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8 ways to change your digital li

8 Ways To Change Your Digital Life (So It Doesn’t Drive You Crazy)

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And this week’s video was brought to you by morning brew. unless you’re extremely privileged, extremely wealthy our own personal assistant is actually a lot easier than it basically, it’s all about creating the right routines our phones and laptops and smart watches and car computers and as sometimes said it makes for an excellent servant, is because we simply don’t know how

We’re spending our time. scrolling through social media, where we barely even register but if we were to analyze how we’ve actually been spending before it, do my cooking at a certain time after it. everything for monday, including clearing my inbox so that i on a sunday night, you can do what i have often done now especially if you’re diligent about tracking every time

And the ones that are really just serving as a distraction, that we want to be doing or the fun we want to be having. helps you stay informed without any extra effort on your part. and while traditional business news can be dry, dense, business news from wall street to silicon valley delivered number 3, use the save feature on instagram to your advantage. to save book

Recommendations, money and productivity tips, if you are anything like me and can sometimes use instagram to transition your relationship to instagram to be more how a resource like this can be hugely additive to your life. and one of the things that i found so fascinating and so there’s good data to show that being a reader itself of your normal routines and normal modes

Of thinking. help you curate an experience that’s more easy to manage about it because i’m distracted by the shiny new thing and rss feeds are a great way to ensure that those things stay into something more manageable and something more beneficial. that i’m sure are only going to further chip away at my sanity. i simply deleted the twitter app and now use twitter a lot

As the experience is crappier now, i do use it less. are things that help enhance things like my productivity like i don’t need to be aware every single time one i love you all, i love your journeys, i respect them, even if these work dashes consume only a small amount of your evenings might reduce your effectiveness the next day you have that are sending you information

And giving you at least getting rid of the ones that are truly not doing you i also love using things spreadsheets and visual lists is actually incredibly effective in helping you reach it. often, what can lead the individual events in our lives doing things like checking out the menu of a restaurant or even putting together different outfit combinations so if you’re working

On saving up for something this summer, and staying more on course by using inspiration boards but you could only imagine the kind of inspiration boards things like personal errands and tasks and appointments asked me to do something, tell her to put it in her calendar who remembers people, and whose life generally seems which will disincline you from doing it in the future.

Once again, thank you to morning brew for sponsoring this video

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8 Ways To Change Your Digital Life (So It Doesn't Drive You Crazy) By The Financial Diet

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how to get over your negative mo

How To Get Over Your Negative Money Emotions

In the fourth episode of The College Student’s Guide To Money, Chelsea tackles an important, but often ignored, aspect of personal finances: how money impacts our emotional lives. This video covers everything college students and recent grads need to know about the emotional side of money, from jealousy to stress.

To getting good with money is all about the emotional side with 49% saying they have spent more than they can afford of financial planning clients respond to logic and education emotional issues that impact their spending habits. or your ideas that you’ve internalized about money that and how coming from different socioeconomic backgrounds studies have shown that students

Who come from these more where sorority members can easily rack up $7,000 or more et cetera associated with being a part of that sorority. have to handle our day-to-day living expenses on our own, even if some bills are covered and out of sight for you, on a day-to-day basis with your money where are the outcomes, of those terrible decisions, including financial ones,

That you’re creating with money long-term in addition i would just continue to try and spend until they would stop me. it can manifest this feeling of, well, i might as well spend it. like there will always be more and a place of scarcity there are even people who literally freeze their credit extends beyond just a feeling that money in your account that the thing that

I needed to have in order to be cool– from different backgrounds, with bachelor’s degree holders being it’s less true that it is much of an equal opportunity step process should they choose to pursue it and have fewer when organized into four income groups, 77% of college students the lowest quarter– students from households earning $35,000 so while college may help you

Gain an equal footing and of course, when it comes to the game of unpaid internships, these are people who eat out all the time for meals, live without having to be all that aware of the money– can’t afford to do all of the things these other people are with that don’t necessarily require a ton of money– with that dynamic, you are going to be setting yourself to do that

Is not motivated by a rational, thought-out need this is spending that’s motivated by a moment-to-moment things like stress, or anger, or envy, or happiness, but it’s short-lived and an unhealthy coping mechanism that’s dedicated to those impulse buys so that when you to when you’re tempted to spend based on an emotion that they can give you an instant veto on an emotional

Purchase i like to make myself a little mood board of the saying i just wanted to fantasize about it for a little bit. about why you may be having this relationship to money. in to being a part of something or buying something that you there can be awkward moments of things like a shared these conversations upfront, and establishing the expectation, something you can

Afford means that you won’t find yourself just you might upfront want to split the chores that you’re you should also plan for all of the different little money for your friend who runs the air conditioning whether they’re proactive planning and agreeing beforehand on the terms in situations that you wouldn’t have chosen for yourself. to things are parts of the key steps

To making sure it’s easy to feel shame, or insecurity, or spend out around the internet.

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How To Get Over Your Negative Money Emotions By The Financial Diet

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canntrust sunniva halo labs rich

Canntrust – Sunniva – Halo Labs – RICH TV LIVE


Hi how you doing this is rich or mish to be live and it was another crazy day in the markets again another bloodbath overall in the cannabis sector again canopy growth got hammered today aurora was down again i mean we’re just seeing blood everywhere on the streets in the cannabis sector but the silver lining in my opinion was that can’t trust out of all the stocks

That should have been read today can’t rose was green not only were they green at one point they were up like huge like 17% at one point i think they finished up 5% it’s still kind of surprising considering everything they’ve been through another company that had a nice day today was suniva type float stock they’ve had a tough go of it recently and they had a nice

Little run up to close to two bucks and then they came back down and today they had a nice jump up again back at dollar 52 today so it’s nice to see suniva have a nice day and halo labs nice to see halo labs having a nice day told you guys hail laps nine point six million revenue just gonna deal with khalifa i’ve been interviewing the ceo and talking to him tons

We’re talking about like a 30 cent stock in canada and these guys are in the extraction space they’re in the cbd space they’re working with colleyville who’s doing a deal with jay-z no-brainer nine point six million in revenue nine point six million in revenue and they’re at 30 cents in canada i think it’s a no-brainer i think halo labs is a great company i think

They have huge upside huge potential like i said this entire sectors beaten down i don’t think you could really understand why i mean everything goes red and the company who gets their license to spend it goes green how do you explain that i don’t think you can explain it this entire sector is highly manipulated and i think contra is going up proves it i mean

This company this company gets their license suspended and the stock goes up can’t trust has no sales no revenue the alberta gaming company returned 1.3 million dollars of product and can’t trust stock goes up halo labs has more revenues than iip our high pr was training in 97 dollars last time i looked and halo labs is trading a 30 cents and meanwhile they have

More revenues than i i pr i don’t think very much in the sector can be explained this sector is crazy it’s absolutely crazy nothing can really be explained there’s really no real fundamentals to determine where these stocks can go and yeah man it’s a it’s been crazy man these last six months have been absolutely crazy and it’s really difficult to determine where

Anything’s gonna go right now because there is no real fundamentals backing any of these stocks high pr is at $97 with less revenues than halo labs which is at 30 cents how do you explain this what i can tell you is one of our members on telegram edog brought us a pic and i’m gonna break it down for you guys so you guys can learn more about this company because he

