was like okay i’ll just send an email back and i just sent back really with two question marks he sends me back an email tells me all about his story and all this in goes into you know how he makes his money as an

Entrepreneur and whatnot he asked me not to share the industry he works in but he’s furs making good money and whatnot he also shared with me like screenshots which he didn’t have to he shares me screenshots of his bank statements and all his stuff like of the money moving in and now he shows me all of his expenses and everything he’s like what should i do i’m

In a real situation so what the advice i gave this guy well first off we got to think about like how much is this after taxes after taxes he’s making about a hundred and seventy thousand dollars a year right so he’s got an income of somewhere around fourteen thousand dollars a month he’s got an income somewhere around fourteen thousand dollars a month and that’s

After taxes okay that’s after taxes are taken out but no that’s a lot of money to be making in a month so what he tells me is he’s got a rent he lives in miami he loves it he sent me a couple screenshots of like his place and whatnot it looks freakin epic it’s an awesome penthouse he pays nine thousand dollars for this place okay i’m not even sure it’s a penthouse

It’s obviously like up super-high it’s got views the ocean and whatnot pays $9,000 rent for this place okay he’s a single guy it’s got four bedrooms and it’s single guys paying nine thousand dollars he’s also got some type of i think it was a audio r8 or something like that he mentioned he’s paying a two thousand dollar car payment a month on that car and he also

Bought his mom a land rover and his payment on that is around a thousand dollars a month okay so right off the bat here this alone is what $12,000 $12,000 then he says that he’s spending at least two thousand plus dollars a month on the rest of his expenses meaning he’s actually buying stuff on credit card he actually said he bought my course on a credit card which

Is like mind-blowing to me so he’s all these other expenses combined or two thousand plus dollars and as you can imagine just think about what the renter’s insurance in that place he is he’s probably paying just think about you know what the car insurance on an audio rate is just think about the car insurance on the land rover it’s very easy to understand that his

Other expenses are at least two thousand plus dollars a month meaning he is actually draining more money putting money on credit cards and things like that which is like mind-blowing to me so when i saw this i was like this is insane like how did you get in this situation you must just like just think you you know you can spend every dime you get or something this

Doesn’t make any sense to me he says well here’s the issue okay what he had is going into january he had what he thought was going to be a hundred k deal and he thought he also had a ninety five thousand dollar deal pretty much almost done and in the bag okay so he had a hundred ninety five thousand dollar profit that he thought he was gonna make almost for sure

He was like ninety-five percent sure on this okay meaning he thought his income this year was gonna be somewhere around a half million dollars so if its income was somewhere around a half million dollars then you know $9,000 rent yeah you could afford that is so not the smartest thing in the world and already are eight you know payment yeah you can afford that

Land rover for your mom yeah you can afford that you know if you got a half million there so what we see with this situation is a situation where this gentleman he just got too caught up in what he could be making from money he thought these deals were probably gonna go through so he set his lifestyle based upon what he thought he might be making okay guys this

Is something i’ve never really talked about i talked about the issue where let’s say somebody has makes two hundred twenty two thousand every single year that’s a consistent income form and they set their expenses in a way where they just ended up spending all their money this gentleman he thought he was just gonna be making a lot more money okay this is a big sin

Guys you never want to count on that you’re gonna possibly make some money okay and he’s like well i was like 95% sure i was gonna be making this and whatnot you never ever want to get caught in that situation it’s a bad situation to be in so he’s like what should i do so the the the three main things i was after is obviously his three main ways his monies leaving

Him right that ridiculous rent his audion ii in the land rover for his mom so i said of those three which one means the most to you like which one of those would be the hardest to get rid of he said without question the land rover for his mom he always promised his mom he’s gonna get him in her a nice car and whatnot she always drove around in junkers he said that

Meant a lot to her and in to take that away from her would like would like be a dagger in him so i said okay keep that man keep that one you need to get threat of this ridiculous rent $9,000 a month is absolutely absurd okay yeah i know miami is expensive but you can still get a decent play to bedroom which is all he needs he’s one single guy and he needs an office

Okay so he needs a two-bedroom two to three thousand dollars you should still get a pretty decent place in miami okay even up to four thousand you can still get a really nice place in miami so i said you need to cut that down that will save you between five and six k a month okay and then i also told him you need to get rid of this all right he says he’s underwater

On it by about fifteen thousand dollars unfortunately so he’s basically if he was sort of like sell it to somebody he would take about a fifteen thousand dollar loss said take the loss you know what i mean take the loss i that’s what i would do you don’t want to ruin your credit because he says he has actually has really good credit say take the loss pay for that

Just you know save up for a few months get this off your books did something that’s an affordable car you can still get a pretty nice car for you know a five hundred dollar payment six hundred dollar payment two thousand plus a month is ridiculous now we’ll save you a round that say $1,500 a month and bada-boom bada-bing awesome you’re in a situation where you no

Longer you have to you know start using all these credit cards you can start paying down this debt and you’re gonna have a lot of money left over to invest at that point that’s the type of situation you want to be in where you’re not taking out these credit card loans and where you actually are have money around to invest i also told them obviously you know you’re

In an industry that’s up and down are you guaranteed to make two hundred twenty two thousand this guy’s got very few customers is a type of industry where you have very few customers but when those customers make orders they’re huge orders so what i told them is you gotta live like you’re making at least you know 30 percent or 40 percent less money than what you

Think you’re gonna make next year because it’s just such an up-and-down industries and so that was my advice that i told them that i would do if i was in his shoes you gotta get rid of that nine thousand dollar rent that’s just ridiculous you got to get ready that already are eight i know you’re underwater in it but that that you the fact that you’re underwater

