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Well howdy there folks and welcome into today’s video a few subjects i want to talk about in today’s video first off we’re going to talk about something strange going on with my stocks here today secondly i want to talk about kathy wood we haven’t talked about kathy wood a little bit i want to update kathy wood and specifically she has made here um a massive position

In a stock that i want to talk about this stock because i’m like this is now her second biggest position i’ll kind of give my two cents in perspective on that the third subject i want to discuss in today’s video is around sentiment and sentiment with certain stocks because i was just looking at a whole bunch of stocks right now that are at 52 week lows and you would

Assume based upon the the earnings these companies have and how strong the numbers have been you would assume these specific companies would be near 52-week highs and i i never really touch on the sentiment subject almost ever on the channel but there’s no doubt sentiment matters and it matters in a massive massive way and by the way i also want to thank master

Works for sponsoring today’s video we appreciate you master works i’ll tell you guys a little bit about masterworks in just a bit here okay so first off honest you know isn’t it interesting i come out with the video uh you know late last night as we all know the april fool’s video and honest sells off five percent today tattooed chef down over two percent today

Corsair the three stocks i talk about the most um that i personally hold all down here today and there’s you know there’s a good amount of green out there today a lot of stocks are green um you know the indexes so some of them have been green today some of them have been red but it’s just interesting it’s like did some people just like see that and just like oh

Jeremy must be selling a cell you never really know but it is very very strange at all on the same day all those stocks all happen to just move down hmm okay i don’t know about that all right so that’s a small subject i want to talk about here the next subject i want to talk about here retail trader investor stocks here today so amc having a bit of a tough day and

This is interesting because i don’t know if you guys saw gmb which is amc’s kind of uh let’s call it big brother so gamestop had made this like insane move basically kind of yesterday and then all of a sudden it just kind of gave up all the the gains and i don’t know if you guys had seen after hours it was up huge and it was all like all this excitement around

Uh you know a stock split and things like that and all sudden it just kind of fell and uh same exact thing with with amc so that’s just uh intriguing i guess you can say there now kathy wood let’s talk about kathy wood for a moment so first off when it comes to kathy wood and the arc etf which is the main etf arc runs over there this has been on a pretty stellar

Comeback on kind of the dl so this this up about 28 almost 29 in since probably what march 14th yeah march 14th so since march 14th uh so a little over two weeks ago orc is up almost 29 for that etf so it’s made this kind of epic move now the interesting thing so basically what i went to is i went to which tracks kathy woods uh you know top

25 positions on a daily basis and i added her you know top positions here and what’s interesting is obviously tesla’s still number one but coinbase and by the way look at look at tesla since that march 14th unbelievable move almost 42 but coinbase coinbase is our number two biggest position in the arc etf now okay and so coinbase this is obviously we all know the

Crypto market’s getting bigger and bigger everybody knows that right and and more folks will be attracted to crypto over time bitcoin ethereum and other kryptos i think we all know that but coinbase like think about the amount of competition in the crypto space on the crypto brokerage side you know you got so many companies who got the company that you know i have

A long term deal with now ftx who’s uh probably has the in my opinion the best product in that space um you obviously have a company like a voyager who’s been competing there you have all the other crypto exchanges and brokerages that have been competing in that space for many many years now you’ve got every single stock brokerage wants to start adding in cryptos

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And you’ve even seen it with companies like robinhood recently right i don’t know of one stock brokerage that isn’t at least working to potentially have crypto on their their their apps or on their websites as well and the reason being is crypto can be very very profitable so and don’t be surprised the big banks try to get in this as well okay so all i’m seeing

Is a lot of competition so coinbase good company but man is that such a competitive space and i’m like think about it like this right is there any way we can say yeah coinbase is so much better than this company or that company no way i think i’ve i truly believe this you know with how much i’ve done research in ftx i think they have the best product in the market

And so if you look at this and it’s like coinbase doesn’t clearly have the best product in the market it’s not like a tesla situation where it’s like yeah tesla has all these old school car companies that are going to try to compete with tesla but tesla clearly has the premier products in the market and by a mile coinbase you can’t say that at all and so for that

To be her her second biggest position now in the arc etf is just for me i thought that was kind of surprising teledux her third biggest position tel doc’s come back really strong past few weeks with that 45 move in a matter of a little over two weeks uh roku has been one i’ve always had question marks about to be honest though so that’s nothing new for me with roku

