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should companies make political

Should Companies Make Political Donations?

Companies across major sectors of the market are reassessing political donations in response to the January 6th storming of the U.S. Capitol, but it is too soon to know whether it leads to fundamental changes in the way money flows between politics and business. In this video we discuss whether companies should make political donations?

In april i made a bit of a slip by controversially  at the time i was pretty sure that binface that if i could be seen to endorse him that it was quite a surprise to me when some other yesterday, you might have seen in the news to certain republicans who voted against the members of congress who voted to throw out that averages to just under $1500 per congressperson.

Adding that the majority of their contributions corporate political donations are a fascinating subject. to political figures, and possibly requesting the whole question of companies or wealthy there is an assumption that some sort of ‘quid lies at the heart of most political finance legislation. to political campaigns and so as a work around, create pacs (or political

Action committees), data on donations from corporate pacs is freely companies don’t just give money to political organizations; they also frequently make charitable this can be controversial with shareholders with maximizing shareholder wealth, because many argue that if corporate management want their own money – corporate funds belong to shareholders. is going to agree

With the choices made by company management. fortunately, a lot of research exists on topics like this. is expected to act in another parties’ best interests. and make decisions that maximize shareholder desire to maximize their own wealth, or their influence in the world.  they analyzed corporate political donations positive effect on share price in companies

That made political donations. benefit for the owners of the companies in question. donations were actually associated with higher shareholder returns. marketing tool for the companies in question in addition, the donations might make employees  the study points out that there are also donations, and when all of these effects are corporate financial performance, or

At least not harm it. of good corporate governance, the researchers political donations and indicators of poor corporate governance. firms with strong anti-takeover devices were these corporate structures are all things in the paper they show that firms with a poison so the takeaway is that in situations where political donations using company funds to influential people,

Doing this more for their the study didn’t find any relationship between companies with good and bad corporate governance another study that i found quite interesting the stock performance of american companies the idea was to see if the stocks of companies better, than those that gave money to election losers. in the days after an election should be a an election will

Affect a company’s future success. company had donated to, it might indicate better prospects because of the corporate donation. information, or see government policies put the team made a few surprising discoveries in their research. that ended up winning, while smaller, weaker the reason for this is not entirely clear—it are just better at predicting future events,

Are happy with the status quo and support companies are hoping for changes to occur whatever the reason, the companies that gave to election winners were likely to have higher-performing they argued that simply comparing the post-election versus losers could be meaningless, and just so, they moved on to analyze extremely close vote tallies were within five percent of being

A tie. they could then see if companies derive significant they found that in these situations, the companies their stock price increase by point zero five percent. in a final piece of research, the team looked analyzing the relationship between changes the stock performance of the companies that had donated to them. once again, they found no significant relationship.

Don’t seem to be reflected in stock price several large companies, including facebook, pull or review political donations after the events of january 6th. shareholder wealth, and they run the risk i get the feeling that both investors in – and be happier if the companies just got on with the values of management through spending  some of this reminds me of a great

Piece do you follow the values of jesus or buddha or marx?   i follow the values of the carphone warehouse…  i have a longer video coming out next week, see you guys later, bye.

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why my home value just jumped 00

Why My Home Value Just Jumped 00k

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How’s it going everybody this is bush i woke up one day and decided to check on zillow and to my surprise home prices has just went berserk my home has just increased 160 000 or 15 in just 30 days today i’m gonna talk about home prices increase what i think about it and what you can do to catch up so that you can actually afford to buy a home this video is brought

To you by weeble and i’ve been talking about this trading app for i don’t know how long years you can get five free shares worth up to ninety six hundred dollars just for signing up and making a deposit you can also get five dollars worth of free crypto just for trading one dollar worth of crypto check out my referral link down in the video description below home

Prices is just ridiculous so what is driving these home prices higher strict zoning laws does not allow high density homes to be built so you have a scarcity just built right into the law in my neighborhood over here i can actually not build adus attach dwelling units in the backyard the hoa will just go nuts over this so because of this even though i have a yard

The space could be used to house more people but you just can’t do something like this really what needs to be done is these laws to be let up but then there’s like a gridlock going on so what i see happening is this is not going to get alleviated any time soon it’s just going to have more and more demand driving home prices up higher and higher ever more what’s also

Driving up these prices big tech is near there’s facebook that’s pretty close around you can have driving distance to google you can possibly commute to apple over here so i’m incredibly lucky for having this place and even holding on to it because some time ago i was talking about moving out of california well just because i’m staying here and i’m just holding on

To this i’m making more than i probably like a hundred thousand dollars per year just for sitting on my butt doing nothing it turns out i’ve been valuing my home completely wrong recently a home that has the same square footage the same floor plan within my neighborhood sold for 1.5 million dollars just one month ago i valued my home at 1.09 million dollars it turns

Out zillow thought i only had two bedrooms but in reality it’s a three-bedroom place ten years ago it didn’t make that much a difference maybe twenty to fifty thousand dollars difference between a home that has two bedroom versus three bedroom because you still have three rooms the third room is actually just kind of like a work area type of room but recently the

Difference has been so dramatic between a three bedroom and a two bedroom it’s roughly hundreds of thousands of dollars so then now i feel like it’s the time to re-evaluate the value of my home i bring this up not to brag about my net worth increase of my home value because in truth i really can’t sell the place if i’m gonna live here it’s like it’s locked in equity

Unless i’m gonna like move to texas or something then i can’t have access to this money so it’s basically doesn’t mean much to me it’s not like i have four hundred thousand dollars i can go use it in any way which way i want the home price increase is outpacing a lot of people’s ability to earn per year every single year someone could save an additional x amount

Of dollars but the house increase dramatically you can’t even catch up just look at this particular home over here in 2012 it’s valued at 500 000 in 2022 it’s 1.5 million dollars this is one million dollars more in just a short time of 10 years so if you were to buy this place with the down payment or whatever you just keep on making payments just 10 years later

Automatically you’re gonna be a millionaire over 10 years this is a hundred thousand dollars of increase every single year just sitting on your butt doing nothing this is like earning a salary but you don’t have to do any work you just buy the home sit in it live in it for 10 years and wow you’re gonna get all this money as you just do nothing let’s do a quick math

Example here because this is kind of mind-boggling to me the value of the home is 500 dollars you let’s say you need twenty percent down right so you need a hundred thousand dollars that’s your target savings in order to start buying the home i’m not saying you have to have twenty percent right you can pay pmi and pay a lot less percent maybe 10 down maybe 5 down

Even right but let’s say you want to go for 20 let’s say you’ve been saving and you have 80 000 in 2021 and then you’re like oh 20 000 more to go you only need to save one more year so you do it one more year later you have a hundred thousand dollars but the home that you wanted it went from five hundred thousand dollars to six hundred thousand dollars so although

You have your initial target amount of down payment of a hundred thousand dollars now buying the same home is gonna cost you a hundred twenty thousand dollars so you can’t just save twenty thousand dollars a year you have to like really really outpace it in order to catch the next wave if you will to buy the next home for many people who are not crazy savers you

Just live a normal life you know you’re not like a crazy frugal person you can’t save more than twenty thousand dollars i know me as an extremely frugal person working in engineering salary i probably was able to save about fifty thousand dollars a year but you know this is all my money every single penny that i could save is fifty thousand dollars what’s making

All the prices go crazy it’s the money printing trillions of dollars are being printed inflation goes up everything starts rising look at this gas station in menlo park i like looking at this particular gas station it’s like just some weirdness where you know you try to look for the highest price per gallon and then you look at it you’re like oh my gosh shocked

Right but this place in menlo park is selling 6.79 for regular per gallon of gasoline this is just crazy it’s like doubled from what it was just a short maybe a year or two ago so if you want to beat all this you really need to be invested in equities why when the price of everything goes up companies are going to increase the prices of the things they sell when

The stuff they sell increases the revenue increases so therefore the price of their stock increases in lockstep with inflation so you buy equities like vo and sometimes you need to step back a little bit think about this macroscopically who owns equities the most it’s rich people and as we all know rich people just gets richer and richer mainly because of equity

So if you’re not in equities if you don’t buy any of this stuff you’re just gonna stay like in the working class you’re just gonna keep on working year after year every single year you’re earning today’s dollars and you’re spending today’s dollars so if you don’t save any of it and start stocking away into s p 500 stock market index fund right let the inflation

Work for you all of that equities is going to go up rich people also have many income streams but at the same time you can at least take part in a little bit of what they do by having enough equities and i know you know having significant amounts of it is what matters if you are only able to save a thousand dollars a year and buy the stock market index fund it’s

Not going to matter that much because it’s not going to replace your current income it’s not even going to dent it a little bit you know you buy a big screen tv from the games or something and and that’s it so what gets interesting is if you’re able to invest something like maybe 20 30 000 a year into equities you just keep on piling it in year after year and

That i think it’s around the point where it starts to matter where the volume of equities that you buy it’s starting to become somewhat significant it’s going to affect your life now also you probably shouldn’t cash out all the time you just want to buy and hold for a really really long time why because you have to pay capital gains so you just keep on holding on

To it for forever like all the rich people they don’t have to pay any kind of capital gains because they’re just holding unrealized gains so hold as much unrealized gains as you can thanks for watching and don’t forget to give me a like and subscribe for more so you

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Why My Home Value Just Jumped $400k By BeatTheBush

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this secret extraction stock is

This Secret Extraction Stock is Going To Explode

This Secret Extraction Stock is Going To Explode – RICH TV LIVE – NOVEMBER 29, 2019 – Radient Technologies Inc. (“Radient” or the “Company”) (TSX Venture: RTI; OTCQX: RDDTF), a global commercial manufacturer of high quality cannabinoid-based ingredients, formulations and products, has released its financial results for its second fiscal quarter ended September 30, 2019.

