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standard lithium announces 0 5 m

Standard Lithium Announces 0.5 Million Bought Deal

Standard Lithium Announces $10.5 Million Bought Deal – RICH TV LIVE – FEBRUARY 26, 2019 – Standard Lithium Ltd. (“Standard Lithium” or the “Company”) (TSXV: SLL) (OTCQX: STLHF) (FRA: S5L) announces that it has entered into an agreement with a syndicate of underwriters led by Canaccord Genuity Corp. (collectively, the “Underwriters”) pursuant to which the Underwriters have agreed to purchase, on a bought deal basis pursuant to a short form prospectus, 10,500,000 units (the “Units”) of the Company at a price of $1.00 per Unit (the “Offering Price”) for gross proceeds of $10,500,000 (the “Underwritten Offering”). Each Unit shall consist of one common share and one-half of one common share purchase warrant of the Company (each whole common share purchase warrant, a “Warrant”). Each Warrant shall be exercisable to acquire one common share of the Company for a period of 36 months from the Closing Date (as herein defined) at an exercise price of $1.30, subject to adjustment in certain events.

Hey guys this is rich from rich to be live and i wanted to bring to your attention standard lithium so i’ve been looking at this company for quite some time and they are you can see here on their chart that they were at a high in 2017 in november of two dollars and sixty eight cents it has not been at that level since and i’d like to always like mark the high

High and the low low and you can see that the low low wasn’t too long ago august was the low low of 82 cents and then it went up to a dollar what told her 60 range and then it came all the way back down to you know 82 again 84 and then it went all the way up again just recently to a dollar 37 and now it’s come back down to where we are at a dollar 10 now we

Might have an opportunity to get down a little bit lower here and maybe get down to the 80 range again if we can get there then it’s definitely gonna be a buy but i just believe what some of the news that’s coming out that this baby is gonna go up i mean explain to you why everyone kept saying today i was doing videos and everyone’s like standard lithium or full

Alert and i’m like what do you mean the stock didn’t go up it stayed the same it’s out of dollar ten but people are like saying it’s a full alert it’s fuller so i read the news standard lithium announces ten point five million baht deal interesting standard lithium sll in canada stl hf in america s 5l dot f in frankfurt germany announces that it has entered into

An agreement with a syndicate of underwriters led by canaccord genuity corp collectively the underwriters pursuant to which the underwriters have agreed to purchase on a bought deal basis pursuant to a short-form prospectus ten million five hundred thousand units otherwise known as the units of the company at a price of one dollar per unit otherwise known as

The offering price for gross proceeds of ten million five hundred thousand otherwise known as the underwriting offering each unit shall consist of one common share and one-half of one common share purchase warrant of the company each whole common share purchase warrant a warrant each warrant shall be exercisable to acquire one common share of the company for

A period of thirty six months from the closing date as herein defined at an exercise price of a dollar thirty subject to an adjustment in certain events interesting in addition the company has granted the underwriters an option the over allotment option and together the underwriter offering the unwritten offering otherwise known as offering to purchase up to 1

Million five hundred and seventy five thousand additional units at the offering price to raise additional gross proceeds of up to 15% of the underwritten offering for a period of 30 days after and including the closing date to cover over allotments if any and for market stabilization purposes wow this could be big guys this could be the start of something big

Why would they give them ten million five hundred thousand dollars at $1 if they thought it wasn’t gonna go way higher the net proceeds from the offering are expected to be used by the company for advancing its existing asset portfolio and general working capital purposes closing of the offering is expected to take place on or about 19th 2019 and is subject to

Certain conditions including but not limited to the receipt of all applicable regulatory approvals including approval of the tsx venture exchange the units to be issued under the offering will be offered by way of a short-form prospectus in each of the provinces of canada except quebec the units may also be offered in the united states on a private placements

Basis pursuant to exemptions from the registration requirements of the united states securities act of 1933 as amended the securities act the us securities act and in certain other jurisdictions in accordance with a kabul securities laws wow this is crazy these guys are playing with the big boys a boat standard lithium i think that lithium could be one of the next

Hot industries and a lot of people are saying that as well and i just try to follow the money okay standard lithium sll v is a specialty chemically chemical company focused on unlocking the value of existing large-scale us-based lithium bryan resources the company believes new lithium production can be brought on stream rapidly by mendes minimizing project risks

At selection stage resource political geographic regulatory and permitting and by leveraging advances in lithium extraction technologies and processes this is what makes them so special the company’s flagship project is located in southern arkansas where it is engaged in the testing and proving of the commercial viability of lithium extraction from over 150,000

Acres of permitted bryan operations utilizing the company’s proprietary selective extraction technology the company is also pursuing the resource development of over 30,000 acres of separate brine leases located in southwestern arkansas’s and approximately 45,000 acres of mineral leases located in the mojave desert and san bernardino county california standard

Lithium is listed on the tsx venture exchange under the symbol s ll quoted on the otc mastic international designation under the symbol s tl h f and in frankfort exchange under the symbol s 5l and the website is standard lithium com so i’d love to know what you guys think now remember rich tv live is strictly for education entertainment purposes always do your

Due diligence always do your research before you invest in anything that we talk about here enrich tv live standard lithium what do you think if you liked this video please smash the like button comment down below share the video everywhere if you win then i win and if i win then you win we all win that’s a win-win situation and that’s what we like to create here

At rich tv live so you know looking at the stock it looks like it could be channeling up from these lower levels might be maybe dip a little bit but i think if you could position yourself this could be a good company long term love to know what you guys think standard lithium i’ve been watching them carefully like a hawk i want to see it go back to $2 if we can

Pick it up around $1 i don’t know i think i i think if we pick it up under $1 then we’re winning big and we’re in a dollar 10 right now and with this news what do you guys think do you think it was higher d goes lower a bought deal financing for ten million five hundred thousand with an option for enough one point five seven five million what do you guys think i

Think this gives them way more incentive to have players involved and hopefully this means that we’ll see this stock do better left to know your guys opinions comment down below this is their website wwm comm and their south arkansas project thanks guys for watching if you’re not winning you’re not watching it’s true this is your boy rich bringing the news stand

With him all over the news announces a ten point five million baht deal financing from a syndicate of underwriters led by canaccord genuity corp i’m out peace

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Standard Lithium Announces $10.5 Million Bought Deal By RICH TV LIVE

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what is backwardation and contan

What is Backwardation and Contango in Futures Markets?

What is Backwardation and Contango in Futures Markets?

Hi my name is patrick boyle on the finance professor king’s college london and the queen mary university of london where i teach the financial derivatives class to masters and finance students welcome to my youtube channel where i trying to help beginners learn about finance and hopefully reach expert level so today’s video is on the topic of backwardation and

Contango in futures markets so let’s try to understand what these terms mean they can be a little confusing at first so a little background the economist john maynard keynes argued that in general the natural hedgers of a commodity are those who wish to sell the commodity in the future and so what he means by that is that producers of a commodity are the people

That are most likely to hedge in his opinion so he argued that if hedgers collectively hold a net short position in the forward futures market the other side of those contracts must then be held by speculators people who are trying to make a profit from from from their trading in in financial futures and so those people must thus hold a net long position hedgers

Are obviously interested in reducing risk and he argued that they will accept losing a little bit of money on their forward contracts in return for for reducing their risk and that equally that in order to attract speculators into the market that there should be a little bit of built-in profit there for them so kings argued that if speculators are holding a net

Long position it must thus be the case that the expected future spot price is greater than the forward price this market situation where the futures price is less than the expected spot price is thus referred to as normal backwardation since the forward or futures prices converge with the spot price at maturity normal backwardation implies that futures prices

For a certain maturity are increasing over time the idea is that hedges of these commodities are essentially willing to pay speculators to take the risk of owning the commodity away from them so then contango contango is our other condition is a condition where the price of distant delivery prices for futures contracts exceeds spot prices and this is often due

To things like storage costs the cost of storing and ensuring the underlying commodity so contango implies the futures prices for a certain maturity are falling over time here’s a chart on your screen right now showing you what contango and backwardation look like versus the expected future spot price of the commodity there are lots of theories as to why certain

Products trade in contango or backwardation and no perfect answer exists it’s still a puzzle that academics are trying to explain today in fact there’s lots of papers that come out you know discussing this very topic some commodities have a way that they normally trade so they either normally trade in contango or normally in backwardation and then from time to

Time they might flip into the other condition driven by the pressures of supply and demand this obviously can materially affect a traders p&l these videos hopefully you are finding useful they’re all based on my book which is called trading and pricing financial derivatives it’s available on amazon and i’ve put a link below if you want to if you want to read

It hopefully you found the video helpful if so i’d love if you could hit the like button below if you’d like to see more videos like this also hit the subscribe button please also feel free to comment below let me know what you think of these videos are they helpful how could i improve them and equally let me know if there are other financial topics that you’d

Like me to cover thanks very much for watching bye and see in the next video

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What is Backwardation and Contango in Futures Markets? By Patrick Boyle

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how i exited the rat race and th

How I Exited The Rat Race and Thrived

I quit my job about 2 months ago and I expected my Networth to stagnate. One month later, to my surprise, it actually increased. Thinking that it was a fluke, I waited another month and I am in wonderment how my Networth can increase MORE than when I was employed. This is an interesting phenomenon because I always had a hunch that if I used the extra time not going to my day job to try to earn money in other ways, I would eventually make more than my day job. I of course did not expect to see my Networth rise more than when I was working. Even though it did the last two months, I have always been a bit skeptical on extrapolating it further. So do not be surprised in a later video where my rate of increase slows down. I am fully expecting this.