Zoom is one of those that you know that’s another one that’s like man do they really have any technology that’s really that special they were the kind of first big name in the the virtual conference space but the more i think about it i’m like why can’t why can’t apple just emulate what zoom has done through their face time product and make it a little more business

Friendly and already you know basically apple’s starting to make it where you can create links to facetime like it seems like apple could could try to emulate a product that’s just as good if not better than what zoom has uh pretty pretty darn quickly in my opinion square’s one of our biggest position i think you know i’ve actually liked square and specifically it

Was trading under 100 for a little bit there look at this back on around that march 14 time was 93 dollars a share i will say that exact sciences i don’t follow on a high level same thing with unity twilio spotify so when you see the moves these stocks have made since march 14th you could understand how the rqtf has made such an insane move but yeah i would love

To hear your guys opinion on her second biggest position there i just i was looking at that and i was just like ah man i don’t see it i don’t see it there i mean like i said it’s a really good company but there’s so much competition in space over the coming years it’s ridiculous if we take a peek at chinese stocks everything’s chinese stock wise is doing pretty

Darn well today neo stock a lot of people have been looking at this one recently right now during a time period high inflation uncertain monetary policy in real estate that has gone sky high it’s more important than ever to consider diversifying across asset classes did you know that contemporary art is one of the oldest assets in the world prices have outpaced

Listen to this the s p 500 total return by 174 percent from 1995 to 2020 and listen to this extraordinary stat according to s p global 94 of fund managers couldn’t beat their respective snp indexes so how does an average investor ever get a chance to have a better than average returns well you got to look in different places right we talk about some of those on the

Channel stocks that most folks don’t know about you get the idea but the alternative investments i’m most excited to share with investors here today that they might be overlooking are blue chip art art has been quietly outpacing s p by 164 from 1995 to 2021 and almost doubles the appreciation of real estate gold in 90 of cryptos out there so why aren’t more people

Investing well think about it for a moment it takes millions of dollars to buy a picasso maybe more than that so contemporary art has been just inaccessible to the masses for a long time and it’s only been available to the global elites but that’s until now i’m excited to share with the community here today and give priority access to our sponsor masterworks here

Today masterworks uses over 60 000 data points to find financially attractive works of art buy them and let you invest in shares representing an investment in that painting the results well in 2020 they returned 32 to investors and in 2021 they returned 31 percent from a sale of two paintings one being a bank ski with results like that it’s no wonder 325 000 people

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Have signed up if you want to take advantage of this and check out masterworks check out the pinned comment down there click on that learn a lot more and skip the wait list check that out pin comment so it’s come back huge off those march 14th lows stocks now at 54 plus but do keep in mind when it comes to neo this stock is still down a lot i mean you go back to

June this is a 52 stock so it’s falling quite dramatically and if we go back to january of 2021 this was a 60 plus dollar stock i think it technically peaked is 70 something but this chart doesn’t show it so you know neo you know they’ve done they’ve done a really good job growing the company it’s just you know if you don’t live in china it’s hard to kind of get

A gauge on neo sometimes and like what the consumer preference is there and how much folks like it big tech here today as far as if we look at all the big tech mixed bag out there you got apple amd nvidia down netflix down you got paypal which has been very very undervalued for a while and if we pull up a march 14th on paypal here um should be somewhere what right

Around there well actually paypal bottomed a little before march 14th it bottomed around march 8th which is interesting so that’s about a 23 move if we go to march 14th on paypal we’re right kind of in this range roughly and about 20 for paypal so far so kind of a mixed bag when it comes to big tech now something interesting i want to show you guys here is i was

Looking at some of these stocks last night and i was looking at like the home builders right and so let’s pull up a one year and let’s go to some of these home builders right toll brothers is basically right about a 52 week low right now lenore another massive home builder right around a 52 week low right now polti homes right around a 52-week low right now k.b

Homes right around a 52-week low right now century communities another massive home builder right around a 52-week low right now so you’re looking at all these companies that build homes right they’re all around 52-week lows and this is almost shocking and the reason this is almost shocking is think about it all these companies earnings are at record highs record

Highs like like the best quarters they’ve ever reported the best years they’ve ever reported and so to see the numbers be so amazing for these companies and be at 52 week lows is is telling okay we’ll jump into that a little more home depot right around a 52-week low lows a little above a 52-week low that one’s been holding in decent this company is a rental

