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the stock market just did the un


The stock market has done some things recently that has made investors new to stocks and experienced say what the heck. When I look at the stock market I see a stock market that is most vicious ever. People in the stock market are look at all these stocks to buy now and wondering when stocks will stop hitting 52 week lows. We must discuss all this plus stocks to watch now.

Well folks last week i said it i said this was the nastiest stock market i’ve ever been in the 14 years i’ve been in the stock market in terms of just the devastation that has been happening in stocks and folks trying to wrap their heads around it in this video here today i want to share exactly what is going on in the market because there’s a lot of different

Theories on what is going on in the market right now there’s a theories that only small cap stocks are falling right now or only speculative stocks are only non-profitable stocks and so what i want to take you through here today is the truth on what is really going on in the stock market and then we’re going to get into in the back half of this video some crazy crazy

Stuff nonetheless and uh if you’re thinking about like when do these stocks ever bottom right like a lot that’s a lot of people’s like thought process right now like when does it ever happen because you see these stocks hitting 52-week low after 52-week low after 52-week low and it’s like like do all these stocks go to a dollar is the stock market gonna be finally

A good when all stocks are down 99 like what is the situation here so yeah this is a value pack video hope you guys enjoy this as always make sure to subscribe the channel if you’re not already because this is drama time baby we got so much drama going on so i wanted to start this video here today i want to start this looking at the russell okay so first off the

Russell really hasn’t gone anywhere in the past year but if we look the russell’s obviously fallen from 2431 to today it’s at 2154 and that’s in a matter of about two months right as of today i’m recording this on january 10th 2021 on no on november 4th 2021 or excuse me 2022 i’m recording this and i haven’t uh fast forwarded the year yet okay but back in uh you

Know november of 2021 the russell was at 2 400. so we’ve dropped about 300 points roughly on the russell which is a pretty good amount but keep in mind the russell and i explained this last week the russell unfortunately like many indexes has one massive flaw that massive flaw like the s p 500 like the nasdaq 100 is is weighted toward the biggest stocks so the

Biggest of the big stocks in the russell which many of them are way over a five billion dollar market cap right when when you think about russell stocks you usually think about under five billion dollar mark caps many of these stocks are over five billion dollar mark caps and some of those have held up well meaning essentially it’s made the index look better than it

Really has been just like the s p 500 just like the nasdaq 100 right and so it’s a fatal flaw in the russell and so really what folks are feeling in this market right now is that the markets that the russell’s down way more than 300 points in the last two months right i mean a lot of us are feeling it like it was down a thousand points in the past uh you know two

Months because the biggest of the big stocks have had held together everything like the glue right in terms of the index and the way it looks it’s so much worse than what the index is really showing you okay next slide i want to start the second part i want to start out with here is very interesting stock called oatley okay otly this is a newest stock i’ve just

Started buying here okay and i want to show you this stock because it’s it’s so important on so many levels okay in this sort of market right now this is a stock that here today hits a new 52-week low seven dollars and 18 cents this company is expected to do about a billion dollars if not over a billion dollars of revenue in 2022 which puts it at a basically a

2022 price of sales ratio of about four right now about four on an extremely healthy gross margin business in a business that has like you know a decade plus of just crazy runway if you’ve done any research into this company right 52 as far as the one-year price target on this one right 15 plus which is over you know basically a double up from here over a double

Up from the stock price from here as far as what analysts have for this stock and there’s many analysts that cover the stock but in this sort of market right like it doesn’t matter it doesn’t matter your growth story it doesn’t matter your long-term growth story it doesn’t matter what your net income is going to be down the road it doesn’t matter that you’re a

52-week low after 52 week low it doesn’t matter that your one year price target analysts have on average just keep in mind this is the average right there’s over a double up from here over the next 52 weeks think about that for a moment none of that matters in this sort of market it doesn’t make any sense why it doesn’t matter because these things should always

Matter but right now it doesn’t matter no some folks might say well right now they lose money on the bottom line so who cares what their gross margin is because they lose money on the bottom line right now right that that’s that’s a flaw in itself like you you can’t just view the market like that you’re gonna miss crazy opportunities over the coming years and

We know the best opportunities in the stock market are always the stocks that have the biggest revenue growth over a five ten year span that is something we do know that’s been proven scientifically in the stock market time and time and time again over the last 14 years i’ve been the stock market in before i was in the stock market as well okay and so the stock

Market can throw all these sorts of stocks out right now but like long term that just doesn’t make any dang sense but this is the prototypical stock in the market right now where people say okay great growth story great uh you know long-term profit projections in in in revenue projections and all sorts of things yeah analysts are bullish on that over the long term

And over the short term but the market doesn’t want it but i i show you this stock at the start here because you’re going to find that that is not the truth okay that is not the truth in terms of thinking about it like these are the only sorts of stocks that are in the market that are getting thrown out right now look at something like a teledoc right well this

Doesn’t fall into the small cap category right it’s a 13 plus billion dollar market cap so it’s not a small cap stock so right off the bat if we want to just think like it’s only small caps that are falling in this market false look at a teledoc all right now look at the 52-week range on this stock from 308 to 76 dollars it hits today a new 52-week low now you’re

Probably wondering why do i have kathy here okay why is kathy’s name there kathy wood arkhan fast why is her name there well you know i’m not gonna say she was necessarily buying this afternoon because none of us know that right but i mean based upon that movement up there it’s you know i wonder if kathy wood was out there acquiring shares of teledoc here today

Because that’s a really really strong move and we know teledoc’s usually her second or third biggest position in the art fund so i’m wondering if kathy wood was buying there look at teledoc you know based upon where the lows were at today it’s basically a double up from here over the next year and that’s that once again that’s the analyst average for the stock and

So this is this goes to show you it’s not just small cap stocks it’s not just the one billion two billion three billion four billion dollar type market caps okay here we are with teledog 13 billion plus dollar company as far as the smart cap goes great long term growth story in front of it none of that matters right now right and you might say well they do fall

In the category of yeah they’re a high growth company but they’re a money loser all right okay interesting and we’ll see in this video if it’s only money loser companies that are that are basically having their stocks fall right but there’s good old teledoc look at the arc fund here today i think this was important to pay attention to 52-week low for the arc fund

Hit today now it did come back strongly and it does make you think for a second hmm why did why did a lot of these come back so strong throughout the trading day here today right but look at look at the arc fund i mean it’s just it’s been devastating right i mean it’s not very often you see an etf like this down 50 percent from its 52-week high and that’s exactly

What happened 52-week high for arcs right around 160 and i hit 80 today okay if my math serves me correctly that’s about a 50 fall there nonetheless in in the arc fun and i have a website called and it basically updates on a daily basis uh ark’s top 25 holdings and what their weight is the market value things like that if that’s you might want

To save that on your desktop if you care about kathy wood stocks okay and basically what this shows you is all these stocks that kathy woods in almost i don’t say all of them hit 52 week lows today but the high majority of them that are in her top 10 hit 52 we glows today or very dang close to 52 week lows and almost all these are massively off 52-week highs okay

Tesla’s really the only one in the portfolio holding things together but keep in mind you might think tesla’s like some massive weight no it’s only eight percent roughly of her fun right zoom teledoc roku coinbase like look at all these stock prices here today and you’re going to find almost all of them are at or near 52 week lows and like a lot of these stocks

Have great long-term growth stories that’s the thing it’s not like these are all garbage stocks that like no one cares about or they’re all going to do bad in the future years almost all these having tremendous long-term growth stories but right now it has just been selling selling selling now kathy wood also blames a lot of this on algorithm trading that’s going

On in the market that’s a whole that’s a whole rabbit hole i don’t even want to get into in terms of the algos in what they’re looking at and like the algorithms just you know the thing about the algorithms is you know they don’t look at anything um you know in my opinion the the most intelligent way possible the algorithm just reads data and it’s like sell

Right and it’s just it’s it’s a lagging indicator many times and it’s just it’s being kind of naive in terms of like the algorithms can’t really you know run projections on where companies going over the coming years or really understand human psychology on why so many folks are going to want to invest in certain stocks in the back half of this year and into the

Next year next year next year it doesn’t you know they don’t really know that right and so here’s something we’re seeing obviously zoom her what is it third second biggest investment in the art fund right look at this one here today this one hits a new 52-week low again again now here’s what’s really important around zoom stock the most important thing you can

Take from this one is when you’re thinking about this right we already dispelled the thing like oh it’s only small caps no it’s also more than small caps that are falling right look at zoom it’s a 50 billion mark cap but here’s the most important thing there’s also a you know a rumor out there that it’s only companies that are non-profitable well here’s the thing

About zoom this company is profitable now and quite profitable and they’re likely going to get even more profitable in 22 right and so you can throw out the whole thing like it’s only unprofitable company because a company like zoom look at this stock i mean it’s literally like a new 52-week low every single day for the stock and here this company is that’s actually

A very very profitable company a company that’s expected to get more profitable in future years okay so yeah not just small caps not just unprofitable companies it’s many stocks outside i look at that you know from 451 to 164 here today i mean just a stock that’s just been absolutely obliterated in zoom stock okay now let’s get rid of another one of these theories

Another one of these theories in the market is it’s only high p names it’s like well it was only small caps no well it’s only you know companies that aren’t profitable no um well it’s only companies that maybe are higher ps no corsair gaming’s at a 17 pe a 13 something forward pe analyst have for the stock right and look at this one it hit a new 52-week low today

1974 another 52-week low for corsair gaming crsr so we just dispelled every single theory in the stock market that people have had it’s only small caps it’s only on profitable companies it’s only high p e names like no it’s just it’s a it’s a it’s the majority of stocks in the stock market and that’s why you see you know we looked at data recently where was

Something like two-thirds of stocks in the uh i think it was a nasdaq if we we looked at recently are at 52 we glows and that was as a few days ago i can almost guarantee you it’s more than two-thirds of stocks now or at 52-week close and i pull up that in a video recently i wish i would have brought that up for you guys too as well in this video but it’s just

It’s just interesting right it’s like 52 week low after 52 week low after 52 week low and people are like when does this end okay and also what stocks was i buying today because you know i was out there buying some stocks here today right look at paypal this gets rid of the last one of these people like well it’s more speculative companies no like the paypal