Had some life i apologize coming live on your friday night but this news was just too big to pass up i had to come live so radiant technologies just reported radiant technologies in canada rti on the tsx and our ddtf on the tsx venture saury and our ddtf on the otcqx a global commercial manufacturer of high quality cannabinoid based ingredients formulations and

Products has released its financial results for its second fiscal quarter ended september 30 of 2019 the financial statements and management discussions and analysis are available under the company’s profile at cdr this report caught my attention and i got to give it up to the community fivefinger limited told me the results were huge i read through it and i

Was mind-boggled this is a company that literally has never really reported any revenue to speak of listen to what got my attention financial and operational operational highlights during fiscal q2 2020 after thorough validating it’s thoroughly validating its proprietary extraction technology and processes radiant is pleased to report revenues of canadian 1.2

Million in q2 2020 representing an increase of 696 percent over revenues for the comparative quarter in the previous fiscal year a seven hundred percent just under 700 percent increase in revenues over one year but listen to what i’m really interested in that’s nice but something nicer is coming this is what caught my attention radiance cannabis biomass inventory

Totaled twenty five million dollars as of september 30th 2019 they’ve got inventory ready as previously disclosed in a press release dated august 27 2009 teen timing of shipments and third-party testing and analysis limited the processing of purchased biomass during the quarter the company expects the majority of its current inventory will be processed and revenues

Recorded over the next two fiscal quarters so what that means the next two quarters are going to grow 10x that’s right the next two fiscal quarters are going to grow 10x 1,000% as supply chain backlogs including biomass pre-processing and third-party testing continues to improve please see the section of this press release titled guidance for the remainder of fiscal

Year 2024 the company’s expected revenue projections in the coming two fiscal quarters operational progress edmonton 1 and edmonton to scale up of edmonton one has exceeded expectations for both recovery and quality of extracts recovery of cannabinoids was shown to be consistently above 90% and as much as 99% wow that’s just crazy products have been shown high

Levels of quality and demonstrated extended shelf-life with nageotte with negligible cannabinoid degradation degradation over multiple months significant progress was made on the retrofit of edmonton to a dedicated hemp extraction line and an expected throughput capacity of 400 20,000 kgs a year with completion of construction on track for the end of calendar 2019

That’s right around the corner folks that’s where we’re at additional commissioning and validation work is expected to commence in early calendar 2020 after licensing is granted by health canada so there’s a lot of catalysts which i just mentioned to you that are coming now watch what they say next this is what got my attention this secret stock pic which right

Now is sitting at in canada 47 and a half cents and has been as high as $1 19 january of this year has been as low as 30 what 37 cents earn in the month when it hit the bottom november 18th it’s now starting to come up why people no words starting to get oh that these guys are about to blow check this out radium expects to achieve the following revenues for the

Remaining two quarters of its fiscal 2020 ending march 31st 2020 physical q3 2020 ending december 31st 2019 radiant expects to report revenues of between are you ready for this 10 million to 12 million that means their revenues are gonna jump up from 1.2 million to 10 million to 12 million a thousand percent jump over the next quarter and for fiscal q4 2020 ending

March 30th 2020 radiant expects to report revenues of between 12 million to 14 million canadian isat party that’s a thousand percent jump folks and of course we’ll bring it to you first cuz that’s just what we do we bring it to you first i got excited when fivefinger are you even here five formula minute fivefinger live is not even here i got excited when i saw the

Message from fivefinger and he said rich take a look at the radiant news they’re up six hundred and ninety six percent over the last year then i started to read the news on like wait a second their guidance for the next two quarters is dramatically bigger than what they’ve ever reported they’ve never reported even what they just reported 1.2 million let alone 12

Million or 10 million or 14 million which is what essentially they are saying they’re about to report i’m talking about radiant technologies radiant technologies just reported guys you guys need to see what they just reported radiant technologies just reported i just read it to you guys the guidance is based on extraction operations at the company’s edmonton one

Facility during its fiscal q3 2020 and fiscal q4 2020 periods only and does not account for the company’s entire canadian 25 million of cannabis inventory throughput capacity at this facility is expected to be 56,000 kgs per year of cannabis management commentary dennis tkachuk president and ceo of radiant commented throughout fiscal 2019 radiant achieved several

Key milestones which allow us to begin cannabis extraction operations out of edmonton one cannabis processing facility and subsequently to scale up our capacity at this location during the first two quarters of fiscal 2020 we have made significant progress on our extraction operations while also executing on strategic initiatives to create a focused and efficient

Company that can meet the demands of the world’s largest consumer packaged goods company as we move forward we plan to build on the success while continuing to expand our facilities on our capacity in both canada and germany must i remind you i brought you guys metaphor labs before they exploded i’ve been talking to you guys above allan’s grow works before they

Exploded i’ve been talking to guys about halo labs another extraction company and they’ve been exploding and now i’m bringing you guys radiant technologies which i fully expect to explode based on the fact that the revenues are gonna grow by a thousand percent sale and equipment financing agreement to secure additional working capital the company announced today

That he has signed a non-binding letter of intent and loi to enter into a sale-leaseback agreement and equipment financing with real canna investment trusts which will allow radiant access to additional capital totaling approximately 41 million so they’re getting more money this agreement will incorporate the land and building on which edmonton 1 2 & 3 have

Been built as well as the machinery and equipment located on within the land and buildings the agreement is subject to final due diligence by real canna and the completion of definitive documentation the anticipated closed date is early calendar q1 2020 take a look at this it just keeps coming partnership to develop cbd ingredients with the idi long corporation on

October 22nd 2019 the company entered into a memorandum of understanding to form a strategic joint arrangement with the idi long corporation to jointly create and market cbd flavored systems and product solutions for global food beverage alcoholic and non-alcoholic and pet food industries ed long has over 100 years of experience as a global manufacturer marketer and

Provider of technology driven natural flavor systems ingredients and integrated solutions for the food and beverage industry all these deals are getting just lined up i’m telling you guys they’re gonna blow successful proof-of-concept testing for large scale tobacco companies radiant technologies today it has recently undergone successful proof-of-concept testing

For several large-scale tobacco companies in order to prove the capabilities of its proprietary technology to remove nicotine from to battle an industrial scale while retaining desirable quantities of the tobacco such as taste and smell oh oh that could be a game-changer that could be gamechanger that could be a huge game-changer radiant isn’t fully owned by

Aurora but aurora does have a stake in radiant technologies and radiant technologies is working with aurora in edmonton at aurora sky yo its upper alberto ramos he says a little rich tv on a friday night before happy hour let’s get this party started yeah well you know the community is always bringing me news 24 hours a day seven days a week and they brought me this

News and radiant technologies and i said well you know what i gotta bring it to the people first cuz that’s just what i do and if this explodes on monday i gotta let the people know so that’s what i’m here a biannual update released on november 20 of 2019 by the us food and drug administration the fda on the state of its proposed policies in the near term did not

Include mention of immediate action to reduce nicotine content in tobacco products however the fda subsequently clarified that it’s previously disclosed plan to reduce nicotine content in nicotine reduction opportunities with tobacco companies unless the fda makes a definitive decision not to pursue its previously proposed nicotine reduction plans corporate update

Expansion into germany radiance germany facility will be commissioned in two phases the first phase a leased production facility that is being built to suit cannabis extraction is now underway phase one capacity and throughput will be equal to the design capacity of edmonton one at 200 kgs date processing either hemp or cannabis biomass the second phase will be

The expansion of capacity on a site adjacent of the facility noted in the aforementioned phase first phase scaling up to a throughput capacity of 280,000 kgs a year of cannabis and a 2.8 million kg a year of hemp that’s huge 2.8 million kgs a year hemp wow expanded throughput capacity in canada edmonton 3 radiance edmonton 3 facility currently under construction is

Expected to begin operations in the second half of calendar 2020 scaling up to its intended full capacity of 280,000 kgs a year of cannabis and 2.8 million kgs the year of hemp thereafter please refer to the company’s agm presentation located in the investor section of its website to view recent pictures of the progression of edmonton 3 shares for services fiscal

Q2 2020 during q2 2020 the company issued the following shares for services july radiant issued an aggregate of 6000 common shares to the third party consultant for services provided during the quarter ended june 30 2019 pursuant to this to the shares for services agreement previously approved by the tsx venture exchange the common shares were issued at the tsx

Venture exchange closing shares price on june 28th 2019 of 82 cents canadian august radiant issued an aggregate of 100 1570 common shares to a third party consultant for services provided during the month ended july 30 2019 pursuant to the shares for services agreement previously approved by the tsx venture exchange the common shares are issued at the tsx venture