How’s it goin everybody this is beat the bush from time to time i like to cover a little bit about my net worth generally most of time nothing all that interesting happens but recently something interesting did happen my last video on my networks basically talked about how i quit my job however my net worth kept on going up now i did not see how much did it go up

But today i’m gonna review a little bit about that given the fact that my residual income my youtube income all of these together basically is a lot less than my engineering job you would think that my net worth would stagnate so i ended my job about two and a half months ago and basically one full month after i checked my net worth and i’m like oh wow it kept on

Going up for some reason what i thought at the time is oh well you know it’s probably because of all these new activities i’m doing i’m like selling a lot more on ebay i’m turning a lot more credit card so i do get a bit of cash back however i do not count airline miles as you know part of my net worth airline miles just gets separated so during my first full month

Of not having a job my net worth actually increased more than while i was working this is like mind-boggling for me first let me cover what i consider net worth which is including residents including all assets – all debts so what you can do for your home is kind of look around what your home value is worth for comparable homes and then subtract out the mortgage

Balance that you have on that home that is your equity in your home and if you sell it one day you know if i sell it one day then yes that is the amount that you would get – you know some fees and possibly some taxes on top of your network you would add any cash you have any kind of brokerage investment account that’s not in retirement and also roth iras retirement

Accounts anything of value including you know i just bought a gold coin so yes you would add the value of that gold coin to it now check out my super favorite chart over here of my net worth i’ve done this over the past eight years now where i check roughly every single month what my net worth is and you can see some time in 2014 it started skyrocket basically home

Value had a lot to do with it because it increased my net worth a lot however recently home values are not really increasing all that much it pretty much stagnated throughout 2017 so because of this fact it makes the last two months of my net worth gains all that much more impressive because it did not really add in the home prices at all it was like other things

That increased my net worth so back in the day around 2014 or so i was sitting around looking at the net worth because i’ve been calculating and looking at it and i look at it and you know i guess i was feeling a little smug about it too i’m like yeah this is great you know i’m doing well i can see it increasing you know exponentially it’s not like a linear thing

You know i’m putting all my effort into it i’m like okay what can i do to reduce my expenses what can i do to increase my income so after several years i came to believe that my net worth is going to increase exponentially and i drew an exponential line through all of this and i calculated that yeah it’s increasing for about a twenty seven percent compounded annual

Growth rate over here and you can see the other the smooth line over there is the twenty seven percent compounded annual growth rate and well the last about nine months or so you can see that it did not really keep pace i’m actually not too sad that it’s not keeping pace with this twenty seven percent compounded annual growth rate mainly because i thought that was

Crazy i always doubted it from you know at least three years ago and i’m just really happy that it actually kept pace for three additional years so i guess as long as it goes linearly from now on i would be pretty happy because i’m in a you know pretty happy area right now where i do not actually have to go to work i have enough residual income enough income from

Youtube to kind of sustain myself and and then a little bit more so you might wonder a little bit how i get the price of the home long ago i just decided to pull the number off of zillow you just find your own place and you know just take that z estimate value over there you can go around looking at all the flyers of comparable homes i figured that’s way too much

Work i just rather take some automatic number because i don’t want to do an estimation of this home every single time i do a net worth calculation every single month so i know this is going to be and sometimes it might be inflated sometimes it might be deflated maybe you know it’s really high maybe it’s really low you know plus minus 10% is all right with me so

What i tribute to all these gains is basically not working when i’m not working i actually have so much more free time and you know you see this on this video on other videos as well that i’m doing all kinds of stuff that i would not normally do when i’m working i just have so much time that i can put some of this time towards earning more money in you know a lot

Of different ways i’ve sped up my ebay i do a lot more you know right here is just another package already i think the volume is about 2 to 3 x as much as when i’m working so right there’s a little bit more income of course i do note that it’s not sustainable because you cannot go around selling all your stuff for money because eventually you’ll end up with you

Know nothing left at your home but in my case i’m trying to get rid of my stuff i just have way too much things and it’s a positive for me because i can get money out of it and also at the same time i can reduce the number of things i have another contributing factor is my bitcoin investment now it must have been me not going to my regular job that caused me to

Have extra time to research into this because without it i probably would not do it as soon with that extra free time i’m like okay you know let me look into this let me start some account and i’ve been starting a lot of different accounts left and right and it’s this extra time of kind of applying myself to new income sources that is kind of adding a little bit at

A time on top of you know my meager income that i think i’m getting right now in comparison to an engineering job of course but because of all this activity i do think that eventually it’s going to climb up enough and right now in the last two months it has already in terms of net worth that it probably would surpass my regular engineering income eventually on the

Horizon i have two new investment opportunities that i am very very bullish in that i like to talk about now i already bought into this i don’t like to buy into things without talking about it very much until i have the whole sum that i think i’m gonna be holding then i go and you know make a video about it and you know talk about why i’m so bullish why i like this

Stock and why i’m holding on to it i just kind of like to do things watch it for a little while and then you know if i feel comfortable i’ll announce what particular things are in my investment portfolio so now let’s look at a zoomed in version of the last few months every single dot over here represent one single month but the fourth dot from the right over here

Is just you know additional sampling that i did i just did another net worth calculation in the middle of the month that’s why you see an extra dot over there sometimes you see huge dips that’s really really big mainly i think these are mainly from big dips in zillow calculations sometimes they have these wild fluctuations and i don’t know why but i just chose to

Take whatever it says and plop it into my network calculation it’s a good enough measure that i’m okay with so right around the fifth dot from the right and everything to the left of that is when i still had my job and you can see ok i’m accumulating money i’m getting my paycheck and all and i’m putting most of this into my savings but you got a note at that time i

Also had youtube income i also had investment income i had all this stuff set up already so it’s still a little puzzling to me i’m looking at it and i’m still like not too sure why i’m you know like it comes like every little source that contributes to it increase a little bit and you know the the final final number is this network number and somehow you look at

The slope at the last two or three dots and the second to the right dot oh my gosh some somehow it just jumped up i quit my job and the slope you know it’s going like this quit my job and it goes boom so okay so by this logic i probably shoulda quit sooner or maybe you know instead of hanging around at home making and making these youtube videos i should really

Go on vacation or something and maybe my net worth will go up even more so what’s the moral of this story here when you quit your job you have a lot more time i had a lot more time i used this time to make more money i used the skills i learned on how to make more money online investments every other way i take the time and i hustle with it i go you know what can

I do today i can make these videos i can do sponsorship content i can research into investment opportunities like i said i found two new investment opportunities already going forward and this full-time force of trying to earn money for myself in various different ways is a force to be reckoned with and i’m not just talking about myself i think anybody that has

As much time as i do after they quit their job they’re likely gonna be able to find other ways to make a lot of money as well now is it hard to take that leap of faith i certainly could not take that leap of faith myself if suddenly you ask me to quit my job while at the same time i mean no side income at all and then you just tell me to kind of trust in yourself

And you’ll make something you’ll make enough eventually then i probably would be very antsy about that i would refuse to do that because i’ve heard about it before long time ago i went out to eat with some co-workers we went to this little hotdog stand in san jose there’s this guy that used to be an engineer and he made started his own hotdog stand i think it’s

A sausage stand and he used to work at i don’t know broadcom or something like that and you know he just quit picked things up and started his own very successful sausage thing and then you look at that and you’re like wow you know i wish i had the guts to do that that’s what i thought at the time i wish i had the guts to do that i guess at some point i’m like

Well you know i need to do something i need to hustle i need to you know make a little bit somehow how can i make a penny how can i make ten cents how can i make one dollar outside of work okay do it anyway you can do it in a sustainable manner do it in a scalable manner i hope you guys enjoyed this video and this update on my net worth don’t forget to give me a

Like on this video comment down below let me know if you can take the leap of faith if you’re interested in supporting my channel check out my audible link down in the video description below i also have a patreon over here where i give perks such as help your credit score or help with your finances and as always don’t forget to subscribe to my channel over here

And click that bell icon next to that subscribe button so that you get a new notification whenever i upload a brand new video thanks for watching

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How I Exited The Rat Race and Thrived By BeatTheBush

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how to get your denied vacation

How to Get Your Denied Vacation Approved

Have you ever gotten denied vacation time when you need it most? Here are some strategies to help you get it with a higher chance of success.