Fifteen thousand dollars it’s not going to like it magically fix itself like next year you’re probably still going to be done underwater fifteen thousand if not more because it would obviously depreciate more and more as time goes on so that was my advice to him and you know it’s a story that i think needs to be told because a lot of times like i always preach on

My channel like don’t get too far ahead of yourself but also if you run a business like don’t get too far ahead of yourself thinking you’re gonna make this much money live in a conservative way i remember i showed you guys my house tour this was about a month ago right my new house i moved into a lot of people are like you know thought it was a really nice house

Some people are like oh i thought you live in a nicer house like this i tried to keep my house payments 10% or less of my income guys that way there’s never any stress around that and you’re not like you know in a situation like this guy where often you know i’m asking about that you have 14,000 income nine thousand dollars over is going through that what’s that

60 70 percent of the money coming in through the door is going toward your rent that’s just ridiculous guys that’s absolutely ridiculous especially for something you don’t even know them so remember this lesson for life because a lot of you guys are that watching my channel are under the age of 25 a lot of you guys will probably become entrepreneurs probably will

Become successful and will start making money and come into money in a very rapid amount of time don’t get too caught up in that in investing too if you’re investing in a hot stock or something and also you make a lot of money one year just don’t count on making that same amount of money the next year and then also and start basing your expenses off of that guys

It’s a cardinal sin you do not want to make that mistake i hope you guys enjoyed this today remember the story for life thank you for watching and have a great day

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$222,000 Income & Completely Broke By Financial Education

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7 things to never do with your m

7 things to NEVER do with YOUR MONEY! (#7 is obvious)

Link to join StockHub free investing discord server: –~–

You must gain control of your money or the lack of it will forever control you today we’re talking about seven things you never want to spend your money on seven things you never want to do with your money ever guys these are the seven things i see so many people doing all the time and i’m like that is a really bad decision for your money to be going this place or

That place or just sitting there doing this or doing that guy so i hope you really enjoy this video today let me know if you are doing these seven i hope you or not i hope you’re not doing any of these but let me know in that comment section if you are let me know if you guys enjoy this let’s get into us the number one thing is just having your money sit under your

Mattress that’s a good old expression of just having your money just sit around if you’re just having your money sit around do nothing realize everything is getting more expensive by the day if think about the thing about when you were kid maybe you’re watching this you were twenty or twenty years old down with your watch nishan or thirty or forty or fifty years

Old think about being a kid do you remember how much stuff was i can guarantee you when you think back you’re like dude cars were drastically cheaper back in the day houses were drastically cheaper you know the price of the average phone you know if you grew up and you know you’re around my age which you know i’m a little under thirty right now like phones were

Dramatically cheaper like cell phones you know when i was in high school and whatnot like the average cell phone was like 200 bucks no if you want to get an iphone or you know one of the best iphones or samsung’s it’s like seven hundred eight hundred dollars like everything goes up drastically in price a gallon of milk a pound of chopped meat like everything gets

More and more expensive a big mac at mcdonald’s for pete’s sake i mean everything goes up in price so what you need to do is you need to have your money making you money so then you the amount of everything else going up guess what you’re making more money as well so how do you do that well you could put money in a savings account but savings accounts are not even

Gonna keep up with how much inflation is it’s not even keep up with how much everything how much everything’s going up in price so if saving is accounting not the best way if sir it’s certainly better than keeping it in a mattress but it’s not not even close to being the best way if you do a longer term cd account maybe you can get a two or three percent yield on

That meaning you’ll make two percent or three percent per year if it’s a longer term out cd now you can’t pull out that money early otherwise you lose your fee so it’s gonna be knee to be probably at least a three to five year cd account you’re gonna need to put it in to where you can’t really touch that money for at least three to five years that’s a way you can

Go at the end a you can go that way these should be able to keep up with things and you’re basically taking almost no risk because a bank is insuring that money at the end of the day that’s the way you know you can go real estate investing real estate investing one you need to know a lot about real estate two you need to have a lot of money generally behind you you

Can’t just you know i have a thousand bucks or ten thousand bucks and you know buy property that’s kind of hard to do unless you you know somehow you know how to finance it properly and all those kinds of good things if you can do that possibly stock market investing what i preach on this channel the thing that i preach more than anything i teach you guys about

Stock market investing that’s generally gonna be the best place for most people to go now you don’t have to go the way i go where i actually pick stocks and i go into stocks you can do the route of just putting the money in index fund hey you just put the money in an index fund something that tracks the s&p 500 the dow and goes up as much or down as much as

Those indices do right you’ll probably make eight percent a year for the next i don’t know 40 50 60 years however long you have the money in there that’s not so dang bad after all is it that’s a pretty dang good return your your money’s gonna be one up at a much faster rate than everything else going up because that not everything else is gonna go up seven eight

Percent per year but your money will probably be going up that much on average per year so that’s the phenomenal way but just having it sit under your masters just having to sit on the sidelines not a good idea unless you have a huge expense you’re about to do or unless maybe you know you’re so well timing the market you know something bad is about to happen or

Something so you have money sitting on the sidelines things like that are fine but for the average person to just have a bunch of money sitting around it’s a really bad idea at the end of the day guys number two is buying penny stocks with her this is one of the worst things i see people do i’m penny stocks with the guys know i’ve never met a person in my life and

They were never even heard about person in my life who made money long term buying and selling penny stocks penny stocks is like gambling penny stocks you don’t need any requirements as far as with most the penny stocks out there you don’t need requirements as far as filing with the sec as far as having auditors audit the numbers so any numbers can just be made