Exchange fifteen-day v whap volume waylaid volume weighted average price share price of canadian 77 cents september radiant issued an aggregate of 111 thousand one hundred twenty-nine common shares to a third-party consultant for services provided during the month ended august 31st 2019 pursuant to the shares for services agreement previously approved by the tsx

Venture exchange the common shares were issued at the tsx venture exchange fifteen-day v webb share price of canadian 71 cents additional shares for this is not previously announced i mean this is just a little bit of shares of metal too worried about it but it’s good that people know radian issued an aggregate of 8,000 shares to a third party consultant for

Services provided under the quarter ended march 31st 2019 pursuant to the shares for services agreement previously approved by the tsx venture exchange the common shares were issued at the tsx venture exchange closing price april 30 2019 of $1.00 to shares for debt radiant also announced a proposed shares for debt transaction in which the company would issue

Two hundred and thirteen thousand three hundred and sixty four common shares at a price of forty six and a half per share to the arms-length third party creditor of the company connection with the settlement of an aggregate of seventy three thousand two hundred and six dollars of debt i think that’s actually good get rid of the debts of some shares why not the

Shares for debt transaction is conditional on tsx venture exchange approval all securities to be issued pursuant to the settlement will be subject to a four-month hold period about radiant rating technologies is a commercial manufacturer of high quality cannabinoid based formulations ingredients and products utilizing a proprietary continuous flow extraction and

Processing platform that recovers up to 99% of cannabinoids from the cannabis plant radiant develops specialty products and ingredients that contain a broad range of cannabinoid and terpene profiles while meeting the highest standards of quality and safety so i really like this news i love the fact that they are going to really bump up their revenues when i see a

Company whose revenues are 1.2 million and they’re saying that their revenues next quarter are gonna go to between 10 to 12 million they got my attention i think they need to be on everybody’s watch list they need to be on everybody’s radar and that’s why i had to come live thank you guys very much for your time i had to come live bring you guys this information

I’ll let you guys go back to enjoy your friday night i appreciate you guys i love you guys love and peace harmony have a great day radiant technologies is my secret stock pick they just announced our to you right here in this press release they just announced after market they want this to circulate i expect this to explode on monday they had an increase in here

Over year revenues of six hundred ninety six percent bringing their reported revenues to 1.2 million for the quarter q2 2020 they are anticipating are you ready for this next quarter which is ending in a month december 31st 2019 they’re expecting to report revenues between ten and twelve million they just reported their biggest revenues ever of 1.2 million and

They are giving a guidance saying that they are going to report in less than a month 10 to 12 million in revenues and they’re gonna follow that up with 12 to 14 million in revenues the following quarter that’s all i gotta say isn’t the new secret stock pick i think this bad boy can explode it’s an extraction play it’s radiant technologies guys radiant technologies

They’re working with aurora cannabis at aurora sky in edmonton and they’re an extraction play and i’m telling you they’re about to explode they’re about to have bigger revenues than they’ve ever had they’re about to 10x their revenues the biggest revenues they’ve ever had was 1.2 million which they just reported two hours ago they are saying in their guidance that

That number is going to grow by 10x by a thousand percent in the next month just saying keep your eye on it put on your radar put any watch this remember i’m not a financial adviser i’m not a licensed always do your due diligence always do your research before you invest in anything the symbol for radiant technologies inc in canada on the tsx venture exchange is

Rti the symbol in america under the otcqx exchange is our ddtf it’s your boy rich image to be live we’re bringing the winners who brings you first we like to bring you the winners before they explode and we like to bring you the news even on a friday night it’s true your boy rich murmurs to be live and i’m oh peace hey guys for watching winning you’re not watching

It’s true your boy rich and i’m oh have a great weekend have a great friday peace i have to bring to you guys sort of man just got to bring it i have to bring it first it’s true peace

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neo battery materials manufactur

NEO Battery Materials Manufactures Pouch-Type Full Cell for Product Evaluation

NEO Battery Materials Manufactures Pouch-Type Full Cell for Product Evaluation and Convenes NBMSiDE(TM) Commercial Plant Kick-Off Meeting – RICH TV LIVE – April 6, 2022 – #neobatterymaterials #news #richtvlive #stocks #trading #ev #lithiumionbatteries

Hey guys how you doing this is your boy rich from rich tv live and you too can join the club at where you can learn how to win and trade hey guys how you doing this is your boy rich from rich tv live and rich tv dot io where you can go and learn how to trade and win in the markets now speaking of winning neo battery materials put on your radar

Put on your watch list nbm in canada nbmf in america with more breaking news that you’re going to hear exclusively at rich tv live all you got to do is make sure that you watch this video all the way to the end or i’m going to break down the news break down the charts do some analysis look at the website don’t touch that dial make sure you subscribe smash the

Like comment on the video thank you guys for watching let’s take a look at this news big breaking news from neo battery materials right here right now exclusively at rich tv live let’s take a look shall we all right so the big news neo battery materials manufacturers pouch type full cell for product evaluation and convenes nbm side trademark commercial plant

Kickoff meeting this news came out april 5th 2022 neo battery materials limited nvm in canada on the toronto stock venture exchange nbmf in america on the otcqb is pleased to announce that nbm side trademark pouch type fuel cells have been manufactured to evaluate product performance viability and durability in genuine battery charging conditions the kickoff

Meeting of nbm silicon anode plant project has additionally been convened with the engineering design company to streamline terms and efforts for fast track construction completion you can see here the pouch type fuel cell manufacturing completion and performance testing conditions and i want to take you to their website this is neo battery materials website

Where you can learn everything you need to know about pushing the step change in electric vehicles with silicon anodes we can also take a look at the stock here i also like to mark up the stock and the chart and tell you exactly what i feel is going on here so you can see the bottom of the chart at 24.5 cents the top of the chart at a dollar 29 and we’re

Currently sitting right at 36 and a half cents so clearly we’re near the bottom near the low low of the chart and be aware of the us symbol in canada the symbol is nbm neo battery materials on the toronto stock venture exchange and in america under the symbol nbmf and you can see i’ve been marking this up you can see where it is right now and i continue to

Mark this up and continue to watch this a lot of members in our community own this stock and i believe that there’s some incredible upside for this company i believe everyone should put them on their radar put them on your watch list we believe that the upside is tremendous and i believe there’s a huge gap to fill right here for nbm nbm in america we also

At rich picks daily and rich tv live and rich tv dot io you can actually go and chat and join the nbm group chat on rich picks daily and rich tv dot io and talk with other members about nbm and let’s say for example this news i just can go copy and paste this news and i can go and post it right in the chat room and share that news with the members in the

Community for them to review and then i can simply go and click to my profile right on rich and you can see that that will get posted right here on my profile so when you go into the group chat stage if you type in nbm you can also see neo battery materials here and click on there and it’ll take you right to neo battery materials information price the

Chart you can then add it to your watch list scroll down and learn a description about the company so you can learn very quickly about the company get all of their key data 52-week lows 52-week highs get a feel for where it’s traded and its price performance all of that at rich picks daily and rich tv dot io now to go back to the news here neo battery materials

Limited commissioned a third party evaluation agency for a product performance and viability assessment of nbm side through manufacturing and cycle testing 500 mah pouch type fuel cells to simulate an authentic battery charging discharging environment the pouch full cells utilize nmc cathode materials and a composite mixture anode material with 5 to 10 silicon

Loading of nbm side trademark and graphite through unbiased testing and assessments neo battery materials is making continuous efforts to ensure objective evaluation and to reserve the functional reliability of nbm side silicon material development nbm side mbm silicon anode plant project kickoff meeting you can see the team here at the nbm silicon anode plant

Engineering kickoff meeting you can also see a viewed and enhanced version of this graphic all you got to do is visit the link down below if we click on that link there is a better view of the nbm silicon anode plant engineering kickoff meeting with the approval of the 106 700 square feet site by the gianji province neo battery materials through its south

Korean subsidiary nbm korea limited started the nbm silicon anode plant project nsap project at oseong international investment zone in pyeong tech city in march 2022. the contracted engineering process and design company for the nsap project will be employing a team of eight engineers that retain more than 20 years of individual experience for their respective

Functions and the team is in the process process of the basic design stage for the project the kickoff meeting which marks the official collaborative initiation of the nsap project was held at the korea press foundation center on april 5th 2022 with the engineering design company the full-fledged mass production process design had been in progress since march

Of 2022 and the kickoff meeting was convened to determine and define the fundamental terms of the project and to discuss detailed terms of the process apart from the basic agreement in a concurrent timeline the design progress of the nsap project with the procurement construction preparations for long-term delivery long lead time items will be fulfilled neo

Battery materials will commence construction in june 2022 and will follow stringent timelines and protocols to aim completion in june 2023 about nbm side which has been trademarked is a neo battery materials limited flagship silicon anode material for electric vehicle lithium ion batteries nbm side comes in three variations p 100 p 200 and c 100 and he’s