Company so they’re doing pretty darn good rocket obviously very reliant on refinancing mortgages things like that 52-week low rh high-end furniture 52-week low okay nrh is coming off the best year they ever had by far and away in their company’s history record revenues record net income record everything okay but what’s going on here beneath the surface with

With all these sorts of companies this is what you call sentiment changing and so when it comes to these companies everybody’s looking at them like yeah those companies just had record revenues record net income record margins from almost all of them as well record everything right and are reporting a great quarter this past quarter probably another great quarter

The next quarter but the way everybody’s looking at this is they’re saying you know what or at least everybody on wall street interest rates are going up i think these companies best days are behind them for the short term and so i don’t want to be anywhere involved with these companies if their numbers start to go like this and i will say it’s not far-fetched to

Imagine that a lot of the housing companies are right around peak revenue peak margins and things like that it’s very much a possibility and could those start dropping in the back half of this year it’s definitely a possibility and no one wants to be part of a story in a stock in which the story starts to get worse and worse and worse and revenue potentially starts

To decline net income starts to decline margins start to decline and so if you look at all those housing plays it those are all definitely possibilities that we are near peak in real estate right and we could start going down and so that’s why you can’t find buyers for these stocks right now and so although a toll brothers had just came off an amazing quarter in


An amazing year you can’t find us a buyer for that stock it’s at 52 week lows because people are looking and they’re like yeah toll brothers numbers are great right now but wait for six months from now wait for 12 months from now that’s when you’re going to start to see this happen and and and like i said no one wants to be part of those sorts of stocks rh their

Their numbers are so insane this past year you like it’s insane like look at their last quarter of the report it was ridiculous but you can’t find a buyer for rh right now this stock’s at 52 week low it’s at actually a multi-year low the last time rh was this low you have to go back to 2020. last time this stock was a slow you have to go back to 2020 right and so

It’s down you know well over 50 percent now from basically where it’s 52 week highs are and so rh has a great long term story it’s had great numbers in the past no one wants a piece of rh right now and so this is why sentiment matters a lot in the short term no for a long-term investment standpoint these are tremendous opportunities when the sentiments it gets

Very very negative right that’s usually when you get some some pretty good opportunities and so sentiment could be very negative in housing stocks for a bit right unless magically the numbers just continue to be great and great and great quarter after quarter after quarter and they don’t go down but it’s definitely not a real possibility for the housing stocks to

Be in a tough place for you know companies like a home depot or rh to be in a tough place for a while because it’s going to be tough to switch that sentiment because here’s the thing even if they report a great next quarter people are still gonna be saying okay they reported a great next quarter but you know what the next quarter that’s when it’s going to fall and

So when you have this negative sentiment if you are a long-term buyer that’s when you get some pretty extraordinary opportunities why almost everybody just is kind of negative around that sector right and so if i think about you know a lot of the housing stocks and whatnot those could be opportunities down the road i’m not ready to jump in those stocks now because

It is very very possible that the numbers could start to worsen revenues could start to go down in the back half of the year um you know home buyers start to dry up and those sorts of things and it could be very very possible that here in the front half of the year we are in peak real estate market and things start to con to slow considerably and if things were

Were to start to slow considerably likely home builders would have to start bringing down prices to attract buyers in right they’ve had it easy for the past few years everybody’s that you know let’s just be honest selling a home for the past year and a half has been cake it doesn’t matter if you’re selling a used home or a brand new home it’s been easy because

You have so many buyers coming in and just what do i need to pay and if we are near peak for that that cycle right which is the way a lot of folks look they don’t want any piece of those stocks and so if you’re a long-term uh you know buyer you could get a you know let’s call it a six to eighteen month window where you could add shares of certain stocks and you

Know i do that all the time in certain stocks that have negative sentiment around them because they didn’t hit the quarterly numbers or they missed several quarters in a row the long-term story is intact as long as a long-term story is intact right like that’s what counts a company like an rh like has a great long-term story a company like a toll brothers has a

Great long-term story but people wall street doesn’t care about that long-term story if the short term is not right and the sentiment’s not right there okay so yeah thought that was worth covering hope you guys enjoyed this video as always let me know your opinion in the comments section much love don’t forget to check out masterworks thank you masterworks for

Sponsoring today’s video that will be pinned comment down there it is definitely worth checking out guys and have a great day

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