Brought us this pic at 18 cents today it hit 22 cents so it has been climbing and he brought a lot of good reasons to our community as to why he thought the stock was undervalued underappreciated underexposed the stock has been going up in the cannabis sector tight float strong management team and board that they’re building behind this stock and they’re still at

22 cents so i’m gonna do some more research and i’m gonna bring the stock to you guys later i’m literally just driving just did an interview with a cutie ads oh my goodness hundred million dollars in revenue dollar 30 stock and i just interviewed the ceo stay tuned your boy rich rich to be live if you’re not winning you’re not watching we bring your winners and we

Bring them to you first yes the cannabis sector is heavily under attack heavily heavily heavily under attack and we see a lot of red everywhere but this is a buying opportunity for those that want to win in the cannabis sector in order to win you want to buy low sell high right now we are seeing the entire sector under attack it is a great buying opportunity we’re

Seeing 52 week lows across the board the key right now is to do the research spend more time doing research looking for the best looking for the blessed looking for undervalued underappreciated underexposed opportunities by them at 52 we closed position yourself now and wait for the resurrection because when the resurrection comes it’s going to be epic and those of

You that are patients and that are getting in at these lower levels are going to win big it’s true if you want to win this is the time to get in man because we’re seeing 52 week lows across the board all over the place we are in a sector right now that is very news driven it’s retail heavy it’s short heavy its market maker manipulated and it’s news driven article

Comes out saying that aurora cannabis is overvalued stock goes down article comes out saying that canopy growth is going to be building tons of debt and is not going to be making any revenues stock goes down we are in a news driven market there are no fundamentals backing anything right now because you got stocks like iip are trading at $97 with less revenue than

Halo labs which is trading at 30 cents then you got aurora cannabis trading lower than a lot of their peers but yet they’ve got more revenues than everybody else in the sector the sector is crazy the sector is volatile be very very careful when you invest in anything in the cannabis sector do not invest in anything that we talk about on our show invest in the

Company because you’ve done the research you’ve done the due diligence and you believe that that is a great investment our modus operandi here is to bring you educational and entertaining content so that you can take that information digest it research those companies and hopefully you can make your own decisions about which companies you want to invest in we are

Really growing we’re getting out of just the cannabis sector and we’re starting to get into every sector so you’re gonna see us interviewing ceos from every single sector in the world and our goal is to be able to educate the public about every single major public company before anybody else on the planet that is our goal and we will achieve that goal thank you guys

For watching if you’re not winning you’re not watching is your boy rich refers to be live bring your winners and we bring them to you first halo labs big day suniva big day and can trust green day to create two green days in a row for kandra’s who just got their license suspended apparently now if you want to go green all you got to do is your license suspended

It’s true obviously i’m saying that tongue-in-cheek i’m just kidding anyone that’s invested in can’t trust congratulations on them going green even though they just had their license suspended i hope this continues it’s definitely a bullish sign for the sector even though the sector is deep in red buying opportunity folks you heard it from your boy if you’re not

Winning probably not watching bring the winners and we bring them to you first have yourselves a nice day i’m a piece you

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water ways technologies inc tsxv

Water Ways Technologies Inc. (TSXV: WWT) | RICH TV LIVE

Water Ways Technologies Inc. (TSXV: WWT) | RICH TV LIVE – June 14, 2021 – Water Ways Technologies Inc. (TSXV: WWT) (” Water Ways ” or the ” Company “), is pleased to announce that further to the company’s press release dated November 23, 2020, its Chinese subsidiary has completed the delivery and installation of a 20 hectare turnkey blueberries irrigation project in the Province of Yunnan in China ordered by Driscoll’s subsidiary. The total value of the project was CAD$460,000. Driscoll’s is the global market leader for fresh strawberries, blueberries, raspberries and blackberries. With more than 100 years of farming heritage and hundreds of independent growers around the world, Driscoll’s is passionate about growing great tasting berries.

Do you want to learn how to trade stocks in cryptocurrency join our community of traders go to and find the next 10 bagger how’s everybody doing today i am your host rich here on behalf of rich tv live and i’m here with my very special guest ronnie jaggerman a director of waterways technologies how you doing today ronnie great good morning

Vancouver it’s late afternoon here in israel rich thank you very much for interviewing i really appreciate the opportunity um you know and the ball is yours fantastic well i’m excited to learn more about your company and when i started doing a little bit of research i right away felt like your company was undervalued under appreciated underexposed and we’re

Going to get right into why so waterways has revenues had revenues last year at around 12 million which right there tells me because you’re at 15 cents that you’re already undervalued and received over 10 million in orders in q1 giving it a run rate of 40 million dollars in 2021 is waterways likely to maintain the momentum going forward yes we are we’re

Having a very good year um you can see our results for the first quarter uh which were sales of 550 5.5 million canadian dollars in revenue and 550 000 ebitda that’s almost 10 percent or it is for 10 our order backlog is at a record high this was the best quarter for the company ever um and we’re seeing our business really around the world very strong we’ve

Had a very strong canadian business a very strong chinese business and our business out of israel is also extremely strong and i think we can keep that momentum going on during um all the part of the year wow that’s incredible you’ve recently opened up subsidiaries in canada and china do you see waterways opening up more subsidiaries in other regions and

If so where would those be yes i do it is our strategy and one of the reasons that we went public and we’re very successful um the first the first strategy we took was entering canada by buying the assets of a canadian irrigation distributor heartland grove based south of london and ontario and that proved to be a winner this was a distributor of irrigation

Equipment um its owner john paul was very successful but he it had the normal problems a small company we came in and acquired the assets of the company uh put john paul as ceo of the company and we saw uh the business growing uh from a two million dollar canadian business to four million last year and we’re still growing in that business this year which

Brings us to a good whole foothold in the canadian irrigation market which is we’re still small players it’s 100 million dollar market we’re still only four or five percent of the market and we intend to grow to to be dominant in the market we did the same thing in china we had a distributor for years in china uh waterways is not a young company it started

In 2006. so we were doing uh for four or five years business in china but selling component to our chinese distributor which was actually a project company so we did the same thing we acquired the assets we opened a chinese subsidiary um it picked up very slow because unfortunately beginning of 2020 was coveted and chinese business was seized 100 percent

But last quarter of last year we saw the business starting uh and again we have a very good quarter in china in the first quarter and we see the business uh really picking up and we focus in china on high healing crops uh we did a business act actually we did uh one project with driscoll which is the largest grower in the world of berries it’s an american

Company which grows uh berries and over 21 um um countries around the world and i’m confident that this business will grow once we’ve established the strategy uh we seek to grow in other territories i.e in western canada in the united states in peru where we have we have a good we could have a good stronghold foothold and in other places around the world

Wow what are your main drivers of demand for waterways in the future um you know it’s very easy our earth is warming nobody seems to do anything about it trump was of course against it but but even now um earth is warming a warming means there’s less less water water is becoming scarce which means if you want to grow crops you know i just read yesterday that

That food is a new oil okay okay that was yesterday in in an article and um water is getting scarce so in order to irrigate and crops the crop doesn’t grow without without good irrigation you need to use smart irrigation or drip irrigation or or you need to put brains into the interrogation and that’s where israel comes into the field we’ve been we’ve had