Is literally the exact opposite of everything you could possibly think about in relation to like folks thinking stocks are going down because they’re certain groups or whatever no it’s a multi-hundred billion dollar mark cap hit a new 52-week low here a day of 177 right approaching almost a 50 percent downside from his 52-week high of 310 it’s not a super high

Ford p it’s like a 4p on the stock is like maybe 35 33 something like that right great growth story amazing company like one of the best business models in the world one of the most compelling growth stories of large cap you’ll find out there and here this company is at another 52-week low it hit here today right and so it’s literally the opposite of everything

You think about now i want to show you a stock that’s even more interesting than paypal okay that stock is square stock sq now named block right look at this stock another 52 week low here today a 60 billion dollar mark cap on this company right and no one wants a piece of square stock right now i mean it’s just it’s it’s amazing really did i mean from 289 to 133

Obese that is square with the revenue growth this company’s head the the you know a lot of folks look at this as one of the most exciting stocks in the stock market in terms of long-term growth stories behind it their own cash app which is usually the number one uh most popular finance app in in all of the united states of america like think about that for a moment

Like when you own the number one most popular financial related app in all of the united states of america that’s that’s pretty darn powerful right that’s pretty darn powerful by the way paypal which we just looked at owns a number two and number three because usually paypal and venmo are the number two and number three most popular financial related apps in the

World remember venmo’s got that big deal going through this year in 22 with uh basically amazon think about these for for a moment like think about how big that is where you can actually start buying stuff on amazon through venmo if you want i mean my gosh does a lot of this stuff get bigger than this right but yet this stock just continues to get pushed down to

52 week low after 52 week low but do look at this okay this is something you’ve got to keep in mind look at the look at the the change right it reached a 52-week low today of 133. look at the stock now 11 a share bounce back there if there’s not some bouncing activity i don’t know what is like what a move up there right i mean you don’t just like get moves like

That very often let’s just put it that way like that’s an extraordinary move and especially for a bigger company like a square look at also volume here today and i keep in mind i took this this screenshot before the market was even closed 14.5 million shares trading the hands here today average volume of 8 million interesting okay now you know so there’s a video

I put out and there’s an important video i think this is one of the most important videos i put out in all of 2021 and i posted this video almost exactly one year ago i posted this video on january 13 2021 and it says going all in stocks in the stock market in 2021 not and i talked about in that video i went through essentially what was going on in the market the

Activity i saw and um like the euphoria that was in the market at that time and i spoke up on it and i i spoke in a i would call it a more bearish more bearish tone right and during that time i was uh actually somewhat bearish on the market and i was actually very very fearful and if you go back to december of 2020 and into january a lot of the stocks i was buying

Very boring stocks jp morgan um you know walgreens i built into a million dollar position throughout the month of december of 2020 right and um like like you know for me those are super super boring stocks let’s be quite honest but that’s the only place i really saw some opportunity in the market because it was just you know there was just stocks were trained had

Ridiculous valuations there was way too much euphoria in the market it was way too much moon action i call it and so i had to speak up on that right and as the year went on in 2021 i got more bullish as these stocks fell more and more and now here we are january 10th of 2022 and i am at a moment where i am ultra bullish on the market no no no not ultra bullish

Ultra ultra ultra ultra bullish on many of these stocks i’m investing in right now like to ridiculous levels like where i am the exact opposite the the feeling i had going through my body when i recorded this video one year ago could not be more opposite of what i am feeling right now because right now i feel like there’s way too much desperation in the market

Way too much fear in the market when i’m looking at these stocks trading at ridiculously low valuations based upon where i think these companies are going over the next three five seven years and i’ve been doing this for a long time so it’s not like i’m some new guy in the market and i’m like trying to figure all this out like i know where these stock prices are

Likely going over the coming years and it’s going to take miracles to get some of these stocks to not perform extremely well over the next three five seven years and so the feeling i have today recording this january 10th 2022 is literally oh you know a 180 a 180 from where i felt when i was recording that video there literally almost one year ago today and it

Does make me think at least i do wonder like you know is this kind of a sign that we’re like you know upon the bottom because when i recorded that video there when i recorded that video there that was a moment where the euphoria in the market was literally at its peak and very shortly after i record that video the euphoria left the market and what happened all

These stocks started to fall fall fall they started bounce back and then they fell more and as we know throughout 2021 it just got worse and worse and worse and into the beginning part of this year okay and so i look at this in a situation now where i’m looking at this and i’m like you know could this be a moment in time when we’re about to flip the other way

Now no one knows if it’s tomorrow or this week who knows maybe today was a low i don’t know you know square look at square today it hit a low of 133 and it bounces back that strong 144 that was you know that’s just something some folks will look at as maybe an indicator right uh look at what happened with art today look at the reversal and teledoc so i’m not going

To predict this is the bottom for many of these stocks because that’s a losing game just flat out like like you know trying to predict like this is the bottom or this is about like it’s just a losing game it’s too hard to call but it’s just it’s very interesting that i feel the exact opposite of how i felt when i recorded that video on january 13 2021 and like i

Said right after i recorded that video the euphoria levels just started going down and down and down and down and here we are in this moment where euphoria levels are pretty much at all time lows and i think it’s just it’s a it’s a matter of time before we start flipping the other way and we start getting some enthusiasm back in the market and keep in mind when

You’re coming out of these sorts of markets right very very important to keep in mind is when you start getting some rallies in these stocks people don’t even believe them right so look at a square today from 133 to 144 right a lot of people think that’s a fake rally it’s going to be right back down to 133 it’s going to invade a new 52 week low of 120 110 that’s

The way people start thinking and it could be accurate but just many times when people get that bearish things usually flip the other way right now i i was buying a lot of stocks here a day i’m gonna likely do a video on financial education three maybe in a few hours going into all the stocks i was buying today which was a whole lot much love as always guys hope

You enjoyed today’s video make sure you subscribe and have a great day

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corbyn brexit anti semitism less

Corbyn, Brexit, anti-Semitism: lessons from Labour conference

FT political commentator Robert Shrimsley hears from politicians, advisers and grassroots support at the Liverpool conference to get the lowdown on Labour and its ‘supreme leader’ Jeremy Corbyn

It’s been well over 10 years since i last reported a labour party conference in those days they were by the seaside now we’re in the splendors of liverpool last time i came tony blair was the supreme leader of blade party these days it’s got a new supreme leader and i’m very keen to get a sense of how things are different and how things are still the same hey we’re

Making video for the ft on avila with you for a minute that works it ok you’re a party member yeah you must be disappointed with the way the party’s implying it’s appointed i mean if you hear you know john macdonald then mccluskey you know saying you know it should be the checkers deal or no deal you just think well that’s the same position as the tory party you

Know oh jeez i’m a brexit is the big shadow that hangs over what is otherwise i think a fairly united conference and it’s clear that the members are truffle trying to force jeremy corbyn and the leadership to accept the idea of a second referendum the so-called people’s vote must include campaigning for public votes and nobody is rolling out remain as an option

There’s no doubt that in this conference you know the affection and the support for jeremy corbyn remains extremely strong and extremely real um but you are beginning to see the first challenges to his authority and brest is one of those ones where the members are really saying to him we want you to do more to stop a bad bret’s and possibly to stop brixham that

Vote has to include remain option or is it just a vote one of the deals and options available that kier was absolutely clear i think anything that was a vote on either a bad deal or a no deal but did not include option to remain within the european union would be no vote at all and would be a betrayal of minnesota my curriculum is clear about that the party is

Clear about that and i’m confident that we’re moving in the direction behind these are placed called hinterlands and this is one of the venues of the world transformed which is the momentum conference is taking place almost alongside the labour party conference and it is the hinterland in it so i just did of the labour party conference momentum is the popular

Grassroots movement that supports jeremy corbyn we take just been here watching john mcdonnell speaking in our platform share with other people on the idea of how you control the state and don’t let the state control you if you win power we all think of jeremy corbyn as the the absolute star turn of labor party events and labor conference but john macdonald is

Becoming a real star turn here i think corbin ism and mcdonald ism or whatever is that’s going on the moment socialism as we see at the moment will bring in will bring will give people a sense of democratic control over what is going on in their lives i love john macdonald i think he’s great he isn’t dogmatically stuck in old paradigms about how socialism has to

Work he’s he’s willing to listen to younger people and say unto people different walks of life about ways in which we can create a socialist project for the 21st century this different the buzz and the excitement of them the momentum festival has certainly taken some of the luster off of the traditional conference fringe but there’s still a fair bit of action

To be seen there as well who is talking about is foreign policy is a racist is a misogynist is a climate change denier and it’s a completely in the pocket of the most rich and corrupt elements in the usa we are also going to make the people of britain safer by jeremy corbyn number 10 if you come to any labor conference in the last 20 years it would be the same

Sort of event it’s very much anti-war it’s very much aunty western intervention very pro-palestinian and very paranoid at times about the deep state and the military-industrial complex the big difference is that on the platform during the course of this rally you’ve had andrew murray who’s a special political adviser to jeremy corbyn and he’s talking about how

He britain has to pull away from the us move away from any kind of special relationship abandon the transatlantic relationship and treated the u.s. like any other country especially while donald trump’s in charge also you had them dying over she’s the shadow home secretary the interesting thing is the stop the war coalition has got very mainstream and that’s

I think the really important takeaway from this it’s a very respected organization within lay button and diane abbott one of our major point was to say listen foreign policy is not an add-on for jeremy corbyn it’s fundamental to what he’s about and so the way he has put foreign policy front and center and many of the things that matter to him up till now you can

Absolutely believe it’s gonna be front and center if and when he gets to downing street one person i’ve been very keen to talk to here is untangling zelman she’s the mp for liverpool riverside she’s the president of the jewish labor movement and a consistent critic of jeremy called ben over the issue of anti-semitism i want to talk about how it feels to be the

Home mp at a labour conference and at the same time face the antagonism but a lot of people who really would like to see her out feel uneasy but a few old people have been warned until they have to be very careful about how they’re dealing with us what is the situation terms of the position at the moment before jeremy corbyn was leader i had about 500 members

And chrissie active labour party we had lots of discussions differing views the song with people very well and over the last couple of years not five hundreds has increased to two thousand seven hundred but more than that now and overwhelmingly jeremy corbyn’s supporters most of them are pretty united have very clear positions and if you don’t follow the new

