Cathie Wood Just Bought Heavy

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Folks kathy wood has been buying uh certain stocks very heavy over the past uh let’s call it 36 hours here and i want in this video to take you through the eight stocks she’s buying heavy exactly how many shares she’s buying of these particular stocks exactly what’s going on there things like that obviously recently uh on the channel i covered you know her her

Sellout of palantir which was a huge move she’s basically sold out of her position completely and she might be part of the reason why that stock really tanked down because she was just selling shares left and right and it’s hard to find buyers in that short of an amount of time when you’re dumping shares that fast and shoes so she made that sell out obviously

That raises some capital then if you maybe sell some other positions and then also you’re in a situation maybe you have some inflows of money also next thing you know you can have a lot of money to invest and i think that’s where uh maybe some of this money came that that a lot of these stocks we’re gonna get into here these eight stocks and i’d love to hear your

Guys opinion on these eight stocks we’re going to get into this video if you like these stocks if you don’t like these stocks uh do you think arc funds at a bottom though or do you think it’s uh still a long way from there i’d love to hear from you guys in the comments section as always then we’ll get into our top 25 positions ranked in order as well okay first

One up here these eight stocks is twilio ticker symbol t-w-l-o she bought in the past 36 hours 93 000 plus shares of twilio stock this is one of those stocks like many of her stocks right and just i mean think about it kathy was a growth investor what has gotten destroyed worse than anything in this market growth stocks so naturally these stocks gonna be down the

Most it literally hit a 52 week load today of 147 and she’s obviously just you know loading up on shares 418 is a 52 week high on this one it is it has been a money loser we’ll see if they flip anytime soon analysts have a you know very high price target on this one look at this 331 is the average analyst one year out price target for this so basically uh around

A double up we’ll see if that happens obviously but yeah twilio’s first stock she bought heavy love to hear if you got any opinion on twilio what’s number two i think you might know number two number two tesla my esla yes she bought over 17 000 shares and keep in mind this are just um additions in the main arc fund a r k k okay the main arc fund they got like

Several different arc funds essentially and this is these are the ones i’m showing you here these are just in the main fund the big dog okay 17 000 plus shares of tesla that’s a that’s a pretty that’s a pretty big number there so she is now adding uh tesla shares here recently obviously tesla sold off very heavily very heavily over the past several months you know it

Topped out here around 1200 back in kind of early fall time and then ever since then i mean it’s just kind of been a lot of downward pressure today today it hit 700 a share tesla did and obviously huge recovery a hundred dollars a share that that’s quite a recovery there tesla’s obviously in a great position fundamentally with the business they’re just having to go

Through what a lot of companies are having to go through right now which is this uh push down on valuations and uh that that’s something they’re having to deal with right now we know the fundamentals of the company are amazing but there’s a lot of fear in the market and when there’s a lot of fear in the market you know the higher growth names those ones just don’t

Fare the best right now keep in mind usually that’s opportunity to buy a lot of stocks that are heavily beaten down tesla tesla’s kind of lame beaten down compared to a lot of these other stocks she’s buying here okay the second of these eight what’s number three this company a lot of i’m sure a lot of folks never even heard of this company pacific biosciences of

California p-a-c-b so i will say this is a smaller market cap for a kathy woodstock 2.4 billion that’s a that’s a smaller position you know that’s a smaller market cap especially for something that’s going in the main arc fund and she had a lot of shares 44 000 plus shares in the past 36 hours of this stock and uh you know this is another one of those that just

Been devastated 52 week high on this one’s 37. you know here today was trading in the nines yes nine dollars a share roughly so of course you know negative eps recently we’ll see if they can flip it 23 one year out price target for this company i mean you know that’s a crazy thing about this market right now you know a lot of these talks have been devastated so

Bad in analysts a lot of these stocks analysts have them at you know 50 100 percent plus gains over the next year we’ll see if that comes true a lot of that’s going to be dependent upon not just what these companies do with the fundamentals of the underlying businesses but a lot of that’s going to be dependent upon how the market does in general and do investors do

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Big funds do institutions do they want to take a risk out there again do they want to go risk on in this market and those are sorts of questions that you know i can’t answer and i don’t think anybody can answer that’s just that’s up to big money when big money wants to start flushing into these stocks you know they they’re gonna they’re gonna go on some epic runs

But until that time they’re just in this down and out stage where they’re just you know heavily devastating by the way if you want some free stocks for a movement of the professional trading platform check out my pin comment down there including a free ttcf share with a hundred dollar deposit that’s pretty darn amazing okay next one up here number four of eight

Is roblox rblx on this one 50 stock here today it has been it hit a 52-week low literally today as well 43-10 it was a massive recovery in the in the the trading day essentially so a lot of these stocks came back strong she’s added 305 000 plus shares of the stock in the past 36 hours number four of these eight stocks here okay and this one you know 150 141 the

52-week eye on the stock 83 is the one-year-out price target for this one another money loser on the bottom line seems like a business model that should be profitable over the next few years it’s just a question of how profitable they get and is this a fad and that’s the thing i’ve tried to figure out with with uh roblox as well i thought about this one i’m like