You know i can totally see getting fired for this if i made this video while i was still working luckily i quit my job and now i only need to make these videos which is kind of like a unique position for me during my career as an engineer i asked for vacation and generally you get your vacation but one time i actually got refused and then i had to make an argument

And so i still got it anyway so today’s video is about what do you say in response to this so that you can get your way so that you can get your vacation anyway because we probably know you really need it now the general rule of thumb i feel is best probably you need to a lot about one week per day of vacation that you ask for therefore if you ask for the knicks

Friday off you’ve got to do it before the friday of the previous week if you ask for two days well two weeks before that you can reduce this by a little bit but not by much from this from my experience now if you push it too hard for example you ask for that friday off on a tuesday or a wednesday if you do this too many times your reputation is gonna get called into

Question because your boss will see well you can’t really schedule that well and how come you all always have these little sudden things that comes up and you rather go play instead of going to work so this really questions your motivation of you know doing your best for the company and this does not sit well you know next time when they do layoffs next time when

They see who’s working the most and stuff they are more likely to keep the people that are harder workers than people that keep on taking all these vacations now this does not mean that you should give as much warning as possible for example you know that you need to do something maybe three months down the road and you ask for a couple days of vacation because of

That if you ask for your vacation too early this might actually be used as leverage against you i’ve seen this myself for example if you ask for one week vacation you only need to take five days off right so you only need about five weeks of advance notice if you say ask for it three months in advance your co-workers and your boss are gonna tend to use this against

You usually it comes up in conversation they might ask you to do something and then they would add in a little blip at the end oh because you’re on going vacation you should do this in this so this would naturally occur more often the earlier that you asked for purification because there’s just simply more time to do it true story here i asked for my vacation i’m

Not gonna say where i went you know just in case someone is watching this video but it was for about a week of vacation and i asked it at a time where the company was very very busy and i was you know doing something very important however i would i’ve been slogging away at it for months and i was just starting to get burnt out i really really needed to go on this

Vacation so i asked for it knowing that you know i might have a small chance of success but i really needed it that’s why i asked for it my boss kinda said no it’s like well we’re actually very busy right now so then i responded with i don’t know what to say i know we have a deadline coming but i’ve been working at this for so long i feel so strung out i feel like

If i keep on going at this i’m just going to snap or something then i got it yes it was a little bit of a show but usually you know even if you feel really bad it’s hard to convey this if you just say it you know with very blank messages you know you’re not emotional about it then it’s easy for your boss to ignore you really this is like a human interaction thing

You have to show the other person that you really needed it be it okay maybe you don’t really need it but personally at the time when i did it i really needed it and maybe i went a little bit overboard kind of acting the part another thing that you can say without so much acting is perhaps you can say well you’ve been working at this and you’re just kind of strung

Out and i really think that my performance is gonna go down if i don’t go on this vacation i really need this you know that’s something that you could just kind of say without kind of getting you know crazy i’d i’m gonna snap type of thing now when you’re actually doing this it’s kind of like a negotiation here it’s kind of sad that you have two weeks three weeks

Four weeks of vacation and you actually have to negotiate for the time that’s yours already at companies they always go well you yes the time is yours except you have to take your time off at a time where aligned with business practices so therefore it’s not like you can take it any time that you want you have to wait until you know it’s not tax season or something

There’s a downtime but it’s just that because sometimes you have a personal life where it does not necessarily align with business goals when you ask for your vacation usually it comes in the way of an informal ask first you go into your boss and go hey you know i’m taking thinking about taking such and such time off before you actually just go in the system if

There is a system and then you fill out you know the requests and stuff with all the paperwork it’s better to just go in to give a warning and then once you go in your boss it’s gonna give you some indication some body language you know something they say you know to reject this once you kind of get a feel for that they’re probably gonna reject it because maybe

You ask for too early or maybe the company is very busy with projects or something you need to give your case for taking your time off you need to give a good reason for it before they actually say no because once they say no they’re actually locked into a pride kind of thing because once they say no it’s their authority that you’re challenging against once it’s

Been verbalized it’s really hard to take back you probably notice yourself if you happen to say no to something it becomes a bigger hurdle to say okay i changed my mind because this happens a lot less then you know if it goes on in your head and then you approve the vacation you know in the point of view of the boss then it becomes a lot easier so your your job

Here when you ask for informally is to pose where you want to what you want to do how much time you want to get off kind of give a get a gauge for if they’re gonna reject you or not and then if you kind of sense this you have to be ready to make your case before they verbalizing and no this generally is gonna work a lot better than if they actually say no and you

Try to overturn this this decision and thanks for watching this video and think i’m in a very unique position of having work somewhere and now i can just blab all about it you know tell you all the secrets kind of like a person who says too much at the lunch table sometimes they won’t even say something like because it might jeopardize their own position right

Now there is no position for me to jeopardize because i can just tell you all that it is including that 401k front-loading thing a bunch of things that you know where i can just tell you like it is like as if you know we’re friends sitting in a living room outside of company areas and stuff and i can just tell you like it is what you can do to you know make the

Most advantage of things for yourself thanks for watching this video don’t forget to give me a like to push that subscribe button and ring that bell icon thanks for watching

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How to Get Your Denied Vacation Approved By BeatTheBush

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truth about stock market analyst

Truth about Stock Market Analysts! #Gopro

Link to join StockHub free investing discord server: –~–

No intro for this video it doesn’t even deserve an intro i don’t even want to do this video but i’m freakin fired up about the subject we’re talking about today i’ve had countless subscribers asked about gopro sake because it’s been downgraded three times within like the past six days it’s ridiculous when gopro stock has just been obliterated it’s been obliterated

Ever since really january because analysts after als has come out downgrading the stock so we’re gonna look at some analysts today we’re gonna really see how little they know and how big of a deal it needs to even pay attention to analyst and how you should never pay attention to an analyst guys we’re gonna view all these today if i’m gonna explain to you my

Side of things so first off analyst generally speaking these analysts they come out of college they graduate they go straight to work for these wall street firms they’ve never created a business in their life they’ve never they can’t even invest in the stocks they talk about it’s illegal to do that you cannot even invest in the stocks they talk about so they’re

They’re not investing they’re not investors they’re not stock market investors they’re not stock market experts they’ve never trained a business in their life they’ve never made a dime on their own name they just get their paychecks every week and they want us to listen to them never made a dime in the stock market never created a business but yeah you’re gonna

Tell me how to run a business you’re gonna tell me what the future of a business is you’re gonna tell me where stocks going over time and you’ve never done it for yourself give me a freakin break so let’s view some things here and we’ll look at how stupid these analysts are i’m sorry i’m freakin fired up this is probably the most fired up i’ll ever be on a video and

Probably the most negativity you’ll ever see coming out of me in a video but we got some fire to bring you these guys today so let’s look at this so this is from july 31st 2015 less than two years ago less than two years ago go pro stock jumping following city upgrade okay so this city analyst shares a gopro were jumping three percent up to sixty three dollars and

59 cents remember the stock is $8 currently goes below 80 dollars i think this thing is seven something in the early market trading on friday after analyst at city upgrade the action camera maker this morning the firm raised price target on gopro 290 dollars from $63 city analysts pointed to the mega trends in flying cameras virtual reality space analysts see the

Drone opportunity is attractive and expects gopro to rake in sales of anywhere from 5 billion to 10 billion by 2020 guys i’m a gopro bowl you guys know that well hmm i don’t even expect him to do anywhere close to 5 to 10 billion i think it’s possible they could do maybe 4 billion dollars in revenue by 2020 but 5 to 10 billion dollars what are you smoking and this

Shows the the pure nonsense 5 to 10 billion dollars in sales and remember this is less than 2 years ago less than 2 years ago this analyst came out when gopro was a hot stock at that time upgraded them guys upgraded them ok let’s go to the next one aaron murphy a paper jeffrey rates gopro as an overweight and we’re gonna talk about aaron murphy a little later guys

He’s great as an overweight this is another one from less than two years ago an upgrade from the previous rating of neutral the price target on the stock was set for $55 a primary more a reason murphy upgraded the stock was a survey recently published by piper jaffray that suggested increasing uptake of the company’s devices a survey show that the company’s device