Up out there guys say when you invest in most of these penny stocks they can just put whatever numbers down they want oh we made 10 million dollars in revenue this year oh we’re gonna make 800 million dollars in revenue next year like literally most these penny stocks can just make up numbers and a lot of them are pump and dump scams because there’s such small

Companies we’re talking about like you know literally if you put like a thousand bucks in some of these penny stocks like that would move the stock up drastically when most companies the big ones i talk about right you need to have hundreds of millions of dollars going into those companies or at least tens of millions to really move that stock up or down like some

Of these penny stocks a thousand bucks to move it up or down so what you’ll have happened a lot of times you’ll have an individual will go in and buy a bunch of the penny stocks right they’ll put a bunch of money in a penny stock and that stock will go up a bunch then they’ll send out newsletters and all this stuff hey by xyz penny stock it’s gonna probably go up

A lot tuesday all those people start buying in then that original shareholder starts beginning to sell shares out so they make a profit it’s called a pump and dump scam and you can do that with penny stocks because there’s hardly any money in those stocks you can’t do that with an app i don’t care who came out and said you know they bought apple stock i mean maybe

Warren buffett could move it maybe if warren buffett said he was sellin apple shares maybe he could move it because he’s the most influential investor literally in the world and it’s by far he is right maybe he could move the stock but the majority of billion-dollar companies out there you can’t just move those by saying hey i’m invest in this stock buy the stock or

I’m selling the stocks or sell this stock like you can’t just move regular companies like that unless moved like i said maybe your warren buffett carl icahn didn’t do it to a certain extent he’s another billionaire it’s really hard to to ties with those tight butt companies out of huge people with penny stocks you can do it all the time and it’s sad and i see so many

People lose money over the long term penny stocks maybe they get in a hot one at first they make 50 bucks or a hundred bucks or something like i’m gonna make so much money doing this and then it just gets worse and worse as time goes on guys so don’t don’t ever do that and the number three one is buying paint and painting your walls all around your house a bunch

Of funny colors if there’s a lot of different things we’re talking about in this list and never do with your money why do you never want to do this by the way i’m in the real estate industry i have a real estate marketing company and i do photography videography real estate consulting all this stuff so i know a fair amount about real estate what happens is people

Paint their walls all these different funny colors right then they go to sell that house and they don’t paint them a different color and then guess what happens massive amounts of buyers are turned off because those walls are bright green or bright yellow or orange or black or whatever weird color walls in a house need to be white or beige or maybe gray at the at

The most you can’t have a bunch of funny colors or literally it will turn off people when people see it they don’t even want to mess with it because a lot of people they like a turnkey house they just move in now and everything to be done that’s the majority people out there trust me i know the buyers out there the majority people are not looking for a fixer-upper

They don’t want to go around painting all the walls and they sure as hell are not gonna want your bright green color that you thought was so great okay so if you do paint your walls just realize you need to paint them again a normal person color before you go ahead and bed and put that house in the market i’ve been so many times i’ve taken photos of homes and they

Got these ridiculous color walls and a home sits on the market for longer and longer and longer and longer than a normal home would then if they just had that kitchen painted in a normal color and not something ridiculous not a bright pink they would have sold the house so much faster guys so it’s a really bad investment to you know even paint your house in the

First place unless it needs paint but to painted a bunch of funny different colors it’s a really bad idea and just realize if you’re gonna spend that money you’re gonna need to also spend the money to then have a painter come in again or you do it yourself again and buy a bunch more paint that’s a normal color a white a beige or gray or something like that guys so i

See that time and time again don’t ever paint your your house a bunch of funny colors on the inside it’s a bad bad idea it’s gonna cost you a lot of money the number four way is leverage it don’t ever leverage your money what does that mean it means to take a dollar shoot up with steroids it means basically you can leverage a lot of different ways the way i’ve done

It and failed in the past is through stock market investing i’ve talked about the year 2015 when i lost $75,000 trying to leverage my money i would basically you know take my dollars and then i sodality investments allowed me to invest another dollar on top of that so for every dollar i had i can invest another dollar so if i had $100,000 in the market then i could

Essentially invest $200,000 the problem with this is is when things go bad they really go bad and if your stock goes down which i’m a long-term investor it almost forced me into a short-term trader which i absolutely fail at so don’t ever mess with leverage don’t ever think you’re such a great investor that you can just you know compound your my you just invest more

And more it’s a bad idea guys trust me i know i’ve been down that route i’ve been down that route i’m one of the most disciplined people out there and someone that’s gotten 30 to 40 percent gains in the stock market per year i’m one of the best investors you’ll ever find and i failed at it so if i failed at it don’t mess with it and by the way it started out good

At first it was going well it was going well at first i was like i was making money at first and then it just got drastically bad so if it went bad for me 99.99999% of people is gonna go bad for them as well guys so don’t ever leverage your money don’t mess with that guy’s a really bad idea i don’t care how great of an investor you think you are just don’t touch

It guys don’t touch it number five number five is a buying smokes buying alcohol buying caffeine coffee so that’s an acai sect all these ones oh i know there’s probably some of you guys out there like dude wait a minute i have a cigarette in the mouth right now i got a beer and i’m drinking a coffee so let’s talk about these one by one so smoking okay so smoking

Can cost you a lot of money not just from the respect of obviously you if you’re smoker you got to keep buying cigarettes right and it’s a very addictive thing the nicotine in them makes it a very addictive all those chemicals you pump in your body so first off you’re gonna have to buy smokes all time i mean i worked at kwik trip i worked at walgreens two places