Leader a hundred percent and your right-wing you’re bad and they want you out and i seem to come into that category so i’m slightly surprised as any of these t-shirts left on sale at the labour shop because i don’t think there’s any doubt that this party is still with corbin we’re just about to go in and see the leaders speech and i think everybody flooding into

The hall to see his speech is waiting to be enraptured and enlivened if you protect jobs people’s rights at work and environmental and consumer standards then we will support that sensible deal a deal that will be backed by most of businesses in the world and trade unions but if you can’t negotiate that deal then you need to make way for a party that can and

Will what was your favorite bit of this there’s so much video it’s such a great speed i think just jeremy jeremy is an amazing unifier you actually paid to buy a speech haven’t you yes it’s a souvenir yes and also he is as a present for part of regions just to keep it so that’s the end of labor conference his speech was the most confident i’ve seen him give it

Was coherent it was well-structured he was clearly enjoying it he made an appeal for a broad church he absolutely blamed russia for the script while poisoning he made a very strong had a very strong passage about anti-semitism so you have that sense of him trying to clear all of the problems out the way in one go and focus on the stuff that’s important what what

You can’t gain say about this confidence the extent to which jeremy corbyn and his supporters are absolutely in control of the party and that’s one of the oddest things to come back to labour when you were when you remember the blair era conferences because they were absolutely in control of the party – and many of the mechanism things that are going on behind

The scenes seem eerily familiar even if they’re in a completely different cause in those days you had unions and party officer stitching up motions to make sure that it didn’t go the wrong way and you’re having that now what is different is that with tony blair there was always a grudging happiness about him what you see here is the people in this hall at this

Purpose overwhelmingly do love jeremy corbyn but i think anybody leaving this conference is going to be leaving it with a strong sense of belief a strong sense of optimism and you would have to say that labour will be feeling pretty good about this week

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Corbyn, Brexit, anti-Semitism: lessons from Labour conference By Financial Times

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queen elizabeth ii a long life o

Queen Elizabeth II: a long life of duty and service | FT

The Queen’s reign spanned Britain’s journey from empire to Brexit, from the wireless to the smartphone. The FT reviews the important moments in her life Read more at

The reign of queen elizabeth ii spanned britain’s journey from empire to brexit from the wireless to the smartphone she was seen by many as a figurehead able to hold together her people but the queen also faced her critics about the role of the royals as the attention of the media became ever more intense yet while she was one of the most recognizable women in the

World almost nothing was known about her private views an approach she thought fitting for a constitutional monarch elizabeth alexandra mary was born in london on april 21 1926 the eldest child of the former lady elizabeth bose lyon and prince albert known as bertie in the family he was the second son of king george v and expected his elder brother known as david

To the family to become king right from the outset princess elizabeth and her sister princess margaret attracted great attention they were educated at home which allowed them plenty of time for riding lessons instilling a lifelong passion for horses in 1936 king george v died and david became king edward viii but his decision to marry the twice divorced american

Wallace simpson soon forced his abdication and so princess elizabeth’s shy stammering father became king george vi and from then on elizabeth was heir to the throne gradually she was introduced to public life during the second world war she volunteered to work as a military driver and a mechanic on the home front on her 21st birthday she made a defining speech

To the commonwealth broadcast from south africa i declare before you all with my whole life whether it be long or short shall be devoted to your service enter the service of our great imperial family to which we all belong her life was indeed to be long and much of it she spent with philip the distant cousin to whom she became officially engaged at 21 that same

Year in 1947 philip was the son of prince andrew of greece but the former royal navy lieutenant was also descended from queen victoria just like elizabeth and so was essentially british to further ensure he was eligible he renounced his greek royal title and was created duke of edinburgh princess elizabeth was only to lead something of a more ordinary life with

Philip for a short time in 1952 the couple were in kenya when they were given the news that elizabeth’s father king george vi had died suddenly aged only 25 she was queen by that time prince charles had been born in 1948 then princess anne in 1950 and while queen she had two more children princess andrew and edward elizabeth was now queen not just of the united

Kingdom but also of the commonwealth of canada australia jamaica and other former colonies and she saw this as a vital part of her mission as monarch what became rapidly clear was the queen’s sense of duty and appetite for the job qualities that helped the monarchy survive in a fast-changing world the suez crisis of 1956 underlined britain’s loss of empire and at

Home social attitudes were shifting in particular about divorce since the crisis over the king’s abdication in 1936 many thought the queen had been too harsh about her sister princess margaret’s relationship with divorcee and commoner group captain peter townsend under great pressure to observe her duty to the throne margaret abandoned her plans for marriage she

Has made her choice as befits a member of the royal family by the end of the 1960s the queen recognized the royal image needed to change she allowed a bbc crew into buckingham palace in 1969 to make a documentary it raised the popularity of the windsors but also opened the door to constant interest from the media then the queen arrived to be greeted by number

10’s present tenant but when it came to politics she had always shown skill as a constitutional monarch in remaining impartial in the eyes of the media confidentiality surrounded her relationship with a long succession of prime ministers labour’s james callahan said she offered her prime ministers friendliness but not friendship and i i’m amazed that she’s been

Brave enough to take me on and i suppose in love whatever in it was when prince charles married lady diana spencer in 1981 that media attention snowballed the ceremony was watched by 750 million people around the world and what nobody had bargained for was that princess diana quickly became an international celebrity the queen and charles seemed to expect diana

To accept the traditional role of putting duty first and hiding any unhappiness but the windsors had misjudged her the next few years were among the hardest of queen elizabeth’s reign 1992 became the queen’s annis horribilis or horrible year as she called it drawing a guild hall banquet to mark her 40th year on the throne 1992 is not a year on which i shall

Look back with undiluted pleasure in the words of one of my more sympathetic correspondence it has turned out to be an anus horribilis the queen’s favorite royal home windsor castle had been badly damaged by a fire the marriages of princess anne and prince andrew had ended the perilous state of charles and diana’s marriage had been revealed in a biography and

By december they had announced their separation worse was to come on august 31 1997 a nation awoke to the news that diana princess of wales had died in a car crash in paris her popularity had soared since the breakup of the marriage and the outpouring of public grief was unprecedented so too within days was the criticism of the queen for what many saw as a cold

Reaction tony blair the labour prime minister had paid folsom tribute to the people’s princess i feel like everyone else in this country today utterly devastated our thoughts and prayers are with princess diana’s family in particular her two sons the two boys but the queen remained silent and chose to remain in scotland with her bereaved grandsons william and

Harry then six days later she did return to london and decided to break tradition by ordering the royal standard over buckingham palace to be flown at half-mast she met some of the thousands who were laying flowers in memory of diana i for one believe there are lessons to be drawn from her life and from the extraordinary and moving reaction to her death i share in

Your determination to cherish her memory the queen had finally shown she was willing to listen but her tight-lipped response to diana’s death marked a low point in her relationship with the public and the media there followed a slow but steady return to greater popularity for the queen and for her family she met some of the growing demands for the house of windsor

To abandon its costly pomp and she herself eventually started to pay income tax though it was seldom clear how much in the millennium year her mother’s 100th birthday reinforced support for the monarchy so too did a new generation of unstuffy younger royals while prince charles seemed to be no great moderniser his two sons by diana william and harry returned a

More popular image to the royal family epitomized in 2011 by prince william’s westminster abbey marriage to kate middleton and the queen herself seemed to want to show she was not nearly as stern and serious as she often appeared in public for the opening ceremony of the london 2012 olympics she was filmed in a cameo with the actor daniel craig reprising his role

As james bond in 2015 her reign overtook that of queen victoria and at 89 she became britain’s longest-serving monarch inevitably a long life can pass by many milestones my own is no exception but i thank you all and the many others at home and overseas for your touching messages of great kindness in her ninth decade she showed little sign of slowing down only

Gradually handing over some of her lesser duties to prince charles and her family continued to pose challenges serious allegations relating to prince andrew’s friendship with financial and sex offender jeffrey epstein ended in his humiliation he pulled out of all public duties and was stripped by the queen of military titles and royal patriot inches later prince

Andrew made a multi-million pound settlement out of court in a sexual abuse lawsuit and so was spared a trial that threatened to heap further embarrassment on the royal family the prince denied any wrongdoing for many the wedding of her grandson prince harry to the american actress meghan markle in 2018 was a signal of hope and change but the couple announced their

Resignation from public duties after months of unhappiness in the public eye they stepped down permanently as working royals and moved to california in an interview with talk show host oprah winfrey they aired allegations of racism within the royal institution for the queen herself though there were only warm words on the global stage the queen continued to play

Host to world leaders including u.s presidents donald trump barack obama and joe biden the pope and chinese premier xi jinping as well as making a groundbreaking state visit to ireland and addressing the president of germany in our lives mr president we have seen the worst but also the best of our continent we have witnessed how quickly things can change for the

Better but we know that we must work hard to maintain the benefits of the post-war world and in that post-war world she had seen progress although never smooth on some of the things that is said she felt most strongly about reconciliation in ireland and the uk’s ability to hold together the kingdom she left was still united with its parliamentary traditions just

About intact although under great strain from calls for scottish independence and from the protracted process of brexit in 2019 the queen was asked to suspend parliament by prime minister boris johnson her request later ruled unlawful by the supreme court and the many trials she’d faced in her reign were not over when the coronavirus pandemic swept across the

World the queen looked to boost the nation’s morale on the 75th anniversary of ve or victory in europe day she made a rare televised broadcast she praised the national health service and the nation’s response to the crisis when i look at our country today and see what we are willing to do to protect and support one another i say with pride that we are still a

Nation those brave soldiers sailors and airmen would recognize and admire the queen’s husband philip died in april 2021 at the age of 99. she had described him as her strength and stay the image of her at his funeral mourning alone in the chapel because of covert restrictions was a reminder of her humanity she herself was becoming more fragile and in the

Continued transition of royal duties prince charles took the place of the 96 year old queen in 2022 to read her speech to parliament on the government’s legislative plans her majesty’s government’s priority is the first time she was unable to attend the state opening of parliament in almost 60 years but the queen believed in remaining monarch for the rest of

Her lifetime in february 2022 she had become the first monarch to reach 70 years on the throne and to many the platinum jubilee was a moment to celebrate the tradition and dignity she had brought to a country that had endured much under the pandemic queen figurehead mother grandmother widow she was admired even by critics of the monarchy for her sense of duty

And service to the nation

Transcribed from video
Queen Elizabeth II: a long life of duty and service | FT By Financial Times