Ownership is nearing 18% up 13% from 2014 so we’re gonna look at this this lady a little bit later guys and go into depth on her and see what’s really going on but a an upgrade because of a survey to $55 hmm wow wow okay let’s go the next one we upgrade gopro to overweight and raise our price target to $65 on solid execution new products acquisitions external hires

And continued brand strength these guys upgrade this is barclays barclays bank when the biggest banks in europe probably the biggest investment bank in europe they upgrade it to $65 guys this was less than two years ago once again okay let’s go to the next one friday morning however jp morgan this one’s from about two years and three months ago jp morgan analyst

Paul koster kendyl the fire upgrading gopro to an overweight from a neutral with a $70 price target why he sees big catalyst ahead including holiday sales lien inventories upcoming consumer electronics shows and international expansion oh gosh and back then gopro was one of the most overpriced oxide ever seen and i was in i didn’t pay it super close attention to

Gopro back then but i kind of saw some of this stuff because gopro has talked a lot about on tv and whatnot and i was like they’re freaking clueless man these guys are freaking clueless on what a seat this stock was treating over $60 and they had one product at that time one product one product cameras they had some accessories to go with that one product in there

Upgrading the stock to past $60 a $65 price target from barclays and it was analyst after analyst after analyst after analyst upgrading a stock in mind you this is two years ago some of this is not even two years ago it’s a year and a half ago guys no let’s look at today that’s fast forward so this is from actually yesterday’s as part of the reason why gopro stock

Fell drastically yesterday shares a gopro hit record lows monday after second major downgrade on concerns of the action camera maker has reached its limits on of its markets the stock fell nearly 8% hovering a little above $8 blah blah blah goldman sachs downgraded to a $6 in price target from $9.50 gopro faces significant challenges following saturation of its core

Action camera market product rollout issues in the holiday season and disappointing entry into the drone market analyst simona janakowski who we’re gonna look at in just a second wrote in a note to clients okay so this is another thing i brothers me about these analysts what the hell are they sometimes they want to talk short-term sometimes they want to look back

Into the past what does the blast holiday season have to do with anything in the future and then sometimes they want to look to 2020 and that was 2015 remember a few a few pages ago they were talking about 2020 so they’re talking about five years in the future now they’re looking in the past and saying well because this happened in the past we’re downgrading the

Stock to a six dollar stock now are you short term are you long term what are you analysts this is another thing it drives me nuts you know if like when i talk i’m talking a minimum of one year if i’m looking into a stock mainly like three years out plus but a minimum a year these guys it’s like wait no no they care about the past no they care about what’s gonna

Happen in the next quarter nobody care about what’s happened in two quarters ahead no no they care about what’s happening your head gosh okay so let’s look at this analysts here goldman sachs analyst simona joukowsky janikowski assumes coverage on apple goldman sachs assumed coverage on apple from bill shop to simone and janikowski with a by rating this is from

2015 september 22nd 2015 a price target 163 dollars they slept 163 dollar price target on apple on september 22nd 2015 well the next year at september 22nd 2016 the stock was a hundred and fourteen dollars so why do they even try to do these price targets guys it’s like maybe they can get lucky but give me a break you’re not even close and this is the majority

The time they’re never even close and these price targets to the downside or the upside guys so this simona right i did a little research on her simona earned a degree excuse me huh a bachelors of science degree in chemical engineering from the university of california berkeley blah blah blah chemical engineering you earned a chemical engineering degree and you

Want me to listen to you about business you’ve never created a business for yourself in your life you’ve never invested and made a lot of money in the stock market and you want me to listen to you as a chemical engineer chemical engineer guys oh gosh is painful painful i’m gonna have the big one when i’m like 45 years old i’m doing these videos i’m telling you it’s

Painful chemical engineering never ran a business in your life and i’m gonna listen to you and people should listen to you oh give me a break so now let’s go back and look at erin murphy piper jeffery analyst aaron murphy is divided on expectations between gopro and fitbit head of their third quarter results blah blah blah she was kind of bullish on fitbit she’s

Probably one of the biggest bears on the street as far as gopro goes so let’s look at her as you we recommend taking analyst notes with a grain of salt according to tips ranked analyst aaron murphy ranked 3,970 out of 4,000 178 analyst shira shiva she’s one of literally the worst analysts in the world and this is like the face of bearish analysts on gopro she’s

Like the most bearish of the bears you know she’s like the one that has been bearish from several months now guys and this is the one we’re supposed to listen to three thousand nine hundred and something ranked out of four thousand one hundred holy smokers and listen to this so here’s even better piper jaffray analyst aaron murphy came out to defend fitbit this

Is in january 2016 so barely over a year ago year and two months ago or whatever she came out to defend fitbit which was down like 12% that day after announcing the new blaze so she talks about all that stuff but let’s bingley go down and look toward the bottom the firm maintain is so her basically an overweight rating on fitbit of with a praise target of $60 $60

Guys this was a little over one year ago she had a $60 price target on fitbit fitbit right now is a $6 stock oh gosh i hope you guys can see why these analysts are just freakin clueless it’s unbelievable so analyst it was just something interesting i found out how much do these analysts actually make well on average in the united states and analyst makes around

Fifty six thousand dollars right in new york city they make around on average around one hundred and twenty two thousand dollars i’m like how does an analyst even like naked out of new york city one hundred and twenty two thousand dollars if you live where i live in nevada you live you know some of the places i’ve lived like charlotte north carolina or phoenix

Arizona you would live like a king if you make one hundred twenty two thousand a year you can probably have a five six bedroom house and you live like a king when you live in new york city you’re making 120 mm it’s like holy smokes that’s like that’s like tough so anyways analyst do you listen to them i don’t you can if you want to if you want to listen analyst you

Can listen to analysts a bunch of people have never done in their lives as far as business a bunch of people have never invested money and they can’t even invest money in the stocks if there’s negative on a position they can’t even short that position if they say if they’re super bullish on such a such stock they cannot even go go long that stock guys it’s illegal

For them to do it so should you even listen to them why would you i mean you can it would be like me okay i’ve never really played soccer yeah i’ve never i mean never really played soccer right i could start studying soccer and those kinds of things and learning about soccer and then i could start preaching of soccer players okay this is how you become soccer a great

Soccer player would that make any sense well i’ve never played soccer for myself but because i studied a little bit and i don’t really have a soccer background but i studied a little bit so now you should listen to me as soccer i haven’t been a fistfight since i was in probably the fifth grade and let’s say it’s but i watched some boxing matches right i watch some

Ufc sometimes so therefore i know a lot about boxing so i’m gonna teach you how to be the best fighter have beat anybody up in a fight i’ve seen i’ve watched a couple martial arts videos on youtube before so like i know so much about like fighting now so you should listen to me on how to become a professional fighter and kick anybody’s ass give me a break that’s

What these people are trying to do oh gosh it’s a painful video have a good day though you

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Truth about Stock Market Analysts! #Gopro By Financial Education

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promises of minimalism

Promises of Minimalism

Becoming a minimalist has often been touted as a positive thing, something to strive for in today’s world. There are many advantages of doing so which might be why it has caught on so quickly. Often, when people talk about becoming a minimalist they talk about doing so then travelling the world. The advantages could also be intangible in terms of greater understanding of yourself. I explain much of this and my take on minimalism and also my personal journey.

How’s it going everybody this is beat the bush it seems like becoming a minimalist it’s like a new trend out there today i’m gonna focus on the promises of becoming a minimalist what will you gain if you decide to go that route for me i am completely not a minimalist right now but i feel like i’m kind of heading there and i don’t know when it’s actually gonna stop

Every single week these days i seem to fill up my whole entire trash can and for the past month i’ve sold so much of my stuff i gained about $4,000 in cash you know you’re getting a lot more serious about it like i have because i now have a waste fund something mentally in my head that i’m willing to burn about a thousand to two thousand dollars worth of value i’m

Willing to toss this value in the trash can in an effort to get me there a little bit faster so this means if i have something that’s $5 in value or so and it takes a lot of work to list something and finally being able to sell it so sometimes it takes way too long or maybe people just don’t want it because i made an effort of listening it it’s just sitting there

And no one is willing to buy it so i’m like okay maybe it is where five dollars if i wait a whole year someone will buy it but then now i want to get rid of it right now so because i’m not really selling this thing i will never know the true value that i can actually get for this item so instead i’m gonna go okay i’m gonna throw it in the trashcan or i’m gonna

Donate it this is much faster i’m gonna trim down all the things i’ve listed for sale and if the price happens to be really low and i’ve noticed that maybe it stuck around for way too long well maybe this is something that people just don’t want at all so i’m gonna go and trim down maybe 10% of the stuff and then go okay you know what this stuff i’m not gonna sell