Hmm could this one be a fad of some kind where yeah it’s popular right now but in like you know two four six years from now it’s not very popular that’s the thing we you at least have to think about in any time you’re getting in anything that is um in relation to gaming or anything like that you gotta you gotta think about these things and like could this be a fad

I remember i was investing king digital many many years ago that you know uh made like the candy crush game and candy crush soda saga and farm heroes and a lot of those games and i used to think about it and i was like you know could these could this be a fad you know where yeah there’s a you know crazy amounts of people were playing those games back then it was

Like hundreds of millions of people and it was like is this a fad or is this here to stay and so that’s a that’s a tough thing we’re trying to figure out with some of these sorts of companies is is this a fad is this here to stay long-term okay now number five of these eight stocks up here 453 000 shares kathy wood added of this stock uipath ticker symbol path

On this one 17 billion dollar mark cap yes another another negative eps number for this company uh 52 week high of 90 dollars 52 week low of 28. you know this is just an extraordinary time period we’re going through i feel like it’s the closest thing to um you know the tech bubble days essentially where it’s just you look at you look at all these stocks man in

There there’s like 60 70 80 90 off 52 week highs and you just don’t get that many time periods in the stock market where you get stocks down this heavily you you can find stocks a good amount of time down thirty percent forty percent fifty percent but when i’m talking about 60 70 80 percent type moves it’s very few and far between and when you have massive groups

Of these stocks it’s it’s extraordinary now kathy wood i’m sure thinks she’s going to make bank on these over the next few years and time will tell right um you know when when you’re think about like this right you know and i know kathy wood gets a lot of hate right now obviously especially with uh these stocks have just been in a vicious downtrend anything growth

Related money losing especially has gotten hit extra hard and anything that used to be hype has gotten hit extra hard and that’s a lot of kathy woodstocks but the one thing i got to say about this okay is keep this in mind okay this is very very important before we get into the last few stocks it is always best it is always best to buy these sorts of stocks when

The market doesn’t want these sorts of stocks if you’re buying these sorts of stocks especially if you have a long-term perspective if you’re playing it like a day trading aspect or something like that you know yeah it’s best to go with the trend but if your actual long-term investor is thinking you know two years out three years out four years out you want to buy

Riskier stocks when the market wants no piece of risk because that’s when you’re going to get the cheapest valuations by far you don’t want to buy these sorts of stocks when the market is in fomo mode when it’s in euphoria mode that’s the type of time when you’re like and so you know kathy wood’s obviously been getting a lot of crap because she’s buying a lot of

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These stocks but it’s like to be truthful i would much rather buy the stock in 28 than buy it back when it was 90 dollars you know this is what a lot of folks were were getting into these type of stocks right you know you go back to december of 2020 you go to january 2021 february 2021 there was a peak fomo cycle you were in that’s not the time to buy these sorts

Of stocks and so always remember this going forward with these sorts of uh riskier stocks these risk on stocks avoid those stocks like the plague when everybody’s hyped and everybody’s in euphoria mode that’s when you’re going to say you know i don’t want any piece of these um and and honestly if you know these companies become what kathy wood and a lot of folks

Believe they’re going to become you know people are going to want back in these stocks in a massive massive way because the market can only stay in risk off mode for so long and then things have to flip risk on comes back right next thing you know a lot of these uh seen as risk your stocks end up flying now something very interesting i saw i’ve got to show you

Guys this because i was like what in the world so i was looking at this stock and i just happened to see the stocks that you know people also watch that are in relation to that stock and look at these moves on these stocks that are related to that upstart 17 move here today mind you these are all massive moves off of their their downsides some of these stocks

Probably made 20 30 intraday moves here today unity software nine and a half percent move there a sauna 16 plus move there if you’ve ever been involved in app development you probably are aware of asana and maybe some other business models as well digital ocean 18 and a half percent there in a firm the the pay now uh or yeah excuse me pay later buy now platform

That massive player over 10 percent moved there i mean you know it was it was quite a day for the risk on plays and like i said many of these stocks were down 5 10 15 from the market open so some of these stocks made 20 30 plus moves here today incredible okay the sixth stock of these eight stocks that kathy wood loading up on here in the last 36 hours is zoom zm

Stock okay 115 000 shares he had it this one literally hit 52 week low today um and i mean shoot it keeps going this way is going to be at a multi-year low end and all-time low the way this one’s going 440s the 52-week high on this one you know zoom the way i kind of use zoom is it’s a it’s kind of a needs-based business model for for a lot of companies out there

Right and you know just because the work environment’s going more toward in person zoom’s still going to be used i think there’s uh potentially a lot of competitors that are going to be on the come up when it comes to zoom specifically i think about big companies competing with zoom more than i think about like an upstart company but zoom’s also expanding their

Business model as well this one is uh i don’t think it’s the most attractive stock in the world but i also don’t think it’s the the worst stock in the world when zoom was 300 400 uh you know definitely wasn’t my cup of tea when you looked at all the ratios it was trading at and plus the risk of business model disruption from the big guys but now you know i don’t