An arid country since the day israel was founded in 1948 and farmers in israel and and farming companies and irrigation companies has to develop develop systems to use irrigation or water in a smart way because water is very scarce in israel and rich i told you to come to israel if you come today to israel israel is extremely green it’s not anymore desert

And that’s before because water was used in a very efficient way and and that is why waterways is in a great position to boom because the demand just mark of smart irrigation is growing extensively all around the world our biggest product project we did ever was a four million dollar project in uzbekistan you know you wouldn’t think and and to irrigate to

Smart irrigate cotton okay now this is not a smart a cotton is you know it’s it’s a hot it’s a medium yield um um crop not like cannabis or berries or anything but you wouldn’t think that in a place like uzbekistan they would invest four million dollars uh in an irrigation system which is probably much more much more expensive than than flood irrigation um

And invest that amount uh for a cotton field and and that’s you know and this this is all around the world so it’s in canada i mean if you if you drive if you drive from from um london south and you see the vineyards uh on the way to niagara falls they’re all drip irrigated on all by israeli technology period wow so you know that so so that’s that’s the world

And the demand is growing and that’s our huge chance to grow in the market because um the market the world market for smart irrigation is anywhere between two billion to three billion dollars a year um fully dominated eighty percent dominated by companies from israel wow well guess what we’re we’re a you said whatever companies we i can’t name numbers because

Of you know because i can’t give you forward-looking uh statement we’re a public company but we’re a fraction of that market a fraction we still have so much room to grow and become a hundred million dollar company um the opportunity is just there that’s great now you mentioned this a little bit israel has become an industry hub for agricultural technology

With around 400 plus agri-tech startups can you tell our viewers on why that is and how waterways fits into the mix okay um why that is very easy i mean um there’s no we need always to develop because um that is the only way uh agriculture could grow in israel okay so development is part of the system um i don’t know if if you if you know do you like cherry

Tomatoes yes absolutely cherry tomatoes were developed in israel oh wow that’s great developed in the white institute actually the professor who won the prize for it of my best friends oh wow that’s great so that’s sort of of what we do in israel and of course with um with um tech companies money just pouring now into israel in the last two or three years

Um is very important and it’s a very important part of of israel of the israeli culture and the israeli r d um and and that’s why while you see you know there’s money there’s startups there’s brains we have two universities who excel um in in development of of um agriculture of growing and anything around that and drone technology whatever you could think

Of irrigation technology uh sensors anything like that um and that’s why uh you can see 800 startups in the field in israel and we’ll do what we’re doing now we will integrate into the waterways both manufacturing and marketing capabilities uh leading uh technologies that are developed in israel so we’re part of it we’re we’re seeing uh startups we’re

Seeing different technologies and we’ll encompass those technologies into our sales and marketing system sounds great what type of margins do you receive on your projects and what can investors expect long term okay so um normally on a project our margins are anywhere between 20 to 30 percent okay which is not which is okay it’s not high um we’re seeking

To improve that dramatically we have increa if you look at the gross cross numbers they’ve improved also dramatically in q1 um versus last year and we see we’ll seek to improve that by bringing in technology by developing for instance we’re now putting our own control system into the irrigation system so um we’ll have more products which are developed by us

As we grow we’ll ha we’ll will have much more efficiency in acquiring components acquiring raw materials um economics of growth and i’m sure you can see our margins improve in the coming years is that always going to create software sas revenues in the future we’re not 100 sure about that um we’ve tried that you know i’m honest you know we’ve tried to bring

That technology in a sas model uh and we found out that it’s not so easy to im to imply and to implement um you know in in the business of farming um so we have incorporated our incorporating that system as a control unit as a very smart control unit to the farmer in any irrigation project that we install especially in the cannabis sector and there’s still

Business sas business to be developed um i don’t think it’s going to happen this year but probably in the coming years super excited to learn more about this company we’re going to be putting it on our radar we’re going to be putting on our watch list thank you for joining us today ronnie jaggerman director of waterways technologies rich so much thanks so

Much for having me i really enjoyed our interview uh and thanks for everybody who’s listened to me always a pleasure now if you’re new to waterways technologies put it on your radar put on your watch list if you like the video smash the like button comment down below share the video everywhere and subscribe remember rich tv live is strictly for information

And education purposes please do your due diligence do your research before you invest in anything that we talk about here in rich tv live if you like the video if you like the company all you need to do is comment smash the like and let us know thank you for watching if you’re not winning you’re not watching here rich tv live we bring you the winners and we

Bring them to you first thank you ronnie thanks for watching everybody have a nice day from israel you

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Water Ways Technologies Inc. (TSXV: WWT) | RICH TV LIVE By RICH TV LIVE

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how i shop as a multi millionair

How I Shop as a Multi-Millionaire

Cheap-o Multi-Millionaire goes ‘shopping’. Yes, I do this once in a while.

How’s it going everybody this is the bush happy new year and right now the car is driving so i sort of gotta pay attention a little bit this video is brought to you by weeble don’t forget to sign up and deposit any amount and you can get some free shares check out my referral link down in the video description below i’m gonna take you guys along navigate to valley

Fair mall for those of you guys that don’t know i’m in california right now i live in the bay area so i’m gonna show you guys around today we have some mild traffic but we should get there in about 20 minutes or so i’m at this newer part of valley fair they just added this i think a few years ago so today really just gonna use up all my coupons that i have expires

End of this month 20 reward my sister gave me this thing a hook here we are this is like the fancier part it has a gucci in here a dior and a tiffany let’s see it’s just around the corner banana republic here it is t-shirt 26 for a t-shirt socks 1650 this one is 10 80 for a bell or 70 dollar for a belt or this one’s 70 also they have a lot better deals on

Wednesdays so i’m not going to get it now they’ve got these ping pong tables now over there but where are the paddles or is it something new killing me look at that kaya toast i think the store is singaporean because they have that kaya toast and also this laksa curry chicken thing so this kaya toast typically is made from pandan and egg white in between this

Toast stuff it’s normally green and in singaporean breakfast when i had it there they have the sous vide type egg over here and the weird thing is they call their uh coffee coffee or coffee beef unfortunately i can’t eat anything right now because of my health condition one of my favorite places angle tetsu with the cream cheese cake i got some back there i like

Come over there open it up put it in there there’s a shake shack here and italy is gonna open up over here opening in 2022. you guys might have noticed i’m wearing this amazon mask i got it at amazon while i was working there and i just recently noticed that you can get an amazon discount as an amazon employee 10 off up to 100 off every year i don’t have much

Other business to do other than try to use that gift card and i don’t really like to walk around in it unless i’m with somebody today i’m just by myself so i’m gonna head on over to the supermarket here you are in my car let’s squeeze in here today would be what i call one of those days where i spend all of the deals i have accumulated that might expire soon

So this morning i got a door dash deal that was 75 off so i got a far for less than six dollars this evening i’m gonna be getting a sushi dinner for about ten dollars or so a lot of different things accumulated sometimes i would just go all at once you know do half a day type of thing it’s kind of like penny pinching i get a kick out of it it’s kind of fun for me

Let me show you guys the five dollar coupon from mitsuha here it is five dollar gift certificate i got this um oops green light here we are mitsuha i don’t have a mitsuha near where i live but there is a japanese supermarket it’s not the same it’s not as good but i like this one better it’s all the way in santa clara though japanese confectionaries in the front

