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investing in an inflationary env

Investing In An Inflationary Environment!

Inflation has turned from transitory to pernicious, with some economists even raising the specter of a 1970s-style wage-price spiral. Should you reposition your investment portfolio for an inflationary environment, shifting some of your money to sectors or asset classes that tend to do well during inflationary periods? Or should you leave your investments alone and let the markets control their long-term destiny? In today’s video we look at market history to see how securities prices are affected by inflation, interest rates and interest rate hikes.

Rates and easy money, but since the start inflation is rising, having hit 8.6 per cent according to a recent survey in the financial expect the us economy to fall into recession next year. the fomc raised interest rates from near zero cent earlier this week, stating that they the fed chair admitted that the path to bringing the fed has committed to moving “expeditiously”

Stimulates nor slows down growth — although was “not something that we can identify with any precision”. so, is there anything that we can learn by well, the global investment yearbook from from london business school is the most comprehensive it contains 122 years of global market returns emerging markets and gives us the best historical over the 122-year period

That they have studied, inflation, rising interest rates and we’ve so, let’s first discuss what historical have looked like and then focus in on a major and of course the cure for inflation which ok, so over the entire 122-year period, we adjusted returns) in equity markets, with inflation adjusted returns and austria showing the worst returns. the fact that the us has

Had the highest returns to extrapolate future returns going forward done, simply because us stock price data is overall, it might make more sense to focus so, based on this long series of data, equities now, when we look at bond returns, these were there were five countries where real bond you can see from the data that equities not finally, when we look at bill returns

(Bills would get on your cash), you can see that and that (other than in portugal), bonds outperformed bills. securities – stock market investments, outperformed generally outperformed the safest assets – bills – or cash. 122 year period, the world index excluding over the same period, and the average stock so, that might be the most reasonable return the 5.3%

Inflation adjusted return on global the equity risk premium is the amount by which over the 122-year period that comes out as 4.6 percent. long run has come out as 4.6% per year of excess returns over cash. with the worst performance over the 122-year that were most negatively impacted by the two world wars. the most noticeable things is the growth of the world over

That period, and then, to a we should note that markets have of course stock markets in 1900 were very different in 1900 when the database began, the amsterdam the london stock exchange was more than 200 the new york stock exchange, had been around looking at the data we can see that investors many countries experienced market closures during wartime. of reopening and

Assets were expropriated by the governments in question. so, what does this mean for forward looking investment returns? for taking risk, and that calculation applies so, the first thing we need to look at in this chart from the yearbook shows that real fallen from just below 4% to a global average of minus 1.5% at the end of 2022. but unfortunately as real interest

Rates rise, if we analyze investment performance starting to high real interest rates, with a five-year are low when initial real interest rates are you can see a very similar picture for equities too. if you start with a low real interest rate if you start with a high real interest rate in the united states, annualized inflation to 3.6% in the uk over the same period,

But the power of compounding, means that, while uk consumer prices rose 73-fold over that same 122-year period. and all around the world, all countries experienced and didn’t regain their 1920 level until 1947 – so 27 years later. century, germany had the second-lowest inflation several countries, including the uk, went becoming relatively high inflation countries

While us inflation was higher from 1950 onwards rate was below the average of other countries in both periods. five countries in the database experienced 70% in argentina, 64% in brazil, 28% in chile, 19% in mexico, and 16% in russia. it exceeded 100% in 14 years and peaked at 5,000% in 1989. brazil came a close second, also experiencing fell below 20% and six calendar

Years during more recently, brazilian inflation has been largely under control. on average, in each year from 2008 through in 2020, only one country had an inflation was just 0.42%, which was the lowest level since 1934. in the uk it went from 0.6% to 5.4% (the highest in early 2022, inflation has continued to looking globally, the average inflation rate 2020 to 4.4% in

2021 – a tenfold increase and as we know inflation has continued upwards in the first half of 2022. high consumer demand as economies recovered, have all heard about at this point, and a had started before the war in ukraine and has only intensified since. this recent strong uptick in inflation in so let’s look at how investors have fared, looking at the data you can

See that bonds is high and deliver their best performance in deflationary periods. they work really well as a hedge against deflation. and give negative returns when inflation is extremely high. inflation, but in the long run they have been an excellent inflation beater. ok, next up, let’s look at interest rate if we look at us federal reserve official can see that

There are cycles of rate hikes and rate cuts. if you followed a rule, which you could have upon the first interest rate hike and hold take the opposite strategy, of investing upon interest rates are next hiked we can then when we look at the returns of these strategies returns were much higher for investors who this was the case in equities and bonds for both countries.

And that is just because it typically takes now when we look at the same data, but as interest rate cuts, you can see that investors in rate cutting cycles, with an equity risk risk premium of 8.1% for uk investors in rate cutting cycles. but worse yet, we discover that the entire well, when we look at volatility, we can see cycles, but if we look at sharpe ratios, which

Sharpe ratios were much higher during cutting cycles, than in hiking cycles. to the question, should we be deeply pessimistic right now? a bit into the hiking cycle in most parts of the world already. there are lots of market sectors that did and so they might be less affected in a risk off environment. conceal very big differences between the different there are many

Interesting lessons we can these events generally affect markets might you can see the long run outperformance of you can see what a reasonable inflation adjusted one take away is that investors might want historically once inflation has gotten above fed funds rate being raised above the cpi, is different to the next, and some of the we should note that a lot of the inflation

Things like grain shortages, fuel shortages and computer chip shortages. pushing up interest rates can’t be expected more computer chips that are needed in modern cars. at global returns as are covered in this research report. have a great week, and talk to you soon, bye.

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spending to maximize your effici

Spending to Maximize Your Efficiency

When saving money we often times only think about the dollar saved but not with the efficient that potentially could be reduced. While certain methods may indeed be cheaper, it might also cost us more time to implement. Depend on how much you are worth each hour and if you will actually do something with that saved time, it might be worth it to spend a reasonable and estimable amount on this efficiency improving product.

How’s it going everybody visits beat the bush have you noticed how some people they’re just able to complete more tasks in a short period of time well today i’m gonna talk about maximizing your efficiency when you’re trying to maximize efficiencies mainly about removing the redundant and boring tasks from your life in order to do this we need to figure out how much

Your time is worth and also how much removing the frustration from your life is worth to you the average american spends about one hour day looking for things now this is not just looking for one single object yes sometimes we might have that one single object that we spend like half an hour one hour to look for i know this morning i misplaced my hot water bottle

It wasn’t at the two places i most frequently put it for some reason i left it somewhere else not just from this i spent ten minutes looking for one single item and i anticipate i might spend about half an hour a day looking for stuff just as well loosing efficiency is about making things that you do frequently go faster the question is how much should you spend

In order to make a certain thing faster for you and how much faster is it gonna make for you now let’s say you recently switch from using one product to another and using that new product saves you one minute a day every single day for our entire year this is 365 minutes 365 minutes a day means six hours a year you’re going to save six hours of your life from just

Convenience and you can apply the six hours to something else it is not worth spending money to reduce the time it takes you to do a certain task if you take those six hours and you just squander it somewhere else so let’s say you make $20 an hour outside of your regular job this is very important that you’re able to work additional hours and every single hour that

You work you’re gonna make an additional amount this is as opposed to if you are on a salary job every additional hour that you make is not going to make you an additional amount other than certain promises that you might get a raise now that’s a topic for a different discussion so let’s just assume it’s $20 an hour so let’s say you spend the six hours wisely and

You use this to earn extra cash $20 an hour so that first single gear you’re gonna earn $120 which we’ll then pay for whatever product that you bought for itself so if you actually use this product and it’s gonna save you one minute every single day and you’re gonna apply this time towards making more money then you can actually spend $120 and recoup this money

Within the first year if let’s say this product that you buy is gonna last two years before it becomes too obsolete to use then well you can spend $240 now these calculations is kind of hand waving but it serves as a good purpose to just kind of go well yeah you know i use this product this often and this product looks like it’s gonna last me this long and you

Can just make some rough calculations to see if it’s gonna be worth it for you in generally the more time that you can use it the more you can afford to spend on it the more time that it can save you the more money that you can spend on this item now so far all of this has been sort of abstract let me apply it to a few examples for you guys i recently analyzed

My hard drive usage i have seven external hard drives i actually took out a timer and measured how much time it takes me to remove this hard drive search for the one i actually need connect it to a cable and then connect it to my computer it took me a total about thirty seconds to do this and this is assuming i know which hard drive the data i want is in now i do

This about once every single week mainly because it’s so hard to access the information in there that i kind of dread using those hard drives but i still end up using it once a week so thirty seconds once a week for one whole year is about twenty-six minutes so instead of fishing for all these hard drives i decided to get a usb hub to connect all of these hard

Drives together so that i can just power all of them on at the same time then it becomes only pushing one button it’ll take me a few seconds rather than trying to set up the hard drive connect the cables etc so this all means i’m gonna save up a half an hour every single year but it also gives me additional utility because as soon as i have this hub have this all

Connected and ready to go i probably will use it more than once a week i’ll probably switch to using it every single day there’s a compounding effect of efficiency here because if you make something highly accessible and easy to use then you’re likely going to use it more often boosting your productivity now let’s talk a little bit about personal versus work-life

At your regular salary job you’re likely not going to spend any money on the tools that you use at work i suggest a request from your boss certain things that boosts productivity monitors being one of them keyboards mice now if your boss does not approve of buying a keyboard or a mouse i would even consider buying my own a cheap version of course maybe twenty

Thirty dollars it’s well worth it this is very important to label all the things that you bring to work so that you can bring them with you when you leave your job now i probably would not buy a monitor for work purposes because it’s way too expensive but for our mouse and keyboard you can get generic versions that are very very good mechanical ones for $30 $40

Or so now here’s another example that i grappled with which is getting a high speed memory card making these 4k videos generates a lot of data when i transfer my data into my computer it takes about six minutes or so however if i get a faster memory card it will take about two minutes so this means every single day maybe three days a week i’m gonna save about four