I’m just going to throw it in their trash can or donate and just right then and there i can go okay chop get rid of so it’s a more immediate thing i can do it much faster or else if you wait around too long it’s gonna take forever before you can actually get your way onto this minimalism thing people just wants to minimize they want to own very few items but what’s

The reason behind it there’s this marie kondo thing basically everything that you should spark joy or maybe it’s very useful i just went over the goodbye things book by fumio sasaki and this is a bit more extreme a level than the marie kondo thing his version however he’s basically cutting down to actual minimalism he has like a hundred two hundred items or so now

In these books they always try to take care to try to warn people to not look at this in terms of a competition don’t look at it like oh i’m gonna have less items than you and just because you have few items you shouldn’t be like trying to get other people to get as few items as you have and then tell them oh you know look what position you’re in just kind of like

A showing off type of thing this is more like a personal thing if you want to do it yourself do it for yourself only now before looking deep into what this whole trend is all about most people would just look at it on the surface and go oh minimalism oh you’re gonna have very few items okay yeah that’s interesting but why the promise surrounds a lot of different

Things one of them being that you can think more clearly it promises you a better life a happier life now one way to think about all this is that every single human being has a limited capacity to think about certain number of things every single day you can get fatigued if let’s say there’s something i don’t want around let’s say this mug okay every time i watch

The dishes i’m gonna come across this mug and it’s gonna cross my mind the act of this thought crossing my mind takes a non-0 time and if you have let’s say a thousand of these things crossing your mind every single day when you look at a bunch of clutter everywhere then all these tiny little thoughts it’s gonna add up more and more if those little thoughts are

Completely gone because it can very well be if you no longer own that item it’s very rare that you’re gonna go oh i remember that mug because most of time when you get rid of it you’re never gonna remember about it again when you have a whole bunch of other mugs already that you’re washing when you don’t waste these thoughts then you free up your mind it becomes

Kind of like a blank canvas you have cycles in your brain to think about other things the first benefit that you can have with minimizing of course is when you don’t have so many things that you do not use every single day you keep everything that you actually use all the things that just sits around if you do not have them they no longer depreciate under your

Hands some things to appreciate however most things depreciate all the way down to zero when you reduce the number of things that you have it makes things easier to clean so every single time that you have to do a cleaning cycle it’ll take less time and if you happen to not be cleaning because it’s so much work if you reduce a number of things suddenly you’re

Gonna find yourself cleaning again and you’re gonna always be in a much cleaner space because it takes almost no time to clean now when you minimize visual noises also reduce think of this as like when you’re in a bar and you’re trying to think about the solution of some math problem it becomes very difficult because people are talking maybe someone’s talking at

You already and you just cannot think this is the same thing with visual noise where you have a whole bunch of things maybe a bunch of stuffed animals like this set it’s too noisy for minimalist audio noise getting in your ear if this is keeping you from thinking clearly visual noise is also gonna keep you from thinking clearly as well so you know to me this is

Like pretty straightforward and very very reasonable now one of the benefits usually cited is that when you have less things you also need less space you think of this as renting space for those things if you have like let’s say this couch right i actually have to pay for the spot that this couch is sitting in how much am i paying every single month for this now you

Cannot realize how much savings that you have unless you actually move to a smaller spot because eventually you have less stuff so if you happen to have just a lot of empty space and you never actually move well you’re not going to be saving money in that case a lot of the times these minimalism videos talk about doing more important things in life in my video i

Talked about early retirement and like not getting in the commute not working to do more important things in life and people always ask what’s more important what’s so important about your life that you need to get rid of all this stuff minimize visual noise what are you gonna actually do what is it exactly in these books they talked about the more important things

As in building relationships with friends and fam sometimes they talk about spending more money on experiences right because experiences does not take up space this is arguable to me because you could actually have a lot of noise in terms of experiences maybe you’re doing every single new thing possible as a human being all these new things maybe you’re gonna go

Knit something maybe you’re gonna milk a cow or something just all these different little things that yes they are new experiences but do you necessarily want to do every single thing conceivable as a human being well i think might be the true benefit here is quite intangible you cannot actually put a price tag on this because i think that once you’re a minimalist

Once you have a lot more cleared off of your brain and you’re able to think more clearly possibly if you use this time properly and kind of meditate on things right then maybe you can use this time to generate more wealth maybe you can have a breakthrough maybe you can have a new perspective on life how much is that worth a new way to look at life in general this

Might transcend over actual monetary value because if you wake up the next morning or maybe you’re meditating and you’re just sitting in an empty living room with no couch air or something and then you know you come to this realization of life in general oh my gosh what am i doing why am i buying all this stuff what i have been doing my whole life has been wrong

All this time because you come to this new realization that material goods is not everything this i myself have struggled with because i still like material goods i still like things i still like like a brand new camera or like a brand new car so as you get closer to it i feel like you might kind of warm up to it more and more you might come to a realization so it

Probably depends on the person what you do with this minimization minimizing is a tool to help you as a person get to somewhere else you can definitely become a minimalist maybe you have 100 items at some point in your life and perhaps you might just actually squander this away you’re gonna have this very bearing lifestyle but then if you don’t do anything with it

It’s really up to you then it could also be considered that you’re wasting it because you actually did not come to a new realization but i feel like once you put yourself in that position it might be hard to actually avoid so where is the proof that minimization is actually the way it’s just my own gut feeling and i personally am slowly crawling there and then you

Might look at all the famous minimalist because they’re popping up left and right maybe due to the minimization that is the reason how they’re able to get more creative to create more that becomes a wealth driver for them you might go oh this might be a little weird because in an effort to become a minimalist maybe you have a new perspective on life and then maybe

Due to this you gain a lot more wealth and yet at that point even though you’re a minimalist you actually don’t need to buy all that much for yourself so you have more wealth and yet you don’t actually need it even though you’re able to obtain it later on when you minimize you start with a clean sheet of paper it allows you to focus on what’s important to you

Imagine this video is not even here the gadgets that you bought where you have to find a whole bunch of other accessories in order to go with the original thing that you bought imagine that not being there all of a sudden the work that you need to do this research that you have to do to buy those accessories is completely gone imagine you no longer want that voice

Controlled internet digital assistant that you want to buy all of a sudden you don’t have to go and research a whole bunch of different ones you know all that it’s off the table then you know you free up your mind to do other things i hope all these ideas spells out why you should actually consider minimalism you can kind of see that financial independence retire

Early being frugal being anti-consumerist and minimalism itself of course all these things they have a similar taste to all of this all of these generally get you to reduce your burn rate get you to consume less and allows you to have more time to yourself thanks for watching this video i hope this was some food for thought don’t forget to give me a like push

Subscribe button and ring that bell icon thanks for watching

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Promises of Minimalism By BeatTheBush

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is it too late to buy apple stoc

Is it too Late to Buy Apple Stock? 18 NOW! 5G Coming!

Link to join StockHub free investing discord server: Want to join our free STOCKHUB discord chat? Here is the link

Well welcome into my favorite new series on the channel called is it too late to buy i’ve done a few of these videos recently i did one on uber stock is it too late to buy uber stock is it too late to buy beyond meat stock is it too late to buy tesla stock dang i was back when tesla’s 380 and that wasn’t that long ago i did one called is it too late to buy facebook

Stock when it was 202 dollars and here today we’re talking about the most profitable company in the world otherwise known as apple corporation this is a stock that is approaching three hundred and twenty dollars a share now it’s over three hundred eighteen dollars a share that is apple stock we’re talking about is it too late to buy apple stock and whenever i

Do one of these videos is it too late to buy it’s always on a stock that’s gone up a bunch and look at the apple stock chart i mean just look at the one year on this one you could pick up the stock for 150 160 dollars a share at this same time last year if the stock price is literally double since that time and keep in mind we’re talking about apple here you know

The most profitable company in the world a massive company over a trillion dollar market cap for it to make that type of move in a one year span is absolutely incredible okay if any of you guys need a refresher on apple which you really shouldn’t okay they have a business where they sell what’s called mac’s okay they’re otherwise known as like personal computers

Laptops things like that they have an ipad business which i’m using an ipad as i do this video right now okay obviously the bulk of their business if you’re thinking about the revenue the big revenue driver the big profit driver for apple it is the iphone business okay that is a granddaddy of them all they also have an apple watch business they have an apple tv

Business they now even have a credit card in the market air pods are obviously huge i have an accessories business and then they have this services business that it’s absolutely growing into a gigantic business for itself as it’s a business is doing you know 10 billion dollars plus now per quarter in revenue not per year per quarter ten billion dollars plus per