Sold cigarettes and you know it was the same customers coming in day in and day out buying a new pack of cigarettes two new packs of cigarettes a carton of cigarettes depending on how much they smoke that’s very costly guys i mean more grows you know which is probably the most popular cigarette it’s like six seven bucks a pack okay then on top of that your health

Insurance is going to be a more expensive than an average person and on top of that this could potentially cost you a lot of money because what i’ve seen with a lot of smokers especially a lot of older smokers is in their workplace if they hadn’t had a smoke in a certain amount of time they’re much more likely to snap they’re much more likely to you know be in a

Situation where they have a bad attitude towards someone else which will end up costing you money and then trust me on that guys i remember working at walgreens sometimes i was in a position called breaker where i basically went around and gave everybody different you know breaks at their positions and whatnot right i knew if i was on a you know had a smoker i had

To be there right on time to give him their break or there was all a very high likelihood of them blowing up at a customer and sure enough that was always the situation and then after they had their smoke then they came in now soon they were happy and was like a whole new person was like holy smokes before you were like negative nancy and nelson you’re a positive

Person this was like time and time again with all the smokers especially the older ones guys so beware of that it will cost you money and then who’s gonna promote a person that oh if they haven’t had a smoke in a certain amount of time they’re addicted that bad that they might snap at a customer like i wouldn’t promote somebody like that i would not talk about

Alcohol alcohol is a depressant okay that’s a fact alcohol is a depressant so when you drink alcohol you got to understand you’re putting a depressant in your body which is going to make your body want that more and more in the future okay because your body’s gonna have a need for that so to get yourself up again you have more of that and it’s just a bad cycle and

Never mind and alcohols are extremely expensive thing again guys so alcohol and obviously how many bad decisions are made on alcohol guys how many bad decisions are made on alcohol you know whether it be somebody you know getting an std that’s good enough because they made a bad decision they slept with someone they shouldn’t have or you know there’s all serious

Stuff like you know drunk driving how many people drunk drive and then get their license takeaway and then lose their job because they got their license taken away or you know get in an accident or something like that guys there’s so many drastic amount of bad decisions you know assault somebody hit somebody so much guys so much i mean think about how many drone

Driving accidents people under the influence happen every year people’s lives are ruined because of alcohol you know and never mind the amount of people that get alcohol addiction which then is a whole different subject you know we’re talking about people and uh you know possibly doing suicide because alcohol it’s just i don’t if you don’t need it don’t mess with it

Guys don’t mess with it caffeinated coffee you gotta understand caffeine is addictive quality so if you have a cup of coffee every day you’re gonna need that cup of coffee every day and if you don’t have that cup of coffee every day then your whole body’s gonna feel like oh i need that cup of coffee i need that cup of coffee and you’ll go through like withdrawals

You might have headaches and all types of things and not just coffee we’re talking about energy drinks at lee no monster red bull a lot of those products you got understand what those are doing to your mind doing to your brain doing to your body because and then you’re spending money everyday on those things that you are gonna have to need you’ll end up needing

Them it won’t be like it where starts out in its a want oh you know i like a cup of coffee or i like an energy drink then also it’s like i need to have this if i don’t have my damn two red bulls today it’s on that’s how it ends up guys so don’t don’t don’t nest with smoking don’t mess with alcohol don’t mess with caffeinated products unless it’s something you you

You are already addicted to or something like that and then hopefully and get off it and not that’s not this isn’t the video to talk about that kind of stuff guys number six don’t ever use it to put modifications on your car oh my gosh guys so many people use it to put modifications on the car like i’m talking like putting in a turbo or or put it in a new exhaust

System or something like that really bad idea a really bad idea you got to realize a lot of cars warranties will be voided as soon as you make a modification like that now a lot of people really like look into the the facts behind a lot of these warranties look into your warranty paperwork if you have a newer car you have a warranty on that car look at the paperwork

I can almost guarantee you it says somewhere in there that if you make a such-and-such modification that the warranty is void it then a warranty is voided so i see so many times people you know make it and make these modifications and say dude you just ruined your warranty on that car you go take that into the shop because they have a vc problem they’re going to

Say hey that’s not our problem anymore you put it you put this on it that that void your warranty right away horrible decision guys never mind that when you go to resell that car you’re gonna need to take those parts off and put the back to the original or you can try to sell it with those parts in the majority of people out there don’t want your freaking honda

Civic with the exhaust that sounds like you know you’re trying to make it sound like a ferrari and it’s gonna wake up the whole neighborhood no one wants that freaking crap maybe that’s cool to you maybe that’s cool to you to have the loudest exhaust in the whole place and you want to wake up your whole neighborhood right most people don’t give a crap about that

They’re gonna embarrass them and they’re like i don’t want that piece of crap sounding like that so people aren’t gonna want you’re a bunch of modifications or a car that’s lower to this this low before it’ll blow the ground most people don’t want that so realize you’re gonna be costing yourself a lot of money when you put those modifications on your car and it’s

Gonna cost you a lot of money down the road especially if you ended up voiding your warranty because you made a decision like that guy so beware of that absolutely number seven this one is so obvious to me it’s probably one of the most obvious ones out there using your money to buy lottery tickets i don’t care if we’re talking scratch or tickets i don’t care

If we’re talking things like the powerball things like that absolutely disaster waste of money oh my goodness guys they’re behind closed doors you know what they say they say lottery is a tax on the poor because the poor don’t really get taxed much so if you if you you have lottery out there they’re gonna buy the lottery tickets and then that’s their tax on them

Because they’re gonna lose weight way way more than they ever win we know that guess what the odds of you winning the powerball are close to one in 300 million do you know what the odds are for you to get hit by lightning one in a million so one in a million to get hit by lightning one is 300 million to get hit by arrow to hit the powerball guys so how many times