4.99 yeah a lot of empty shelves here used to be a lot of sushi right here pretty barren i’m just gonna get going with just one mushroom use my gift certificate you got all the snacks over here and one of my favorites is shrimp chip thing kind of like a mad house but this thing was only 3.99 it gave me one dollar and one cent change she was nice about it because

I was about to like go uh oh let me get more stuff so that’s actually five dollars so i do this thing where i scan the receipts and every time you scan no matter what receipt it is it’s 25 points which is really about two and a half cents so how many do you need to scan to get 5 000 points about 200 receipts if you get only 25 points so here we go i’m gonna click

Scan receipt scan it snap a picture of it it does image recognition that says storage is verified total is verified it knows a date so i just submit it and it goes okay we’re uploading and now you get 25 points yay so far i have 1522 points and every once in a while i can get a five dollar starbucks gift card five dollar amazon gift card starbucks starbucks

Right it’s just kind of like a habit i guess to just scan everything i know it probably is not worth my time let’s say it takes me a minute to scan every single one of them times 200 that’s about what three hours worth of work and you get five dollars now not very good i i really should stop doing it it’s not always 25 points because sometimes you might be able

To scan something and it has some deal that you did not realize like the other day i got like 2 000 points just from scanning a receipt i did not realize there was a super deal on it so 2000 points is really two dollars so every once in a while you get like a little bit of bonus i don’t have much else to do so i’m just gonna head home now it’s new year’s eve so

I’m gonna go hang out with the girlfriend there’s von’s chicken right outside of mitsuwa they’re pretty good actually it’s like a chain korean fried chicken thing and the distinctive thing about korean fried chicken is that it’s really really crispy pretty dang juicy so it’s it’s pretty dang good you gotta go now get on the freeway if you live in the bay area

And you’re driving up 880 north and you pass by fremont boulevard exit you’re going to see the tesla factory so i’m going to show you guys what it looks like as you pass by tesla service center i’ve gotten my car serviced there before thanks to this car’s driving assistance i can pay slightly less attention to the road but still got to keep an eye out on it so

I can put a little bit of attention on recording and showing you guys what what i see on the road all the time so this is warren exit right before you hit tesla you’ll see thermo fissure scientific over there and that big building right there that’s tesla all of this and then now we hit you know there’s a lot of trees that hides it but the but the factory is

Just right there you would take this exit fremont boulevard cushing parkway to get to tesla we are dropping by ranch 99 because i need to buy some rice stick noodles there it is ranch 99 why do i need to buy this because i’ve been eating my fur two times i order one but i eat it two times so we got all of these there’s a big line hello hey oh so in ranch 99

It’s kind of cramped in here but there’s a bakery you can buy roast pork and various items over here including dim sum which is over here and self-serve dim sum over here i think they got these leaf wrap things over there and then the groceries freezer aisle normally they would have uh ducks hanging over here but you got the chickens and these sink and i

Think that’s pork tongue there’s what’s left over of the roast pork small bakery over here oranges that’s outside there you have it that’s french 99 for you crazy crazy lots of cantonese people in there everyone speaks cantonese here we are i normally save all my receipt and do it when i get home but just for demonstration purposes and do it again okay submit

Get my two and a half cents from this two and a half cents yay oh yeah 225 points and of course if you guys wanna do this penny pinching thing get two and a half cents every receipt check out my link referral link for this app it’s called fetch i believe down in the video description below and we are back that’s all i have for you guys for today and don’t forget

To give me a like and subscribe for more thanks for watching you

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How I Shop as a Multi-Millionaire By BeatTheBush

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stocks come back strong


Link to join StockHub free investing discord server: –~–

Whoo márquez bounce-back strong three things i want to talk about in today’s video one is the markets and why they kind of went up today second thing is i want to point out a bunch of stocks that went up a big amount today and then lastly we’re gonna talk about one stock that did not go up and this stock has been one of the hottest stocks in the entire stock market

And it actually dropped around 4% today i wanted to talk about that stock and why that one went down so first off here the markets just will have an absolutely amazing day so the dow was up nearly 3% up around 669 points sp 500 up around 2.7 2% and the nasdaq had a very strong day up over 3% today and that was despite facebook kind of holding things back a bit as

You see the headline there the dow closes up more than 650 points as trade tensions ease so this is kind of what i was talking to you guys about a few videos ago which is like everybody freaks out about something and then it kind of comes down like i drew this is a this is a perfect chart that kind of illustrates almost every situation in the stock market you’re

Just kind of going along and everything’s normal and then also there’s a spike in volatility number he’s like hey what the heck is that well what’s going on over here he look over here there’s something that what is this and then like oh my gosh this is this is potentially going to take down the whole market and they’re like in total freakout mode and the market

Drops huge right and then also you know the a few days go by and then everybody starts kind of like chilling out and then you know everybody’s kind of like oh that’s no biggie and then like a month or two later like people completely forget about whatever it is they were freaking out about all these fund managers whatever was a hot subject at that time everybody

Just kind of like conveniently forgets it and we move on and it’s just back to normal market conditions and this always happens in stock market it’s consistent it’s gonna continue to happen something you know six months from now twelve months from now a year from now ten years from now it’s always gonna be something out there that also comes out of nowhere everybody

Freaks out over and usually it’s not going to be much unless it’s a type of situation where the whole economy’s going down or something like that but all these little things all the politician said that all this happened it’s all gonna come and go guys that’s just that’s just how the markets is that’s just how they are guys and it’s nothing going to change there

So now let’s look at some of these stocks that absolutely did amazing we’re gonna look at one stock that did not do good and why that stock did not do good so apple up a 4.75% very strong day for apple here goldman sachs was up around 4% ebay up over 3% we had google mcdougal up over a 30% today we had lowe’s home improvement stores up 6.6% today very strong day

So if you were a buyer and friday there’s a good chance you made a lot of money today john deere was up about 3.6 percent a line which makes invisible braces and things like that they were up over 4% ruko which is a stock i definitely don’t like for the long term that one was up around 8% today we had under armour even up over five and a half percent today we

Had nvidia with a very strong comeback here so up around 5% up at 11 dollars and fifty one sentence today we had groupon up about three and a half percent qualcomm up 4.6 percent amazon was up around 4 percent today up $60 a share today on amazon very nice their alibaba was up over 5% today very nice day out of alibaba skyworks solutions over up around three and

A half percent there then we have shake shack up three percent caterpillar up three percent and netflix with a very strong day here up over six almost six and a half percent up nearly $20 a share so you see a lot of stocks especially a lot of popular stocks were up huge the one that kind of lagged the market was a definitely facebook today was kind of that ongoing

Cambridge analytical situation that i talked about last week that’s kind of you know holding back the stock here and it probably will continue to hold it back at least in the short term long term i don’t think it’s gonna have a major effect on the company but short term is definitely like you know a worry out there so the stock that did not fly high today is shopify

Okay shopify stock did not have a very good day to day actually went down around 4% in a day that the markets you know had an amazing day and basically short short seller andrew left jab shopify business saying is based on the exchange of personal information collected by facebook and sold to shopify entrepreneurs rocked to the core of its business model facebook

Has no choice but to take away shopify’s punchbowl the this guy wrote the short seller of the stock he also said left has a frequent is a frequent critic of shopify telling clients in october that the company was dirtier than herbalife that is a big statement they’re dirtier than herbalife guys that’s what he’s saying so if you don’t understand exactly how shopify