Quarter now at this point in time is what the services business is doing so that’s absolutely incredible it continues to roar higher and don’t expect those services revenue numbers to decline anytime soon apples taking services more and more adding more and more services on so the revenue will likely increase in future years for apple when it comes to the services

Business and a lot of that services business it is a very very profitable business for apple so look to the for that to continue to expand and that will help apple continue to expand profitability a services business is absolutely phenomenal for them okay now apple stock this is now a one point four trillion one point four trillion dollar market cap on this company

Absolutely incredible okay now market cap doesn’t tell us a heck of a lot other than you know what the market value is that company as of right now we really like to look at the trailing p and the forward p when we’re trying to figure out like valuation basis we know apple is a great company we know apple customers continue to come back to apple products we know

They have a great management team there we know all that so really when we’re trying to figure out apple stock we’re not trying to figure it out from is this a good business or not we all know it’s a great business the question is is the valuation right okay that’s what we really got to figure out when it comes to a stock like apple ticker symbol aapl so trailing

P on this one nearly 27 forward p of over 21 as of right now okay now apple typically apple typically trades in 11 to 17 pe range i’ve been an on-and-off shareholder of apple for years and i’ve tracked this stock for years now you know at least the last let’s say five to seven years and i can tell you throughout that time apple has historically you know over the

Past number of years traded in p ranges of 11 to 17 so when we start talking about a 21 to 27 pe range for apple stock we’re definitely talking about a much higher range than what we’ve been used to when it comes to a valuation basis with a stock like apple stock that’s just really high i mean look at that nearly at 27 and over 21 ford p that’s that’s to the highest

I’ve seen for apple since they mean all their huge growth days back when iphone was just a growing beast okay no i always stuck up for apple in regards to i thought it was it was to disrespect i thought you know wall street never gave enough respect to the fact that if you buy an ipad yeah and your ipad breaks gonna buy the next ipad okay you buy an iphone you buy

The next iphone that comes out it’s not like people just kind of trade in and out of these it’s the software the ios that’s what draws people in so people never get credit to the unbelievable business model that apple had there and always thought to deserve to be valued more like a coca-cola stock okay look at some of the coca-cola stocks very overvalued coca-cola

Straight-up is very overvalued right now but it trades at a ford p of twenty five and a half if we look at a stock like pepsi another overvalued company definitely overvalued right now okay but pepsi traits out of twenty four okay once again another overvalued stock and you look at something like apple trades at a twenty one now it is not our job to necessarily say

You know apple should be trading at this valuation these other stocks shouldn’t although you don’t like i said coca-cola and pepsi are overvalued there’s no question about that i would absolutely say apple stock deserves to be trading at a higher for p than a stock like coca-cola or pepsi but there’s not always the way it works out and just because you know those

Stocks are very overvalued doesn’t mean apple deserves to be very overvalued as well but i do like to stick up for apple in that regard when i look at apple the business model in my opinion is pretty much just as safe as a business model you look at something like a coca-cola or pepsi it’s not like people just make a decision to just swap out devices that’s not

The way this works man you use a mac all the time guess what you’re getting for your next computer another mac okay that’s the way this business works okay now apple has something very very big coming for its business here okay that will help the business grow quite a bit when we’re talking about revenues and we’re talking about profitability and that’s gonna be

The 5g iphones now those are gonna come out likely in september at least be shown off we’ll see when it actually gets launched maybe some of them come out in october maybe january we don’t know exactly when the iphones will come out but they’ll likely be shown off in september because that’s the way apple’s done it for the last you know 10 plus years apple every

September they show off the new iphones and you know this coming september should be the 5g iphones you know a lot of the android players are already starting to show off their 5g iphones some are already in the market no we know with one of these technology changes apple doesn’t necessarily be in front of everybody they like to you know let some other players come

Out with theirs see how they do in the market see how interest is then apple comes out with theirs when it’s ready and so if we’re looking at this likely september will be when the 5g iphones come out no i don’t think these these are the initial 5g iphones will do super super amazing i think they’re gonna do very well in the market but i don’t think they’re gonna

Do super super amazing and the reason being is the price point will be very high for these first 5g iphones if you’re looking at this then you know i got it up here okay so samsung they have a galaxy s 10 5g in the market right now okay the entry-level model you know entry-level memory 256 gigs that sorts of 1,200 bucks and they actually brought that price down

And it’s still $1200 so you’ll definitely get an initial surge of people that get those 5g iphones when they come out you know regardless if it’s a $1200 price point or a $1,500 price point you definitely have a certain segment of the apple consumer base that will definitely get those iphones but if you’re talking about the massive numbers and if you’re talking

About the mass market consumers for apple stock in the united states europe in many markets around asia china and whatnot if you’re talking about those folks upgrading i think that will really come in 2022 rather than 2021 okay so september 2021 is when a 5g iphone should be shown off that will be under $1,000 maybe a $9.99 price point maybe an $8.99 price point

And so that will be big for apple i do not believe apple will come out with a 5g iphone that will start under $1000 on this initial batch i believe you’re gonna have to wait for the september 2021 and then that gets things really really interesting for apple stock in 2022 and i think you could definitely see some really big iphone volumes actually in 2022 because

Once again not everybody can afford a $1500 iphone but if we’re talking $800 now you’re talking much more mass-market so i think if you’re just looking at the next you know 12 to 18 months it’s gonna be you know the start of the 5g cycle and things are really going to roaring in about two to three years from now guys okay you might wonder how the heck do i know

These sorts of things that way no why would i make a prediction like that well i’ve owned apple on and off for years now i tracked this company very heavily and so i generally know what’s going on i also own you know significant stakes in two semiconductor suppliers one named cirrus logic one named sky work solutions that does business with apple so you know i

Have a pretty good understanding no i don’t have any connections inside apple that makes me feel you know why they’ll come out with this iphone in this price point at this time being that i have these investments in this company and i do you know extensive studies on this company you know i can definitely kind of formulate an opinion there okay now if we look at

What analysts are expecting around the stock over the next you know couple years so you know definitely eps is expected to go up in current year in next year up to $15 actually in 2021 revenue is expected to grow from 276 million to 299 million 6% to 8% revenue growth expected over the next couple years so this is a business that will grow over the next couple of

Years there’s no question about that but is this a business that’s gonna grow 15% 20% even a 12% number it doesn’t look like that it looks like apple might be able to get back to growth in like maybe a 5 to 10 percent growth rate which would definitely be attractive but apple is no longer like this fast growing company in the law of large numbers have really caught

Up with apple and even if they come out with a really really successful 5g iphone it’s hard to move the needle in any major way around revenue growth as far as expecting like revenues to grow you know go up 15 or 20 percent it’s just it’s such a big company now that even if a particular iphone generation sells better than the last one it’s still hard to boost those

Numbers up just this is law of large numbers that’s what happens to all companies when they get this big you know especially apple so at the end of the day when i look at this apple stock it’s not very attractive you know what i’ll say it’s not attractive at all to me okay that’s what i’ll say okay an apple stock is not attractive at all to me up around $320 it’s

Just not or even over 300 in general i mean that that trailing ps at 27 the forward p is over 21 the balance sheet is still good but it’s not as great as it once was okay they still have about a hundred billion dollars in short-term investments in cash they have another 100-plus billion in long-term investments but they do have about ninety two billion dollars

In long-term debt now debt is at very low interest rates but still ninety two billion dollars of debt is ninety two billion dollars of debt so a good balance sheet it’s not the you know smashing great balance sheet that it once was and there was once upon a time i called apple stock the easiest money in the stock market from a risk/reward standpoint and you know

I always gotta look at risk reward and i’m you know i did a video over a year ago and i basically said anything under $170 it’s easy money in apple stock absolutely the easiest money could possibly make i bought apple stock when it made that huge dip back in january of last year five thousand dollars worth i think we made a two thousand dollar profit and a very

Short amount of time with that one in the days of apple stock being the easiest money and the stock market are over in my opinion i no longer look at apple stock as the easiest money in the stock market i gave that title you know six months ago or nine months ago i gave that title over to facebook stock from a risk reward standpoint that’s now the easiest money in

The stock market to make but apple has climbed so much the valuation has risen so much the trailing p has risen so much the four p has risen so much when i look at all that apple is no longer the super interesting stock like it once was when you could pick up these shares for a hundred fifty bucks a year ago or a few years ago like when warren buffett first started

Buying apple stock it was like ninety two bucks ninety five dollars a share one hundred dollars a share when there was all this drama and all i was worried about all iphone sales are gonna be weak in the short term and things like that you know that was that was easy money that was just like like you’re gonna make a lot of money anybody that had any type of long

Term vision you know looking multi years out like it was obvious you were gonna make a lot of money but as i look at the stock today is not very attractive being that’s no longer attractive i can say it is too late to buy apple stock in my personal opinion great company you know but the the valuation there is just not attractive doesn’t mean the stock will stop

Going up from my standpoint looking at the valuation i just don’t think i think it’s too late to have bought the stock i think there was a lot of opportunities you know past years to get these shares for very cheap and now the stocks just kind of fully priced in it’s already starting to price in a lot of the growth when it comes to the 5g iphones and whatnot but

I want to hear your guy’s opinion on apple stock down there in that comment section what do you think you think apple stocks still worth buying at 320 dollars a share or above or do you think you know this is a stock but that’s more of a buy you know below 250 below 200 below 150 i would love to hear from you guys in that comment section as always smash thumbs up

Button if you enjoyed this new series called is it too late to buy thank you for watching and have a great day

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Is it too Late to Buy Apple Stock? $318 NOW! 5G Coming! By Financial Education

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bill gates on africas population

Bill Gates on Africa’s population boom and the risk of the US turning inwards

With Africa’s population set to double by 2050, Bill Gates has warned that progress in cutting poverty is at risk. The Microsoft co-founder speaks to the FT’s Vanessa Kortekaas about the Gates Foundation’s Goalkeepers report, which tracks levels of poverty and disease.