Could you you know possibly gonna get struck by lightning before you would even win the powerball think about that guys it’s mind blowing in my generation the average person in america and my generation has about a 1 in 85 chance of becoming a millionaire one in 85 chance and we’re talking about one three hundred million chance to win the powerball or something

You know like that guy’s mind-blowing to me and guess what in the poor areas the lottery is so much more popular than in the the richer areas i can tell you from my experience working a quick trip we saw a lottery tickets there in the urban areas lottery tickets sold like crazy i’m talking scratchers i’m talking to everything people coming in that work should not

Be buying these products super poor people some most of them all you get on government assistance of some kind coming in blowing their money on lottery tickets horrible idea the majorities i’m a loss they lost they lost and it’s just so sad guys and guess what when i would work in the nicer areas the lottery take is hardly sold at all no one would buy them no one

Would freaking buy them in the rich areas because guess what they realize it’s a big scam they realize it’s a big scam they don’t want to be taken advantage of it’s like their minds will go out and burn their money or something like that guy so don’t ever spend your money on lottery take the stupid idea never mind that you can potentially get hooked and become a

Addicted gambler and that’s a really bad thing so 7 things to never ever spend your money on guys i hope you absolutely enjoyed this today leave a thumbs up if you did hopefully i didn’t offend anybody if i did oh well you know you get butthurt you get butthurt and the day if you just came across this channel you may want to subscribe we talk personal finance on

The channel we talk entrepreneurship i’m an actual business owner i give away so many business tips we talk stock market investing more than anything thank you for watching guys and have a great day you

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7 things to NEVER do with YOUR MONEY! (#7 is obvious) By Financial Education

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how to switch your career to cod

How to switch your career to coding

Are you stuck at your desk dreaming of another working life? Many consider switching careers but few are brave enough to do it. The FT’s Emma Jacobs wants to know what it’s like to leave a job as a teacher and enter the very different world of coding or software programming, and how to do it.

Broadcaster itv as a software engineer on its tv interface. teaching, you know, absorbs so much of you, you know. of university and going into teaching is really hard. it was a radical switch from her humanities background, i took lots of logic-based modules, computational logic, tech recruitment veteran nadia edwards-dashti has this advice. and you start collaborating

Outside of a work environment. i’ve got the theory, and i’ve got a bit of practise, as well. one of those types that has spent hours in their bedroom. oh my god, i don’t have a job, i’m not going to get a job. i think that’s another great thing about the pre-work. it’s a totally different work/life balance and salary else is at with their work, and then either continue

Working so what are the hours like compared to what we used to do? have to think about it, which is a huge difference. what martha also enjoyed about teaching was the sociability. in social care, and says people skills count just as much martha hasn’t given up her enthusiasm for education. like hanshikaa shyamsundar, who goes to school in south london. what sort of

Things do you want to draw out to evidence that? and i hate the fact that i’m one of those statistics. those two skills in the future, either going back into teaching be prepared to make a big investment of time and money. are constantly changing.

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How to switch your career to coding By Financial Times

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what killed sri lankas economy

What Killed Sri Lanka’s Economy?

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There was no money left to pay for imports and the country was seeking help from neighboring countries and the imf. the country faced in turning around an economy sri lanka is going through its worst economic protesters have been on the streets for the mismanagement, the corruption, the authoritarianism, in july, videos emerged on social media showing we saw protestors

In palace bedrooms, at the the sheer scale of the protests, and the anger the president at the time to flee the country to singapore where he turned in his resignation by email. to build chinese-backed projects, for their their ill-considered policymaking, which included when gotabaya rajapaksa resigned, mps replaced who i mentioned earlier a man protestors hated with

Its foreign currency reserves depleted, has run out of money to import fuel and other the fuel shortage has put people out of work people have been asked to work and attend sri lankans are skipping meals and lining this is a harsh new reality for a country the country’s official inflation rate is reported johns hopkins university estimated inflation at over 130 percent in

March. according to the ft, roughly half of sri lankans year, a shocking reversal for a country that while demonstrators accused gotabaya rajapaksa older brother mahinda rajapaksa, who had previously country, accused the citizens themselves of “friends, every second you protest on the receive potential dollars,” he said in a broadcast in april. it took off after the

Nation’s brutal civil lonely planet listed it as the top tourist destination of the year in 2019. additionally, remittances from overseas employment, significantly to the economy, bringing in badly needed foreign exchange. telecommunications, and finance to the economy second wealthiest country in south asia – just well, there’s not just one factor to blame instead,

A number of internal and external last few years which contributed to the economic collapse that we see right now. today who might find themselves in a similar essential goods for their populations and paying their creditors. sri lanka’s long standing high debt and large additionally, the countries focus on domestic – instead of export growth—only increased sri lanka’s

Trade imbalance. of the reason that it’s run out of foreign currency. and the global pandemic which struck in 2020 been counted on to bring a lot of foreign currency into the economy. his main approach to achieving this was through rajapaksa cut both vat and income taxes in only after creditors downgraded the country, in an extremely controversial move, he banned the

Use of and the import of synthetic fertilizers, now, while this ban was also quickly rolled made it to farms in time and crop yields were severely affected. rice production – a food staple in the country with the country’s revenues slashed and credit now, before we discuss the foreign debt, let as i’m sure you can imagine, i’m a big is an amazing way to get up to

Speed on what instead of aimlessly browsing social media sign up for morning brew. they get you up to speed on business, finance, now, there were other big problems in sri lanka too. lotus tower, the tallest communications tower it was supposed to be used for communication, it was ceremonially opened in 2019 but remains out of operation today. there was also a monorail

Project proposed never began construction as it would have rajapaksa family where an unused convention a thirty-five thousand seater cricket stadium there is also a $3.1bn port, which was financed after the sri lankan government incurred heavy these projects were all built using money road initiative and have now become a burden to the nation. preserve any value these white

Elephant projects may still have. “paid as commissions” to the rajapaksa family and their associates. people and it appears that they spent the their associates rich rather than benefit the overall economy. in squandering the wealth of the nation, but any assistance from the imf or world bank the final two blows to the sri lankan economy came from external events.