Minutes that’s about 600 minutes every single year that’s about 10 hours of waiting now you can say okay i’m going to do this pipeline method while the data is transferring i’m gonna do something else useful but what i found myself doing when the data is transferring is i usually just browse the web or do something else so you can actually see the main thing that

I want to do is just transfer those files in and it’s keeping me from you know proceeding with whatever i need to do another example is a tripod this particular tripod that i’m using now where the camera is sitting on this is the only tripod that i’m using when i go record somewhere else i actually use the same tripod i actually you know move to all the adjustments

And then make it higher lower you know i do all kinds of adjustment but whenever i come back to this set i always have to readjust everything and it takes me a few minutes five minutes every single time this means that every single time i want to record something else i have to dread coming back to this set and readjusting this tripod just so that it would fit

You know the framing again i’m not going to go through all that calculations but you can imagine if i do this every single day that’s about five minutes and this time that is being taken up to readjust everything really really adds up especially for something that you use every single day so that’s why you see a lot of professionals things that they use appears

To be a lot more streamlined than the usual for a person that uses only once and then you know just forgets about it or maybe you just have some new idea something that you’re trying out that you are not doing every single day again then that’s okay to you know go and do those things spends that extra time to do it but if you find yourself doing something over and

Over again every single day you might want to look at where you’re actually spending all your time and trying to minimize that time so that you save yourself that time and then you can work on more important things yeah another example is organization it’s so important to be organized so that you’re not looking for things as i said at the beginning of the video

People spend about one hour a day looking for things if you are so organized that at one glance you can see everything that you have you know where everything is there is no question of ever spending any time looking for things then you can be a more efficient person you can do more that you want to do it’s like gaining extra life for yourself if you are organized

Person you remove this need to ever search for anything so how do you become organized with everything you just label a lot of things label the cables label the boxes label your organizational drawers i personally got a label maker recently i used to just write on little pieces of paper get tape and then just use those as labels it turns out doing that takes too

Much time yes it kind of works there’s no way that i’m gonna make a hundred of those little labels by hand so therefore if you get a label maker it’s something that will speed this process up and allow you to just label a lot more item saving you time as well in the process of organizing yourself thanks for watching this video i hope these methods help you make

Yourself a more efficient person it’s sort of like super charging yourself think about it you can do so much more if you’re not looking for stuff if you’re interested in supporting the channel check i’m an audible link down in the video description below where you can get a free audiobook if you don’t like this audiobook or this service you can cancel it before

The substitution expires and still keep this audiobook for free and help inif at this channel don’t forget to give me a like on this video push that subscribe button and ring that bell icon thanks for watching you

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Spending to Maximize Your Efficiency By BeatTheBush

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how to make money western potash

How to make money | Western Potash Corp (WPX)

visit for daily winners for January 20 2017 and beyond!

Alright guys it’s been a crazy day today i didn’t want to do a video while the inauguration was happening because obviously everybody’s watching that and i was obviously making some videos myself or other channel rich to be alive but i had to get i had to tell you guys what’s going on because the markets are actually doing really well today which is kind of a

Surprise to friday and usually they don’t do so well but i got some huge pics for you that our full alert here’s the first pic western potash corp wpx company on the tsx canadian company huge day today being promoted by national inflation association if the number one pick of the year it’s a twenty seven and a half cents of thirty-four percent today traded 5.4

Million shares one of the biggest days in this company’s history okay watch this company it’s got a huge upside and you know i think it’s scott’s right now let’s take a look what bar chart saying about it there it is so strong by on bar chart guys one hundred percent by on bar chart top one percent of all signal strength indicators and it’s saying that there’s a

Long-term continuation of this trend so at wp x to your watch list canadian company western potash corp i think this company has huge potential and having a massive massive move it’s literally come up from about fifteen cents to a boat close to thirty cents in the last one here a week so yeah it’s it’s really doing well this last month it’s up sixty-two percent that

Doesn’t include today so its up a hundred percent you know in the last couple weeks here so definitely add wpx to your radar added to your watch list put it on full alert okay now be careful like i say do not buy stocks on her up thirty three percent do not go and buy this right now okay just add it to your watch list you see it go back down maybe to fifteen cents

Again twenty cents maybe then consider buying it but you know keep your eye on it and i’ll let you know what i’m doing on a date because they’re on my watch list let’s show you another pic guys because that’s what we do here is a brain good pics this is another company i’ve been watching i really like this company and ak it’s on the amex this is a mining company

To two dollars and seventy two cents up ten percent today trading 6.2 million shares but i really like the fact that if you go in bar chart take a look at nak i’ve been watching the stock for about six months and it’s been doing really well kind of stupid that i didn’t buy it might have to buy it now it’s up ten percent today it’s a hundred percent by a bar chart

Everybody giving it the trench strength maximum but if you look at their chart here it’s just a beautiful chart you know it’s come from like fifty cents in october and now it’s at two dollars and seventy cents so if you take a look at that you look at his performance its performance has been quite staggering it’s up 1185 percent in the last year so a thousand dollar

Investment would have made you 11 grand okay in the last month it’s up sixty-two percent in the last three months its up three hundred percent at an ak to your radar add it to your watch list is a really good company and i believe it still has a lot of upside it is saying that is highly overbought territory so be careful if you see a dip back down maybe around two

Dollars i think that would definitely be a good buy it’s definitely on my radar it’s on my watch list editor watch this right away okay so those are two pics they’re both 100% bizon bar chart but before you leave for the weekend i’m going to give you four more pics okay add e tr em to your radar add it to your watchlist enter own medics inc etrm this thing has been

Crazy it shot up let’s take a look at etrm real quick here on bar chart so thirty two percent by on bar chart for the thing i like about this company this thing has been insane okay this thing has come from a dollar seventy five it’s reached a high of like over twenty dollars now it’s back down to around eight dollars so this is really volatile the stock it’s been

Absolutely crazy over the last month it’s gone as high as thirty dollars sorry it went as high as thirty dollars a couple weeks ago it’s back down to 767 right now still up twenty-four percent today at etrm to your radar added to your watch list it’s very volatile but it has big swings so you can make a lot of money quickly but be careful you can also lose a lot

Of money quickly but i really like the stock at etrm to your watch list okay we’re running out of time here let me give you three more pics guys sgy up twenty-three percent right now stone energy sgy add it to your radar add it to your watchlist it’s a big today let’s also add on the nasdaq exchange ge lbs global’s globus maritime limited on the nasdaq g lbs up

Fifteen percent today add it to your radar added to your watch list is doing very well today and one more d f f n had to leave you with a pharmaceutical company today the number one pharmaceutical company up today of seventeen percent traded 1.1 million shares at four dollars and ninety cents added to your radar everybody have a great weekend congratulations america

On a new president the 45th president congratulations mayor america congratulations donald trump and congratulations for anyone that’s buying these stocks and getting my winners this is rich rich tv live peace everyone sign it off

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How to make money | Western Potash Corp (WPX) By RICH TV LIVE

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8 easy home decor upgrades that

8 Easy Home DeCor Upgrades That Cost Less Than 5 | The Financial Diet

Chelsea shares her tips on how to upgrade your home on a budget. Not sure where to splurge and where to skimp when it comes to home items? Check out this video:

Hey guys it’s chelsea from the financial diet and today i’m here to talk about how to make your home more beautiful and more wonderful to live in for very little money i’m someone who loves home decor and therefore loves reading home decor blogs and magazines and instagrams and pinterest and twitter accounts and a lot of home decor things and it’s fun and beautiful

To look at but can often leave me feeling worse than when i started because i quickly realized that 90% of the stuff i’m looking at i just can’t afford and like i mentioned in a recent travel video which i’ll link in the description a lot of times we’re looking at these bloggers who are presenting something is their real life but really it’s an advertisement and

Even if it’s not in many cases it’s their full-time job to curate these spaces into perfection if you’re working on a normal or low budget and it’s not your full-time job you’re guaranteed to come up short but i believe that a home you love to be in is a home where you’re more productive and happy and fulfilled so i believe in finding little ways to upgrade a space

With very little money these are all things you can do in a place that you own or rent and they take very very little skill to implement and to demonstrate some of these ideas you’ll see some pictures of my current and former apartments where i’ve put them to work number one is paint and contact paper a lot of us probably find ourselves in apartments or homes where

We don’t really have a lot of ability to change things for example you might move into an apartment you love but the kitchen hasn’t been updated since about 1973 and being in there makes you want to die in a kitchen you love is when you want to be cooking in more and therefore saving money in so learn to get crafty with contact paper i have an apartment that i love

To be in but the cabinets were just heinous to look at what was the solution is 22 dollars worth of contact paper that perfectly matched the cabinets on the bottom which side no why in the first place for the bottom and top cabinets completely different colors and materials who knows and to replace the heinous seafoam green backsplash that had like tiles that were

Made to look i think like amethyst who knows i used more contact paper to just give it a very sort of like weathered neutral white look that was also waterproof these are extremely minor changes but they change the entire look and feel of the space and when you’re done you peel it off paint is a similar thing if you’re allowed to paint it all and sometimes they say

You’re not but really just paint back over it give it one accent wall and the whole room feels done for example my bedroom was kind of white on white on white which made it feel a little bit like a mental asylum so i found a great benjamin moore color that’s like a rich sort of peek hockey color and it is kind of expensive but about 25 dollars for a port and with

That i have a beautiful backsplash behind my bed number q is a brightly colored door little-known fact you can usually paint an entryway door and then repaint it when you leave lauren did for example and look at how cute the entryway is it’s an extremely easy cheap and effective way to make your space feel interesting intentional and fun i once read that painting

Your door a bright color was the equivalent of putting on a little red lipstick it brings the whole look together number three is little plants in creative containers basically figure out how good you are at keeping or not keeping plants alive and then buy plants according to that level of green summary for example i kill plants by looking at them so i’ve narrowed