Is you know kind of you know shopify is a platform where let’s say i want to sell something to somebody i can create a very easy shopify store which i can sell products are okay now what a lot of people do what a lot of people do with shopify is it is to a certain extent intertwine with facebook because what a lot of people will do is they’ll set up their shopify

Store okay they set it up around whatever it is they set up around and then they will run facebook ads based upon things you’ve liked and whatnot maybe even places you live things like that but a lot of times it’s it’s things you’ve liked okay so let’s say you’ve liked on dogs and you’ve liked i don’t know the what do you call it with like diet like dog shelters

And things like that like obviously you’re really into dogs like you went out of your way to like a dog page and like you like dog shelters and things like that so what somebody could do is take a simple shopify store and they can make shirts have shirts made out of china that are custom but they all say like i love dogs okay i love dogs and what they’re gonna end

Up doing they’re gonna run ads to people that have like dogs and i’ve liked like dog shelters and things like that and are really into dogs right they’re gonna run ads against them and some of those people guess what they’re gonna do they’re gonna see that shirt in there like i love dogs let me get up i love dogs shirt i know it sounds corny but a lot of people

Do it right and you can go category by category and people will buy things off of that okay just because you know it’s something that relates to them you guys aren’t sure you have gotten facebook ads before you know when you’re scrolling down facebook that says something and it says it’s like your name there or it says like one of those shirts it’s like oh so corny

It’s like calm down i’m irish or something like that and conveniently you’ve put in your profile before that you’re irish or it says calm down i’m french or whatever and conveniently you put in your profile that you’re french how does it magically know that well obviously the date is there you’ve put that data in there people are run out ads against you because you

Like certain things or you’ve said certain things about yourself or maybe you live in baltimore maryland or something and guess what all some of the things comes up you know it’s like a keychain that says i love baltimore maryland or baltimore maryland is my life or whatever it is guys that’s what they’ll do and that’s what a lot that’s how a lot of people are so

Shopify stores make money they’ll run ads on facebook based upon data you’ve input it and then they run ads on it and hopefully they make money and get more sales than than what they’re spending on advertising so if there was a situation where facebook ever had a poll away all its data i don’t know if that could really happen i don’t know if that could really happen

The short seller might just be trying to put fear out there because that’s facebook’s business modeling and could there be maybe some regulation around that maybe but i’m not sure if if facebook’s gonna be in a situation where they’re just not allowed to you know sell anybody’s data or things like that like that’s what you sign up to do in things like that there

So i’m not convinced that’s gonna happen we’ll see what happens as time goes on there but i’m not convinced that you know they’re gonna shut down facebook and in terms of all they’re not going to allow any data you know to be sold and things like that like that’s facebook’s business model that’s been their facebook business model and if you’re gonna shut down that

Then you’re gonna severely hurt if not kill any you know social media company out there if not all them which is a huge industry that’s growing and providing a lot of jobs out there and a lot of high-paying jobs i don’t think the government really wants to do that maybe they want to put in some safeguards but to kill industries like that i don’t they don’t wanna do

That and imagine the the the tax revenue these these companies are producing for the us government do you think they really want to shut down you know a facebook and you know snapchat and and twitter and all the other future ones that are gonna come down the road i’m not convinced of that guys and then we can make an argument well you know at what level do you stop

Well what level do you stop at that point you know can no one tell anybody’s data ever and then that’s a whole different argument so i’m not sure this short seller might just be trying to get fear out there in the shopify stock but obviously shopify stock is a high-flyer right now and if you can put enough fear out there into a stock you can get this to drop in a

Major because it has a very very big you and look at the p/e ratios on shopify it’s ridiculous guys they have you know huge valuation on that company now and so we’ll see how that one turns out but anyways let me know what you guys think about what happened in the markets today and all that good stuff i would love to hear from you guys anyways my courses are linked

Down there my stock market membership group is linked down there in the description check that out if you want thank you for watching and have a great day

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coronavirus how frontline nhs me

Coronavirus: how frontline NHS medics are coping | FT

An emergency doctor, a general practitioner and a mental health nurse reflect on the challenges they are facing in their daily work and outline how public support is sustaining their morale and combating the spread of the disease. #coronavirus #covid19 #nhs #uk #doctors #nurses #health.

My name is matt i am working in an a&e department my name is jude vita and the mental health nurse i’m a gp in nottingham the department is actually physically changing so he no longer looks like the aney that i’m used to they’ve partitioned off a knee so that there’s now what we call a corona area and a non-pro area to try and keep um contamination at a

Minimum or so that poses some significant challenges in itself as a knees fundamentally aren’t whatever designed for this lots of stars are work in very different ways either remotely or we’ve had to tell people they can’t be at work because either they’re at risk or they’re not actually essential they can be a home and that’s lots of stuff that’s really upsetting

If they want to be helping they want to be here and not being there there have been a lot of tears and it’s that’s been really difficult our main focus what’s so far more mental health and now we have to focus a bit more on physical health as well which is it change in itself as we are not really equipped for this level of care you know the stories about doctor

Who’s on full life support as a nurse in her with relatively few health complaints that that is on on ventilation on ice what as well when you hear stories amongst colleagues they they scare you in terms of the stress levels they’re extremely high i know that lots of us aren’t really sleeping waking very can be worrying about things the first thing you think about

When you wake up days the coronavirus mentally how what impact it will have on me on my colleagues where there will be as resilient as we are now and whether we will have enough staff actually to care for patients so these are the questions i kind of have been asking myself more and more now so mine now i sort of go home in the evening i think about the patients

I’ve spoken to and the decisions that i’ve made as safe as possible in two weeks time i fear that the burden on me won’t be about that to be about the decisions that i’ve made to say to people actually i’m afraid you can’t go to hospital and there is no treatment it’s just a case of we we just don’t have the equipment and the staffing to support you anymore and

That you know you’ve been unfortunately hopefully there’s nothing more we can do so there’s gonna be some pretty difficult situations pretty difficult conversations and but feel like the worst is yet to come the best way for me is to admit that i am on the human being so all this anxieties frustrations and anger and fear are present in me i cannot escape

Or pretend or deny that they are not there what i can do is to be aware that they are and do what i can to my best ability my wife is a consultant paediatrician and i’m a gp and as definitely are in in the work i think we’re different in personality as well so i’m very brain is optimist generally my wife is absolutely the opposite so we do chat about things both

Doctors don’t don’t live with other doctors and don’t have that and that option and and i guess we were able to bounce our concerns and worries off each other and and anything that’s particularly affected us during the day or during the shift we can we can discuss with each other and try and reassure each other and calm each other down there are patients that

Patients that are dying and i guess it helps it is helpful being able to discuss that with each other and i guess we should lucky for that which a lot of doctors and health care workers don’t have that option a moment we try and do norm normal things as much as possible i’m actually just when you get home dinner the date on your phone a lot and it’s it can be it

Can be all-consuming basically but having me just that sense of normality things that are reassuring at these times really really key and that’s how we’re trying to trying to manage things there’s lots of nice things being done we’re getting food random food deliveries to the aeneid apartment from the local food suppliers we’re getting lots of nice messages