The highest inflation in 40 years in the united these two events made conditions particularly the war in ukraine meant inflation in sri borrowing costs worldwide and drove the us dollar higher. sri lanka defaulted on its debt in may, having well, “the paris club” is an informal group of creditor nations that meets each their process of restructuring debt which under

What is known as “the common framework”, transparent manner and the creditors coordinate all agree to the same terms of a debt restructuring china, however, is not a member of the paris countries who are having trouble meeting their debt service obligations. the other big bilateral lenders are japan the world bank estimates that around the world, countries’ external

Debt is owed to china, sri lanka’s debt talks will be closely watched who are in distress, as they have made a lot strain due to rising inflation and the fallout from the war in ukraine. foreign investors have been pulling money this is the longest streak of withdrawals on record. beyond sri lanka, there is a long list of vulnerable countries. spreads on foreign bonds

Issued by ghana, as investors price in a rising risk of default or restructuring. the severity of the crisis means that sri lenders — china, india and japan — in sri lanka needs large-scale, long-term economic restructuring. as the imf is not going to give sri lanka the chinese government is aware that cutting countries that owe them money will expect similar deals.

China will most likely have to work with sri is a new government in place, as china will in a strategically important country and probably if you found todays video interesting, you don’t forget to sign up for morning brew totally free so there’s no reason not to try it out.

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weighted average cost of capital

Weighted Average Cost of Capital | Finance for Non-Financiers

Let’s learn weighted average cost of capital for Finance for non-financiers by your own Finance Guru Vishal Thakkar. So, get the most out of it.

Ladies and gentlemen boys and girls welcome back to finance tube your friend and finance guru vishal thakur is here to explain one more complex terminology of finance in very simple words yes friends today we are talking about weighted average cost of capital back now this term sounds very heavy and complicated but believe me it’s not it’s a fancy term use for a very

Simple concept let me explain for a ceo of a large company if he has to do large business he has to get money from somewhere where can he get money from two sources either he can take it from the shareholders or put his own money which is like a single source own money we’ll call it for shareholders money and another is a loan from a bank or a financial institution

So when he gets money from both these sources of course money doesn’t come free of cost he has to pay some cost of money what is this cost of money when you get money from shareholders you have to pay dividend when you get money from a banker you have to pay interest so dividend is cost of equity interest is cost of debt in an overly simplified manner now if we

Were to understand owners or shareholders when they give you money dividend is very little that we pay to them right but their expectation is pretty high why because they are taking risk by investing in big enterprise if they want safety they will put the same money in bank week’s deposit and on small interest and stay happy but because they are buying shares they

Want more returns now how can ceo give more returns to shareholders simple by performance when the company performs the share price of the company goes up on the stock exchange and shareholders get rewarded by increase in value of shares other than dividend so dividend plus capital gains is what is the return for shareholders whereas banker is very happy getting

Low rate of interest on whatever loan he has given however there is a catch to a shareholder or a part owner of the company you can give dividend when you feel like as per your dividend policy if you have profits and if management proposes but to a banker you have to pay interest whether you have profit you don’t have profit it’s a fixed cost now friends weighted

Average cost of capital is calculated as proportion of equity into cost of equity plus proportion of loan into cost of loan what do you mean by this it is very simple let us say we need 100 crores for a new project and we plan to finance it 5050 so 50% own money or shareholders money and 50% load so 50 curves we get from the shareholders 50 crores we get from the

Load now we know that since shareholders expectation is higher than bank interest let us assume cost of equity to be 16% and i called up the bank manager to find out what is the ongoing interest rate he told me 14 percent so 50 per is coming at 16% and other 50% of the money is coming at 14% so what is my weighted average cost of total hundred percent money zero

Point five which is fifty percent proportion of equity into zero point one six which is sixteen percent cost of equity plus zero point five which is proportion of loan taken from bank fifty crores into zero point one four which is fourteen percent cost of loan this equation if you solve it comes to 0.15 or fifteen percent this is the overall cost of money that

You are shelling out in order to get hundred crores for the new project if you increase equity to sixty and debt to forty using the same formula your cost will go up and it will come to fifteen point two percent if you reduce equity from fifty to forty and increase loan from fifty to sixty your cost of capital will come down to fourteen point eight percent so

Basically weighted average cost of capital is the cost of overall money that you get for doing business for whack india’s balance sheet family managed business and other concepts keep watching our channel and if you have not subscribed so far please subscribe now financed you you want to find out what they really mean i have got this paper here which talks about

Top lies what investors say and what they really you

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Weighted Average Cost of Capital | Finance for Non-Financiers By Finance Tube

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bevcanna enterprises inc cse bev

BevCanna Enterprises Inc. (CSE: BEV) | CCO Emma Andrews | RICH TV LIVE

BevCanna Enterprises Inc. (CSE: BEV) | CCO Emma Andrews | RICH TV LIVE – JULY 11, 2019 – I had the pleasure of interviewing Emma Andrews the CCO of BevCanna Enterprises Inc. (CSE: BEV) a new IPO in the booming CBD industry. Innovative and individual, we create compelling and crave-worthy beverage brands.