My you can buy this plant down to a very small list of plants that can essentially thrive in the desert but nonetheless i have them and i love them i love putting plants and everything from little old boxes of key to colorfully painted pots to anything i have lying around the house not only is keeping plants alive a good habit to get into it’s also a great way to

Make any space even really dark and small ones feel more bright and airy and happy number four is discount candle here’s my life secret about once every four months or so i go down to the marshals at the t.j.maxx and i raid their discount candle section they have tons of amazing candles they’re from like $0.99 to $9.99 for like humongous ones that last for months

And they immediately transform your home your home smells better it feels cozier and it’s also really sweet to have on while you’re like watching a movie or cuddled under a blanket plus it’s just also pleasant to look at their cutest objects one of the keys to feeling really comfortable in your home particularly when you’re entertaining which you should be doing

More of instead of going out is having decent lighting that means getting a few light bulbs that aren’t crazy harsh and having some candles to light you can make your home feel like a sexy bistro even if it’s entirely full of ikea number five is gallery walls i love gallery walls as we speak i have like 3 of them in my current apartment and they’re great for three

Reasons from a budget perspective one it allows you to fill up space and make your home look warm and beautiful while not having perfectly matching thing – it allows you the perfect opportunity to raid the discount home goods section and also all of the old things you might have around from your childhood or college such as old prints or posters or things you

Might want to frame and three it’s totally moveable if you change apartments or just change styles a gallery wall is awesome for making use of the things you have around and instantly making your home feel like someone really put thought into it which you did nothing says i’m a fancy 25 year old like a gallery wall number six is framed magazine cutouts so i’m a

Subscriber to bone appetit magazine which i love to browse through aimlessly cook recipes from and then also repurpose into extremely affordable decor on every gallery while i have at least one or two of the frames or maybe even perhaps the cork boards have some beautiful selections from bone appetit beautiful magazine cutouts are something that you can change on a

Moment’s notice and cost like literally pennies and trust me when you frame it it looks like a print number seven is thrift shop boxes around my home i always have a little scattering of different storage boxes that i bought from thrift stores now this could be beautiful hat boxes or repurposed old crates or even old trunk in fact our audio supplies for recording

Are stored in this year hat box the point is that we all need storage for random odds and ends and the best place to find beautiful interesting and super affordable storage is thrift stores instead of getting yet another one of those like weird fad fabric ikea boxes go to the thrift store and for basically the same price you can get an old repurpose wooden crate

That is actually vintage instead of like so vintage which is most of the things that we buy and if the trunk you find is nice and big enough you can even use it for a coffee table number eight is dark walls and fairy lights the combination of a dark rich wall and some twinkly fairy lights are like the cheat code to coziness i sort of do it as a rule in my bedrooms

Now just because it immediately makes the space feel romantic and inviting and beautiful it’s one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to make any corner of your home feel like a cozy little nook in our current bedroom for example i have the dark wall and i have the fairy lights and i also put up a little shelf with some pretty decor and candles i’m someone

Who’s made home decor a bit of a hobby on a serious budget and i know that anyone can do the same you might need to be a little bit more create and a little bit more patient but the right stuff is out there at the right price you can make your home feel preferable to any restaurant bar or movie theater you just need to put in a little work so as always thank you

For watching and don’t forget to hit the subscribe button and to go to the financial diet comm for more bye

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8 Easy Home DéCor Upgrades That Cost Less Than $25 | The Financial Diet By The Financial Diet

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how to fix a broken net worth

How to Fix a Broken Net Worth!

Link to join StockHub free investing discord server: –~–

How do you fix a broken net worth some of you guys out there you may have a no net worth currently you may even have a negative net worth meaning you have more liabilities than assets today i’m gonna give you guys five steps on how you can fix this i cannot wait to share this with you guys today good day subscribers thank you so much for joining me today i am jeremy

This is a financial education channel where we talk personal finance entrepreneurship and the stock market and today we’re talking about how do you fix a broken net worth guys i’m gonna give you five steps to do that now what is net worth a net worth is basically your assets versus your liabilities and if you have more assets and liabilities and you have a positive

Net worth if you have more liabilities than assets meaning more debt and those kinds of things then you actually have a negative net worth guys now some of you out there my younger subscribers you might not have very much of a net worth built at all some of you might even unfortunately have a net worth that’s negative right now because you have more debt than you

Have assets so we’re gonna talk about this guys how to build it how to fix it if you like this video today hit a thumbs up and leave me a comment if you have anything to add i would love to hear what you guys have to say let’s get into this so number one thing on how to fix a broken network is you need to stop adding liabilities you have to stop adding liabilities

Liabilities is what hurts your net worth overall guys so if you keep buying new things all the time then that’s just adding more liabilities you know especially if it’s things that just depreciate like maybe buying new cars all the time those kinds of things guys you know a lot of people think you need to have this i had that as far as liabilities and you really

Don’t you don’t need a new car every two to three years you know you can drive your car for five ten years down the road you don’t need to get a new car all the time so many people think oh i need to get a new smartphone every year and you get a smartphone every new year there’s millions of people that get new smartphones every single year they upgraded a new one

And a new one and it’s just adding another liability because in a couple of years that smartphone’s gonna be worth nothing guys so you guys stop adding these my abilities to your life a lot of people will say things like oh you know what i make money from my phone because i know i’m a salesperson or whatever so i need to have the the best phone or whatever no yeah

If you have a iphone 6s and by getting iphone seven you’re not gonna suddenly make more money you’re gonna make the same amount of money there’s nothing that’s gonna upgrade you somehow to make more money same thing you’ve you had the samsung or whatever kind of phone so so many people buy new phones every year and really they just wanted to have the hottest phone

Out there or they’re brainwashed to think somehow that’s gonna bring me more money when it’s not really so you’ve got to stop adding all these different liabilities to your life that’s key number one if you want to fix your net worth stop adding liabilities number two you got to get rid of any non necessary liabilities an example of a non necessary liability is

Something like maybe you have an old car that’s paid off right and you don’t really need that car you just like having it around you drive it every once in a while or whatnot you think it’s not really a liability to me because it’s already paid off you know i own that car it’s absolutely a liability because every day you have that car it becomes worth less money

Also if you have that car and you drive around every once in a while you need to have auto insurance that’s probably an extra 50 to 100 bucks a month your pain and auto cert insurance for that car you also need to pay for the maintenance of that car oil changes all these kinds of things guys this all adds up and that is how you get a liability another thing of

You know non unnecessary liabilities would be so many of us americans specifically we have so much crap in our homes and apartments that we don’t need that we either hardly use or we almost never use and we have so much crap that either we have to buy even a bigger home or bigger apartment to store all this crap or you have to buy self storage you know how many

Millions of people out there pay for self storage every month 100 200 300 bucks just to store crap that is basically worthless it’s basically a bunch of worthless crap that they’re just hoarding just keeping thinking it’s worth value no you’re better off just selling all that junk at a yard sale and then you can actually downsize the size of your home or apartment

Pay a lot cheaper prices you’re gonna be able forge your home or apartment a lot better then you’ll actually be able to save on bills because the bigger home or apartment you have guess what the more you have to pay an electric and all those kinds of things in insurance because you have a bigger place all these kinds of stuff guys so there’s just there’s literally

Tens of millions of americans out there that literally just hoard stuff that they think oh man well maybe one day i’ll use it and they never even use it guys imagine how many bikes are piled up in people’s garage and those people never even ride bikes or they got their kids bike still in their garage and heck they’re their kids like 17 18 years old now and they never

Ride their bike anymore they drive their car around so you’ve got to get rid of non necessary liabilities guys as a thousand different things we go into it at that subject alone number three you’re gonna start making your money into money so hopefully you’ve got some excess money at the end of your paycheck or at the end of your your month if you own a business

Or something like that you’re gonna make that money into money somehow so if you’re a conservative person you may just want to have a cd account something like that where you earn two three percent interest a year or whatever a long-term cd account or savings account where you even earn less interest if you’re a little more aggressive but still not really that

Aggressive you can do something like investing in an etf which just basically stocks however much lower down the stock market goes is how much up or down your money goes you can you know have etfs those kinds of things index funds you could be invest in or you can be a little more aggressive like i do and be a stock picker where you actually research companies

And you try to put your money in the best position to get a hopefully a 10 20 30 percent gain every year that’s what i do personally with my money but not everybody’s fit to do that and i understand that completely not everybody wants to put in the work or do the research those kinds of things and that’s fine but you’ve got to find a way to make your money into

Money because if you’re not making your money into money it’s just sitting there on the sidelines what good is it you’re actually that money is becoming less every year because inflation goes up so every year the dollar is probably worth a little less than it was in the year before and a little less than next year so you’ve got to find a way to make that money into

Money and that’s how you can really build up your net worth guys number four you got to make more money you kind of make more money you know by making more money in as long you’re not spending a bunch more liabilities if you’re making more money then that’s more money that comes in to you that you can either put towards savings account put toward a cd like we just

Talked about put toward an index fund etf or stock picking in those kinds of things so that if you can just find a way to make an extra five let’s say ten thousand a year that doesn’t sound like a huge amount of money but if you just make an extra five ten thousand a year and that money is going toward that you know making you more money that adds up to a lot of

Money over twenty thirty forty year span guys it’s a massive amount of money now how you do this is you got to ask yourself in your current workplace is there a chance a realistic chance out within the next year to you can get promoted to get a better job is there if there’s nothing you got to either find a better job that you can make more money yet or you gotta

Think about starting your own business where you can be successful at starting your own business and if you need help starting a business i have like at least 2030 videos on this channel where you can look into how to start a business and how to grow of your own business and those kinds of things i’m an entrepreneur you have tons entrepreneur tips on this channel

So you that’s how you got to think you gotta think i need to make money somehow more money than i’m making now so i can increase my net worth at a much more rapid pace than if you’re just stuck in that same job and doing it for 10 20 years guys and you’re not making any more money next one up last one step number five is you’re going to make passive income somehow