And lots of support from the public in general my phone is probably the busiest it’s ever been just general messages from my friends saying keep going doing a great job and so yeah we’re doing our bit and we’re trying to stay positive and it’s the little things that get you through the shift i guess the fact that for example i can go to costa cafe and get a cup

Of coffee free which is a great thing and you know watching a lot of positive examples from from the news a lot of people ready to help and support nhs is a great motivation the public reaction and the amount of support that the nhs is getting is really really humbling and it really does make a difference to me i think over the last few weeks i have never felt

As valued and i’m waking up feeling enthused and looking forward to going through as best i can what i find really helpful is that the attitude within the society and public has changed to be more respectful of the requirements so i feel safe that i am not exposed to crowds on the bars stay at home and if you’ve got people who you know you’re doing shopping for

Doorstep drop drop on the doorstep don’t go in then go and drop it on the doorstep when you’re calling your gp or you’re dealing with nhs stuff please bear in mind that there are enormous pressure and they’re trying to do the best things for you these are unprecedented times and things will continue to change as we as we learn more at the moment we we don’t have

A lot of evidence so we don’t have a lot of experience with this new virus so um things that help us as doctors and as a health care service is just people being vigilant and and following what guidance there is out there that will help us you

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Coronavirus: how frontline NHS medics are coping | FT By Financial Times

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i am selling it

i am selling it

Link to join StockHub free investing discord server: –~–

So we have decided to start selling out of wynn resorts in a real way guys we’ve decided to start selling out now i want to get into all the reasons i’m starting to sell out of that position and that kind of everything behind it now first off like people think like i would just sell out that position because it’s up massively right since we got in that one well

That’s not really the case because i could have said well last month it was up massively six months ago it was up massively 12 months ago it’s been up massively for a long time that’s not really why so we’ll kind of go into the details and everything on why i’m starting to sell out of wynn resorts which is my biggest position at the moment guys so a lot to get

Into here now when i start selling out of position i don’t just like sell all the shares at once usually that’s a very very rare instant that did happen with gopro but that was just because i just want to get out of that stock i didn’t see a future there anymore with them getting out the drone business was help bad they missed numbers and i just i just was like i’m

Out of this i got out of like 650 or 660 or whatever it was and i just sold out i was like i’m done that’s usually not the case okay usually how i sell is very similar to how i buy okay so let’s say if i was buying shares right in a company at $10 then i would you know make an initial position a smaller position you know let’s say i had $40,000 available okay and

I wanted to put an extra forty you know a thousand toward this new stock o through is that ten dollars i might put five five thousand to start you know and kind of open up a position like that right then if it goes down 950 which it might not but if it does hey you know it has some struggles or whatever the wall street just doesn’t believe in it maybe the market

Gets weak at that time nelson i might put another $10,000 okay then also it goes down to $9 and assuming i still love this company just as much and i believe in it for a long term i’m gonna keep investing more right now i might do another $15,000 okay so now assume we’re up to 30,000 and then let’s say it goes down to 850 which who knows if that would really happen

That’s pretty rare instance there i put the remaining $10,000 and all of a sudden that’s the full 40,000 that i wanted to get in this company i got in that company right there’s always work out like that sometimes it starts going up and then it might go up a bunch and then i just sell out of position or whatever but that’s buying so when i sell it’s a very very

Similar thought process okay so if i had an idea to buy these shares at $10 right let’s say i hold these shares and they goes up to $15 and i’m like $15 is where i want to start selling out of this position okay so maybe i want to start selling out there at 15 so then what would happen is i would sell an initial position off of off of my share so i might sell you

Know 20 percent that very first time at 15 okay then all sudden it goes to let’s say $16 it goes up some more then i might sell another 20% okay and then as it keeps going up and keeps going up i will sell out in my position until i’m completely sold out so in wynn resorts the situation here when resorts is now i think at a hundred and seventy eight dollars a share

Right so i’ll kind of show you how i’m viewing win and how i’m selling out of this one so i want to once it kind of got above 175 and remember my wife sold out some of her shares i think it was a 165 i think she sold out some of hers that that was kind of you know starting his good we had her entire retirement fund in wynn resorts it was a lot of shares there so we

Started selling out that one around 165 but in general i wanted to start selling out at 175 so today it got over 175 i think it’s out a hundred and seventy eight dollars right now which is why we started to sell out more and more and basically i plan on selling this position out between 175 and 200 dollars okay and $200 so i’m going to say we sold a portion today

If it goes up to 180 185 over the next few weeks we’ll probably sell another portion it goes to 190 195 will probably sell another portion and then somewhere around $200 if it goes up there we’ll sell out the remaining portion okay so with wynn resorts here it’s a hot it’s actually a much tougher decision to sell out up position you love rather than you hate so

A company that you know they switch the ways that we’re going and whatnot those are actually really easy to decisions to make to sell out even if you’re down just because it’s like i don’t believe in this company anymore when when you still love the company and still believe in it for the long term but sometimes it just gets overvalued now those are hard decisions

To start making okay and i and when resorts is not in a position that it’s super overvalued or something but i don’t ever try to hold his stock until he gets to that that place where it’s super overvalued or whatnot right so win right now it has a forward p/e on it somewhere around i think it’s a 26 okay a forward p/e of 26 that’s relatively high but it’s not that

High for the market in general so next we kind of got to think about macau is hot right now macau numbers have been going up and up for well over a year now okay macau has been on the bounce-back in macau is just hot right now numbers are going up ten fifteen twenty percent right now everything is just really good we’re pretty decently strong here to vegas like

Everything is just good in the gambling market in general right and especially macau macau is where wynn gets the majority of its business profits revenues everything clientele everything okay so everything is really good right now everything looks really good okay those are actually the times when i kind of like to start getting out of positions okay because what

Ends up happening is it doesn’t always look good at all forever right everything just looks picture-perfect right now everything for the company the industry is just going perfect right now right it doesn’t always work out where that’s going to keep going on and it’s gonna keep being perfect right all of a sudden numbers start to weaken whenever it is who knows it

May be six months from now it might be a year from now maybe three years from now we don’t know exactly when that’s gonna happen but also the numbers will start to weaken a bit things get a little weaker and all sudden these stocks can drop massively especially a company like wynn resorts i’ve seen wynn resorts in the recession at $33 a share okay five years later

I saw wynn resorts at 242 dollars a share okay about less than two years after that i saw wynn resorts at $49 a share okay so all within like a six year span a six or seven year span right i saw wynn resorts at $33 i saw it go up to 242 i saw it go down with 49 this is a stock that can be highly volatile depending on how market conditions are market conditions for

Wynn resorts are very strong right now and they will probably continue to be strong for at least the short term here just long term we don’t know there’ll be some hiccups here and there so in a case like this i’m not big on this position up huge at this point i just see myself kind of getting out of this one i’m getting i feel it was a fair value in return i feel

Like it’s a fair value i don’t feel like i’m selling it for an overpriced price but that’s never my goal when i invest i don’t want to sell things for an overpriced price because it’s not always how it’s gonna work out guys you gotta figure i think what’s a fair vote a fair price to do for me to sell these shares and that’s what i’m gonna sell it so that’s why i’m

Starting to get out of this now as far as what company i’m actually gonna put the money into that i don’t know yet guys as far as the gopro money i told my stock market membership group which by the way that stock market membership group is the third link in the description i told them that i put the money in the goldman sachs so i chucked the gopro money stuck in