Hi this is rich from rich tv live and i’m here with a very special guest it is emma andrews the chief commercialization officer of f kenna how’re you doing today i’m great thanks for having me well thank you for being here now why don’t we start off by you telling us a little bit about bev canna enterprises inc sure so bev canna manufactures bottles and brands

Infused beverages for the canadian and the american market soon to be global as well we have a really strong roster of team members who come with bottling and beverage expertise working on global lifestyle brands i’m in alcohol brands as well so a strong cpg acumen for the team and a great amount of infrastructure and assets that we get to pull on for our bottling

Operation as well the big news of the day is that you secured your health canada hemp cultivation license so what can you tell us about that this is a huge milestone for us actually a very celebratory moment and as many of your viewers may be familiar getting license to be a health canada is not an easy process and you really have to have a really dialed operation

In order to secure this type of licensing this hemp cultivation licence will actually allow us to grow our own cannabis on our property it’s a hundred acre outdoor cultivation site that was licensed the hemp that’s grown there will be sun grown and low cost though high-quality this will be extracted for cbd that we can infuse into beverages that we bottled on

Site wow that’s really exciting now based on that today the stock was up like 50 percent last time i looked so congratulations on that thank you so clearly the market is responding really well on the good news yeah really excited to see how the company continues to move forward now in saying that bev canna has a is building some strong partnerships with industry

Leaders can you tell us a little bit about some of their experience with bev canna products yeah and a lot of the experience comes from existing beverage expertise and existing expertise within cannabis processing and really differentiated services that we’ll be able to leverage as part of our portfolio of products and brands the first and most notable is our

Mass licensing agreement with the natural group these are the owners of the bottling plant that bev canna will be producing all of its beverages out of they’ve been in the bottling and beverage industry for over ten years producing a notable nationally distributed brand called trace beverages which is a health canada compliant formulation so a lot of expertise

And familiarity working with health canada not just on the licensing side but also on the product development and approval side we also have an exclusive supply agreement with next leaf solutions they are based out of coquitlam and they have a patent on their end-to-end industrial scale extraction process and this will allow us to use a purified and refined

Source of water-soluble cannabinoids that will infuse our beverages and this will really differentiate them from a taste perspective and a sensory appeal so making a drink that doesn’t taste like the aroma and odor of cannabis that tastes like the flavours or the pristine water spring water that you’d use as the infusion medium and then the last partnership that

We’re really excited about while certainly at this stage in the game more to come is our partnership with dossier creative and they’re based here in vancouver a world-renowned branding expert and that team has worked on beverages like mike’s hard lemonade and i’ve gratefully worked on them with product and brand line called vega as well so strong expertise in

Creating compelling consumer brands on a global scale wow you guys are working really really hard and you got some great partnerships thanks yeah now the bev canna team has grown quite a bit since the beginning with editions of yourself and don chisholm as chief brand and innovative manager how do you guys strengthen the team i would say both of us come with

A strong acumen within the beverage and branding space i’m gratefully i’ve worked with don on a number of different projects actually so bev tana isn’t our first we have a strong working relationship through companies like vega the little potato company so a lot of consumer packaged goods expertise for myself my background is as a nutritionist actually prior

To getting into marketing and product development so this really positions our formulations quite different from a mainstream product offering as an example we’re able to really understand what type of clean ingredients to formulate with how to create products without as additives excess sweeteners as an example which really i think capitalizes on where this

Category is headed a more health-conscious consumer that’s looking for better for you options don himself has had a 30 year history in the branding industry you know i mentioned mike’s hard lemonade one of one of the drinks his firm has created which is a huge claim to fame in terms of a recreational social occasion type of beverage and which i think is another

Huge opportunity for the infused beverage landscape as occasion based beverages so a lot of skills and expertise and incredible reputation in the industry to to pull from this is crazy i love what i’m hearing i love the partnerships now rich tv live we’ve been in this sector for about two and a half years and we’ve seen this industry really grow and blossom

Where do you see the cannabis beverage industry moving into the future i think we have an exciting opportunity ahead of us and you know most notably if we look at some of the hard numbers the global cannabis infused beverage space was valued in 2018 at around 89 million when we look ahead to 2025 we’re looking at four billion dollar-plus market size so massive

Explosion in the next few years even and this is really i think anchored in some of the consumer shifts that are happening the behavioral shifts consumers are looking for more health-conscious and better for you options less reliance on smokeable and combustible forms of cannabis as we get into the infused product landscape and if you also look at comparatives

Like the functional beverage category massive growth that cannabis infused beverages can piggyback on so it can be the same types of formulations that now have cannabis infused into them so those consumer shifts i think really fuel a lot of this growth as long as you’ve got the right technology in the right infrastructure to help build compelling brands and

Products fantastic now who are bev canada’s main competitors and how do they stand out there’s a lot of ways actually you could evaluate the competitive landscape for us i truly believe there’s no one’s servicing quite the same vertical as we are within the beverage space you’ll see different outdoor cultivators as an example who might have the same scale of

Operation for cultivation but don’t have bottlings infrastructure available to them so there’s not that same kind of vertical that they can serve and there’s different edible manufacturers and infuse product manufacturers that may only be focused on their own house brands where as bev canna will also have white labeling opportunities in addition to house brands

And i think all of those different pieces of the puzzle really serve us well in terms of standing out and differentiating from the competition and yet complementing what some of these other brands are starting to prove his early market opportunity well it seems like you guys are on the right track now you have a bottling plant in the okanagan valley explain to