This is something i didn’t do and tell basically the past year passive income i have a great video on if you guys want to check that out if you haven’t already checked it out ten ways to make passive income online passive income is basically when you create something in the past and you can make money for months or years into the future with basically minimum or

No effort at all guys it’s a beautiful beautiful thing i make passive income like i said i didn’t make passive income for a long time i now make passive income from this channel i have videos on this channel that make me a hundred fifty two hundred bucks a month one video we’re talking one video you know some of my better videos like the stock market for beginners

And those types of things bring in 150 bucks a month just from one video one video that’s how you can really make passive income every beautiful thing about passive income is many times you can make passive income through doing a hobby for since this channel is my favorite hobby it’s my hobby it’s what i do i’d love to do it i would do it even if i wasn’t get paid

Wasn’t getting paid at all i did it when i was a kidding paid at all so see they say you’re a photographer you could maybe start a website that you know shows off all your photography or whatever you do maybe you a photographer for lates you go all around lakes all around the united states and that’s like your hobby you take pictures of lakes all around the united

States well guess what you can start a website and as long as you know seo and those kind of kinds of things when people want to look at pictures of lakes your website will pop up and then you can sell google ads on that and you can bring an income – as for something that you would do don’t matter what but now you actually get to make money from it for photos you

Might have taken years ago things like them there’s like i said if you want to really check out passive income watch that video because i go into a ton of different ways you can make money on it and it’s awesome guys it’s awesome to be able to create something that you create no matter what and you can make money from it for years to come guys it’s a beautiful

Beautiful thing so passive income very powerful find a way to make passive income do it it’s absolutely a phenomenal thing guys i hope this helped tremendously today in understanding five ways you can fix a broken network let me know if you guys have any more you know steps that you think i may be sure to include in this video that you want to say i would love to

Hear from you guys in that comment section if you came across this video and not subscribed yet you may want it we talk personal finance in the channel talk entrepreneurship i’m an entrepreneur and give a lot of my business tips out and we talk to a stock market and how to make your money into money the most in this channel thank you for watching guys and have a great day

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How to Fix a Broken Net Worth! By Financial Education

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how i plan to make 10x gains on

How I Plan to Make 10x Gains on Stocks

If you get lucky, you might happen to invest in a stock that gains 10x in the past 10 years. However, how many stocks have you actually held for 10 years? For myself, I’ve held perhaps 2 or 3 years at most so now I am shifting gears to invest for longer term and hopefully even more gains.

How’s it going everybody this is pete the bush today i want to talk about a theory that i came up with so that you can multiply your money by about 10x in the long term this video is brought to you by weibo where they’re running a new promotion where if you open up an account and deposit at least five dollars now not a hundred dollars anymore you can get two

Free shares of stock the first stock for opening up your account is going to be varied between three and three hundred dollars the second stock where you deposit some amount of money over five dollars is gonna be valued between eight and two thousand dollars so you’re going to get a chance to get some really huge stock check out my referral link down in the video

Description below this is iris by the way she really really likes me ah go sit that’s it so i live pretty low-key i don’t spend a lot of money myself you could say that on an ongoing basis i spend about fifteen hundred dollars every month so this works out to be about fifty dollars every single day this includes health insurance property tax hoa all the utilities

All the food that i eat so basically everything if i don’t do excessive amounts of travel or anything or i don’t buy a whole bunch of electronics those things are not included if i buy a drone like i just did i bought a fpv drone it’s gonna cost me about about thirteen hundred dollars or so so these kind of add on to my total cost you’re looking at probably another

Five to ten thousand dollars a year so it’s eighteen 000 a year plus another 10k or so so this gives you an idea of my burn rate which is incredibly low but then i still have a huge cash of investable assets i’ve been thinking of it in this really weird way i barely need any money to spend it would still be nice if i earn maybe like 100k per year every single

Year for the next 10 years or so so where do i do this maybe i can put 100k of some kind of investment that would 10x from here on out so 10x of 100k is a million dollars right so where do you do something like this you can invest you know long term dollar cost average put money into s p 500 don’t ever try to time the market and you might get probably like 10

Compounded every single year but my thinking here is if you look back at some of the stocks some of the fang stock maybe tesla or whatnot if you look back 10 years which is a significant amount of time the big name stocks they definitely did 10x some did even 15x not so good a stock maybe did 5x but even stocks that didn’t do so well they increased fivefold

So i understand that it’s really hard to pick a stock that would 10x and i’m just probably cherry picking here because if i go oh yeah look at amazon look at google look at tesla you know those are the ones kind of like in hindsight you know did very well but if you’re thinking about in like a really long term this 10-year term if you have this frame of mind

Where you’re gonna invest for that long i personally feel like the risk goes down dramatically versus if you’re trying to invest for the very short term for like a month or two you never know where the stock is gonna go i have historically tended in the past to try to invest for one to two years or so so i put my money in it went up two threefold you know like

Tesla and then i’m like okay you know this is good enough i’m gonna sell so i think me being in this semi-retired stay not needing a lot of money um and also have enough to invest so that i can go hey you know if i invest it can fully pay for my living costs going into the future and then some then you think of investing in a slightly different way let me take

For example what happened here with dogecoin check out my position over here i invested i don’t know so far in there it’s about 65 000 or so some people might say i lost a lot of money here uh because it did go up to 500 600 000 but right now i am still at a gain of 151 000 on a 65 000 investment so this is plus 232 percent just within the last two months or so

I’m sitting here really pretty it’s like oh my gosh i i earned enough just you know just a few months of the year for an entire year of what i kind of want to earn if my net worth has increased by 100k i’m i would be happy that is probably part of the reason why i haven’t been making as many videos i just didn’t want to grind as hard i’ve been living my life

A little bit more you know going camping doing stuff and let me skip over all that personal stuff right so dogecoin is one of the things i hold and i’m going to talk about a few more stock positions that i hold so let me bring this up over here which is in my retirement account as you can see i hold coinbase after it kind of dropped down a little bit i bought

Into it my current position right now is up about four percent one thousand eight hundred dollars it fluctuates you know like one time i saw it at zero percent you know so this is i feel like a really medium term i i wouldn’t think that i’m gonna hold on to coinbase for like 10 years but um i’m trying to think of it uh all these investment this way it’s like okay

What can i buy i’m gonna buy a hundred k worth of this and i’m gonna have a really long time of horizon thinking okay i want to make 10x on this this is a lofty goal because in 10 years ah right now i am about what 40 years old so in 10 years i’m going to be 50 years old and if this materializes which i think it has a really good chance of doing especially when

You’re looking at a long term goal here stocks are very very volatile short term but long term somehow i feel like the risk factor drops dramatically i’m going to put 100k in maybe it’s going to turn to a million dollars i’m going to you know it’s going to be making a hundred thousand dollars every single year so basically i don’t have to work i can just sit

Back and feel like hey i’m still making six figures without doing anything only invested in something now if you only have a hundred thousand dollars you probably don’t want to put all your eggs in one basket you don’t want to put it all in tesla put it all in coinbase or whatnot so i’m doing this multiple times to sort of reduce my risk so if you do it 10 times

Right so you put in a million dollars you cut it into 10 pieces and a hundred thousand dollars into each one and let’s say nine of them goes to zero which is i think it’s very very unlikely that it goes to zero but one of them goes to uh 10x then you essentially broke even but i don’t think it’s like this my view on this is if you are sort of wise you know don’t

Buy any kind of you know really really risky penny stock or anything buy some blue chip stock that are you know relatively mid to large cap type of companies and you know in 10 years from now maybe it’s gonna double you know at worst case i feel like it’s gonna double still or like 5x right so for the really good stuff steve job type of company like apple or

Something you’re going to look to like about 10x game 15x game 20x gain even so these are the companies i’m looking at and i think coinbase realistically i think it’s going to do like 5x okay within 10 years i don’t think it’s a 10x company but you know it’s really hard to find a company that will do 10x so my next investment is tesla so i bought 200 shares of

This so let’s ignore what i bought before i made some money on tesla uh 20k in 80k also i made 60k so now i’m back i still think they have a lot of room to run especially with the eevee ramp up they’re going to sell more and more blah blah blah you might say that their share price is incredibly high for a car company but i you gotta look at tesla as a technology

Company so i bought in at around 600 200 shares of this total input cost is about 120k i bought this about about a month or two ago and i’ve so far made about um twelve thousand dollars so this is a unrealized gain but a pretty good game so let me jump over to the next thing that i bought this is not in my retirement account sometimes when i buy stuff in my

Retirement account uh it would be more short-term stuff because then i don’t have to pay any capital gains so brk is in actually interactive broker so i talked about this brokerage site a long time ago and if you’re interested in signing up for this i do have a referral link once you sign up for this and i believe you deposit 100k or more then you’re gonna get

Credited within about one or two months or so um ibr k shares of a thousand dollars so you’re gonna get one percent just add it in and you can see here i hold 815 dollars of ibrk and also close to 100k of berkshire hathaway b shares which is a lot cheaper than their age shares these shares are actually 289 or so so i’m actually at a unrealized loss of 4 000 or

So the 1 000 of ib kr shares interactive broker shares used to be a thousand dollars i probably got awarded the shares at a peak so if you sign up now you’re still going to get a thousand dollars worth of ibkr shares and it probably would be more valuable going forward if they kind of you know come back up in price of course i don’t know if it’s going to or not

I missed out on the rebound of the technology shares right after the covid scare but um i’m not too sad about it because my overall net worth is up significantly thanks to dogecoin thanks to a little bit from tesla i just look at the overall network sometimes i have wins sometimes i have losses but as long as my net worth is kind of trickling up a little bit you

Know even if it’s 100k a year which is significant because a lot of people they make 100k they spend you know even if they’re really good savers they might you know save half of it right your net worth is not going to jump up by 100k every single year so for me if it goes up by that much every single year i am in the happy spot so when you think of it long term

You might invest in a different style so if it drops 20 30 you’re gonna go ah you know i’m looking at it long term it probably will rebound come back up and then come back up with a vengeance so thanks for watching this video don’t forget to check out my referral link for weeble down in the video description below don’t forget to give me a like and subscribe for

