CEO INTERVIEW – ELSE NUTRITION (TSXV:BABY) (OTCQB:BABYF) – RICH TV LIVE – HAMUTAL YITZHAK – OCTOBER 23, 2019 – ELSE NUTRITION HOLDINGS INC. (BABY) (“Else” or the “Company”), a company focused on developing and marketing a real alternative to dairy-based baby nutrition, is pleased to announce it has successfully completed a scale-up manufacturing run of its proprietary powdered baby formula with a subsidiary of SPX Corporation (“SPX”).

Hi how you doing this is rich here may have a rich tv live with a very special guest it is hem you tell yet sack the ceo of elfs nutrition are you doing today i’m very good very excited i’m excited to have you here today can you tell us a little bit about else nutrition sure else attrition is bringing the next generation infant nutrition into the global market

Great and what pain are you dressing in the market well the pain is very simple this is a market that has only two alternatives and both of them are not good we are the third one and we’re bringing a much superior product fantastic and why infant nutrition infant nutrition has been our couriers all the founders careers their entire lives and this is what we

Were doing and combining that with a personal pain that one of the founders granddaughters had with an ability to consume the milk we combine that together had to save her life so this is where we are wow now where can investors expect to see else nutrition products being sold in the near term our first target market is the north american market we have already

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Been approached by so many parents like hundreds of emails coming all the time and from parents are begging to buy the product so this is the most adaptive fat market for us so you guys are in the 100% plant-based formulas sector and essentially creating an alternative to the two other sources that exist which is soy milk and cows milk right knowing this how

Do you distinguish yourself from your competitors as far as simple is just said it we’re non-dairy non-soy 100% plant-based infant formula we are the only one that exists there’s no other alternative that’s great and you currently have 18 patents granted correct we have 18 patents granted and we have additional 45 country pending with their patents and you’re

Registered in 66 countries in total yes well congratulations with your success thank you can you tell us a little bit about else nutritions team and the expertise they bring to the table yeah well ellis nutrition team founders are all veterans of this industry for many many years all coming with robust experience in every aspect of the value chain our extended

Team is high profile executives coming from many industries but all with robust experiences in fast-moving consumer goods taking this product into very fast growth curve globally people coming from sodastream people coming from in simon tech retail tech lots of companies that really are leaders in their space very good and our investment community is worldwide

In about 60 countries and we love to find undervalued underappreciated underexpose companies can you tell us a little bit about your share structure well we have 67 million shares in our treasury 51 percent is held by insiders wow that’s great i love that share structure and why would an investor want to buy the stock well simply because we’re disrupting a

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Huge industry with only two alternatives that don’t work and we are the third one and it’s a much superior product very good now i also noticed that you guys just got awarded your otc markets exchange symbol congratulations on that so you’re listed in canada on the tsx venture under the symbol bab why and in america on the otc markets under the symbol bab yf

Why the otc market symbol well the american market is our first target market so and we know there’s a great demand so we’re so excited to have american investors also on board this is very simple yeah and that’s a great idea now what’s coming up next for else nutrition well we are just going to change the face of this industry and this is what’s coming up

Next and we we’re going to do everything that’s our in our to be everywhere to be on every shelf and to have a full range for every mom on this planet wow that’s a great goal well congratulations on all your success thank you for joining us here in rich tv live our entire community watching your company very very closely thank you guys for watching this is

Rich from rich to be live with hema tell yet zak the ceo of elfs nutrition have a nice day thank you you

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