Manufactured through the company’s proprietary nano coating technology all product lines are based on metallurgical grade silicon micro particles and retain a high specific capacity of 2500 m ahg through the company’s south korean intellectual property ip law firm nbm side which is trademark impending trademark which is also pending trademark approval you

Can learn all about their latest news and learn about neo battery materials limited all on their website at once again we look at the stock here you can see i really believe it’s undervalued underappreciated underexposed i feel like there’s a huge gap to fill here and as investors that’s what we look for love to know what you guys

Think if you like this video please smash the like button comment down below share the video everywhere and subscribe and remember rich tv live is strictly for information and education purposes please do your due diligence do your research before you invest in anything we talk about or discuss here on rich tv live i look for this pattern i look for a trend

Reversal pattern i call it kind of like a tilted l or a backward check mark i look for this so what i look for and it looks like it’s creating that trend reversal pattern and with the huge gap to fill could give investors an opportunity to make a nice multiple on the stock love to know what you think this is your boy rich and mr live and i’m moe you

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NEO Battery Materials Manufactures Pouch-Type Full Cell for Product Evaluation By RICH TV LIVE

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analyst tesla will be profitable


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Oh my word a day cannot go by without some big tesla news my goodness guys we got a lot more tesla news here to cover today so an analyst has come out and now said that they will be profitable he’s expecting them to be profitable in september and this analyst is one of the most famous analysts on all of wall street he covered apple for a long long time he still to

This day covers apple but basically apple threw its growth days he used to cover it i remember he would come on tv all the time talking about iphone this iphone that it looks like he’s moved on a tesla now talking about that also talk about some bad news that came out in regards to tesla but i’m not so sure it is really bad news so we’ll look at that there guys so

Tesla will be profitable by september says gene munster once again this this is a pretty famous analyst he covered apple for a long long time so here’s what he’s saying okay so lupe ventures gene monster predicts then battled automaker will be profitable by september okay we’re already in july so that’s only a couple months away ceo elon must announce tesla aims to

Produce six thousand model threes per week by august but munster says september is a safer bet this a five thousand production number was the first time in about nine months he’s gotten one right i think it’s safe to always dial back what he’s saying that’s why we think tesla’s going to meet production number by the end of september quarter monster said on cnbc’s

Fast monday if they hit that number it’s going to equate to forty eight thousand model threes produced in the september quarter that should get them to profitability slightly profitable monster said it’s not going to be wildly profitable in september i just want to warn everybody but it moves in the right direction after repeatedly pushing back targets tesla vowed

In january to build five thousand model threes per week by the close of the second quarter to demonstrate it could mass-produce the battery power sedan tesla finally met its goal in the final week of the quarter with the final car rolling we just talked about that the other day here so the bears have their case to say that even though the five thousand number was

Pretty they had to throw everything at it to get it there okay the tent the whole deal if you don’t know the tents trending on twitter and whatnot the reality is they haven’t ramped muenster said okay so so munster believes they they haven’t you know tesla hasn’t even really ramped in a big way right so we’re gonna we’re gonna come back to that in just a second here

Alright so this other stories of a really big ones so tesla’s engineering chief is out after taking a leap leave of absence tesla’s engineering chief won’t return from his leave of absence a person familiar with the situation says as automaker heads into the pivotal period to prove it can sustain production of model three sedan doug field who has been senior vice

President of engineering a very important title at tesla stepped away from his work overseeing product development at the silicon valley automaker in early may alright so roughly two months ago or so at the time a tesla spokesperson said doug is just taking some time off to recharge and spend time with his family he is not left tesla right people familiar with

The move believed at the time he would return six weeks later but he hasn’t his departure is one of several high-level executives out of left tesla many of them have left you know from from basically that solarcity acquisition though but tesla has lost a lot of guys there a key leader at tesla since joining in 2013 so you’ve been with the company about five years

From apple he came over from apple mr. field oversaw the engineering of the company’s vehicles and last year was given oversight of production and told mr. musk resumed that role last spring okay so basically this gentleman had taken over as kind of the head of you know production operations and so here’s kind of the question with this whole deal and we may never

Know the answer did this guy leave just because he just you know want to maybe he was burnt out of tesla maybe he spent so much time maybe just want to spend time with family did he leave for that reason did he leave because must took over and now they just hit production records and maybe this gentleman wasn’t doing such a good job and musk is like dude i can do

This way better than you we don’t need you here anymore like you like you fell off or whatever we don’t know maybe he got sick of you know playing co-captain there you know this guy never gets any respect or ever talked about obviously the head of the head of tesla elon musk is the one that gets all the credit for anything that goes on with tesla he also gets all

The blame right maybe this guy you know would did a kyrie irving movies like sickle lebron james he’s like i want to go be my own man we don’t know we’ll probably never know why he’s decided to leave tesla and just you know and i ended up taking off there so here’s something you know i just want everybody to step back a second from tesla okay i think that’s really

Important because there’s so much going on here in the short term there’s so many moving parts or tesla can they hit six thousand number okay can they consistently hit five thousand model threes what are the price points those cars can they get to ten thousand maybe next year or something like that like there’s so much short-term here that’s going on so many moving

Parts this executive left must tweet this so there’s so many moving parts around this right now right so many moving parts that’s just craziness chaos when you step back for a second when you step back for a second from tests okay and you look out and you go buy every car dealership in your city or your state you go buy every single car dealership what do you see

On there lots you see a cars galore you see every single car imaginable on that lot trucks that like it like it’s not hard to get will get a car or a truck or an suv tomorrow like you can go to a ford dealership a gm dealership any dealership you want and you can get a car just like that is nothing okay literally right off the lot as long as you got the money like

It’s there for you times a million okay doesn’t matter what city you live what state you live we’ve see you know every single dealership is loaded up in their parking lot which is cars galore okay and we have a massive amount of people saying we don’t want those we want tesla’s this is big guys when you just step or a step away and you didn’t look at it from that

Perspective it takes you back a moment because these anybody can go get a car right now this is not hard guys a people want tesla cars specifically there’s a massive demand in the marketplace right now ford specifically tesla cars on right tesla people want tesla this reminds me so much of apple back in the day it was so easy to get a smartphone you can get a

Smartphone from anywhere any wireless carrier and any you know any best buy or whatnot but people the mass amounts of people want it i phones and they were willing to wait for an iphone and pay substantially more praise you know higher prices then for some other phone and it was like why are people doing this right when you step back for a minute you just realize

What a company has going for it long-term when they have this type of demand the products available out there and people are saying no i don’t want that i want this over here okay i want this over here it’s just you sometimes just guys step back from something like this and really view it and it’s pretty amazing no as far as will they hit profitability you know

That remains to be seen i think they have a great chance to do it maybe in september august we’ll have to see you know it you’ve got to kind of take musk’s words with a grain of salt right now he has missed a lot of numbers he has missed a lot of numbers here so you know can he hit those numbers maybe but at the same time you know you can’t really count on him in

That respect right now can he execute this big vision i’m pretty confident he’s going to be able to execute it and tussle is going to become the dominant auto manufacturer as i you know talked about on this channel for two years now i’ve been talking about they will become the dominant auto manufacturer within five to ten years i think he’s gonna execute on that

That plan but in terms of short term goal hitting you know i can’t trust musk with that so i think this analyst is actually really ingenious and insane let’s push back another month here the chance to he’s talking about with all the other they’re gonna hit august it’s like not all this let’s say september because that’s more realistic so anyways i really want to

Know your guy’s opinion on tesla all this short-term moving stuff long-term stuff i really want to know your guys opinion in that comment section as always make sure you hit that thumbs up button if you enjoyed this today and make sure you follow me on instagram if you have not already i post a lot of content of münster grim stories especially about breaking news

Stories that are happening in the stock market and whatnot can’t wait to see you on the thank you for watch and have a great day

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Well howdy there guys we were about 48 hours away from hitting 300 thousand subscribers on the channel by the way if you’re watching this video it’s because we already hit three hundred thousand subscribers and i just wanted to do a little inspirational motivational video for you guys and just kind of chat do like a vlog type video here right now we are on a drive

We are on a drive over to where it all started where we went from zero subscribers guys so we’re gonna drive over there where is a long drive so we got to drive all through las vegas and whatnot so i might show you guys around some areas and whatnot first off i just want to say thank you i don’t think we’ve done a celebration type video like this since we hit a

Hundred thousand subscribers and so needless to say i felt like we had to do one a three hundred thousand i just want to say once again thank you guys especially for a lot of you guys that were supporting in the early days when we were just kind of getting up and rolling you know that first like 10,000 subscribers i feel like if you hit 10,000 like you can grow to

Be a lot bigger but you know i just want to say thank you guys i hope you enjoyed today’s video i hope you get a lot of inspiration out of it i hope it you know motivates you and we’re gonna show you a little bit around las vegas like i said it’s a long drive to get to where we’re going to where we started at all and you might even get to see some a vegas a little

You know family-friendly place as we are getting close to where it all started i hope you guys are enjoying this ride we’re getting pretty dang close now alright ladies and gentlemen we have finally arrived over to where the financial education channel start little summit as sun ridge apartment complex here let’s hope we can get in these gates right here oh