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how to make money the green orga

How To Make Money – The Green Organic Dutchman (TGOD) (TGODF) (TGOD.WT)

How To Make Money – The Green Organic Dutchman (TGOD) (TGODF) (TGOD.WT) – May 30, 2018 – RICH TV LIVE – If you like the video smash the like button, comment down below, and subscribe for more updates. #richtvlive #news #stocks

Hey guys it’s rich and i’m back to talk about the green organic dutchman i told you was a big winner and your boy rich we brought him to you first i have the evidence in the description down below of the video i broke the day they were public with their new ipo let’s take a look at how they’ve done so they’ve been public for about a month now started at the beginning

Of the month open up around 3 dollars and 67 cents if i remember correctly because i bought some at 367 and today it climbed and exploded all the way up and let’s mark this ok is where it started where your boy rich did the ipo review and brought it to you first and look it came up went down here’s the bottom three 61 and today broke all resistance went all the way

Past five dollars it’s come back a little bit now at 497 up six point four two percent but you need to put this company on your watchlist you need to put them on your radar look at the macd it’s shooting right up the blue line is pointing right up the orange line is pointing right up and the red is all up look at this the bollinger bands shooting right up this is

Unbelievable movement this isn’t the last couple of days it has exploded you can see the stochastic here came down and then started to climb aggressively and continue to climb it is starting to come down a little bit it’s retracting little bit but it’s still a huge winner and this is the reason why okay i’ve been noticing this trend with all of these companies

They only have a hundred and eighty seven million shares outstanding the companies with small amount of shares are the ones that are climbing and the ones that have too many shares three hundred four hundred five hundred or more are the ones that are going down so you need to look at these shares when you’re investing in these companies and you need to invest in

The ones that have a small amount of shares because if they have too many shares it creates massive dilution so how do you make money you invest in the green organic dutchman it was the largest ipo in cannabis history for canada for a reason this company is the real deal let’s read about it the green organic dutchman holdings limited through its subsidiary the

Green organic dutchman ltd operates as a cannabinoid based research and development company canada there it is the word cannabinoid it produces organic cannabis products including organic dried cannabis cannabis oils and edibles fresh cannabis and seeds for medical applications the company operates in one segment the production of medical cannabis this company is

A monster okay let’s take a look they now back over $5 there it is there back over $5 the symbol is tg od the us symbol is tg odf as you can see up 9.8% and the warrants which you need to keep your eye on are also up and there are two dollars and fifty eight cents under the symbol tg o d dot w t now what is the news that is driving this stock what’s going to the

Investor center okay and let’s look at their recent news let’s take a look at the recent news because i absolutely we love this company they are up around 30% since i brought it to you first and told you they are a huge winner and look at this news wow this is the news that is driving the stock the green organic dutchman holdings the company or tg od under the

Tsx toronto stock exchange is pleased to announce that the company has entered into an exclusive agreement with stillwater brands to license ripple sc soluble cannabinoids ingredient technology and other proprietary beverage and food technologies and formulations related to cannabinoid infused consumer packaged goods including micro dose and full dose tea sticks

Within canada and certain international jurisdictions outside of the usa this is huge news this is the news that is driving the green organic dutchman this is the news that is pushing it higher t g od intends to offer ripple dissolvable x’ and others stillwater brands products and formulations in international markets outside of the usa where regulations allow as

Well as in the canadian market once permitted by the canadian regulatory regime further t g od intends to aggressively work on other novel formulations in the beverage functional foods and dietary supplements areas which will complete cut which will contemplate using ripple sc as the base water soluble cannabinoid input tg od the green organic dutchman if you guys

Need cbds holler at your boy our cv ds have 100% bio availability which means they actually get into your system the rest of the cbds that you see out there just can’t compete we believe that soluble cannabinoids and the consumer benefit they enable represent the future of functional foods says justin singer ceo of stillwater brands stillwater is huge tg odie’s

Emphasis on organic high quality consumer products makes the company and ideal partner to carry out vision into the canadian and international markets they’re looking to grow global we are excited to have the opportunity to provide a platform to introduce stillwater’s advanced technologies and formulations worldwide using tg odie’s premium organic ingredients says

Rob anderson choke choke air co chairman and ceo of tg od this technology will allow tg od to provide patients and customers around the globe with novel and effective dose controlled delivery systems that are safer more standardized and more discreet than most current cannabinoid delivery systems this is huge this is the news that is driving this monster it’s a

Beast i told you it was i told you about it first i’ve got the video down below in the description of this video to prove that i broke this to you first let’s read about the green organic dutchman because i love this company the green organic dutchman holdings limited is a research and development company licensed under the access to cannabis for medical purposes

Regulations otherwise known as gold licensed gold standard it’s the acm pr license to cultivate medical cannabis the company carries out its principal activities producing cannabis from its facilities in ancaster ontario a small little town in ontario pursuant to the provisions of the acm pr and the controlled drugs and substances act canada and its regulations the

Company grows high quality organic cannabis with sustainable all-natural products tg odie’s products are laboratory tested to ensure patients have access to a standardized safe and consistent product love it tg o d has a funded capacity of one hundred and sixteen thousand kilograms and is building a nine hundred and seventy thousand square foot cultivation facility

In ontario and quebec the company has developed a strategic partnership with aurora cannabis another company i love acb where aurora has invested approximately seventy eight point 1 million for an approximate seventeen point five percent stake in the green organic dutchman in addition the company has raised approximately oh just two hundred ninety million dollars

And has over five thousand shareholders unbelievable let’s read a little bit about stillwater foods stillwater foods is a functional food company specializing in the processing manufacturing and distribution of soluble cannabinoid infused consumer packaged goods and ingredients the company’s business-to-consumer arm stillwater brands produces some of colorado’s

Leading thc and cbd infused edible brands listen i’ll say it again you guys need cbds holler at your boy including ripple dissolvable cannabinoids stillwater tea white water tea and clockwork coffee its business the business arm stillwater ingredients manufactures ripple sc soluble cannabinoids a suite of standardized clean label shelf stable formulations of isolated

Cannabinoids that mix easily intellect or dry food systems withstanding standard commercial food processes and temperatures ripple sc and i just love the name ripple allows manufacturers to simply and easily introduce fast-acting water-soluble cannabinoids into any food environment using standard commercial kitchen or food production equipment with no noticeable

Impact on flavor consistency texture or appearance no specialized knowledge or processing acquired backed by service supported by execution and designed for scale you can take a look at stillwater at stillwater dot life you can learn more about the green organic dutchman at their website at tg o d dot ca it’s a big winner i brought it to you first because all we

Do is bring you winners now let me show you a little video about the green organic touch welcome to the future sight of the green organic dutchman this beautiful landscape in valleyfield quebec will become the world’s largest organic cannabis facility as you can see work is already begun the valley third part will be opened in early summer 2019 organic cannabis is

Better cannabis and the green organic dutchman or antigua will be the best quality organic flour to god and just as a triptych continues to take shape the organic alright it’s another winner and i brought it to you first cuz your boy rich all we do is bring you winners please let me hope you liked this video smash the like button okay and if you like this company

Let me know if you don’t like it please let me know why but i’ll tell you right now this bad boy it’s a big winner tg od from the toronto stock exchange tg d/f in america and tg o dwt the warrants had only 259 and you can book it another big winner brought to you by your boy rich aren’t part people i got a few more due diligence i got a do more research i gotta

Find you more winners but this bad boy it’s a big winner let me know what you think now remember rich tv life is strictly for education entertainment purposes we are not licensed advisors always do your due diligence always do your research but looks pretty good right you can say your boy did good on this one right let me know what you think smash that like button

Hit that bell for notifications so you can get updates 24 hours a day seven days a week cuz all we do is bring you wings alright told ya hojo is the winner and i’m winning are you winning all right i’ll be back with another banger video soon gotta do more research let me know what you think mo peace

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this cant be real stocks soar

This Cant Be Real! Stocks Soar!

Looking to Apply to Join my Private Stock Discord Chat & Private Stock Market Group? Link here

Well you gotta be flipping my flab checks guys oh my gosh i woke up this morning i saw the russell was up three percent and i said something’s wrong here i i tried flipping my phone over and no one still said three percent then i was like wait a minute this got to be a catch to this i’m like uh maybe i’m still dreaming so i pinched myself and i was like no i must

Be awake and i was like well maybe maybe i died and like went to heaven so then i tried to float around and i just fell down and i’m like oh my gosh no this is actually real holy smokers we haven’t seen the russell make a move like this in quite some time but not just that it made this upward move the fact is it held it held the move i mean like literally in this

Market for the past a lot of months let’s just call it that every single move up has been ended up you know being sold off and so the fact that this actually held was a miracle of life let’s call it that and the moves were astronomical in some of these stocks here today honest was up 17 we’ll talk about that one a little later we’re gonna talk about netflix we’re

Gonna talk about a lot in this video okay oatley was eleven and a half percent mover today the plan almost a ten percent move beyond was eight percent shop five percent netflix five percent once again we’re gonna talk about that one you know win meta tapestry all like five percent moves look at paypal corsair the chef i mean everything was moving and grooving here

Today and you know one thing i’ll say i think this needs to be said is let me just tell you this okay if we can get the market to ever start consistently moving up again and there’s a big debate if that’s happening this year or if we’re just going to have a relief rally or you know we got to wait till next year for gains or whatever okay but what i can say is

Once we actually get this market moving again like you know the moves are going to be absolutely insane and we see that like you you do a three percent move in the russell and get ready for massive amounts of stocks to make five six seven eight percent moves that’s just it’s as simple as that right and so someday someday the market will start coming back for real

For real right um and these moves will will begin to get a little normalized and i was looking you know at the public account here today every single stock in that account was green today every single one and i can’t i can’t remember the last time every single stock in that portfolio was green all in the same day like it’s been a long time reminds me of the good

Old days of 2019 2020 early 2021 man when it was like you wake up and every single stock in your portfolio is green all the good old days remember those when we used to make money all the time yeah it hasn’t been that way for quite some time now and uh yeah just you know extraordinary see that it was interesting looking at my dividends account here today because

You know this one uh underperformed the public account quite quite a bit here today but you know remember this account has not been hit as hard as a public account this account’s been hit as well but it hasn’t been hit as hard as a public account has been hit so that’s just kind of some some food for thought there when you kind of you know especially if you split