More thanks for watching you

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How I Plan to Make 10x Gains on Stocks By BeatTheBush

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dont buy it you dont need it ep

Don’t Buy It, You Don’t Need It: Ep. 5

Low-Cost Bidet:

How’s it going everybody this is pete the bush welcome to the fifth episode of don’t buy it you don’t need it this is a series where i pick several day-to-day items and i try to convince you to not buy such an item in order to save your money and increase your net worth sort of like an unsalable tactic if you will now as a disclaimer some of these items you may

Not completely agree that you should not buy them at all now there are very very specific instances where yes there are very very good reasons that you should buy such an item after all the first thing i have a grape with is much of the items next to the checkout stand at a grocery store such as packs of gum candy magazines and things like that generally cost a

Little bit more than if you bought in a larger packing size or whatnot these items are there to get you to spend more money they are intentionally small so that you would actually have to go back and keep on buying these items because they run out pretty quickly not to mention these are candies after all there’s a lot of sugar in it it’s not very good for you if

You want to get a magazine at the checkout stand sure you can get it if you are going to make good use of the full magazine so the way to deal with this magazine thing is if you have a magazine that you like to read just get the subscription and make sure that you will actually read every single magazine all 12 issues in a year the only instance where you should buy

A magazine at the checkout stand is if it’s a really good magazine that you want to read and you only read it maybe once a year for some reason rather than a recurring thing where you want to read it every single month now the second thing that you should not buy and that you do not really need is a hotel minibar or the snacks inside a hotel room these everybody

Know is marked up an incredible amount you just have like a tiny bag of chips and they’ll be like $4 $5 it’s just insane this is a sort of convenience fee for anybody that eats out of the mini-fridge or minibar this fee is paid by those who do not plan ahead to get enough food and bring it back to their hotel room because you can easily just stop by a convenience

Store buy something for a lot cheaper buy your chips you know it’ll be a lot bigger by whatever drinks that you want and have a lot more volume the third thing you should not buy and you guys probably know that i was gonna go here eventually is toilet paper now i’m not saying to not buy toilet paper at all because this is something that people need what i’m saying

Is you can just supplement your toilet paper with a bidet where you install this thing in your bathroom it’s going to you know flush with water instead and you can essentially use a lot less toilet paper the initial cost of a bidet yes it might cost very expensive if you go and buy the japanese kind except there are cheaper ones where it’s not heated see you know

It doesn’t have all these fancy you know digital readouts and stuff it can get a lot cheaper where you just connect it to the water source now i personally have not gotten one of these bidet ziya but i have used them before and i think yeah it’s mixed sense to get one of these and i’m looking to get one of these myself in the future the fourth thing is not buying

Food at the cafeteria this is kind of related to going to restaurants all the time during lunch time if you minimize on the amount of time that you go by cafeteria food or go to restaurants you’re going to save a lot of money now it does make sense to occasionally go out with your co-workers to have lunch or whatnot but i do not think that you really need to go

Every single day because this is essentially a big waste of money and i think maybe once every week or once every two weeks is a good amount of time to keep up a good relationship with your coworkers now cafeteria food most of the time it’s just as unhealthy as eating a restaurant where it’s high insult high in sugar things are just not very healthy in general

Even if your cafeteria serves relatively healthy food you’re still paying a premium of eating out sort of cafeteria is kind of like eating out you’re paying premium you know five to ten dollars for a lunch versus making one yourself that would cost maybe one to three dollars instead the fifth and final thing that you should not buy is digital picture frames now

I’ve seen a lot of these around and i myself have itch to buy one of these so that i can just sit it around and you know put all kinds of pictures in it the problem i have with digital picture frames is the larger it is the larger a screen it has the more power it’s gonna consume now this thing it’s gonna be on 24/7 it’s going to build up and heat and most likely

You can just plug it in for i don’t know i estimate maybe three to five years the screen is gonna start to darken because it’s an lcd screen or whatever type of screen it is it’s gonna start to dim at the same time because it’s on 24/7 it’s consuming a lot of electricity the picture frame itself is likely gonna cost more than $100 and judging if it uses maybe one

Watt to five watts it’s gonna cost anywhere between 10 cents to $1 to run every single month this is in contrast to good ole printed out pictures it’s so cheap these days you can print out 4×6 picture for just 29 cents you can you know print it out much bigger if you want to and you know you just have enough picture frames and if you want to rotate the picture go

Ahead rotate it you do not need to plug this picture into the wall or anything and it won’t continuously suck up electricity it won’t break after several years and then you have to go oh i have to buy another to do digital picture frame and then replace the one that you have so i hope these suggestions help you not buy these items don’t forget to give me a like on

This video comment down below let me know if you have other ideas for other products that you should not buy if you’re interested in supporting this channel don’t forget to check out my audible link down in a video description below or you can get a free audiobook and if you don’t like this audiobook you can cancel it before the subscription expires it and you can

Still keep this audiobook you can keep it for life basically and you can still help it fit this channel if you’re interested in supporting this channel directly i have a patreon over here where i give various perks at various contribution levels and as always don’t forget to subscribe to my channel over here and click that bell icon next to the subscribe button so

That you get a notification whenever i upload a brand new video thanks for watching

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Don't Buy It, You Don't Need It: Ep. 5 By BeatTheBush

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thank gawwddd it ends this week

Thank gawwddd it ends this week

Free 7 Day Trial to My Private Stock Group going on ATM. Here is link

Well howdy there folks and welcome in oh i just want to cover a few things in today’s video hope everybody’s doing great hope you had a merry christmas uh everybody that celebrates out there happy holiday season obviously and uh new year’s upcoming so wow we’re almost to the end thank goodness okay almost then first off let me just cover some some stuff personal in

My personal life uh so if you didn’t know i had a baby a few days ago so yeah baby number three uh slight complications but nothing major mommy’s healthy babies healthy so everything is good there seven pounds 10 ounces and yeah excited so yeah third boy three boys now so yeah that happened so obviously i kind of took uh the last i don’t know four or five days off

From youtube and kind of everything and just kind of zoned out a little bit which is always healthy but you know what’s interesting is is even when i take some time off even if i take some time off from youtube or whatever man i can’t ever take time off from looking into stocks like it just doesn’t matter like i’m still gonna be listening to conference calls it

Doesn’t matter if it’s a holiday time of year or what’s going on like uh i just i just love it man so i just that’s something i could never get away from but anyway so yeah thank goodness okay so we’re almost to the end okay of december which i’ve looked at as a time period that i am just so dang happy we’re almost there because you know the tax laws harvesting

And everything like that you know it’s about to end finally so there’s a difference in the market between when you have a time period essentially where people choose to sell based upon fundamental reason right like let’s say they don’t believe in a stock anymore let’s say they sell based upon they want to take their profit whatever right that’s like a fundamental

Decision or they don’t like the management team whatever right they don’t like the business model anymore there’s some major competitor came in now they’re like oh they’re not going to be able to win this anymore there’s a difference between like that type of selling and people looking at and saying i’ve got you know 20 000 worth of stock gains this year i got a

Position i’m down 20 000 on well i could sell that buy back in 60 days or i could pay 20 000 in tax and still hold that stock right and so a lot of people just it’s like a no-brainer for them right and so it puts this enormous amount of selling pressure especially if they’re stocks that people are down big on which there’s a lot of them right and so this has been

The most vicious tax loss harvesting year ever since i’ve been in the stock market and by a mile it’s not even close i can’t ever remember here there was this vicious it’s just the way it got set up right you know a lot of people make a lot of money in the front half of the year from stocks and when i say people i’m talking about individual investors i’m talking

About you know your mom and pop investor i’m talking about funds i’m talking about everybody right making a lot of money early in the year taking profits long term and short term and then essentially you know being in the situation where they got all these gains and like oh that’s right there’s taxes no one no one upfront pays their taxes right no one does that

Like if you sell a stock and you make ten thousand dollars out and no one’s like okay let me go pay my no okay you wait till last moment possible which is upcoming tax season and that’s when you pay and this is the time of year and people are looking and they’re like oh wait a minute oh shoot i’ve got all these gains and i got i got you know stocks that i’m down on

So that that happens right so essentially we’re almost finally to that period that it’s over and that i love because uh you know it’s painful and i’ve loaded up on these stocks as they’ve gone down the last couple months and i’ve loaded i’ve loaded and i’ve gotten to my lowest cash levels since december of 2018 i’m to my lowest cash level since december of 2018

So i’m ready for an uptick you know that like i’m ready for it for an up tip especially in my stocks i have really almost no fear in my stocks uh right now you know the fact that tax house harvesting is about to behind us and uh you know i think a lot of these companies have to report really good earnings over the next several quarters not just the next quarter

But like several quarters in the future so that puts me in a situation where i’m pretty darn confident uh let’s just put it that way okay now um in terms of any earnings there’s really no earnings this upcoming week this is a week that volume should be down again you know a lot of folks on wall street just kind of take this time period off so expect very low

Volumes volume should return next week so not this upcoming week but next week volume should start coming back in the market you should get more trading activity more moves in general from stocks out there you’ll get um more just everything at that that particular time period don’t be surprised okay if the ronan numbers go insane over the next few weeks you know

The holiday season so many families friends everybody getting together holiday parties stuff like that you know i’m seeing it like you’re usually a pretty good gauge if you you keep track of sports at all and you you know if you you know you watch espn ever like right now it’s like this players out this player is out all for rona right so this is one of those

Those time periods that the numbers are probably gonna go crazy does the market freak out of that i don’t know i i think um you know if you look at this logically well if everybody gets it then you know what’s gonna happen come the springtime the numbers are gonna go they’re gonna skyrocket down because it’s like everybody’s gonna already gotten the crap or you

Know a huge segment of the population that could get it will have already gotten it right and so also springtime comes and the numbers tank down and that’s exactly what i expect i’m no doctor i just look at stuff okay so that’s what i expect like you know come come late february into march and then to april the numbers should tank down massively okay but don’t be