The population to africa is set to go had to double by 2015 racing 4 state progres and fighting poverty and disease will be reversed shock water bottle when sir the cover the dazzling chris and could disproportionately large population health dry progres with myth discuss all this murder is bill gates bill career turning point word regression is a sewer rest wat de progress

Of last several decades simply amazing goal producing scarf de that a green kitchen school no product ideal in we so an extreme power die this really africa dat still has a billion and population to the city and probably another audience to the one hundred was really had to do good job india time i get the extreme poverty already now zoo guido dubarry in a best ing bank

Apple in africa as the number of people and extreme poverty is promo code go

Dissolution there are show more solutions be focused on

Slowing mongrel chauffeur sample increasingly proctor rights for women or spreading the action star concepts disqus seems where is the correct new note so one can religion facebook a population of what we do double anal and johny fit i would education with a economy red and white money and nutrition then reset the rate for mori his population large between koning pip-team

Kony van 100 page reader for cycling team in mijn ha ha ha called dakkapel tools to the war in educating grohl three see and culture projects baby academic malnutrition interventions on a much a great escape room an update of the things you want to any way it turns out that bitung north wel je or zo az die de population growth free coming down my bed en zo je this makes it

A bit more period in boston and cod en so the challenger what else anything you will be purely her population growth earth able to benefit from all those young people a machine on the hood tailor contour not so is the that afrika has such a high proportion of the population and within the context of this product a great is that they are using things is kind of optimist i

Statistics minister that this thing that there is there are opportunity here so for the form is the power dome people mortgage and opportunities and challenges the compression that round health systems waal get a day education system the slope hyannis ah kut learning outcomes is that sacrum vision of greedo mythical investments do you could hear you will be je yuksel and

Speakers demo gram earth the development demographics economic opportunity did services potential set pair in bruno de usa ride in the green bay wi buttocks that mix les arboduo technology bruno de more people than ever before snaps it more people than ever before bank accounts dozer boot between the barbecue tough business opportunities and digital technology and trams

And fighting cover and this is a digital innovation is really try and so words attraction three had axia ns out on where they should be a leading feedback of services here is the teacher china and in doing to chop digital systems that you achieve a higher quality and really sure whether the domestic experts and the dollars to the term annie’s blog tight eyes and we rode

That digital week your edge mother impact at us from in the under the color us administration the president donald trump so my live traffic rank for no budget in any with holding funding family of agencies is damaging about tolknet x630 or shirley incontri streamy awards and after that you think now construction had the winter my kids challenge cup i never got a developing

A very stable on something fishy way if you think helping other countries overtime is not an official hd en ed that jumped the km ninja knowledge is marla pelpina aan de gate stood so windows recommendations a new esther cats for no budget game old henry jekyll bridge hr pro porn in research on your eye foundation ah ing met congress about what we’ve seen that morning

Die is working super wel mother maria etb sam an idea of ​​areas in the series glee see that the congress on a very by parties and bases largest maintain its commitments adress also record shop for no hhc 2nd no idea would be born a fair innovation team it ‘s charlie and become effective the european countries remain generous and us levels of of study ah that’s a good

Thing you must innovation continuously the matcher’ something like pentile is best wikia ok in one final locker from your parents a brush number portability car you have to take that is extreme poverty inevitable cudjoe summarize what pharmacy when sir geoffrey is still an apple tree wino woods in a gimmick aperol yes a moment culture sector kiki bertens him in a beast

Moda blouse something new exor the youtube platform in something clevly simply dry investments the hobbies countries they can get work chili anders sister surfsara extreme poplar

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Bill Gates on Africa's population boom and the risk of the US turning inwards By Financial Times

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3 ways to identify a profitable

3 Ways to Identify a Profitable Customer in Business!

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Saturday evening yes friends uh logged in from home today if you can see i i love to live in a place with a lot of numbers behind me because that’s how the entire thing flows uh yeah that’s my alarm for going live stay with me so friends uh what’s the topic of discussion today the topic of discussion today is to identify three ways of finding a profitable

Customer now profitable customer by itself is a very very dicey topic that when can you say a customer is profitable or not let’s say i have a product or a service which comes to me at a landed cost of 80 rupees now if i can sell this or if i can find somebody who can buy this at about 100 rupees i think i’m good to go right most of the days yeah i’m home but

However this is a very very generic view actually when we learn about the seven levers of business we see that there are three levers which are impacting our customer so let’s understand a little bit about three levers of business which impact our customer number one the first and foremost rule of finding a profitable customer is that when does he pay yes ladies

And gentlemen you heard me right that when is my customer paying his timing of payment determines whether i’m going to make profit or loss on this particular order if the payment is delayed obviously it leads to interest loss it leads to it leads to so many other issues that come our way right second point which you can note down is that what are the other terms

Which affects the value of the transaction is it that i have to do door-to-door delivery if my customer is online is he going to return my product and put me into a loss-making situation is my packing cost very very high do i have to provide a very expensive after sale service so these are some of the factors which can quickly convert a profitable customer into

A loss-making customer if we are not very very careful in structuring our terms of the trade with each of our customers right and yes point number three very very important point what is the potential of getting a repeat order from the same person yes you heard me right that if you go to service one customer only once then it’s gonna be very very difficult for

You to kind of you know incur more and more expenses in acquiring new and new customers unless there is a funnel which kind of gives repeat orders from the same customer which means you have to have a product a followed by product a plus followed by product a plus plus and you have to give a customer the product range should give a customer an entire journey so

Let’s say you’re using our soaps did you try our shampoo hey you using our soaps and shampoo did you miss out on our conditioners so you need to have an entire product range which can service each of our customers and bring them back again and again and again for the purpose of more business so here are the three pointers crisp pointers when does my customer pay

What are the other terms that can erode profit and what are the chances that my customer comes back to me repeatedly right now can a profitable customer become a loss-making customer quite possible in fact it’s very very likely that such a thing can happen but hey can i convert a loss-making customer into a profit making one well that’s gonna be our topic of

Discussion for my next live stream so stay tuned i’m gonna tell you the three ways in which how you can convert a loss-making customer into a profit-making customer and yes if you are struggling with customers and they are not paying you on time join me on this sunday where i decode the dna of where money gets stuck in business and how to recover money stuck in

Business through a wonderful and a very very popular webinar called cash simplified most of your colleagues friends and business owners have already registered for it what are you waiting for click in the link below to join our webinar on this sunday i look forward to seeing you and in case if you are not around i’m gonna see you in my next live stream thank

You so much friends and have a wonderful weekend

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3 Ways to Identify a Profitable Customer in Business! By Finance TubeliveBroadcastDetails{isLiveNowfalsestartTimestamp2022-04-16T120026+0000endTimestamp2022-04-16T120538+0000}

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roth conversion ladder explained

Roth Conversion Ladder Explained

If you want to access the money in your 401k or IRA without paying the early withdrawal penalty, you can use the Roth conversion ladder. This is mostly for those interested in retiring early and have calculated they have already earned enough to retire for the rest of their lives. This is a relatively hard and rare thing to do but is facilitated by either very high earnings, very frugal spending habits of a combination of both. Watch to find out how this works and plan for your retirement!