Your accounts between like dividend stocks and non-dividend stocks or something like that okay no big tech everything was massively green here today right i mean well other than snowflake snowflake was red but three stocks in particular caught my attention i think are worth addressing apple and microsoft first off those two stocks people look at those and like okay

Both underperform the market what the heck man what’s going on here well here’s the deal okay look at how much those stocks are down year to date look at how much the nasdaq’s down like those stocks have generally held up better than the stock market in general this year okay and so being that those ones haven’t been that haven’t had as much downside when you

Get one of these big upward move days they’re not going to move up as much there’s this bottom line like if you’re going to tell me like ask any experienced investor okay anybody knows anything about the stock market and let’s say all we gave them for an example is the nasdaq and the russell is going to go up 30 over the next 12 months and you say what’s going to

Perform better shopify or apple i would expect every single person to say shopify is going to perform better in that sort of market it’s it’s a big uh you know if risk on shopify flies to moon that’s something we do know factually right apple’s not really one of those sorts of stocks they can do very well in that market but it’s not a it’s not a uh necessarily like

Something people flock to when it’s risk on if now on the flip side if we were as every single experienced investor we say okay what about this example the nasdaq goes down another 30 percent over the next 12 months everybody should say that that shopify will do even worse than apple in that sort of market because that’s the way these stocks are right if it’s a big

Sell-off shopify is going to be absolutely devastated as it has and if it’s a huge you know risk on market shopify is just going to outperform that’s just bottom line and that’s exactly kind of what we’ve seen play out over time and look at look at how much shopify is down year to date and then pull up pull up apple here today it’s not even in the same league i mean

You’re looking at apple down 20 something percent year-to-date you’re looking to shopify down like 70 plus percent year a day that’s a difference and that’s a massive massive difference okay now netflix so stock had a really good day here today 5.6 up and it’s moving after hours almost a seven percent move here okay now you know let’s go through the numbers and

Then i’ll kind of share my perspective on what’s going on that i think is important for everybody looking at this okay so the headline number matters in a massive way netflix only only loses 970 000 subscribers in second quarter after warning of loss of two million okay now i think netflix is almost brilliant in terms of uh positioning this this whole uh earnings

Essentially they gave you such a number that it was like it was an insane number right when people saw two mill they’re gonna lose two million subscribers and a quarter are you kidding me you gotta be kidding me okay and so the stock obviously sold out massively now they come in and only lose a little less than a million and people are like oh that’s a win this

Is great news oh my gosh this is fantastic go netflix okay and the stock moves up obviously after hours pretty pretty darn nicely okay and so you know that’s just something that i i look at and i just you know understanding kind of the game of wall street and whatnot sometimes it pays to prep investors for the worst case scenario and then when you don’t come in

With worst case scenario and it’s a little better than was expected everybody’s like oh you guys are so good you did so well okay yeah you only you lost a million subscribers roughly in the quarter okay and so that’s just the market where now in regards to netflix they were coming out for these ridiculous comps i mean completely unrealistic numbers that they were

Coming off of because of roney rona let’s be honest when the government says you can’t go outside you can’t go anywhere you can’t do anything okay so people are stuck in their house what are they gonna do they’re gonna go on you know facebook and instagram and tick tock and and watch netflix all day long that’s what’s gonna happen and play video games like what

Else you gonna do you’re in your house all day okay you can’t go to the game can’t go do this can’t do that and so that’s the that’s where we’re at in 2020 and 2021 right that’s not the way it is now the world’s back to normal you know events are going on people there’s other things that are taking people’s attention and time away so you don’t have to spend eight

Hours a day watching netflix if you don’t want to spend eight hours a day watching netflix right so it’s a very very different market now at this point in time and um you know the the market reacts like that right now in terms of going through their numbers i thought it was kind of a mixed bag eps came in at 320 294 was expected revenue came out of just under

Eight billion dollars eight point zero three billion dollars was expected global paid net subscribers obviously came in 970 a loss of you know a loss of 9.70 a loss of 2 million was expected so i call this a mixed bag you know a nice beat on eps respect for that but revenue is not really there now the important thing to remember is this wasn’t necessarily the best

Quarter in the world for netflix but they still put up a respectable eps number and you know this has even been a stock i’ve gone in recently and when i when you look at netflix it’s attracting a different investor base now at this point in time it’s go it went through its awkward time of like it was everybody that wanted to be in gross stocks growth stocks grow

Stocks right netflix was a great play in that right and so everybody flocked to a stock like netflix the stock goes to the moon it was at 700 plus at the peak right now value investors are starting to look at this right and they’re starting to be like at the end of the day it’s a profitable company that’s likely going to continue to grow and grow for years and

Years ago in the future do they have that hyper hypersonic growth that they once had where they were adding many many millions of new subscribers every single quarter right 2 million 3 million 6 million new subscribers no it’s not that sort of company anymore is this sort of company that’s going to grow revenues 20 30 probably not but is this a company that can

Grow subscribers over the coming years absolutely is this a company that can grow you know revenue over the coming years absolutely is it the type of company that can grow their margins over the coming years and eps over the coming years absolutely so they’re tracking a different investor base and the valuation is massively different for this company now it’s you

Know obviously substantially lower and so that’s who’s starting to be attracted by a stock like this right and uh yeah so but but overall a kind of a mixed bag in their numbers i think this is very very important what i’m showing you here okay i mean very important the company which currently has 220 million subscribers said it expects net ads to reach 1 million in

The third quarter reversing some losses seen during the first half of the year this year analysts had predicted netflix would guide for growth around 1.8 billion okay and so yeah it’s not what analysts expected but the bottom line is the company is expecting growth now not only that they just set the bar low again right so now everybody on wall street’s gonna have

To move their numbers pretty much down to around a million now at this point maybe they 1.1 million or something but now guess what if netflix comes in and does 1.5 million 1.7 million maybe 1.8 million also everybody applauds that like wow netflix holy smokes because they brought down expectations right it’s like a picture where we’re about to get in a race and uh

You know it’s it’s like us and like 30 other people right and you’re like hey you know i’m gonna get last place there’s no doubt about it right i’m like oh man you really think you’re gonna get last place yeah i’m getting last i got oh this is going to go awful right and then you get like 15th place also and it’s like hey man you did so good you got 15th place now

If you set your expectations that you’re gonna get first and you get 15th now everybody’s looking at you like what what the heck are you doing man this is a disaster like what what happened to you in this race it’s all about setting those expectations lower but the bottom line is the company is expecting to get back to growth which is a huge sigh of relief because

No one wants to be in a stock that continues to just see their subscribers go down that would be a disaster right netflix also noted that it is in the early stages of paid sharing plan this is an effort in mentioned last quarter that would up charge some members for sharing their subscription with family members or friends that live outside their home the company

Said it is looking at two different approaches and test cases in latin america where that it can you know inform a basically a wider role out in 2023 now i think this is smart uh you know at the end of the day i look at all the other subscription plan company so i think about i think about apple music right i’m signed up for apple music guess what you know i got

To be signed up for a family plan and if um if there’s too many accounts using my apple music account it gives you like hey you know it basically kicks you off of that right and so netflix is finally taking this serious about like because i know i got you know friends that that you know they have like 10 different other friends that use their accounts or whatever

Right and have their password and it’s been like that for years and the poorest part is some of these people are got a lot of money and they could easily pay you know 10 20 bucks in a month for netflix like it’s not a question like they got plenty of money but people are just like that’s how they got used to netflix and so it’s like well why do anything different

And so absolutely at the end of the day you know they’re gonna it’s gonna be a conversion game over the next few years of converting people that have been sharing with other people’s accounts to either have those folks pay more or you’ve got to sign up for your own account and every other subscription service pretty much out there does that netflix gonna do it and

You know people can whine about it like oh i want my netflix for free i want to be able to use my friends account or whatever you don’t know okay no that’s not the way it works you know that was a fun while lasted i guess you can say okay no i actually bought some netflix shares uh pretty dang recently right i got them at 181.42 cents and so far it’s going pretty

Darn good so far i’m like why didn’t i buy 500 shares they’re 50 shares uh the one thing i’ll say about this okay is you know that’s just pure luck you know in terms of like getting it at that sort of price at 181 you know that was pretty dang close to lows whenever i think about buying a stock i never expect to buy a stock at the lows uh or anywhere even close

To lows like i usually expect like that stock’s going to go lower right and even netflix in this case i was like oh you know i might go to 150 i’ll buy some more shares or 160 i’ll buy some more shares and so you know i think sometimes people in the stock market think you have to get it at the lows or the perfect price or something no mentally you should go into

Every stock you buy in my personal opinion as a long-term investor and expect that stock to go lower and expect to buy the dip and sometimes buy the dip several times along the the road right i mean the amount of stocks i’ve been in over the years that where i went down on that stock for the first six to 18 months that stock is a long list including my most

Successful investment of my life tesla my esla the first year i mean there was moments when i was down probably 40 plus percent if not 50 plus on tesla shares from my original shares i bought in tesla i did not time that perfect i got in at a good time in 2018 2019 when i was buying shares but it was not the perfect time the perfect time was you know in part

Of 2019 like i think it was toward either the middle of the back half it would have been the perfect ideal time to i started buying that stock you know like a year i guess you say too soon but i was able to buy the dip several times along the road and just continue to build out my position and make you know i had more and more tesla shares over time right and um

Yeah so that’s just something to kind of keep in mind there guys don’t expect to always get stocks at the bottom or anywhere close about it be mentally prepared for these stocks to drop lower and lower and lower you know and if you’re a long-term investor you should love picking up shares for a cheaper price just bottom line you don’t have to be the guy that gets

A perfect share you know would i much rather buy netflix at a 181 dollars and 300 absolutely but at the end of the day it’s about are you getting that stock for a good price on a long-term basis or not and so that’s just something very important that i think everybody needs to keep in mind now honest made this ridiculous move here today like it was like a 17 move

Now the interesting thing is so i don’t know if you guys saw this headline here okay the honest company launches at walmart to expand u.s distribution the honest company a digitally native mission driven brand of focus holy smokes let’s put all the terms in there right on leading the clean lifestyle movement announced today that expanded distribution to walmart

The brand is now available on and will launch to thousands of walmart stores this fall so you know it just cracks me up okay stock market absolutely cracks me up because if you listen to conference calls of this company we already knew they were expanding distribution with walmart this wasn’t shocking news but so much of the stock market nowadays