Surprised if over the next few weeks the numbers go crazy and maybe that freaks out the market a little bit there’s not a lot to freak out with uh to be honest you know you look at a stock like uh you know let’s say amazon for instance amazon’s not a stock that’s been running hot into this uh earnings season right amazon’s uh hasn’t gone anywhere as far as the stock

Price since you know august of 2020 you know literally august of 2020 the stock was 3 400 and today it’s around that roughly right and so that’s not like oh wow that stock’s been tearing it up so if amazon if if anything it probably has upside potential rather than downside potential apple you know apple i think is trading rich but at the same time man they’re

Gonna they’re gonna report a pretty darn good holiday season so that’s a tough thing with apple there they’re gonna they’re gonna report some pretty dang good numbers they’re just flat out like you know i went to the apple store this holiday season and that place is as busy if not busier than i’ve ever seen it um you know and you’ve got a lot of these small cap

Companies that i think are going to come back big time over the next six months and the reason being is i think a lot of them are going to report good numbers and you got a lot of money that’s moved to the sideline outflowed out of these stocks with the tax loss harvesting that is going to be coming back in in january and february you compound that with pretty good

Return you know earnings for a lot of these companies that are it’s like oh no it’s not the end of the world they’re actually reporting really good numbers and when you’ve got a substantially low stock price and you’ve got some of these stocks that are heavily heavily shorted you can get some massive moves and that’s why i’ve said you know some of these stocks

Could move uh 50 if not more than 50 in a matter of uh you know a few weeks like it’s not even like you have to wait like that long like you happen to matter a few weeks i think purple prpl perfect stock like perfect stock to see this have played out very recently you know that stock climbed 50 70 80 percent in a matter of a few weeks like purple yeah that’s one

Of those stocks that just got getting hammered hammered hammered and it just turned and it turned fast right and so i think that’s going to happen with a lot of these stocks especially a lot of these small cap companies that have good long-term growth stories that people are excited about when they turn it’s going to be crazy and the short sellers are going to

Have to cover in mass really really quickly and when you’ve got this money that’s on the sideline that’s outflowed out of these stocks all coming in back into the stocks at the same time right the move’s upside can be vicious no different than the moves the downsides been vicious over the past uh you know a few weeks uh you know not just a few weeks but past few

Months with the tax loss harvesting right because you have just compounding of selling some more selling and you’ve got the dominoes falling the wrong way now things are about to flip and the dominoes are going to go that way so anywho that’s all going on uh as far as videos this upcoming week i got some pretty exciting ones so i’m going to be doing a video on on

My top uh five biggest stock market investments now i think you know i think a lot of people know the chef’s gonna be one of those top five right but where does that rank on the list is that my biggest now and just with all the buying that i’ve been doing over the past you know several months and getting so low on cash like what are my top five stocks now i don’t

Think a lot of people could tell me uh what the top five biggest positions there’s some stocks that talk about a lot but they might not even be a top five position so do a video like that this week going to do a video on uh three stocks i’m buying january 2022 edition so do something like that and uh maybe some of my favorite dividend stocks for uh 2022 and uh

Maybe a video on my favorite growth stocks for 22. we’ll just see guys so anyways much love as always appreciate you guys just want to give you a little update video here before we get back rocking and rolling this week and uh have a great day

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Thank gawwddd it ends this week By Financial Education

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my 1 advice to all investors rig

My #1 Advice to all Investors Right Now

To access my free 11 part Stock market investing Course, here is link.

Howdy there folks welcome into today’s video this one we’re getting into my number one tip for all investors in the market it’s gonna be a really important video and i spent some time over the past couple hours putting this together because i want to make sure um it is like fully syncs in what i’m talking about in this video because it’s one thing if you just hear it

Right and you just hear hey you’re supposed to do this one thing right it’s another to have this explained in a way that it really fully hits you so you really understand how impactful this this can be and this is something that i came across in the stock market in my first few years that i really got to understand like if i’m gonna really build up to six figures

In the market seven figures and beyond in the stock market there’s a there’s certain things i have to do in order to get myself there or it’s all just a pipe dream right and in life there’s what’s called uh you know your dreams your dreams are over here and what you’re putting in the work for in and how you get to make those dreams possible and so whatever those

Dreams are whether that’s to you know have six figures seven figures in the market eight figures in the market or whether it be to retire early or travel the world or whatever it is okay there’s a million different things have your kids grow up better than you grew up whatever it is right if you’re gonna make those dreams into reality there’s certain things that

You have to do to get yourself there and there’s certain things certain sacrifices you have to make to get yourself there or you’re never gonna make those dreams of yours the the what you want to become a reality you’re never going to make that happen if you don’t do these certain things and so yeah this would be an impactful video i hope to a lot of folks out

There and i hope it really sinks in um so you really really understand exactly what i’m talking about here okay so when i started the market and started kind of you know looking into investing and doing a little dabbling of investing in the market 2008 2009 i uh you know came across compounding calculator my accounting teacher you know taught us you know to kind

Of work with a compounding calculator and kind of find out you know different things and plug some different numbers in and whatnot and so at that time i was working at a quick trip this is way back in the day already guys ready to see a picture of me way back in the day at walgreens working well let’s go ahead and take a peek there he is there’s that guy okay uh

Working at walgreens and uh making i don’t know eight nine dollars an hour or whatever it was back then uh but but that’s where i started my investing journey and so i ran some numbers and my you know i had around 300 bucks or so to kind of invest in the market and um i basically was running numbers based upon how much i was making i was living with my parents at

That time and um i had about an extra 200 bucks a month to invest so i said well what how much money will i have roughly in about you know let’s say when i’m like 30 years old because i was like 18 19 years old at that time so i’m like over the next 11 years to get me to like 30 and if i just get the average return in the stock market that you should expect around

Eight percent that was a number that was thrown around at that time well like you know how much money is that going to add up to and so i ran up numbers and i was like okay so when i’m 30 years old i should have roughly like 40 000 in stocks right and so yeah you know to me that that just wasn’t cut in the mustard i was like uh you know that’s just uh that’s not

Enough you know what i mean like that’s just not what i’m going after i don’t want to have just 40k to my name you know when i’m when i’m 30 years old especially if i’m going to grind and spend some some time doing this so then i thought okay well what if i get a better return right so then i was like you know if you can get a great return over a period of time

And i have all these stocks to invest in i was investing in a time when the market you’re really starting my investment journey was time the market was very down this is in the great recession right and i thought okay uh you know i have all these different companies to pick from you know thousands of different stocks so let’s say i can get something like a 20

Return well if i can do that and invest that same amount of money hey i’m doing a lot better i basically just doubled up uh you know the amount of money so i’d have roughly 79 80 000 in stocks when i’m 30 years old which was cool but then i was like ah man that still doesn’t sound that dang exciting like i really wanted to have like at least a million dollars in

Stocks when i was 30. and so i’m like uh you know that that’s not that’s not that great okay so now i was thinking well what if i start working more hours right and at this time i think i got also a raise called a raise to like dollars and 10 cents an hour at walgreens so i was like what if i start working more hours and i cut back some expenses like i cancelled

My gym membership i believe and you know did a few other things and so i was like all right so i’m gonna make more money so basically i started having about 450 dollars a month to put towards stocks now that i cut some expenses out of my life and started working some more hours at walgreens now keep in mind that 450 this was still why living with my parents so

I still had some bills i had to pay but i didn’t i didn’t pay rent um to live at the house i didn’t pay any of that the housing expenses uh most of the groceries i ate were still like my parents groceries at that time and so you know it’s like okay i got 450 bucks but like you know if i was living on my own i wouldn’t even have this 450 bucks right and so i found

Out like if i did that hey i’m gonna be better off right 175 000 but at the same time i’m like well i don’t want to you know i don’t want to live my parents forever like i got to move out and do those sorts of things so you know that 450 you can’t even live on your own for for 450 like that’s not gonna happen and so i’m like oh gosh like like how am i gonna make

This work where i could actually invest money right build up as much money as possible and that’s when i came across a little sign when i went into a quick trip one time to get something to drink i was a little pool route for for my dad i was cleaning like 10 pools a day or whatever and uh you know i used to stop at this quick trip and i saw this now hiring side

And i said you know they’re starting assistant managers like 40 000 a year and uh so i was like okay shoot and so i applied for for quick trip at like one in the morning and i got a call back the next day and and got a job at quick trip and so i was like dang this could be kind of life-changing for me to be quite honest like this was a life-changing move that was

Going to happen because i was running the numbers and i was like okay i could basically start investing two thousand dollars a month two thousand dollars a month now at this point in time right and so if i’m investing because my expenses were still insanely low and then i was like even if i move out i’ll probably have gotten a promotion a quick trip because there

Was a lot of opportunity to kind of move up the ranks fast get to good bonusing stores and so regardless if i moved out or you know when i was just still living with my parents i had like two thousand dollars a month extra to invest so i ran the numbers on this and now we’re talking about 773 thousand dollars so just by that change of going from walgreens to quick

Trip i was going to have massive massive amounts more of money like it’s like night and day right now it was a tough decision to to leave walgreens because i actually really liked the co-workers i worked with at that particular walgreens i really uh i had a lot of fun you know to be honest at that particular walgreens i was working at back in the day i had a lot

Of fun and so to leave that was actually kind of a tough decision because i was like man i’m actually really enjoying myself i looked forward to going to work each day and i always had a good time but there was this huge opportunity so i’m like i can either make this sacrifice and go start working overnights at quiktrip and man they put me they put me uh in the

Hood right away and so i was working overnights in the hood for basically day one at quick trip and uh you know that’s not the most fun that’s not the most fun job in the world from going to what from what i was doing uh you know working during the day and and with a bunch of fun people to work with all of us and working overnights all by myself at a quick trip in

In the hood you know it wasn’t it wasn’t the best situation but it was either i um sacrificed uh fun and uh maybe my safety uh i might have to call the cops a few times working at that quick trip or i could uh you know have a lot less money or maybe never move out of my parents house and so i’m like shoot you know i gotta get on my grind here i got to make some