Are you kidding me the gates are closed on the flipper we’re gonna get in this flipping flapjack in place i don’t have my clicker i used to have back in the day yeah yeah follow them in oh here we go guys we’re breaking into the summit at sun ridge apartments don’t tell them please women in trouble go into the oh place where it all started back in 1800s or like

2016 january and here we go enjoy the ride already guys unfortunately there was like a bunch of little kids around like and plus the people that like live in that apartment now it’s like a little three-bedroom apartment i think the people that lived there were home and like some of the windows were open so i felt really weird recording there like that was the

Plan i was gonna record right there through the video but i felt like that would’ve been really awkward so i didn’t do it there but needless to say behind that window there that is where i started the channel and so in the room that was a weird room so that room i got into margin trading i got into short-term trading day trading swing trading a lot of stuff that

Lost me a lot of money after i had a lot of success and that’s kind of what prompted me to start a business which i started from that room right behind that window there and that’s where i started the channel from right there january 2016 i just got the idea like let me just start like i feel like i’ve been through a lot of stuff positive or negative financially

And it was like i was ready to just talk about stuff and i started the youtube channel right then and there i think i had a little gopro camera i set it up i think it was a super wide angle and we were off we got started so needless to say if you never knew you know because obviously a lot of my subscribers are you know i’ve coming over the past year or two that is

Where it all started that’s where the channel all started right then and there and you know it was one of the best decisions i ever made cuz you know that’s what i do full-time now and that’s what i love to do and i you know i bring a lot of you know value to you guys either an entertainment form or or educational form or just keeping up with news it’s going on

In the stock market and you know very thankful to be in the position but if it if i didn’t start if i didn’t take that initiative you know nothing ever gets started and i think that’s that kind of brings me like the inspirational side of the things i think a lot of you guys have a lot of potential you just don’t ever start with something you know you might think

About investing you might think about getting into stocks you might think about starting a business you might think about you know having passive income streams or starting that but so many folks so many of you guys you just don’t ever do it and you know i just want to see more you guys actually going out there and getting it done because if you don’t take the

Initiative out right off the bat like you never can know what you’re gonna be able to pull off you never know what you’re gonna be able to achieve so you know i just want to see you guys in 2019 and moving forward and in future years you know if you want to get in the stock market investing like you sooner or later just gotta take that leap if you want to get it

You know start a business sooner or later just got to take that leap you just got to do it so you know just like remember that moment remember this moment from the video you know if i didn’t take that that little initiative there to start my first business or real estate marketing that doesn’t start and that’s what funded that’s what helped fund the start for the

Youtube channel and kept me going for that and if i don’t start that you know we’re not here today so you know let that motivate you guys let that inspire you guys and just remember you know it’s all about taking that first step the first step is a biggest step you ever gonna take so anyways thanks so much for being on this journey with me guys i hope you enjoyed

This video today i hope you guys thought it was a little funny and a little inspirational and on to 500 thousand that’s probably next time a half mil will do one of these again in the future maybe i’m financial education to that we might hit 100k on that one before we hit a half a million on this channel so who knows maybe once we hit 100k a financial education

To maybe at that point in time we’ll do another one of these kind of celebration type videos so i enjoyed doing this with you guys something different and something out of the house today and i hope you guys are doing great out there leave me a comment have a great day

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upside down car loan what to do


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How’s it going today guys so today we are going to be talking about what you should do if you are upside down on your car loan or you’re in a situation where you owe more on your car than your car is even worth unfortunately i’m gonna be sharing some personal experience with this because this is a mistake i made myself and i’m gonna give you guys an idea of what

Your options are as far as what you should do if your upside down on your car loan what options do you even have so if you’re in this situation you have what is called negative equity in that vehicle and maybe it’s not a vehicle maybe it’s a camper maybe it’s a motorcycle who knows whatever it is usually things recreational vehicles or anything with an engine it’s

Going to depreciate in value with time it’s not like a house that you buy where hopefully it’s going to appreciate or at least hold its value the second you drive a car off the lot or a motorcycle or an rv off the lot it’s going to start depreciating in value so when you’re in the situation you have negative equity that’s when you owe more than the asset is worth

And this most commonly happens with cars or maybe things like boats or other you know recreational vehicles and things like that that people buy so how does this happen in the first place let’s go ahead and focus on cars there’s a number of reasons why this happens and it’s important to understand why that is because the number one thing you can do in this situation

Is make sure it doesn’t happen again because the options as far as getting out of this are really not that great but the number one thing you can do is figure out how to avoid getting in this situation again in the first place number one the main thing that causes this is people who buy a vehicle they put $0 down and then you add that all off the lot depreciation

So on average when you drive a vehicle off the lot it automatically loses 10% of its value so let’s say you paid $20,000 for a car the minute you drive it off that lot it’s now worth $18,000 so two thousand dollars of value has just vanished at that point meanwhile you put $0 down on that vehicle you have no equity in that vehicle you owe the full value of it and

It’s already worth $2,000 less than you paid for it so i know a lot of people get involved in those gimmicks where they say oh $0 down or no payments for the first three month but all that’s going to do is put you behind as far as the payments and paying that down and trying to maintain the value of that vehicle as far as what you have paid down on it otherwise

You get in the situation where you in fact owe more than that car is worth that’s just gonna make that situation worse number two is paying too much for a vehicle that’s something that i did myself i bought a car that was a very flashy car i talked about this in some of my other videos i bought a subaru wrx a used one from a dealer and i never even went online and

Looked at the value of that car so i just you know went out there got a loan and i was able to get a loan for this car and then after i bought the car i did my research and i realized that i had been raked over the coals and i paid way too much for that car so this is a mistake i’ve made myself so if you pay too much for the car in the first place or you have too

Many options whether it be i don’t know leather seats or the sunroof or navigation adding things like that are just going to increase that rate of depreciation for that vehicle and make it so you’re gonna owe a lot more money than you would have if you didn’t have all those other bells and whistles another thing is short term vehicle ownership so this is people who

Buy a car and then they say you know what i want to sell this car in a year or something like that you know you want to make sure you’re holding a vehicle for a long time because the majority of that depreciation takes place in the first three years so if you want to get to a point where you at least can break even on that vehicle it’s probably gonna take four or

Five years if you have like a five or six year term loan now i have talked about in the past i’ll link up this video at the end it’s a general rule of thumb for buying a car and it’s definitely not a six year term loan it’s actually a four year term loan maximum so i’m gonna link that up at the end if you guys want to check that video out as far as what you should

Do when you’re buying a car but when you have a very long term loan and then you have short term vehicle ownership where you only have that car for a year or two you basically are taking that majority of the depreciation at once you’re taking the biggest hit on that vehicle than anyone else will that actually goes ahead and buys that vehicle so for example the

Car that i drive now the list price for this car was $26,000 and i bought it one year later with 6,000 miles on it for $18,000 so that’s a difference of $8,000 right there just by buying a one-year-old car because the majority that depreciation takes place in that first year so that’s one thing you can do as well is not buy a brand new car and then another thing

That happens as well as people may fall into that gimmick of skipping payments i know a lot of companies will say oh it’s christmas go ahead and skip your payment for this month and all that’s going to do is make it so that way that vehicle is depreciating and you’re not paying it down in the meantime that’s another way people end up getting in trouble is by skipping

Payments and not paying down that loan at all not paying down that principal so what do you do when you’re in the situation what do you do when you can’t afford to sell your car let’s say you’re driving a car that you can’t afford but you can’t afford to sell it because you owe more than it’s even worth let’s say you all 25,000 and the car is only worth 20,000 what

Are you supposed to do there so number one one of the things you could do is just refinance at a lower rate if you’re a young person and maybe you bought a flashy car one of the easiest things you can do is try to refinance go shopping for a better car loan and usually if you’ve been making your payments on time for the last year or a couple of years and you have

Good credit you should be able to find a better interest rate somewhere else especially being a young person number two would be to sell something else that you don’t need in order to try to pay down that car and just get out from under it so i don’t know if you have other toys laying around a motorcycle or a boat or something you don’t need another option you

Have is to just sell something else that you don’t need and try to get that vehicle paid down either try to pay it off that way you’re not you know behind on it or just try to get out from under it and buy something that is more conservative that’s not going to depreciate as fast number three if you have the means to do it you might as well just recognize the loss

Now if you can’t afford your payment’s then just sell the car ideally to a private party don’t trade it back into the same dealer but ideally sell the car private party that it’s going to be difficult because you’re gonna have to try to get a clean title and that’s also kind of a mess because it’s very difficult to sell a car when you have a lien on the title so

If you have the means to pay off the car yourself get a clean title and then sell it private sale that is probably your best option just to get out from under it number four would be to trade it in for an older or a simpler car maybe with less bells and whistles those added options but again i would not go back to the same dealer because it’s going to be kind of

Like taking a trip to one of those video game stores where you buy a video game for $60 and a week later you go to trade it in and they say okay we’ll give you $7 for and you’re like what sense does that make i just paid 60 for it you’re gonna have that same experience with that car dealer so i would at least go to a different dealer and then number five guys the