Is driven by the machines the algorithms and so they see this headline today oh honest is getting distribution walmart and all of a sudden you know who’s buying it up left and right here today okay because if any humans were out there like all of a sudden oh i got to get in honest today silly because we already knew about this if you listen to conference call

You already knew this you already knew they’re expanding distribution with walmart and so you know uh if you listen to any investor presentations with them like you already this was already information that was out there but so much of the stock market is driven by the machines nowadays and that’s exactly what we see the machines pick that up and boom fly to

The moon it’s it’s so silly it’s so silly but that’s the stock market and for us as humans it’s creating a market now where the moves are so dramatic on other sides i mean i never thought honest would fall to some of the prices it fell to i mean it’s a company sells diapers and wipes and soaps and shampoos and this is not some game-changing earth shaking company

Um but you look at their stock price and you think oh my gosh is the most insane business model ever something crazy right so that’s the market we’re in nowadays it’s just it’s a very it’s a very kind of i feel like it’s a it’s a very very silly market now at this point in time okay and but it creates some some insane discounts on some stocks and it creates some

Insane overvaluation on stocks that’s the other thing okay and we saw that play out at the you know end of 2020 into the beginning part of 2021 it it made a lot of stocks go to some crazy valuations that they should not have been trading at we all know that now looking back right um but that’s a market it’s so machine driven and we’ve got to admit that that’s just

The biggest part of the stock market nowadays and it creates for a silly stock market for these short-term insane volatile moves right no netflix okay so that that’s out of the way but tesla is next on deck tesla comes out with earnings in less than 24 hours a day uh from now netflix is a good vibe for the market and if that makes a nice upward move tomorrow that’s

A good vibe for the market let’s be let’s be clear there’s there’s levels to the stock market there’s levels of importance to the stock market right and when it comes to netflix it’s like i would call a little above amid importance for the stock market i would call it like one of maybe the most the top 100 most important stocks for the stock market tesla’s a top

Five most important if not a top three most important stock for the entire stock market whatever they come out with for numbers is going to matter in a massive way for the the overall movement of the stock market intel basically apple and those other big guys report this is one of those stocks everybody looks at and it’s not just a big market cap it’s it’s it’s

The feeling of the market and no one has any clue where earnings per share is going to be no one has any conception where eps is going to be i don’t care no one okay everybody can play guessing game throwing darts but this is gonna be such a messy quarter i don’t know man i don’t know if they’re gonna have a dollar two dollars three dollars i i’m clueless as far

As that goes and i think honestly everybody else’s we can all take a guess at it but it’s just there’s too many moving parts in this this particular quarter so that’s going to be the next thing that moves the market and if we’re talking about a sustained rally we’ve got to have tesla come in with good eps good revenue a good guide and say the world isn’t ending

If that happens we can continue this market momentum up and uh continue this this i call it the climb back right the climb back up the mountain we can continue that if tesla has a lot of worry some commentary if eps is way off if guidance is weak if you know let’s say elon’s on the call and he just sounds kind of really pessimistic and negative we’re going we’re

Going back down on the market that’s just bottom line this stock matters this stock can literally shake the entire market up because it’s that important of a stock now at this point in time so there’s something to kind of keep in mind in mind there guys uh but at the end of the day if you’re a long-term investor stay focused on the long term i think that’s the most

Important thing especially with with any stock in the market but especially a stock like tesla you know keep in mind what you believe revenue is going to over the next five ten years what you think netga income is going to over the next five ten years these are important matters to keep in mind right uh so i just want to say that out there guys hope you enjoyed

Today’s video as always if you’re looking to join us in the previous talk group my private discord chat and get access to all the course curriculum learn exactly what i look for in stocks how i judge financial statements all those sorts of things plus get access to the discord chat with six and seven figure members and uh chat with us in there research socks and

All that good stuff you’re really looking to join us in there then go ahead and fill an application that will be pin comment much love and have a great day

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This Cant Be Real! Stocks Soar! By Financial Education

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a revolution in retail recycling

A revolution in retail recycling? | Rethink Sustainability

Unwanted goods create mountains of waste and cost retailers hundreds of billions of dollars. The FT’s Helen Barrett explores the latest moves by big brands like Ikea and Decathlon to resell and recycle damaged and rejected stock that would other side be broken down or discarded.

The bicycle business is booming hi hi hey lockdowns have driven people outdoors pushing cycling related sales up 45 in the uk in 2020 new stock is snapped up people walk in running a bike a new bike and you have no bikes and here at brixton cycles there’s a constant stream of old bikes coming in for repair demand is high there’s a three week wait if you want

To service your bike we fix a lot of our bikes resurrecting resurrection recycling and repairing used stock is sustainable for this small shop now bigger businesses are aiming to achieve similar circular economies on a much larger scale across town at one of its uk superstores sporting retailer decathlon is adopting a more sustainable strategy with its damaged

Goods hi nick hi nick connell is uk project leader for the recently launched second life scheme imperfect stock that can’t be sold new and may have been previously broken down for parts is now on the shelves at a discount so this is damaged goods correct yes this is a grade a which means it’s never left the warehouse and as you can see it’s practically brand

New and that’s how it came today should we give it a test of course yeah for employees like nick success is measured in co2 savings by estimating how much co2 it took to make a damaged or returned item selling or reselling it is recorded as a saving we can measure all of the co2 outputs we have so a bike being 100 kilos of co2 a treadmill being 1 000 kilos of

Co2 initial demand has been strong more than 800 second life items sold in the first month meaning some 95 000 kilos of co2 emitted in their manufacture didn’t go to waste but either way it’s profit not co2 savings that keeps super stores viable and that means shifting new stock how do you reconcile that with the environmental targets that you set yourself

It’s going to drive traffic to the stores anyway but also to throw all of these products away it’s about like it doesn’t make sense it’s time to test that second live stock enjoy thank you take care it goes as good as new because it is rejects like this scratched bike are relatively easy to resell as they’re in high demand but other goods can be harder to shift

Once opened ben whittaker helps retailers recoup some of the hundreds of billions of dollars wasted in handling customer returns worldwide in terms of the money that’s wasted in terms of the labor that’s wasted and in terms of actually the carbon cost of the return is horrendous in the past it’s been easier even cheaper to dump returns rather than pay more to

Reprocess and send them back around a supply chain now dumping returns is unsustainable and increasingly prohibited under anti-waste laws landfill avoidance is probably the single biggest driver to making sure that retailers become more sustainable because that opportunity to just throw things away and burn them more incinerating is rapidly diminishing if it’s

Not gone in most countries now consumer demand for greener business is also on the rise in the u.s sales for sustainable brands are expected to reach 150 billion dollars in 2021 ikea is another big brand using discounts and store credits to recycle used stock it’s expected to extend a buy-back program where customers can swap second-hand ikea furniture for

Cash virtues part of a sustainability drive to cut waste the company estimates 13.5 million reusable or repairable pieces were thrown away in 2018 it’s also promising a global rollout of a spare parts scheme 14 million extra spares were provided in 2020 ultimately it’s also up to customers to use and support such initiatives to cut waste having the skills as

Well as the parts to mend things will empower consumers to do their bit the fix it yourself ethos appears to be growing there’s an international repair day in october and practical diy courses are open all year round at colleges and workshops this independent learning center on london south bank is based in an old cardboard factory if someone’s got something

That’s broken then i think that’s that people miss the step of thinking can i fix it first before throwing it away classes range from woodwork to basic planning and electrics the ease of getting stuff repaired seems really bad right now and i think we need to improve it when stuck together efforts to repair recycle and resell goods previously destined for

Landfill can only help to build a cleaner more sustainable retail trade

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A revolution in retail recycling? | Rethink Sustainability By Financial Times

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these 3 things consume 11 hours


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We are talking about how to stop wasting your time and there are so many people out there that are complaining that there aren’t enough hours in the day or maybe you’ve heard someone say all i would love to get in shape i would love to start my own business if only i had the time but i just don’t have the time because i’m a victim you know life happened to me

And now i can’t do what i was going to do so now i’m just going to tell everyone that i am going to do it someday when i have the time you’re never going to do it the reason you don’t have the time is because you’re wasting all of your damn time most of us out there if we work a job we work eight hours a day that leaves us with 16 hours of open time and there

Are some things we have to do we have to clean our houses and prepare meals but does that really take 16 hours many of us go to the gym what is it that you’re doing with your time if you’re ready to get serious with your life if you’re ready to actually accomplish something with your life and not just be somebody who’s out there playing the victim and saying i

Don’t have the time to do this i would love to be in shape but i just can’t because i don’t have the time these are excuses and you’re just telling yourself you don’t have the time because there’s a deeper issue there that you don’t want to face but i’m not that’s not the point of this video i guess that’s another video for another day is talking about excuses

But i was there for a while guys i spent a long time making excuses for myself and saying all the things i would love to do if only i had the time well you’re going to find the damn time today we’re going to find the time for you i’m going to show you where your time is going based on statistics here okay first thing i want to ask you right now are you any of

The following are you stressed are you anxious are you overwhelmed are you missing deadlines are you late or do you simply feel like you are stuck in life if you’re any of these things that i listed then you are wasting your time you are spending too much time doing things you shouldn’t be doing because nobody should be feeling overwhelmed or stuck because they

Have no time you can find the time okay so most of us are blind to our own time-wasting habits this is the unfortunate truth but this is why many people hire mentors and life coaches because they look at your life from a different effective and they asked you a simple question which is on my list here why do you do what you do why are you doing what you’re

Doing because the unfortunate truth is many of us form habits and habits are hard to break and habits are very comfortable so here’s a basic model of what tends to happen and the only reason i’m saying this is because this happened to me most of us are working a job some of us are happy with the job we have some of us are not happy with the job we have if you’re

Not happy with the job you have you start doing things to distract yourself maybe you’re not very busy at work this was my problem i wasn’t very busy at my job so as a result i started doing things to pass the time maybe it’s conversations maybe it’s games on my phone whatever it is you’ve established a habit and it’s a bad habit that you need to break or maybe

You’re someone who goes home and you just had a bad day and so you crack open a beer at six o’clock and you sit down in front of your tv and you don’t move until you go to bed okay and that may be the same person they’re saying they would love to be in shape but they just don’t have the time because they want to spend five hours a day or four hours a day sitting