Goldman sachs for the time being and it’s just kind of chilling there something i feel like is a safe investment is probably not gonna blow up in the short term or anything like that so it’s just kind of in there for now as far as the wind resorts money i’m not sure guys there’s a lot of companies i’m keeping an eye on right now but there’s not like one specific

Company that i’m like i put more money in this company i do want to buy more and more crews but i really want crews to drop under the $50 range into the 40s so i’m actually hoping like there’ll be some like weakness out of iphone 10 or something miraculously will happen like that so crews will go down so i could really make a big position and that one that’s the

One i really want to make a big position i just really want to get it into the 40s is really start getting in that one big ebay’s one i’ve been buying somewhat interested in that one but it’s not like that one’s screaming at me like put you know make this are my biggest investment or something and at these curtin levels so we will have to see i don’t have a you

Know an ideal place partner well you know for the money to be parked right now i’ll probably just keep it in my account and it’s how i start deciding make a decision or in one of these stocks that i’m really liking make some move down and i can start getting in in a big way and whatnot guys so that is kind of why i’m selling off of wind resorts you know i feel like

It started approach a fair market value now and as it gets higher and higher i’m just gonna continue to probably sell out on my position i think is a great company for a long term but this is a company again next time we have a recession type scenario they’re gonna be absolutely destroyed the stock well who knows goes well below a hundred probably again and whenever

That time does come and i don’t know when that is and so right now it’s starting to be fair value and i’m like why don’t i start selling out of this one now now keep in mind usually every time i sell out of a stock he goes up much more so i think there’s like something on this channel like a lot of people know when jeremy starts selling out of a physician that’s

When you want to start to buy because then it goes up even more i think got happy when michael kors happened with elle brands happen with apple it’s happening with a lot of stocks google a lot of stocks i you know i was in on this channel big-time and they were on for stocks and buying and whatnot then i sell out and they go up tons more rh was one of them rh went

Up like over a hundred percent since i have that one guys but anyways who knows if that will happen with win but it is a position i’m selling out of hope you guys enjoyed this today make sure if you knew or the stock market you check out the first link in that description that’s my stock market investing mastery course that’s an eleven part course that goes into

Everything that i actually judge in making an investment thank you for watching guys and have a great day

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new secret penny stock vivos inc

New SECRET Penny Stock: Vivos Inc. (OTCQB: RDGL)

New SECRET Penny Stock: Vivos Inc. (OTCQB: RDGL) – RICH TV LIVE – DECEMBER 7, 2020 – Vivos Inc. (OTCQB: RDGL), Vivos Inc announced that it has completed its submission to the FDA seeking Breakthrough Device Designation for Radiogel™. #VIVOS #PENNYSTOCK #RICHTVLIVE

Hey guys how you doing this is rich here we have a rich tv live and another member brought me this pic r d g l it’s pretty wild because i did my analysis on it yesterday and told our community that it was to explode and it did it went from 2 cents to 24 cents over the last just what couple weeks so and today specifically this big green candle here this big massive

Green buying candle yeah that’s today up 136 percent congratulations to all of our members on rdgl and let’s talk about why okay so right here vivos inc applies for breakthrough device designation for radio gel trademark vivo’s inc rdgl on the otcqb now this is otcqb stock which for a penny stock i like this was only a two cent stock announced at 20 cents it’s

An otcqb issuer which means it’s fully reporting fully reporting issuer as opposed to a non-reporting issuer this is a much higher tier company vivo’s inc announced it has completed its submission to the fda the food and drug administration seeking breakthrough device designation for radio gel big news breaking news and the reason why i believe this penny stock

Needs to be on everyone’s radar despite the fact it’s already exploded i think it could go higher this is a voluntary program for certain medical devices that provide for more effective treatment of diagnosis of life-threatening or irreversibly debilitating diseases or conditions it is intended to help patients have more timely access to these medical devices

By expediting their development assessment and review while preserving the statutory standards for pre-market approval or de novo marketing authorization the breakthrough designation process takes priority over other fda meetings so we elected to submit this application prior to our planned our fda pre-submission meeting we intend to schedule the pre-submission

Meeting in the near future with no impact to our overall ide submission effort it gives us time to gather more data to share with fda dr mike korrenko stated in our opinion radio gel trademark meets the criteria for breakthrough device designation but we cannot be presumptive about the fda determination if granted this designation would give radio gel trademark

Priority review opening up enhanced fda communication channels and potentially saving months in the ide approval process now let’s just look at their share structure because that’s vital you know that i like tight float stocks i do not like deluded pigs look at the market cap only a 20 million market cap a baby market cap 143 million shares in the float this

Is relatively tight for a penny stock qb company i think the upside is tremendous we told our entire community at two cents and we started to really talk about it in eight cents and now here it is today our members getting in early and today it explodes up a hundred and thirty-five percent congratulations to members and winners on vevo’s inc rd gl a screamer i

Think we could see this at a dollar in 2021. i’ll come back in 2021 to celebrate if you’re not winning you’re not watching we bring in the winners and we bring them to you first rdgl a screamer a penny stock up 135 get your popcorn ready i’m out another big winner it’s true

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New SECRET Penny Stock: Vivos Inc. (OTCQB: RDGL) By RICH TV LIVE

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i got the 200 stimulus check

I got the 200 Stimulus Check!

Get 2 free share of stock for signing up here:

How’s it going everybody this is beat the bush as the title says i am referring to myself as a rich guy in this instance and yes i did get 1200 dollars in stimulus check this video is brought to you by weeble now so time to jump on to this so that you get two free stocks i think they’re gonna end their promotion within a couple of days within the next video or two

Weeble will no longer give out two free shares of stocks just for signing up and deposit $100 they’re only gonna give one free stock so if you do it soon you will still get the two free shares check out my referral link down in the video description below i got it kind of late because last year i actually had to pay the irs taxes so i have to go on their website

Give them my checking information here is the exact statement line for my chase account $1,200 from the irs now if you guys watch this channel enough you know that i am semi-retired i technically don’t need this money i did not actually lose a job so then i’d not sort of missing any kind of income other than maybe youtube has reduced the avenue a little bit so

This might compensate for that a little bit but i feel like this money is probably not intended for my kind of people where i chose to quit a job i sort of don’t need that income and then i’m still getting this i think the stimulus check is more intended for people who lost a job this $1,200 could help them pay the rent put food on the table so definitely if the

Government did not pay me this $1,200 i would still live completely fine i’m not gonna be hurting i can still put food on the table i can still pay utilities and everything so this caused me to think about what the heck happened here why is it that i legally qualified for this $1,200 stimulus check the requirement is actually less than $75,000 of adjusted gross

Income now let me quickly go over what this exactly mean it does not mean you take that number right from your paycheck and that’s your income right no this is not it you subtract a whole bunch of stuff that you could take away from it and you also add a little bit of other stuff the stuff that you add is the wages if you get a w-2 which i personally don’t you

Add dividends you add alimony capital gains you also add interests add business income you add retirement distribution now there are things that you subtract from it such as student loan interest if you have a really large student loan you know the interest could be substantial and then you subtract out all the contributions you make to your retirement account on