Sacrifice in my life if i’m going to get to you know where i want to get to financially and i made that decision right so then uh there was another opportunity in front of myself that was charlotte north carolina the queen city it was calling and in charlotte the the thing was we had a new division that was opening up in south carolina north carolina south carolina

Was first and then after that charlotte about a year later and so i had this opportunity to move out to charlotte north carolina where the company was expanding and i understood like i was going to get you know promote it faster out there because there’s just a lot more opportunity and so even though stores weren’t bonusing out there i was still going to move up the

Ranks faster so i was going to make extra money in charlotte and at that time at least uh the living expenses were pretty comparable between living in arizona where i was living and living in charlotte north carolina charlotte i think it’s gotten a lot more expensive but shoot out here in arizona it’s got a lot more expensive as well so i was like okay i can make

Some more money out there so then i was like if i work out there get promoted pretty quickly i can start making like two or basically having about 2 500 extra dollars a month to put towards stocks essentially right and so now we’re talking about over 11 year span 2 500 now we’re talking about over 11-year span you’re talking about almost a million dollars right so

Now we’re really talking now we’re really talking about some some real money so i i did that for a while right and then i realized oh man you know my income at quiktrip is actually kind of uh limited you know even though a quick trip is a good place to try to get promoted up the ranks even at a place like quick trip you’re still going to be very very limited and

So i started to realize you know if i’m going to uh take things up to the next level right and if i’m gonna you know reach a lot more these dreams and things like that it’s not gonna happen working in the corporate world it just wasn’t gonna happen it’s like okay i could go from make a position where i make sixty thousand i may be making seventy thousand and then

Wait another three to five years and get to a position where i’m making a hundred thousand dollars a year right and then wait another five years into a position i’m making 150 000 and so it’s like yeah yeah there’s that there’s that ranks but i’m like by the time i’m even making like a 200 000 a year it could be 10 20 years from now and that’s if i do a great job

And i can still you’re still playing the politics game when you’re working in corporations right you can still get passed by from somebody that might be buddy buddy with the other guy that’s promoting and so you’re in that sort of situation where it’s like man you know it’s going to be hard to to climb to the next ranks like this was a good starter and so that’s

What led me to say you know what i’m going to leave quick trip and i’m going to move out to vegas and so two things really attracted me to vegas no taxes and easy to start a business very easy place uh business climate in vegas right and so that was a huge plus because i’m thinking man if i’m gonna make 200 000 a year or something like that i you know i need to

Start my own business it’s just i’m not doing it through the corporate grind i got to become an entrepreneur i got to do my own thing where my income is not tapped by promotion opportunities and by corporate politics and if i can have no taxes that’s just a bunch more money i could put my no state income tax that’s just a bunch more you know money i could put in my

My pocket which is going to end up going in the stock market right and so then i started running numbers i was like if i start making like 200 000 a year from my own business that’s like 10k a month roughly if i keep my living expenses relatively low that’s like you know 10k a month roughly i can put towards stocks and so over 11-year time span if you’re putting

10k to stocks getting a 20 return over 11 years you’re at almost 4 million dollars and so that’s what led me to say this is like a no-brainer like i’ve gotta gotta go out there i’ve gotta start business i gotta become an entrepreneur and i gotta do my own dang thing where my income’s not tapped because the end of the day you start realizing in investing returns

Are great and if you can get great returns awesome but at the end of the day the big if you can fix your income and get your income up the the amounts of money dwarf even if you can get also in a 25 return or 30 return and so that’s why the most important thing when it comes to investing in my number one tip is get your dang income up and i just took you through my

Story and that’s how i ended up scaling to six figure seven figures in the stock market six figures i got there through quick trip right but seven figures i got there because i started my own businesses and if i didn’t start those own businesses i wouldn’t have reached seven figures as fast and i wouldn’t have reached multi-seven figures as fast meaning you have

You know several million dollars in the market if i would have stayed a quick trip you know i would probably be i would probably have maybe a million dollars in my account right now a million maybe maybe 1.5 million if i stayed a quick trip and i’m i’m 32 years old if if people don’t know out there which isn’t bad like that still would have been good um but

It’s obviously not the numbers i i have today right and so at the end of the day you got to really figure out like like if you’re gonna you have to make these sacrifices if you’re not willing to make those sacrifices to get a better job to start your own business to start side income streams or whatever you are going to limit your amount of money you’re going to

Have and you’re going to limit whatever dreams you have you’re going to have to put those to the side and you know there’s an old picture we had taken quite a while ago where had somebody throw a collage together of like you know folks that that you know uh hit seven figures and sent us in a picture that were in the private stock group and i can tell you i know

Most of these people’s backstories and i tell you most of them um didn’t just get there because they got great returns they got there because they also had jobs where they made 100 200k a year and so or or had their own businesses where they made 10200 300k a year and so they got there because they took a certain amount they invested it they got gains on that

They you know put more money in their accounts in a in a market like we’re in right now right think about this market we’re in at the moment right we’re in what’s called uh you know either a correction market bear market we hit bear market on uh the nasdaq and russell a few weeks ago we bounced out of that but we’re still in massive correction territory on the

Nasdaq in in the russell we are in correction territory now on the s p 500 in the dow’s flirting with a you know basically a correction as well and when you go through these corrections in the market bear markets crashes whatever right that’s when you really start to understand the power of essentially the the income and having your income in a great place where

You can have money to quote unquote by the dip and if you don’t that’s when you got to start saying okay maybe i need some side income streams and to get there by cutting expenses isn’t usually going to get you the promised land right if i just stayed working at quick trip making 50 60 70k a year let’s say for instance right and even kept my expenses really low

Still not getting there and obviously that’s a sacrifice in itself because you’re living less of a lifestyle than you could right um versus if you started your own business started making six figures seven figures a year for me the from what i’ve seen in my own life and what i’ve seen around with people close to me the easiest way to make six figures a year in my

Personal opinion is starting your own business some people can get there going the college route and you learn you know specific skills and you go to college for four six eight years whatever and you come out and you’re you’re ready to you know rise the ranks and you can make six figures plus a year at a company but for the folks that that’s not your thing right you

Didn’t go to college you didn’t you know have parents that could pay or you didn’t want to go in all that debt something like that well then your next best bet in my opinion is to start your own business and start or start you can even start with side income streams passive income streams and look for ways like that you get more money to invest because at the end

Of the day think about it right imagine there’s this guy and um let’s say there’s a guy that invested one thousand dollars into tesla stock and he made a 2 000 gain on tesla because tesla absolutely tore up the last few years and so he put a thousand dollars in 2018 2019 and he got 2 000 return alrighty cool good for him he got that thousand dollars and now that

Thousand dollars is worth twenty thousand dollars roughly good for him that’s amazing right a thousand to twenty thousand in a matter of a few years sweet what about the guy that just put a hundred thousand dollars in because he had his income in a good place right so he put a hundred thousand dollars in in tesla stock well then a hundred thousand dollars is now

Worth uh two million dollars two million dollars right and so this is where the power of having your income in a good place that you can invest really comes in to power because um it’s going to dwarf even returns right and even if there’s a guy that gets a lower return but he’s got his income in a good place he’s still going to always just smash the guy that um

Is essentially you know has a lower income and even is getting great returns right and so once again you’re not going to get there by just saving you always want to have extra money to put toward stocks but by you know cutting a gym membership or uh you know trying to i don’t know save 10 bucks a month on your car insurance or something like that that’s not getting

You to the magic land i can tell you that you’ve gotta you gotta you gotta leave your job get better job opportunities never leave your job until you already got another job lined up by the way that’s a mistake people make they leave their job first then go search for a job that puts you in a huge position of weakness always make sure you got the next job lined up

Before you leave your last job if you don’t have that don’t even think about leaving your job that puts you in a huge position of weakness and employers like it more when you already have a good job and you’re like willing to come over to them then they they feel like you’re uh you know you’re going over there for for uh reasons it’s not like you’re an unemployed

Person that you know they they’re like oh man you know you’re what’s wrong with you why are you unemployed you should be employed get that next job then go ahead and leave the last job or go ahead and start businesses okay and uh that’s my number one tip i always have and always will have for investing in the market everything else comes after that balance sheets

And income statements and valuations and business models and returns and all that stuff that’s all secondary if you don’t have your income right then then you know you got to get the income right first and then we can worry about all this other stuff and how much to diversify and how much to have in this stock versus this stock and uh you can kind of find your

Way going through that so yeah i hope you guys enjoyed this as always it’s kind of a little more of an older school video for from me i don’t do a lot of these sorts of videos nowadays we get so tied up into what’s going on in the market what’s going on with particular stock stocks and buying things like that that uh videos like this already know are very very

Helpful to folks and i hope you guys got value out of it also you want some free money essentially sign up for moomoo with my pin comment down there they got a sick deal right now one free stock worth three dollars to thirty five hundred dollars with deposit of any amount literally any amount then you also get one free stock value between nine dollars and thirty

Five hundred dollars with a deposit of any amount plus you get a free neo share right now and i also believe they’re giving away a free ttcf share as well but i believe that’s if you deposit a hundred dollars so anyways guys hope you enjoyed this always thanks for joining me much love and i hope you enjoyed have a great day

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My #1 Advice to all Investors Right Now By Financial Education

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fake rich guys exposed slave men


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So i had to do it i had to do it once and for all i have to expose all this epidemic that’s going on on social media of oh look at my lamborghini look at my ferrari look at my rolex look at my chain look at my givenchy clothes this shirt cost a thousand dollars look at my private jet look at my big house this epidemic that is happening on social media now started

With one guy about two or three years ago had spread all across social media and it’s an epidemic and i got to talk about four reasons why this is some bad stuff guys that’s going on and i think it’s i think it’s a really bad thing for a lot of different reasons that i’m going to explain here and literally started one guy a couple years ago in his garage and now