And drinking beer and watching other people doing the things they wish they could do here’s what i want you guys to do i want you to be brutally honest with yourself or talk to someone else about the ways you’re wasting your time talk to your friends talk to your family say look i’m seriously trying to audit myself here i understand that i’m most likely blind to

My own time-wasting habits what is it that you see me doing that i shouldn’t be doing what am i wasting my time on if you want to audit your time i recommend going three days taking three days get a journal write down everything you do during the day write down the amount of time you spend doing it and then sit down and look at it and i want you to ask yourself

These three questions about everything you’re doing in life number one is this activity contributing to your success in life number two being is this activity contributing to your health or your happiness and number three why is it that you are doing what you are doing why do you do what you do maybe you’re someone who spends 30 minutes in the morning drinking

Coffee and watching the news why do you do what you do is that making you more successful in life is that making you a happier person why are you doing it then that’s what i want you to ask yourself but here are the three places that most of us are wasting the largest amounts of time number one in my opinion is sleep and this is something that i had to deal

With myself when i first got out of my job and i was kind of establishing a routine for myself i was sleeping too much and i didn’t want to admit it because like i said most of us are blind to our own time-wasting habits many people sleep 10 to 12 hours a night and the average adult needs 7 so this is actually something i heard it was a interview with arnold

Schwarzenegger and she was talking about how he had someone talk about how oh you know arnold i know you say you sleep six hours a night but i like to sleep eight and he simply said you need to sleep faster i want you guys to think about that okay so if you’re serious about finding more time in the day you want to start sleeping seven hours a night unless you

Have some reason due to your health that you need to sleep more the average adult need seven hours of sleep guys so seven to eight is the range but i think seven is plenty for most of us so if you’re sleeping 12 hours a night if you’re sleeping 10 hours a night you’re wasting a lot of your time okay all right so next is apps this is a huge one guys the apps so

Many people are wasting time on apps whether it’s your social media apps your gaming apps for me this was clash of clans like i said i developed all these bad habits because i was trying to fill my time and many of these carried over into my new life when i decided to become a full-time entrepreneur i was still sitting down and opening up my phone and playing

Games and i’m like dude what are you doing with your life why are you doing what you do is clash of clans really contributing to my success in life or my happiness absolutely not it’s merely a distraction so that was a tough one for me to get past but i had to get rid of my clash of clans account news apps if you’re sitting there reading news articles or reading

Buzzfeed articles you’re going on snapchat reading through the stories why are you doing what you do how is that helping you move forward in life how is that improving your happiness how is that making you a more successful person so if you’re somebody who says oh i think i use my phone for about an hour a day it’s time to be really honest with yourself and get

The facts ok and collect the data and maybe then you’ll see wow i’m actually on my phone three hours a day and i open my email 37 times a day what is so important that’s going to be sent to you that you can’t look at it a couple hours later or check email two or three times a day instead of 37 times a day and the third thing guys is the media consumption people’s

Waste so much time consuming media i think most people out there if you want to be successful in life the first thing you need to do is throw your television in the garbage or even better sell it okay so some loser who wants to spend their life in front of a screen get rid of your television cancel your cable cancel your netflix and consume educational content

Those of you watching this video on youtube you are consuming educational content okay that’s the kind of stuff i put out on this channel and i really do think that things like this if they do hit home for you these are things that will help you improve your life and contribute to your success so i do hope that this is something that meets the criteria of my

Checklist here with things you’re doing with your time i watch a lot of educational content on youtube i watch many hours a day but i don’t watch the junk you know i know for a while i got tied up with the the jake paul and logan paul videos and i got to the point where i was tracking them both and watching a both every day because it was so you’re so curious

About what they’re doing and it’s like the modern-day soap opera but eventually i’m like between these two videos that’s like 40 minutes if not an hour a day depending on the length why am i doing this you know that’s a whole hour of my day that i should be doing something else so you got to be brutally honest with yourself about what you’re doing so how much

Time can you really say by looking at these three things well first of all so let’s say you’re somebody who is sleeping 12 hours a night okay you decide that you’re going to sleep eight hours a night okay that right there is four hours of time you just saved four hours a day the average person the average american spends two hours and 51 minutes on their phone

Each day and the average person this one blew my mind and i actually checked this on multiple sources because this was so shocking to me the average american spends five hours and four minutes a day watching television five hours and four minutes a day but these three things combined are a average waste of time of 11 hours and 55 minutes now last time i checked

Guys we have 24 hours in the day many of us work eight hours a day some of us are spending almost 12 hours on these three things alone so you wonder why you’re not accomplishing what you to accomplish in life you wonder why you’re stressed anxious overwhelmed missing deadlines late or feeling stuck in life here’s the answer guys be brutally honest about what

You’re doing with your time audit your time and waste less of your time that’s all i got for this video guys i hope you enjoyed this if you did please drop a like if you’re new to my channel please consider subscribing to be notified if any future uploads and as always i thank you for taking the time to watch this video and i hope you have a great rest of your

Day and i hope you start wasting less of your time you

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the dos and donts of prepping fo

The Dos And Don’ts Of Prepping For A Recession

Thanks to Avast for sponsoring this video. Check out Avast One at

Every month by empowering you with digital safety and privacy gives you everything you need to take control of your safety be available to everyone a free version of avast one software like this can give you such a level of peace of mind of being an entrepreneur, but especially if your business it helps you stay safe from viruses, phishing attacks, do seem to be predicting

A first half of 2023 type timing. as i was still living at home with my parents in 2008. so while the idea of being in a real, full-fledged recession that it was for many in 2008 of the music suddenly stopping. which is just the dos and don’ts of preparing for a recession. anxious about what may be a coming economic downturn, in fact, there have been 33 recessions in the

United states and there are steps that should be taken to protect yourself but succumbing to panic is not going to do you any good. because for many people, the recession is going to be very or confusing just constantly reading bad news with doing is reacting based on emotions to market fluctuations. that various market fluctuations and recessions and dips only theoretical

Until you take the money out and do what not uncommon for the market to have its best days shortly its most dramatic growth in just a few days throughout the year. for the next 20 years, they would end up with $61,000. days over the 20-year period, they’d have less than $30,000. it can be really tempting– and sometimes, let’s be clear, to make other unexpected payments

During a recession, and again, remember that you are in it for the long haul, shows that the longer you stay in the market, the more likely for just a month at any point during the 148-year period they now, if you absolutely can’t help it, and let’s say your car sometimes you can lock in the interest rate on your payments you might be taking on, and do keep in mind that

If you are and not subjecting yourself to potential future interest hikes you need it– i.e., it’s not tied up in an investment we like to say here that living without an emergency fund so, in general, we prioritize saving for your emergency fund but emergency funds and more aggressive emergency funds borrow from a friend, or take some other drastic measure. and that is

Doubly true in a tumultuous environment, and available and enough to cover three to six months if you don’t have one, make it an absolute priority and i know that’s kind of hard to hear because we are just a new record in march of 2022 when over 4.5 million of them and that number was even higher for workers with a high school in which you may lose your job or find that you

Are not so it also could be a good time to look into what you’re up-to-date resume, personal website, and things like that. then you do want to pay down debt, especially credit card and if you’re one of them, that is nothing to be ashamed of. and this can, in turn, force you to increase your payments much as you can while the interest rate is still lower. serious credit

Card debt heading into a possible recession. most major banks offer on zero or very low interest your debt without all your money going toward interest payments. according to a chief credit analyst at lendingtree, so, in case you are not familiar with the concept of co-signing anymore, which is even more likely during a recession, willing and able to take over payments

If something happens, but if you are in that position, it is incredibly important because they can and do happen on a pretty regular basis. and to come back every monday, tuesday, and thursday

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The Dos And Don'ts Of Prepping For A Recession By The Financial Diet

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why i bought 0836 of tesla stock


Link to join StockHub free investing discord server: Want to join our free STOCKHUB discord chat? Here is the link

You gonna quit crying listen listen to me just for a moment i want to hold you long term i know i’ve said that a few times before we okay you’ve said a lot of things i’ve said a lot of things okay we’ve both said a lot of things we’re meant for each other long term i want to hold you let’s just let’s just forget about the past and this is move forward yeah that

Sounds good yeah always coming yeah charlie that sounds great no i’ll be down to pick up the lamborghini next week okay right well it has happened ladies and gentlemen i have went in bought bag tesla shares i bought over $10,000 worth of tesla shares here today what i want to share with you guys i want to show you how many shares i’ve bought i want to show you the

Cost basis i paid for that and everything i want to share with you why i decided to buy these shares back here today all right so this is interesting right tesla and me we have a love-hate relationship if you didn’t already know that anybody that’s been following this channel for a while know that one minute i hate tesla one minute i love tesla and it’s just that

Stock for me that it’s just my specs talking man we have quite a relationship let’s put it that way guys so let’s get into this all right guys so i bought first off in one of my accounts that had a slight bit of money in that account so i bought six shares in that particular account at two hundred and seventy dollars and 66 cents that was a little over $1,600 worth

Of shares there in that in that particular account then another county had a decent amount more money so i basically bought about ninety two hundred dollars worth of tesla shares in this account that was 34 shares that was at a price of $270 and sixty nine cents like i said it was just over nine ninety two hundred dollars now real quick here for a second people

Wonder why whenever i showed screenshots of that particular count why it says margin basically margin account is an account that’s just not for like if you want to actually leverage up money but what a margin account allows you to do when you have a margin brokerage account is you can place trades and you get no penalties so basically every trade that goes through

And these three days to clear okay so if you trade too many times in a brokerage account that’s not a margin account brokerages will say hey you’re breaking the rules you’re not letting these these trades clear so we’re having to cover it if you do it two more times we’re gonna get it like you know basically suspend your account so that’s why when that accountants

A margin account so basically any time i buy shares it’s on margin once the three days clears it goes off a margin it’s just on cash okay now why do i love this so much so let’s look at this alright so back when i when i bought my first tesla shares back in july about six shares at three hundred thirty-four dollars all right then a few days later i buy a few more

Shares than other three shares that ones have about three hundred and one dollars then on july 10th i i buy a bunch or a few more shares three more shares at three hundred twenty two dollars then on july 18th is when i really buy quite a few tests of shares all right forty six shares and three hundred and twenty one dollars there and then you know the whole news