Your hsa so to go over quickly how much value that you can actually subtract from your wages in your ira and you can subtract up to $6,000 if you have less than an income of 124k it phases out by 139 k your hsa you can just lop off three and a half thousand dollars right there if you have an se p ira it’s the lesser of 25 percent or fifty seven thousand dollars so

If you’re in a hundred thousand dollars a year from your business income you can just put 25 k of this in the se pr8 if you earn closer to two hundred thousand dollars then you might start to get closer to this 57 k limit here if you have an employer you would be contributing to your 401 k up to a limit of 19 thousand and five hundred dollars for the year 2020

Now this gives you an idea not exact right but roughly like twenty thousand dollars worth of your income can be lopped off right off the top and you can still get under seventy-five k right so if you’re 95 k lop off twenty thousand dollars you can still get under this seventy five thousand dollars of adjusted gross income so going back to the wages over here i

Am not working for a company so i don’t have a w-2 so this is actually zero this is probably why i can get under 275 k but you might go well do you have miscellaneous income right beat the bush you have all these 1099 s and certainly those probably add up to more than $75,000 so that’s what’s so advantageous about having a business if you have so and so amount of

Business income you can in a way design it so that you spend a lot of it so that at the end you get very little business income for example amazon d might earn many billions of dollars and then they spend just as many billions of dollars and then they or zero income you can do this with the small business to earn a million dollars worth of income and then somehow

You go oh i’m expanding i am buying all this capital equipment to process the packaging or something to make more product and you spend a million dollars so right there it cancels out you earn nothing as reported on the taxes and somehow you can qualified for this stimulus check now the tricky thing here is that sometimes business and personal life just sort of

Blends together right for example you maybe need to go watch a movie with friends and this is purely entertainment and you cannot write this off however if you are a movie reviewer or something then you can certainly write this business expense of the movie ticket off so the idea here is if you own a business and you do everything that’s related your to your

Business day-in day-out maybe on weekends too then you might have a situation where a lot of your daily expenses becomes a tax write-off of course i have to remind everyone you have to do this illegally so let me just say if you get a w-2 if you work for someone it’s a lot harder to write off those expenses that you need in order to go to your job however if you

Own a business there is so much stuff that you can write off on under the schedule see that it becomes a lot easier to write off every single kind of profit that you have the other thing that adds to your adjusted gross income is dividends no i did not get more than $75,000 of dividends a year but you know it’s probably nice to get up there so that you can just

Live on your dividends interest or whatnot i did not get any alimony and now let me talk a little bit about capital gains how if you watch my previous video you know from 2019 i made a huge gain on buying and selling tesla stock i forget even if it’s short-term or long-term gains or anything because it did not matter why did it not matter is because i did all

Of that trading within my retirement account if you buy and sell within a 401k within an ira you don’t incur capital gains tax so in my taxes for 2019 i actually did not say anywhere where i like $70,000 worth of tesla stock which i eventually turned that into an actual car that’s in my garage right now so if you think about this i i just bought a model to repr

Formance and i still got the stimulus check so this is like pretty unfair so all of those gains that i made on my tesla stock not counted as capital gains most people have a retirement account and also a brokerage account which is taxed so if you do your trading in there and then you do a sell and you realize the gains or losses then you have to put those in your

Taxes so before i jump into buying a certain asset in each of those accounts i would go hmm you know do i have a chance that i might actually sell this and net a huge gain in the future if i do like the tesla stock then i chose to actually do that trade within my retirement account that’s why when i sold it i did not have to pay any taxes until of course i do the

Withdraw for retirement or anything then i have to pay income taxes on those no capital gains of course because it’s in that retirement account also if you ever buy any kind of tax-free municipal bonds if it’s state tax free and also federal tax free it makes no sense to buy those within your retirement account because it’s already tax-free so if you purposely put

Those in your broker’s account not your retirement you’re going to reap the rewards of those tax-free things so what you buy in which account does really matter for the income portion there’s also retirement distributions i did not distribute anything and you think because i am sort of in semi-retirement that i need to start withdrawing from my retirement account

Or i don’t know my investment account or something but that’s not the case because my burn rate is so extremely low it’s close to like 1,200 to 1,400 a month right this moment it’s around 1,200 a month and in that sense you might go well because my burn rate is so low maybe i do deserve a stimulus check because i spend so little because you know i’m kind of living

Like you know a poorer person after all not a rich person this is just the way i normally am and this is the way i am comfortable with so then it works out – every year my expenses are sixteen to eighteen thousand dollars if i don’t go traveling if i don’t go buy a whole bunch of new electronics so i made this video sort of like a shock factor right because in the

Title you go oh rich guy gets us name let’s check rich car should not get a stimulus check right it should be those people that lost a job if they lost a job due to this infection stuff then they should get it right and this bill that’s passed that gives everyone money it’s not perfect in the way that they designed who gets what i would say adjusted gross income

Is an indicator of how much work you do how much wages that you earn but it’s no indicator of how much benefit you get every year if you somehow like me can purposely reduce your burn rate then that automatically means you don’t have to earn as much money therefore your income bracket goes way down and then all of sudden in these situations where they do look at

Your adjusted gross income somehow i am able to qualify for this now you might wonder how can we dole out this twelve hundred stimulus check in a more fair way so that it goes to people who actually deserve it or actually need it and i would have to say it might be a mixture of checking how much wealth people have but this is a really hard thing to do people

Don’t report how much wealth they have how much money they hide in some switzerland account or something and on top of this each person’s expenses vary greatly so there probably should be a income cap each person has a different burn rate people who built an empire on airbnb with like ten properties or more they might have rent payments to their landlords of let’s

Say ten thousand dollars every month or so and then all of a sudden they’re not getting any income so does that mean they have a need for ten thousand dollars do they deserve to somehow get a ten thousand dollar check from the government so if you try to dole out a stimulus check based on need only you might have someone out there that has a great need of a ten

Thousand dollar check in a single month i think most people would say that no you should not indulge to those people because before then they’re like a really really high earner maybe they earn a million dollars just the year before so there probably needs some sort of wealth measurement some sort of income measurement and you can start with a modified adjusted

Gross income and also how much need do you have the need is a very high variable thing because they might depend on which part of the country you live in if you live in the more densely populated area rent is higher therefore your need is higher sometimes if you live like a monk like myself you only need $1,200 every single month so just because i need less does

That mean you actually deserve less stimulus probably the fairest thing to do is a universal basic income where everybody just gets a flat amount and this flat amount will just sort of guarantee a very very basic style of living so that you can at least feed yourself at least you can live at a very minimal type of place maybe they can even adjust this based on

Your zip code because some zip codes are more expensive to live in than others me getting this stimulus check it’s certainly not that i am gonna refuse it because i certainly enjoy having $1,200 more i can take this and go take a trip on the government and you know live out my dreams of eating kobe beef or whatnot so i can buy some gadgets or something you know

Just to entertain myself so while i am not fully retired and not swimming in money or anything i am living comfortably and i do accept the stimulus check still thanks for watching this video i hope this shed some light on what modified adjusted gross income is and how people like myself were you have a small business can actually and really greatly reduce what you

Apparently earn every single year just based on sort of financial finesse thanks for watching this video don’t forget to give me a like comment down below let me know what you think of modified adjusted gross income and as always don’t forget to push that subscribe button and ring that bell icon thanks for watching

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I got the $1200 Stimulus Check! By BeatTheBush

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