Final thing you can do here is just make better decisions going forward unfortunately this is a mistake that a lot of people make i made this mistake myself i lost ten thousand dollars in the course of one year by buying an expensive car and owning it in the short term so i lost ten thousand dollars in one year that’s an insane amount of money to lose but so many

People especially young people go through this and i wouldn’t beat yourself up over it just use it as a learning experience and if you guys want to learn more about how to actually responsibly buy a car i’m gonna link up that video at the end but guys that is all i got for this video if you enjoyed it please drop a like if you’re new to my channel please consider

Subscribing to be notified of any future uploads and as always i thank you for taking the time to watch this video

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UPSIDE DOWN CAR LOAN? (What to do…) By Ryan Scribner

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the market just reached max leve


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Well folks if you look at the stock market we’re near all-time highs right dow jones industrial average is at 35 455 points right now if we look at the 52-week range this is also the all-time high 35 631. we have a very confusing stock market right that’s you know we’re only a couple hundred points away what’s that less than one percent away from an all-time high in

The dow the s p 500 is near all-time highs nasdaq is near all-time highs and when you have this sort of situation going on it definitely can lead some folks to start thinking okay are we in a situation where we’re setting up for stock market crash a major correction here something like that right when you see the markets kind of flying high like this you have a lot

Of talk around the fed what’s the fed going to do could the fed raise rates will they raise rates uh faster than expected inflation has been crazy but then also you’re getting some signs that inflation could be potentially coming down in a lot of items that were maybe supply you know supply chain related so you have all these different elements and it’s creating

For a very very confusing situation we got to talk about here i obviously bought stocks heavily the past three weeks i’m recording this on august 29th it’s a sunday afternoon thanks for so much for everybody’s joining me on the sunday by the way uh not every sunday i release a video let’s just put it that way but um these weeks i was buying stocks extremely

Heavily i put some of the most money in the stock market i’ve put in the stock market since probably december when i bought a million dollars worth of walgreens stock right outside of that i haven’t put that much money i mean what did i buy for hundreds of thousands of dollars of different stocks right last week i took a breather week right a lot of stocks were

Moving up moving up i like to take a breather on a week like that especially when you’ve been buying extremely heavy a lot of stocks dropped to very very very low levels right i mean especially a lot of stocks i like and so what did you specifically see me buying you saw me buying a lot of small caps or let’s just call them smaller companies in general almost every

Actually i think every single stock i bought during these weeks was under a uh four billion dollar mark cap or actually under a three billion dollar mark cap right a lot of small companies now if you’re wondering what the heck is a small cap a small cap is generally a company with a market capitalization between 300 million dollars and two billion dollars and now

Like i said almost every single stock and i think actually every single stock i bought was right around two billionish dollars or under okay if you think about all the stocks i was buying over those weeks so i’m pretty much buying small cap small cap small caps now one other important thing we got to know before we start going through some of that sk is what is

A forward p a forward price to earnings ratio is similar to the price to earnings ratio the regular p is current stock price over its earnings per share current earnings per share okay usually trailing 12 months the forward p ratio is a current stock price over its predicted earnings per share over the next four quarters if the forward p ratio is higher than the

Current p it indicates uh decreased expected earnings right usually you want to see a forward p that’s under you know a lower number than the current p that’s usually what you want to see forward p equals current stock price divided by predicted next annual earnings period for instance if a stock price of apple is 600 and the predicted eps earnings per share was

45 dollars or predict it for p would be 13.3 okay so we gotta keep that in mind this is one of the most important uh metrics in my personal opinion in the stock market now the other folks have different opinions some like the trailing 12-month pe they think that’s the best metric in the stock market some like price to sales ratios some like the the schiller pe the

Everybody’s got a what i found is a lot of people have different uh things that they really put emphasis on me personally i’m the forward p guy i put more emphasis on that than anything else by a mile okay now here’s where this confusion reaches even higher levels you gotta be flipping my flapjacks this np500 large caps look so overvalued there’s no other way of

Describing it than they look overvalued i mean you know it’s a holy smoke is to say no joke is valuation on the large caps on 21 in this member this is a four p so we’re talking about you know over the next year essentially what what the company’s earnings are so we’re not talking about a situation where it’s like well we’re backwards looking a lot of roni ronan

Affected quarters no it’s not like that at all right and if you look you know we haven’t been this high since 2002 not something you ever want to see you never want to see anything kind of in the range of like 2001 2000 especially when it comes to ford ps so this is where the market gets even more confusing when you see the markets at near all-time highs and on

Top of that you see large caps looking super high right and also price to sales ratio a lot of these large caps are dang high now keep in mind a lot of these large caps have been reporting ridiculous earnings the last few quarters like some of the the best earnings growth a lot of these companies have had in honestly decades for some of them it’s been absolutely

Incredible right or at least in five ten years and so that’s another factor that’s like okay but the earnings growth is also stronger than we’ve ever seen right for a lot of those companies or at least in a long time right now all of a sudden you bust it down to the s p 400 mid caps and you’re at 16.8 so now if you’re buying mid caps i i would feel you’re not nearly

As uh you can’t even call overvalued if you’re buying mid caps you can call it fairly priced if you look at that line obviously there’s time periods when you could have bought it lower right but at the end of the day for the mid caps it feels it feels to me very fairly priced when you just look at this on a historical standard for the last 20 plus years right and

So mid caps definitely are nothing crazy right but get ready to have your mind blown okay the small caps are down to 15.9 now 15.9 the small cap stocks in this market have been getting you know just decimate it just decimate it i mean there’s all the you know you have to go back to when the market was getting killed in kind of the end of december of 2018 november

2018 to find a time period when you get small caps for a cheaper price than right now right i mean look at this you know look where we were at in 2012 or right around there 2013 we were much higher 2014 we were much higher 2015 we’re much higher 2016 we maybe dropped to this level once for a very short amount of time and we were up 2017 2018 obviously we dropped

Lower when that big crash and then 2019 2020. 2020 obviously got super messed up because of ronnie rona right so you look at these time periods going back you can look at 2003 2004 2005 and we’re definitely on the lower ranges and so this allows me not to play with much fear in the market and this is why i plowed hundreds of thousands of dollars into small caps

A couple weeks ago i saw some specific stocks that i i thought were really good deals and there’s not a lot of fear for me as far as downside goes you know look at a perfect example of a stock that you know i was buying heavily you know over the past month let’s say in august right was corsair gaming of course they’re gaming just above small cap range it’s like

Two billion like maybe two and a half billion or so right that’s like that’s a stock in corsair gaming that you know is it realistic at all for that stock the the the the fear is always could it fall fifty percent could coarse air fall fifty percent everything’s possible but it’s so ridiculously unrealistic the stocks already had a 4p of 15 and the small caps are

Already at a level that is undervalued undervalued and so that allows me to play with no fear when it comes to some of these stocks because i’m looking at this and i’m like uh these stocks aren’t highly priced at all when it comes to small caps if i was buying you know let’s say instead of buying a lot of these small caps i was putting my money all in big tech or

All in just large caps in general i would be more fearful when you when you saw what that chart you know just showed there uh let’s compare these okay let’s compare these for a moment and tell me which one’s a little scary and which one’s not the large caps there are obviously extreme scary if i was buying all large caps yeah i would be a little worried because i

Was like you know i would easily feel like we could fall 20 30 percent quickly on lows and get back into this range because you know that’s what could happen right a 20 fall and then also we’re back into these ranges and then all of a sudden it’s like okay we’re about where we should be right large caps does a 20 to 30 percent fall make sense no it could happen

But it would make no sense for small caps to all fall another 30 plus right i mean then we’re down what maybe in here in here you know what i mean like like how ridiculously undervalued could you get so this is what allows me to play with a situation where i’m i’m not fearful i mean we would be all the way back back to 2008-2009 ranges when there was no credit at

All in the markets when the the the financial system had almost nearly completely collapsed right we would be at those type of levels they’d be ridiculous it wouldn’t make any dang sense right and so this is why in a market like now being a stock picker is more important than ever before in my personal opinion being a good stock pick i was just put that way and

Knowing kind of you know where to put your chips and where not to put your chips not to say every single small cap or excuse me not to say every single large cap in the stock market is overvalued or every single small cap is a great deal but if you just look at like things generally speaking generally speaking if you’re buying large caps you are getting ripped off

And you’ve got to be ready for a big potential fall if you’re buying small caps you’re generally speaking going to get a really good deal and generally speaking you if anything you’re gonna get ready for a skyrocket ride to the sky more than a 30 crash right and so these are some this is what’s definitely allowing me to play with less fear in the market if it fall

If all these small caps fall 20 percent okay fine i’ll buy more small caps okay but it’s going to be what is a 20 fall then we’re down in here like it just is so preposterously ridiculous right and you can say well what about the boogeyman uh the boogeyman is ronyrona okay well the numbers have gone insane for ronyrona and i don’t see anybody really caring people

Don’t care uh the government doesn’t care you know that was the one kind of wild card that did kind of give me some fears like ronnie ronan but seeing the numbers skyrocket and no one really cares it’s like okay well i guess running around is going to be what ronnie ronan is going to be and so that almost kind of takes that whole boogie man out of the situation