Us the benefits of being positioned there we’re very proudly a bc based company for a number of reasons you know arguably bc bud has got a worldwide reputation so again when we think about the global opportunity cannabis that’s cultivated in our own backyard i think has a lot of resonance on a global scale and with consumers whether they’re kind of curious or

Canna competent and so we’ll be cultivating in bc to really leverage that story within our products and our brands and the spring water aquifer that we have on site it’s a pristine alkaline spring water source and canada has an amazing reputation for quality of water so having that anchored at the site of our operation we bottle right on source or right on site

I should say and so that to really anchors this bc based identity into the products will offer whether it’s the infusion biomass or whether it’s the water source that we’ll use and again the site of the bottling operation is there – so it’s the bottling it’s the water and it’s our cannabis input material as well that’s anchored in this bc identity wow i mean i

Don’t actually love what you guys are doing you guys seem to be very vertically integrated in the sector i wish you guys all the best of luck thank you for joining us here on rich tv live today so once again i want to thank emma andrews the chief commercialization officer of bev canna for joining us here at rich to be live we wish you all the best of luck on your

Future endeavors thank yourself great day thank you for watching

Transcribed from video
BevCanna Enterprises Inc. (CSE: BEV) | CCO Emma Andrews | RICH TV LIVE By RICH TV LIVE

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do companies pay for index membe

Do Companies Pay For Index Membership?

Do Companies Buy S&P500 Membership? A new working paper attempts to figure out why some companies make it into the blue-chip stock market index.

For millions of people around the world, investing companies or hiring a portfolio manager to pick them for you. stocks are added or removed from the index they track, like the s&p 500. than trying to beat the market and risk underperforming it. the first stock market index – the dow jones it was used solely for informational purposes today around 11 trillion

Dollars is invested and since 2019, more money is invested in thus, for many companies, their largest shareholders are index funds. this has to happen, as from time-to-time member private or shrink in size – leaving a gap in the index. general electric – for example, had the jones industrial average, having been added be removed 122 years later in 2018, replaced

By walgreens. in the index is obviously a big deal for a company. also because of the amount of money that tracks the index. now, what might work well for many investors and the indexing revolution – as it has grown – has caused some concern. the investor michael burry, has called it in 2019, john bogle (the father of index investing) one big concern relates to market

Signals and capital allocation. they hire analysts who study the r&d activity, using this information, they decide on whether they should buy or sell shares. if a company’s shares rocket when it announces additionally active investors might pay more passive investors, by contrast, ignore annual reports and market rumors. market with a belief that the stocks they

Big u.s.-stock index funds buy big u.s. stocks so how do companies get added or removed from indices? you can find the list of requirements for it lists conditions such as free float, profitability you might additionally assume that in order to meet those requirements every time the in reality, the s&p 500 doesn’t work that when aig was bailed out in the fallout

Of excluded from the index despite the company’s excluding aig during a financial crisis might time, but it’s not the only example of the now, just to be clear, it might make sense when so much money tracks the index, constant impose trading costs and capital gains taxes on the public. profits earned by these traders come out of the pockets of index fund investors.

The choice of an index add is not always obvious over 100 companies large enough to be admitted in fact, in some respects the index is actively profitability in most, but not all circumstances in 2013, in spite of a long history of losses, for example. the historic rule of one share class per company today, the s&p contains 505 different stocks two share classes of

Stock from 5 of its component companies. index of us smaller companies where the components the reconstitution takes place once a year and passive managers to devote attention to so, what other things might affect s&p index membership? the paper found that major u.s. corporations have a higher chance of being added to the the paper, published by the national bureau

Of economists that regularly circulates working papers to foster debate.) the index provider by buying additional services close to the selection dates. in a statement to the press, s&p global described that the two arms of the business are separate ensure they are operated independently of one another,” rating in order to finance expansion efforts to obtain a

Rating, corporate borrowers pay the paper finds though that when an opening tend to acquire more ratings from s&p — but merely because they wish to issue more bonds with s&p, we control for both their bond issues and purchase of moody’s ratings in all regressions.” they found that the published criteria justify during the period studied and just 3% of additions.

“S&p appears to deviate from its published to its index much more than russell does,” according to the paper. financial crisis from critics who argued that they deserved to maintain good ties with the corporate issuers paying them. in its governance framework, s&p global sets and duties across the organization,” according to its website. the researchers see

Potential economic downsides for those tracking the s&p 500 if less eligible without naming any specific examples, the a 14.6% drop in profitability and a 37% decline entry compared to similar stocks that remain excluded. into an index loosens shareholder shackles “their relative advantage in cost of capital of resources in the economy induced by s&p’s ok, so

If it is true that companies do pay what is it worth for a company to be included in the s&p500? admit to planning and timing corporate actions strategic moves around the effect their actions according to research by mckinsey, gaining but they also found that this move is short-lived, we know that there is a pop when a company when it is removed, but mckinsey analyzed

Of 1032 us-listed stocks in the s&p 500 to as expected, they did find a pop in price in terms of statistically significant positive this result is consistent with the idea that initially as investors rebalance their portfolios in the end, there was no permanent price premium this shows that the value of a stock is in mckinsey also looked at deletions from the the price

Pressure following exclusion from if there is no lasting effect associated with any way adjust their behavior in order to business decisions they can and not concern themselves with s&p. trouble with the sec for making misleading claims to investors.

Transcribed from video
Do Companies Pay For Index Membership? By Patrick BoyleliveBroadcastDetails{isLiveNowfalsestartTimestamp2021-10-25T203009+0000endTimestamp2021-10-25T204632+0000}

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