How’s it going everybody this is beat the bush today i’m gonna talk about the roth conversion bladder and what the heck is it why do you need it now roth conversion ladder is basically a very interesting thing for someone looking to retire early so in the fire community financial independent retire early community people are interested in amassing a lot of net worth

And then retire officially retire which means that you do not earn any money and somehow before the retirement age they want to access the capital inside their 401k or ira so sometimes people call this a roth backdoor what this basically allows you to do is convert money in your retirement accounts which is pre-tax and then put this in your roth ira wait five years

And then you can withdraw it without paying the 10% penalty now a lot of times people would call this roth conversion bladder penalty free tax free now this tax-free almost seems like you can just some house make money away from your pre-tax money and then somehow take it out without paying any taxes all the way through this is not true when they say penalty free

Is well it’s penalty free after you wait five years when they see tax free it’s tax free when you take money out of it but not when you actually put it in when you do this roth conversion it basically relies on the fact that you are not working you’re actually retired you’re not doing any work at all and then you have amass all this wealth and you’re just trying to

Figure out the best way to spend it so what someone that is retiring early is trying to do is access that 401k or ira capital without paying a penalty so what you’re really doing is trying to withdraw this 401k or ira money at a minimal tax rate so when you do this conversion you’re actually still paying an income tax hit on this what is interesting here is that if

You are really not working at all you might be able to withdraw so little that the standard deduction of twelve thousand two hundred dollars or if you’re married a bit more this may actually completely cover your conversion amount therefore you’re paying zero dollars in taxes so i’ve created this example 401k roth and roth gains and how much cash you would have

For a tip call engineer i would say at the age of 34 you might have saved a million dollars maybe if you worked a lot try to ignore how much this person actually has an at what age because it’s gonna be different for everybody it might be that you’re 50 years old and you finally reach a million dollars in your 401k but just take this as a concept where i’m just

Trying to describe how this roth conversion ladder really works so at the age of 34 let’s say you almost have a million dollars in your 401k you got $40,000 in your roth contributions let’s say and i’m just gonna say no gains you’re really probably gonna have some kind of gains in there and then you have a hundred sixty thousand dollars of cash this is just the

Beginning at the age of 35 you finally reach 1 million dollars and at age 35 you decided oh i am going to retire you stopped working completely at this age if your burn rate let’s say it’s $40,000 you’re gonna go through this $200,000 in about five years now this is the perfect amount and this is on purpose because this works out perfectly for the roth conversion

Ladder i want to illustrate what happens if you don’t have enough cash but you have plenty of money in your 401k but you want to access this cash in your 401k before your retirement age and you don’t want to pay any penalties but you see if you try to take 40 thousand dollars out of your 401k you have to pay taxes on it but i’m just gonna assume you made a little

Bit more gains in your 401k so it just works out perfectly maybe you would true like $45,000 $48,000 and you pay taxes on this and then after taxes you still have $40,000 exactly and you put that in your roth so really in your 401k you gained fifty thousand dollars let’s say due to market gains that’s why it’s staying the same it’s 1 million 1 million 1 million so

You made just enough to put forty thousand dollars of active after-tax money in your roth and then you go on and do it for the next year the next year the next year the next year and then you can see your cash over here it goes from 200 thousand 160 because you need $40,000 to live on and then it goes to 120 80 40 and then finally on your fifth year you have zero

Cash now this is not an ideal case because you probably want some cash to do something sometimes you have emergencies or something but i just want to illustrate that how you can quickly drain your cash if you don’t work at all and you’re taking $40,000 out every single year your roth gains over here i put this separately because you cannot really withdrawal this

Until you are 59 and a half so during this five year conversion ladder process you can see your roth is increasing by $40,000 every single year and then right on the fifth year you take out $40,000 to live on because you don’t have any cash anymore and then that year you’re still taking $50,000 out of your 401k putting into your roth you’re paying the taxes here

But at the same time that you’re putting in this $40,000 you’re also taking out that $40,000 that you contributed over here five years ago that’s why you can take it out without this ten percent penalty and then the year after that you do the same thing you’re still also sort of draining your 401k but not really because of market gains it stays at 1 million dollars

And then that same year you’re taking $40,000 out so through this ladder ink an keep on living even though you have zero cash you can still use $40,000 every single year at the age of 41 at the age of 42 and then this goes on and on until the age of 55 where you’re also taking $40,000 i’ll accept at this point you can let off a little bit on withdrawing from your

401k hopefully it grows a little bit more each year and then you have a bunch of money in your roth account and hopefully you want to keep on withdrawing $40,000 away from this roth account and then you’re gonna keep on draining it draining it all the way up to your age fifty nine and a half where you probably end up with almost nothing left you’re only taking

Out whatever you contribute it and then the gains over here you left untouched and then when you reach 59 and a half you can go oh i can start taking this money out and you know you can tap into your 401k as well if you want to if you retire really really early i mean really retire you just throw up your hands and then go i’m not gonna work anymore because i have

I don’t know a million two million dollars saved up and you have to work it might get a little bit boring because most of time is just very boring if you’re not applying yourself if you’re just going vacationing for the rest of your life i feel like this is a very risky thing because then you have to rely on this 4% rule you’re not making any money at all and you

Are absolutely relying on only the money that you have left in your retirement accounts and you know you’re crossing your fingers that this 4% rule is going to pan out properly even though there’s all this unprecedented events going on the ever-increasing balance sheet of the united states to be really really secure instead what you should look to do as an early

Retirement person is to get a lot of passive income sources so even if you’re not working you’re not actually drawing down your retirement funds so this is a situation i personally am in right now because i can definitely kind of not work and then my youtube income will probably dry up so this is kind of like a semi retirement because i still have to you know produce

A little bit of videos in order to get you know keep the gravy train going in this census is a lot more secure than just completely relying on the money that you already make and just deciding you’re never gonna make any more money again for anybody that has any kind of income coming in like dividends or anything any amount that you’re trying to convert from your

Retirement account to a roth account it’s going to be tacked on top of whatever that you already earned so you’re going to be taxed at your marginal tax rate if you already earn twelve thousand dollars let’s say any amount on top of this it’s gonna be at that marginal tax rate of ten percent so suffice to say if you’re trying to convert let’s say a thousand dollars

You’re gonna pay a progressively higher and higher tax bracket so you are still gonna have to pay income taxes on this amount that you convert now what do they mean by this roth conversion ladder right because it’s a ladder it’s kind of like cv ladder because you convert it every single year and this roth conversion ladder is a five year thing so you start one year

One year later you convert some more one year a year later you convert some more so by the time five year comes you’re gonna be able to withdraw this money without that penalty and then when you’re later after that you’re gonna be able to withdraw another sum without penalty again cuz you had this ladder going on and then you can just keep this up until you reach

59 and a half now this actually only makes sense for people with a really large retirement account it needs to be so large that you can do this conversion all throughout your early retirement and by the time you hit retirement age you still have a sizeable chunk in your retirement account and then with this amount you can still retire for the rest of your life

Now there are finer points over here because with the roth ira when you take a tax it when you convert from a retirement account into the roth you have to pay income taxes during that year after taxes is going to be a slightly smaller amount within your roth ira account it can grow untaxed so any gains that you make within this investment account when you take it

Out of that roth ira account the portion that you gained let’s say it went from 10,000 to 20,000 dollars right so you gain another $10,000 this portion of $10,000 is tax-free now how does this factor in into the roth conversion ladder if you put in ten thousand dollars five years ago you can only withdraw $10,000 the games you cannot withdraw just yet until your

Retirement age so with all that said i have to emphasize that for a lot of people this roth conversion ladder is it just sounds like a unicorn thing it doesn’t apply to a lot of people unless you’re someone that has a huge retirement account pre-tax and you are willing to just completely stop working and not be productive at all which i feel like goes against what

I personally believe in order to live a fulfilling life i believe you do not live a fulfilling life if you somehow convert to a situation where just sitting on the beach all the time but i feel like for a lot of people who applies themselves during retirement right so it could be very well that you thought you’re going to not make any money once you retire if you

Apply yourself in the right way somehow somehow money is gonna come in anyway because you’re doing something that you love maybe you like woodworking a lot and then you make all kinds of beautiful stuff and you know somehow people are paying you for anyway and then all of sudden all this money comes in anyway and this is the ideal situation not everyone can apply

Themselves the same way of course so that’s what i think about the roth conversion ladder i mean it certainly doesn’t apply to me personally i would feel very uncomfortable if i just don’t earn any money and just kind of start drawing down the retirement account because you know i still have plenty of years to live if i just remain idle this is a very risky thing

To do because there’s all kinds of inflation going on that’s not under your control the best bet to hedge against inflation is to earn current day dollars thanks for watching this video everybody don’t forget to give me a like comment down below let me know if you’re gonna take advantage of this roth conversion ladder thing and as always don’t forget to push that

Subscribe button and ring that bell icon thanks for watching

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Roth Conversion Ladder Explained By BeatTheBush

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