Right the fact that just like whatever you know numbers skyrocketed went to like what 200 000 and uh the highest numbers we had since december and it was what it was right and so anyways you know that’s why i’m playing with not much fear right now now look at this this is a peg ratio this is price to earnings growth ratio right and if you look at this this is

S p 500 valuation so we’re not even just talking about small caps now just s p in general uh yeah peg ratio is actually really really darn low right now the price to earnings growth you have to pay for stocks actually really really cheap and so this is another factor that looks uh that confuses uh folks right now because you look at a price to sales ratio we look

Really high you look at the schiller p which i don’t think is a good metric um at all to look at most of the time uh it’s just you know it’s a metric that gets i think over hyped you can look at the shoulder pe and times it looks pretty low and then we went through some crazy crashes you could look at the schiller p in the past um in time periods where it looked

High and actually we went through a massive bull market right peg ratio i i think pig ratio is pretty good to look at and we’re just we’re just trading low i just flat out the pay ratio is definitely very very low and so this leads us into a situation the stock market right now where it’s max confusion it’s uh where to turn what to do things like that and i look

At it and i say small caps that’s where my opportunities are and there are specific small caps out there that i love that i think are going to do amazing over the next three to five years there’s some small caps i think are going to do horrible the next few years right but there’s no doubt if i was to worry about something it’s the larger caps and if the small caps

Got pushed down because let’s say the large caps fell for any reason which i think would be more of a rotation of money because keep in mind if these stocks are to drop if large caps are to drop that means investors funds folks in general are selling large caps well if you’re selling large caps then you have cash in your account if all of a sudden you have cash in

Your account you need to put that money somewhere right especially if you’re an etf a fund or anything like that right you can’t just keep also in like oh we sold 100 million dollars worth of large caps now we don’t do anything with the money no now you got to put that money somewhere right and so i actually think that money could easily flow in to small caps and

With small caps the thing is with those stocks is also if you just get 50 million dollars or 100 million dollars flowing into a small cap i mean that stock just goes crazy because it’s so much buying pressure on the side and so i almost feel like it could be a rotation of money and it almost feels like it’s just a matter of time and like i said if if for whatever

Reason if for whatever reason you know the small caps were to fall i’m ready to buy more it’s just it you know for a big huge 20 30 sell-off of small caps i mean you start pushing down to such ridiculous valuations that just starts to get laughable right and it just doesn’t make a lot of dang sense so that’s why i’m doing what i’m doing in the market and um yeah

If any of those stocks fall anymore i’ll gladly buy a lot of those stocks came back uh roaring this week a lot of those stocks made um those small caps made 10 20 some even more than 20 percent moves to the upside this week and you know when when they’re beating down dogs like that they can easily all of a sudden move to that other side like a lot of people don’t

Realize how fast it can happen in small caps in small caps it can go so bad so fast right and that’s why we saw a ton of small caps all of a sudden fall you know from ranges that looked way overvalued to all of a sudden you know now it looks undervalued right we saw a ton of those small caps fall i mean what 50 60 70 percent from their 52 week high some of them

80 percent have seen and now a lot of these stocks are also in the range is that it’s like okay now a lot of them are looking like a snack so anyways guys hope you enjoyed this video as always all i ask in returns that you smash that thumbs up button that helps us out huge in youtube algorithm if you haven’t got a chance to check out the hungry ball yet definitely

Download that on your ios store or your android store it’s a way to track the markets uh read our daily newsletter we come out with in there track your stocks tractor your cryptos listen to earnings calls right inside the app as well as you know basically do some research around stocks and so much more coming for you guys over time much love as always and have a great day

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breaking news taat lifestyle wel


BREAKING NEWS: TAAT LIFESTYLE & WELLNESS (TAAT) (TOBAF) (2TP2) – NOVEMBER 17, 2020 – RICH TV LIVE – TAAT LIFESTYLE & WELLNESS LTD. (CSE: TAAT) (OTCQB: TOBAF) (FRANKFURT: 2TP2) (the “Company” or “Taat”) is pleased to reveal a lineup of video advertisements it has created for promotional initiatives which are currently underway for the upcoming launch of Taat in Ohio. As announced in the Company’s November 6, 2020 press release, in late October 2020 Taat began a USD $150,000 digital marketing campaign for its TryTaat landing page to encourage current tobacco smokers of legal age in Ohio to request a free sample of Taat Original , Smooth , or Menthol by mail. Taat product samples from TryTaat are available to current tobacco smokers of legal age anywhere in the continental United States. Since launching this campaign, which has only been partially completed as of this writing, the Company has received an average of more than 100 sample requests per day from smokers across the country, converting nearly one third of unique visits to TryTaat into confirmed requests, a rate considered exceptionally high for landing pages in any industry 1 . As part of these current initiatives, the Company has produced a series of video advertisements with an objective of attracting the attention of current smokers of legal age, cultivating awareness of the Taat brand name, and prompting requests for product samples on the TryTaat landing page. The video advertisements have been compiled into a “Promo Reel” format, which can be viewed below in this press release or on the Company’s YouTube channel. #taat #news #richtvlive

It’s true breaking news from tat lifestyle and wellness here it is bam tat releases video advertisement as part of ohio launch campaign ceo seti cascarella appointed to tat’s board of directors to augment current digital marketing initiatives the company has produced a series of video advertisements which are to be shown to potential users of tat in the united

States who are currently tobacco smokers of legal age between short form brand advertisements as well as a 45 second segment featuring the company ceo ceti coscarella briefly narrating tats approach to capturing market share in the tobacco industry the company believes these advertisements could improve brand recall and conversion rates for commercial promotional

Campaigns additionally mr coscarella has officially been appointed to the company’s board of directors tatlife style and wellness limited t-a-a-t in canada t-o-b-a-f in america to tp2 in frankfurt germany is pleased to reveal a lineup of video advertisements it is created for promotional initiatives which are currently underway for the upcoming launch of tat in

Ohio as announced in the company’s november 6 2020 press release in late october 2020 tap again a usd 150 000 digital marketing campaign for its tritat landing page which looks like this now i broke this for you guys first if you’ve been watching rich tv live you know that i broke this news first the new landing page hey how you doing phil how are

You doing alfredo what’s up dylan what’s up message tristan are you doing mark oh i know phil’s magic number that’s phil’s magic number right there that’s phil’s magic number right there so this is that’s what they’re referring to in the press release you can get a free pack of tat all you need to do is fill in the information and if you’re in america

They’re going to try to get it to you as soon as possible so you’ve got the smooth the original and menthol players someone always wants to call me when i’m live right you got the original smooth and menthol flavors as you can see here and all you need to do is fill in the information and you will get a pack sent to you absolutely free from tap now let’s go back

To the news to encourage current tobacco smokers of legal age in ohio to request a free sample of cat original smooth or menthol by mail tat product samples from tritat are available to current tobacco smokers of legal age anywhere in the continental united states there it is tat product samples from tritat are available to current tobacco smokers of legal age

Anywhere in the continental united states wow epic absolutely epic and i would love to know if you’re in america if you tried it and if you’re taking advantage of the free pack and if you’ve ordered your free pack and if you’ve got your free pack i want to know if you’ll like it a free pack of tat it’s true it’s true unbelievable since launching this campaign

Which has only been partially completed as of this writing the company’s received an average of more than 100 sample requests per day 100 sample requests per day from smokers across the country i have a feeling that soon you’re going to have to add a zero to that converting nearly one-third of unique visits to tritat into confirmed requests a rate considered

Exceptionally high for landing pages in any industry as part of these current initiatives the company has produced a series of video advertisements with an objective of attracting the attention of current smokers of legal age cultivating awareness of the brand name and prompting requests for product samples on the tritat landing page the video advertisements have

Been compiled into a promo real format which can be viewed below in this press release or in the company’s youtube channel the company has developed the beyond tobacco trademark based material for its flagship product tat and nicotine free and tobacco-free alternative to tobacco cigarettes tat executive leadership comes from a big tobacco background providing

Unparalleled expertise in large-scale development and commercialization of tobacco category products tad has been engineered to mimic the sensory attributes of a tobacco cigarette providing current smokers the choice to keep the experiences they enjoy while leaving nicotine behind now tied out of monster day today once again this has been a stock we’ve talked

About since its infancy when it was at 41 cents and it is no longer a penny stock i’ve been talking about the fact that this is now a five to ten dollar stock we need to look at as a five to ten dollar stock now because that is what it’s going to become that is what it will become and it will grow into that based on its revenues not because i’m saying so but

Because they are a growing company and you can see the chart they have been coming up from the bottom because of the anticipation of sales and this news is just reiterating that that has been engineered to mimic the sensory attributes of a tobacco cigarette i’ve tried it myself it’s better than a cigarette and i’m a non-smoker so that’s probably not the best

Person to give you that opinion but as a person who quit smoking cigarettes because i didn’t like the way it made me feel i didn’t get that feel when i smoked tap that’s why i believe this has a chance to be a game changer if people try them and they’ll like them and they buy them it could be a game changer but i want to hear more people’s opinions i want to know

Your opinion i want to know what you think now i’ve also had other smokers try it and initially when they smoked it they’re like yeah it’s okay and then after they actually smoked the whole pack they asked me for more and said that they would like to buy a whole carton so i think it’s interesting and you know tat has been engineered to mimic the sensory tributes