Think i don’t you know at the end of the day do i think zoom’s higher in three years from now than today i would say yeah it’s it’s higher in three years from now over the next uh two quarters ah man that remains to be seen because keep in mind this next quarter they got such tough comps to comp against again okay that makes it tough number seven of eight up here

For these stocks that kathy was adding aggressively then we’ll get into number eight and then we’ll get into uh the top 25 positions in order and where their weights are 10x genomics txg i don’t follow this company at all 8.7 billion mark cap genomics is not my specialty i can tell you that much maybe someday it is but it surely isn’t today so i don’t even try to

Track any of these sorts of stocks uh 52 week load today you’re gonna see things in common almost every single one of these stocks hit a 52-week load today uh and they came back significantly off their 52-week lows 208’s the high for this stock 177 000 shares she added of this 10x genomics we know kathy wood loves the genomic stocks she has a whole genomics fund

Essentially which is interesting that she’d buy genomic stock in the main arc fund but hey you know she kind of does what she wants to do there okay number eight of eight and then we’ll get into her top 25 positions in order from weight and that is shopify i like this one i like this buy she bought 22 000 shares that’s a lot of shares for a 663 dollar stock um i

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Like this one i like this one a lot it by the way hit 52 week low pretty much today and uh 52 week high on this one’s 1700. this stock was 1700 just back in november just back in november oh i mean that’s just vicious the downfall of shopify it’s not the downfall of its business small it’s just a downfall of its evaluation in you know shopify trades that you know

Look at shopify’s ford p ratio look at shopify’s price to sales ratio it trades obviously much richer but i got to say i like this one especially if kathy wood who’s supposed to have you know a multi-year time horizon i think uh you know shopify is one of those companies i think is going to build into a company that’s worth you know hundreds of billions of market

Cap if not a trillion dollars over the next 10 years so i really like shopify i think that’s a good buy i think that’s going to become a a you know it already kind of is a tech giant but i think it’s going to become a mega tech giant over the next five ten years so uh i definitely think that one’s a good ad for her there and i think that will be a moneymaker over

Time now let’s go ahead and get into our top 25 positions listed in order from weight okay so this is from my website which tracks top 25 arc holdings on a daily basis and updates it updates it based upon shares market value and weight essentially okay so now we’re going to see right at the top tesla miasa is you know by far and away their

Biggest position i’ve seen tesla before get all the way over to 10 weight actually before from my understanding she always tries to keep it under 10 weight but i’ve even seen it go above that number a little bit but the weight percentage eight point six eight percent they own in the main arc fund right now about 1.2 million shares of tesla jesus a lot of shares

Okay teledoc she loves this one and it just has continued to get devastated that one hit another 52 week long almost you know i would say a lot of these stocks actually hit 52-week lows literally today teledoc’s just been hammered and hammered i actually like that one i don’t personally own it but i actually like it i think it’s a money maker over the next three

To five years and uh probably a pretty good money maker they own over 11 000 shares kathy wood does in this main arc fund 6.49 weight zoom 5.7 million shares there six point four nine percent weight roku i never have seen it with this one this is another like 52 week low club if not multi-year low 671 million shares or 671 million dollars worth of shares they own

Of roku 6.35 there coinbase so coinbase actually just had tremendous numbers the stock fell though you know at right now in the stock market no one wants any piece of uh a crypto brokerage this is not this is not the play in the sort of market that people like right so when it comes to coinbase over 600 million dollars worth of shares 5.69 percent unity excuse me

Exact sciences 5.28 weight there unity software 5 and that rounds out the 5 weights there then you have that ui path which we just talked about that’s a four point five percent weight twilio which we just talked about four point four percent there you have uh spotify four percent there block square man square you know this one she should have been loading up in my

Opinion even heavier this one’s been devastated recently square was off about i think 10 or so at the open this morning if not more than 10 it finishes day up seven percent after hours is up well over 20 percent i really like square it’s been trading very very attractive recently them in paypal okay easy money easy money okay beam uh over the next several years

Short term and i don’t know but over the next three five years was just easy money bean therapeutics 3.6 percent there crispr therapeutics she always always loves this one three percent there shopify is now 2.71 weight they’re draftkings that one’s a little controversial that’s 2.6 percent uh pagerduty this one 2.1 percent robin hood that’s that’s funny you know

She owns robin hood one point eight percent there fake therapeutics one point eight percent that 10x genomics that’s one of those we talked about one point five five percent they’re roblox this is now building into a pretty big position pretty fast for her she owns almost three million shares of roblox now 133 million dollars worth of shares 1.26 when it comes to

That that’s our top 25 and like i said that’s my website there so if you want to keep that up on your desktop or whatever so you can just kind of track it every every day or whatever or however often you want you can do that right there hope you guys enjoyed this video as always let me know if you like any of these stocks kathy what is buying now or if you don’t

I’d love to hear from you guys in that comment section as always don’t forget to get your free stocks from moomoo before you leave this video check out pin common down there for those much love as always thanks for being subscribed and have a great day

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