That comes out that day that you know you all must wants to take tesla private i sell out at three hundred seventy dollars and ninety cents and make him a little over a three thousand dollar profit on that versus what i bought the shares at so first off like i love the fact that i’m getting these shares at a massively discounted price not only to what i originally

Bought for but you know we’re dramatically away from from where i sold out at the first time when i bought in these shares so i’m happy i’m getting them you know at two seventy or whatever it is like that’s a good thing no the big question is why did i decide to here today go ahead and buy tesla shares back what is the big news well the big news is that a judge has

Approved the tesla ceo elon must settle mint with the securities and exchange commission over allegations that must commit fraud when he said that he had secured funding needed to take tesla private alright this was really this is this is great news okay musk and sec filed a joint letter late wednesday saying the terms of the settlement would be in the interests

Of investors under the terms of the deal musk has to pay twenty million dollar fine and step down as tesla chairman if you’re not keeping up with things within 45 days for a period of at least three years he cannot be tesla chairman tesla must also put in place a system for monitor most statements to the public about the company whether on twitter blog posts or

Anything else okay this is really really big news and there’s on one more big thing that came out here today but this is the main reason i bought back into tesla today so obviously you guys know i’m so bullish on tesla overall as a company over the next 5-10 years but the the if she was i looked at this and this was an ugly situation when you know um us was like

Oh i’m gonna fight the sec then thank goodness he backed off of that he’s like no i think i’ll just settle with them and he had to take more financial pain by settling actually afterward if he would have done it before that it will only been a two-year ban from chairman it would only been a ten million dollar fine because he waited a few extra days cost him another

Ten million dollars plus it costs him a three-year banned from being tesla chairman now but needless to say the fact that the judge agreed on this and now this is behind the company is a big big moment for the company this has been the the day elan must sent that tweet that he was thinking about taking the company private and funding was secured was the worst

Nightmare for elon musk it was the worst thing he could have ever done for himself for shareholders across the board like the stock was just the stock was starting to get back on a tear the saudi arabia announced they you did an investment in the company the stock was just starting to move up everything was looking good people were focusing on oh what are these

Model three numbers gonna were going to be and then elon musk say to that day on the private jet tweets out that i used to think about taking the company private and ever since then it has just been a dramatic how bad show let’s just put it that way and it has caused a lot of shareholders unfortunately to go down massively on their positions even after today’s move

Which will look out here in just a second most tesla shareholders unless they’ve been in the company for five or eight years or something like that like most tesla shareholders are down quite a bit on their position so it’s a big moment that he is settled is behind him and it’s behind the company now and they can move forward and so some other big news came out

To hear today um must has announced that tesla’s new custom ai chip the new artificial intelligence chip is about six months away from being installed in new production cars the ceo said the chip which has been confirmed to be in development since last december will offer somewhere between a 500 percent and tooth was in percent increase in the vehicles on thomas

Driving performance alright existing tesla owners who have already paid in full for self-driving will be offered this hardware 3 update for autopilot free of charge which i think is a pretty cool thing ok this is a big thing now first off here talking about six months is when this is gonna be released the great thing with you on muskan how many dates he is missed

In the past is if it doesn’t come out six months no one’s gonna be surprised okay the great news is if this chip actually does come out in six months and is a phenomenal chip like like everybody’s going to be shocked because they would be like what and we were expecting this maybe they’re coming a year from now or two years from now because you know you know i must

Have said a lot of things and he’s always behind his dates he’ll say oh i want to do this that you know then and sometimes it comes six months later a year later two years later or something like that so the fact that you know this is out there now i think is just another reason to be bullish on tesla right now as far as tesla stock here today it made a pretty nice

Upward move so it’s up well as of taking the screen shot which about 55 minutes until the market closes it’s up about 6 percent up over 15 dollars a share to just under 275 now the markets in general are phenomenal today okay the dow is up 400 plus point the nasdaq sup 2 + % ra all my stocks across the board evan us steel are doing you know very well today it’s a

It’s an awesome day out there so hopefully you guys are all making money as well out there but man and you know i had to do it i had to buy some more tesla shares you guys know how much i love this company if elon musk can just stay out of the negative stuff about you know if he can just stay out of the negativity about all you know taking the company private and

Fighting with the sec if he can just stay out of that and we can just focus on model 3 numbers and win the model wise coming out and win this artificial intelligence trip if we can just focus on the actual business now and the excitement there like like this stock is in a position to move at a very rapid clip we just got to get the focus back on the business and

All the exciting things going on there if we can get that focus back there and away from oh he said this to a scuba diver oh he said this to you know the sec oh he said this on twitter if we need to get away from all that man if i i’m really excited like there’s my spec stock i think i’ll be you know i think i’m gonna be very correct about where tesla goes over

The next 5-10 years if i’m wrong i’m wrong it’s my spec stock at the end of the day it’s you know money i can you know i’m willing to lose out there but i think i’ll be correct on my bullish thesis on where tesla’s going overtime is exciting times elon musk’s just please please please just just stay out of the negative negative news just stay out of that you know

Just stay on the positive side just talk about the good stuff going on with tesla talk about the good stuff going on with spacex there’s no need to you know try to attack people and attack this and attack that just you know if they sort sellers come out and say this about you say that about tesla just well who cares who cares short sellers are going to attack you

Regardless if you respond or don’t respond and actually the the things short sellers love more than anything is for you to respond to them okay there’s nothing more they love than that there’s nothing more than name saying something of that you know to you and then you give them a bunch more attention and then they get a bunch more attention from that it’s it’s

It’s hater 101 i guess you can say that’s the name of the game if you give them more attention you just gave them even more leg leverage i know it feels like you take a loss sometimes when you when you step back from and don’t do anything but it’s the smartest it’s the most intelligent move you can make in the long run for your company for the stock price for

Everything across the board itself hope you guys enjoyed this let me know what your thoughts are around tests i would love to hear from you guys in that comment section is that a main investment for you is that like a spec stock like i own it well you know do you not like the company do not believe in the company i would love to hear from you guys in that comment

Section as always thank you for watching and have a great day

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WHY I BOUGHT $10,836 OF TESLA STOCK TODAY By Financial Education

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nigeria election renault and nis

Nigeria election, Renault and Nissan results

Daniel Garrahan previews some of the stories the Financial Times is watching in the week ahead, including the presidential election in Nigeria, results from Coca-Cola, PepsiCo, Renault and Nissan, plus a UK data release which could show the economy slowed sharply at the end of last year.

Here are just some of the stories the financial times we’ll be watching in the week ahead as a presidential election in nigeria we’ve got results from soft drink giants coca-cola and pepsico and the car makers renault and nissan plus uk data could show how the economy slowed sharply at the end of last year first to nigeria where nigerians head to the polls on

Saturday to choose between president buhari and former vice president at eacute abu bakar and presidential elections for africa’s most populous nation joblessness is a big concern for most nigerians nearly a quarter of the country is out of work another 20% are underemployed but security will also be a key motivating factor mr. bahari was elected on a promise

That decimates boko haram and his administration has made significant progress when implored it’s in the country’s north but the jihadist group has ramped up attacks on military bases meanwhile security crises have flared up in nearly every corner of the country observers say the race is much tighter than expected but many give mr. bahari the edge and the two

Candidates couldn’t be more different the pair have very different styles the president is a renison former general around the country in a military government during the 1980s while a tegu as he’s popularly known is an outspoken wealthy businessman who led the country’s privatization push when he was vice president in the early 2000s it’s shaping up to be a closer

Than expected race though most observers still give buhari the edge because the power incumbency is so strong in nigeria it remains to be seen if a teak who can pull enough votes from buhari in his stronghold in the populous north but indications right now seem like buhari would pull it off now it’s been a big year for the american beverage behemoths coca-cola

And pepsico marked by active m&a and management changes results for the final three months of 2018 expected to underline just how much the company’s traditional fizzy drinks have gone out of favor revenues for the quarter are expected to dip six percent at coke from a year ago and to be flat at pepsi which also has a large food business the profits of both

Companies are looking stronger adjusted earnings at pepsi a forecast to rise about 14% which would be the biggest improvement since 2011 but coke analysts have penciled in a 10% improvement both companies are branched into new areas from tea to sports drinks coke stroke are particularly interesting dealing the autumn with the 3.9 billion pound acquisition of the

Uk’s costa coffee chain the deal just completed last month or so born show up from the results at pepsi these will be ramon laguerta’s first earnings since he took over from indra noise is ceo the change at the helm is real from the questions about pepsi it’s so off an activist campaign a couple of years ago from nelson pills you call them the group to separate

Its beverage and snap businesses analysts don’t expect laguerta to announce anything so dramatic but there will be a lot of interest in his comments on strategy staying with corporate news renault and nissan will both report annual results this week but the focus is likely to be on the state of the relationship between the two companies whose global alliance has

Been shaken by the arrests of its leader carlos comb the pair own shares in each other and share some manufacturing and purchasing functions but there are questions over whether they’ll carry on march and closer together or pause their integration and reconsider their 20-year old relationship renault and nissan this week report annual results that are likely to

Show falling sales in europe challenges in north america and struggles in china but what investors will really be keen to hear about is their thoughts on the future of the alliance the two companies have worked together for almost twenty years under the leadership of carlos cone but with mr. gowan currently in a japanese jail and new leadership teams in a both

Renault and nissan investors will want to hear about the future of this global alliance there are questions over whether the two companies will continue to move closer together with more joint work on manufacturing and other elements or whether they’ll go their separate ways and split apart and finally to the uk where data out this week is likely to show the

Economy slowing sharply in the last quarter of 2018 after its strong performance over the summer the office for national statistics will release its first estimate of fourth quarter growth on monday while inflation data is to you on wednesday so the gdp data which we’re getting on monday will tell us more about just how sharply the uk economy was slowing at the

End of last year we can expect it to look pretty poor the bank of england’s just put out forecasts showing it slowing to their naught point 3 percent in the last quarter of the year half the pace a was running at in the summer we already know a lot of that though we know that businesses are putting plans on hold because of brexit uncertainty we know that consumers

Are getting more cautious when it comes to inflation we will get some more encouraging figures over the next couple of months we’re expecting the headline rate to come down below the bank of england’s target for the first time in two years but that’s more or less due to the fall in energy prices that took place last year again for the outlook everything depends

On brexit and what that does to the pound and that’s what the week ahead looks like from the financial times in london

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Nigeria election, Renault and Nissan results By Financial Times

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