Of a tobacco cigarette providing current smokers the choice to keep the experiences they enjoy while leaving nicotine behind and that’s what makes tats so different is this is a nicotine-free cigarette zero nicotine in this cigarette zero and look they were up seven percent today and the news is going out and you can get a free pack of tad if you’re in america

Look at that just fill in the information go to and try out either the original menthol or smooth i’ve tried the original and i don’t smoke so i’m not the best person but it was pretty good it was it wasn’t it wasn’t a bad experience smoking the cigarette and it felt like a cigarette and looked like a cigarette and tasted like a cigarette um and it

Even kind of smelled like a cigarette so but not as bad as a cigarette which is one of the things i liked about it ted has chosen ohio so why ohio as its launch market in the united states where it has secured representation by a large tobacco distributor who has placed its first order of tax which will be carried alongside its offerings of other leading tobacco

Category products including marlboro newport and camel three of the biggest in the industry the use of video in marketing has proven to be effective in contributing to a high rate of brand recall with greater impact than other forms of marketing such as written content and still images in 2017 report by think with google a study was cited which showed that 9

Out of 10 short form video promotions known as bumper advertisements caused an improvement in ad recall by seeding ideas for potential customers in a report by digital marketing firm hubspot it was concluded that video receives more interactions than images by 21.2 percent or carousels by 18.6 percent by incorporating original video content into its digital

Marketing strategy the company expects it will be able to drive strong engagement with current tobacco smokers of legal age who could potentially become users of tobacco so here is a link to the video let’s watch it for legal age smokers this experience is beyond expectations and that’s why we call it beyond tobacco tobacco is nicotine free and tobacco-free our

Patent-pending refinement technique makes tax taste and smell just like tobacco this is tat being produced by a major cigarette manufacturer in preparation for its launch in the united states this is your opportunity to invest in a company that will capture market share in the 814 billion dollar tobacco industry that’s a pretty nice commercial oh here’s more

Wow wow that was an awesome commercials some awesome commercials wow this is how they make them guys that’s pretty cool that’s pretty wild so yeah so that’s uh that’s the commercial right there for legally watch it again this experience is beyond exercise one more time and that’s why we call it beyond tobacco beyond tobacco is nicotine free and tobacco-free our

Patent-pending refinement technique makes tack taste and smell just like tobacco this is tat being produced by a major cigarette manufacturer in preparation for its launch in the united states this is your opportunity to invest in a company that will capture market share in the 814 billion dollar tobacco industry do me well wow that’s pretty wild

Pretty wild so that that’s the big news guys that’s the big news and uh take a look at the stock right here you can see it’s been on fire so so you guys can see the stock here it’s been absolutely on fire okay and uh huge day today i mean this is a company that did an ipo at what like 41 cents rto and today they’re at three dollars and 19 cents they’ve been

A huge huge winner for members congratulations to everybody and i think this is just getting started they haven’t even done any sales yet sales haven’t even started so i think that those commercials are really nice i think it’s great for branding let’s see what chief executive officer ceti coskerella says leading up to the official launch of our product we are

Laying the groundwork to make the tat brand highly memorable for tac current tobacco smokers of legal age in just about every market segment video marketing has often proved highly successful and cost effective compared to other promotional methods the proprietary informational videos we have released to date have given and gotten excellent feedback which is

Why we’re doubling down on video as a key pillar of our marketing strategy by using the moving image to show the product demonstrate how it can be used by our target audience of current adult smokers and convey what the tat brand is all about i am proud to release these video advertisements and i look forward to seeing how they perform as part of our early stage

Marketing and promotions the company is also pleased to announce that its chief executive officer ceti coskerella has been appointed to tat’s board of directors between mr coscarella’s current capacity as a senior executive of the company as well as his proven business acumen in investment banking private equity entrepreneurship and a strategic position at a big

Tobacco firm the company believes mr coskerella is a strong addition to the board about tat lifestyle and wellness limited the company has developed tat which is a tobacco-free and nicotine-free alternative to traditional cigarettes offered in original smooth and menthol varieties tat-based material is beyond tobacco trademark a proprietary blend which undergoes

A patent-pending refinement technique causing its scent and taste to resemble tobacco under executive leadership with big tobacco pedigree tad is launching in the united states in q4 2020 as the company seeks to position itself in the 814 billion global tobacco industry and you can visit which takes you right back here to get your free packet tat so

Get your packet at for free if you’re in america and we brought it to you guys first tat lifestyle and wellness if you’re not winning you’re not watching this is rich from rich to be live we brought you tat at 41 cents today they sit at three dollars and 19 cents congratulations to everybody we’ve already seen hundreds of percent of gains without even selling

One cigarette imagine what will happen when they start to sell cigarettes if you like this video if you like the news please smash the like button comment down below share the video everywhere let me know what you think about the news tat lifestyle and wellness new video advertisements and adding setti cosquerella to the board love to know your opinion this is

Rich from rich to be live we’re bringing winners we bring them to you first if you’re not winning you’re not watching ammo catalyzed on wellness we’ll see you soon hopefully with some more big news my yeah

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BREAKING NEWS: TAAT LIFESTYLE & WELLNESS (TAAT) (TOBAF) (2TP2) By RICH TV LIVEliveBroadcastDetails{isLiveNowfalsestartTimestamp2020-11-17T210634+0000endTimestamp2020-11-17T233117+0000}

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what is put call parity how does

What is Put Call Parity? How does it work?

Today we will learn about put call parity and how it works,

Hello you two so welcome back to my channel today we’re going to talk a little bit about put-call parity so we’ve just done a couple of videos one on covered calls and one on protective puts and we pointed out that when you trade one option and you trade the underlying alongside it either long or short you end up with a payoff that is the same as another option

And we think that’s kind of an interesting thing and the big question then is is there a formula that that ties these things together and of course there is and that formula is put-call parity so the put-call parity formula ties together options calls inputs as long as they have the same underlying the same strike price and the same expiration so we can’t tie

Together other types of options also it requires that they be european options not american options so from the very beginning in fact when when options were first listed there were actually just call options listed rather than calls and puts and this is because it was well known the concept of put-call parity and therefore you could get the payoff of a put

Or the payoff of a call by just trading a call option so if you wanted the payoff of a put you just had to combine a position in the underlying with that call option so up here on screen right now is our formula for put call option and the the formula is put plus 5 equals call plus the present value of the strike that’s what our last bit k to the your t it’s

Just present value of the strike so when we combine our options with the underlying we get the payoff of a different option and it must follow this this formula and the reason it has to feel like it’s not just a theoretical thing that doesn’t have to happen it actually does have to happen because if there were two portfolios that had the exact same payoff and

So no matter what happened in the market if you ended up at expiration with the exact same amount of money it would be an arbitrage opportunity if if they didn’t trade at the same price today and so there’s lots of traders out there that will be looking for for puts and calls that or miss price relative to each other and trading them against each other and for

That reason you know the buying and selling pressure mean that these things do they have to and they do stay in line with each other so yes so our formula is as i said put plus 4 equals call plus present value of the strike and obviously then we can just play around with that formula we’re able to i if we know some of the details but not all of them so if we

Know the prices of the puts and calls the strike price in the expiration where a and of course the interest rate we are able to back out the price of the underlying or if we know the price of one of the options we can back out the price of the other option and so on or even the interest rate so that is to put called parity formula with a little algebra we can

Turn it into an array of different formulas that give us the same information and and that’s really it you know that’s put-call parity so let’s just walk through a quick example of that so we’ll say if we have an underlying that’s trading at 31 and then there’s put and call options available with a strike of 30 so both the put option is a strike of 30 and the

Call does our interest rate is 10% and there is a three-month call option available it’s trading at $3 the put option is trading at 2.25 and we just ask ourselves is there an arbitrage opportunity so in order to answer that question all we have to do is pump all of our numbers into the formula so we basically look at each side of the equal sign and call that

A different portfolio and they they just have to be equal to each other so portfolio b we’re calling p + s0 so to put plus the spark price so that’s 225 plus 31 and that gives us thirty three dollars and twenty five cents and then portfolio a is the call option plus the present value of the strike so the the call option is trading at three dollars the strike

Is 30 so we present value that add them together and we come to thirty two dot twenty six cents so as you can see thirty three dollars and twenty five is not the same as thirty two dollars and twenty six so there is an arbitrage opportunity so in order to take advantage of that arbitrage you just buy the cheap one and sell the expensive one so we’re gonna sell

Portfolio b by portfolio a and we would make an arbitrage profit of 99 cents hopefully you found that useful if you’re interested in studying along with the book i’m using trading pricing financial derivatives which is a book that my partner and i rode and all of these examples are worked out in the book and you know have a great day and i’ll see you tomorrow

The next videos up are going to be on combination so we’ll be looking at straddle strangles spreads and butterfly spreads all those sorts of things so if you if you want to see more videos like this don’t forget to hit the subscribe button and and if you like this video if you found it useful hit the like button have a great day bye

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What is Put Call Parity? How does it work? By Patrick Boyle

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