It’s all across social media you go on instagram and you see all these people flex in trying to put all this money up look at my new watch and look at my new car and this all is like flexing type stuff right you see it on here on youtube with several different people with advertisers trying to throw it in your face oh you know follow me here’s me getting in my

Helicopter here’s me doing this here’s me doing that trying to show this lifestyle to give themselves some kind of credibility and therefore they can sell a program or something backed by that and it’s an epidemic and it’s driving me nuts so number one the first thing that i actually don’t care about that a lot of people care about is whether a lot of these people

Are renting their their stuff i don’t actually don’t care about that i don’t care if somebody renting their lamborghini for the day or renting that house and trying to show a lifestyle that they don’t really live then i actually don’t care about some people that’s the thing they get tied up and they’re like all you don’t let that person’s rent in that car that house

I don’t give a because whether they had that lamborghini or don’t have that lamborghini or they have that fancy rolex or they don’t have that fancy rolex that means nothing to me what means something to me is whether their information they’re giving out and if they want to charge for that that’s fine but if they’re if they’re charging for something that’s good

Information that’s fine but if they’re if they rented all this stuff and they’re giving out bad information or if they actually only end up giving out that information it’s all a net net loss in the end for me i’m just like why why do they need to porch this type of lifestyle why do they need to act like oh it’s so grand and this and that guys this is what drives

Me nuts here on social media it’s just this whole i need to look super rich so therefore i have some type of credibility so then i can sell a course or sell a package or whatever and it’s absolutely epic and something i hate is when some of these guys will then get called out on the fact that they rent stuff this is the part that kind of bothers me about the whole

Renting when they finally get caught that they’re renting that house or they’re renting these cars and all these kinds of things and they’re leasing it or whatever they get caught and then they try to say oh well i don’t i didn’t buy this house because i don’t i don’t want to spend all that money on a house you you rent a lamborghini in a bentley and you’re you

Got that rolex on you got that chain and all these expensive clothes and you don’t want to buy a house oh come on that just makes me sick like think with your head like like people anybody that had any clue about financial matters will look at that and like what so you’re going to rent all that stuff you’re going to own all that stuff but you’re not going to buy a

House like come on man in that house that you live in la just appreciate another half a million last year that you rent out like come on do like like real people that are smart financial wise like they can read through in a heartbeat and some people that aren’t that smart and aren’t that intelligent with some of those channels kind of a track they’ll look at that

And they’ll say oh yeah that makes sense yeah yeah yeah yeah give me a break dude you got four different fancy cars at all costs over a quarter million that somehow you own but no you can’t buy a house you can’t put a down payment on a house that just appreciate another half a million last year give me a break that’s such a bunch of bs it’s like just be truthful

Man be honest so number two they’re flexing to make themselves feel better some of them like to claim oh i show off about this lifestyle i show off all this cash in my pictures and my videos i show off these fancy cars because um that is what people want no no you’re doing that because you feel better about yourself it’s a douche move to show off all that stuff

Especially if you’re forcing it on people and you’re doing it in your advertisements that get forced into people’s faces oh that this such-and-such thing with all these fancy cars and all these fancy people will somehow and you’re forcing on people it’s no different than being at the gym and you picture yourself you’re working out and some guy comes by and he

Starts flexing it flexing in your face you like dude get the outta my face like what are you doing like oh big huge guy like that is equivalent of the douchebag move these guys are accused and i throw in these lamborghinis and these bentley’s in these houses in these clothing and all this expensive stuff in your face that’s literally the exact same thing as

Somebody in the gym who comes up and they just start flexing in your face it’s literally the same thing especially if you’re paying if you’re paying advertisements to force it on people in their face not like somebody clicked on that video purposely like somebody’s getting forced that in their face it’s just off it makes me roll my eyes number three they act like

Letting some of these people act like that’s the only way to get attention that’s the only way the only way you can get attention on social media is if you do all this stuff and you have all these you know this fancy lifestyle shun that’s the only way i’m going to be able to get attention absolutely not if you have good material you preach on your channel or your

Instagram or facebook or wherever platform you’re on you will get attention you will get attention you don’t need to show some kind of lavish lifestyle to get attention can you get attention that way absolutely you can get attention that way the same thing that’s basically the same mindset that hip-hop is used for years anybody’s followed hip-hop for a long time

Hip-hop has been like 15 20 years ago they started using the champagne lifestyle on the private jet in the yacht and the cars and all their music videos and the chicks dancing around is bombed and it exact the same mentality does one of these business gurus are also using that part really business gurus that’s another subject that are used and now they usually

Look at their lot of their videos chicks in bikinis oh look at a lot of their videos they go all these fancy cars and it’s they’re trying to show like a hip-hop lifestyle and they’re thinking that’s the only way to get attention it’s a hundred percent false if you give out good material on your channel or whatever it is you can get attention i was on nobody i’m

Still nobody but i was an extreme nobody when i started my channel in 2016 this youtube channel not here now we have 43 thousand subscribers and i’ve never once done a video oh look at me in my lamborghini oh look at me and my new fancy watch and look at my new chain and look at my fancy clothes hell no i by h&m closes and i go and buy them on sale for like

10 bucks so that’s what i do i don’t ever do that and look at the audience we’ve attracted look at gary vaynerchuk’s channel guys approaching 700,000 subscribers he’s getting like usually most of his videos you’re getting twenty to fifty thousand views within the first 48 hours very good view to subscriber ratio there and i’ve never once ever watched a video and

I’ve watched 20 30 40 videos of hips i never watched any videos where he’s like look at this new thing i just bought look at my new fancy car look at this look at that i’ve never seen anything he’s just giving out business advice in like you know people can follow him and if they like them they like them but he’s built a extremely loyal following by not having to

Show off all that stuff so there is a bunch of bs net oh i can only get attention if i show off if i show off all this stuff absolutely not you give out good and you will get people to follow you i on living proof of that exact same thing guys i’m living proof i give out what i feels good other people feel like that and that’s why we’ve built 43,000 subscribers

And i was at nobody in 2016 and i’m still nobody but that’s fine i’ll be unhappy with my audience i have and the last one number four here guys this is probably the biggest problem i haven’t it they are basically teaching the people out there that things or the end goal the lamborghini that’s the end goal the big house that’s the end goal the the fancy necklace

That’s the end goal the fancy clothing that’s the end goal and i don’t think that’s the end goal and i don’t think that’s the end goal people should want or or need the end goal for people and the reason people should care about personal finance care about entrepreneurship care about investing and trying to make their money into money it’s not so they can go buy

More things that’s slave mentality the reason they should do it is for freedom for free birth freedom so you can do what you want you can wake up at the time you want to wake up you don’t have to listen to your boss you don’t have to listen to this person in that person you can do what you want to do each and every day and not just so i can i can you know become

Richer so i can buy all this stuff that’s literally slave mentality let me just buy all this stuff let me try to get a mortgage let me try to get this let me try to you know take out debt so i can get all even more things so i can make myself feel good and it can be keeping up with the joneses and then guess what i just going to keep working and keep doing things

So i can keep up this type of lifestyle that’s in my opinion not the way to live and i think a lot of my subscribers understand that the end goal to make more money and get more money is for freedom not for buying more stuff like i’ve worked i’ve worked for years a company named kwik trip had to get up at 4 a.m. every day 4 a.m. day in and day out that was horrible

Like i never want to go back to that that was awful i think if ever was not fun at all i’ve had to clean up off fours i’ve had a clean off toilets like i’ve had to do all these nasty stuff i’ve had a workout in 120 degree heat for 10-12 hours working for my dad’s company like i’ve had a do hard-ass work and i don’t want to go back there so i make money i do

My thing for freedom so i don’t have to go back there and do those kinds of things not so i can go buy a fancy piss or fancy that to make myself feel better it’s about the freedom in the end and if my freedom is i want to go buy something fancy then i can do that but the things are not the end goal the freedom is the end goal in deciding when i want to wake up

It’s great feeling now that i’m an actual business owner i own two businesses that i can wake up when i want to wake up i don’t have to wake up when somebody tells me to if i want to stay up all night i can do that it’s my own life if i want to go on vacation next week somewhere i can do that it’s not like dependent upon someone else guys so freedom freedom is

Literally the angle not the bentley not the fancy house that’s not the angle if that’s part of your freedom fine but that’s not the angle it’s freedom and freedom from doing what you want to do and being able to live a halfway decent lifestyle so that is why i want to call out you know all these it’s it’s just an epidemic here on youtube it’s an epidemic all over

The place if people feel like they need to show off a lifestyle so therefore they can get attention and that’s just my feeling on guys and i i don’t care if i get a ton of thumbs down on this video because it might be controversial and some people might like those those guys out there that you know show off these fancy lifestyles in that i don’t really care if i get

A hundred thousand thumbs down oh well you can go and i know my subscribers you guys will hit that thumbs up button so that’s what matters in the end my actual subscribers not the people who just click on this video just to click on it and come stick up for their guy and whatnot guys so hope you enjoyed this today on my channel is all about preaching practica uh

Practicality is that the right word practicality you know i talked about nine to five figure businesses is it is it multi-million dollar lifestyle absolutely not when you have two five figure businesses you can live alright you’re not living a ball in lifestyle there were two hundred thousand is that some kind of you know epic story of maybe if it was zero to two

Hundred million or something like that then it would be an epic story i’m about peachy preaching practicality on this channel it’s about trying to build actual goal it’s about trying to build a five-figure business which is realistic for most people to build a seven figure eight figure business not very realistic unless you do it over a long period of time guys so

I’m about preaching practicality and you know what this whole you know i got all these fancy cars and houses it’s not practical on the end guys unless you work your ass off for a long time or you get really lucky with a really good idea guys so practicality that’s what it’s all about hope you guys enjoyed this if you just came across this channel you may want to

Subscribe we talk personal finance news channel we talk entrepreneurship i’m an actual business owner i give away so many business tips we talk to stock market more than anything making your money into money thank you for watching guys and have a great day

Transcribed from video

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